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What, no finder's fee?
~ Plastic Man

Plastic Man is a character in the DC Universe.

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Plastic Man was a crook named Patrick "Eel" O'Brian, an orphan forced to become a small time crook known for his safe-cracking skills and ability to slip away from capture. Lured by the dream of making it big with fortune, he got involved in a late-night heist at Crawford Chemical Works. But when Batman intervened, it caused a chain of events that resulted with O'Brian getting a Batarang in the shoulder that got him doused with a large drum of unidentified chemical liquid. Though O'Brian escaped to the street, finding the gang ditched, he wandered the streets before learning that he gained the ability to stretch himself to any length and transform into any object possible. Whether it was out of guilt or not, Batman assumed full responsibility for O'Brian's rehabilitation after he testified against Kite Man in a court of law. Batman vouched for him in front of the judge, the parole board, and later, the Justice League International. Joined by his bumbling sidekick Woozy Winks, his hero identity's name misinterpretation by a reporter, O'Brian becomes the unlikely superhero Plastic Man.

Death Battle Info[]

Plastic Man has the ability to stretch his body into just about any object. He’s been seen changing into a shovel, cash register, suitcase, and even a car. Normally he uses his hands like large mallets.


  • Member of the Justice League
  • The only member of the Justice League who could defeat a Jokerized Doctor Polaris
  • Managed to convince Brainiac to recognize him as a threat.
  • Almost kills Batman
  • Can still talk in the vacuum of space
  • Can tank a missile
  • Spent 3,000 years under the ocean existing as tiny pieces and remained completely sentient and cognitive the entire time
  • Slowed down Fernus, who is basically Martian Manhunter without his weakness to fire, when the entire Justice League couldn't
  • Was stated by Batman himself to potentially be the dangerous man alive
  • In the Injustice series, after coming out of retirement for one day was able to break every super villain out of the Regime's prison.


  • Although he was supposed to be reformed, Plastic Man still had many criminal tendencies and can be easily tempted.
  • More concerned with being comic relief making heroes and villains not taking him seriously
  • Is not well-versed in politics to the point of not recognizing Barack Obama.
  • Vulnerable to extreme heat and cold.