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Raphael VS Knuckles is a fan-fiction Death Battle.


TMNT VS Sonic The Hedgehog!, When two Red Colored Hot-Heads being physically the strongers among the heroes in both of their sides. Who will proof to be the Strongest in a DEATH BATTLE!?

Rules for the Battle[]

  • This will have 2003 and 2003 Games for Raphael VS Game Knuckles
  • The Ultimate Scroll and Power-Ups will be used for Raph
  • Super and Hyper Knuckles will be used for Knux


Dreamy Luigi: Sometimes when it is needed. You need to use Strength for a Job or a Movement...

Anti-Sky: And when we get two Red Hot-Headeds who are really strong. This will get crazy!!!

Matt: Yeah these guys are also physically the strongers among the heroes of their sides!

Deadpool: Yeah, Two things will be important there, Their short temper and their crazy strength!

The Mask: These two are Knuckles, The Hot-Headed Echidna Guardian for the Master Emerald!

Bowser: And Raphael, The Muscle from the TMNT!

Sans: He's Luigi, he's Bowser, he's Anti-Sky, he's Bowser, he's The Mask, he's Matt, and i'm Sans.

Dreamy Luigi: And it's our job to analyze their armors, weapons and abilities to see who will win a DEATH BATTLE!


(Credits for this:, A TMNT Doc for the Possible FTL feats Bro-Kai's Leo analysis in Leo VS Sonic And VSBW 4Kids Raph profile)

Dreamy Luigi: Raphael is a member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Anti-Sky: Raphael is also the second son of the Master Splinter.

Matt: Raph is also considerated to be The Muscle of the TMNT!

Bowser: Raphael is also the most aggressive, impulsive, and competitive member from the gang.

Lightning McQueen: And from the Turtles he is the younger brother from Leo, and the Older brother of Donnie and Mikey.

Sans: And Raph is a Mutant Turtle, a Ninja, and a Crime Fighter from the TMNT.

  • Information:
    • Name: Raphael, Raph (Nickname)
    • Age: Unknown
    • Origin: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    • Gender: Male
    • Classification: Mutant Turtle, Ninja, Crime Fighter
Raph LS Feat

Dreamy Luigi: Well in terms of Lifting Strength, Raph is pretty strong. He lifted this guy and launched him at the ground.

Anti-Sky: Yeah, Raph also can broke down a brick wall by charging thru it to make a quick escape!

Matt: Raph also punched a large concrete pillar so hard Raph end up leaving it riddled with Cracks!

Deadpool: Raphael was once shallowed whole by a Giant bug, burst out of its stomach to escape, and also pushes Large Boulders the other Turtles can't!

The Mask: He also can knock out Alien Triceratops twice the turtles' size with his punches!

Bowser: Raph also can pierce metal and even concrete using his Sais, easily opens / Lifts manhole covers with his crowbar, Fought with the likes of Hun and Leatherhead who casually tears up large metal sheets / Doors, And the best part is that he is said to be the strongest physically from Leo, Donnie and Mikey!

Sans: Also, he defeated Leo in Arm Wrestling and destroying the Table in the Process.

Dreamy Luigi: This means he scales to all of Leo's Feats which we will list here:

  • Leo is strong enough he forced open a T-Rex's Mouth from the inside and escape
  • Once Pushed a large stone statue that likely weighed hundreds of tons with his legs
  • Once kicked Dark Leo hard enough to send him flying and knock metal doors off the hinges
  • Leo had Pushed a Large Stone

Anti-Sky: Raph is also a noticeable strong and agile swimmer and can actually fight underwater and still swing its weapon hard enough to do so damage despite the buoyancy!

Raph Speed

Deadpool: Damn, Raphael is also really crazy in speed, he can run out from an explosion alongside the other turtles, and is very agile and acrobatic thx to his Ninja Training! Oh, and does this!

Bowser: Raph performs various gymnastics like flips, pole spins, etc, is great at Parkour and can jump/leap from roof top to roof top with ease and can easily jump from wall to wall!

