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It's Disney XD time! These two teenaged heroes are about to duke it out!!! It's Dragon vs Ninja in this fight!! This is Gogeta46power's 17th battle in season 3.

(this battle was adopted by shibu77xplosion)


wiz - fire, one of the mostly useful and deadly objects discovered by humans

boomstick - and when used by superheroes it can be a very powerful weapon

wiz - Jake long the American dragon who protects magical creatures and the NYC

boomstick - and randy Cunningham the 9th grade ninja Norrisvile high and the city of Norrisville

wiz - im wiz and he's boomstick and its our job to analyze their abilities to see who would win a-

boomstick - DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!

wiz - (-_-)

American Dragon (Jake long)[]

boomstick - in the world of American dragon every country has its magical protector who protects mystical creatures and in America the American dragon is Jacob Luke Long AKA Jake Long

wiz - Jake long is a 14 year old boy with the power to transform into a dragon, to be specific the American dragon. As a high school student Jake needs to learn how to manage life as a hero and a student. He has 2 friends Trixie and spud. Jake also has a crush on a girl named rose who is also a member of the hunstclan. He has One mean teacher who is obsessed with the existence of a dragon and his family consists of him, his mother and his sister and his dad who is not aware that Jake is a dragon until the end of the series . He is trained martial arts and how to be a dragon by his grandpa and fu dog.

American dragon jake long by jackspade2012-d6ergrd

boomstick - this hip fire breathing lizard can pretty much do anything a dragon can in his dragon form.

wiz - he can also access his dragon powers in his human form

boomstick - for a 14 year old he has some pretty awesome martial art skills LIKE ME!

*boomstick tries to do kung-Fu or karate idk what he is doing but ends up falling and getting hurt*

*wiz helps him up *

boomstick - that was bad

wiz - never do that again , anyways Jake also has fire breathing powers and a lot of combat experience as told by boomstick, one of his greatest display of was to knock down a bug monster with one sweep in his human form

boomstick - that's a lot just for his human form

wiz - however that's just not it in his dragon form the display of strength is just massive, he managed to lift a 400lbs. giant, knock out an entire group of hunstclan with his tail, blasted through multiple wails with just a single fire breath , he is also physically stronger than his sister who lifted an ice cream truck with ease and jake also managed balanced on 1 finger in his dragon form

Screenshot 2021-09-06 110014


boomstick - he also managed to balance a boulder on his tail which shows that he has some great lifting strength guess you can say he has an UPLIFTED spirit

wiz(little bit frustrated ) - he has also a lot of experience fighting the huntsclan

boomstick - the hunstclan were foot clan wanabe's but instead they tried to destroy the American dragon, whats sad is that one of them were his crush rose

wiz - what's surprising is that rose was possibly the most powerful of the huntsclan she managed to outsmart and defeat the leader

boomstick - jake also has some pretty crazy speed he has managed to dodge laser projectiles and fly around an island 13 times

wiz - he has also shown to rely on his friends for most of his fights by he can still fight alone due to his powerful feats

boomstick - he has fought some pretty tough opponents as well such the the dark dragon

wiz- according to the show there were only 2 people who survived an encounter with the dark dragon and jake being one of them

boomstick - wait really!

wiz - yes, also jake's durability is pretty high, he has shown to survive being struck by lightning, get stepped on and crushed by a giant, survived a chemical explosion , got hit by a boulder at 180mph and survived being hit by a train

boomstick- guess he really TRAINED well for that

wiz - yea sure.... -_-

boomstick - jake has never really used his tongue for much during combat except for once in his human form for ................uhhhhhh, cleaning the toilet

wiz- *gags* GROSS

boomstick - jake also has enhanced sense and flight these sense being eye of the dragon and ear of the dragon, these help him hear and see better

wiz - jake also has claws, which we should have mentioned before ,a dragon tongue and he also has duplication

Jake bieng gross

boomstick - with This ability Jake can create clones of himself using CHI ENERGY

wiz - however each clone will reduce jake's power so the more the clones the less the power

boomstick - but he can assign certain roles to each clone such as fighting,studying,camping etc

wiz- also towards the end of the series SPOLIER ALERT

Jake manages to defeat the dark dragon with the help of his friends, the dark dragon is an extremely powerful foe

boomstick - this was an extremely epic fight with a somewhat decent finale although it wasn't as DARK as people thought

wiz - Jake does have his weaknesses such as sphynx hair , being over confident but he still is a pretty powerful super hero

boomstick - he really is fired up and ready to fight bad guys

Dragon up!

