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NOTE: Book Pennywise will be used. Slender Man will mostly be composited, but his extremely powerful forms (like the metaphysical one that, the one that just transcends String Theory and the math equation) and versions of the characters incredibly different from the original will be excluded to be fairer for both parties.


IT vs The Slender Mythos! In this scary battle, two masters of manipulating and utilizing fear step into the ring. It's the painted face vs no face! Which demon incarnate will win?


Wiz: Demons. Monsters. Fear incarnate. In the universe, only these 2 strike as much fear as they do.

Boomstick: And today, we're gonna make em fight to the death!

Introducing Pennywise.png

Pennywise, the Dancing Clown and Eater of Worlds.

Introducing Slender Man.png

Wiz: And the Slender Man, the faceless, well-dressed horror.

Boomstick: He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle.


Wiz: Fear. While this is not an emotion many people want to have or want others to have, there's always that one guy that feeds off of it before devouring children.

Boomstick: Yeah, those people are we-wait, what?

Wiz: Outside our universe in a place known as the Macroverse, a beast simply called IT was just that, someone that feeds off fear.

Boomstick: And when IT crashed to Earth in a pod, it created an impact so powerful it was equated to a cataclysmic meteor collision. Damn. Did this guy kill the dinosaurs?

Wiz: And so, ITs reign of terror began. Every 27 years, IT would awake and feed on defenseless men, women and children for a year before going back into hibernation. Preferring to feed on children since they were easier to manipulate, IT took the form of what the person feared the most, using their fear to 'salt the meat'.

Boomstick: Eeew. But IT made a few mistakes in its life, the most detrimental being the consumption of Georgie Denbrough. Long, long story short, pissed off a few kids, they banded together to kill the thing and they forced it into early hibernation, then 27 years later, they killed the thing.

Wiz: But it was actually implied that IT survived-nevermind.

Boomstick: Well anyway, IT needed a good form to scare kids with, 'cause he can shapeshift! Just icing on the cake. And so he chose a clown. Goddamit! Why is it always clowns?!

Wiz: More specifically, Pennywise the Dancing Clown. It uses the form of Pennywise to entice and lure kids into a false sense of security, before killing them in brutal fashion.

(Pennywise bites into Georgie's arm)

Boomstick: Ah! I don't know who would be comfortable around a clown? Disgusting.

Pennywise background.png

Wiz: But luckily or, unluckily for you, Boomstick, Pennywise can shapeshift into anything you could ever dream of. Mummies, zombies, a headless corpse, werewolves, giant birds, anything.

Boomstick: But what about-

Wiz: Anything. As well as this, ITs true form is incomprehensible to the human mind, and the closest form to ITs true form that humans can look at without suffering serious consequences is of a giant, pregnant spider with multiple mouths.

Boomstick: I take it back! Clown's fine!

Wiz: He can even make his face appear on the moon, fill a whole room with blood that only the kids could see, shapeshift into organs and kill plants just by touching them.

Boomstick: He can even control the weather! He can make hurricanes and storms at will! When he was defeated, he made a storm that nearly destroyed all of Derry! Holy crap! This guy's insane!

Wiz: He even seems to be able to manipulate the laws of space and reality. He can smell fear and can pull off incredible acrobatic feats.

Boomstick: He can read and control minds, teleport, use telekinesis, bring people to his special true form known as the Deadlights, rip people apart and even make people forget their altercations with Pennywise through a process called the Forgetting. R-Real original name there guys.

Wiz: Pennywise can even turn himself invisible to certain people or just invisible to everyone if he wants. Think about it. Pennywise could be right next to you, right now...and you wouldn't know it...

Boomstick: Aaah, stop that!

Wiz: Aside from that, Pennywise has an impressive healing factor. He can shrug off a bullet to the head and due to his amorphous goo physiology, he can likely regenerate from being turned into a liquid. It's also possible that Pennywise's true form can regenerate its manifestation, due to all the hints that Pennywise is in fact, still alive.

Boomstick: That's not even freaking mentioning the fact he can paralyze you with just one glance! This dude is incredibly powerful, and he doesn't even need to be strong! He's been able to drive people to madness or even suicide!

Wiz: This is possibly related to Pennywise's necromancy and resurrection abilities, since he can control the dead and was stated to be able to bring dead relatives back to life. This is disregarding the fact that Pennywise's true form, and therefore his manifestations exist outside the laws of space and time, he can freely control it and isn't bound by the laws of space-time, meaning he can do practically anything. Boomstick: Like knowing where Beverly would be and taking Henry there...before she freaking got there! Like, how? How do you manage to do that?

Pennywise powers.png

Wiz: But we've been dancing around it for long enough. Pennywise's true form. One that is so complex that anyone who sees it will immediately go insane, catatonic or even drop dead. This form is known simply as the Deadlights.

Boomstick: While it may look like just some orange, harmless lights, be warned. This thing is as evil as my ex-wife!

Wiz: With its absorption, soul ripping, light speed attacks, unbound by space-time laws, immortality and previously mentioned death upon glancing at it, the Deadlights are a forced to be reckoned with.

Boomstick: And The Deadlights is completely eternal. This thing literally cannot be killed through regular or irregular means!

Wiz: Except for the Ritual of Chuud. In the novel, the Ritual of Chuud is the only way to properly defeat It, and its a battle of wills. Childlike belief over evil. Optimism over malice. That kind of thing, it's what the Losers Club did to finally defeat Pennywise, although they did lose someone in the process.

Boomstick: Ouch.

Wiz: But without the Ritual of Chuud, the Deadlights are literally eternal. It cannot be killed by sheer power alone.

Pennywise Deadlights.png

Boomstick: But IT has sheer power in spades! Pennywise is freaking strong, able to rip apart humans with ease! Upon his death, he created a hurricane that nearly destroyed Derry, and an earthquake stronger than anything in history.

Wiz: He's as fast as a bullet train casually, but due to not obeying the laws of space and time, he's much, much faster.

Boomstick: Yeah, like with his teleportation! He doesn't need to be fast when he has that! And because the Deadlight's attacks are influenced by light, it can attack at the speed of light!

Wiz: But technically, IT is omnipresent inside of the Deadlights, so he is much, MUCH faster than that. He's tough enough to survive a shot to the head and surviving its own cataclysmic impact with Earth. Reminder, this was an impact that almost destroyed the world as we know it.

Boomstick: That's not to mention that aside from this one specific ritual, the Deadlights can't be killed normally! Gunshot? Forget about it? Existence erasing laser gun from space? Not gonna happen! Being bullied?

(Pennywise: I am the EATER OF WORLDS!)

(Mike: Not to us you're not. You're just a clown.)

Boomstick: Hmmm, let me get back to you on that.

Wiz: Pennywise has killed hundreds of children undetected, created a hurricane that almost destroyed all of Derry, projected his face onto the moon and has outsmarted the Loser's Club multiple times.

Boomstick: And like we said earlier, he's created an earthquake stronger than anything in recorded history! It destroyed all of Derry's downtown district, destroyed most of the buildings and made the ground collapse!

Wiz: Compare this to the 1960 Valdivia earthquake, that measured from 9.4 to 9.6 on the Richter scale. In that earthquake, only 40% of the buildings were destroyed, while a whole section of Derry completely collapsed. It's likely that the earthquake Pennywise, or more specifically, Pennywise's death caused is superior to this one. The formula for joules from the Richter magnitude is 10^1.5*(Richter Magnitude)+4.8. Since the exact damage to Derry is unknown, let's assume that the earthquake Pennywise caused was 9.0 on the Richter scale. Plugging this calculation in means that the earthquake Pennywise caused is 1.995262315x10^18.

Boomstick: Wh-what?

Wiz: Oh, it's simple, really. If we round it up to 2.0, it simply means 20,000,000,000,000,000,000 joules of energy.

Boomstick: Simple. Riiiiight.

Wiz: Don't worry. It gets worse. Pennywise is also a natural enemy to Maturin, who was able to create the universe by throwing up. So it's safe to assume that he's on an equal level of power to Maturin, and would thus have Universal powers as well.

Boomstick: Ah-Wh-My mind has been fried by this freaking clown's power! I can't go on!

Wiz: Okay, I get it. But can we at least try and get through his weaknesses?

Pennywise Feats.png

Boomstick: Fine. Pennywise does have a few flaws that turned out to be fatal. Aside from the obvious Ritual of Chuud we mentioned before, Pennywise is extremely arrogant and views humanity as nothing but playthings, considering them as weak. This means he overestimates himself and underestimates his opponents.

Wiz: He blew off many opportunities to kill the Loser's Club, even after they became a threat to him, which only strengthens his extreme arrogance. He's sensitive to psychic energy and is limited to the laws and restrictions of whatever form he transforms into.

Boomstick: Adding onto that, Pennywise gains the weaknesses of whatever form he transforms into. For example, if he turns into a werewolf, he'll be weak to silver. Collective belief and courage can overcome him and if he is truly believed to be vulnerable, he will be.

Wiz: And Pennywise does go into hibernation for 27 years, leaving him vulnerable to attack.

Boomstick: Whatever the weakness, Pennywise is one of the deadliest monsters in fiction. If you spot him, don't bother running. You'll float too.

(Beverly: Let him go!)

(Pennywise: No.)

Slender Man

Wiz: When Eric Knudsen uploaded his creepypasta to the Something Awful forums in June of 2009, he would have no idea what kind of influence his creation would have on horror for years to come.

Boomstick: Yeah...The guy was into spooky stuff and entered a Photoshop contest with the challenge of making something paranormal. His submission turned out to the Slender Man, a tall, lanky humanoid creature with a suit and no face! Look at that thing! Looks like a bowling ball going to the school dance!

Wiz: Many Something Awful users loved the idea and begun to expand on the Slender Man's lore, slowly but surely created extended lore of the Slender Man, if you will. This expanded lore has expanded to including webcomics, games, stories, web series and even a few movies-

Boomstick: Which we do NOT talk about!

Wiz: While many have added to the Slender Man's lore, there's always the 'core' to a Slender Man story, a lanky figure that kidnaps and kills children, invisible to adults to do...well, no-one knows.

Boomstick: And uh...If you find me a favour and keep it a secret, please? Thanks.

Wiz: But after the fans expanded his lore, he started taking others as well, not just children, but adults and teens, too. He usually drives them to insanity, before shoving them into his cult, turning them into Slender Man's...proxies.

Boomstick: ...The hell is a Proxy?

Wiz: Well, think of it as his servants that do his dirty work.

Boomstick: Oh.

Slender background.png

Wiz: Well, to catch his prey, Slender Man has many cosmic powers to use. Let's first go over the powers that have been with him since the beginning, then move onto the other powers added on later.

Boomstick: Okay. Slender Man's most infamous power is the ability to teleport! Except...this isn't traditional teleporting. Instead, he 'tunnels' through his dimension, which has different distance laws to ours. Like, if he moves like, 10 meters in his world, he'd move like 1 kilometre in ours.

Wiz: He can even bring people through his dimension, either placing them wherever he wants to or bringing them through time! You heard me right, Slender Man can teleport through dimensions.

Boomstick: Damn! And Slender Man also has his well-known 'Stare'. A technique Slendy can activate whenever the hell he wants, and when used on someone, the Stare makes them nauseous and go insane. It also messes with technology, creating the 'static' effect we all know and love! Luckily...

(Boomstick takes out a beer can)

Boomstick: He can't affect my beer!

(Suddenly, the room dims. The screen behind them begins to drown in static.)

Wiz: Uh...Boomstick? What are you doing?

Boomstick: Ah, don't be such a baby, Wiz-

(With a 'poof', Slender Man appears, takes Boomstick's beer, and disappears again. The room returns to normal)

Boomstick: What was th-?! NOOOO! YOU BASTARD!

Wiz: *sigh* Let's move on. Slender Man also has tentacles and what is known as as...the Sickness. His tentacles extend from his body, and Slender Man can make countless amounts of them. He can make them with or without hands, and they're strong enough to rip through steel armour like it was nothing!

Boomstick: And the Sickness was engineered by Slender Man himself! Basically, if he infects them with the Sickness, they're going to die painfully and brutally! If infected, people start to develop nosebleeds, vomiting, nightmares, headaches, fevers, insomnia, convulsions and difficulty with swallowing, just to name a few! It even causes straight-up death over a long time! Damn, dude! Like, you could just stab 'em or something.

Wiz: He's commonly been shown to manipulate and control fire, creating it at will. He can make normal fire, blue fire, which is much hotter and the special green fire, which actually gets stronger when coming into contact with water.

Boomstick: Wow, what a cheater. But then he got another power, then another, then like, a ton more. He can shapeshift into things like giant spiders, trees, multi-armed skeletons and other people. he can control the weather and the power to mess with people's minds! This all seems very familiar.

Wiz: He can brainwash people, wipe their memories, hypnotise them, messing with their emotions, causing insanity and making people fall asleep. He can utilize telekinesis to open doors by themselves and control different objects.

Boomstick: He can even do crazy things like controlling electricity, making floods and earthquakes and even revive the dead! He can regenerate his tentacles and mimic the voices of others perfectly!

Wiz: Things like flight, possession and invisibility can help him attack his prey and stay undetected. And he can turn people into things like fog with a simple gesture and he has things like umbrakinesis, the manipulation of darkness, fire explosive blasts and mutating others.

Boomstick: This dude is crazy! And that's not even going into the fact that he can crack space and time with his tentacles and he can emit Sigma radiation!

Wiz: Sigma radiation is an especially dangerous type of radiation which can kill people incredibly quickly through acute radiation poisoning. Speaking of poisoning, Slender Man also has a recently added power known simply as 'Slendersludge'. Slendersludge is assumed to be Slender Man's blood and is sentient. It takes over and controls Proxies by replacing their own blood in a horrifying display. It's even flammable, meaning that at any time, Slender Man could detonate it in a dangerous explosion.

Boomstick: He can even control his size, making himself either ginormous or tiny! He even has the Slender Sense. He can always tell when a victim is nearby and knows exactly where they are! He never hesitates and can always see the player!

Wiz: But one of his deadliest abilities is the ability to...uh, absorb people into himself. In the 2018 movie, he was able to absorb Hallie into himself, leaving nothing but a tree in her place.

Boomstick: Eeew.

Wiz: But Slender Man's deadliest ability is the so-called 'Dimensional Bleeding'. The Dimensional Bleeding is an event that distorts, rifts, leeches on and damages the space-time of various dimensions, he was unaffected by this, and is absolutely the deadliest attack in his arsenal!

Boomstick: Jeez. What doesn't he have?

Wiz: And to top it off, Slender Man seems to be completely immortal. He will remain as long as at least one person remembers him and is severely weakened if he's completely forgotten. He's unaffected by gunfire and has a healing factor that can heal almost any injury he gets.

Boomstick: that all?

Wiz: No. Because like Pennywise, Slender Man's physical form as we see it isn't his true form. It's simply an avatar.

Boomstick: Oh, here we go. Let me guess, it can't be understood or comprehended by humans?

Wiz: Bingo. In fact, Slender Man's true form is a conceptual abstraction. It isn't 'alive' or 'dead', it's just there. It just...exists. And, like Pennywise's Deadlights, it can't be killed by conventional means. It can even revive the Slender Man avatar if it is ever killed.

Slender Powers.png

Boomstick: Holy crap! And Slender Man is really powerful without his space-time destroying attacks! He's fast enough to reduce two girls to a single splat of blood in the literal blink of an eye, his tendrils were powerful enough to ram right through reinforced steel armour, which has been calculated at 10 tons of force!