Sans: Raph also is good at swiping weapons/items from enemies without them knowing and use their weapons against them, Also dodged and reflected lasers from different directions.

Dreamy Luigi: He also dodged point blank chain gun fire, has dodged sniper rounds, once caught a crossbow fired at him before It hits his face, And can be scaled to Donnie, who raced dinosaurs on foot while carrying a grown full human adult and also scales to Leo who blocks and even slices speeding arrows in mid air before they hit him, once turned and caught a speeding kunai was thrown at his head when he had his head turned, once jumped onto and ran on top of incoming missiles, has shown multiple times to be faster than the eye, Could fight and defeat Karai who could block speeding bullets from her sword, and Raph can scale to Mikey who dodged machine gun fire, and electricity from an alternative version of Splinter.

Matt: We also can scale him to Leo, who can run down missiles down with no effort at all, Dodges lasers in a single shot, dodged Lasers from the Mystic Ninjas so Leo should have Massively Hypersonic Reactions, and Leo can scale to Mikey who somewhat dodges/reacts directed-energy weapon with this and what That and Leo along with the turtles can also dodge somewhat energy beams aswell and Leo scales again to Mikey, who can also react/dodge like this As well:

The Mask: And Leo also somehow reflects or reacts these weapons or beams with his Katanas so there is energy weapon like beams or laser fire Leo and the turtles reacts aswell and his Wrist Bands can deflect arrows with Ease!

Sans: Oh, they also has Possible FTL Feats, like Raph scales to Leo again but this time. Leo has Deflected a Beam from a Triceraton. The Beam also was able to tag a ship that was MFTL and damn... Leo even had deflected another Beam of this. The Triceratons Ships are really fast, the Ships travels to the further corner of the galaxy. Oh, also credits by a Doc had this feat for this info...

The Mask: Woah!, That's Amazing!

Deadpool: Well, for durability he can be blow up by a building busting rocket, survived blasts from the Sword of Tengu which can destroy small buildings and even blow up skyscraper floors, In often is thrown/Smashed thru thick concrete walls and even reinforced metal doors and get back up with no real injury, noticeable takes more abuse than the other TMNT members stilling in a fighting shape, took a beating from Triple Threat and got a futuristic car smashed on top of Raph suffering no injury, gets back up when is brutally beaten up by stronger opponents, takes attacks strong enough to break or crack even concrete and get right back up, takes attacks dents or rips metal getting back up, gets back up from taking suffering from long falls, the back of his shell is incredibly sturdy breaking even melee weapons upon impact, his shell can likely be scaled to Michelangelo's, which broke the oversized bladed weapon of Kluh ( who was physically stronger than him ) when tried to chop him in a half, tanked a grenade-like explosion going off at his feet and was up and running a few seconds later, runs and fights for long periods of time with out getting tired, goes out during a cold snowy day wearing nothing and not be affected by the cold weather, and can be scaled to Michelangelo, who once tooked 3 rockets in the face with out any injury!

Bowser: Also in durab, He scales to Leo who take a rocket explosion straight to their face, take getting thrown at reinforced metal doors like if was nothing, tanked hits alongside the turtles from the Sword of Tengu which can destroy buildings and even blow up a skyscraper floors aswell.

Sans: Well, Raph has Two Badass Sais are his primary and most well known weapons. Raph can use them for piercing, can even pierce metal, can be thrown at enemies, can ensnare and snap blades from swords and can be stabbed into brick walls to either climb or stop falling.

Dreamy Luigi: Raphael also has Shurikens, Climbing Claws can scale certain surfaces, can dig thru/latch on to steel, and can somehow climb/crawl on ceilings.

Anti-Sky: Raph also has Suction Cups worn on both hands and on the knees, climbs up glass surfaces, and has rather intense suction, Also can use a Grappling Hook to latch onto things to climb up or swing from.