Randy Cunningham[]

Randy boi


wiz -for 800 years a ninja has been protecting the city of Norrisvile from evil mainly the sorcerer every 4 years a student is chosen to be the ninja and is given a book called the ninja nomicon that guides him.

boomstick - no surprise that its a teenager (*eyes rolling*)

wiz- yes boomstick i just said that a STUDENT is chosen to be the ninja

boomstick - whatever man

wiz - ok.......anyways randy cunningham was one of these lucky students, one day randy received a book from a mysterious person called the messenger this book was the ninja nomicon, also the nomicon states that no-one can know that randy is the ninja however Randy's best friend, Howard later finds out and helps him(surprisingly Howard is the only character randy has a proper social interaction with)

boomstick - the nomicon would "dispose wisdom upon randy" and help him during tough situations and also teach him lessons and morals

wiz - randy also received a ninja suit , this suit surprisingly made Randy very good at parkour and increased his speed and strength.

boomstick - he also has a scarf that makes him swing around like Spiderman also he can take weapons out of his suit which he can use for fighting



wiz- he can summon the following weapons -

  • ninja sword (almost unbreakable)
  • sai's
  • bow staff
  • chain blade
  • chain sickle
  • numchucks
  • batons
  • ninja rings
  • ninja hooks
  • ninja balls (not those of course, ninja balls as in balls that have a certain function such as - ninja bug ball, ninja ice ball, ninja ice ball etc )

and of course the most iconic SMOKEBOMB

boomstick - not to mention how somkebombs allow randy to make an awesome entry and exit LIKE THIS -

*boomstick throws a smokebomb but it smells like his fart also he doesn't go anywhere and starts coughing *

wiz (coughs) - definitely not an entry or exit like that

boomstick- change the topic NOW!

wiz - anyways with these cool weapons randy also gets awesome ninja powers

boomstick - lets start by talking about a pretty cool ability called the hydro hand

wiz - this ability alows randy to create a hand that turns into ice the moment it touches something , this can be used for creating slippery surfaces or freezing opponents

boomstick - that's pretty ice

wiz - next up we have the ninja air fis , this ability is pretty similar to the hydro hand but instead its with air

boomstick - for this attack randy gathers the air particles after "freeing the chicken" and creates a fist which can act like a punch and air atack, man what's it with this show and hands its pretty weird

wiz - moving on we have the earth attack , this ability allows randy to use the soil to his advantage and create whatever he wants out of sand

boomstick - he has shown to create mudballs when fighting 'Jason myres' and sandjas(basically clones made of sand) to fight an earth worm


wiz - next up we have the ninja rage and cold rage , the ninja rage increases Randy's fire powers and allows him to use his signature move ninja tengu fireball and augmenting fire onto weapons . The cold rage ability is not canon in the show but has appear in official videogames , this ability acts just like ninja rage but with ice instead of fire and only augmenting ninja rings, we will be restricting cold rage for this battle however

boomstick - what about the ninja arts?

wiz- ninja arts?

boomstick - well you know -

  • art of healing (allows randy to heal things)
  • art of disguise (allows randy to grow facial hair to disguis himself)
  • art of stealth (Allows randy to become more stealthy)
  • art of escape (allows randy to create a dummy of himself in order to escape )

wiz - those aren't called arts but thanks for covering that

boomstick - no problem buddy

wiz - we left randy's feats for the last because they were the hardest to calculate. for starters randy has a small town attack potency level he scales to Lucius O'Thunderpunch who destroyed a meteor and fought Catfish Booray who created a storm. randy is fast enough dodge lasers and has enough durability to survive small town level attacks based on the monsters he has fought , randy also has extremely high stamina along with long and short range attacks . His physical strength is low since he struggled to lift an arcade machine but he makes up for it with his fast reflexes, speed and wide range of arsenal

also wiz - his weaknesses include fear of chickens and overconfidence sometimes and misunderstanding the nomicon's message but other than that he is pretty powerful for a teenager

boomstick - he really is SMOKE BOMBING INTO DEATH BATTLE

Idk what name to put

Combatants are set[]

wiz - alright the combatants are , have have run the data through all possibilities

boomstick - ITS TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pre battle randy vs jake


The battle takes place in the outskirts of New York City at 9 in the night the students of Norrisville high had come to NYC for a field trip for about a week

