A wish came true... A dream became a reality...

This is set to become an actual Death Battle. Check out the Death Battle Wiki's page for it here .

Pit VS Sora
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Season 1, Episode 10 (Season Finale)
Vital statistics
Air date December 31, 2015
Written by Chesknight
Directed by Chesknight
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Katara VS Juvia Lockser Lucario VS Renamon

Pit vs. Sora is a What-If? Death Battle.


Kid Icarus VS Kingdom Hearts! The heroes of light clash blades to see who will come out on top! Who will win? Who will die?


Knight: The darkness is generous and patient. It exists in everyone, but it's important to remember that it's always darkest before the dawn. And these young heroes of the light are the sun that blow away the black sky.

Blaze: Pit, the angelic champion of Skyworld.

Knight: And Sora, the keyblade-wielding defender of hearts.

Blaze: While both these characters carry large, customizable arsenals of weaponry and magic, we will be giving what they are most comfortable using. But to leave no questions unanswered, we'll be giving them whatever we consider fair game.

Knight: And remember, in Death Battle there is no outside help, meaning that neither combatant will have their partners or guides fighting alongside them today.

Blaze: He's Knight and I'm Blaze.

Knight: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armors, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.



(*Cue: Kid Icarus: Uprising Music - Medusa's Final Battle (Chapter 9))

Knight: Long ago, the realm of Skyworld had fallen to the goddess of darkness, Medusa. She had trapped the goddess of light, Palutena, in her own temple.

Blaze: But through the darkness that consumed the world, the goddess of light managed to reach out to a young angel boy, Pit. She bestowed upon him a mythical bow, as with it the took down numerous monsters, eventually defeating Medusa and saving Palutena, becoming captain of her army. Good thing too. The Centurions kind of sucked at their job, clearly. And after twenty-five gruelly years of waiting and training, he eventually came back to the battlefield, better than ever.

(*Cue: In the Space-Pirate Ship - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U )

Knight: Anyways, throughout his adventures, Pit has gained a large variety of weapons. He has bows, blades, claws, staffs, arms, orbitars, clubs, palms and cannons, and even then they're split into different weapons. As for what we'll be giving him today, he will have one weapon of each category, that weapon being what he's most commonly seen using.

Blaze: His go-to weapon is the... Palutena Bow. Damn he's awfully devoted to this goddess isn't he? I guess I would be too if I was a thirteen year old angel boy. Anyways, this bow gives him some good range with its laser arrows and pretty alright melee attacks, normally dealing in about a combo of three moves or so. As a special bonus, the arrows from the bow deal more damage the farther they travel and have some pretty sweet homing abilities.

Knight: The First Blade is Pit's most well-balanced weapon. The range isn't too long, but it's not too short, and the attacks aren't super powerful but they get the job done. The Tiger Claws give Pit a speed boost and specialize in close-range combat. Their projectiles are mediocre at best however.

Blaze: The Insight Staff makes right up for any weapons with short-range on projectiles though, since charged blasts from it can go over one hundred feet! An ideal weapon for sniping. Not so much for melee attacks though, and you've gotta be really good at sniping since it's got some real bad homing.

Knight: The Upperdash Arm has incredibly poor ranged attacks, though they do have decent power. It really shines in melee attacks however, it's dash attack launching foes almost directly upwards, and the Guardian Orbitars are his defensive weapons. They have poor melee attacks, can only attack from long range with continuous fire, but their charged shots put up barriers that block attacks and send back projectiles.

Blaze: The Ore Club doesn't do anything for him in continuous fire, but its got some pretty powerful melee attacks, and its charged shots are, for some reason, giant tornados! And some of them have a range that beats the Insight Staff! But it seriously slows him down too. The Violet Palm is basically a tattoo that draws energy from Pit's own vitality, firing shots of pow range, but it's got good power and great homing ability. But you gotta wonder how the hell he puts it on...

Knight: Finally, the EZ Cannon has slow fire and somewhat poor power, but it makes up for that with its good range and incredible homing ability, the attacks fired from it bouncing across the ground as if to fake out an opponent.

Blaze: What's that you say? That's all there is to Pit's arsenal and now we move onto his feats? Hell no, he's got more than that!

Knight: He has customizable bow options, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Sacred Long arrows increasing his power with each stage. Considering how pitiful-

Blaze: GET IT?

Knight: -the Palutena Bow was in the original Kid Icarus, the Sacred Arrows have likely been built into it since then.

(*Cue: Destroyed Skyworld - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U )

Blaze: But when he wants real fire power, Pit busts out his ultimate weapons, the Three Sacred Treasures.

Knight: The Three Sacred Treasures consist of the Arrows of Light, Mirror Shield and Wings of Pegasus, as well as an armored helmet which augments his defenses by 50%. The Arrows of Light are incredibly powerful, with excellent range, great homing ability and very powerful attacks. He can also use it to cause multiple large lasers to rain down from the sky. The Mirror Shield reflects projectiles back at the sender at 1.5x their original power and 1.7x their original speed.

