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Pete vs. Bluto is a What-If? Death Battle featuring Pete from the Mickey Mouse series and Bluto from the Popeye series. This page was created by Maxevil but has been since abandoned and has been adopted by GalacticAttorney.


Disney vs. Universal! The big, classic, and infamous bullies of the protagonists duke it out to see who is the baddest of them all!

Disclaimer: They will be composited having everything for this fight even Kingdom Hearts and Comics.


Wiz: Bullies, They've been know to be enemies that we faced off during our childhood

Boomstick: But they can be whatever any type of people who like to piss us off for their own fun or purposes or even be rivals like these 2

Pete, The Archenemy of Mickey Mouse, Known to Kidnap his Girlfriend Minnie Mouse for Lecherous purposes and sometimes in some media an "Ally" to him

Bluto, The cruel and muscular archrival of Popeye for the love of Olive Oyl

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Wiz: Pete (also called Peg-Leg Pete, Pistol Pete and Black Pete, among other names) is a fictional character of The Walt Disney Company.

Boomstick: He was created in 1925 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks and often appears as a nemesis and the main antagonist in Mickey Mouse universe cartoons and comics. He was originally an anthropomorphic bear, but with the advent of Mickey Mouse in 1928, he was defined as a cat.

Wiz: Pete is the oldest continuing Disney character, having debuted three years before Mickey Mouse in the cartoon Alice Solves the Puzzle (1925). Pete was unnamed in the first year of Mickey Mouse cartoons until 1930 when he was given the name Peg-Leg Pete.

Boomstick: Pete appeared in 67 animated short films between 1925 and 1954, having been featured in the Alice Comedies and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons, and later in the Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy cartoons.

Wiz: Pete's final appearance during this era was The Lone Chipmunks (1954), which was the final installment of a three-part Chip n' Dale series. He also appeared in the short films Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983), The Prince and the Pauper (1990), Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers (2004), and Get a Horse! (2013).

Boomstick: Pete has also made many appearances in Disney comics. He appeared as Sylvester Shyster's dimwitted sidekick in the early Mickey Mouse comic strips before evolving into the main antagonist. In the Italian comics production he has been given a girlfriend, Trudy, and has come to be the central character in some stories. Pete later made several appearances in television, most extensively in Goof Troop (1992–1993) where he was given a different continuity, having a family and a regular job as a used car salesman and being a friend (albeit a poor one) to Goofy. He reprises this incarnation in 1999's Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas. Pete also appears in House of Mouse (2001–2003) as the greedy property owner who is always trying to exploit devious ways and loopholes to get the club shut down.

Wiz: Although Pete is often typecast as a villain, he has shown great versatility within the role, playing everything from a hardened criminal (The Dognapper, The Lone Chipmunks and most of his depictions in comics) to a legitimate authority figure (Moving Day, Donald Gets Drafted, Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip), and from a menacing trouble maker (Building a Building, Trombone Trouble) to a victim of mischief himself (Timber, The Vanishing Private). On some occasions, Pete has even played a sympathetic character, all the while maintaining his underlying menacing nature. (Symphony Hour, How to Be a Detective) In the animated TV series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which is aimed at preschoolers, he is largely a friendly character, although his antics can occasionally prove an annoyance.

Wiz: Alright so, Pete isn't someone to laugh when you see him. He is MASSIVELY Strong!

Boomstick: True Wiz. I ain't even gonna lie!

Wiz: In all of his interpretations Pete has brute strenght, plus he is a professional wrestler, he is also able to harm People like Mickey Mouse.even Overpower him As you see. Mickey is really powerful, he grabbed the sun itself and Pete was able to overpower him, plus meaning he has Stellar Lifting Strength from Power-Scaling, and that ain't the whole thing,Mickey tanked this roar from Beast, which managed to destroy the whole cartoon itself, destroying it's universe! And Pete could harm Mickey like if he was just Paper!

Boomstick: Pete is also strong enough to LITERALLY send Oswald the Lucky Rabbit flying to the moon with a Kick in seconds!

Wiz: That's not even all, if scaled to Oswald, Oswald casually grabs and pulls the sun away!

Boomstick: Pete was also able to stomp Goofy and keep with Mickey Mouse in speeds. Goofy can tank singing of Clarabelle who could Crack the Moon! Goofy Also Destroys the Sun alot of times, one of them (The first one) where he had the Leaf Blower destroyed the universe too! Also Mickey Can keep pace with Pluto, WHO CASUALLY TRAVELS THE SOLAR SYSTEM IN SECONDS WITH MICKEY REACTING ANYTHING!