Randy- alright Howard this field trip has been pretty bruse we have had a lot of fun too bad today is the last day

Howard - yea true but more importantly WE GOT A COPY OF GRAVE PUNCHERS 3

Randy - THAT IS SO CHEESE !!!!

suddenly there is a blast nearby both Randy and Howard peek out of the window and see a robot monster attacking the city

Howard - aw come on!

randy - its alright ill be back fast

Howard - while your at it get some gravy fries and a souvenir

Randy - what kind?

howard - idk just get something cool

randy - alright fine man ,ITS NINJA TIME !

randy leaps out of the window and destroys the robot within 5 minutes meanwhile jake and his friends had taken out some trolls

jake - alright you guys head home ill come in a short while

spud and trixie - you sure jake? hyper bowl semi finals are starting

jake - you start watching ill catch up

spud - ok man whatever suits you

spud and trixie leave on their skate boards jake starts looking out for more trolls soon he find randy

jake (in his mind) - wait a minute this guy looks like the huntsclan is he a member of the hunstclan? gramps told me to look out for remaning hunts clan members due to some of them having immunity to the spell. I'll take this guy out right now .

randy - alright my work here is done and i can go-


randy - im sorry what? also holy juice dude you are a dragon that is so cool anyways idk what your talking about

jake - dont play dumb with me i know you are a huntsclan ninja and i-

randy - nope never heard of them

jake ignores randy and flies towards randy and picks him up by the hands

randy - HEY- what the.....LET ME GO

jake - if you say so

jake drops randy and randy hits a pole

randy - ow...OH IT IS ON

randy pulls out his sword and starts running towards jake while jake flies towards randy ready to attack him


Randy vs jake fight

randy leaps towards jake with his sword jake on the other hand uses is claws as a defense against randy's swords , jake manages to dodge 3 shots but gets a cut on his hand with the 4th slice

jake - ouch! that hurts man

randy - so does getting thrown on a pole

randy lands on top of a building using his scarf jake on the other hand flies away from randy then circles back towards jake while charging a fire breath


jake uses his fire breath towards randy

randy - ninja air fist!

the air fist pierces right thru the fire and almost hits jake but he dodges it and fly's towards randy

randy - oh wow your good anyways , ninja hydro hand !

the moment jake lands on the same building as randy's he completely freezes and cannot move

randy - phew that was close now to finish him off (randy takes out a ninja baton about to break jake's frozen body)

however a second later the ice starts heating up and melting , jake escapes using his fire breath

jake - haha fire melts ice , noob

jake then proceeded to run towards randy and scratches randy with his claws about 5 times, randy then retreats and throws the ninja bug balls at jake , its didn't take jake, "long" enough to burn down all the bugs, randy notices this and leaps of the building right after grabbing onto an electric pole with his scarf.

jake - oh no you dont !

jake flies towards randy while randy tries to swing on to a safe place jake tries to cut randy's scarf using his claws and fire breath ,but randy is too fast or him

randy - ninja rings

randy uses his ninja rings to keep jake away from him , jake gets slowed down trying to dodge the rings , randy gets away and hides in a dumpster

randy - alright nomicon , don't fail me no-

meanwhile jake enters the alley in which randy is hiding

jake - i swear i saw that guy hide here , eye of the dragon

jake scans the area and starts finding randy he also creates 3 clones to help him

jake - u cant hide from the am drag forever

meanwhile, randy enters the nomicon and sees a ninja fighting a dragon.

randy - ok, ok a lot like what's going on, totally like what's going on right now

suddenly the dragon pulls out a sword and so does the ninja and the ninja manages to kill the dragon with his sword


nomicon - a ninja must learn to identify the strongest weapon of the enemy and use it against them

randy - oh ok , but the dragon does have a sword right?

randy gets kicked out of the nomicon and gains consciousness

randy (silently ) - art of stealth

randy manages to escape the dumpster and blends into the shadows of the alley and equips an expanding baton and tries to hit jake but a clone blocks the attack

jake - i got you now!

jake grads randy by the foot and throw him around randy keeps getting beaten up by jake's clones and jake and then gets thrown onto a dark empty road

randy - maybe his clones are his most powerful weapons...

randy creates 2 sandjas to fight jake and equips ninja claws

jake - ha! its 3 vs 4 how are you gonna do anything

randy - yeah but my clones are made of sand and have claws and swords

jake - aigh't your on!