Wiz: He's burned through steel, which would need a temperature of over 1510°C and has set a whole forest on fire instantaneously. He can easily rip humans apart, react to point-blank gunfire and quickly lift and impale people on trees.

Boomstick: He's evaded capture for thousands of years, put Jack into a time loop in the Creepypasta Collection, and orchestrate complicated plots over decades!

Wiz: And as previously stated, he's been unaffected by the Dimensional Bleeding, a multi-universal event.

Boomstick: Hot damn! This guy seems unstoppable!

Slender Feats.png

Wiz: Well, not exactly. If looked at through a camera, Slender Man is forced to reveal himself. He's extremely slow on his feet and has to rely on certain quick attacks and teleportation as his speed. And possibly his strangest weakness: If he's looked at through a mirror, the Stare is disabled and Slender Man is unable to move.

Boomstick: Yeah, he also doesn't have much combat experience. To be fair, most of his victims barely resisted and if they did, it was barely effective. His aura and Stare can be negated with anti-seizure medications of all things.

Wiz: And like Pennywise, if a certain number of people believe he has a weakness, it will become fact and he will be weakened by it. And while Slender Man is extremely powerful, he lacks a direct offensive movement, relying on the environment of biological attacks to overpower his victims.

Boomstick: But whatever the weaknesses, Slender Man is a force to be reckoned with. If you encounter him, better hope you have a few pages lying around.

(Slender Man kills the player in Slender: The Eight Pages)


Wiz: All right, the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all!


Penny vs Slendy set.png


Death Battle

Present Day

This night time wasn't peaceful like most should be. It was the kind of temperature that was too hot to put on a jacket, but too cold to go without one. Moreso than the temperature was the night ruled by a sense of dread. It was almost something tangible, the fear infected everyone, but none more than William Russel. This night was the night he decided to venture into the woods.

It wasn't even the night that seemed strange, it was the forest. The town that William lived in surrounded a huge forest, and there were many urban legends about people getting lost in the woods...forever. William believed none of them. It was just a forest, lots of places had them. His friend dared him to venture in and video his experience, but he had dropped the camera by now.

He was running from someone-no, something. This creature that was chasing him couldn't have been human. It was much too tall, and it was wearing a suit, of all things. Unless it was a businessman who liked playing basketball, there was no way it could be human. William had also brought a torch with him, it was lighting up the trees in front of him as he crashed through them, paying no respect to the environment.

He jumped over a log and glanced behind him. The tall figure was standing there, almost like it was watching him. Screaming, William ran faster still, not caring to look where he was going. So, it was inevitable he tripped on something. He crashed to the ground with a mighty 'oof!' before scrambling to his feet.

Stopping, William looked behind him. Now the figure had what looked like...tentacles growing out of it? Gasping, William took a step back. One tentacle started to fly towards him. Jumping to the side, William's left arm narrowly avoided being impaled by the tentacle. Twisting back, Willam started to run once more, fully aware that more tentacles were flying towards him. Many narrowly missed him, and one even scraped the sleeve from his t-shirt. Yelling, William jumped behind a tree and took a moment to catch his breath.

His head was pounding, almost like something was invading it. He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to ignore it, but the more he tried to, the more intense the headache got.

What's wrong, William? Don't you want to be my Proxy? The voice was horrifying, like nails on a chalkboard. Gasping, William shined the torch out from behind the tree. Another tentacle crashed through the tree, causing William to jump back in fright, letting out a yell.

"Please! Leave me alone!" William pleaded. The tentacle did nothing, but with one quick jerk upwards, the tree was uprooted from the dirt. Distracted, William stared up at it, unaware of a tentacle flying his way. Before he could react, the tentacle flew straight through his left shoulder, crashing through it, partnered with the 'Crack!' of bone.

"Gaaah! Leave me alo-!" He cried, but his last word was drowned out by a coughing fit. Dizzy, scared and in pain, William dropped the torch and began to stumble away, holding his good hand to his injured shoulder. Deep down, William knew what this creature was, this was the Slender Man.

The Slender Man was 'watching' William with fascination. He didn't seem to understand that being a Proxy meant he could keep his life. He wasn't aiming to kill William, just impede his running ability. In any case, he could easily heal William, who was still desperately trying to get away.

Another tentacle flew towards William's left leg, slicing it open. Unlike the shoulder, the tentacle had not stabbed through the leg. Crying out in pain, William didn't stop. He dragged his leg behind him, blood cascading down the left side of his body. His vision was getting blurrier and blurrier, he could hardly stand, let alone run.

Tired, pained and scared, William leant on a tree, his breaths ragged. He wished he had his torch. Oh, why did he drop his-?

"Well, hiya, William!" Came a voice from the darkness. With a scream, William took a step back and fell onto his back, looked up at the figure.

"Who...Who are you?" William groaned. The figure stepped out of the darkness. It was..a clown! He had red hair and a grey suit, complete with red bobbles on the torso. His face was painted white, with a red line going from his eyes to the corners of his mouth. The clown also had piercing blue eyes, the eyes you couldn't help but trust.

"Me? Why, I'm Pennywise, the Dancing Clown!" He said with a smile. The clown, Pennywise, looked down at him with concern.

"You look hurt."

"I need...the hospital..." He whispered. Pennywise held out a red balloon.

"Say, you seem to need some cheering up. Do you want a balloon? They float." The clown seemed jovial enough. William nodded weakly and held out his hand. The clown gave him the string and he clenched his hands around it. The clown grabbed his good arm and pulled him to his feet.

"Now, please..." William's voice was becoming weaker by the second. "I need help..."

"How about some more balloons? They float! And with them..." Pennywise stared at him with a smile. "You'll float too!" He let out a laugh. William dimly looked down at his arm. Pennywise still had a tight grip on it. He looked into the clown's eyes, which were a deep yellow. Wait, yellow? They were blue before. William supposed it was a trick of the light.

"You'll float too." The clown repeated. His smile had disappeared.

"You'll float too. You'll float too! YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!" The clown's chanting got louder and louder until it was merely a screech that pierced his ears. And with a laugh, the clown seized William's injured arm.

"Hey, what're you-?" Then he saw the clown's face. And what he saw destroyed any shred of courage he had left. Pennywise's teeth were razor-sharp, he was glaring right into William's eyes. He glanced at the red balloon.

It popped in William's face, covering his front in...blood?! It was more than William could handle. Fear flooded every inch of his body as he started to squirm, kicking out at anything and everything he could reach.

"YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!" The clown screeched. Then it opened its mouth wide and chomped down on William's bad arm. The screaming from William became something louder than volcanoes, louder than anything anyone had ever heard. Slender Man was slowly walking towards the source of the noise.

Pennywise tugged on William's arm and when he did, it annihilated any minuscule amount of life left in his body. William's eyes rolled up into his skull, and he died. With one last tug, Pennywise tore William's injured arm free from the rest of his body and devoured it. Pennywise allowed William's bloody corpse to fall to the ground as he laughed evilly, preparing to devour the rest of him. That's when Slender Man appeared. He stared at the clown, then looked down at what used to be William.

"Was this your prey?" Pennywise asked with a sneer. "Too late." Slender Man fired a tentacle in the clown's direction, who caught it with a hand.

"Ha ha ha! I am the Eater of Worlds! None of your tricks will harm me, puny monster!" Pennywise crooned, standing up straight. While Slender Man towered over Pennywise, he wasn't phased. He walked past William's corpse and towards Slender Man, stopping two meters away. Then he felt something in his head.

That was my Proxy, my kill, my hunt.

"Your hunt?" Pennywise scoffed. "You want it? Come and get it, tough guy!"

Four tendrils emerged from Slender Man's back as he readied to attack. This battle would not end well. Pennywise's teeth were still razor-sharp, preparing to defend any attack the monster could throw at him. It was time for a...


...The early stages of the battle weren't exactly what people would call 'interesting'. The two monsters simply stared at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move. After a minute of staring, Pennywise's eyes glowed yellow. He seemed to be at peace. Slender Man was taken aback but didn't show any outside emotion. His head started to pound, in tune with a human heartbeat.

Pennywise was inside Slender Man's mind, exploring his history. He was hurtled through the void that was Slender Man's mind. It was like a 4-D cinema, he moved around with the scenes. He saw a young girl running away, screaming like a banshee. Upon seeing this, Pennywise smiled. They weren't so different, were they?

"It's the Slender Man! Run!" Said a man. Pennywise was hurtled into the scene. He was tall, wearing a suit. The people had scattered, screaming and crying. With a jolt, Pennywise realised he was Slender Man, or at least saw his POV. His name was Slender Man, he knew that much.

The scene changed. Pennywise was standing in the forest, which was burning all around him. He raised his arms and swept them behind his body. The fire seemed to follow his hands like he was controlling fire!

The scene changed. Pennywise had cornered someone and was changing size and forms. He was a giant spider, and the girl went white. He turned into a multi-armed skeleton...Then he was fighting a girl, who was followed by some sort of...mass, brightly coloured.

Back in the real world, the glow from Pennywise's eyes dissipated and he blinked. Slender Man looked up at the clown, who grinned.

"You can shapeshift? I can do that too!" And he was off, he held out his arms, which, in a second transformed into something long and sharp. It almost seemed like a spider's leg. He chuckled, as Slender Man stared.

"Let's play a game! I call it...Can Slender Man Survive A Stab Through the Head?" And with that, he took off, moving at full speed, towards the faceless fright. Slender Man threw three tendrils at the clown, who dodged one and sliced the other two in half.

1 metre...50 centimetres...30...10! Pennywise swung his right arm upwards, catching Slender Man in the chest. The spider leg sliced into his chest, spraying what looked like tar into the clown's face. Pennywise looked at the tar dripping onto the ground and yelped with laughter. It wasn't joyful laughter, either. It was mocking, evil. Slender Man could've smiled if he had a mouth and simply put his arms behind his back.

The tar seemed to glow orange, confusing the Eater of Worlds. As he got closer, Slender Man clenched his hands together and teleported behind a tree. Pennywise simply stared.



The tar exploded in Pennywise's face, sending a shockwave through the forest. The shockwave slammed into the trees, knocking the weak ones over and putting a crack through the smaller one. Splinters zoomed everywhere like bullets, some even crashing into Pennywise's chest. The clown let out a groan and fell on his back.

Slender Man poked his head out from behind the tree to inspect the damage. What he saw sent a wave of pleasure through his body. Pennywise's arms had been blown off, alongside half of his face. He was convulsing, sputtering.

"You..." The remains of the clown whispered. "You...idiot." And with that, he laughed. It was another mocking laugh. Angry, Slender Man held his arms high. His tendrils rose up into the air and curled around, pointing directly for Pennywise's face.

"Come on! Do it!" Pennywise laughed, blood running down his face. Slender Man slammed his hands back down, and the tendrils sped towards the clown's massive forehead at blinding speeds. They almost cut through the air, as Pennywise only laughed harder. The tendrils got closer and closer, sharper and sharper. They flew right to his head...

And just like that, Pennywise disappeared. The tendrils slammed into the ground, burrowing through it, but it didn't hit Pennywise. Confused, Slender Man looked to his right, then to his left. Behind him, Pennywise's arms were back to their spider-leg form as he rushed towards the Slender Man's back. With a grin, he slammed the legs into his back. The legs ripped through his body, emerging on the other side.

"Fear..." Pennywise whispered as he dragged the legs out of Slender Man's body. His arms returned to normal as he grinned. Twisting around, Slender Man seemed to not be bothered by the gaping hole in his chest. Pennywise grew annoyed and stared at the wound, which slowly started to close back up. Slightly shocked, Pennywise growled.

"Don't wanna play? Fine! It's 'lights out' for you, bitch!" Pennywise screamed, and he opened his mouth wide. But even as they got as big as a human's mouth could get, Pennywise's mouth still grew wider, and wider, and wider still! And what was inside his mouth was beyond comprehension, it'd kill anyone with a single glance. His maw was lined with thousands of sharp teeth and deep, deep inside Pennywise's throat were three swirling, orange lights. Slender Man stared into the mouth, and Pennywise knew he had one. He was dead or catatonic at most. Pennywise closed his mouth and grinned, slowly walking up to Slender Man, who was frozen in place.

"Aw, such a fun time. Ah well, another meal for me-" Pennywise looked down quickly. Tendrils, four of them, had pierced right through his body, blood spilled from his chest. Howling, Pennywise grabbed the tendrils and ripped them out of his body. Slender Man took a step back lazily as Pennywise growled at him.

"Why you little..." With that, Pennywise tugged on the tendrils. Slender Man was jerked forwards but shot his last two tentacles towards Pennywise's forehead. A guaranteed kill. The tendrils flew right through his forehead, but to his surprise, Pennywise didn't react.

"You're not a smart monster." Pennywise taunted as he tugged on the tendrils once more. Slender Man pulled on the tendrils, but with a growl, Pennywise used all of his strength to pull on them once more.


Black blood spilled from Slender Man's back, spurting out in random ways. Pennywise smiled and threw the detached tendrils on the ground. Slender Man stared at the clown, who started to twist and contort his body. His head turned from a painted, jovial clown to a rotting, disgusting shell of a human. His arms, torso and legs grew bandages, which twisted and wrapped around his body.

Was it a mummy? It certainly looked to be. The mummy shuffled its feet, desperately trying to regain his balance. The bandages started to come undone and fell off the mummy's body. Slender Man threw the tendrils forward, which flew towards It with a boom. The mummy's bandages rose into the air in response and also shot forwards.

As the two attacks reached each other, the tendrils and bandages started wrapping around one another, squeezing each other tightly. More bandages and tendrils collided like this, almost leaving the two monsters at a standstill. Almost. Many more bandages emerged from the mummy's body and threw themselves at Slender Man, who didn't have any tendrils to react with.

But instead of stabbing him as Slender Man had originally thought, they wrapped themselves around his head and started to pull. The Slender Man tried to fight it, but the bandages were too strong, more started wrapping themselves around his head, increasing the mummy's grip on the faceless nightmare.

Slender Man tried to resist, but nothing helped. Eventually, all the bandages covering the mummy's rotting, disgusting face had wrapped around Slender Man's head, leaving the mummy's face clear to bite out at nothing. He bit the air, as Slender Man got closer and closer. He was inching nearer and nearer to the mummy's teeth. Almost like it had a taste for flesh, the mummy's bites became more and more frenzied, reaching out, trying to just...just reach the Slender Man!

But right before it would be harmful, Slender Man teleported away. The mummy slowly reverted back into Pennywise, the bandages sinking into its body. Frustrated, Slender Man decided to give the clown a taste of his own medicine. The strange voice began intruding on Pennywise's thoughts once more.

Now, time for me to learn about you...

"Oh-ho-ho! No, you don't!" Pennywise growled, rushing towards Slender Man. Too late. Pennywise suddenly froze in place, before falling on his back, shaking violently. He sputtered and rolled around in the dirt, yelling and laughing. Slender Man had entered his mind and was forcing him to relieve all his memories.

Slender Man was now fighting adults in the sewer, and he wasn't...normal. He was gigantic, with 8 long, spindly but sharp legs. He was laughing, the legs crashing into the ground...the scene skipped forwards, and he had impaled someone on one of his legs. The people...they seemed to be screaming 'Eddie!' or something of the sort.

The scene changed, and now Slender Man was in a storm drain, looking up at a boy in a yellow raincoat. With surprise, Slender Man realised he was holding a paper boat up in the air. The boy was reaching for it, and then he grabbed the boy's arm, and changed his face. Then the screaming started. He bit into the boy's arm and tore it off with little effort, devouring the flesh and bone.

