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Perfect Chaos vs Iblis (New)

Perfect Chaos vs Iblis is a What-If? DB originally made by SuperSaiyan2Link, now being written by Vrokorta. It pits Perfect Chaos, from Sonic Adventure, against Iblis from Sonic '06.


Sonic Adventure vs Sonic 06! Two elemental kaiju gods with the power to destroy the world! Which Sonic villain will reign supreme?


  • The results will only take into account their strongest forms. The fight is free reign.
  • Solaris is restricted due to requiring outside help.


Boomstick: Fire.

Wiz: Water.

Vrokorta: Gods.

Sphere Robot: Destruction.

Wiz: These are the words that define our combatants. Nigh-unstoppable kaiju with the power to destroy the world.

Boomstick: Chaos, Guardian of the Chao.

Vrokorta: Iblis, the raw power of Solaris.

Sphere Robot: Together, the four of us will analyze these combatants' weapons, armor & skills to find out who would win, a Death Battle.

Perfect Chaos[]

Wiz: Over 4,000 years ago, a great war was wrought. Echidna vs echidna, Pachamac's tribe vs the Nocturnus Clan.

Sphere Robot: Sadly for Pachamac, the conflict didn't last long, as the Nocturnus had an army of super robots to push their enemies into submission.

Vrokorta: Facing doom at the hands of the Nocturnus & their gizoids, Pachamac turned to the Chaos Emeralds for more power.

Boomstick: But his daughter wasn't having it. She knew how important the Emeralds were, & didn't trust her warmongering father with them. Did we mention Pachamac's not a good guy? Yeah he's a greedy warlord.

Wiz: Having no tolerance for this, the tribal leader chose to stampede over his own daughter & the Chao that lived at the altar of the Chaos Emeralds.

Boomstick: Little did he know he'd trigger a friggin water demon to show up & kill him!

Sphere Robot: This was Chaos, the guardian of the Chao, & he didn't take so kindly to his friends and family being hurt, especially not by a greedy warlord. So, with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, he transformed into a massive monster, wiped out Pachamac's tribe, & threatened to destroy the rest of the world.

Vrokorta: But Tikal refused to let this happen, & used the power of the Master Emerald to seal him away.

Wiz: While this did save the world from Chaos' wrath, it did nothing to quell his anger. 4,000 years later, he returned to finish what he started.

Sphere Robot: Thankfully, Sonic figured out the real problem, & used the power of the Chaos Emeralds himself to quell Chaos' wrath & bring him to peace. Now, he's resumed his role as protector, & arrives whenever the world faces disaster.

Boomstick: But enough of that wholesome storytelling, let's see how he fights!

Vrokorta: Before we get into Perfect Chaos, let's talk about his initial forms first.

Wiz: Chaos 0 is his base form. He possesses abilities like elastic arms, superhuman jumping, gliding, digging, climbing, & swimming. He has control over water, ice, & air, not to mention he can create shockwaves with his physical attacks. He can create small forcefields to block attacks, heal at will, & possesses decent melee combat skill.

Boomstick: Having a body made of water comes in handy too. For starters, he doesn't need to breathe, he can stay underwater all he likes. If that wasn't enough, he can shift the shape of his body to avoid attacks, escape battle, or get the jump on foes. Plus, having such a weird body means he can regenerate from just about anything, except maybe vaporization.

Sphere Robot: Even so, his regeneration is extensive. Being liquid means he can't be crushed or melted. Even freezing his body & shattering him failed to do him in.

Vrokorta: But his most important ability is the one that lets him absorb Chaos Emeralds. It's his main gimmick, & allows him to achieve stronger forms. But before that, let's discuss Chaos 0's feats.

Sphere Robot: The first thing he does is shatter the Master Emerald, then he goes on to juke Knuckles & knock him out in one hit. Needless to say he's both strong & mobile. That's not to mention he can create small earthquakes, which'd require about 15 Tons of TNT to create. Anyways, now we can discuss Chaos 2.

Boomstick: What about Chaos 1?

Vrokorta: Chaos 1 hasn't displayed any feats or abilities, & its honestly more than I can say for Chaos 3 & 5, who we'll also be skipping.

Boomstick: Bummer.