jake's clones start a fight with the sandjas , one of the sandjas uses his sword and causes a lot of damage to 2 of jake's clones, the other sandja uses his sword to fight with jake's clone , jake's clone counters with his fire breath

jake - go get him clones!

suddenly jake is hit by a staff on the head and kicked on the back real hard

randy - im not done with you yet!

the sandjas mange to injure jake's clones severely but fail to completely defeat them . Randy and jake start fighting real hard . randy uses his batons but jake breaks it with his physical strength , randy use his sais but jake counters that with his claws, randy uses his chain sickles and puts a few cuts on jake's body but jake also manages to put bruises on randy by punching him constantly and using his claws on him.

randy - come one what is his strongest attack ?!

suddenly randy dodges a fire attack form jake

randy - THATS IT! the strongest attack is FIRE!, sandjas, your work here is done you can go now

the sandjas high five and turn to sand

jake - alright jakes lets do this

randy - time to finish this

both randy and jake are on top of the same building now .

jake - give up man its 4 of us against one of you

randy - no, you started it and I'm ending it , NINJA RAGE !

randy's ninja suit turns orange and black and he takes out his swords both with fire augmented to them

jake- gramps trained me well for this i will not lose!

jake and his clones charge up a fire blast

both(jake and randy) - lets do this

randy jumps really high and falls towards jake , while jake uses his fire breath to counter randy's attack but randy starts rotating his swords really fast and uses it as a shield randy also managed to pierce thru jake and his clone's fire breath soon randy reaches close to jake and says -

randy - fire melts dragons , shoob!

right after saying that randy slices jake and his clones in half , randy de-activates ninja rage and jake's body falls to the ground and one part of it turns to ash

Randy vs jake ko

randy - smokebomb

randy disappears with the smoke bomb and Jake's corpse was never found Randy also takes a dragon tooth as a souvenir for howard and Norrisvile high leaves NYC the next day.


boomstick - looks like Jake's life wasn't that long

wiz - this was a tricky matchup since both fighters had something over the other

boomstick - jake had more experience than Randy since jake had been practicing martial arts for quite a while and he was physically stronger

wiz - but Randy's large range of weapons and ability's added a lot to his arsenal

boomstick - while jake had already fought ninja's aka the huntsclan and randy never fought a dragon before, this didn't really change much also randy was much powerful than the hunstclan since he fought a guy who could summon meteors

wiz - randy had fought monsters bigger and more powerful than jake on weekly basis

boomstick - he also had fought more people than jake

wiz - randy also had a solid counter to everything jake could throw at him -

  • randy could counter jake's senses with the art of stealth since that made him invisible and Jake's senses never saw invisible people
  • randy could counter jake's fire with his air fist and ninja rage
  • he could also counter jake's claws and clones with his weapons and sandjas

boomstick - and while jake was more stronger physically randy was much faster and had more stamina than jake

wiz - also randy had the nomicon to easily guide him during the fight while jake had nobody unless we count gramps but i order for gramps to help jake he would need prep time and if jake had prep time so would randy

boomstick - now you may think that we restricted cold rage because if we included it it would be a stomp however jake could easily counter that with his fire breath

wiz - in the end randy had alot of weapons , had a counter to everything jake could throw at him and was too fast for jake

boomstick - sorry jake you weren't the ninja star of this battle

wiz - the winner is randy cunningham the 9th grade ninja

Danny phantom - oh hey i can do that too

Randy wins
Homemade death battle track

some post things[]

  • this fight was originally made by Gogeta46power but adopted by me shibu77xplosion
  • the similarities between jake and randy are
    1. they're both from disney
    2. they both have fire powers
    3. they both transform
    4. they both fight monsters
    5. they both have someone guiding them
    6. they both are connected to 2 different worlds
    7. they are both high school students
    8. both have actual superhero names but are only referred to by their real name
  • i usually don't make battles with wiz and boomstick and this is the first time im using them this is also my second battle and i actually put effort into this unlike the last one , so if wiz and boomstick acted out of character welp i cant do anything about that
  • here is the list of users that placed their bets on randy before the fight -
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  • Eueyqywt
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  • Kirbysakurai
  • Boomerangplant567

good job predicting the outcome

  • i mostly played the randy cunningham games so that's where i got to know more about randy than the show but i still like the show more than the game and used that for research
  • i tried to add jake's feats from games as well but i couldn't find much