The boy was long dead. Slender Man snaked away from the drain, where people would surely start to look. Then the scene changed...he was staring at a woman, and showed her his true form. The lights overtook her body, and she immediately fell to the ground. Was she dead? No. She was still what did the lights do? But he never found out. Pennywise ejected the faceless fright from his mind with a growl.

"You wanna play MIND GAMES, huh? GET READY! HAHAHA!" And with that, Pennywise flew towards Slender Man, and tried to take over his body. His voice bounced off the inside of Slender Man's head, echoing around, making it seem louder than it actually was.

"I'LL KILL YOU! ha-ha! I'll drive you crazy, then I'll kill you!" Slender Man tried to fight Pennywise's possession, fighting back with his own telepathy.

No...No you won't. Slender Man shot back through his mind, and using his strength, he slowly pushed the clown out from his brain, literally. Pennywise seemed to just...fall from his face. Pennywise rolled backwards and jumped to his feet, laughing evilly. Slender Man just stared. Shaking his head, Pennywise rushed towards Slender Man without warning, screeching evilly. He held his hands out to grab Slender Man, who took a step back and held out his hands.

Fire erupted from Slender Man's hands, enveloping Pennywise in the orange flames. The Dancing Clown roared in pain and jerked his body backwards, trying to pat the fire. He wasn't speaking at this point. His speech had devolved into demonic roaring and screeching. The fire burnt away at Pennywise's clothes, melting them away. His skin followed, sagging, turning black and falling off his body.

Pennywise rolled backwards and convulsed, the last of the fire burning away at his hair. He was a disgusting, bloody pulp. His skin had been melted away along with his clothing. He was just a pile of bones and muscles. Slender Man slowly walked up to the bloody mess and inspected it closely. Wait! There was something...was it drawn on? Slender Man walked closer to the mess and looked down at it. On the muscle was a black drawing of a hand holding up the middle finger.

He heard laughter coming from behind him. Slender Man twisted around to see the clown standing behind a tree, waving at him mockingly. A tendril shot out from his back and grabbed the tree Pennywise was hiding behind, ripping it from the ground without any effort. The tendril drew the tree backwards and threw it away, far away.

"Oh-ho-ho! So, have you looked in my mind, face man?! You would see what I can do! I am eternal! You are nothing!" Something large was growing behind Slender Man, converting him in a shadow. He turned and saw the bloody mess, 30 feet tall. It stretched over Slender Man, almost like it was Play-Doh. The other end of the corpse touched the ground beside The Faceless One.

And, with a click of Pennywise's fingers, the corpse clamped over Slender Man, like it was a messy, bloody prison. It clamped down on him, harder and harder, constricting him more and more...It was enough to kill any normal human. The corpse was squeezing harder. Slender Man's tendrils did next to nothing to the corpse and if it did put a hole in it, the hole would regenerate in a second.

There was nothing to do! Unless...And with a noise that sounded a lot like static, Slender Man teleported out of the corpse. Laughing, Pennywise clapped on the monster.

"You should've seen the look on your face! Here, I'll show you!" He teleported closer to Slender Man and held out his hands, which started to bubble and change. They changed into something long and shiny, something that shined Slender Man's reflection back at him. A mirror! He froze, as Pennywise laughed.

"Oooh, let me get a look at this!" He taunted, before he finally stared into the mirror, spying Slender Man's reflection. And just like that, Slender Man was stuck. He couldn't move, nor use a Stare to disorient him. He was trapped.

Pennywise put the mirror on the ground and turned gave his hands large, razor-sharp claws. Pennywise slashed Slender Man in the chest, pushing him back. Another slash, this time to Slender Man's back. Tar splattered across the ground, and Slender Man was still stuck. Pennywise pushed Slender Man to the ground, crushing the mirror.

Regaining his movement, Slender Man teleported far away to heal, detonating the Slendersludge. The explosion sprayed dust in every direction, with no trace of Pennywise. Slender Man could've smiled and began to slowly walk back to the crater. He saw an eagle flying away from the explosion but ignored it.

The clown was gone. Obliterated. Slender Man had won. He turned to walk away but suddenly, he heard a caw. He looked above himself and saw the eagle, circling around him. The eagle swooped low, narrowly missing the Slender Man, who looked at with curiosity. It turned around and swooped again, holding its wings out wide. In a flash, its wing transformed into a clawed hand, drawn back, ready to strike.

The hand struck, slicing Slender Man's neck. The claws ripped right through Slender Man's neck, separating his head from his body. The bird twisted and contorted back into Pennywise, who landed on his feet, laughing.

"Night, moon man." He said, laughing. Balloons erupted from Pennywise's chest, hundreds of them, red. They floated into the air, covering the forest in a sea of red. It was his way of boasting. He admired his creation, looking up into the sky. Confused, citizens opened their doors and stepped outside to inspect the ocean of balloons above them.

They heard a roar from the forest, but none dared to investigate. William went in but hadn't come out. The source of the roar was a tendril slicing through the chest of a certain dancing clown.

"Impressive...heh, heh! But not enough!" Pennywise coughed, turning to stare at Slender Man, who stared right back. They teleported closer to each other, Pennywise laughing, Slender Man silent. He teleported right in front of Pennywise and grabbed his arms, holding him in place. Pennywise looked up at him, grinning, but he stopped. Slender Man stared into Pennywise's eyes, a stare that would make anyone go crazy. Although a little nauseated, Pennywise still laughed, Slender Man wouldn't have laughed even if he did have a mouth. He was done playing games.

Let's travel, shall we? Came a voice in Pennywise's head. Slender Man threw Pennywise through the air, but before he could hit the ground, a portal erupted behind him. Pennywise glared at Slender Man as he fell through, who followed quickly.

They were being hurtled through time and space. Shunted through the Slender Man's dimension and right when Pennywise regained his bearings, another portal appeared behind him, an exit. He fell through it with a laugh, falling through the air. Slender Man followed through the portal and teleported to the ground safely.


SMASH! Pennywise crashed through the roof of the house, cutting him off completely. Screams came from the house as a family of three ran out of the door. They were wearing...wool clothing? The houses were made out of wood...and horses were abundant!

The 7th Century

Maniacal laughing escaped the house as Slender Man prepared to go inside. The 'windows' of the house were covered in something silver. Pennywise smashed through the roof once more, but this time he was enormous. 7 stories tall and evil.

He looked down at Slender Man and raised his hand up in the air. With a glare of pure anger, Pennywise threw his fist into the ground, crushing Slender Man. The impact from his fist knocked over other buildings in the vicinity as he laughed, dust spewed through the town, knocking people off their feet, scaring the horses out of their skin.

"WAH-HAH!" The Dancing Clown laughed, grinding his fist into the ground. He slowly lifted his fist up, and what he saw angered him beyond anything he had ever felt. Slender Man was unscathed.

"WHAT?!" He screamed, teeth growing sharp and dangerous. His voice distorted until it was a deep yelling, barely understandable. Slender Man held his hands up, and he started to grow, too. His already tall body rose up until it matched and even surpassed the clown. Slender Man waved his hands around, sparks flying around them. Pennywise watched and smiled, while the citizens ran away in fear.

Slender Man threw his hands forward, flames following the direction. Laughing, Pennywise exhaled. The stream of fire was flying closer and closer...burning through the air! It was within a metre of him!

Then Pennywise inhaled, but it was obvious he wasn't trying to breathe. He was leaning back, sucking in as much as he could, there was no way he was simply breathing. With surprise, Slender Man watched as the fire flew inside Pennywise's mouth, like a vacuum. So that was what the clown was trying to do.

He smiled, before blowing once more. The fire, now condensed into a thin string of flames, zipped towards the Slender Man, who threw his hands downwards. The flames followed his hands, crashing through a wooden house. The house caught fire in an instant, with a fireball that spread to the other houses around it, lighting them up, too.

The fire jumped between the houses, surrounding the two super-sized fighters. Many people weren't able to get out in time. Others were caught in the fire and never managed to get out of it. Pennywise rushed towards Slender Man, his face violently shaking, his teeth sharp. He was ploughing through the houses as if they were never there, to begin with.

He drew his head back and threw it into Slender Man's shoulder, biting down into it. He ripped a piece of white skin and black suit and swallowed it, black tar running down his mouth. He glared, but Slender Man merely nodded. The black tar sunk into Pennywise's skin as Slender Man's shoulder regenerated itself slowly.

The black tar was trying to take over his own blood, it started to try and control him, and Pennywise could feel its influence. He held a finger to his arm, which turned into a giant syringe in an instant. He stabbed it into his arm and started to extract the black tar. Slender Man threw tendrils forward to stop him, but Pennywise merely caught them with his other hand. Once the black blood had been extracted, Pennywise turned his finger back to normal and laughed, Slender Man was getting angry. He teleported behind Pennywise, but the second he turned around, Pennywise disappeared.

There was no 'poof' of smoke, no noise to indicate he had moved, there was nothing like that. He just...disappeared before Slender Man could turn around. Angry, Slender Man looked into the sky, and what he saw actually shocked him. He'd seen and done a lot of things, but nothing like this.

Pennywise's face was on the moon, spitting at him. He took a step forwards, but after that, Slender Man was unable to move. Another Pennywise had grabbed him from behind, holding him in place. A third Pennywise, also giant, walked up to him and smiled, baring his thousands of sharp teeth. Just like he saw in the clown's memories, the third Pennywise opened his mouth wide, showing a maw lined with thousands of teeth. Except, this time there were no lights.

The mouth got closer and closer to Slender Man's face, who -almost desperately- tried to stab the Pennywise holding him with tendrils, to no avail. He tried to teleport multiple times, but every time he did that, the clowns were right behind him, ready to bring him right back to square one. The mouth got even closer until Slender Man could see all the way down Pennywise's large throat.

Slender Man stopped trying to resist and relaxed, secretly trying to concentrate. The mouth clamped over his face and bit into his neck. The clown jerked his head backwards, trying his hardest to separate Slender Man's head from his neck.


The Pennywise holding him loosened its grip as the Pennywise biting into his neck momentarily stopped. A moment was all Slender Man needed. He teleported away, the bite mark in his neck slowly healing. The shockwave knocked all three fighters to the ground, upsetting the dirt beneath them. They were still super-sized. The three of them looked upwards, into the sky, towards the bright rock illuminating the ground.

The moon, which held Pennywise's face, was destroyed. Half of it was in pieces. You couldn't tell where the moon ended and the other moon started. The two moons collided. That much was obvious. Chunks of the moon were floating towards the Earth, burning up as they entered the atmosphere.

One of the chunks zoomed towards the Earth faster than the rain did. The chunk smashed into one of the only wooden houses standing, the shockwave from the impact created a crater that destroyed the other houses, standing or not. The pieces from the moon rained down on the Earth, decorating it with craters.

When Slender Man looked back to the town, the two Pennywise's were replaced with just the one, still giant. It looked at Slender Man and laughed.

"Aw, don't wanna play with the clown? Why not? Come play with the clown! COME PLAY WITH THE CLOWN!" His voice echoed across the lands, joined in a chorus made up of other voices, little children, his own, a monstrous roar. All of them penetrated through the silence. "PLAY WITH THE CLOWN!"

Slender Man held out his hand and drooped his head as if he was giving up, Pennywise laughed maniacally and dashed towards the faceless fright. When the clown was mere inches away from him, Slender Man waved his arm around. Pennywise stopped and took a step back, Then his body twisted, contorted and spun itself around. With a mighty roar, the clown faded away, leaving nothing but fog in its wake. Slender Man nodded and spun around, walking away.

The wind started to get more intense, as clouds began to shield the Earth from the Sun’s glow. The wind was picking up, throwing the fog around and around. The fog dissipated quickly as the wind grew more and more ferocious, growling and ripping at the buildings and Slender Man. The clouds darkened quickly, and a 'BOOM!' confirmed what Slender Man had thought.

A hurricane. It lifted the poor wooden houses up and into the air, throwing them around like they were nothing. Slender Man stuck his tendrils in the ground to steady himself and focused all his energy on stopping the storm. The wind rushed down to meet him and clouds began to form some sort of looked like a human head? With tufts of hair? Lightning cracked down from the clouds, the light obscuring the cloud.

When the light dimmed, the cloud was now replaced with Pennywise's face, which was laughing up a storm, literally. Every exhale caused the wind to speed up. It would have thrown Slender Man off his feet if his tendrils didn't keep him steady.

"Oh-ho-ho! Don't wanna play with me...? THEN PLAY WITH THE WIND! Pathetic creature! Even you can't stop this storm! I'M INVINCIBLE, CREATURE! I AM THE EATER OF WORLDS!" Slender Man looked up the clouds. Pennywise was right, if Slender Man could control the storm, it would take too long! He decided to send a telepathic message to the clown.

If you were truly'd prove it by materialising here and fighting me like a man.

"Ooh, got a death wish, huh? well, you asked for it!" Pennywise laughed, as the clouds descended towards the Earth. Clouds swirled around on the ground, before revealing the clown smiling evilly. He seemed to be unaffected by the storm surrounding them. His hands grew razor-sharp claws on them as he walked closer and closer to Slender Man. He was stalling for time.

Slender Man held his arms out wide, the tendrils emerging from the dirt. In a flash, Slender Man was whipped around the Earth at blinding speeds. Pennywise laughed and jumped up in the air, allowing himself to also be affected by the storm. He propelled himself forwards with his breath by blowing behind him until he reached Slender Man.

He pounced. Literally. Even though he was standing on nothing, Pennywise leapt through the air towards Slender Man and landed on top of him. They both toppled to the ground, Slender Man pinned down by the clown.


Slendersludge splattered across Pennywise's face and torso, but he didn't react. He slashed again, and again until his hands merely became a mess of colour, spraying the sludge everywhere. Slender Man couldn't detonate it now, he'd be caught in the explosion. Pennywise laughed. He knew his opponent was out of options. He closed his eyes and laughed, which gave Slender Man the opportunity he needed.

With a noise that sounded like static, Slender Man was gone, replaced by a pool of Slendersludge. The clown stopped laughing and looked down at the sludge, which started to turn orange.

"Oh, fuc-" The explosion sent body parts flying everywhere, blood spilling across the lands. But then time almost seemed to stop, as quickly as he blasted apart, he was pulled back together by some unknown power. Pennywise hopped into the air and grabbed onto a tree, surfing on it, trying to spot Slender Man.

At that moment, Slender Man teleported behind him. He narrowly avoided a tendril to the back and tried to retaliate with a slash, which also barely missed. Pennywise turned his body around and crouched downwards. He leapt forward, somersaulting to avoid a tendril erupting from the tree to impale him. He slashed towards Slender Man's head, who ducked to avoid the attack. Slender Man sent a tendril flying upwards, right in front of Slender Man's face, Pennywise leaned back to dodge it narrowly.

Tensions were spiking. They were each taking shots at each other that missed by inches. They were both getting angrier, their attacks sloppy. Pennywise grew so frustrated that he roared like a dinosaur and dashed forwards, only for Slender Man to teleport back down to the ground. Three tendrils rose from the ground and sped towards Pennywise, who jumped back at the last second.

"YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DIE. I AM THE EATER OF WORLDS, AND I'LL EAT YOU TOO! YOU'LL FLOAT TOO!" He jumped down to the ground to meet the faceless horror. They stared at each other, Pennywise no longer smiling. His eyes drifted next to Slender Man, and what was there made him smile again.

A tree next to Slender Man was inches from snapping free of the ground and smacking him in the face. Slender Man knew this, he had his Slender Sense after all. He was also stalling for time. The tree was held to the ground by a few splinters at this point, now only a couple of just one.

