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I never liked violence, but seeing idiots tear each other apart fascinates me.
~ Qilby
Creatures are born and disappear by the thousands as every second passes! Worlds are exploding and forming! Our people have the luck of witnessing the krosmic dance, and you would fight against that? Intending to defend a world that isn't yours?!

Qilby is a character from the French animated television series, Wakfu. He is a member of the Eliatrope species, a species that looks generally human, but are from a different world.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 0
  • Draws: 0


Death Battle Info[]

  • Knocked Yugo into a stone wall, leaving a crater
  • Endless pool of wakfu
  • Threw a dwarf moon and indirectly split a planet in half
  • Held back a planet-full of Wakfu lasers with one arm, even though he struggled under it
  • Only defeated because an entire planet of Eliatropes had to cooperate to stop him
  • Can create a portal to the void

Wakfu Weapons[]

  • Wakfu Portals
    • Exactly like Yugo's, except he can summon a seemingly limitless amount
  • Wakfu Arm
    • Can stretch and morph to almost any size
    • Able to throw an entire a** dwarf moon at the Eliatropes
    • Threw Yugo with enough force to split a planet in half
    • Able to choke a dragon (an elderly one but a freaking dragon nonetheless)
    • Replacement for an arm he lost to Phaeris
  • Wakfu Scythe
    • Summonable anywhere
    • Keeps pace with other wakfu made weapons
  • Dangerous Wakfu Lasers