Blaze: Now it may sound stupid to hear that an angel can't fly, but unfortunately that's the case for ol' Pitty-Pat here. Luckily, the Wings of Pegasus take out that problem of his, even giving him better flight than what Palutena normally gives him, since this one doesn't have a time limit. Also, while in flight Pit can use a variety of special attacks depending on what weapon he has equipped. They have great range, covering at least a couple hundred meters, and can outright kill weaker enemies. He gets to use it twice, then has to wait about fifty seconds for it to recharge. But hey, it's still some pretty powerful stuff!

Knight: Pit also has a variety of different powers. While what he take into battle is largely player influence, we've narrowed down what he himself would most likely take to a fight based off of his personality. Based off of his hatred for Mimicuties and their painful kicks, he'd most likely take some defensive and healing powers with him. These would includes ones like the Health Recovery for… recovering health, the Super Armor for increasing his defense and preventing getting knocked back after an attack, and the Brief Invincibility for… Brief Invincibility.

Blaze: But given his excitement towards the things like the Cherubot when he first got his hands on it, he's also likely to bring some good firepower to a fight too. So things like the Mega Laser, Explosive Flame, Meteor Shower and Angelic Missile are likely to be seen used by him as well.

Knight: And despite what he may look like, he actually an incredible powerhouse. He can dodge laser fire from the moon, pilot the hypersonic Lightning Chariot, keep up with Dark Pit, Phosphora and Thanatos.

Blaze: He's also tough enough to survive blows from Hades who can leave mountain-sized impact craters when he jumps, getting shot into deep space with a cannon, falling hundreds of feet in sky unfazed and crashing head through a space pirate ship flying at hypersonic speeds.

Knight: But he isn't without weaknesses. He has a large lack of strength feats for the most part, and is heavily reliant on a goddess' help in a fight. When he's on his own... He can get a bit weird...

Blaze: Yeah, like the time Hades ATE HIM and he went through his stomach talking to himself and imitating Palutena.

Knight: And again, as stupid as it seems, Pit can't fly on his own. And for reason he can breath in space just fine... But not underwater...

(*Cue: Lightning Battle - Kid Icarus Uprising)

Blaze: But even still, he's nothing to laugh at either. He's defeated shitloads of demons and monsters, Dark Pit, Medusa twice, Hades, passed Dyntos' three trials to get the Great Sacred Treasure, beat the Chariot Master in a race, saved Palutena twice and has even been called the most powerful Nintendo character by Hades! He's also a wicked punster.

Knight: Well, I imagine Gigyas, Super Dimentio, Meta Knight, Arceus, Shulk and a good few others would like to disagree with that Nintendo one. But still, it just goes to show. Pit may just be a flightless thirteen-year old angel boy, but he's without a doubt impressive.

Pit: Listen well, all you demons of the Underworld! In the name of the goddess Palutena, the defender of all that is good! Those who hide in the darkness, will be made to face the light!

Palutena: Fly Pit!


(*Cue: Kingdom Hearts - Dive into the Heart*)

Knight: The Destiny Islands. Small islands in the middle of the ocean, and standing on the shore you can't see anything in the horizon besides the vast sea. On these islands, there lived three particular children; Sora, Riku and Kairi.

Blaze: Having grown up only knowing of this island, the three kids built a raft to try to go out and explore the world, even though there were already boats on the island... Dumbasses... Well I guess that shows with their fashion styles, I mean just like at Sora's shoes! What-!

Knight: Nonono, we try to make quality jokes here. None of your awful memes bullshit.

Blaze: Fine... Anyways, before they could leave, darkness engulfed the island... For some reason... Riku was lost to it, Kairi's heart was locked, and the only one who could save her was Sora.

Knight: Upon being thrown into the darkness, a light broke through to Sora; the light of the Keyblade, which chose him as its wielder.

Blaze: How does a key chose who uses it?

Knight: Magic? No one knows. Anyways, upon landing in the world of Traverse Town, Sora was joined by Donald Duck and Goofy who were looking for the Mickey, king of Disney Castle, and so their quest began. They succeeded in it, as well as saving Riku, and then they spiral into a convoluted as hell plot that if you didn't understand before Dream Drop Distance, you're completely fucked now. For the safety of your minds, we'll try to avoid it as much as possible.

(*Cue: Kingdom Hearts - Night of Fate*)

Blaze: Thank god for that. Anyways, Sora wields the Kingdom Key Keyblade as his standard weapon. And while it may just look like a giant key with no real edges, those fuckers are still good enough to impale people. And Sora can summon it right out of thin air, so if it's ever knocked out of his hands he can always just teleport it back. Wish my keys did that...

Knight: It also allows him a large variety of magic and power capabilities. Each spell and move can be used an unlimited number of times, though they do still require recharge time before Sora can use them again, the time taken varying by the attack in question.

Blaze: Some of these spells include the giant homing fireball, Firaga, the icicle blast of Blizzaga, the powerful lightning bolts of Thundaga and the healing technique of Curaga. What creative names.

