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Purple Link vs Blue Toad
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Season 1 (revived 2018 series), Episode 7
Vital statistics
Air date July 1, 2018
Written by MadMaxPyro
Directed by MadMaxPyro
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Legend of Zelda vs Super Mario! The battle of the overshadowed, energetic player 4s who both fight alongside three allies in their adventures.


Death Battle Theme

Max: Player 4, the player slot that hosts some of the... less memorable characters but some of them are formidable in their own right.

MadMaxPyro: Like these two clone characters.

Max: Blue Toad, one of the billions of lookalikes among the toad species.

Blue Toad Death Battle Intro

MadMaxPyro: And Purple Link, one of the four clones of Link.

Purple Link Death Battle Intro

Max: I'm Max and he's MadMaxPyro who is also me because I'm really just one person. And because I feel like it, I'm going to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a death battle!

Blue Toad VS Purple Link Battle Image

Blue Toad[]

Blue Toad

Title - New Super Mario Bros. Wii Music Extended

Max: Mario, gaming's icon may be a seemingly unstoppable hero but even he can't always save the princess alone. He sometimes brings Luigi along with him or in some cases brings along... some toads. Enter New Super Mario Bros Wii which introduced two toads who are actually not pussies! Yellow toad and the Blue Toad who we will be focusing on today.

MadMaxPyro: Now, let me get one thing clear so there is no confusion. Blue toad is actually a separate character from the blue colored toad that appears in Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Mario 3D World. THAT toad is meant to be the original standalone character Toad himself while blue toad is a member of his species. This analysis will be focused on the individual Blue toad who appears in Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Mario Bros U, and Super Luigi U.

Max: Anyway, Blue toad decided to join Mario and Luigi on some of their adventures to save Princess Peach from Bowser time and time again. And he is certainly fit for the job! Blue Toad possesses the same level of strength as Mario and Luigi able to punch solid bricks to bits with ease, able to defeat the same foes, and possesses the same impressive high jumping abilities. His main method of attack of course being jumping on foes just like the Mario brothers. Plus, in New Super Luigi U, Blue Toad learns the ability to use Luigi's scuttle jump.

MadMaxPyro: But of course in order to survive his adventures Blue Toad uses the same power-ups that Mario and Luigi use! Being a pyromaniac my favorite is of course the fire flower! As Fire Blue Toad, Blue Toad can shoot fireballs from his hands at enemies burning them.

Fire Blue Toad

Max: Using the ice flower, he can shoot iceballs from his hands which are cold enough to instantly freeze enemies into icicles upon contact.There is also the penguin suit which also grants him the ability of shooting iceballs along with better traction on slippery ice, the ability to belly slide on ice, and faster swimming underwater but these extra abilities are obviously only useful in specific environments.

Ice Blue Toad
Powerup penguin-suit

MadMaxPyro: The propeller mushroom gives Blue Toad the ability of brief flight and he can do a fast downwards dive from the air to get the drop on foes.

Propeller Blue Toad

Max: The mini mushroom shrinks Blue Toad to a puny size. While puny, Blue Toad can jump even higher doing floaty jumps, can enter into tiny areas/warp pipes, and run across water due to his light weight. However, it's dangerous to use because his durability drops immensely so he can be killed easily in this form if he gets hit. Plus, he becomes very weak in this form as in the game normal jumps are unable to kill enemies while puny. So this is an item that Blue Toad needs to be careful with when using but he can turn back to normal size with a mushroom.

Mini Blue Toad

MadMaxPyro: Blue Toad can use a star to become invincible for a brief period of time and any enemy touched by him takes damage.

Star Blue Toad

Max: In New Super Mario Bros U Blue Toad gains access to two new power-ups, first of which is the super acorn which transforms Blue Toad into the flying squirrel suit which like the propeller mushroom gives Blue Toad brief upwards flight but also allows him to glide a long distance on the way down.

Flying squirrel Blue Toad

MadMaxPyro: The P-Acorn is basically an OP version of this which grants Blue Toad unlimited true flight.