Matt: He also has Exploding Shurikens appears to have the force of a grenade upon detonation, and has a Bow and Arrow and Rollerblades, Raph is skilled into Rollerblading performing all kind of tricks, can be used to grind rails, Roller Blades can be used to maneuver around enemies during able and also can be used to maneuver around in his environment!

Deadpool: Also in the videogames he can take off a rocket spinning into enemies while covered in a red aura, Raph also can even change the direction while attacking and has the Turtle Flame, which can swing his weapons around with enough intensity to make a ring of fire that bursts which can knock away nearby enemies!

The Mask: And the Ultimate Scroll/Ultimate Raphael is a special scroll that Raph can harness the power of, Also Sai gains oni Mask on them and become charged with magic fire, gains a boost in strength and durability, physical strength/attack power is boosted by 400%, Vitality is boosted by 300%, no limits for use or draw backs, and Raphael cannot be affected by status ailments such as poison, paralysis, etc.

Dreamy Luigi: Raph also has Mystic Items and Forms aswell.

Anti-Sky: With the Amulet of Acolytes, Raph amplifies and manifests his chi and tap into his Mystic form and Dragon Form, Raph must needs to be focused/concentrate to properly use its powers. Also, The Amulet can make Raph being able to hurt normally intangible elemental/spiritual beings, wearing it helps Raphael to repel demonic energy/attacks, if he stops focusing or gets too distracted, he will revert back to normal, and if he remains in his Dragon Form for too long, the amulet will Shatter, reverting him to normal, and leave him unable to tap his hiden powers/form again.

Bowser: Raph also has Bonrai forged from the fangs of dragons, a two headed Kusarigama (2 Hand held sickles attached by a chain), Powers can only manifest when Raph is in his Mystic Form while using the Amulet of Acolytes, according to Juto-Shisho; Ninjitsu master of weapons can shatter mountains, can allow Raphael to spin into a living buzz-saw to mow down enemies, large rocks and stalactites, can send powerful shockwaves thru the ground, shots out a powerful fiery energy blast or even create thunder, can cute thru / damage stone and steel with mystic properties, generates enough power / energy to blow up large metallic enemies, hurts spiritual, demonic, and elemental creatures, and can all be spun around to deflect Elemental / Spiritual / Demonic Attacks (Such as Fire).

Deadpool: Well, now it's time to go for Raphael's Mystic Form. He only access when wearing the Amulet of Acolytes and when focused, allows him to use Bonrai and its powers, resistant to fire and even Dragon Fire, becomes strong enough to lift and shatter large boulders with their bare hands, and also strong enough to fight Tengu Shredder's Foot Mystic's, who at their full power were able to over power the Ninja Tribunal, which can fight and seal the Tengu Shredder, who's power caused an eclipse, gains telepathic powers and moves objects with his mind, creates barrier to deflect powerful blasts of energy/magic, and like the other turtles he can:

  • Gain Super Speed able to quickly traverse around mountains on foot
  • Mikey was able to keep up with Hisomi-Shisho, who can move fast enough traverses 200 yards in just a second
  • Can move faster than the eye can keep up and seemingly disappear
  • Donnie becamed so fast that was able to sneak/speed past a horde of demons with out being noticied
  • Can summon his Spirit Animal; which is a Dragon
  • The Mere apppearance of their avatars can kill all low level demons; Including those normally intangible in the surrounding area
  • Gain Telethapic Powers and move objects with his mind

Deadpool: Maybe Raph with this has more power but his form has his weaknesses, Chi can be sucked out/drained away by those who feed on it, and he can revert back to normal if hit enough. However, as long as he has the Amulet, Raph can activate this form again.

Bowser: Well, finally. We have the Dragon Avatar/Form from Raph. This form taps into the energies of the astral plane and becomes into his animal spirit: A Dragon.