Vrokorta: Anyways, Chaos 2 is much like Chaos 0, though he's now become larger & stronger, making greater use of his melee skills, shockwaves, & forcefields. In this form, he fought Knuckles in a fair fight, though he did end up losing, even though his prior form took him out in one shot. Guess it goes to show how far a sucker punch can take you.

Wiz: Chaos 4 deviates heavily from the first two, though doesn't add much beyond more raw strength, greater size, & enhanced swimming capabilities.

Sphere Robot: It doesn't help that Chaos 4 kind of relies on a specific environment to fight at his best. Anyways, in this form, he contended with Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles all at the same time, which is pretty impressive considering all three are capable of fighting a robot that creates earthquakes with a strength of 476 Tons of TNT.

Boomstick: But now we're on to Chaos 6, his penultimate form. This guy makes use of his girth to control the battlefield, harming anyone he touches & creating chaos (heh, chaos) with a series of shockwaves. He can suck up enemies Kirby style & chew'em up for damage, not to mention shapeshift into a weird flower thing that shoots out spikes. In this form, he was too strong for Sonic to harm, so the blue rodent had to freeze him just to get the opportunity to attack.

Vrokorta: Even so, Chaos 6 pales in comparison to his final form, Perfect Chaos. Standing at over 47 meters tall, & powered by all 7 Chaos Emeralds, Perfect Chaos is a true force to be reckoned with.

Wiz: Having further refined his power over water, Chaos can now create vortexes & flood entire cities.

Boomstick: Forget that! Perfect Chaos can shoot lasers & homing energy shots, not to mention all those water tentacles he's got!

Sphere Robot: With his new power, Chaos could one-shot the Egg Carrier, create a storm worth over 5 megatons, lay cities to waste, & control roughly 6 billion metric tonnes of water, & that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Vrokorta: The Chaos Emeralds are powerful artifacts, capable of lifting islands, shattering planets, & destroying the universe with their infinite power! The problem is that their power relies on the desires of those who wield them. After all, the chaos emeralds turn thoughts into power, power enriched by the heart. However, it's also worth noting that the Chaos Emeralds grant more power to those with positive desires than they do to beings with negative desires. This is why Super Sonic was able to beat Perfect Chaos in the first place. Chaos used the negative energy to become Perfect Chaos, while Sonic uses the positive energy to become Super Sonic. Now you might be thinking to yourself, "how do the Emeralds know which emotions are positive?". Well it's easy, the Chaos Emeralds are alive. In Sonic Rush Adventure, we see the Chaos Emeralds used in tandem with the Sol Emeralds, even though their close proximity should've created shockwaves that destroyed the universe. It's not outright confirmed, but it was believed that the reason the Emeralds didn't react so violently is because they WANTED to help Sonic & Tails at that time. If that's not an indication of sentience, I don't know what is.

[Popup: It's also worth noting that Tikal could converse with the Master Emerald, indicating that it's sentient as well. While the Master Emerald is superior to the Chaos Emeralds, it does show consistency for them being alive]

Boomstick: Okay, so what does all that mean for Chaos?

Vrokorta: It means that, theoretically, under the right circumstances, Perfect Chaos could potentially harness the full power of the Chaos Emeralds & utilize their world-ending power.

Boomstick: Huh, & here I thought he was City to Planet level.

Vrokorta: Everyone did.

Wiz: However, even with all that power, Chaos has one weakness, his brain.

Sphere Robot: Yeah, even though he's practically immortal, possessing almost no vital organs to destroy, his brain serves as the one spot that can take damage, even in his Perfect form.

Boomstick: Even so, I'd rather not get on the bad side of a hundred fifty-foot tall water demon that destroys entire civilizations, I'd like to keep my home.


Wiz: 10 years ago-

Boomstick: Ten!? Just 10?! We got finished talking about a god from 4,000 years ago, & now we're only jumping back 10 years? What a gap am I right?

Wiz: Sure. Anyways, 10 years ago, the ruler of the city known as Soleanna was preparing an experiment. He wanted to harness the power of his people's god, Solaris. With this power, he could control time itself, & bring back his long lost wife.

Boomstick: So basically Nox.

Vrokorta: Yeah, but WAY less cool.

Wiz: However, his experiments were a failure. Not only did he fail to harness Solaris' power, but he also caused an explosion that split Solaris' body into two halves. One was dark, representing the mind of Solaris. The other was a deep flame, representing the god's raw power.