In a flash, both fighters reacted. Slender Man sunk a few tendrils into the tree and flung it towards the clown, who was dashing towards Slender Man. The tree knocked him back, and Slender Man took his chance. He bolted forwards and grabbed Pennywise by the shoulders. A portal erupted behind them. With a single kick, Pennywise was thrown back into the portal, Slender Man followed behind quickly.

They were travelling through space and time...they weren't in the 7th Century anymore...They were travelling forwards in time...going faster and faster as they did so.

Then they emerged in a small town. Pennywise got up first and brushed himself off mockingly.

"Well, that was unpleasant." He muttered, before laughing. Slender Man and Pennywise both observed the town around them. It seemed quaint enough. On a billboard nearby read the words 'ANGEL GROVE'. This wasn't the Earth they had known.

Ben Tennyson vs Tommy Oliver - SuperSaiyan2Link

With a 'BOOM!' that shook the ground around them, Pennywise and Slender Man charged into one another. Pennywise was impaled on four tendrils, while Slender Man had claws lodged in his torso. They both stared, both barely affected by each other's attacks. Pennywise ripped the tendrils out of his body and yanked the Slender Man towards him.

An uppercut from the clown sent Slender Man tumbling down the street. The ground cracked wherever the faceless fright landed, but he ended up on his feet in the end. Pennywise dashed towards Slender Man at full speed. He was almost faster than a bullet train! He easily dodged every tendril Slender Man threw at him. Pennywise grabbed him, and at that moment something boomed, which seemed to almost shake the Earth.

"Who are those two?! What are those two?" The two fighters looked down the street to their left and saw the strangest sight: A dinosaur, a green and black car with a person in red armour lying on top of it and two bystanders, one male and the other female.

"Hey! Who are you guys?" The male bystander called. He was wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans and had black hair.

"Who's this?" Pennywise responded, pulling out a red balloon. "Do you want a balloon, child?"

"Child?!" The bystander yelled, outraged, but the dinosaur stopped him.

"Kevin, don't."

"Excuse me, but aren't we forgetting our friend?!" Kevin said, pointing towards Tommy. In a flash of green, the dinosaur transformed into a teenager. Kevin turned to Gwen, but she was gone. "Gwen? Care to way-Huh?"

Almost in answer to his confusion, a scream echoed throughout the street. Unbeknownst to all of them, Slender Man had grabbed Gwen and teleported away with her. Ben looked around himself in panic but felt someone...something invading his mind. Groaning, he fell to his knees and held his forehead. Pennywise's eyes were glowing yellow, and his mouth was curved upwards into a nightmarish grin.

"Wh-What are you doing to my friend, guy?" Kevin rushed towards the wreckage of his car and held a hand to it, his skin, hair and clothes all turning dark green. "You asked for it, tough guy!" Kevin charged forwards and released a devastating punch on the clown. He yelped in pain and stepped backwards. The clown...was unaffected!

"What...?!" Pennywise's eyes stopped glowing, and his head turned to look at Kevin suddenly. Kevin sighed. "Aw, damn." Pennywise started walking towards him, slowly getting faster and faster. Kevin started to run, groaning slightly. A flash of green erupted from behind him right before Pennywise was able to grab him. Ben was now...a special alien. It had no mouth and its body was starry. This was Alien X.

Pennywise ignored Kevin and turned to look at Alien X. At that moment, Slender Man teleported back onto the street, holding Gwen's lifeless corpse.

"Gwen!" Kevin screamed, speeding towards her. Slender Man stood in his way, but Kevin merely punched him out of the way. "Oh, Gwen! What the hell-?" A tendril cut him off as it stabbed through his chest like it was butter. Kevin silently slumped to the floor, dark red blood leaking from his chest slowly.

"What?!" Came a voice from the other side of the street. Tommy was finally awake. He sat up and looked at the destruction. "What the hell?" Slender Man turned to look at him as he sighed and got off the car.

"Dino Thunder, Power Up!" He yelled as Alien X and Pennywise took off into the sky. With a grunt, Alien X kicked Pennywise into a nearby meteorite. The clown merely laughed in response. Alien X threw himself forwards and grabbed Pennywise by the neck.

"Time to end this." His voice rang out, monotone. Pennywise looked downwards. His body was disappearing! Pennywise chuckled, then he laughed, then he laughed and laughed until the rest of his body faded away, leaving nothing but a head. He looked up at Alien X and grinned.

"Fear..." He muttered, then his head was gone.

"There. That did it." Alien X muttered, brushing himself off. Something biting into his shoulder immediately proved him wrong. He elbowed the thing in the face and pushed it away. When he turned, he saw the clown, completely intact. "What? No way!" He yelled, the voice of Ben penetrating through the monotone voice of the alien.

Pennywise pointed his finger at Alien X, his hand in the finger gun formation. He pretended to shoot the 'gun', laughing. Confused, Alien X wasn't fast enough to dodge the sword that fired out of the fingers. The sword lodged itself inside Alien X's chest. He let out a scream but scoffed at the clown.

In one swift movement, he was a circle with his hand and fired it at Pennywise. Circles surrounded Pennywise, reversing time all around him. He laughed mockingly.

"Idiot boy! That trick doesn't work on me!" Then Pennywise walked towards Alien X. Time distorted around him! The circles were passing over him, but nothing was happening to him! He was walking on space! Alien X gasped. This had never happened before. Pennywise grabbed Alien X by the shoulders and forced him to look into his eyes. The green eyes met the yellow. Pennywise opened his maw, and Ben Tennyson was no more. What he saw destroyed every last bit of his sanity.

He turned back into Ben immediately, face pale, eyes cold, missing the light of life. Pennywise laughed a little and grabbed Ben's arm, ripping it away from the body in the blink of an eye. He teleported back to the street, blood oozing from Ben's arm. Slender Man fired a tendril forwards, which the now Green Ranger deflected with his Dragon Dagger. He hid a small cough and charged forwards, driving the dagger deep into Slender Man's chest, who responded by driving a tendril deep into Tommy's right arm. He yelped and pulled away from the Slender Man, blood leaking out of his arm.

Blood wasn't just running down Tommy's arm, either. Dark red blood was leaking from his nose, and with a cough, Tommy fell to his knees, ripping his helmet away from his head. He fell on all fours and coughed louder, blood spilling out of his mouth. His breathing became ragged and he started to gag.

With mild amusement, Slender Man watched Tommy cough up bile and vomit, mixed with a little blood. He tried to stand but ended up losing his balance and falling on his back, looking up at the Slender Man. Pennywise was down the street, pulling the watch free from Ben's arm violently. He knew exactly what it was. The Omnitrix.

The second Tommy looked up at where Slender Man's eyes were supposed to be, he lived, but every last shred of sanity evaporated from his body as he began to laugh and laugh away, holding his hands to the side of his head. Pennywise began to join in the laughter, crushing the Omnitrix in his palm.

"Useless thing. Didn't need it." He laughed, throwing the pieces off to the side. The two fighters were staring at each other again. They were back at square one, Tommy humming to himself next to them.

The two fighters charged towards each other, Pennywise's teeth razor-sharp, Slender Man holding his arms outwards. Slender Man grabbed Pennywise by the side of the head. The clown tried furiously biting at him but to no avail. A portal erupted behind the clown, and for the first time in decades, Pennywise felt the tiniest amount of fear.

"No! I'm not going back there! No!" He tried to free himself from Slender Man's grip, but he wouldn't budge. With fingers that were strangely sharp, Slender Man plunged his hand into Pennywise's eyes, destroying them in an instant. The clown howled with pain, stumbling backward slowly. "I'M NOT GOING BACK IN!" He roared, squirting blood into Slender Man's face.

The faceless horror effortlessly wiped the blood off his face and pushed the injured clown backwards, into the portal. The faceless fright followed closely. The portal closed quickly, leaving almost no trace that they were there. The bleeding and battered Tommy Oliver was the only one still standing. Gwen and Kevin were lying next to each other, faces cold and Ben was missing an arm, his sanity broken.

The fighters travelled through space and time itself, spiralling out of control, any normal human would be dead by this point. A second portal scooped the two up, sending them tumbling out into space.

Pennywise landed on a meteorite and kicked the Slender Man away from him, who coincidentally landed on another meteorite. They both looked down and instantly realised that they were in a collision course with a planet! Pennywise merely laughed at the thought of it.

"Haha! Reminds me of my arrival to Earth!" They heard a voice boom through space, as the meteorites suddenly stopped moving.

"I am no fool, you insect, and now I shall use my power to obliterate you, along with the rest of this planet!"

Trigon VS Dormammu - Big the cat 10

At speeds beyond comprehension, the meteorites sped towards the planet. Pennywise and Slender Man leapt off the meteorites towards each other, tendrils meeting claws. They clashed off of each other, Pennywise knocking them away from a lethal strike. They got closer and closer together until they clashed. The shockwave from their meeting attacks (claws and tendrils) forced them back onto the meteorites.

The shockwave was so powerful it caught the attention of Trigon and Dormammu, two titans of space, fighting on the very planet the meteorite was speeding towards. Dormammu turned to the meteorites in mild confusion.

"What the...?" Taking this momentary lapse in concentration, Trigon released a ball made of hellfire in Dormammu's direction. The fireball crashed into his chest, sending the Dread Lord stumbling backwards. With a yell, Trigon kicked Dormammu into the path of the meteorites, which smashed into the planet.

Laughing, Trigon flew out of the atmosphere, watching the planet obliterate itself in from of his eyes. Dormammu was dead, right? Maybe not. Trigon swore he could hear laughter coming from the meteorite as it collided with the planet.

"PATHETIC!" Dormammu boomed, rising from the rubble of the planet. He grew and grew until the father of Raven was merely a speck in his shadow. "You thought that could kill me?!" Trigon scowled and grew to a size equal to Dormammu. Scattered throughout the rubble were pieces of Pennywise, which reformed in an instant. He looked up at the monstrous Demons exchanging magical blows.

He sent a message through to both of their brains. You're not the only shapeshifter! Hahaha! Upon hearing the telepathic message, Trigon and Dormammu stopped and merely watched as a clown and a figure with no face grew to a size that could match them. The faceless figure seemed only to be watching, while the clown walked closer to the two.

"And who are you supposed to be, clown?"

"Why, I'm Pennywise the Dancing Clown! Wanna balloon?" He giggled, pulling out a red balloon. With a snarl, Dormammu fired a magical blast his way, instantly popping the balloon. For the first time since this battle started, the clown's face darkened. "Why, you little..." and his blue eyes turned yellow in an instant. Trigon observed the Slender Man as Pennywise approached the ruler of the Dark Dimension angrily.

The four of them attacked at the same time. One of Slender Man's tendrils stuck itself in the clown's chest, Pennywise sliced Dormammu in the chest with his claws, while Trigon and Dormammu fired magical bolts at each other, which clashed together and exploded in a beautiful explosion. Groaning, Dormammu released a devastating punch into the clown's gut, who was blasted back, into Slender Man.

Pennywise ploughed through planets, destroying them in an instant. He growled at Dormammu, charging back towards him. Trigon and Dormammu were back to fighting, exchanging fiery projectiles. Slender Man was waiting for Pennywise, ready to strike. But Pennywise ignored Slender Man, running past him towards the ruler of the Dark Dimension.

"Flame Boy!" He growled, holding another red balloon. Dormammu and Trigon stopped fighting to observe the clown, he was too dangerous. "You know what this balloon is for?"

Dormammu refused to answer. Pennywise scowled, before continuing. "It's a distraction! HAHAHAHAHA!" And with that, Pennywise entered Dormammu's head, laughing maniacally. Dormammu was caught off-guard! For the first time ever, he let out a yell of fear! Pennywise...the clown was taking control of his head!

Dormammu turned around, his mouth curled up in a nightmarish grin. Trigon and Slender Man stared at Dormammu, who laughed suddenly.

"It's me!" He cried, laughing suddenly. "LOOK AT ME! Haha! You know...I was wrong...I missed this, moon face. I craved this...Someone who can finally put up a good fight...after 27 years! But now...I've had enough of this...TIME TO FLOOOOAT!" Trigon paused, unsure of how to act, but his train of thought was interrupted by a mean uppercut from Dormammu/Pennywise. He groaned, firing a blast of hellfire his way, who deflected it with little effort. Slender Man threw a tendril through Trigon's stomach and turned to Dormammu/Pennywise, blue fire surrounding his hands. The possessed Dormammu laughed suddenly, crossing his arms.

"Oh, blue fire? I'm so scared!" He sneered, closing his eyes and waiting. Slender Man launched the blue fire his way, which sped through space and crashed into his stomach. The possessed ruler of the Dark Dimension had to hide his hiss of pain, the fire was much hotter than he had anticipated. Trigon fired a blast of hellfire towards Slender Man, who quickly spun it around and blasted it towards Dormammu/Pennywise.

Right before the fire hit the possessed Dormammu, Pennywise exited, laughing as he watched the fire envelop his torso. Glaring, Pennywise swiftly entered Trigon's head. Slender Man merely watched Trigon, who began to yell out.

"...N-No! Wretched clown! I will not be taken by you! Get a taste of your own medicine!" And with that, his eyes glowed yellow as he tried to use his mind-control. Shocked, Pennywise tried desperately to fight it, but it was no use. His mental powers were too strong.

"NO! I refuse! Nononono!" He stammered, desperately trying to escape Trigon's mental attacks. It was gruelling, painful and straining, but Pennywise eventually exited Trigon, growling slightly. Brushing himself off, Pennywise put on the facade of being mildly impressed and turned back to the three.

"Oh, that was good! Unfortunately...I don't think you have the ability to resist this! Join me in the Deadlights!" Grinning, Pennywise grabbed Trigon by the shoulders and his eyes glowed. Then they were gone.

Trigon was at the edge of the universe, the line between existence and nothingness. He turned his head to the left and came face to face with the Deadlights. They were a swirling mass lights? Strange. The Deadlights spoke to Trigon through his mind, something that echoed in his skull, stunning him.

Ready to join me, 'Bull'y? Hehehe! Trigon felt something...pulling him...pulling him towards the lights! He tried to fight it, but the light's pull was too strong! He was being absorbed into the lights!

"No! NO! I am Trigon! RULER OF THE UNIVERSE! NO! WRETCH! I'LL BE BACK! NO! NONONONONO!" But no matter how much he pleaded, he resisted, there was nothing to be done. Trigon became part of the Deadlights in the blink of an eye. Forever stuck in the orange lights. With a click of his fingers, Pennywise was teleported back to the battlefield, where Slender Man and Dormammu were brawling.

Dormammu threw red bands towards Slender Man, who teleported away in a flash. Behind Dormammu, the Slender Man launched his tendrils forwards. Two sliced through the ruler of the Dark Dimension's head, one stuck itself where Dormammu's heart was supposed to be, and one stabbed him in the back of the leg. Groaning, Dormammu twisted around to face Slender Man, who activated his Sigma Radiation.

"Hey, Hothead!" Pennywise laughed, tapping Dormammu on the shoulder. "Let's forget this whole thing, yeah?" He grinned, clicking his fingers together. Simultaneously, both Pennywise and Slender Man began to erase his memory. He tried to fight it off, but their combined was...too much!

"Wh-No! My will shall grip the Earth! A new rule! No!"

"What's wrong, Dormammu? Come to bargain?" Growled Pennywise. Glaring at the clown, he merely defiantly watched as his memory was slowly erased. With his memories of his magic diminishing, he only had time for one more spell. Groaning, he used the last of his power to construct a magical portal behind Slender Man.

"Now...back you go, wretch!" He yelled, using the last of his strength to seize Pennywise's arm and shove him into Slender Man. The force from the shove sent the two of them stumbling into the portal, the last of Dormammu's memories being lost to the beings.