Dreamy Luigi: In the form, Raph has Retractable Wings can allow him flight, Fire is spiritual in nature and can burn demons, casually destroys large buildings with a single blast of flames, gains a further increase in strenght/power, as well as two large tails to whip/bludgeon/smash enemies, large teeth, and claws, and the form is able to fight with Tengu Shredder in his Dragon Form, who was powerful enough to move the moon and create an eclipse with his power. Even if the turtles had to fight him as a group and drain/weaken him to ultimately beat him, their Dragon Forms were still strong enough to knock him away with their combined blasts and stun him Before he was weakened.

Deadpool: But this form also has weaknesses, Raphael can only maintain this form for a few minutes, and if Raphael over exerts himself, his amulet will shatter and leave Raphael unable to transform or use anymore of his Mystic Powers.

Dreamy Luigi: And Raphael yet has his short-temper and if he throws his Sais, he'll either need to go fetch them afterwards or end up losing them.

Deadpool: But stills, we don't need to mess up with the TMNT's Muscle!

Raphael: I am green vengeance!


(Credits to this Bro-Kai's Super Sonic Powerscaling and Knuckles' VSBW Bio)

Dreamy Luigi: A Guardian has the Job of look out something.

Anti-Sky: And when we have a badass Echidna who can punch the shit from whoever he wants who needs to look out a Giant Esmerald, who do you think is?

Deadpool: The one who we are analyzing in this moment, known as Knuckles the Echidna.

Matt: Well, Knuckles is an anthropomorphic echidna from Sonic The Hedgehog's Videogames.

Sans: He is the guardian from the Master Emerald. The Master Emerald is a powerful ancient relic that is a solemn duty to protect from anyone seeking to abuse it.

The Mask: Knux is also the sole remaining descendant of the Knuckles clan and the last of the Echidnas on Earth.

Bowser: Knux is badass by two cool thinks, His Super Strength, and his two Spike-Like Knuckles on each of his hands which he can use to beat up the shit from whoever Knuckles wants, also can dig and climb walls!!!!

Anti-Sky: He also traps the wind under his dreadlocks to glide thru the air!

Dreamy Luigi: Knux is a loner by nature, headstrong and serious, yet gullible and Short-Tempered to a fault.

Deadpool: Knux is also entirely developed to his duty, spending most of his time on Angel Island protecting the Master Esmerald, and rarely he cares for anything that is of no importance. When his friends and others needs his help, however. Knuckles can be always relied on being willing to leave his post and prove himself a faithful and good-hearted hero.

Bowser: And Knuckles is one of Sonic's oldest friends and rivals.

  • Information:
  • Name: Knuckles the Echida
  • Origin: Sonic The Hedgehog 3
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 16
  • Classification: Antrophomorf Echidna, Guardian of the Master Esmerald, Leader of the Resistance

Deadpool: Welp, Knuckles' strength is Very, and i mean VERY Amazing!!!


Matt: Agree, Knuckles with a Punch can do THIS!

Anti-Sky: Holy--!!!

Dreamy Luigi: Knuckles also can lift above 100 metric tons, can smash boulders into sediments With No Effort, can break Dr. Eggman's Badniks with One Punch, Punches so Hard Knux can Literally Create Fire, And is able to drill thru the Earth with Ease.

Bowser: But also... Knuckles is SOMEWHAT stronger than Sonic!

Sans: And Sonic is capable of fighting with users from the Chaos Emeralds... These Emeralds' Negative Energy is really Powerful, The Esmeralds awakened Dark Gaia Who Managed to Shatter The Planet...

The Mask: As for speed, his speed is past 100mph, is the 4th fastest char in Sonic... And has kept up with Sonic in Many occasions!

Dreamy Luigi: Sonic in terms of speed was stated that light speed was small-time after having his speed measured by E-123 Omega. Sonic is also superior to E-102 Gamma who dodged lasers casually.

Anti-Sky: In durability, Knux can survive many explosions, shrugs off electrocution and be engulfed into flames and also has shrugged punches from Sonic!

Deadpool: Sonic had repeatedly defeated Chaos who has absorbed up 4 Chaos Emeralds, where one could Split the Planet!

Dreamy Luigi: Well, Knuckles is able to do the Spin Dash which increases speed and rolls up into a ball.