Knight: But he has a lot more tricks up his sleeve than those. With the Buster Band, Sora's defense is increased by 20%, and he has numerous other attacks as well. The Strike Raid let's him throw his Keyblade like a boomerang, always returning to hand, the Sonic Blade let's him rush his opponent at high speeds and the Ragnarok launches a multitude of laser beams from the tip of his Keyblade.

(*Cue: Kingdom Hearts - Rising Sun (Rock Version)*)

Blaze: He can also glide, double roll... And my personal favourite, use Flowmotion! By rolling up against a wall or jumping on a rail, Sora becomes surrounded by a pink aura, which he can use to quickly dash from wall-to-wall, jump all the higher, swing around poles and use a couple of new moves like the Kick Dive, Sliding Dive and Shock Dive.

Knight: And believe it or not, we're still not done yet. Should Sora become too overwhelmed, he can switch out the Kingdom Key for a new, more powerful blade. The Ultima Weapon.

Blaze: Forged by Moogles, who one of the cutest things EVER, the Ultima Weapon is nearly four times more powerful than the Kingdom Key, and has double its range. Nice.

Knight: He does still have some weaknesses however. He's naive and not one for strategizing, and his magic recharges can prove difficult at times. His fighting style is also completely himself, as he has no formal training.

Blaze: Hey, that "lack of training" has gotten him through a lot of games now. I think he's doing alright for now.

Knight: It's true, his feats are also nothing to scoff at. He's taken beatings from Hercules, beat Cloud AND Sephiroth, fought countless of Heartless and other monsters, taken down members of Organization XIII and kept a conscious mind after being turned into a Heartless himself.

Blaze: He's strong enough to even cut through entire skyscrapers, and along with Riku, even defeated Xemnas after he had absorbed the power of Kingdom Hearts!

Knight: Without a doubt, Sora is certainly a force to be reckoned with.


Sora: I know the Keyblade didn't choose me, and I don't care. I'm proud to be a small part of something bigger. The people it did choose. My friends, they are my power!

Death Battle

Knight: Alright, the combatants are set! Let's end this debate, once and for all!


Pit Sora SET


Rail Temple


(Note: It is highly recommended that you watch this video in order to know the layout of the map)

Far above the clouds, there exists another realm to our world, Skyworld, which is home to many things. The Goddess of Light, her temple, the Centurions and the realm's mightiest sport; Light VS Dark. Teams of three battle against each other to find the superior, and they took place on a large variety of battlefields.

One battlefield in particular involved stone constructions to walk onto, which in turn had grind rails leading from one formation to another. In the center of the battlefield, there was a large hole in the ground, and above it flew a small island with two more grind rails leading up to it. This arena floated in the golden clouds of Skyworld, and at the edge of it there stood a young boy.

This boy had long, spiky brown hair, with clothing consisting primarily of black. A black, sleeveless jacket with a black and red shirt underneath, black pants that only went a little passed his kneecaps, unusually large black and yellow boots, and black fingerless gloves. He also wore two yellow belts around his waist, and a chain with a silver crown around his neck. This was the heroic Keyblade wielder, Sora. At the moment, he wasn't doing anything special, just staring at the beautiful view of the sunset coupled with the clouds. But this peace wasn't going to last long.

Hearing a flapping-like noise behind him, Sora turned around to see a young boy. He had large tufts of brown hair with a golden laurel crown as well. He wore a white tunic decorated with red and gold hems on the bottom, which was fastened around his shoulder by a gold pin with a ruby-like gem. On his feet were brown sandals, and from his back sprouted two white-feathered wings. In his right hand he held a gold and blue blade of some sort, with two rings floating further up around his arm. The angel, Pit, had arrived, and right now he seemed shocked to see Sora.

"How on Earth did you get up here? Unless humans have some secret flight abilities that I've for some reason never heard of, which would honesty sting really badly, there's no way one should be in Skyworld, let alone a Light VS Dark battlefield!" the angel exclaimed at him, which slightly confused Sora, prompting the Keyblade wielder to cross his arms and give a quizzical look, staring upwards. What was a "Light VS Dark battlefield", or "Skyworld"? Was that where he was? Then why did the Keyblade bring him here?

"Uh, hello? Any chance I can get an answer?" Pit called, waving his hand at the boy he had found. Sora was taken back by this a little, but before he could respond, Pit continued.

"Eh, suppose it doesn't matter. I've been looking for a good fight, and considering you're up here something tells me you can give me one. So whaddaya say, wanna test your luck?" the angel asked Sora, with a slightly competitive tone to his voice, which the Keyblade wielder was a little taken back by. An angel wanting to fight him after only just meeting? Not something he saw everyday. But who was he to turn down a fight like this?

Sora nodded at Pit, accepting his request. He then bent down into his personal fighting stance, summoning the Kingdom Key to his hands. Pit grinned excitedly at this, raising his bow up and preparing for combat.

"I'm Pit, servant of the Goddess Palutena. What's your name? Pit asked upon introducing himself.

Sora stood back up briefly, answering the angel boy's question before returning to his stance. "My name is Sora, and this is called a Keyblade." Pit smiled at this, but now was the time to fight.

(*Cue: Boss Battle 1 - Kid Icarus: Uprising*)

"Alright, then Sora. Sorry to keep you waiting, but now let's get this show on the road!"