The two of them exited the portal and fell into a town, glaring at each other. They landed on their feet and prepared to attack, but they heard the crack of lightning crash down to Earth. They turned and saw a building fly towards a teenager, who let out a yell. The teenager seemed to be crushed by the building, but they could tell he had activated a barrier of some kind.

A few seconds of silence, before they heard the teenager call out once more.

"Seriously? We playing like that? Okay, then!"

Misaka Mikoto Vs. Static - Tewn Lonk

"Hohoho! Yes, we are playing like that..." Pennywise crooned, turning invisible in an instant. Using his Slender Sense, Slender Man could see Pennywise next to him, he prepared to strike, but Pennywise teleported away, towards the thrown building.

Pennywise took a moment to observe his environment. Well, he was forced to take a moment, because the second he teleported there, a car struck him in the back, carrying him towards the teenager who called out. Laughing, Pennywise revealed himself, grinning at Static evilly. He turned his head, and the second he spied the clown, he let out a shriek, the cars and metal falling to the ground like lead.

"Wh-WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!" Static screamed, scrambling backwards. A girl across the street from him also screamed, her hands surrounded by lightning, crackling angrily at her.

"Who are you?" Static called out, getting to his feet. Pennywise giggled slightly.

"Me? I am Mr Robert Gray. I apologize for the scare, Vergil."

"Woah! How do you know my name?" Pennywise was about to answer but was distracted by Slender Man teleporting to the middle of the street suddenly...the same time Misaka fired a bolt of electricity Pennywise's way. At speeds even Mikoto couldn't comprehend, Slender Man caught the bolt and sent it back towards her. He teleported behind her and kicked her with all his might, sending her straight into the lightning. She shrieked, Slender Man, teleporting in front of her.

Static gaped at the event and turned back to Pennywise, whose face began to lose its grin. Narrowing his eyes, Static stumbled backwards, panicked. Screeching evilly, Pennywise gave up on his facade and rushed towards Static. His face seemed to...vibrate? Yelling, Static threw a car his direction, who didn't let up.

As the car sailed towards him, Pennywise's body turned to smoke, the car sailing through it harmlessly. Stunned, Static froze.

"Wh-How-" He stammered as Pennywise laughed. "This is not real...not real...This ain't happening!" He chanted to himself, closing his eyes. As Pennywise opened his mouth, revealing hundreds of sharp teeth, a lightning bolt sailed into the clown's mouth. Static twisted about, Mikoto was holding her hands out, pointed directly at the clown.

"Hey! Stop daydreaming! We need to help each other now!" She called out. Static nodded in response and ran next to her, swiftly getting into a fighting position. Slender Man fired volleys of tendrils their way. Grunting, Static used his electromagnetic powers to chuck a car at the tendrils, knocking them to the ground.

He teleported closer to Static and Mikoto, who prepared to shock him with all their power. That's when Static noticed his Saucer lying on the ground behind him. Slender Man was slowly walking towards them, almost dawdling, Static had plenty of time. Swiftly, he grabbed the saucer and turned it into a buzzsaw quickly. Mikoto nodded and held her hands up in the air.

Yelling, Static brought the saw to his chest, jumping out of the way quickly. The saucer sliced right through Slender Man's hips, the line between torso and legs. Black blood scattered across the road, seeping out of his torso. With a mighty roar, Mikoto brought her arms down, the skies crackling with energy. Stunned, Slender Man was no match for the natural lightning bolt cracking down from the heavens, blasting his body apart into thousands of tiny pieces.

"Holy hell!" Static cried as Pennywise cackled evilly.

"Hehe! Nice one..." He muttered, grinning, walking slowly towards them. They took a step backwards, ready to attack. Mikoto took a step back and felt a cold hand grasp her shoulder and spin her around. The Slender Man was standing there, looking down at her.

"What...?!" She groaned as Static twisted around. The momentary lapse in concentration allowed Pennywise to strike. He wrapped his arms around Static's neck and dragged him away, stifling his yell with a hand. Slender Man threw Mikoto into a building quickly, who let out a shriek and fell to the ground on her knees, chuckling softly.

"Is that the best you could-GARGH!" She yelled, looking down at her stomach suddenly. A tendril was pinning her to the building, red blood sliding down it slowly. She let out an ear-piercing shriek, barely quieter than a volcano erupting. The tendril was pierced right through her stomach. Blood ran down the corner of her mouth and she coughed violently.

"Holy..." Static began, but Pennywise silenced him again. Laughing evilly, his grin curled up even further, as Mikoto watched hopelessly. Pennywise's teeth turned sharp and he glanced down at Static's side. The tendril pinning her to the wall retracted back towards Slender Man and she fell to the ground violently, holding her bleeding wound weakly.

Vision fuzzy, she watched as Pennywise began mercilessly feeding on Static, biting into his armpit without a moment's hesitation. The clown heard a faint call from the back of his mind, a fearful, panicked call. "Adrian!" The memory cried, holding a hand to his mouth. Ribs splintered and cracked as Pennywise dug in, his teeth slicing through Vergil's skin like it was nothing but air.

Disgusted, Mikoto let out a scream, desperately trying to scramble away from the two beings that had mercilessly killed and eaten...the word sent shivers down her spine. The clown had eaten Static, chomped into him without hesitation. Slender Man turned to look at her, who smirked.

"You...should have killed me while you had the chance, idiot!" She said, slowly getting to her feet. With a pained yell, she fired a bolt of electricity at the Slender Man, who could've scoffed. He effortlessly caught the lightning in his hands and fired it back at the girl. Too weak to react, the bolt of electricity snatched away her last tether to life.

Slender Man nodded and teleported back to the street, where a bloodied Pennywise was standing over a pool of red. Static was nowhere to be found. The clown looked up at him and smiled, blood dripping from his mouth slowly. With what could've been a grunt, Slender Man fired his tendrils forwards, which Pennywise jumped away from quickly. The tendrils followed him.

"Fear me, Slender Man! You can't kill me! Fear made Vergil taste good, now all you need to do is feel fear!" He growled, somersaulting underneath a tentacle. He jumped onto a tendril to avoid another one and flipped off of that one to avoid one more. His was almost too much. Almost.

Holding out his arms, Slender Man generated tens of hundreds more tendrils to use, he looked like a mutated spider. The tendrils surrounding Pennywise, making a sort of dome around him. He laughed, but the tendrils got closer to him. He couldn't escape it. The ends of the tendrils were pointed towards him, they had hands at the ends of them like they were reaching out to grab him.

The tendrils got closer, and closer...before they all grabbed him in a flash. Pennywise laughed and tried to wriggle out of their grasp, but he couldn't move. Not even an inch. He was trapped. His smile disappearing, he tried struggling once more, but it was no use.

Three tendrils let him go and their hands disappeared, leaving nothing but a pointed edge. He smiled before they started to stab him. Entangled in the spider web of black tendrils, Pennywise was at the mercy to the tendrils, which stabbed him so fast they looked like blurs. Blood splattered across them, decorating the tendrils with red, but they didn't let up. Stab after stab after stab.

Pennywise's body was decorated with holes. Light shone through them, casting a shadow on the floor, it looked like Swiss Cheese. Then they let him go, and Pennywise was free again. All the tendrils had their hands held up like they wanted a high five. Then, the hundreds and hundreds of tendrils rose into the air and pointed down at the clown, their hands curling into small, angry fists.

The hundreds of tendrils flew down towards him. They fell at speeds faster than sound, the air seemed to boom around them, sending a shockwave through the air. The tendrils bunched together until it looks like a big black cylinder was about to crush him. They got closer and closer, faster and faster! The clown resolved himself to groaning.


Concrete, dust and rocks spewed out in every direction, covering the Slender Man in debris. The tendrils dug themselves into the ground. They stayed like that for 10 seconds, before rising off the ground and returning to the Slender Man, who forced them to disappear quickly. In the crater, the tendrils caused lay Pennywise, reduced to nothing more than a bloody mush.

The battle must be won now...right? Any other opponent would be exhausted by now. Slender Man took a moment to regain his composure before his Slender Sense told him about a figure right behind him. He turned around quickly, and just like he thought, Pennywise was there, grinning evilly.

"Missed me, loser?" He taunted, cackling evilly. "Now let's go home. I've had enough of this place, heh heh!" Slender Man obliged, grabbing Slender Man by the shoulder. He shunted him through dimensions quickly, travelling through time and space, but Slender Man had a plan...he'd wear the clown out by bringing through as many dimensions as he wanted. He'd tire the clown out, then deal the final blow.

Did they reappear a mall? And not just a mall, an abandoned one? Pennywise groaned. They were clearly not home yet. Then they heard a roar. A monstrous roar of pain. They looked around, before spotting a big, monstrous black cat rip a chunk out of what seemed like a demonic...bear? This was getting strange now.

Cartoon Cat vs Skitzo - The Golden Moustache

Cartoon Cat and Skitzo both twisted around to stare at the new arrivals. Pennywise almost let out a tiny groan.

"I'm so sick of this shi-!" His curse, like all the others, was interrupted. A sword flew towards him and stuck in his mouth. He roared and coughed, spewing a yellowy substance over the ground, but he coughed it out and laughed, looking up at Skitzo angrily. He gaped and merely watched as Pennywise, with acrobatics impossible for a human to do, leapt towards them, baring his thousands of sharp teeth.

He slashed towards the bear, who hopped backwards and grabbed his hat, turning it into a knife instantly. The two exchanged blows, each slash quickly being regenerated. Pennywise slashed him in the cheek, who threw the knife into the clown's shoulder and jumped towards him, ripping the knife away.

Cartoon Cat almost seemed to appear from the shadows, sinking his teeth into the clown's shoulder. He laughed and knocked the cat backwards with an elbow. He smirked and prepared to fight them both, who were more than happy to oblige. They both tried to punch Pennywise at the same time, who flattened himself to the ground. They both smacked each other, spinning both of their head around in a 360.

Pennywise stood up straight and chuckled, spotting Slender Man a few meters away, happily watching the battle. What a coward. Pennywise thought to himself, staring daggers into the faceless fright, who just stared right back.

"Hehe! Peekaboo, Slendy! I see you! Come join the fun!" He cried, trying to dash towards the Slender Man. But out of nowhere, black arms grabbed him and pulled him back towards Cartoon Cat and Skitzo. Glaring, Pennywise turned to Cartoon Cat and showed his sharp teeth, while the cat did the same. Then Pennywise opened his mouth wide, wider than the cat's head. He was going to end this match quickly.

Not on my watch. Rang through Pennywise's head as a tendril struck him through the back, dragging him away from the cat. The tendril slammed him into the ground and threw him across the mall quickly. The clown was laughing the whole way, even while flying through a clothing shop. The two cartoon demons angrily turned towards Slender Man, he had taken away their fun.

They attacked at the same time, Skitzo threw a knife at Slender Man while Cartoon Cat merely rushed forwards. Slender Man didn't spare the knife a second thought as it harmlessly flew through his body and clattered on the floor, meters away. Tendrils smashed into Cartoon Cat impaling him against the wall. While the tendrils did so, he turned to Skitzo and unleashed a huge stream of blue fire.

The fire ploughed through anything that got in its way, scorching the area around them. The fire stream was bigger than Skitzo, he had to react fast. And he did. With a roar, he blasted his own fire to meet Slender Man's. The two beams of flame clashed against one another, spewing flames one very direction. Distracted, Slender Man didn't notice Cartoon Cat or Pennywise begin to move.

Cartoon Cat simply fell through the tendrils. It was like trying to hold slime in place. It eventually seeped through. Meanwhile, in the clothing store, Pennywise was awake, and he was changing. His head grew larger, his limbs grew thinner and longer. He lost his feet, replaced with something sharp, like one huge claw.

He was a mix between a clown and a spider, his smile getting, if possible, even larger. He let out a malicious cackle, which echoed around the building, which Slender Man and Skitzo ignored, still spewing fire at each other. However, Cartoon Cat didn't ignore it. He smiled, a toothy grin, while he waited for the spider to emerge from the shop.

The spider clown's sheer size almost destroyed the whole clothing store. Cackling, the spider burst out of the clothing store and turned to look at the three, showing off rows of sharp teeth.

"Oh? Scared? What will you do about it? Time to float!" He called out, rushing towards the three. Before the cat could react, Pennywise stabbed him through the stomach and brought him to his mouth. Cartoon Cat tried to slide away, but Pennywise was having none of it. With one bite, Pennywise swallowed the cat whole. Only he didn't go to the clown's stomach. No, he went right to the orange Deadlights, which immediately began to absorb him.

Cartoon Cat was prepared for anything...but not this. Roaring, he desperately tried to bound away, but it was as good as useless. With a roar that echoed throughout the empty space, Cartoon Cat became one with the lights, joining Trigon. Pennywise laughed through the mall, turning his attention to the two demons still blasting fire at each other.

"Death is your destiny, hahaha!" He cried, throwing a leg through Slender Man's back. His blue fire immediately dissipated, allowing the bear's flames to envelop the faceless horror in an instant. Any other person would be disinterested, annihilated! They wouldn't stand a chance! But when the flames cleared, Slender Man was unharmed.

Laughing, Pennywise slammed the abomination through every wall in reach. Stones flew everywhere, but Slender Man seemed unphased. Upon noticing this, Pennywise's smile disappeared faster than a bolt of lightning. What did it take to kill this guy?! He couldn't just take him into the Deadlights! After all they've been through, he needed to suffer a painful death!

With a yell, Pennywise flung Slender Man across the mall. Slender Man managed to steady himself with his tendrils, saving him from a painful impact with the ground. Pennywise didn't smell any fear at all, impossible! How did they not have any fear, after all of this!? Cartoon Cat was dead! Gone! And they were still not afraid of him?! Pennywise was beyond frustration, beyond even anger. He was livid. He would not let Slender Man free. If it took a million years, he'd kill the monstrosity.

He rushed towards Slender Man and opened his mouth to thousands upon thousands of sharp teeth, baring them inches from Slender Man's face. No reaction. Well, no reaction except a tendril flying right through his mouth, erupting from the back of his throat, spraying blood through the mall. Roaring, Pennywise crawled backwards, slowly transforming back into the clown. His sharp legs regaining shoes and his other legs regaining hands and gloves.

Growling, Pennywise ripped the tendril from his mouth and threw it on the ground, the wound in his throat closing up in an instant. He got to his feet quickly, the last of his spider limbs retracting into his body quickly. Placing his feet under his body, Pennywise stood up straight to stare at Pennywise, his face darkening. Skitzo was simply enjoying the show.

"...I am eternal, loser...Nothing you can do to me will kill me! No matter where you take me, no matter what you do to me, you'll always be at the mercy of Pennywise the Dancing Clown! Now let's stop delaying the inevitable and just...DIE!" With that, Pennywise dashed towards the Slender Man, who held out a hand and caught him by the head, gripping it tightly.

Pennywise knew what was happening before it happened. The portal opened up behind him and he tried to push the clown towards it, only this time he wouldn't allow it to happen. He resisted, grabbing Slender Man by he shoulders. He was conflicted. On one hand, getting home meant he could have a feast...a feast on tasty children...but he had enough of this portal hopping!

So he decided to kamikaze. With a low growl, Pennywise threw Slender Man in the portal and followed quickly. His yellow eyes almost seemed to...glow? The two travelled through space and time once more only this time, they were fighting. Pennywise caught a tendril from Slender Man and with a grunt, whipped the faceless horror towards him, knocking him away with a slash to the chest using his sharp claws.