Wiz: And he tanked the beating of a Angry Donald Duck, Donald can harm Mickey and Goofy and he can lift stars, so he has Stellar lifting strenght!

Boomstick: So basically, Pete is a Large Star to even Universal+ Buster!

Wiz: But let's not to forget Kingdom Hearts, there Pete can fight against people like Sora, Donald Duck and Goofy, and they defeated Xehanort. Xehanort is able to reset the whole KH cosmology with the X-Blade, which has countless worlds which are actually universes. This makes Pete be a Multiversal threat! And he gets this high into MFTL+!

Boomstick: Well, now i think it is time to speak about Pete's abilties!

Wiz: Yeah. Pete has powerful levels of Toon Force, which grants his Immense strenght, and pull his insane feats, and use Hammer Space, and be almost impossible to defeat for Non-Cartoon characters.

Boomstick: He also can do illusions, and His only offensive technique was creating Ghostly Reapers of himself though MAGIC FORMS .

Wiz: He can become into a Giant Worm, which makes him good climbing trees, can perform a charged tackling attack, and if hit in the face he will drop segments of his body which can be used against him.

Boomstick: He can become into a Spider, creating webs, walks in most surfaces, and Can shoot a short stream of string at opponents and in a Skater gives Pete a pair of walrus tusks. Also pair of ice-skates, can do some impressive flips in the air, shoots snowballs outside his mouth, and Snowballs will freeze in the air and shatter if hit by water!

Wiz: He has a Emperor form makes him much taller, can easily stomp Mickey, and magically bringes torches and walls to life, a Baron form summons Skull minions which generates magical homming blasts, and a Dragon form let's him shoot powerful flames.

Boomstick: He also has a King form, which gives him a weapon set and a Magic ring, which allows him teleport create giant logs in air and create small flame minions, and at his second phase gains a shield, An extending staff with a snake head on the end And a helmet that shoots volcanic rocks plus Pete Trades these weapons out for his weapons!

Wiz: And now let's go for... His most powerful form... His Kingdom Hearts form.

Boomstick: In this form, Pete is insane, he has the Rumble Rave technique that can summon his race kart that he uses as Captain Dark, It also has the Fruit Shot technique which can summon a giant pineapple that bounces against the ground and bashes enemies, he is also a skilled swordman, can immobilize his opponents, he can create forcefields which are strong to tank attacks from multiversal beings like Sora, can heal, has telekinesis, can create portals, can do explosions, generates shockwaves, His D-Link has the Confusion Strike technique which has a chance of confusing enemies and His D-Link has the Binding Strike technique which binds some enemies in place. he also can summon Heartless, Can destroy the skeletal forms of the pirates despite them being neither alive nor dead, is Unaffected by Heartless, which passively kill and absorb things around them so he resists Death manipulation, Ansem The Wise stated that the "heart" cannot be contained by data, and that the process itself would be incalculable and Pete resists it so he resists Data manip, and he is Unaffected by the corrupting effects of the darkness of the Dark Corridors! This is all just SO Broekened, Wiz! Your sure Bluto gonna survive?

Wiz: Ya, you'll find out. He also has alot of Weapons, especially guns, throwing daggers, rapiers, dynamite, bombs, fireworks, cigars, trombones, bowling balls which can explode, Confusing and slowing the foe, and he has Robotic Arms like Marvel's Doctor Octopus. and finally. The Earthquake Gun. A especial gun which can shoot pink rays.

Boomstick: Yah, Said rays weaken the foundation of an area he shoots, Makes his opponents plummet down long deep holes, Can be used to make many large deep holes one after another, and Can be used to make buildings and city blocks collapse or sink into the ground!

Wiz: But Pete has aaaloooot of flaws, he can act cowardly, easy to anger, sometimes easy to be tricked, he has fear to electrical shocks, even though he survived Donald's electrical attacks granted from Greek Gods not kidding, likely having phobia of it too, in some versions can be very dumb, cowardly or dumb, is inconsistent in certain areas, in other versions can be smart, brave and fast, has a bit of a ego, most of his magic forms are weak to getting hit to the head alot, the Toon-Acid which can kill him, but yet he is very smart, one of his versions made a plan to take over the entire country, has been in alot of jobs, and while he is somewhat clumsy, he was able to trick Sora into opening the Underdrome, and he consistently changed the scenery during his battle against Sora, Donald, Goofy, and his past self in order to try and gain an advantage..

Boomstick: Yet despite all of this, those aren't reasons to met with the old Powerhouse from Disney!

Hey, Goof, why don't you order us a pizza? This might have a while.


Boomstick: We have not much to say on him... Bluto is basically that strong Enemy from Popeye!

Wiz: He is the main antagonist of the series too.