P-Acorn Blue Toad

Max: But Blue Toad has more than just his power-ups, he has access to three different colored baby Yoshis to assist him in combat. Pink baby Yoshi, Blue baby Yoshi, and the Gold glowing baby Yoshi. While all three types of baby Yoshis are able to eat small enemies, they also each have their own unique ability.

MadMaxPyro: The pink baby Yoshi inflates its body in order to fly allowing the user who grabs onto it to fly with them, Blue baby Yoshi breathes bubbles from its mouth which traps enemies inside of them, and the Gold glowing baby Yoshi lights up dark areas.

Blue Toad Pink Baby Yoshi
Blue Toad Bubble Yoshi
Glowing baby Yoshi

Max: With his strength, abilities, and power-ups; Blue Toad has accomplished great feats such as defeating the Koopalings, Kamek, Bowser Jr, and Bowser himself in combat alongside Mario's team. But if there is any flaw that Blue Toad has, it's the fact that there i'snt really anything truly unique or special about him.

MadMaxPyro: Yeah, because really not only is Blue Toad just one of the billions of blue toads who look exactly the same but also because all of his powers-ups/abilities are just copied off of the Mario brothers. He doesn't actually have any kind of power or ability that is solely unique to himself. And in canon, it's unknown how well Blue Toad would fare on his own without his team.

Max: But then again, in a species of toad weaklings that are too cowardly to fight, you could say Blue Toad is one of the odd ones out in that sense. Blue Toad certainly is one of the most badass toads around.

Purple Link[]

Purple Link

Title Theme - The Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition Music Extended

Max: In The Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords, the hero of Hyrule Link came across a sword called the Four Sword and when he grabbed it, everything changed.

MadMaxPyro: The four sword split Link into four different colored copies of himself. Green Link the determined, Blue Link the calm, Red Link the aggressive, and Purple Link the cheerful one who obviously we are focusing on today.

Max: As any other Link, Purple Link uses a sword and shield as his primary weapon and defense. His sword is the four sword itself which just like the Master sword, the four sword is blessed with many magical capabilities that have been infused into its enchanted blade. The four sword can shoot energy beams, has shown itself capable of repelling and sealing evil entities away, creating three separate clones of the blade's wielder, and also breaking powerful curses. And his shield is the trusty indestructible Hylian Shield.

MadMaxPyro: Beyond his sword and shield, Purple Link comes equipped with a whole arsenal of other weapons that he somehow fits in his deep pockets. Again, being my pyromaniac self my favorite is the fire rod! A powerful rod that shoots beam of fire.

Purple Link Fire Rod

Max: Purple Link also has the ice rod, which shoots beams of ice.

Purple Link Ice Rod picture

MadMaxPyro: He's also got a seemingly endless supply of bombs and arrows. Along with a boomerang which can stun enemies upon hit or pull them in towards him.

Purple Link Bombs
Purple Link Bow (2)
Purple Link Boomerang

Max: Purple Link has a magic hammer which sends out a large shockwave to temporarily daze enemies.

Purple Link Magic Hammer

MadMaxPyro: He's got a slingshot that fires deku nuts which temporarily paralyze an enemy upon hit. Plus, the Pegasus boots increase Purple Link's speed immensely and an attached roc's feather allows him to jump over large gaps. And he's got a lantern to light up dark areas.

Pegasus Boots
Roc's Feather
Lantern (Four Swords Adventures)

Max: But Purple Link's ultimate weapon is the most bizzare of all. A fucking Chain Chomp! That's right, he uses an enemy from the Super Mario series as a weapon! He carries the Chain Chomp by a leash for it to bite enemies.

Purple Link's Chain Chomp

MadMaxPyro: With this arsenal of weaponry, Purple Link is formidable. Alongside his Link clones he has achieved feats such as having defeated powerful foes like Shadow Link, Vaati, and Ganon himself.

Max: However, much like his opponent he's not unique having all the same weapons and abilities as his fellow Link clones. Also, he and his clones are always working as a team to defeat enemies and get through their adventures so it's unknown how well he would fare on his own seeing as he is just a portion of the original Link's power.

MadMaxPyro: Overall though, Purple Link is quite formidable.


Max: Both player 4s are ready to fight for their title.