They were transported into what seemed like an old kingdom, something you'd see in history books. Slender Man saw a man in what looked like overalls jump into the air...then get frozen in place. What was this world? The clown and faceless monster landed right on top of the man, unfreezing him and knocking them all to the ground.

"This isn't boring around here anymore." A young man in a green tunic groaned, pulling out a sword.

Movie Mario VS CD-i Link - Withersoul 235

These...these were people! People that could feel fear! Tasty...tasty fear. Pennywise turned invisible in an instant and leapt onto a nearby building as Slender Man and Mario fell towards the ground. Their impact with the ground forced Link to shield his eyes with a shield, pushing him backwards.

Groaning, Mario pushed the Slender Man off his body and slowly got to his feet. He glanced over at Link before doing a quick double-take, backing away slowly. Both Mario and Link could feel a pounding in their heads as they moved away from the Slender Man, who stood up slowly, his tendrils inching ever so slowly towards them.

"Oh, no you don't!" The clown growled. He threw his invisible arms forwards, which stretched outwards like some cartoon character. Grabbing Slender Man, he laughed and drew his arms backwards, throwing Slender Man far, far away. He became basically a dot in an instant as Mario and Link watched in mild surprise. "And now...the main course." He smiled, rubbing his invisible hands together. Mario shrugged and turned back to Link.

"Well, that was weird." But this was not time to talk according to Link, as he rushed towards Mario with his sword drawn. Readying his wrench, their weapons clashed together, but Mario knew his wrench was no match for a sword. Grunting, he smashed his leg into the place that...'no man can stand to be hit'. Pennywise started laughing, holding his stomach and pointing at Link maliciously as he writhed on the floor in pain.

Unfortunately, -or fortunately, depending on how you look at it- his voice was not gone either. They both stopped fighting and listened to the voice cackle.

"Who's there?" Mario asked, backing away slowly. Pennywise smiled. Now was his chance to scare them.

"Oooh, who? Me? Well, Mario Mario...I think the better question is...what's there?" Pennywise crooned, still invisible. His voice seemed to move around the two as if he was everywhere but also nowhere.

"Alright then. What's there?!" He asked to the sky, which giggled and breathed in his ear slowly. Mario let out a yell and swung at the air around him, but hit nothing, the voice laughed at him as Link got up and drew his sword, moving closer to Mario.

"I? I am every nightmare you've ever had...I am your worst dream come true...I am everything you ever were afraid of! My name? Just call me...PENNYWISE!" And suddenly, Pennywise's face appeared, with thousands of sharp teeth. His face was spinning around, twisting around like it was trying to hypnotise you.

"RAAH!" Link screamed, throwing his sword forward. An arm shot out of nowhere and caught the sword, twisting it around and with one quick slash, cutting through Link's chest. Too shallow to be fatal, but deep enough to floor him again.

"You can't kill me...Mario, how's your brother?"

"Wh-What'd you do to him, you lubber?!" The face disappeared, leaving nothing but a laugh. With a boom, Luigi appeared on the floor, torn apart by some unknown force. Gasping and close to vomiting, Mario scrambled backwards, trying to release a scream that never came. Another flash followed a bright light, and Luigi was gone.

"WA-HAH! WA-HAH! WA-HAH!" The voice roared, as the clown suddenly showed off all of his body, almost stepping out of nothing. He smiled, showing off a row of sharp teeth before he stumbled towards the plumber, who stood up and readied a wrench.

Meanwhile, Slender Man readied himself. It was getting too volatile. If he kept going between worlds, something terrible would happen to him. He teleported back to Hyrule, in time to see the clown's maw open up wide. A tendril struck him in the back of the head, causing him to turn around quickly, allowing Mario time to grab Link and rush behind a building.

"Oh? You cost me my meal!" His mouth was dripping with saliva, even when back to normal. Slender Man had his hands behind his back and sent a telepathic message through Pennywise's mind.

Come with me.

"Uh-uh! No more dimensional hopping! You and me, right here, right now!" He growled. He had much more than enough. Standing up straight, Pennywise's hands grew razor-sharp claws once more. Slender Man nodded and blasted a beam of green fire towards the clown, who let out a blood-curdling laugh and sucked in a deep breath.

When Pennywise blew, water flew out of his mouth, not saliva, but pure water.

"You IDIOT! WA-HAH! ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS! WATER BEATS FIRE!" He cackled, watching the green fire meet the water. Then, the green fire grew more intense and grew larger, flying towards Pennywise at a higher speed. Laughing, Pennywise took a new form, his skin and body turning red, his nose turning into a large nozzle. In an instant, he twisted into a fire extinguisher.

The agent from the fire extinguisher and the fire collided, cancelling each other out. They both dissipated almost immediately, leaving the ground and buildings around them scorched black.

Don't make me use it.

"Heh heh! Use what? Your awesome technique of running away?! WA-HAH!"

The Dimensional Bleeding.

"I make everything bleed..." Was all the clown said in response. That was it. He would break the clown with his tendrils, the tendrils that could crack space and time. He couldn't defend from that. Cackling, Pennywise held his arms out to the side. "Come on! Hit me!"

If you insist. Slender Man told him, tendrils emerging from his back. With a grin on his face, Pennywise rushed forwards at the same time as the tendrils. The tendrils cut through the air, spinning fast enough to crack the space around them. Time seemed to slow around them, as Pennywise laughed. He opened his mouth the gloat...

But he was interrupted by the tendrils crashing through his chest. The clown froze, his eyes darting down to his chest. Slender Man was right, he couldn't withstand that. The tendril left his body, leaving Pennywise frozen. His eyes shakily looked back up towards Slender Man, and for the first time in a thousand years...he was...afraid.

Gasping, blood running down his mouth, Pennywise fell on his back and scrambled away from the Slender Man, a gurgle coming from his throat. Peering from behind the building, Mario let out a silent celebration and whispered towards Link. "He got the clown!"

Pennywise sputtered, as Slender Man's tendrils rose up in the air. Fear spreading through his body, Pennywise did something he had only done once before.

"No! Please! Let me go! Let me go and you can have anything you'd ever want! I'll supply you with any number of victims! Thousands! MILLIONS! PLEASE! I CAN BRING ANYONE YOU EVER WANT, IF YOU JUST LET ME LIVE! I CAN GIVE YOU A PEACEFUL LIFE! NO-ONE WILL TRY AND FACE YOU ANYMORE! ONLY I CAN DO THAT, AND ONLY IF YOU LET ME LIVE! IF YOU LET ME GO! IF YOU LET ME LIVE!'"

Let him go?! As if! Slowly, Slender Man shook his head as he sent his tendrils forwards one last time.

"NONONONONONO! PLEA-!" But two tendrils struck him through the chest. He jerked his head to the left, to the right. He twisted into a large bird, a mummy, a zombie. He transformed into Static, then back to Pennywise. Roaring, his body started to convulse and shake as Pennywise took in one last raspy breath.

Then his body flaked away. Slowly, but surely, his body disappeared into the sky, breaking up into billions of tiny pieces. The clown's last breath echoes throughout the land before everything became silent.

Slender Man fell to his knees as if to catch his breath. It was finally over, he didn't have to start the Dimensional Bleeding. The silence was deafening...too deafening. It didn't seem right.

"Ho-ho-ho! Missed me?!" Something gripped his shoulders, and darkness overcame them.


They were standing on nothingness. On the edge of existence and non-existence. Slender Man twisted around himself. It wasn't even black, it was just...nothing. Pennywise laughed and appeared in front of the Slender Man.

It was now or never. How did the clown survive!? It didn't matter how, it mattered that he did. Slender Man held his arms out wide, tendrils extending out, surrounding the nothingness with black.

Witness my full power. With that, Slender man begun the Dimension Bleeding. The universe began to distort around the two, cracks appeared in the nothingness around them. Space and time were being ripped apart as their universe began leeching off the other universes. While teetering on the line between existence and nothingness.

Now, clown. Do you see it? Do you see what I am capable of? Do you see how you are outmatched. Pennywise laughed in response, looking around at the universe collapsing around them.

"You really are an idiot. Did you really think that you were the only one who could do this dimensional shit? I've merely been playing a game! Anything that you can do...So can I. This bleeding...doesn't work...on me."

No! It was impossible! He was immune?! The clown was walking towards him slowly, grinning. Slender Man was the only one who wasn't affected by it!

"To prove it..." Pennywise said, before suddenly diving towards Slender Man. He tackled the faceless fright through the universes, space and time distorted around them, easily the most destructive battle anyone had ever been a part of. They were travelling through the broken universes and when they emerged, Pennywise launched Slender Man downwards...right towards a skyscraper.

Joker (The Dark Knight) VS Joker (Arthur Fleck) - RedDead35000

"Now look, Slender Man!" The clown screeched, standing on thin air. The universe was cracking around them, destroying what used to be the homes of women, children and men. He felt a sort of giddiness to the destruction.

"Or maybe...We should get a better view!" He chortled, growing in size. He was the size of a house, then two! Then 4! He kept growing until he was the same size as Wayne Enterprises! "WHERE ARE YOUUUUUU?!" He roared, which shook the building to its core, including the two clowns fighting inside.

The roaring distracted both Arthur and the Joker, who turned to look for the source of the noise. They looked out the window...nothing was there. Until a yellow eye peered at them from the darkness! Arthur let out a small yell and backed away, as Joker walked closer and closer to the eye.

He was exposed. Thinking quickly, Arthur pointed the revolver at the back of Joker's head and fired. The bang echoes around the room as the bullet sped towards Joker, too fast for him to react. The bullet found its home in the temple of Joker, who was in the middle of turning to look back at Arthur. The clown's face rested into a small smile, his wound spraying blood across the window.

Joker collapsed, blood leaking out the side of his head. Arthur stood staring in shock, as the yellow eye began to laugh. He was at a loss for words and momentarily held a gun to his own temple. Then the yellow eye disappeared. Arthur fell on his knees, close to tears. He was breathing in raggedly, holding back something that was on the edge of bursting.

He whimpered, and his body shook. He sucked in another breath, and a small laugh escaped from his mouth. Then the small laugh grew bigger and bigger, more boisterous until it almost matched Pennywise in intensity.

He began making his way down the building when he saw something else rise up, matching Pennywise in size. The thing was wearing a nice suit and had titanium white skin! Laughing, Arthur began running down the stairs instead of walking down them. Outside the skyscraper, Pennywise watched Slender Man grow casually and smiled.

Slender Man threw his tendrils forwards, but Pennywise was ready. He caught the tendrils with one hand and yanked the faceless fright towards him. The clown gripped Slender Man's arm and tugged with all his might, ripping the arm free of its body. Any normal creature would have stopped attacking by this point, but Pennywise didn't. With black tar spraying over the building, Pennywise grabbed Slender Man's other arm and ripped it free as well, spraying blood across Gotham.

The severed arm ripped through Wayne Enterprises, smacking Arthur in the back and sending him flying across the room. Something above the floor exploded, but Arthur didn't react to it. He simply slumped onto the floor and passed out cold.

Vision blurry and sounds muffled around his ears, Arthur woke up. He felt the cool Gotham breeze wash over his body. That couldn't be! He was inside! Dimly looking upwards, Arthur got his answer. The top half of the skyscraper was taken off. He dimly saw two kaiju-sized beasts brawling, punching, kicking, biting, impaling.

It would've been a sight to behold in any other circumstance, but Arthur needed to leave. Wincing, he got to his feet and tried making his way to the stairs. He was limping, his right leg was cut open when the arm smashed into the building. But when he reached the stairs, he saw something indescribable.

The stairs were gone. They weren't ripped off, nor were there any signs of damage. They were just...gone. The more Arthur looked around, the more he kicked himself for missing this stuff. The sky, the ground, all were being eaten away at, almost being destroyed, leeched off of by some unknown force. Their universe seemed to be dying. He looked out the window once more.

Pennywise dived towards Slender Man, who teleported out of the way at the last second. he smashed into the skyscraper, his shoulder slamming into Arthur, knocking the last bit of life from his eyes. The clown flattened the skyscraper, taking another clown with it.

Brushing himself off, Pennywise turned to Slender Man and grabbed one of his tendrils. He jerked the Slender Man close to him and grabbed him in what looked to be a bear hug. As Gotham was eaten away by another universe, Pennywise and Slender Man travelled to another, slamming through the sky. They crashed into what seemed like a humanoid monster, staring at a yellow...robot?

"KNEEL!" The monster said, fading through the two instantly to stare at the animatronic across from him. This might be the weirdest universe yet.

SCPs VS Animatronics - TheGreatDimentio!

Taking out a cupcake, Chica the Chicken drew her arm back. 106 simply waited, as Chica threw the pastry forwards. Almost lazily, 106 grabbed the cupcake out of the air, looking at it in disgust. One of Chica's only weapons was dissolved into nothing with only 106 clenching its fist.

Stunned, Chica was almost out of options. She pulled out a plate, glass, razor-sharp. It wasn't much, but it was a weapon. The plate sliced through the air and through 106's chest. Something that was not quite blood, but not quite the tar that Slender Man bled seeped through the wound, but only for a second. With but a mere wave of its hand, the wound in 106's chest closed up, leaving Chica with one option left.

Her iconic move. In a flash, she dashed toward's 106 and opened her mouth wide, letting out a horrific screech that might've killed anyone human. The jumpscare went on for several, long seconds, before 106 pushed her away, unaffected. Pennywise began to wheeze, mockingly pointing at the animatronic.

"You call yourself scary? WA-HAH!" He sputtered. "THIS IS HOW TO BE SCARY!" With a crack of his joints, he spun into a large spider-like clown and rushed towards Chica, baring his rows of sharp teeth. He didn't sense any fear. Were they not alive? Angrily, Pennywise wrapped his mouth around Chica's head and bit down.

A pause. Not expecting to hit metal, Pennywise drew his head back, roaring with pain and kicking his feet out, knocking the animatronic chicken far away. He turned to face 106 and Slender Man, blood running down the corner of his mouth.

Slender Man took a step forwards, but Pennywise didn't attack Slender Man, instead, he smacked 106 in the chest with his large spider leg. Crossing its arms, 106 merely phased through the leg, not moving an inch. He didn't counterattack, nor did he react at all.

"Oh-ho-ho! Do we have a brawler...? HAHAHAHAHA! I am the Eater of Worlds! You're just a snack!" He laughed, but a tendril from a familiar source stabbed right through 106, cutting off the demonic clown's sentence. 106 angrily turned around, only to see Slender Man, standing nonchalantly at the SCP.

Slender Man teleported closer to 106, ready to strike at close range before 106 grabbed the faceless fright's wrist.

"You will join me in my dimension, where you will learn to kneel." And with that, a hole erupted from beneath 106 and Slender Man. Still holding onto Slender Man's wrist, the SCP sunk into the hole, taking the tall demon along with him.

They landed in what seemed to be a...hallway. Or at least, seemed like one. It was actually something much more substantial, something indescribable and inconceivable. Slender Man got to his feet and stared at 106, who stared right back.

"Lay down and die for me." 106 droned. Tendrils erupted from Slender Man's back and sped towards 106...harmlessly stabbing through 106's chest. More tendrils tried the same thing, with the same result. Slowly, 106 started dawdling towards the man with no face, none of his attacks doing anything to the creature.

When he got close enough to strike, he sliced out with a hand, aiming right for Slender Man's neck. An easy, one-hit kill. Except for one problem. 106's hand harmlessly phased through Slender Man's neck.

"Impossible." He groaned as Slender Man took a step back. Staring into each other's eyes, they struck again. Tendrils and hands flew at 106 and Slender Man, respectively, but again, they all did nothing. Slender Man blasted fire at 106, who focused on it. He manipulated the space of the dimension, forcing the fire to fly around his head and back at Slender Man, who quickly absorbed it.