Boomstick: Bluto is nasty, and a bully who loves to pester and bully Popeye ALOT of times!

Wiz: If that doesn't mean anything, he also acts like a jerk wanting to gain the love of Popeye's crush. Olive Oyl.

Boomstick: This dude really remembers me to certain Koopa King... And Wiz, did you know that Popeye was based off Mario and he is also why Superman does exist?

Wiz: Yeah, that is very interesting.

  • BIO: 360?cb=20161219192734
  • Name: Bluto
  • Origin: Popeye the Sailor Man
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Likely 40s and should compare Popeye into aging
  • Classification: Sailor

Boomstick: Bluto is pretty OP, NGL Wiz!

Wiz: Yeah, he usually tends to beat up Popeye without his Spinach.

Boomstick: Popeye is very powerful as hell, Especially with that Spinach, Bluto has tanked alot of attacks from Popeye, even one which can turn Bluto himself into sausage and dude comes back like that's okay!

Wiz: Popeye has like. Tons of strenght feats. he can beat up a Shark like meh, can rip trees off the ground ez, he even Send a Boat to end trapped under the water while fighting Bluto and Bluto tanked this attack, he can also oneshot trees doing a cottage easily, he even casually could destroy a house!

Boomstick: Yeah he could do this again too, Even destroys a building, Dude he also literally destroyed a Lighthouse doing this!

Wiz: Popeye literally punched Bullets too, and by accident destroys a War Boat.

Boomstick: Bluto can harm Popeye and Popeye can also do the same thing as seen there, Popeye also literally used a Lazzo moving a Hill And there too. And that's not even the limits Popeye has, He destroyed the Sun And gives it a Black-Eye!

Wiz: Popeye also punched Bluto to the moon and he tanked the whole attack!

Boomstick: Popeye even destroyed the animation of one episode and he can break the fourth wall literally punching the one who made his cartoons! This alone makes Bluto Universal+ and he often tanks Beatings from a Amped Popeye with Spinach!

Wiz: he damaged Big Guy, who shutted down his entire reality and Popeye completely ignores it, Big Guy is the guardian of the Fourth Dimension, And Popeye even resists the reset of his reality. But that's not even all. Soo, his Universe has from 7 to 8 Dimensions, and Popeye then Stomped Ogbert, a 7-Dimensional Alien and beats the writer who sees all of this as fictional, this makes Popeye be around 7-Dimensional, 8-Dimensional, maybe 9-Dimensional? And Bluto scales to this feats via Power-Scaling making himself 7, 8 even 9-Dimensional. Think about it. Popeye is a very brokened cartoon character, He is even more brokened than Bugs Bunny is!

Boomstick: Well, now let's go to his abilities. Bluto has Toon Force, which makes him be strong and durable enough to fight against people like Popeye, who can ignore the reality itself shutting down, fight higher dimensional beings, and if he is gone, simply. Try a bit of Spinach at the morning and he is in again!

Wiz: Bluto is also Immeasurable in speed, since he scales Popeye who can be agrued like this via dimensionality alone, has Super strenght and super durability able to harm Popeye and tank blows of him, and he is shock-ingly acrobatic in their fights.

Boomstick: He also knows boxing, He once beated Popeye on this, he can also hypnotize people, in the episode Fistic Mystic, it's shown he has Magic and he can transmutate Popeye himself into a Parrot, And in the episode I eats me spinach, he turned a large horse into three small horses with a crack of his whip and then fused them back together with another crack!

Wiz: He also could breath in space, I mean he was punched to the moon and keep breathing in those moments and tanks the extreme cold and extreme radiations of it too, and his Toon Force makes him hard af to kill, He keeps tanking, and tanking and tanking Blows of Popeye, like if Mario punched Bowser, they seem to be wounded and they come back as okay!

Boomstick: He can turn in a rocket too, and he tanked being punched so hard he ended turned into sausage!

Wiz: Bluto maybe smart but he has alot of weaknesses, he is Dumb, like so damn dumb, that he even by himself admits that he lacks brain, ocasionally described as a dumbass, but he can sometimes be clever and he is shock-ingly good at magic and his hypnosis, he often is a loser aswell and tends to lose to a Spinach amped Popeye all the time and very overconfident.

Boomstick: However with all feats of strenght and durability he has showned. It is safe to say we don't need to mess with this Cartoon-Ish powerhouse!

All brawn and no brains, dat's me!


Wiz: Alright, their analysis are set, let's finish this rivalry once and for all.