The two heroes rushed towards each other, Pit leaping upwards and bringing his blade down as Sora raised his own to block the blow. The Keyblade wielder then slashed at his opponent, sending Pit away. The angel flipped around in midair, landing on his feet before bringing his left hand up to the middle of his bow. Pulling back with two fingers, a blue laser-like arrow appeared. Pit released his hold, shooting the arrow at Sora, then repeated this at a rapid pace.

Sora blocked the attacks with his weapon, then began running towards his adversary, continuously slashing down the attacks or rolling out of the way. As he neared Pit, the young archer turned around and began running away from his adversary, before turning around and firing another arrow, much faster and larger than the others. It struck Sora directly in his chest, knocking him backwards into the air. Righting himself, Sora threw the Kingdom Key at Pit, landing on the ground and then chasing after it.

The angel blocked the attack with his bow, which caused it to bounce back Sora who in turn grabbed it while dashing towards his opponent. Mere seconds after catching it, the Keyblade wielder made a stabbing motion at Pit, hitting him in his stomach and then slashing at him two more times, the last knocking the angel away to his knees. Surely enough however, he stood back on his feet.

"Whew, you're pretty good! Let's switch this up a bit." said the angel boy.

Pit raised his right hand into the air and in a flash of light, his bow disappeared. Now in its place he held a white, yellow and blue sword-like object. The First Blade.

Upon summoning the new weapon and gripping it in his hand, Pit rushed towards Sora as the Keyblade wielder did the same. The two clashed swords in the middle, then continued past each other. Sora turned around and pointed the Kingdom Key at the Centurion captain as Pit looked behind himself, back at his opponent.

"Same goes to you, now bring it on!" Sora told his opponent, which the angel obliged to. Running and leaping over at Sora, Pit slashed the First Blade down at him, as Sora blocked the attack with his Kingdom Key. Landing on the ground, Pit then flipped over Sora, continuously slashing at him as his opponent parried every attack.

Upon touching the ground again, Pit immediately jumped backwards and away from Sora, firing a large blast from his sword as he did so. In return, the Keyblade wielder fired a large ball of flames from the tip of his own weapon. The two attacks struck their targets, knocking both young men backwards. They quickly returned to their feet however, gripping the handle of their swords with both hands and dashing towards each other, clashing blades together once more.

Both boys pushed as hard they could against the other's blow, giving each other competitive grins as a drop of sweat rolled down the side of their face. Neither one of them was willing to lose this!

Jumping back quickly however, Sora raised his Keyblade into the air, and a bolt of electricity jumped out from the tip of it, which then crashed down on Pit, stunning the angel for a few seconds. Taking advantage of this, Sora dashed up to his opponent and swung his Keyblade at him with a blow forceful enough to knock the boy into the air. Quickly following up on it, Sora leaped after his adversary, continuously attacking him in midair with quick slashes. With one final blow to Pit's head, the angel was sent rocketing towards the ground.

Pit slammed against the ground on his back, causing a small crater around him from the impact of the drop. Sora landed down on the ground in front of him, looking over at the Centurion captain to see if he was done. Slowly but surely, Pit stood up again, bringing his hands up to his face as the First Blade began to glow. Pit quickly moved his hands down to his sides, as the First Blade disappeared. In its place, the Tiger Claws. Sora gripped his Keyblade tighter, not knowing what these new weapons were.

"Let's see if you can handle these babies, bub!"

Pit dashed up to Sora and slashed at him with both claws before continuing past. Quickly spinning around, the angel then fired off a large swirling edge at his foe. Turning around, Sora barely had enough to bend backwards and dodge the shot, the attack BARELY missing his face.

The Destiny Islands native fell back on his hands, then quickly backflipped up onto his feet again. As he did so, Pit fired a multitude of tiny needle-like bits of steel at the Keyblade wielder. Thinking quickly, Sora twirled his weapon around in his hands at speeds nearly invisible to the human eye, defending himself from his opponent's attacks as best as he could.

Eventually, Sora leaped into the air, bringing the Kingdom Key down on Pit, who barely managed to dodge out of the way of the attack in time. Sora made another slash at the angel's midsection, but Pit blocked the blow with one of his claws and slashed at Sora with the other. Sora quickly brought back the Kingdom Key to block the attack, then swung it at Pit as the angel slashed at him with both claws.

The three weapons smashed together, creating sparks as they did so. The two boys brought them back, then attacked each other again. Same result, as the weapons hit each other and stopped the attacks. As Sora pulled back from the attack again, Pit took advantage of the little opening he had gained.

He rolled around and behind his opponent as the Destiny Islands native attacked again, completely missing his mark. Now with a completely open target, Pit gave a powerful quick combo to Sora's back. A slash with the right claw, a cut with the left, a kick, another swing with the left and then a blow with both of them, which sent the Keyblade wielder high into the air.

As Sora fell back down, he saw Pit raise his right claw again. More of those tiny needle things, huh? As Pit let loose his rapid fire attacks, Sora began flipping quickly in midair with the Kingdom Key held above his head. The needles were knocked away from this, but that's not all Sora was planning with it.