Boomstick: The two halves would've wreaked chaos (heh, chaos) if not stopped, but thanks to time travel shenanigans, Shadow & Silver helped to seal them both away. The dark half was locked in the ex machina Scepter of Darkness, while the fire half was sealed in Elise, the princess of Soleanna, by her own father. He told her never to cry, lest she unleash the flames wrath. That's what I call great parenting, sealing a fire demon in your child & telling them never to cry. Certainly better than "my" dad.

Sphere Robot: Ten years later, in the present day, Eggman tried to kidnap Elise & harness the power of fire sealed within her, but things didn't go according to his plans, as the Egg Carrier ended up crashing, killing Elise & unleashing the flames of disaster.

Vrokorta: These flames, now known as Iblis, wreaked havoc across the entire planet for 200 years, turning the world into a burning wasteland.

Boomstick: And that's where the good stuff kicks in.

Wiz: Like Chaos, Iblis has several forms, but he doesn't require Emeralds to achieve them. Towards the end of Silver's story, Blaze claims that Iblis is nearing his final form, which implies that Iblis is gradually working his way up to stronger forms, so it's safe to say each form is meant to build off of a previous one to increase his power.

Sphere Robot: No matter what form he's in though, he always possesses the power to create fire & magma, summon monsters, control the weather, & even restore his body after it's been destroyed. In his weakest form, he's nothing more than a living flame, which actually shows some of his resistances. For starters, he has no vital organs or solid body, so he can't be killed by conventional means. Furthermore, he can form a body of magma & stone even in this form, meaning that he can survive being reduced to a gas or plasma, so vaporization wouldn't be enough to kill him.

Vrokorta: In his first form, he adopts a look similar to Perfect Chaos, standing at the size of a building, & having no legs. He can fire off magma balls, breathe fire, & is strong enough to lift & slam entire buildings.

Boomstick: In his second form, he... he gets smaller? How's that build off of his previous form?

Vrokorta: I have two theories. One is that this form is more mobile, whereas his first had no apparent means of locomotion. The second is that he actually IS in a weaker form after, & is still in the process of reforming after Silver defeated his first form.

Boomstick: Alright then. Anyways, this form ditches the rippling muscles of its first form for a simpler body that allows it to swim through lava, which is no mean feat. Lava is over 3x more dense than water, & he shoots through it like nothing. In this form, he still shoots magma balls, but he also tries to drop stuff on the enemy's head, like stalactites. How you think he does that?

Wiz: Well seeing as he can cause the entire volcano to erupt, it's likely that he's just exerting some force or destabilizing the area. Heck, it might even be a form of earth manipulation, but you know Sega, never enough context to find a definitive answer.

Vrokorta: It do be that way.

Sphere Robot: Anyways, last but not least is Iblis' penultimate form, a monster standing over 93 meters tall with more power than anything prior. At this point, he's further refined his abilities, allowing him to throw even more magma balls, unleash waves of flames, & even summon a giant meteor to launch at enemies.

Boomstick: Being the representation of a god's raw power means Iblis has incredible strength. He can burn the world, create planet-wide storms, & induce volcanic eruptions. He also fought Sonic & Blaze, who can survive the destruction of a mountain-sized base, & kick the Eggmobile into the horizon respectively, but all that pales in comparison to his true potential.

Wiz: After all, he does represent the raw power of Solaris, a being capable of destroying time, eating dimensions, & casually opening up numerous black holes. Now I know what you're thinking, "If Iblis is that strong, why'd he only destroy the planet?" or maybe, "If Iblis is that strong, that'd make & Sonic & Silver that strong too, which is totally false". Both arguments make fair enough points, but we do have an explanation.

Vrokorta: Remember when Blaze said Iblis was approaching his final form? That implies that, for the entire game, Iblis was functioning at below full power, & Sonic & Silver never fought the Iblis capable of destroying time. It's true that we never see Iblis accomplish any feat of this caliber, but the fact that he represents all of Solaris' power, & never reaches his full power, it only makes sense to say that he becomes this strong once he attains his full power.

Boomstick: What could possibly drag down a beast with such phenomenal power?

Wiz: How about a complete lack of common sense?