We see a Random TV is on. Then we see some random static effects appear for a while until they dissappear. Then, we see a crossover cartoon intro between Mickey Mouse and Popeye the Sailor Man. The Intro was seen in Black and White, showing Pete and Bluto with the animation of their very first appearances staring eachother with mad glares with their big fists closed with the chapter called "Brut-ish Bullies in Steam".

Then all we see is a Pretty Dark Bar at bar, the moon was brighting and most people was calmly going to sleep, we see Pete and Bluto going to said bar in said night certainly pissed off. They was in fact, remembering the Very cause of their raging issues. Their defeats against their despicable enemies they hate. Popeye and Mickey Mouse. They ended just defeated again, Pete was trying to "Help" Mickey at Saving Minnie trapped in some house set on fire, and when he was gonna rescue her. Pete just cleverly tricked Mickey's goody two-shoes personality and kidnapped her again, going off in a car. Pete then laughed and he says That he will then see Mickey in days to crush him like a pesky rat, Mickey however disagreed and went searching Donald and Goofy and got a clever idea to end chasing Pete. However Pete wasn't alone, he was in a castle aimed of Disney villains but Mickey, Donald and Goofy beated them rescuing Minnie and severely beating up Pete to the point of depression... As for Bluto, Bluto was just doing it again, Popeye beats some thug, and Olive wants to kiss him but Bluto punched him away and kidnaps Olive Oyl, only for Popeye to end mad taking a try of his spinach and beating his crap off him. The Flash-Backs Finishes as The Animation and the Music was looking in black and white and the music was some depressive cartoon music, some thunders and dark clouds appears, until they enter and close doors.

Then, they just decided to end in the bar, drinking and being depressed, then we see they have a talk, seeming depressed of their countless L's against those heroes. They wonder... How do they always beat them?! Who knows... Probably because their creators prefer the hero instead the villain as a Gag.

Pete: So... Your alone and sad right now uh? Well same to me, I keep losing to a dirty pesky rat every time and I don't know why!

Bluto: Yeah. I keep losing to that Popeye. That Sailor Man doesn't know when to stop Eating that Spinach! I hate him!

Pete: I have to agree. There should be some Pizza or sum to speak about this. But i can feel you. Hey, sir. Another Drink for me and my friend!

There was some cartoon-ish dog going for other beers for them, it looked like the Bar of The Simpsons but in black and white and more like a 90's Cartoon Bar. The beers was given and they clashed the glasses.

Bluto: I would like to thank you for this! Friends like you does a very Good day!

Pete: I could tell the same about you, those days are truly bad!

Both have a taste of their drinks. And they decided to agreed on do a Arm wrestling.

Bluto: Hey. What if we do a Arm Wrestling? You look strong, But i'll show you who is stronger!

Pete: Oh, haha! I'll show you what's be strong. I Peg-Leg Pete will show you!

They started to Arm Wrestling, with some intense music happening, it lasts for a long time, both looked tired, but Bluto then decided to end cheating by crushing Pete's hand and stepping his foe, making him yell and then he ends winning it laughing.

Bluto: Hahahahahaha! I told you that I was stronger. Nobody messes with Bluto!

Pete: Oh, that was cheating, what if you feel this!

Pete says pissed off, punching Bluto giving him a black eye. Bluto however was angry.

Bluto: Ah yeah?!

Bluto punched Pete too. Then both starts to angry throw alot of punches until they look serious and pissed off.

Pete: Your already getting annoying!

Bluto: Oh, You should stop acting like the dude with the big brain. Cuz that's me!

Then both was readied to throw hands, ready to settle their rivalry and show who is the greatest bully of classic cartoons and animation from all time.


First , Bluto rushes and he throws a powerful punch doing stars that knocks Pete down, across tables which gets destroyed in half, and he clashed into glasses of beer which gets brokened, spilling some beer in Pete himself. Pete gets up angry and he decides to throw his fist at Bluto's toe, smacking and crushing it, making Bluto scream yelling in pure pain of that attack. It felt like a hand made of pure Steel crushing his toe. Bluto takes a bit to recover and angry grabs Pete by the shirt and proceeds to punch him across the floor. Pete however gets up angry and proceeds to punch Bluto twice in the face and raised him up against a Table with alot of Beer, with peaceful people there, spilling beer into Bluto too, however this made Angry Buff People join to the fight, everyone was wild fighting like mad people, figthing into a huge cartoon cloud, eventually demolishing the Bar itself. However Pete and Bluto angry beats them up and kicks them away down. They looks angry and injured. But yet with the determination to throw hands.

Pete decides to took some random mallet from pure Hammer Space, and he whacks it at Bluto's face, knocking him away. Bluto angry then decides to slam him down. However Pete gets up soon and proceeds to kick Bluto very hard. Like, so hard, he ends flying turned into a Rocket across the moon. Pete then ends laughing at this.