At almost point-blank range from Pit, Sora came out of the flip and while still in the air, slashed directly at the Centurion captain's Tiger Claws. The force of the attack was too much for the weapons to handle.

They shattered.

Sora landed safely on the ground as Pit stumbled back in shock of what had just happened. He had never seen that happen before! Staring down at the destroyed claws on his hands, Pit let out a small whine.

"Aw man! Those were some of my favorites!" the angel cried, upset that his weapons had broke. He didn't have much time to complain though, as Sora pointed the Kingdom Key at him. A blast of ice burst from it and struck Pit, quickly encasing the young boy in... well, ice, and leaving him unable to move. He'd thaw out soon however, so Sora only had a short amount of time to do what he had planned.

While some might expect Sora to have launched a powerful attack, the young boy instead did the exact opposite. He retreated.

Running away from Pit, Sora took cover under a nearby platform. Once there and out of Pit’s sight, he raised his Keyblade in the air as green leaves surrounded him. He felt his fatigue wear away as the Curaga spell reenergized him. Now he had to worry about getting back to his opponent. Walking out of his shelter, Sora couldn't find the angel boy at first. It looked like Pit had thawed out from his frozen state, as he was no longer there, but then... Where was he?

(*Cue: Erza's Theme or Mechanical Rhythm*)

Sora held the Kingdom Key tightly as he cautiously walked around the battlefield, searching for the angel boy. After a brief amount of wandering, it really did seem like Pit had completely vanished from the scene.

But that changed quickly.

Sora felt a blast of energy hit him in the back, knocking him down to the ground. He quickly got back on his feet, and looked to see where the attack had come from. And there, up on top of the center floating island, was the young boy Sora had been looking for.

He was lying down on the ground near the edge of the island with some sort of brown harpoon-looking weapon over the side of it. Sora had just been hit with the Insight Staff.

"Whoo-hoo! Direct hit!" Pit called out.

"Lucky shot! Don't think you'll get another!" Sora yelled back at him.

Seeing as how the Keyblade wielder had caught sight of Pit now, the angel figured he could cheer out at his victory of shooting his adversary and not pay too bad a consequence anymore, but he wouldn't get another free shot like that one again. Pit quickly got back to work with the Insight Staff, shooting laser after laser at Sora, who ducked, rolled, ran and jumped out of the way of every blast that Pit fired at him.

It wasn't incredibly hard, seeing as how Pit had to wait a few seconds before he could fire another charged shot again, and the angel took notice of this. When he saw that charged shots weren't working, Pit changed to continuous fire, sending rapid-fire bullets of energy at Sora, making the Destiny Island native really have to work to avoid the shots.

Eventually, Pit managed to land a hit on Sora's leg, causing the Keyblade wielder to fall to his knee. The moment the blast hit, Sora knew exactly what was coming to him, and one thought rang through his head.

"Oh crud..."

Soon Sora became bombarded with multiple energy blasts from the Insight Staff. He managed to defend himself from some of them with the Kingdom Key, but most of them struck the young boy, hurting him one-by-one.

Back up on the center island, Pit stood up as he continued to fire at his opponent, but then stopped for a second after getting completely on his feet, a thought having crossed his mind.

"Oh! I've always wanted to try this!" the young angel exclaimed. Backing up from the edge of the island, Pit ran and jumped off the center island, falling towards the ground below. In midair, the Centurion captain spun twice with his staff pointed outwards. He let off a blast at Sora while spinning.

Direct hit.

It struck Sora right in his chest, knocking him into a nearby stone pillar. Pit landed on the ground and seemed stunned that he had actually managed to pull it off. From seemingly out of nowhere, the angel pulled out an air horn and began pushing down on it for short and long blasts.

"Where you at! Where you at!" he yelled at Sora from across the field, who was currently picking himself off the ground to stand up again. Without so much as glancing at Pit, the young boy threw his Kingdom Key at speeds that made it almost invincible. It struck Pit's hand, knocking the Insight Staff out of the angel's grasp and into the large hole below the center island.

Pit looked back as he saw that his weapon was gone, then looked at Sora as the Keyblade returned to his hand. The black-clothed boy finally looked up at his opponent, giving him a competitive grin.

"Better not get too cocky. It always comes back to bite." he told the angel.

"Yeah, I guess I kind of had that one coming for me." Pit said to him sheepishly. He then threw the air horn behind him, down the giant gap as well. Raising his right arm into the air again, Pit once again summoned a new weapon, though at first glance it probably didn't seem like a weapon. Instead, it looked a large rainbow-coloured tattoo on his arm and hand. This time, Pit would be fighting with the Violet Palm.

Pit continuously fired off blasts of energy from his palm, causing Sora to roll out of the way of the blasts. To his surprise however, the orbs followed him, and with his guard down a few of them managed to land their mark before he raised his Keyblade up to defend himself.

"Looks like I can't dodge them. Guess I gotta block the shots." he thought. Pit started to walk over to his foe, keeping up with the fire as Sora continued to move his Keyblade around to block the shots.