Sphere Robot: Remember when we said Mephiles represented the mind of Solaris? That's cause Iblis has none of that, he's practically brainless, so much so that he'd smash his face into a rock & stun himself in the process. It doesn't help that he has a weak point in the form of green eyes that take extra damage when attacked, making it much easier to defeat this foe than normally wailing on him.

Vrokorta: But it doesn't matter if you can beat him or not, it depends on if you can put him down for good.


Wiz: Alright, the combatants are set, let's see which elemental god of destruction will take the win.

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!

Death Battle[]

It was a pleasant day at Green Hill Zone. Sonic was relaxing in a lounging chair, wearing a pair of sunglasses. Tails was nearby, tinkering with the Tornado. Suddenly, he got a call on his communication device from Amy, "Sonic! Hurry! We're under atta-". No sooner had the message cut off, Sonic & Tails rushed towards the city to help their friends.

The two could feel nothing but shock upon their arrival, as they laid eyes upon a city engulfed in lava & flames. "Come on Tails, that lava's not waiting for anybody!". Sonic sped into the city, jumping from building to building as he searched for survivors. Tails took to the sky on his tornado, doing the same. Soon, Sonic spotted a group of people in a damaged building, & leapt through the glass to meet them, "Don't worry everyone, I'll get you out safe & sound". His rescue was cut off as a hulking, stone golem rose up behind Sonic & raised a ball of magma to crush him. Sonic turned around just in time & prepared his light speed attack, only to find a blue streak beat him too the punch. The golem was bisected, its torso falling to the ground as the magma ball landed on his legs, melted what was left of him.

Sonic turned to the source of this attack, & found Chaos kneeling against the ground, his clawed hand outstretched. The water guardian stood up & turned to Sonic, who gave him a thumbs up, "Thanks for the save buddy, I'll join you right after I get these people to safety".

Chaos swung his hand outward aggressively, signaling for Sonic to leave. "Whoa there, wouldn't it be better to team up?" Sonic questioned. Chaos took one menacing step forward, & Sonic backed off, "Okay man, you do you, but don't be surprised if I show up again. Man, he's just like Knuckles". With that, Sonic used his super-speed to gather everyone up & lead them out of the city.

Chaos watched them go until they were out of sight. Once gone, he leaned out of the building & looked across the city. Monsters of fire & stone wandered the streets, destroying everything in their path. In just his sight alone, he saw more monsters than he could count, & who knew how many more were spread across the city. Chaos gave something of a sigh, knowing it'd be a LONG day. He readied his arms at his sides, aimed for the window, & then-








(Crisis City (Modern))

Chaos smashed into the ground with seismic force, generating an earthquake that toppled every monster within 100 meters. He immediately flipped to his feet & struck at the downed monsters, his god-like strength rending their bodies like a hot knife through butter. He threw lizards into golems, tore birds in half, & hosed burrowing serpents with enough water to destroy a house. He was hit with lasers & magma balls, but he shook it off, returning in kind with a flurry of physical blows that reduced his assailants' bodies to gravel. Just as Chaos was starting to see a small break in the enemy forces-

(Pause Music)

something large came into view. A massive magma lizard with a head armored in stone & one green eye. It was hard to tell at his current size, but this beast was none other than Iblis himself, & he sought nothing less than the destruction of EVERYTHING. The beast gave a bellowing roar, only to be hit in the face with a rock. The creature turned its focus to the creature before it, Chaos. The water guardian grabbed another piece of rubble from the ground, & prepared to throw it at his next target.

(Resume Music)

Iblis responded with a massive laser aimed straight for Chaos. The water guardian jumped out of the way as the laser cleaved through a building, sending it falling to the ground. As he came down, Chaos aimed his hand at Iblis' head. The impact created an even stronger earthquake than before, killing every monster in the block, except for Iblis. The monster threw Chaos off & fired a series of magma balls at his target. Chaos raised his forcefield for a brief moment to block the attack before landing. He then proceeded to throw stretchy punches at Iblis, hitting him several times before the monster bit down on his hand. Chaos winced as the creature's intense heat burned away at his body. The water guardian pulled himself towards the monster, only to stop right in front of it & set a trap under him. The trap erupted into a column of water that launched Iblis into the sky & released his grip on Chaos' hand.