The Mask: Knuckles also can summon rocks from the sky. However, this is Very limited....

Anti-Sky: Also Knux has pyrokinesis, which is possible by splitting oxygen in air and this mixes with punches!

Sans: And he has a Spiral Uppercut which is an UpperCut lanced with fire.

Matt: With the Drill Claw can spiral down at insane speeds, creates after images and it is Pretty Powerful!

Bowser: With the Hammer Punch, Knuckles can summon an Earthquake which can Stun Opponents!

Deadpool: Knuckles can use Thunder Arrows, which are lightning bolts which hurts and stuns opponents and is a ranged attack!

Anti-Sky: The Homming Attack, lets Knuckles roll into a Ball which flies in the air and homes in the target attacking him!

Dreamy Luigi: And Knuckles has the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack where strikes enemies with a high-speed homming attack after charging his power. The Attack was a reminiscient of the Light Speed Attack that was created by Sonic.

Bowser: Well, Now let's go to Knuckles' Super Forms.

Dreamy Luigi: With All the Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles can be Super Knuckles.

Anti-Sky: In this form, Knux gains Invulnerability and all his physical attributes are improved in this form. Like, His Strength can Increase in a Great Measure, which can allow Knuckles to plow thru obstacles, And his Movements are Also Improved, considerably increasing his speed, jump, flight, climbing, etc. Also, like all the transformations caused by other people who uses the Chaos Emeralds, once he stays With Out Rings, Knuckles loses his Super form.

Deadpool: Welp... In terms of power, he could be around Large Planet-Dwarf Star Level due to the fact He can be equal to Super Sonic in terms of power due to having the same power source. Super Sonic defeated the Eclipse Canon Space Colony ARK with 7 Chaos Esmeralds. The Chaos Esmeralds also was shown to destroy a planet.

The Mask: But wait, Deadpool... Hasn't Super Sonic Multi Solar System, Universe Level and even Low Multiverse Level Powerscaling?

Deadpool: Well, Lemme explain you Mask....

Deadpool randomly grabs Glasses.

Deadpool: Multi Solar System could be outlier due to being only a one time feat and the Universal and Low Multiversal had Super Forms hitting Weak Points and Immeasurable Speed is an Outlier.

The Mask: Oh, thx by explain that.

Deadpool: No Problem-- Oh wait... Also I have something more to explain. Another Large Planet Feat is that Metal Overlord had stated that he could have destroyed the planet.

The Mask: Oh, okay. Well, I think now it is time to explain the next form used for Knuckles.

Deadpool: Your right. The Next form is known as Hyper Knuckles, which he uses using the 7 Super Emeralds. This form is stronger than Super Knux, can fly, has Positive Energy Aura, Can be powered by the Master Emeralds, Has Limitless Strenght and Speed, can increase his fist size for extra strenght, and has Limitless Aura. But once Knux stays with out Rings, he will be turned to normal.

Dreamy Luigi: Knuckles can be a strong fighter but has his weaknesses.

Anti-Sky: Yeah, Knux can be tricked easily, is angered fairly easily, isn't a far ranged fighter, has trouble with speedy character, and is gullible and stupid.

Matt: But even so, you shouldn't provoke him!

Knuckles: No one can match the power of my fists!


Dreamy Luigi: Alright, the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all.

Deadpool: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!



(Credits for TreyDaGoat by this Pre-Fight idea)

Knuckles was sleeping as Usual While Protecting the Master Esmerald. However, There was something he didn't knew...

Raphael then was seen Pissed Chasing a Random TMNT Villain.

Raphael: Hey Idiot, Come right there!

Raph tried to jump and attack him with his Sais. But, The Villain Dodged The Attack and he Roundhouse Kicked Raph to the ground.

Then... The Villain ends up seeing what he was searching. This was indeed, The Master Esmerald.

Suddenly, the Villain ends up stoling the Esmerald going out of the stage. Raph got up and he saw the villain escaped.

Raphael: Oh Crap...

