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Ra's al Ghul vs. The Shredder is a What-If? episode of Death Battle.


Dc vs TMNT, which ancient ninja terrorist leader who faces an animal martieux artist will win?


Wiz: When it comes to deadly fictional terrorist organisations the Foot and the League of Assassins are the most powerful

Boomstick: And so are their ancient leaders who are masters of fighting and have daughters like Ra's Al Ghul the leader of the League of asassins

Wiz: And The Shredder leader of the Foot

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick

Wiz: And it's our job to analyse their weapons armour and skills to find out who would win a Death battle

Ra's al Ghul[]

Wiz: Over 700 years ago Ra's was born into a tribe of nomads in Asia as a young man he was fascinated by science and moved to the city to study

Boomstick: Ra's eventually got married but as an adult a crazy dying prince was brought to him for Ra's to treat Ra's put the prince into the Lazarus Pit

Wiz: But it didn't go so well the Prince was healed but went insane and killed Ra's wife the prince's father the king then had Ra's locked up in a cage with the body of his wife to die

Boomstick: Wow that's a brutal backstory this poor guy's had it rough

Wiz: He was rescued by the son of an old friend Ra's had tried to save but had failed he then went to his tribe and joined with his uncle to kill the King

Boomstick: Using his scientific mind Ra's gave some robes and cloths to the king and his son that were riddled with disease killing both of them Ra's then rode into the city and killed the King's supporters

Wiz: Ra's then declared himself the Demon's head and travelled the world training in combat and swordsmanship

Boomstick: Ra's then became the father of a daughter Taila Al Ghul and founded the League of Assassins a group of Eco-Terrorists set on ridding the world of crime

Wiz: Ra's then revived himself in the Lazarus pits as he grew old to live on for centuries and improve his fighting skill he then trained the young Bruce Wayne in Fear and Martieux arts personally

Boomstick: But Wiz if Ra's wants to rid the world of crime how is he a Villain ?

Wiz: Well Ra's uses questionable methods unlike Batman who spares Criminals and gives them second chances Ra's straight up kills them and the League then attack a powerful and corrupt civilization and bring it to it's knees Ra's ultimate goal being to wipe out most of the human race to destroy crime

Boomstick: Having been around for centuries Ra's is a master Martiuex artist and has mastered every single fighting style to it's maximum potential this makes him Batman's toughest foe to keep up with in physical combat

Wiz: He's also a master of using weapons particularly swords especially cutlasses and is extremely skilled and proficient in using them and is very steathy

Boomstick: Ra's has also been granted enhanced speed and strength and coupled with his peak human physique this can make him even more tougher to beat

Wiz: Ra's uses the Lazarus pits to heal himself when he is dying this restores him to normal and grants him some advantages but since he has used the pits for so long he is starting to feel the negative effects of the pit

Boomstick: With his keen mind Ra's has matched and surpassed Batman in combat found out his identity and outsmarted his foes on multiple occasions

Wiz: However the pits make Ra's slightly insane after using them and due to his extensive use of them he can be driven to bouts of insanity if he gets annoyed causing him to go crazy he also has to be careful not to fall into the pit when he is healthy otherwise it will kill him he also is starting to age rapidly

Boomstick: But with his honed mind and fighting skill Ra's might be the deadliest Villain Batman has ever faced

Ra's Al Ghul: If someone stands in the way of true justice you simply walk up behind them and stab them in the heart

The Shredder[]

Wiz: Born in Japan Oroku Saki was into a village that was part of the ninja group known as the foot and his father was the leader of the clan

Boomstick: However one day the Foot's village was attacked by the rival Hamato clan and devasted Oroku discovered amongst the wreckage by a young man who took Oroku with him

Wiz: Oroku was raised by the young man along with his other son Hamato Yoshi the two became best friends and loyal companions over the years

Boomstick: However that changed when the two fell in love with Tang Shen a beautiful woman the two became rivals then bitter enemies Oroku then insulted Yoshi in front of Tang and engaged in a brutal fight

Wiz: Yoshi claimed victory and Oroku left the village discovering his identity and heritage and rebuilding the Foot clan into a massive Criminal organisation he then went to Yoshi's house and tried to kill him but killed Tang in the process

Boomstick: Oroku then brutally attacked and defeated Yoshi then discovered Yoshi and Tang's baby daughter and took her from the house

Wiz: Calling his daughter Karai she was raised to become his second in command and Oroku salvaged an old suit of armour and hired dozens of thugs to become his henchman

Boomstick: Taking the name Shredder he has tried to defeat Yoshi who now is the mutated rat Splinter and his apprentices the TMNT but failed several times

Wiz: The Shredder is cruel and mean he only cares about Karai and his own intentions he also is very arrogant

Boomstick: The Shredder is a master of Ninjustu and is extremely adept and skilled in using it to it's fullest potential and has gone up Splinter multiple times and matched him with his fighting skills

Wiz: He also is pretty strong he can push and shove around heavy mutants easily and is fairly quick and can perform several flips and kicks but he is weighed down by his armour and bulk

Boomstick: And Speaking of armour Shredder's is nearly indestructible it can shrug off deadly attacks and is really hard to penetrate and Attack it also contains spikes on his leg plates

Wiz: He can also activate two spike blades on each of his arms that can cut nearly through anything these can also activate several other blades if necessary Shredder also is quite stealthy and can sneak around much agiler combatants like the Turtles