The water guardian shook his hand off to ease the pain, but was forced to redirect his attention as Iblis unleashed another series of magma balls at his opponent. Chaos raised his forcefield again, but it didn't last long enough to fully protect him, & he was pelted with several projectiles. Once the projectiles cleared, Chaos looked up, only to see a massive lizard about to crush him. In an instant, Chaos dropped his body into a simple puddle, leaving Iblis to hit the ground, landing on his feet. Seeing no trace of his enemy, Iblis moved on to destroy the rest of the city. However, Chaos re-emerged & grabbed him by the tail, swinging him around several times before throwing him into the distance, where a large explosion was heard.

Chaos breathed a sigh of relief, only to hear a guttural roar from the same place he heard the explosion. Out of nowhere, a massive, four-armed lava monster emerged from the ground & roared into the air. Iblis Phase 1. Chaos gave a frustrated look before charging after his enemy. Once he arrived, the water guardian delivered a stretchy punch to the monster, only to be spotted immediately. Iblis breathed wave of flames at his foe, but Chaos ran to the side to avoid it. He grabbed a chunk of debris, & threw it at Iblis, but it did little damage to the molten titan. Iblis swiped at Chaos with his large hands, but Chaos continued to avoid him as he threw attack after attack. Eventually, Iblis simply threw his arms down & destroyed the majority of Chaos' footing. Before the water guardian could escape, the lava monster rose a building into the air & slammed it down on top of his opponent.


(Stop Music)

Chaos lay smashed into the ground, buried under tons of rubble, a shard of concrete lodged in his brain. Chaos felt tired a feeling he'd never felt before. He started to close his eyes, as if to rest, when suddenly, he felt a surge of power. His eyes jolted open, & he managed to reach his hand up & tear through some of the rubble. He saw a bright shine as two gems fell from the rubble & landed next to him. These were Chaos Emeralds. He didn't know what they were doing here, but he wasn't about to question it. He grabbed them both in one hand, & found himself engulfed in a bright light.

Iblis was completely oblivious to all of this as he continued to blast everything in sight. Even when the building from earlier smashed to bits & replaced with a bright light, he remained invested in his task. It was only when he felt two large impacts against his back that he finally decided to turn around. Upon doing so, he saw the figure of Chaos 2. Having no recollection of this being's identity (or anything for that matter), Iblis simply roared & swung his arm at the enemy.

(Vs. Chaos)

Chaos raised his forcefield to block the attack, completely halting Iblis' attack before striking outward, severing the monster's hand. Iblis made no response to the attack, as his hand slowly regenerated & he fired a series of magma balls at his opponent. Chaos ran to avoid the attack before jumping off a piece of broken building to deliver a punch straight to Iblis' face, shattering his stone helmet. Chaos landed safely on a platform opposite where he jumped before throwing a series of punches at Iblis. The monster retaliated with a breath of fire, but Chaos jumped into the air & landed on top of a building. Without a second thought (or a first thought for that matter), Iblis grabbed the building & pulled it down. Chaos jumped off of the building, leaving it to crush Iblis.

Chaos watched to see if his opponent would rise again, & his suspicions proved true as Iblis smashed through the building, now in the form of a giant larva, Iblis Phase 2. What Chaos hadn't planned on however, was Iblis crashing right into him, sending them both crashing into the lava. Chaos writhed in pain as the lava vaporized his body. As his brain raced to think of a solution, the Emeralds within him reacted, sensing the presence of two more gems. His survival instinct kicked in as his arm lunged out in the direction he sensed the Emeralds in, & was rewarded with a bright flash of light.

By the time Iblis resurfaced, his opponent had become Chaos 4, & now hovered over the water. With a swipe of his claw, Chaos sent Iblis careening back into the lava, creating a tidal wave in the process. The lava monster continued trying to attack his foe, but the water guardian dodged every attack he threw. Eventually, Iblis went for a full-body charge, but Chaos simply dodged, causing him to impact a building, knocking him briefly unconscious. The water guardian took this opportunity to grab his enemy by the tail & toss him into the air. From there, Chaos unleashed a flurry of shockwaves that impacted Iblis' body & sliced him to pieces. The remains of Iblis fell to the ground & sank into the lava.