Knuckles awakes... However, the first reaction he had was a worried exprettion Because.... THEY'RE WASN'T THE MASTER ESMERALD!?!?

Knuckles: Oh No!

Knuckles was worried trying to search the Master Esmerald... Until He Saw Raphael. Knuckles then thought Raph was the one who stoled the Master Esmerald.

The Guardian of the Master Emerald was now Mad growling at The Muscle of the TMNT. Knuckles then runs and punches Raphael who had no time to react what was doing the angered Echidna. This punch sends Raph to fly at the ground.

Raphael now gets up just as angered as Knuckles, holding his Sais in a fighting stand.

Raphael: Hey, What the Heck is Wrong with You!?

Knuckles: Maybe you could avoid that without moving like a Turtle...

Knuckles taunted at him. This Taunt end up Provoking Raphael until Raph also thought into a Taunt.

Raphael: And how about you Liking to try a Taste of my Sais. Echidna?

This comment end up making Knux be angered. Now Knuckles and Raph looks at each other angered.

Knuckles: Alright turtle... Bring it on!

Raphael runs at Knuckles thinking in attack him with one of his Sais and Knuckles runs thinking into Punch Him.



First, Knuckles was gonna try to land a blow at Raphael. But in difference to the first Blow was landed by Knuckles... This time; Raph dodged it jumping in the air and then swings one of his Sais at Knuckles.

He then slashes Knuckles' chest which made Knuckles bleed out a Bit and Knuckles yelled out in pain holding his chest watching Raph with a Rage Exprettion as then Raphael kicks him away.

Knuckles now recovers and angered tries to throw a Flurry of Blows to Raph who starts leaping away of the Blows dodging them until Raph ended up having the guard off... Knuckles approached this chance to land a blow against this hard opponent he was trying to hit.

Knuckles yells in rage while landing the blow to Raph, this blow end up touching a Shocked Raphael; and the fist did an explosion which sends Raphael to fly down, landing hurted to the ground.

Raphael then got up seeing Knux trying to hit him again but Raphael saw it dodging it barely and he then decides to counter with a Punch sends Knuckles away and jumping with both Sais with Knuckles shocked.

Knuckles: Oh no---!!!

Raphael: Take THIS!!!

Raphael attacks Knuckles with his Both Sais which give a Powerful Slash to the Echidna making him yell in pain. Raphael then threw a Slash Combo of 10 Slashes to the Protector of the Master Esmerald. The Protector of The Master Esmerald is now into the floor hurted by the Muscle of the TMNT until Knuckles decides to counterattack punching him off to end up his beating. Now Raphael angered tried to throw a Sai at Knuckles who barely dodges this making Raphael to end up his Sai.

Raphael: Oh shoot--

Knuckles then jumps and punches him, and then he finally had a good chance to land many heavy blows to Raph overwhelming him until Knux lands a Fiery UpperCut powerful enough to send Raphael to fly at the air and Knuckles then charges a Homming Attack sends Raph down. He quickly got up but however Knuckles Spin Dashed Raph slashing his chest and sending Raph away.

Knuckles: Alright, Now I am Getting Serious!

Knuckles summons rocks of the sky punching them to Raph who sees this shocked.

Raphael: Woah!

Raphael dodges and even slashes some few rocks with his Sai until he leaps into a rock and jumped at Knuckles slashing, punching him into the face and kicking him in the stomach and Raph then attacks him with an Exploding Shuriken Knuckles catched. Knuckles was chuckling smirking cockily but this explodes making Knuckles land at the ground.

Knuckles gets up seeing Raph with Roller Blades seeing him Roller Blading around Knux recovering his another Sai while slashes around Knuckles maneuvering. Knuckles then tried to attack Raph with alot of Thunder Arrows Raphael was dodging until Knuckles decides to Punch him which made Raphael be punched to the floor.

Raphael gets up almost quickly, Raphael decides to take off a Rocket spinning into Knux while covered into a Red Aura, which starts attacking Knuckles until Raph uses Turtle Flame, which swings his Sais with enough intensity to make a Ring of Fire.

