"Believe in the weapon that is in the suit."? Okay, what's in the suit? I'm... in the suit. I'm the weapon! I just have to believe in me!
~ Randy Cunningham

Randy Cunningham is the main protagonist of the Disney XD animated television series, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.

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  • Age: 14.
  • Occupation: 9th Grade Student.
  • Secret Identity: The Norrisville Ninja.
  • He is totally Bruce.
  • He is the Ninja #200, in 800 years.

Ninja Suit

  • It gives the wearer:
    • Increased strength.
    • Great agility.
    • Superhuman Reflections.
    • Increased speed.
    • Great knowledge of fighting and Ninja Arts.
    • It gives knowledge how to use the weapons that the suit possesses.
  • Can carry a LOT of weapons
  • The costume gives the wearer several types of spells.
  • Eternally linked to Tengu, a demon bird.

Ninja Weapons

  • Ninja Balls.
    • Small bombs in the form of spheres with different types of explosions: Hot, Cold, Glowing, Hards, Bees (Megaman would be so proud), Boom Balls, Tiny Boom Balls that cause a bigger explosion and Sticky.
  • Ninja Chain Sickle
    • A long chain with a sickle at the end. Randy often uses this weapon to kill multiple opponents at once or to use it against large enemies to hit them from afar.
    • Is actually a pair of Kusarigamas.
  • NInja Eskrima
    • A pair of high-quality batons with which he performs this martial style.
  • Ninja Manrikigusari
    • A set of twin sticks linked together on a segmented chain blade which can stretch up to great lengths even attacking from long distances, or they can be reconnected at the base to for a pair of short stick Billy Clubs in battle as well.
  • Ninja Nunchucks
    • A couple of Nunchaks, that's all.
  • Ninja Rings
    • A pair of very light tapered discs, which can bounce off in the walls.
    • Can cut throw robots and Steel.
  • Ninja Sai
    • Ideal weapons to block attacks.
    • It manages to cross Robo-Apes easily.
    • Able to break The Eye of Eternities.
  • Ninja Spikes
    • Located on their knuckles and soles of the feet.
    • Helps to scale more easily.
  • Ninja Sword
    • The most used weapon by Randy.
    • The suit has a second sword to fight with double grip.
    • According to S. Ward Smith, the Ninja Smith, properly used this may be the most powerful weapon of the Ninja.
    • "Can not cut stupidity".
      • It probably means that misused, the weapon becomes weaker.
    • The Sorcerer, to its maximum power, could cut it in half with its own weapon.
    • Actually isn't a Katana (That is a Samurai Weapon), but is a Ninjato.
  • Smoke Bombs
    • When it explodes, it creates a thick curtain of red smoke for fast escapes, almost teleportation.
    • Although wide, Randy has a limited number of Smoke bombs.
    • They smell like farts.

Ninja Arts and Magical powers.

  • Ninja Rage Mode
    • It gives the ninja pyrokinesis.
    • It also represents the union with Tengu.
    • In this state, the Ninja Sword burns.
    • In this state the Tengu Ninja Fireball is made.
    • It only lasts a few seconds.
  • Earth Attack
    • It allows the Ninja to control the Earth.
    • The Ninja can create a giant earthworm, "Sandjas", Mud balls attack and giant earth cyclones.
    • Creations can not regenerate themselves.
    • It can be done without putting on the mask.
  • Hydro Hands
    • He can attack by throwing a hand of water.
    • Leaves the floor slippery.
  • Comet Sprint
    • It can run at Super Speed.
    • Leave a trail of light that creates a wall.
  • Art of Healing
    • It can bring life back to the dead and reverse that process.
    • It is not known if he can heal wounds.
    • Can repair Machinary.
  • Air Fist
    • It can trigger a powerful blast of air.
    • Can modify the shape of the blast to give greater width, length and power.
    • Can use it to block attacks.
    • Able to break steel and solid rock.
    • Randy does not use this attack very commonly.
  • Art of Disguice
    • The ability to change the user's physical form.
    • If the user can not control the energy of this ability, the changes made by the bliss come out of control.
    • It can be done without having the mask on.

The NinjaNomicon

  • A manual that collects and teaches the experiences of past ninjas.
  • It has its own Mind.
  • By using it, it lodges the user's mind within their pages, leaving the body in a trance.
  • He decides who enters inside.
  • "Inside the Nomicon everything is possible.
  • " The "Ultimate Lesson" erases the Ninja's memory and puts all of their knowledge in their pages for later users.