(Stop Music)

Chaos backed up a bit before watching to see if his enemy would rise again. It wasn't long before the lava started to bubble, & the city started to shake. From the lava burst a being of terrifying size, sending a splatter of lava into Chaos, knocking him through a building. Iblis had achieved his penultimate form, Iblis Phase 3, & his sights were still set on the city. However, before the monster could resume his rampage, another creature burst through the building Chaos was flung through. It was large, but squat, standing on four legs. This was Chaos' penultimate form, Chaos 6.

(Chaos 6)

Chaos leapt through the air & tackled Iblis, sending the lava kaiju stumbling backwards. The monster unleashed a wave of flames that sent Chaos right back where he came from, but the water guardian held nothing back. With one big breath, Chaos pulled Iblis into melee range before rearranging his body to shoot a series of spikes at the monster. Iblis threw a punch at Chaos 6, sending crashing through a series of buildings. The monster followed up by grabbing a building & throwing it in the same direction as Chaos went. The moment Chaos recovered from the punch, he was hit by the building. However, the water guardian created a shockwave to clear the debris off himself before leaping into the air, hopping from building to building to close the gap between himself & Iblis. Upon reaching his foe, Chaos began jumping on Iblis' head, releasing a series of shockwaves that rippled across the surface of his body. However, Iblis countered by summoning his giant meteor right under Chaos, lifting him into the air & tossing him across the city. The meteor sailed across the city before hitting the ground, erupting into an explosion the size of a mountain.

(Stop Music)

Chaos' body lay in a heap amongst the six Chaos Emeralds. His mind & body were weak from battle, & he was running out of ideas on just how to defeat his immortal foe. Then, the solution presented itself, as all six Chaos Emeralds started to glow, attracting the presence of another. All 7 Chaos Emeralds were now gathered before Chaos, & he knew what he had to do.

"Sonic, we should really get going" Tails said as Sonic looked out over the city.

"Not yet, Chaos is still out there" Sonic replied stubbornly.

"We've already saved all the civilians, we should get out of here before that monster shows up-" Tails was cut off by Iblis raising his arms & roaring into the sky, "again" Tails finished. "Look, Chaos is a guardian, he would've wanted you to leave. That's probably why he didn't want you to help" Tails explained, though it did nothing to change Sonic's mind.

"He's alone out there, & he might need help" Sonic replied. However, this statement was rendered null when a shrill roar echoed into the sky. From the lava & wreckage emerged a reptilian head made of water surrounded by tentacles. None other than Perfect Chaos. Suddenly, a storm rolled in, & rain slowly solidified the lava around Chaos, giving it a place to pool around him.

"Is that reassuring enough for you?" Tails asked, a pleased smile on his face.

"Yeah, but I'm still not leaving" Sonic said adamantly.

"What? Why not?!" Tails asked, baffled.

"Cause it's not every day you get to see two gods duke it out!" Sonic said as he plopped onto the ground with his legs crossed.

"*Sigh*, You do have a point" Tails said as he sat next to Sonic.

As the two watched, Sonic silently rooted for his friend, "You got this Chaos".

(Open Your Heart)

Chaos immediately fired a series of homing projectiles that exploded against Iblis' body, but it did little to slow the lava monster who stood twice as tall as his enemy. Iblis unleashed a barrage of magma balls on Chaos, but the water guardian quickly receded into the water & reappeared in a completely different location, avoiding the barrage. Perfect Chaos took several swipes with his tentacles, knocking Iblis this way & that, but the monster retaliated by grabbing the tentacles & flipping Perfect Chaos into the air. As the water guardian came down, Iblis reeled back & threw a punch through his head, sending a wave of steam spreading across the block. Iblis shook his head, realizing he couldn't see anything. Then he realized he couldn't move. As the steam cleared, it was revealed that Iblis was completely frozen, the air around him reduced to sub-zero temperature. Chaos looked upon his frozen foe with satisfaction, but Iblis was having none of it. Through his mere presence alone, the ice around Iblis started melting, & he quickly shattered his frozen confines. The lava monster put his hands together, & fired a series of fire waves, but he didn't stop there. He unleashed a breath of fire, fired magma balls, & even shot his giant meteor. Chaos narrowed his eyes, before firing off his homing attacks, tentacles, vortexes, & his massive mouth laser. An explosion of water, fire, frost, & magma shot everywhere, inducing a perpetual sound of sizzling as fires were extinguished, water was vaporized, ice was melted, and lava solidified. However, the massive clash worked in Chaos' favor, as the vortexes solidified Iblis' legs, & the laser obliterated his head. The force of the attack sent Iblis' upper half reeling back, his immobile legs cracking under the pressure. Chaos wasn't sure if this attack would do his opponent in, but with the power of the Emeralds, he knew he couldn't lose.