MadMaxPyro: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Toad VS Purple Link Intermission


Peach's Castle - New Super Mario Bros. Wii Music Extended

At Peach's Castle, Toad was standing outside on watch duty guarding the castle from any possible intruders. He had started to grow bored but then good luck struck when he saw Blue Toad walking by and ran up to him.

Toad: Ah, Blue Toad! Great to see you, hey can you do me a favor? Can you do guard duty for me for the next few hours?

Blue Toad: Ok, sure, I don't mind. Plus, it'll work perfectly since we look exactly the same, so Princess Peach won't even know the difference.

Toad: Hehe, you're right! And thanks! See ya later buddy.

Toad ran off while Blue Toad then stood watch. But little did he know he would soon actually be meeting an incoming intruder.

Peach's Castle Map - New Super Mario Bros. U Music Extended

In the distance, a purple figure was shown. Having been lost and separated from his other three Links, Purple Link wandered with a map using it to find the castle in which he thought would be the castle that Ganon has princess Zelda captive in. The cheerful Purple Link was excited that he was almost there as he started skipping to the castle. Soon, Purple Link arrived at Princess Peach's Castle. Purple Link looked up at it seeing the red roof, dozens of windows, and the glass frame of a beautiful princess with blonde hair and a pink dress. Purple Link scratched his head in confusion.

Purple Link(to himself): This doesn't look like the kind of castle Ganon usually holds Zelda captive in.

Purple Link walked closer as Blue Toad noticed him and stood in front of the castle's bridge to block him.

Blue Toad: Hey! Who are you? You aren't allowed in the castle of the princess!

Purple Link: Ah, so the princess is here! I'll slay you like the rest and get the princess, you evil minion of Ganon!

Blue Toad: NO, I won't let you take the princess... wait who's Ganon?

Purple Link unsheathed his sword and equipped his shield while this made Blue Toad get in a fighting stance ready to protect Princess Peach from this potential kidnapper. Meanwhile from inside Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, and a bunch of toads watched this confrontation go down.

Blue Toad VS Purple Link FIGHT!

Boss Theme- The Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures Music Extended

Blue Toad jumped up at Purple Link attempting to jump on his head but Purple Link quickly slashed Blue Toad with his sword which hurt him and knocked him to the ground. Blue Toad quickly hopped back up as Purple Link raised up his sword and shot an energy beam from it towards Blue Toad. Blue Toad jumped over it as he then started running towards Purple Link as the latter continued to raise his sword and fire more energy beams. Blue Toad started using scuttle jumps to dodge every one of the laser beams. Meanwhile, from inside the castle, Luigi was quite proud.

Luigi: I taught him that!

Blue Toad then managed to get up close with Purple Link swinging his sword at him. However, Blue Toad managed to swiftly dodge the sword swings and then threw a punch which Purple Link did block with his shield but Blue Toad's strength pushed him back. Purple Link attempted a forward jab with his sword but Blue Toad ducked under it and used this opening to this time successfully jump on Purple Link's head hurting him. This gave Blue Toad the opportunity to follow up with a punch to Purple Link's face which sent him flying several feet and falling on his back. Blue Toad laughed and jumped up in excitement that he was winning as the audience from inside the castle cheered. This irritated Purple Link as he stood back up and started raising his sword up once again. Blue Toad crossed his arms thinking he will just jump over it as usual. However, Purple Link's sword started glowing with more and more energy as it was charging up its power. Purple Link this time swung and released a very large energy beam which caught Blue Toad off guard as he screamed and tried to jump over it but it was so large it hit him anyway. The energy beam blasted Blue Toad through one of the fences surrounding Peach's Castle causing him to fall underneath the bridge into the water area. Purple Link walked over to see where he was but just then Blue Toad jumped out back to the land now holding a fire flower in his hand. Blue Toad absorbed it as he then transformed, now donning red clothing and a blue head instead of white with red spots on it instead of blue. He had transformed into Fire Blue Toad!

Blue Toad: Taste my firepower!

Fire Blue Toad started shooting fireballs from his hands at Purple Link. Purple Link managed to block them with the hylian shield and then Purple Link took out the fire rod as a counter.