Boomstick: Oroku can also throw Shrukiens at his foes with surprising accuracy and ease he carries a tonne of these deadly weapons

Wiz: Being very smart and intelligent Oroku transformed the Foot from a ninja village into a Criminal organisation all by himself and is a master strategist

Boomstick: He has attacked and defeated TMNT's and mutants easily multiple times and has defeated Splinter several times he also has spent years honing his skill and working around his weaknesses

Wiz: However he is extremely arrogant and will only battle worthy and strong Opponents and will ignore younger rivals which has led to his defeat on multiple occasions and his armour also Massively restricts his agility and stamina and although he has been able to work around it it is still a problem for him he also is quite old and past his prime

Boomstick: But with his skill and weaponry Shredder is a powerful foe who is not to be underestimated

The Shredder: Call me the Shredder. I have trained in the ways of Ninjustsu for my entire life and I have sharpened my skills to the highest level. An old enemy of mineSplinter, is hiding in New York City and training a peculiar band of ninjas. The time has come to pay all of them a visit, and nothing will keep me from my revenge. Nothing. Or so I thought.

Pre-Death Battle[]

Wiz: All right the combatants are set let's end this debate once and for all!

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!


In the Base of the League of Shadows Ra's was thinking over his plans to take over the world when he suddenly hears shouts and swords clashing he gets up to investigate

Ra's walks up to the front of the building and sees League members fighting the Foot members suddenly an Armoured bulky man stands up and walks up towards Ra's

The Shredder: So you are Ra's Al Ghul what a pathetic sight

Ra's: Are you challenging me?!

Ra's pulls out his sword and bears it towards Shredder

The Shredder: Yes I am your organisation has got in the way of Foot exploits and so it must be eliminated

Ra's: I am a master of combat you cannot win

The Shredder: So you think I will defeat you quickly


The Shredder activates his spike blades and tries to stab Ra's who parries the blow and the two clash blades Ra's smacks Shredder in the face with his hilt Shredder kicks Ra's and slightly slashes him Ra's then lunges towards Shredder and tries to attack

Ra's manages to slash Shredder through a gap in his armour Shredder yells then tries to cut Ra's to pieces with his spike blades but the combat master blocks all of his blows Shredder then activates two blades from his right hand and they pierce Ra's arm

The Shredder: Ha you cannot beat me you are pathetic

Ra's: I have only begun to fight I seek to rid the world of criminals like you forever

Shredder runs towards Ra's and elbows him in the face the two enter the building and continue their fight down a corridor Shredder tries to attack Ra's with his spikes but he dodges and starts rapidly punching and kicking his opponent who lands a punch in Ra's belly

The two continue to land blows on each other rapidly Ra's then kicks Shredder into a wall and rapidly starts beating him up Shredder knocks the sword out of the ninja's hand and crushes it with his foot Shredder then uppercuts Ra's and headbutts him

Shredder then throws dozens of Shrukiens at Ra's who pulls out a cutlass and deflects most of them but is still hit in the shoulder and knee The Shrukiens then fly towards Ra's who dodged the rest of them flips out of the way and stabs Shredder in the leg with a dagger

They both clash blades again and rapidly exchange blows the Shredder knocks Ra's into a door and activates his blades and tries to impale him but he dodges and the Shredder stabs the door instead

Ra's: Enough I am stronger and superior your armour can't protect you

The Shredder: I will end you

Shredder tries to slash Ra's with his other hand but Ra's punches him in the chest breaking through the door and snapping his spike blades the two fight on a narrow ledge right above the Lazarus pit trying to shove each other into it the two clash blades for a final time and Ra's kicks Shredder into the pit

At the last moment Ra's is grabbed from behind and both fall into the pit it heals their wounds Ra's manages to swim towards a ladder and escape but Shredder is weighed down by his armour and the pit begins to kill him

The remaining Foot ninjas flee as the Shredder dies and Ra's looks away



Boomstick: Wait, what? Shredder should have won. Ra's can't touch his armour.

Wiz: This fight was quite close and intense, but Ra's takes this for a number of reasons and by the way, Shredder's armour doesn’t cover his whole body, which allowed Ra's to get some hits off.

Boomstick: Shredder may be quite fit and quick, but his armour weighs him down severely and makes him slower. Ra's on the other hand has increased speed along with peak physical fitness.

Wiz: Shredder is a master of ninjutsu and is extremely adept at it, but so is Ra's along with every single martial arts technique, so he surpassed Shredder in that category.

Boomstick: Ra's mastery of martial arts surpasses that of Batman because his amount of experience, allowing Ra's to match and surpass Shredder.

Wiz: He also has spent centuries perfecting his fighting style and technique while Shredder is only 48 years old and is past his prime and didn't have the stamina Ra's has.

Boomstick: Ra's is also a lot faster and more agile than Shredder and can dodge whatever Shredder throws at him while Shredder is slower and couldn't dodge Ra's blows. Looks like the Shredder was Shredded.

Wiz: The winner is Ra's Al Ghul.

Advantages and Disadvantages[]

Ra's al Ghul: Winner

+ Faster

+ Stronger

+ More experience

+ Master of more martial arts than the Shredder

= Equal in intelligence

- Less of an arsenal

- Less durable

The Shredder: Loser

+ More of an arsenal

+ More durable

+ Better Weapons

+ Tougher

= Equal in intelligence

- Slower

- Less experience

- Weaker

- Knew less martial arts than his opponent

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