(Iblis Phase 3)

Iblis body suddenly stopped falling. He raised his arms, & the tendrils near his shoulders extended outward, forming wing-like appendages. His hands receded & emerged from lower on his body. His stone-like skin encompassed his whole body, & his head adopted a more beak-like shape. With his transformation complete, his shape now closely resembled his true form Solaris. This was Iblis' Final Phase. With a mere wave of his hands, the sky went dark. Volcanoes rose & erupted all across the city & beyond. The sky rained lava, & the world was engulfed in flames. Iblis put his hands together, then slowly pulled them apart, forming a condensed ball of flames in his hands that continued to grow. The larger it grew, the more it started to pull in, slowly becoming a black hole, & gradually distorting time & space.

Chaos could do little to stop this, as he was being hit with lava constantly from every angle, his body gradually being worn down as he ran out of water to retreat to. Chaos fired a laser at Iblis, but it simply deflected off his stony skin. Iblis retaliated with a blast of 10,000 degree heat, causing Chaos' entire body to boil. He shrieked in agony as his brain was forced to endure terrifying heat. His eyes darted across the city as his mind raced to come up with anything that could help him at all. The Master Emerald? No that was on Angel Island. Another Emerald? That didn't even exist! The Phantom Rub- THE HECK IS THAT?! The heat grew stronger, & Chaos' senses began to fade, going numb to the pain. At least if he died here, he knew everyone who was in the city was safe.

(Stop Music)

"Chaos!" a familiar voice said from a distance. Chaos, jolted out of his death stupor, turned to face the newcomer. It was Sonic & Tails, badly singed, but just as selfless as ever. "Told you I'd be showing up again!" Sonic said with as cocky a grin as ever. It was in this moment that Chaos remembered, Sonic was no mere civilian to save, he was a reckless hero who needed nothing more than his own positivity to accomplish his goals. Positivity, the same thing Sonic used to save Chaos himself, as well as the entire world... Could this be what he was missing? Did he lack the positivity to harness the true power of the Emeralds. He took another look at Iblis. All this time, he'd been focusing on crushing his foe forever, but that wasn't the reason why he was fighting.

The Emeralds within Chaos began to glow once more as he remembered, this wasn't about him, this wasn't about his enemy, this was about protecting the world & everyone in it. AND THAT'S WHAT HE WAS GOING TO DO, NO MATTER WHAT! With one final flash, Perfect Chaos was engulfed in a golden light. The heat dissipated, the lava stopped spewing, the black hole was stifled, and even Sonic & Tails found their wounds recovered, now surrounded by golden forcefields. The light finally cleared, & Chaos' body was revealed. He now appeared in his Chaos 0 form, though his body shown like gold. Inside, his body contained the seven Chaos Emeralds, adding greater regality to his new body. Chaos had achieved his true perfect form, Super Chaos.

"Nice one Chaos!" Sonic said, "Now we can take him down together!". Chaos gave Sonic a look of gratitude before raising his hand, & sending Sonic & Tails away with Chaos Control. He then turned to Iblis, who still didn't recognize Chaos, & still didn't care. The monster roared into the sky, shaking the entire universe, before charging at the water guardian.

(Nega Mother Wisp Armor)

Chaos swerved through the air, avoiding Iblis' charge before firing a series of water bolts at his body. The bolts shattered parts of the monster's stone-like skin, but it did little to faze him. Iblis raised his hands to the air, & a vortex of flames erupted from the ground, rising so high it scorched the moon. Chaos tanked the flames & flew straight into his foe, punching the monster hard enough to send him flying out of the city. He flew up again & delivered another punch, sending Iblis even further out. He continued this for several seconds before stopping in the middle of the ocean. Iblis proceeded to lash out with a series of 10,000 degree heat waves, but Chaos was faster. The water guardian swung his hand in an arc, summoning up all the water on Earth & tossing it right at Iblis. The oceans crashed down on the lava god, shattering his stone armor, & revealing a large green orb on his chest. Iblis retaliated by striking the ground, inciting a massive growth on Earth that shaped into a cone. Iblis had just grown a massive volcano out of half the planet. The volcano shook, as if to erupt, but Chaos wasn't having it. He used Chaos Control to stop time, & used his speed to move every person & place off the volcano before grabbing Iblis & throwing him into it. Chaos Control wore off, & the volcano exploded, sending Iblis flying into space. Chaos looked up, hoping it was over.