They both tried to attack multiple times, but due to their agility, they both managed to avoid the attacks. Tendrils surrounded 106, but he simply punched outwards, disintegrating them in an instant. Another tendril harmlessly passed through 106's stomach as he laughed, sinking into the ground evilly. Slender Man looked around, but wasn't able to sense the SCP...anywhere.

He wasn't able to sense 106 emerging from the ground quickly, delivering a kick to his back that launched him upwards into the air. Flying high into the air, 106 intercepted Slender Man with a punch to the gut that sent him hurtling back towards the ground. A portal appeared on the ground right before Slender Man hit the ground, as he sunk into the ground and appeared in the sky.

Spider Pennywise was ripping the head off of a brown bear as he looked up and saw that black suit falling towards the ground. Smirking, Pennywise abandoned his mission to rip apart the robots and bounded towards the truck, launching it into the air.

Slender Man was too focused on the SCP to see the truck barreling towards him at full speed. It slammed into his body, burying him in the ground. The spider clown shook the ground as it sprinted towards the truck, smashing the truck further into the ground, singing eerily.

"The itsy-bitsy spider..." SMASH! One of Pennywise's legs pierced through the truck and stabbed through Slender Man's chest. "Climbed up the water spout!" He lifted the truck into the air and slammed it back on top of Slender Man. 106, mildly entertained, watched the event unfold.

"DOWN CAME THE RAIN AND WASHED THE SPIDER OUT!" The spider screamed, burying the truck further into the ground. "UP-"

Came the sun and dried up all the rain.

"Whu-" Tendrils stabbed through Pennywise's body, flying through the truck as though it wasn't there. Slender Man seemed to phase through the truck, sticking two tendrils into the truck. Jumping backwards, Slender Man launched the truck into the clown's face, knocking him backwards into the ground. Another tendril flew forwards, phasing through the hood of the truck. Faced with an engine, the tendril grew a hand, which then curled into a fist. He slammed the fist into the already smoking engine, which glowed orange. Summoning tendrils to surround him in a sort of cacoon, he was unable to see the fireworks that resulted.

The engine combusted, blowing up in the clown's face. The ground sprayed upwards as if to censor the explosion as the clown laughed evilly. Faster than you could blink, the debris slammed back into the ground as the fire that came from the explosion was being sucked into Pennywise's mouth. His eyes turned red as he turned to the cacoon of tendrils.

Spewing fire, Pennywise morphed back into clown form, laughing. He dived forwards, flying through the tendrils easily. He wrapped his arms around Slender Man and drove him into the ground. Except they didn't hit the ground. They drove themselves through the ground and into the sky. What? The sky?! The man with no face didn't stop to ponder this, just stuck his tendrils into the clown and threw him to the ground.

A girl, dressed like a spider, tried to land a double-heel kick on someone who almost seemed defenceless. They jumped back to avoid the attack, the girl's heels inches away from burying into their cheek. The defenceless man called upon an invisible force, who ripped a chunk from the ground and spun it towards the girl.

Josuke Higashikata vs Miles Morales - The Irish VS Writer

Grinning, Pennywise turned himself invisible with a click of his fingers. Slender Man teleported atop a building and spied the carnage going on below, ready to strike at any moment. The invisible clown cracked the ground as he landed, distracting all four of the fighters. Pennywise rushed forwards, invisible and faster than a bullet train, snatching the concrete out of mid-air.

"What?!" The Higashikata gasped, watching the concrete float through the air, suspended by some invisible force. "You have a stan-No...Then I'd be able to see it! What is that?" Breathing heavily, the concrete slowly got closer and closer to Josuke, while the other three simply watched in amazement. The concrete seemed to...speak to him.

"Now...that wasn't very nice." It said a raspy voice that grated his ears away. The concrete rose into the air and flew back towards Josuke's head. But another invisible force came to his rescue, punching the concrete to dust.

"Crazy Diamond! Get 'em!" The Stand complied, unleashing a devastating punch to the clown's stomach, sending him spiralling down the street. Miles recovered from the shock quickly and waited until he saw the crack in the road. And there it was! Pennywise's body cracked the ground as he hit it, but the second he did, Miles fired a stream of webbing right into his chest.

"Gwen!" Miles called out. Pushing off his feet, Miles swung around Pennywise, wrapping him up in a stream of the web. The two Spider-Men/Women fired bolts of webbing at Pennywise, again and again, and again until he was completely wrapped in super-strong webbing. He was finally semi-visible, and he looked like...a clown?! No way could a clown do that!

"Heh heh heh..." The clown-monster chuckled. "You think you can restrain the Eater of Worlds?! THE INVISIBLE EATER OF WORLDS! HAHAHAHAHA!" With one quick strike with his hand, the webs fell off him, covering the floor, but hiding the clown once more. He ran around all of them, laughing.

"How can you hit something you can't seeeee..." The clown sang. "Especially something" The voice stopped. Pennywise crept behind Josuke, grinning evilly. "MEEEEE!" His hands grew into sharp claws in a second. Terrified, Josuke turned, his chest slashed open with one quick strike, blood spurting into the clown's face. Okuyasu stood frozen in fear, watching his friend fall to the ground quickly, face pale.

"JOSUKE!" He cried, but Miles was distracted. His Spider-Sense was going haywire! He looked up and to his right and saw...a faceless man in a tuxedo! Letting out a yell, he fired his webs toward the creature, who caught it without effort, almost lazily.

Josuke's blood spilled onto the road as Pennywise knelt over him, finally revealing himself. Sharp teeth decorating his mouth, he looked into Josuke's face and smiled. The last thing Josuke ever saw. With a mighty roar, Pennywise bit down into Josuke's head, ripping it from its neck with one tug.

Josuke's body twitched, then fell still as the clown helped himself to Josuke's head. One chomp, two, three, then it was down. Gwen, Miles and Okuyasu all shrieked with absolute terror, but Miles for a different reason. The Slender Man pulled on the webs with all his might, bringing Miles up to his level in a split second. Slender Man's cold hands gripped Miles' neck and began to squeeze.

Gasping, choking and sputtering, Miles weakly grabbed and clawed at Slender Man's head. He tried his hardest to punch the man with no face, but nothing worked. He was running out of air, his head and vision became was over.

Wait! Miles looked down at his hands, which were sparkling with electricity. Maybe it wasn't over! Using every bit of strength in his rapidly weakening muscles, he gripped Slender Man's shoulder, sending bolts of electricity throughout his body. He smiled under his mask and gasped out a single word.

"Hey." He squeezed his eyes shut and waited for the blast to send him far away, but it never came. Slender Man squeezed harder, the electricity coursing through his veins. He could've scoffed. Idiot boy! He could control electricity too!

With that thought, he sent waves of energy through Miles' body. He screamed, kicked and struggled, the electricity flying through his body. Shaking, Miles managed to plant his feet on the Slender Man's body and kick out, flying off the building, towards the ground. Using webs to slow his descent, Miles landed on the road, fine, but still startled.

Pennywise turned to face Okuyasu, blood seeping through his grinning mouth and clattering to the floor. Okuyasu gasped and started to scramble backwards, as the clown slowly dawdled towards him. Gwen turned to Miles, face pale.

"We've got to do something!" She cried. Miles tripped over and slurred his words, barely managing to make a cohesive sentence.

"Alright..." He breathed. "On 3. 1...2...3!" Both the spider heroes fired their webs forward, catching the clown on the back. He turned but was hoisted into the air by the two teens. Laughing, he distorted his body into a hunk of lead, clattering to the ground in mere seconds. The clown jumped out of the lead and laughed.

They tried to fire their webs again, only for Pennywise to transform himself into a vacuum cleaner, sucking up the webs without issue. The vacuum stopped...then with enough force to topple an elephant, blasted the webs back at the teens, sticking them to the wall with their own weapons!

The vacuum transformed into a clown, who slowly made his way towards Okuyasu once more. He slowly shambled towards the stand user, secretly sending a message to someone hiding on top of a building!

Coward. The clown told Slender Man in his mind. Scared I'll nibble your fingers? Bite off your face?! HAHA! Come down and face me like a man! So, he was trying to use the same tactic as that Slender Man did? Well, it was working, as Slender Man teleported down to the ground without question, ready to face the clown one-on-one.

Three tendrils shot forwards, that Pennywise managed to jump over without issue. One of the tendrils smashed into the arm of Okuyasu, spilling blood onto the road. He screamed, scrambling backwards. A little blood...a minor injury, all of them were collateral damage. Slender Man would kill anyone to finally take down the clown, and no stand user or Spider-Person was going to stand in his way!

More tendrils flew towards the clown, but Pennywise had a plan. He leapt towards Miles, his laugh sending the sickening scent of blood into Spider-Man's nose. He wanted to throw up, but he couldn't show any weakness in front of the clown!

Latching onto Miles' arm, Pennywise turned to the tendrils and ripped the Spider-Man out of the webbing. The tendrils were flying towards him, Miles squirmed to escape, but with little effort, Pennywise held the boy out in front of him. A human shield. While humans were never good as shields, they sure did come in handy in a pinch.

The tendrils ripped holes in Miles' body and limbs like he'd been shot with thousands of bullets. Blood exploded onto the road, soaking the black of his suit to red. Sighing, Pennywise let the Spider-Man go. He toppled to the floor silently, moving no more. Now all the Spider-Men were dead.

"Miles!" Gwen cried, desperately trying to escape from her webbing. Now with them out of the picture...

No...there was still one more who needed to be dealt with...Okuyasu. Ah, who cared about him? Slender Man was the one who needed to be killed, although the stand user would make a good snack. After all, his friend did.

Turning to Slender Man, Pennywise chuckled, cracking his knuckles mockingly. He slowly walked forwards, leaving behind the carnage he had made. Josuke, lying on the floor without a head, Gwen, traumatised for life. Miles ripped to shreds, Okuyasu holding his injured shoulder. He dodged every tendril that flew his way.

He had to end this now. He was done with it. The Deadlights were the way to go. If Slender Man survived the Deadlights before, he didn't look at it for long enough. He would absorb Slender Man into them if he had to. Oh, but this was so fun! Never before had he had an opponent that was such a challenge to him! It would make his eventual victory all the sweeter!

So...he knew he was going to win. Pennywise was confident that he'd win! With a collapsing universe around him, he could stand to play for just a little longer, right? Yeah, he could go for a little longer.

"Hoo hoo! Come on, is that the best you can do?! Hit me!" Without hesitation, Slender Man struck Pennywise in the chest with a tendril. Laughing, Pennywise imagined he was flying. Slender Man slammed him through the ground, growing agitated.

Shadow vs Akame - RoadRollerDio/MaverickHunterSilver

He exited the ground in a forest and looked around, but was interrupted by Slender Man appearing from the ground underneath him, impaling his legs with a tendril. He slammed Pennywise into the ground far away, rising from the ground entirely. With little effort, he lifted Pennywise into the air with his tendrils and looked around at the trees.

Slender Man wasted no time in throwing Pennywise into many different trees, all of which showered the clown in splinters, but he didn't make a noise other than laughter. It was a big belly laugh like he was actually enjoying being slammed into trees. The trees snapped away from their trunks and crashed to the ground with an impact that shook the whole forest.

Nearby, a certain black hedgehog and girl wielding a katana were fighting. Akame swung at Shadow faster than the eye could track, her arms becoming mere blurs. Any human would be dead by now, but Shadow is not a normal human. Using his enhanced speed, the hedgehog ducked under the sword swings, curling his hands into fists. The katana was mere inches away from Shadow's head, but mere inches were all Shadow needed.

Instantly, Shadow let loose a devastating attack on Akame, that hit her in the stomach and sent her up into the air, letting out a scream. In response, Shadow jumped up to match her and began attacking, punching every inch of her face he could reach. She struggled to get out of it, flinching to try and defend herself, but it was no use.

But Akame was prepared, she drew her Murasame backwards, and prepared to thrust it forwards...Until a 'boom' distracted them both. They landed on the floor, Akame falling flat on her back. There was something moving in the trees. Something so massive it caused trees to topple over.

"Huh? What...?" Shadow pondered, but the time for thinking was gone, the trees were falling towards them, as something came hurtling at them! A clown! The clown smacked into Shadow, knocking them both onto the floor. Something with black appendages was emerging from the darkness, Pennywise barely noticing what they had interrupted.

He rushed forwards, tendrils piercing him. They didn't even slow him down, blood just erupted from his back as he ran towards Slender Man. Growling, he grabbed Slender Man's head and slammed it into the ground. He ran around, scraping Slender Man across the floor, before throwing him into a tree.

Shadow summoned Chaos Spears, but a voice made him stop dead in his tracks.

"Shadow...?" The hedgehog gasped, that was a woman's voice! A familiar voice! He twisted around and saw Maria, standing there unharmed.

"Maria?! Oh my god..." He slowly walked forwards, desperately holding out his hand. He got closer, and closer...but the second he tried to grab her arm, she turned into smoke, disappearing into the sky forever. He turned, outraged. Pennywise was laughing at him, his head twisted around, looking backwards.

"What the hell...?! Chaos...CONTROL!" Time around them paused. Akame paused, Slender Man and Pennywise both paused. Only Shadow was able to move. Summoning his Chaos Spears, he turned to Pennywise, who...began to move?! His body twisted around to meet Shadow, and he grinned. "What?! How?!" Pennywise had no answer, he just slowly walked forwards, towards Shadow.

Growling, Shadow shot the Chaos Spears forwards. All of them crashed into him, but none of them had any effect. He fired Chaos Arrows and Chaos Lances, all of which did nothing. Fear mixed with anger. Unbeknownst to both of them, however, someone else was moving. Behind them, Slender Man unstuck himself from the tree, watching the two with fascination.

"Who are you?" Shadow demanded, pointing towards Pennywise's heart.

"Who? Little old me? Why, I'm Pennywise the Daaancing Clown! And are dead, right?"


"Hm, maybe you didn't understand...I'm Pennywise, and you, you are dead." Without warning, the clown rushed forwards, clutching at the hedgehog's neck. He showed off his showing of sharp teeth, and opened his mouth wide, allowing Shadow to see down the deep, dark void that was Pennywise's mouth. Pennywise's mouth got closer...and closer...

Then time resumed. Akame took a second to regain her composure, but once she saw Pennywise, she showed no outward signs of shock, except for her eyes widening. Out the corner of his eye, Pennywise saw Akame draw her blade, and threw Shadow to the ground, turning to Akame. Glaring at the jester in front of her, she rushed forwards, thrusting her blade forwards. But faster than she could react, Pennywise merely stepped backwards and grabbed her wrist. His grip was surprisingly strong. Too strong for Akame to break out of.

Smiling evilly, Pennywise raised his other arm into the air, sharp claws erupting from his gloves. Akame knew what was going to happen before it happened and squeezed her eyes shut. The clown's hand swished through the air, slicing through the arm with little effort. Blood spurted everywhere, Pennywise's face, the ground, Akame's body. Any place the blood could reach did reach. Stumbling backwards, Akame was forced to watch as Pennywise ate the arm, blood running down his torso.

Letting out a scream so loud it could've shattered glass, Akame screamed, stumbling backwards, holding her bleeding arm. She fell onto her back, dark red blood leaking out onto the floor, staining the green grass red. Smirking, Pennywise shuffled towards her. However, Akame wasn't done yet. Using the last of her dwindling strength, she thrust her katana into the clown's chest, before falling back, face cold, eyes blank.