Purple Link: I'll fight your fire with fire!

Purple Link started running around and swinging the fire rod sending fireballs at Blue Toad. Blue Toad ran around too and shot fireballs back at him. The fireballs were either dodged or countered by each other's fireballs. This continued for a bit until Purple Link raised up his fire rod and started charging it, soon releasing a large beam of fire. Blue Toad saw it coming his way and rapidly shot out a barrage of fireballs as fast as he could to counter it. The clashing fire caused an explosion which caused the area where Purple Link and Blue Toad were fighting to be covered in smoke clouding the audience's view at the moment. Suddenly though, Fire Blue Toad jumped out of the smoke quickly smacking Purple Link's shield out of his hands and then pelting him with a barrage of fireballs burning him, and setting him on fire. This angered Purple Link who shot another fire beam from his fire rod which Blue Toad countered with fireballs. The fire clashed with each other until Purple Link threw a bomb at Blue Toad in order to get the upper hand. The fire rod beam detonated the bomb blowing up on Blue Toad hurting him and sending him flying upwards as Purple Link shot a fireball up at him burning him even more which was of course all more than enough to knock his power-up out of him as Blue Toad then landed on the ground. Both Blue Toad and Purple Link brushed off the flames from themselves both suffering some burns. Blue Toad didn't hesitate to keep the battle going, now taking out the ice flower absorbing it. He transformed, now donning blue clothes and a blue head with light blue spots, he was Ice Blue Toad! However, Purple Link just smirked as he had a counter for that too as he took out the ice rod. Blue Toad had a face of irritation now.

Blue Toad: ...Really?! You have both fire AND ice power just like me?

Purple Link: Yup, don't think you're so special.

Both of them started shooting ice balls at each other up close. Purple Link shot a stream of ice from his ice rod while Blue Toad shot a barrage of ice balls. The result covered the area in frosty ice and when the icy air cleared it revealed that Blue Toad was frozen solid while Purple Link was frozen into an icicle. Frozen they remained until the ice on both of them started cracking and they both broke out of it suffering some frostbite. Blue Toad looked around the area around them which was now covered in ice and he decided to use this to his advantage by taking out the penguin suit and transforming into Penguin Suit Blue Toad! Purple Link attempted to attack with his ice rod once more but this time, Blue Toad in his penguin form, slid on the icy terrain, dodging the ice attack and then slid onto Purple Link knocking him to the ground. Blue Toad then shot an iceball freezing Purple Link into an icicle again and then used one of his flippers to kick the frozen Purple Link into the water of the river underneath Peach's Castle. Blue Toad stood over it from above laughing. However, the power of the four sword's energy allowed Purple Link to break out of the ice with some more painful frostbite that is. Purple Link then equipped the pegasus boots and a roc's feather. With the pegasus boots, Purple Link ran up a wall above the water and used the roc's feather to jump up the gap back to the land towards Blue Toad. Blue Toad saw this and used the propeller mushroom transforming into his blue propeller suit and flying high in the air. Blue Toad then quickly dived back down, doing an aerial dive onto Purple Link's head stomping him which hurt him as Blue Toad flew back up again. Purple Link, now really annoyed decided to use projectiles to take down his aerial foe. Purple Link threw his boomerang up at Blue Toad but the midair Blue Toad dodged it easily, the boomerang flying behind him.

Blue Toad: It'll take more than that!

However, Blue Toad ate those words as only a few seconds later, the boomerang came flying back as a boomerang does and hit him in the back of the head stunning him and pulling him closer. Purple Link used this opportunity, taking out his bow and shooting an arrow which directly hit Blue Toad in the head knocking him out of his power-up form and sending him falling. However, while in midair, Blue Toad took out the super acorn transforming into his blue flying squirrel suit with a red scarf. The flying squirrel Blue Toad used his glide ability in order to descend safely to the ground to avoid fall damage. However, Blue Toad found himself actually now standing on a floating platform while he could see Purple Link on another floating platform in the distance still equipped with his pegasus boots and roc's feather. Purple Link drew out his sword.

Purple Link: Come fight me like a real man!

Blue Toad: Let's go!

