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I'm not a big fat panda... I'm the big fat panda!
~ Po, Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Po is the main protagonist of DreamWorks Animation's movie series, Kung Fu Panda. He previously fought Iron Fist in the 145th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Iron Fist VS Po.

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Battle Record

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 3
  • Draws: 0

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Death Battle Info

  • Full Name: Xiao Po, formally "Little Lotus"
  • Height: 6' 2"
  • Weight: 260 Ibs
  • Inventor of the Panda Style, similar to Tai Chi and the Drunken Fist
  • Physical skill improves if motivated by food
  • Immune to pressure-point attacks (due to his fat)
  • Chi is high with naturally being a Panda and the Dragon Warrior

Kung Fu Techniques

  • Wuxi Finger Hold
    • Sends mortals to the Spirit Realm
    • Doesn't work on Spirit Warriors
  • Golden Lotus Clap
    • Blinds the target or even the user if they don't close their eyes
    • Can break its user out of metal chains
  • Nerve Attack
    • Uses a combination of pressure points to paralysis an opponent
    • Doesn't work on obese individuals, like Po
  • Feet of Furry
    • Can take out a large group of enemies in mid-air
  • Fluttering Finger Mindslip
    • Gives the opponent short-term memory loss
  • Twelve Impossible Moves
    • Thundering Wind Hammer
      • Can send opponents flying
      • Can be deflected
    • Mongalian Fireball
      • Acts similar to a black hole as it can suck in nearby objects


  • Survived being thrown down the stairs of the Jade Palace, multiple times
  • Learned the Wuxi Finger Hold all by himself.
  • Took a war hammer to the face and received no injury
  • Before he became interested in Kung Fu he unintentionally created the Furious Five
  • Survived multiple blows from Shifu, who is strong enough to casually destroy stone blocks
  • Defeated Tai Lung, a far superior opponent with only a couple days of actual training
    • Striked him so hard he went into the cloud layer
  • Figured out the meaning behind the Dragon Scroll
  • Fast enough to keep up with Master Shifu and the rest of the Furious Five
  • Achieved inner peace, impressing Shifu
  • Survived his first day of training
  • Held his own against Lord Shen, who is skilled enough to curbstombed Masters Storming Ox and Croc
  • Survived a point blank hit from Lord Shen's cannon, a smaller version of it was able to kill Master Thundering Rhino
  • Can perform dangerous Kung Fu techniques after seeing them in action only once or reading about them
  • Has shrugged off treacherous falls like it was nothing
  • Was punched through a building-sized stone and received no visual damage
  • Defeated Ke-Pa, the ruler of all demons, with his Heroes Chi when Oogway in his prime couldn't
  • Dodged and redirected cannonballs traveling twice the speed of sound [1]
  • Trained an entire village of Pandas to use their natural attributes to battle Kai's Jombie army which included much of the Furious Five and Shifu
  • Defeated Kai, a former warlord and spirit warrior who possesses the chi of all deceased Kung Fu Masters including Oogway
  • Has mastered Chi and succeed Master Shifu as the instructor of the Jade Palace
  • His Chi pool is so large, Kai got overloaded by it and exploded when attempting to steal it
    • This means it could be dangerous for any opponent to take Po's Chi, as they could also overload and be killed by too much of it


  • Very naive
  • Doesn't take everything seriously
  • Can become overconfident
  • Losses a majority of his fights with Master Tigress
  • A bit impatient
  • Fatigues easily when climbing stairs
  • While a capable planner, he's not really a strategist
  • Some powerful moves like the Wuxi Finger Hold can only be used via specific contact and action (In the case of Wuxi Finger Hold, Po must be able to grab the opponent's finger and use it the attack, instead of being able to just punch them quickly and instantly sending them to the Spirit Realm)



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