Pete: Hahahahaha, Nobody messes the ol' Pete!

Bluto however returns to earth angry going really fast to earth, and he ends blasting Pete in his cocky moment, making a powerful blast seen in earth, leaving a big crater scared alot of people making them scream in run in what seems to be a morning, they get up hurt but angry and decide to keep with their fight.

Bluto decides to inflate his hand like a big fist, inflating it like a Balloon and he laughs while Pete sees this in fear trying to think on run away only to end smacked down. Pete however gets up angry tooking out some random Guns of pure hammer space.

Pete: Alright, buddy. Hands up!

Bluto gets scared and ends shoot, but ends like Daffy Duck getting shot by Elmer Fudd, basically smoke in his face and him tanking the attack seeming pissed off. Bluto angry decides to do a jump spinning in the air like a backflip going towards Pete and he then proceeds to angry twist the guns.

Pete: HEY!

Bluto proceeds to laugh, only for Pete to think and use some Bowling Ball which leads a gas, which makes Bluto end coughing. Pete laughs and proceeds to punch and beat the fuck out of Bluto. Pete then keeps laughing.

Pete: I lose to a Mouse, you lose to a Sailor with some Awful Spinach, yet you couldn't last a second against me.? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... YOUR SUCH A GOOD BULLY!

Bluto gets angry and then he punches Pete, knocking him across walls. This however made Pete end annoyed.

Pete: You asked for a good molly!

Pete then proceeds to Upper-Cut Bluto, knocking him across the sky, cities looked small compared to Bluto as he flew that high but he then is seen going back to the floor making him yell and fall from face. He gets up angry and proceeds to lift up Pete and throws him down and punches him beating him up in rage until Pete decided to use his Leg made of wood to stab Bluto in the eye and punch him away, making Bluto feel a lot of pain.

They proceeds to crack knuckles, and they fight in a cartoon cloud, destroying lots of towns at their pass. Until they somewhat reached space with their fight.

Both: Uh-Uh...

However, they end angry and keep fighting until Bluto punches Pete all way to the sun breaking it like glass. Pete was burnt and hurt but he decides to spin Bluto like a disk and sends him to the moon obliterating it. Then both throws planets, comets, stars, etc. Doing massive destruction across the milky way until they then punched themselves, doing a explosion obliterates alot of countless universes. Then both end fighting in the Popeye's Eight Dimension.

Bluto was seen angry beating up Pete. Pete then decides to end Pete decides to use his Kingdom Hearts skills teleporting around Bluto beating him up and Anvil-ing him. Pete uses random boulders beating up Bluto and shoots lightning shocking him. Bluto then was mad trying to punch Pete who used a Barrrier to protect himself from the attack. However Bluto ends pissed off and oneshots the Barrier, which ends turning Pete into dust with the strenght of the hit. Finishing him finally.


Bluto: Bahahahahaha! I finally won! I finally beated someone else that isn't Popeye!

Bluto laughs hysterically, and decides to walk and go away, going back to the bar eating some beer, and seeming to have a good day, while Pete's ashes fly away, with the cartoon ending into a empty dark void saying the words "The End":


Winner: Bluto

+Stronger (9-D > Multiversal)

+Fights a more powerful enemy than Pete (Popeye is sronger than Mickey Mouse as he has 9-D Feats and Mickey has Multiversal feats from Kingdom Hearts, which makes Pete and Popeye infinitly faster and stronger dimensionally)

+Faster (Immeasurable speed >>>> MFTL+)


+He could pull some clever plans tho shockingly

+Hypnosis and magic might be effective against Pete

+Very durable and hard to end killed

-Had a hard time against the skills from Pete

+Toon Force

Loser: Pete

+Smarter And could trick Bluto

+Way more arsenal

+Way more skills

-Had nothing against Bluto's hypnosis and his Magic could help him a bit

-Slower and weaker and fights a weaker enemy (Mickey Mouse is inferior to Popeye)

+Experienced and likely older

-Less Toon force

-Bluto's durability makes him a very though enemy to kill there.

-Much more easier to piss off


  • The connection between Pete and Bluto is they're both classic overweight rivals to famous cartoon protagonists (Mickey Mouse and Popeye) who made their debut appearance in the 1900's and have a background as sailors/sea captains. Both possess herculean strength and served as major obstacles for the protagonists to be with their love-interests (Minnie Mouse and Olive Oyl). While both are best known for their antagonistic roles, they have sometimes served as anti-heroes or allies.
  • The fight should be hand-drawn
  • The CAC from this should be "Brutish Bullies"