Both combatants jumped off the platforms as Blue Toad used his flying squirrel suit to glide through the air while Purple Link with the speed of his pegasus boots and the roc's feather jumping capability managed to reach the midair Blue Toad and clung onto him. Both in the sky, holding onto each other, Blue Toad repeatedly punched Purple Link while Purple Link repeatedly used his sword to slash Blue Toad. This continued until of course, Blue Toad's power-up got knocked out of him due to taking too much damage. This caused them both to start falling down until Blue Toad took out a P-Acorn to transform now in his white flying squirrel suit with the letter "P" marked on his head. Blue Toad kicked Purple Link off of him, and now with the power of true unlimited flight, Blue Toad flew high in the sky and dive ground pounded onto Purple Link sending him crashing onto the entrance platform of a nearby cave. When Purple Link stood up, Blue Toad was flying towards him as Purple Link thought quickly by taking out his slingshot and shooting a deku nut which paralyzed Blue Toad and sent his flight off course. Purple Link took this time to get a strategic advantage by running inside the dark cave to bait Blue Toad. Blue Toad crashed into a wall near the entrance knocking him back to base form. Blue Toad angrily got up and pursued after Purple Link by entering the dark cave.

UnderWorld- New Super Mario Bros Wii Extended

At first, it was too dark inside the cave for either of them to really see anything. However, then Purple Link took out his lantern to light up the area while Blue Toad found a gold, glowing baby Yoshi inside the cave and picked it up to light up his path as well. They both walked through the cave looking for each other. Some piranha plants popped out of the warp pipes in Purple Link's area and spit fireballs at him which he blocked with his shield and then he used his sword to decapitate all of the piranha plants. Blue Toad in his area had to deal with the same problem dodging fireballs and simply letting his gold glowing baby Yoshi eat the piranha plants to get rid of them. Both Blue Toad and Purple Link hadn't found each other yet, but they knew they weren't too far away from each other. Purple Link started to shout out to Blue Toad who he couldn't see yet but knew he was nearby him somewhere in the cave.

Purple Link: This is where you die, in the dark all alone.

Blue Toad: No way! If you kill me, you will capture the princess right afterwards!

Purple Link: Liar! Ganon captured her and you're one of his minions.

Blue Toad: ... Again, WHO IS GANON?!

Purple Link didn't respond as he continued searching for Blue Toad. Purple Link soon found an area in the cave with crystal-like platforms, where he then saw a bright light approaching. He soon saw that it was Blue Toad with the glowing baby Yoshi. He had finally found him.

The Walking Dead - Flaming Lucille

Purple Link didn't hesitate as he threw his lantern towards Blue Toad who ducked dodging it but the shattering lantern started a fire as the fire from the lantern spread across the cave blocking Blue Toad from exiting. Koopas in the area were burned to the point of becoming Dry Bones and now the undead were on fire and walking towards both of them to attack them while the fire itself closed in on both of them. Blue Toad was frightened as he glared at Purple Link.

Blue Toad: You pyschopath! You're gonna kill us both!

Purple Link: As long as it's you first.

Purple Link fought off and destroyed some of the flaming Dry Bones with his sword which gave him an advantage against Blue Toad because now his sword was on fire. Purple Link with his fire four sword ran up at Blue Toad and slashed Blue Toad with it which cut him badly, causing bleeding, burned him, set him on fire, and knocked him into an area surrounded by flaming Dry Bones who sadly burned and tore the gold baby Yoshi apart killing it. Next they grabbed Blue Toad and started biting him. Blue Toad screamed in pain and terror but he managed to fight off the flaming Dry Bones, punching them to bits. Blue Toad now looked back in terror at Purple Link who tried to slash him again but Blue Toad headbutted Purple Link with his flaming head scorching him and knocked him into an area of flaming Dry Bones turning the tables. Purple Link angrily shot a flaming energy beam from his sword but fortunately for Blue Toad he managed to jump over and dodge this attack and then started running away looking back behind him seeing Purple Link was surrounded by the flaming Dry Bones who started biting and burning him so had to fight off with his fire sword. Blue Toad looked around anxiously while running with every path seemingly blocked by fire but then he found one exit that was open and unblocked. Blue Toad quickly ran as fast as he could and jumped out of the cave, escaping the living hell that he had just went through. Blue Toad shook off and brushed the flames off of himself suffering severe burns and was bleeding from the sword cut. He looked around and saw he was in a new area with platforms that were on lava. He was at Bowser's Castle! Purple Link had escaped the cave now suffering some burns and bites from the flaming Dry Bones he fought off as well and spotted Blue Toad. Purple Link started running towards him.