Raphael: Take a Bit of This!

This Attack was powerful enough that when it landed to Knuckles. It end up making a burst knocked him away. Knuckles then recovers of the attack hurted until Raphael decided to use the Ultimate Scroll...

Knuckles was seeing Raphael with a fighting stand thinking now Raph was more dangerous than before... He was now Ultimate Raphael!

Ultimate Raphael swigged his Sais at Knuckles, which attacks him with a Magic Fire harming him, Then Raphael decides to run at Knuckles and he then throwed Alot of Punches at him until Raphael throws a Powerful Slash with his Sai at Knuckles which sends him to fly far away in the ground.

Knuckles now gets up, he then yells to Raphael.

Knuckles: Take This!!!!!

Knuckles decides to do the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack... This Strikes Raphael with a light-speed Homming Attack which sends Raphael at the floor overwhelmed.


Knuckles: Phew... That Turtle really Bringed That On...

Knuckles starts walking away... He then decides to fly to search where was the Master Emerald. But this wasn't all yet for Raph. Raph got up and decides to use the Amulet of Acolytes!

Raphael was getting focused. He approached this chance to now turn into his Mystic Form. Raph then decides to lift Rocks with his Telephatic Powers to crush Knuckles who barely realizes dodging the Rocks.

Knuckles then saw Raphael shocked. Raph throws alot of Rocks to Knux who dodges them Flying right at him.


Knuckles flies at Raphael dodging the Rocks but Raphael then starts using his Telekinesis and starts throwing Knuckles out of him to the ground which overwhelms him.

Knuckles recovers, he then saw Raph turns into a Living Buzz Saw which Mows Knuckles Down and sends a powerful shockwave at Knuckles thru the ground which sends him to fly down overwhelmed.

Knuckles recovers and he then sees Raphael Creating Thunder which shocked Knuckles making him yell. This happens alot of times overwhelming the Echidna alot until Raphael decided to end this combo with something new.

Raphael: Eat This!!!

Raphael sends him a Powerful Fiery Energy Blast which sends Knuckles really hurted by this down.


Raphael: Few... That was close....

Raphael thought this was over. However, Knuckles got up and he had the 7 Chaos Esmeralds!

Raphael: What?


Raphael: Well punk. Show it!

Knuckles screamed... He now was transformed into Super Knuckles!

Super Knuckles flew at the Mystic form of Raphael while Raphael dashes at Knux with his Bonrai.


Raph first threw a Powerful Attack from his Bonrai. However, due to Super Knuckles' Invulnerability... He wasn't affected by this!

Raphael: What--!?

Knuckles now angered punches Raphael out of the Angel Island. Knuckles now was attacking Raphael with Powerful Fists... Until Raphael was now into the Space!

Raphael: Oh shit...

Knuckles then flew and punches Raphael away with the blow to send him at a Large Planet splitting it in two as Raphael landed.

Raphael then recovers. Knuckles tries to attack him more but Raph decides to use his Telekinesis to Push Knuckles away of him at Planets Away destroying them.

Raphael then shots Electric Thunder and Powerful Fiery Energy Blasts which didn't affect Knuckles. This made attacks was seen in Earth with Sonic and TMNT verse seeing worried about this. Raphael and Knuckles' fight did alot of attacks was seen into the space. Until Raphael reverted back to normal.

Raphael growled but he then saw Knuckles turned to normal.

Knuckles: Oh No!

Raphael: Alright Echidna, I will try to transform again...

Raphael then focused and he now was Dragon Raphael and destroys alot of planets and overwhelms Knuckles severely with a Fire attack. However, Knuckles also had a New Form to Pull out.

Knuckles tooks out the 7 Super Esmeralds.

Knuckles: Alright... Step Aside, Sucker! Make way for... HYPER KNUCKLES!!!!

Knuckles then screams and he then transforms into Hyper Knuckles!