IT WASN'T! Iblis used his power over flames to grab the sun & throw it at Earth! Chaos' eyes widened before flying to meet the sun before it impacted. He grabbed it with both arms, spun around, & tossed it back at Iblis, impacting the lava god with cosmic force. Surely his opponent wouldn't survive that... would he? The sun then exploded & became a black hole, Iblis floating behind it as he fueled the singularity's power. The hole grew larger & larger, threatening to destroy the solar system & beyond as every planet was being pulled in. Celestial bodies were torn asunder like deflated balloons as Iblis continued to grow his black hole with unwavering focus. Chaos' worry grew. He knew he could fend off this monster, but he didn't know how to defeat it. However, the Emerald's resonated within him, giving him the confidence to simply.












And push he did, as Chaos lunged towards Iblis & his black hole, spinning at an insurmountable speed. He plunged into the black hole, distorting time, space, & gravity as he went. He quickly negated the black hole, & headed straight for Iblis, crashing through the lava god's green core. Iblis cried out as his body broke down, reduced to nothing but flames. However, much to Chaos' surprise, Iblis was still alive. The water guardian narrowed his eyes before sending out all seven Chaos Emeralds. The gems surrounded Iblis, engulfing the flame in their light. Suddenly, Iblis was shot into Chaos' body, sealing him within. Iblis still lived, but he couldn't harm anyone now.


Chaos relished in his victory for but a second before losing consciousness & falling back to Earth.

Chaos lay on the ground, back in his base form, the Emeralds strewn about. He opened his eyes a bit, & made out a blue figure, but was too tired to make them out. All he could make out, was a kind voice, "Great job buddy, but I'll take it from here". With that, the blue figure was replaced with a golden one that took off into the sky.


Boomstick: Well isn't that nice... now how did Chaos win?

Vrokorta: Well let's start with the most important points, strength & speed. Both could go toe-to-toe with Sonic, though both were clearly slower than him. Both were strong enough to destroy the world, & had a peak strength capable of destroying the universe. They were both pretty evenly matched.

Wiz: However, comparing their other stats put this fight in Chaos' favor. Intelligence & experience easily went to Chaos, as Iblis is practically mindless, & seemingly incapable of learning. Chaos also had superior mobility, as he could shift his body & quickly travel across bodies of water, not to mention jump great heights, climb walls, & glide. At his best, Iblis could swim.

Sphere Robot: Chaos also had the superior arsenal & moveset. Where Iblis just had a lot of fire & lava attacks, Chaos had water, ice, energy blasts, shockwaves, body control, forcefields, & the ability to heal himself. At the very least he could distract Iblis with water & ice, & outlast him with his body control & healing.

Boomstick: It is worth noting that Iblis had superior regeneration & range, but he wasn't smart enough to take advantage of the latter. Now you might be thinking, "can't Iblis just walk into Chaos & vaporize him"?

Vrokorta: It's certainly possible, especially considering Iblis' superior size, but I find it unlikely for a few reasons. 1) We don't know that Chaos' brain is made of water, it might not vaporize as easily as the rest of him, so if his body is destroyed, his brain might be able to restore him. 2) Chaos could just avoid Iblis with his superior mobility & intelligence. 3) Iblis is too dumb to use that strategy anyways.

Wiz: Overall, while the two were physically matched, Chaos took every other advantage, & Iblis lacked the intelligence to use what little he had over Chaos.

Boomstick: Guess you could say Iblis' plans for destruction, were extinguished.

Vrokorta: The winner is Perfect Chaos.




















The light finally cleared, & Chaos' body was revealed.

*Robbie Rotten walks in & pulls down a curtain*

RR: Don't let your kids watch it!

Other Fights[]

Ditto is seen showing off his transformation powers to his friends, when Metamormon suddenly arrives through a portal.

Ditto vs Metamormon

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  • Vrokorta researched the entirety of the Sonic games for this fight.