Seeing that he wasn't going to be getting anywhere with this, Pit raised his other hand in the air, causing numerous energy bursts to rain down from above. One nearly hit Sora, landing directly in front of him, telling the Keyblade wielder he'd need to move and defend in order to avoid damage.

It wasn't an easy task, as the meteors seemed to strike at random, making it difficult to know where they were going next. Seeing that his opponent was beginning to tire, Pit stopped with his continuous fire for a moment to buildup a charge shot.

Turns out, that was a poor decision.

As Pit fired off the blast, time seemed to slow down for Sora. It was slowly coming towards him, and he didn't think he'd be able to save himself this time. From above his head however, one final meteor appeared, which was crashing down on him. Thinking fast on his feet, Sora leaped into the air and made a large slash at the falling object. Miraculously, he managed to bat the meteor towards Pit, cancelling out his charged shot and striking the angel in his midsection. He was blown off his feet because of it, rolling along the ground before coming to a stop on his back.

Opening his eyes back up, Pit didn't have a lot of time to get back on his feet as he saw Sora dropping down from the air, bringing his Keyblade down at the angel. He managed to do it and avoid the attack, but stumbled a little in doing so, giving Sora the opportunity to pull out a combo on the angel.

The defeater of Heartless cut at Pit multiple times, pushing him across the ground as he did so. Sora eventually rolled behind the angel, stabbing his Keyblade behind him and into the angel's back before turning around keeping up the heat. With a large strike upwards, Pit was launched straight up into the air. As he fell back down, Sora pulled back on his Keyblade. Once the Centurion captain was directly in front of him, Sora gave a large strike at Pit's midsection, which sent him flying across the field. Without even hitting the ground, Pit was smashed through one of the stone pillars.

"That's gonna leave a mark in the morning." he silently told himself. Looking back over at Sora, he saw the Destiny Island native charging towards him. Once again, Pit switched up his weapons. With the Violet Palm gone, now on Pit's arm was a large gold-coloured weapon. At the end of it there was a large red wheel-like object with a blue and black center. Now, the duel was between the Kingdom Key and the Upperdash Arm.

Sora once again jumped in the air and struck down at Pit from above, but the Centurion captain raised his Arm up to block the attack. He then stood up again and pushed Sora off of himself. The angel then quickly jabbed at the defeater of Heartless, who dodged the attack with a sidestep. The two went back and forth, attacking each other and dodging and defending the other's assaults.

Eventually the two had lead each other up a staircase to one of the grind rail platforms. Upon getting up there, Pit fired a close-range charged shot at Sora, who deflected the blast with the Kingdom Key once again. Upon doing so however, Pit hit the young man right in his stomach with the Upperdash Arm, knocking the wind right out of Sora. With a large heave up, Put launched the Destiny Island native right at the ceiling of the shelter. Sora bounced off the top of it, falling down at Pit jumped up and once again who then fired off another charged shot at his foe, knocking the defeater of Heartless off of the platform they were on.

(*Cue: Super Copy Boss 2*)

Sora managed to right himself in midair just in time to land his feet on one of the grind rails. A pink aura surrounded his body as he did so, and the Keyblade wielder entered Flowmotion.

Sora rode along the grind rail to the next platform before jumping off. He immediately turned around to see Pit riding the grind rail himself, shooting at Sora with the Upperdash Arm. The Destiny Islands native fired off both a Firaga and Blizzaga spell, cancelling the shots midair. Timing it ever so carefully, Sora then raised the Kingdom Key into the air, causing lightning to strike down on Pit once again with Thundaga just as the angel came off of the grind rail.

The brief amount of pain was a good enough distraction to give Sora an opening to cut off the circular object on the Upperdash Arm, destroying yet another one of Pit's weapons. Pit stared down at the broken weapon. He grumbled something about how "that was what he used for Smash" before throwing what was left of the Upperdash Arm off the platform.

The next weapon he summoned wasn't to any part of his body, but floating above his shoulders. It was twin red and yellow objects that resembled shields. The Guardian Orbitars.

Pit began firing off rapid bursts of energy from the two Orbitars, which Sora quickly moved around to avoid, even using his Keyblade to knock some shots back and cancel out other blasts. The two young men’s conflict eventually brought them over to the other side of the platform with another pair of grind rails. Both brown-haired boys caught sight of them out of the corner of their eye, glancing at them briefly before turning back and once again giving the other a competitive grin. They both knew they had the same idea.

The two defenders of light hopped on the parallel grind rails at the same time, now fighting side-by-side on them. Pit's Guardian Orbitars flew at Sora to attack him, while the Keyblade wielder blocked them with the Kingdom Key and vice versa. As Pit began to fire off quick blasts from the Orbitars however, Sora suddenly vanished out of thin air, leaving the angel puzzled. He wasn't confused for long however, as soon enough Sora reappeared again, slashing at Pit and knocking him off of the grind rails, taking that grind rail for his own as the angel landed on his back on the ground.

