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The Pterodactyl Ghost is a villain from the Scooby Doo franchise. 

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Myth: The Pterodactyl Ghost was apparently a humanoid pterodactyl that old natives feared.

Reality: The Pterodactyl Ghost was actually a man named Johnny who was pirating music with his accomplice.

Movie: Former scientist, Jonathan Jacobo dressed up as the Pterodactyl Ghost to pull off bank robberies for his strange lab experiments to create real living monsters. He attempted a prison escape by jumping off the prison's walls using a glider he built in the prison. Initially flying away successfully, his wings soon malfunctioned and fell apart, causing him to falll into the ocean. He was presumed dead. His costume was the first to be brought to life and serve the Evil Masked Figure.

Powers and Weapons

  • As a ghost it can go through any solid object
  • Wings provide flight
  • Has sharp claws and talons for slashing enemies
  • Superhuman strength 


  • Survived falling off the prison walls 
  • Was able to pass through a vent
  • Fooled everyone in a museum by pretending to act as a statue
  • Strong enough to drag Shaggy and Scooby through a glass container and table
  • Lifted the Mystery Machine with its feet with ease 


  • Fooled and defeated several times by the Mystery Gang
  • Acts somewhat as a mindless creature