Poison was seeping through Pennywise's body, but he barely noticed it. He smiled and ripped the sword from his chest, turning to face Slender Man. With the speed of a bullet train, Pennywise rushed forwards, curling his hands into fists. Instead of biting or clawing or even scaring, Pennywise punches Slender Man in the face. Taken aback, Slender Man froze, allowing Pennywise to follow up with an uppercut to the jaw.

Strong. Slender Man told Pennywise in his head. But I can do that too. The Slender Man's long, spindly hands curled up into a ball and deflected a punch from the clown with a punch of his own. The second their fists collided, a shockwave flew through the forest, blasting Shadow backwards and toppling any trees in a 4 km wide circle.

But the punches barely affected either of them. Pennywise responded with a knee to Slender Man's chest, sending him up into the air. He responded by throwing a tendril into Pennywise's abnormally large forehead. The clown pulled out the tendril and the hole in his forehead closed up quickly.

He dragged Slender Man towards him, ripping him out of the air to deliver a devastating attack that sent him through a tree. Wait, through a tree? But the tree was still there. A tendril erupted from the ground and wrapped around his feet, dragging him through the tree as well.

King Ghidorah vs. Alpha Hydranoid - HighVoltage3606

Gravity beams flew towards Hydranoid at speeds faster than the eye could track. It crashed into the dragon's body. He was at the mercy of Ghidorah, as they charged forward, grabbing Hydranoid's neck. Roaring, Ghidorah lunged forwards, ploughing through what was left of the buildings.

Watching from the sidelines, Alice started calling out towards Hydranoid, trying to motivate him.

"Get back up!" She cried, "He keeps trying to pin you down!" It was now or never, Ghidorah threw their head forwards, biting towards Hydranoid's neck. It would be nice and clean...a quick death. He got closer, and closer...

"You know..." Came a raspy voice from beside Alice. She turned and saw a clown casually standing nearby, watching the city-wide brawl. "If I could help you float, you'd be able to see a lot better."

What's he talking about? Alice pondered, but she was interrupted by Hydranoid blasting Ghidorah backwards with a powerful blast.

"Do you want to float, Alice?"

"How do you-?"

"Ohhh, come float with me, Alice. Float. Float!" Alice started to back away, the clown's yellow eyes glowing dimly. He walked closer to Alice, reaching out to grab her. Hyrdanoid turned to see Pennywise baring his teeth, moving closer and closer to Alice. He roared and stomped towards the clown, who smiled. Hydranoid drew his head back, preparing to attack, but he never got the chance.

Pennywise grew enormous, if someone had to guess, they'd say he grew 230 feet in a second. He was on equal footing the Hydranoid now. The dragon tried to charge a laser, but Pennywise leapt forward before he could react, his teeth were the size of buildings, and razor-sharp. Using his immense strength, he bent Hydranoid's neck to the side and bit down. Hydranoid was dead before he hit the ground. Biting into the jugular is almost an assured death.

Tears stained Alice's cheeks as she dropped to her knees, whimpering slightly. "Hydra..." She breathed, as the dragon fell to the ground. Suddenly, another thing grew to the size of her dragon, Slender Man was there, and he was angry. The clown and man with no face both punched, their punches creating a shockwave that nearly levelled the city, knocking Alice flat onto her back.

The world was crumbling around them. The Dimensional Bleeding had finally caught up to them. Pennywise grabbed a building and slammed it over Slender Man's head, following up with a kick to the gut that sent him flying backwards. Slender Man slammed his tendrils into the ground, slowing down enough to throw himself back at the clown, punching him in the cheek.

Alice was a mere speck compared to them both, and each blow sent her flying back even further. The universe was collapsing around them, and they did nothing to stop it. They devolved into nothing but screaming toddlers, smacking each other around, ultimately doing nothing. They were both growing even more agitated.

Slender Man teleported behind Pennywise, who responded by elbowing him in the stomach. Pennywise threw him into space, Slender Man slammed him into another planet. They grew even larger. Large enough to crush planets in between their hands. They glared at each other, drawing their fists back.

"No..." Alice pleaded, but it did nothing. Their punches colliding sent a wave of destruction through Earth, ripping Ghidorah and Alice to shreds. The shockwave spread across the solar system. Everyone on Earth was dead. The shockwave ripped them apart just like Alice was. Pennywise scooped the Earth up in his hands and smashed it into Slender Man's head. It crumbled to nothing but meaningless rocks. In response, Slender Man grabbed Pennywise's back and threw him into the Sun, dipping his face inside of it.

What's wrong? Face feeling a little hot? Forget to put on sunscreen?! He taunted Pennywise. The clown ripped his face from the sun and turned to stare at Slender Man, his face reduced to nothing but a bloody mush. But he grabbed the Sun anyway, defying all laws of physics.

"GOODNIGHT, SUIT BOY!" He cried, clapping his hands together. The power of the supernova rumbled in Pennywise's hands, contained as if it were a firefly. He smirked and threw the supernova into Slender Man's face. The supernova blew up in his face, ripping him to shreds with a telepathic scream that pounded in his head.

The Slender Man's body was ripped apart, spraying black blood into the clown's face, who merely laughed as he too, was eradicated. Then, all was quiet. No laughter, no explosions. Just peaceful silence. The planets were still there as if magically protected by the two fighters.

It wasn't silent for long. Almost as if stepping out of a door, Pennywise and Slender Man reappeared, and the clown began to chuckle. He stepped closer to Slender Man and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"That was fun...but it's time to float." He growled, clawing at the back of Slender Man's head. The universe was crumbling away with every strike. It consumed the Kuiper Belt and Pluto. Slender Man turned and released a punch that caused the Dimensional Bleeding to consume Neptune.

Pennywise laughed, and kicked Slender Man in the leg, the universe consuming Uranus and Saturn in the blink of an eye. They grabbed at each other's shoulders, each roaring as loud as they could. Their sound waves flew through the empty space, eradicating Jupiter along with it. Laughing, Pennywise grabbed Slender Man's head and slammed it into Mars. It turned into dust in his hands. The universe consumed the Asteroid Belt.

Then, they reacted at the same time. Pennywise grabbed Mercury, while Slender Man scooped up Venus. Pennywise let out a battle cry, but Slender Man was silent. They thrust their planets forward at the same time. Slender Man aimed for the chest, Venus' immense heat burning a hole through the clown's suit. Mercury crumbled into nothingness and caused Slender Man to stagger backwards, holding his head. The clown clutched his chest, feeling pain...genuine pain for the first time in a long time.

"That one hurt a bit..." He had enough fun. It was time to end this. "Join the Macroverse." They left the broken universe and travelled through universes one last time, leaving the debris from the Sun to scatter across the galaxy. If life ever resurfaced, it would have to be somewhere else.

The Macroverse

It was a void. Nothing but darkness and Pennywise revelled in it. Size made no difference here. Whether they were the size of the ant or the size of a blue whale, they were still the same. It was Pennywise's home, after all. Who wouldn't be glad to return home?

While Pennywise was distracted, Slender Man seized his opportunity. If he was to kill Pennywise, now was the time! And it wouldn't be physicality! It would be telepathically! If he had a mouth, Slender Man would be laughing. He rose into the air and flew into Pennywise's brain. Literally. He was face to face with a big, mushy substance that controlled him.

Slender Man drew his arm back, and snapped his fingers, the brain collapsing into dust in an instant. It was time to leave. He had won. Wait! He...he didn't win! This wasn't a normal feeling! He was travelling somewhere new! Where was he going?! He wasn't exiting Pennywise's mind!

Everything turned black around Slender Man in an instant. He was in a void of eternal darkness. Did he just die? Did he lose?

"Turn around." That was Pennywise's voice, and it echoed around the void. Slender Man obliged, twisting around quickly. The dark void was suddenly filled with bright, orange light. Three swirling lights were in front of him. It was strangely beautiful. He stopped to stare. These were the Deadlights, Slender Man knew that by now, but why were they so big?

"It's over. Join me in the lights for your eternal fate!" Slender Man could feel something dragging him closer to the lights, but he couldn't resist! He tried to resist, teleport, but nothing worked. Slender Man became a part of the Deadlights just like Trigon did.

Silence. Did-Did Pennywise win?

"I won! Hahahaha! You can't contest the Eater of Wor-!" A new arrival interrupted him. Slender Man. He was back. "How did you...? Well, I'll just." He didn't hold back. He absorbed the second Slender Man into the Deadlights in an instant. But almost like a door opening, Slender Man was back.

"DIE!" The Deadlights roared, taking in the third Slender Man. A fourth one appeared. "WHAT?! JUST DIE!" The fourth one became part of the Deadlights, but a fifth one appeared. "Why isn't this working?!"

Because, Slender Man told him. You have no power here. That trick won't work against me. But guess what? I can't kill you, either. We can never kill each other. It's the sad truth. If we could, we'd have done it a looooong time ago. And...we will never let each other go. I know you, and I know myself. We will never let our prey go. Why did you call the Loser's Club back? You can't stand to lose, and neither can I. We'll be here forever. This is our eternal punishment.

"No! NO! I am the Eater of Worlds!" Pennywise screamed, but deep down, he knew Slender Man was right. They were stuck there...forever. He was arrogant and careless. Even if Pennywise wanted to end it, Slender Man would come back and never let him go free. They were stuck in a sort of homeostasis. They were never granted their one goal, which was the ultimate punishment. After killing trillions of people, being stuck in a stalemate with no way to kill each other was strangely fitting.

And they were stuck there.




Boomstick: WHAT?! After all of that epic ended on a draw?!

Wiz: Now, hold on. I promise there's a good explanation for this. Both combatants had immense power on their sides and held their own solid advantage, neither one of them could actually pull off the kill.

Boomstick: But-But-

Wiz: Since it's incredibly complicated, let's discuss it in 5 parts, shall we? We'll talk about Power, Speed, Durability, Other Powers and finally Overall. Let's start with Power.


Wiz: This one is probably one of the most complicated topics, just due to how crazy both of them were, but Slender Man ultimately held the advantage here. Let me explain. While both had solid Universal feats, for example, Pennywise was a natural enemy of Maturin, who accidentally created the universe. Since he's comparable, it's likely he had similar power and durability.

Boomstick: But Slender Man has feats that transcend Universal and go into Multi-Universal. Like the Dimensional Bleeding! This thing leeches off loads of different universes, and Slender Man caused it all! Better yet, he could withstand it easily!

Wiz: That is correct. Heck, he may be- heck, he is even more powerful, as here, he is stated to be at least 7-Dimensional. While Pennywise likely does have feats to put him at a comparable level, they're less defined than Slender Man's and are less clear.

Boomstick: Yeah, even in physical feats, Slender Man handily takes it. While Pennywise can rip apart humans and turn into powerful animals, Slender Man can easily burn through a steel chassis, and also rip apart humans. Not to mention, he can freaking ram through reinforced steel armour, which needs at least 10 tons of force!

Wiz: So, in conclusion. While Pennywise has more than enough to compete with Slender Man in relation to power, his higher dimensional strength is quite fuzzy compared to Slender Man's, and even in physical strength Slender Man outclasses him.


Wiz: This one is much more clear-cut than Power. While Slender Man can reduce two girls to a splat of blood in the blink of an eye and react to gunfire, Pennywise takes this pretty easily. Although, it is important to note that there are different kinds of speed.

Boomstick: In travel speed, Pennywise takes it by a mile and a half. He's been stated to be able to move as fast as a bullet train, while Slender Man needs teleportation to move quickly, which Pennywise can also do.

Wiz: But in reaction speeds, Slender Man surprisingly wins out. A bullet fired by a 9mm bullet would be much faster than a bullet train, a bullet can move at 380 m/s, while a bullet train only moves at 55 m/s. So, Slender Man could react at speeds faster than Pennywise could move.

Boomstick: So it was kind of even. But we're giving the advantage to Pennywise because of his superior travel speed. Even if Slender Man could react to his attacks, these are only using physical feats, and because Pennywise is unbound by the laws of space and time, if he doesn't want to be hit, he just...won't be hit. In the novel, Bill Denbrough described fighting Pennywise is like fighting smoke.

Wiz: And due to his superior travel speed, Pennywise had more opportunities to get a hit in, without getting hit himself.


Boomstick: Like Power, this is incredibly close. While both have solid Universal feats, like Pennywise being an enemy of Maturin and Slender Man taking hits from the immensely powerful Zalgo, Slender Man takes the cake here.

Wiz: Remember the Dimensional Bleeding? The one that Slender Man was completely unharmed by? The multi-universal event that destroys almost anything? Yeah, Pennywise cannot stack up to that.

Boomstick: Even if physical feats, Slender Man still takes it. He took hits from Zalgo, who could potentially destroy literally anything with a simple song. The Slenderverse has been confirmed to run on string theory, which supports Zalgo being at least 11-dimensional.

Wiz: So, it's not all that close.

Other Powers

Wiz: This one is incredibly close, but we personally believe that Pennywise had the advantage here. His shapeshifting is way more potent than Slender Man's, and even Slender Man's space-time cracking tendrils would have literally no effect due to Pennywise being unbound by the laws of space and time.

Boomstick: But they also have powers that counter each other blow for blow. Their mind manipulation is pretty much equal, they can both absorb people, their true forms counter each other as well, and Slender Man's necromancy is countered by Pennywise's ability to just kill things by being near them.

Wiz: And while Slender Man's elemental powers are second to none, including Pennywise, the clown had all he needed to stop it. With his reality-warping and eldritch physiology, he was unlikely to be affected by them for too long.

Boomstick: That's not to mention that Pennywise could easily just send someone to the Deadlights. Sure, Slender Man would be able to resist it with his own Madness Manipulation and the fact that he doesn't have eyes, but Pennywise simply had better control over the fight.

Wiz: Their abilities to drive someone crazy also counter each other, Slender Man's Sickness and Sigma Radiation meant nothing to the clown, who could use his reality-warping and the fact that Pennywise is merely an avatar of his true form to bypass its deadly effects.

Boomstick: But Slender Man regeneration and teleportation were much more potent than Pennywise's. Although they could be countered, Pennywise just can't stack up to the extent of his regeneration and teleportation.


Wiz: So, they were even. Slender Man took Power and Durability, while Pennywise took Speed and Other Powers. They both have plenty of solid advantages over one another, but guess what? Plot twist, none of that mattered.

Boomstick: What?!

Wiz: Well, both Pennywise and Slender Man cannot be killed by normal means. Cannot. Power, Speed and Durability mean nothing. Even Other Powers meant nothing because none of those powers allowed either of them to actually kill the other.

Boomstick: Yeah? I get that Slender Man couldn't do the Ritual of Chud because he's not innocent and doesn't have the childlike imagination required to win, but how is Pennywise not able to kill Slender Man?

Wiz: Well, let's take a look at his weaknesses. Pennywise could exploit the weaknesses that merely lessen or disable some of Slender Man's powers, but that's not enough. We need to find a way for Pennywise to kill Slender Man.

Boomstick: Well, what about the fact that if you erase every single memory of Slender Man, and every shred of evidence detailing his existence, that he'll be severely weakened and maybe even killed outright?

Wiz: Bingo. While Pennywise can erase memories, it seems to be extremely limited. The Forgetting only takes place if someone leaves Derry. You can't get billions of people to all leave Derry. Even then, how are you supposed to Obliviate an entire world in one go? It just doesn't work out in practice.

Boomstick: So, couple that with Slender Man being unable to kill Pennywise, and...?

Wiz: We get a recipe for a draw. While they both had plenty of advantages against each other, the fact that neither of them could kill each other lead interesting conclusion.

Boomstick: Pennywise wasn't clowning around in this fight, but both had a 'Slender' chance to win!

Wiz: This battle is a draw.

Boomstick: I need to rest after this.

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