Final Boss (Phase 2) - New Super Mario Bros. U Music Extended

However, Blue Toad used a mini mushroom becoming puny as Purple Link became confused and didn't notice where he was. Suddenly he started getting ground pounded by a puny Blue Toad who he tried to slash with his sword but he was hard to hit like a fly and kept float jumping around and ground pounding Purple Link repeatedly knocking him to the ground. Purple Link was about to catch the puny Blue Toad in his hand which would have crushed him but fortunately just in time Blue Toad used a mushroom to turn back to regular size. This caught Purple Link off guard leaving him open to multiple punches to the face from Blue Toad followed by Blue Toad jumping on his head hurting him more. Blue Toad threw another punch but Purple Link retaliated this time using his shield to bash Blue Toad's face and slashed him with his sword a few times and just as Blue Toad was going to retaliate with a punch, Purple Link took out his magic hammer which stopped the punch as Purple Link smacked Blue Toad in the face with the magic hammer sending out a large shockwave which dazed him and knocked him to the ground hard. Purple Link stood over Blue Toad and tried to finish him off by pointing his sword towards Blue Toad's heart but Blue Toad managed to kick him off of him and then retreated. Blue Toad while running started thinking. He knew he only had one more power-up left which was his best one which he was saving for a moment when he was sure he would absolutely need it, he didn't want to have to use it back at the cave so he didn't. Blue Toad spotted a pink baby Yoshi and used it to fly up into the air but Purple Link jumped and managed to grab Blue Toad by the foot flying with him. The pink baby Yoshi couldn't fly anymore as they fell down landing on a platform surrounded by lava, well except for the poor pink baby Yoshi who fell in the lava and melted to death. Blue Toad and Purple Link got up having sustained many injuries from each other throughout the battle. Burns, frostbite, bleeding, cuts, etc. Blue Toad looked angrily at Purple Link letting out a grunt.

Blue Toad: GRRRR! That's it! I'm not afraid of you, let's end this.

Purple Link: Oh, I've got just the thing to end this.

Purple Link took out his ultimate weapon revealing a chain chomp on a leash.

Blue Toad: A Chain Chomp?!

Purple Link's Chain Chomp started attempting to bite Blue Toad with its razor sharp teeth as Blue Toad kept hopping back to dodge. Blue Toad jumped to another platform noticing a blue baby Yoshi which he picked up and used it to spray bubbles at Purple Link and the Chain Chomp. But this was ineffective as the Chain Chomp ripped through the bubbles. The blue baby Yoshi tried to eat the Chain Chomp but sadly it was the one who ended up being eaten. The Chain Chomp viciously tore into and ripped apart the blue baby Yoshi into bloody meaty bits. Blue Toad screamed as he got bit in the face by the Chain Chomp next as Purple Link followed up by swinging the Chain Chomp by the leash and smacking Blue Toad with its body sending him flying and knocking him to the edge of the platform landing on his back with the lava right below the platform he is on. Purple Link walked over to him with the Chain Chomp in his grip about to unleash it for one final attack.

Purple Link: Any last words?

Blue Toad: Star power!

Purple Link: What?!

Star - New Super Mario Bros. Wii Music Extended

Blue Toad took out his final power-up, the star absorbing it and becoming invincible glowing from its power. Blue Toad ran at the Chain Chomp and instantly killed it just by touching it and then rammed into Purple Link repeatedly damaging him just by touching him. Purple Link slashed his sword hitting Blue Toad but it did nothing because he is invincible in star form. Blue Toad then disarmed Purple Link, grabbing his sword and shield and throwing both of his weapons into the lava where they melted. Blue Toad grabbed Purple Link repeatedly hurting him just by touching him, punched him repeatedly in the gut, and followed up with a strong punch to the face knocking him far back and then jumping on his head hurting him a lot as the helpless Purple Link fell down to the ground brutally injured. Blue Toad's star power-up then wore off.