Sora continued along the grind rail before stopping at the next platform. He quickly ran over to the side and saw Pit stand back up. Sora pointed his Keyblade at the Centurion captain and fired off another Firaga spell at him. Pit noticed the incoming attack and pushed his right hand out. The Guardian Orbitars responded to this and put up a large glowing shield of energy.

The Firaga hit the energy shield and immediately bounced back at Sora, seemingly going even faster as it did so. The young boy luckily managed to block the attack before it hit him though. Sora took note of the Orbitars capabilities, and decided to try something out.

Pit began using continuous blasts again, but instead of deflecting them Sora jumped in the air and fired another Blizzaga spell at the angel. Once again, Pit pulled up his energy shields, but immediately after launching the spell Sora threw the Kingdom Key to the side of the shields.

While the Blizzaga did bounce back, it missed Sora entirely due to him having fallen back down from his jump. Meanwhile, the Kingdom Key had come around to behind the shield. Pit looked to his right to see the large key-like weapon flying directly for his head and ducked. The Orbitars didn't follow after him however, and sure enough were completely smashed by the Keyblade.

Pit raised his head back up to unfortunately see that another one of his weapons had been forced to bite the dust. Sighing somewhat angrily, Pit requipped back to one of his early weapons. Flapping his wings to reach the platform Sora was on, Pit pointed his First Blade at the Destiny Island native before pulling it back, readying to fight.

Pit made a stabbing motion at Sora, who sidestepped the attack before leaping up and slashing at the Centurion captain, who moved backwards to avoid the attack. Pit fired two blasts from his First Blade, but Sora deflected both of them. The Keyblade wielder then slashed at Pit again, but the angel moved to the side to avoid it.

Standing directly before the grind rail to the center island now, Pit jumped onto it, facing back at Sora and firing three more blasts at him, two small and one big. Sora blocked the first two but was hit by the third. It didn't keep him down for long though, as he quickly chased after Pit.

Jumping on the grind rail, he once again gained a pink aura from Flowmotion. Pit attempted to shoot down the defeater of Heartless, but failed to do so as Sora dashed along the rail in bursts. Reaching the very edge of the rail, Sora leaped off of it high into the air, his Keyblade raised above his head. In return, Pit brought his First Blade back, preparing for a large blow of his own.

The two defenders of light swung their blades at each other with all that they had. The result? A powerful shockwave was created from the collision. One strong enough that the ground beneath Pit and Sora gave way and broke apart.

The two young heroes fell into the crevice below.

At first the two were bracing themselves for impact with the ground but... It never came. Instead, they eventually saw a golden light at the bottom of the gap. They fell into it... And out of the darkness of the hole.

Rail Temple being a Light VS Dark battlefield, it of course took place in Skyworld. Surprise, surprise, it was really high up, and now Pit and Sora were both falling down through the golden skies of the heavens. That didn't stop their fight though!

Pit shot numerous blasts at Sora, who dove down to avoid them before pointing the Kingdom Key back up at Pit, firing a Firaga and Blizzaga spell at the Centurion captain. The angel fired off a blast to cancel out the fire ball and uses his wings to glide out of the way of the icy blast.

The defenders of light then moved near each other and began to clash blades again. Sora swung at Pit's legs who brought them up to avoid the attack while the angel brought the First Blade down at Sora's head, who moved it to the side to avoid it. The two young men then locked blades briefly in an attempt to strike the other before pushing themselves away. Both young heroes pointed their blades at each other, and both unleashed one of their most vicious attacks.

A giant energy beam rocketed out of Pit's First Blade, while numerous small ones fired from the tip of Sora's. The Mega Laser and Ragnarok hit each other, causing a massive explosion in the sky which knocked Pit and Sora away from each other while dealing damage.

The two defenders of light looked down to see that they were finally approaching some ground, leading to them momentarily ignoring the other in favour of not turning into a pancake. Pit spread his wings and angled himself to land safely on the ground, skidding to a halt while Sora began to glide himself, slowing his own descent as he landed on the ground without any harm either.

They were still in Skyworld, but now they at the place where Pit had fought that green-clad elf boy before. The two boys looked at each other, and you could tell that they were both completely exhausted. Yet somehow... It seemed they were happy about it.

"Sora! This has been an awesome battle!" Pit called to over to the Destiny Island native. "Seriously, you're one of the toughest guys I've ever fought, and that's saying something!"

"Yeah, you too! This is definitely something I'm not gonna forget anytime soon, Pit!" Sora called back at his adversary. "But... I think it's about time we wrapped this up." he explained with a grin.

(*Cue: Dragon Force or Solaris Phase 2*)

"Yeah. Then let's give it all we've got!" Pit called out.

The two boys held their blades in the air as they activated their healing abilities, feeling some of their exhaustion fade so that they could fight better. Not only that, by their weapons suddenly disappeared from their hands. They looked over at each other with one last competitive grin, before raising their hands in the air once more and calling out.

"Light! Give me strength!" they cried in unison.

Five bits of light flew down onto Pit's body; one on his head, one to his right hand, another to his left wrist and finally two to his feet. The light faded to reveal Pit wearing a helmet with a new bow in his hand, a shield on his wrist and boots with wings on his feet. He was now equipped with the Arrow of Light, Wings of Pegasus and Mirror Shield; the Three Sacred Treasures.