Now the Muscle of TMNT and the Guardian of the Master Esmerald flies at eachother into their final forms to end his fight.


Hyper Knuckles had a Time to throw many Punches at Dragon Raphael's Face, until Dragon Raphael shots fire at Hyper Knuckles to defend himself but Hyper Knuckles wasn't affected while stills flying even when was hitted and lands another fist which sends Dragon Raphael to fly far away.

Dragon Raph then tried to Slash Hyper Knuckles with his Claws. But Hyper Knux dodges and Spin Dashes at Dragon Raph alot of times until he punches Dragon Raph away.

Hyper Knuckles tries to land another Spin Dash but Dragon Raphael this time dodged it which made Hyper Knux accidentally Spin Dash a Planet spliting it in two.

Dragon Raph then tries to attack Hyper Knux with his Tail but Hyper Knux flies up dodging it and punches Dragon Raph away.

Dragon Raph then decides to Roar at Hyper Knux and Smack him with his Tail and then shot Fire destroying many Planets. However, Hyper Knuckles was still fine without be flinched.

Then they clashes into eachother doing many Planetary Destruction... However, Dragon Raph's Amulet Shattered and he turned to normal.

Raphael: Damn--!!

Hyper Knuckles: Alright... Time to End with This!

Hyper Knuckles closed his Fist. He then flew at Raphael with a Powerful Fist... This Fist was Strong Enough to Destroy a Dwarf Star and had the Potency to obliterate the Muscle of the TMNT, Finally killing him and sending Raph to the Earth making a crater.


Hyper Knuckles flies back to the Earth.

Hyper Knuckles now was searching the Master Esmerald while explained his friends what did happen.

The TMNT saw Raphael died crying by his dead corpse.


Anti-Sky: Woah, this was really destructive! But poor Raph...

Dreamy Luigi: Welp... In terms of strength Knuckles had the advantage. He is somewhat stronger by Sonic who fights with users of the Chaos Emeralds.

Deadpool: Yeah, as we stated before, The Chaos Emeralds awakened Dark Gaia who managed to Shatter a Planet which Makes Knuckles to be Absurdly Stronger than Raphael.

Sans: In terms of durability. Raphael had alot of crazy feats but Knuckles has tanked blows of Sonic who defeated opponents who had the power from splitting a Planet...

Bowser: But aside of this terms where Raph was Heavily Outclassed... Raph Surprisingly has a Better Speed than Base Knuckles!

Lightning McQueen: Yeah, while Knux might have a FTL Speed. Raph shockingly outclasses Knuckles due to having a MFTL Speed!

Dreamy Luigi: That was a really shocking advantage let Raphael to fight Knuckles, not to mention he has an Arsenal like his Sais and more Weaponry here could use against Knuckles.

Deadpool: Yeah this is two advantages for one. Strength and Durability for Knuckles, and Speed and Arsenal for Raphael.

Bowser: Knuckles had a chance of win in base due to severely outstating Raph and could tank all of Base Raph but when Raph had the Mystic Form he had a Large Planet Level attack to fight him along with haxxes and powerful attacks.

Anti-Sky: Yeah. However, this changes when Knuckles goes to Super and Hyper Knux.

Dreamy Luigi: Yeah, this forms are invulnerable which means it could bring a protection against Raph's forms. Also like Raph, Knux turns MFTL, And has vastly a better Attack Potency.

Deadpool: Yeah, Raphael was a Large Planet Level in his forms being absurdly stronger than his base form. But Knuckles was a Large Planet Level to Dwarf Star Character in this fight outclassing Raph's AP.

Dreamy Luigi: And also both forms has a limit but if so, Base Knuckles defeats Base Raph again but Raph's form can reactivate always when he has the Amulet. However, Knux's forms can last for days while Raph's has a more short time limit and his Amulet can be brokered and return to normal which give Knuckles the W for this fight.

Deadpool: Well, seems like Raphael end up into a Knuckles Sandwich!

Dreamy Luigi: The Winner Is: Knuckles