The Final Battle (Stage) - New Super Mario Bros U Music Extended

However, Blue Toad had already done the damage he needed to as Purple Link was severely damaged and weakened unable to get up and disarmed. Blue Toad walked over to him and mocked him with the words that Purple Link had said himself before.

Blue Toad: Any last words?

Purple Link: ... Please... just don't... throw me in the lava.

Blue Toad: Alright, your choice.

Blue Toad dragged Purple Link to be on his knees and then Blue Toad decided to finish him by repeatedly jumping on his head hard and ground pounding it too as Purple Link screamed in extreme pain while his head was being cracked open with blood gushing out. Purple Link's head cracked open more and more as his eyes fell from their sockets until then Blue Toad did one final ground pound which completely destroyed Purple Link's head crushing it to nothing but bloody splattered bits of Purple Link's brain.


(Stops music)

Blue Toad made it back to the castle limping from taking a lot of damage during that fight having been burned, frozen, cut, bleeding, etc. Toad saw the very injured Blue Toad there and ran up to him in shock and worry.

Toad: AAAH! BLUE TOAD! What happened? Are you ok?

Blue Toad: An intruder came to the castle, he tried to capture the princess. I fought him, it was a hard fight but I won, and... killed him.

Blue Toad fell to the ground unable to stand anymore but Toad took out a 1-up and fed it to him as it completely healed him and made him feel much better. Blue Toad jumped back up to his feet.

Blue Toad: Thanks!

Toad: No, thank you! And sorry I made you go through all that, from now on I'll just do my job myself.

Blue Toad: ... Or we could guard the castle together?

Toad smiled as they then hugged and then the two friends went inside the castle to relax for awhile.


Title - New Super Mario Bros. Wii Music Extended

MadMaxPyro: Damn, didn't expect such an intense fight from two obscure player 4s!

Max: This fight was close. While their arsenals were pretty evenly matched, though Purple Link had the slight advantage in arsenal due to having more weapons than Blue Toad had powerups with most of his weapons being able to match or counter most of Blue Toad's powerups in some way. But then again, key powerups like the star which grants invincibility were able to even the arsenal playing field for Blue Toad. But the main thing is that Blue Toad outclassed Purple Link in key things mainly strength.

MadMaxPyro: Blue Toad has shown much better displays of strength as his strength is shown to be comparable to the Mario Bros as he can casually shatter bricks just as easily as they do and defeat the same enemies alongside them. Both Blue Toad and Purple Link have faced and defeated very strong foes, Blue Toad defeating the likes of the Koopalings, Kamek, Bowser Jr, and Bowser while Purple Link defeated the likes of Vaati, Shadow Link, and Ganon but lets look at the most powerful foes that they have respectively defeated which are obviously Ganon and Bowser. Between the two, Bowser is the far more powerful adversary with far superior strength, durability, speed, and powers/magic abilities over Ganon. And yes, when defeating any foe including Bowser, Blue Toad did have help from Mario, Luigi, and Yellow Toad or Luigi, Nabbit, and Yellow Toad depending on the game but Purple Link also had help from Red Link, Blue Link, and Green Link in all of his fights including against Ganon.

Max: Plus, this automatically means that Blue Toad also has the durability advantage over Purple Link as well as clearly Blue Toad would need to be able to tank hits from Bowser to survive against him and defeat him. Also, Blue Toad is way more agile showing the same athletic and superhuman jumping and acrobatic abilities as the Mario Bros. But as for speed, that is difficult to compare as neither of them have really shown any feats of speed though it could be said Purple Link would have a very temporary speed advantage while the pegasus boots were equipped but clearly once they were gone, that advantage is gone. Overall, Blue Toad had the arsenal to match Purple Link's, and was superior in strength and durability giving him the edges he needed to take the win.

MadMaxPyro: By the end of the fight, Purple Link just got a little a-HEAD of himself.

Max: The winner is Blue Toad.

Blue Toad Winner