A light came to Sora's right hand as well, but it disappeared much quicker than Pit's did. In his hand, he now held a blue, white and gold Keyblade. It was covered in crown-like patterns, and its teeth were even made up by one. Now summoned to his hand was the Ultima Weapon.

Time for the final showdown.

Sora dashed over at Pit, who began firing numerous arrows at the defeater of Heartless. Sora ran out of their way as he continued to charge towards Pit. While running, he fired off a Firaga and Blizzaga spell at the angel, who briefly stopped his assault to raise the Mirror Shield. The two spells bounced off of it and flew back at Sora, but the Keyblade wielder sliced through both of them without slowing down.

Nearing Pit, Sora made a stabbing motion at the angel, who raised up the Arrow of Light to block the attack. Sora then spun around and swung his Keyblade again, but Pit defended from it as well. He twirled his bow in his hand before cutting at Sora again, who jumped over and behind Pit to avoid the attack.

Thinking fast, Pit quickly leaped into the air himself, avoiding a blow from Sora's Ultima Weapon from behind. The Wings of Pegasus glowed, and now Pit was flying through the air. The angel fired numerous large blasts at Sora, who rolled around the battlefield to avoid them.

The Destiny Island native noticed the large stone columns around the field and quickly ran up to one. Rolling down on the ground before sticking his feet on one, he once again entered Flowmotion. Sora leaped higher up the column and stuck his feet to it again. Jumping high up from there, he was now at Pit's height in the sky. The Keyblade wielder rocketed towards him before spinning himself around in midair, Ultima Weapon pointed at Pit.

The angel twirled his bow in hand to block the attack, but Sora then leaped out of the spin and struck down at Pit, creating a shockwave. Pit fell out of the air from it, as did Sora. The angel flipped himself around in midair and landed on his feet as Sora did the same. After hitting the ground, Pit broke the Arrow of Light in two separate blades, one he held in normal grip and the other in reverse. They landed across from each other on the battlefield. They looked over at the other, gripping their weapons.

Both defenders of light charged towards their opponent, swinging their bladed weapons at each other. They struck, then continued past.

Sora stood back up from his crouched position after the blow. Pit on the other hand, fell to his knees.

Sora quickly turned around and fired two more Firaga and Blizzaga before pointing his Keyblade up in the air. Pit was able to peer behind him quick enough to raise his shield and block the attacks, but the extra Thundaga that Sora had used hit Pit, paralyzing him.

Sora threw the Ultima Weapon at Pit before rushing over to the angel. It struck Pit right in his head, knocking the silver armor helmet right off. Sora caught his Keyblade as it flew back at him before bringing it back and flying across the ground at Pit.

Sora absolutely blitzed the downed angel with a Sonic Blade, striking him multiple times in quick succession from multiple angles. The Mirror Shield was lost at one point, and the Arrow of Light was knocked out his hand at another. With one final burst of speed, Sora charged right at Pit's frontside, Ultima Weapon poised to strike.

Sora was now beside Pit. The Keyblade had been embedded in the angel stomach and was now sticking out his back. Sora looked up at Pit's face, and shockingly, the angel was...smiling...!

(*Cue: Dearly Beloved - Re:Chain of Memories *)

"Heh-heh. Guess I lost then." Pit said, a bright light beginning to envelope his body as he did so.

"That was an awesome battle Sora. Enjoyed every single bit of it!" Pit grinned at the Keyblade wielder.

"Yeah. It was a fun time for me too." Sora told him in agreement. The Destiny Island native stuck out his hand, and the angel gladly took it, giving him a firm handshake.

"Let's fight again sometime, ya hear?" Pit asked as the light around his body grew brighter.

"Sure thing. Looking forward to it." the young boy responded.

Pit's body was then completely engulfed by the light before it bursted. Pit's body was now gone as the small orbs of light flew higher into the sky. Sora's Ultima Weapon fell to the ground along with three small, white feathers.

"See you then, buddy!" Pit's voiced called on the wind. The Ultima Weapon disappeared as Sora stood and looked up at the orbs of light as they faded out of the sky, a small smile on his face.

"Yeah, you know it. Friend."



(*Cue: Simple and Clean *)

Blaze: Aaaaaw. Happy endings all around!

Knight: Pit was certainly more than a match for Sora, his varied arsenal keeping the Keyblade wielder on his toes while being slightly faster and better trained and experienced. But in the end, Sora was simply the better fighter.

Blaze: Yeah, Sora defeated Xemnas along with Riku while he had the power of Kingdom Hearts! That's way higher than anything Pit's ever done, not to mention his magic gets way more uses than Pit's does, so while the angel could eventually run out of heals, Sora's always got them ready.

Knight: But most importantly, Sora is far more capable of fighting alone than Pit. He went through the entirety of his dreams by himself, while Pit often relies on Palutena and others for guidance and powers in a fight. As Death Battle does not allow outside help, this was a major blow to the angel.

Blaze: Yep. In the end, Sora was just the key to Pit's demise.

Knight: The winner is Sora.

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