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We gained countless scars to arrive this far... We lost countless friends... We have made many sacrifices... Therefore, even if it's far from enough, even if it's only one step at a time... We'll keep walking forward... For as long as there is hope... Miracles will always be possible! This is what our bodies learned in all those past battles: For all our friends, and for Athena... We must keep on fighting! We are this world's and Athena's hope! And if you remain standing in our way, then you leave us with no choice but killing you!
~ Pegasus Seiya

Pegasus Seiya, also know as just Seiya, is the main protagonist of the anime/manga series, Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac.

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Death Battle Info[]


Born as Seiya, he and his sister Seika lived in a massive orphanage with Mitsumasa Kido, a millionare and the owner of the Graude Foundation. After an encounter with a dying man named Aiolos, Mitsumasa learned of the Saints, legendary warriors who wore Cloths, armors that enhanced their abilities, and fought for Athena, the Greek Goddess of War. Mitsumasa shipped out every single one of the orphans to different locations around the world in order to train them to become the next generation of Saints. Separated from his sister, Seiya was shipped off to Athens, and trained there for six years. Eventually, after defeating all of the other competitors for it, Seiya won the Pegasus Cloth, based off of the mythical creature. He returned to Japan afterwards. Ever since then, he has been one of the five Bronze Saints protecting the reincarnation of Athena - Saori, Mitsumasa's adopted daughter - with their lives.

Abilities & Techniques[]

  • Pegasus Bronze Cloth: One of the 88 Cloths. Based off of the mythological winged horse, this Cloth has been made stronger over the many years of its use. This Cloth enhances his abilities. Seiya can summon it from a distance, and it can repel people trying to take it off from him with incredibly high heat. It also has a pair of wings that it can sprout from the back, allowing Seiya to fly.
  • Cosmo: All humans were created from the Big Bang. As such, they all have a piece of it inside of them. Seiya, as well as the other Saints can cause this energy to explode. This use of energy is called a Cosmo. Seiya can burn his Cosmo to perform various special attacks.
    • Pegasus Ryu-Sei Ken (Pegasus Meteor Fist): Seiya launches hundreds of punches from his fist wrapped in blue energy that strikes multiple times. Gets faster every time he uses it.
    • Pegasus Rolling Crush: Seiya grabs the opponent from behind and pile-drives them into the ground.
    • Pegasus Sui-Sei Ken (Pegasus Comet Fist): Instead of firing off hundreds of punches at once, Seiya focuses his Cosmo into one massive, Cosmo-filled strike. Seiya's strongest physical attack.
  • Atomization: Seiya was taught that all things in the world are made up of atoms. He was taught how to pinpoint the atoms in a targer and destroy them. Most of Seiya's attacks use atomization in them. Atomization is so potent, that it can even break apart photons in light and even destroy souls.
    • Atomic Restructuring: Seiya can reform his own atoms with his Cosmo if any of them are destroyed. Ironically enough, this is one of the main reasons why Saints don't immediately shatter each other out of oblivion any time they hit each other with an attack.
  • Seventh Sense: The Seventh Sense is a state of being that allows Seiya to sense everything around him with his Cosmo. Usually only unlocked by the highest of Saints, Seiya as well as the other Bronze Saints were able to master the Seventh Sense.
  • Eight Sense: The first step towards godhood. The Eight Sense allows Seiya complete and total control over his soul. With it he can resurrect himself should he ever die. Also grants him acausality.


  • Sagittarius Seiya: Seiya dons the Sagittarius Gold Cloth left to him by Aiolos. This enhances Seiya's abilities even further. It also gives him a few extra abilities.
    • Cosmic Star Arrow: Seiya uses the Sagittarius Bow and Arrow to fire out a massive beam of light. His signature ability in this state.
    • Atomic Thunderbolt: Seiya fires a massive amount of energy balls filled with electricity at his opponent.
    • Lightning Plasma: Seiya fires a large amount of plasma bolts that move at faster than light speeds.
    • Lightning Bolt: Seiya strikes the air around him fast enough to break the atmosphere then fires a powerful ball of energy that travels faster than light.
  • Pegasus God Cloth: One of the only God Cloths in existence. Attained after Divine Blood is spilled onto the Pegasus Cloth. Seiya transforms his Pegasus Cloth and ascends into the realm of the gods. In this form, all of his stats are boosted massively and he can now fly. In this form he was able to contend with and even kill gods. Seiya's most powerful transformation by far.
  • Miracles: Seiya can call upon the will of the gods themselves. Miracles are temporary stat boosts for speed and power that make the impossible possible for a period of time.


Main Canon[]

  • Overpowered Gemini Saga's Galaxian Explosion, which, aptly enough is powerful enough to destroy galaxies.
  • Cut off Taurus Aldebaran's horn
  • At the very least comparable and at the most much, much stronger than any Gold Saint, one of which - Aries Mu - was able to destroy an entire universe and create his own one within seconds.
  • Another Gold Saint, Virgo Shaka, during his clash with Virgo Shijima destroyed an innumerable number of timelines.
  • Comparable to Capricorn Shura, who outsped the Big Bang.
  • Contended with Poseidon, the god of the sea.
  • Killed Hippocamp Baian, who is as strong as a Gold Saint.
  • Destroyed the Main Breadwinner, which was stated to be able to survive the end of the universe.
  • Fought against and greatly damaged Wyvern Rhadamanthys, a lieutenant of Hades much stronger than the average Gold Saint.
  • Crossed the Hyperdimension, an entire universe with billions of galaxies, within minutes.
  • Comparable to Dragon Shiryu, who killed several Specters at once, each one much stronger than a Gold Saint.
  • Upon achieving his God Cloth, easily killed Thanatos, the God of Sleep, who moments earlier atomized several Gold Cloths.
  • Outsped Thanatos, who's attacks crossed universes within seconds.
  • Raised his Cosmo infinitely higher than before.
  • Fought against and damaged Hades, the God of Death - who's mere will alone was able to move the solar system and sustain three different universes at the same time.
  • Resisted the curse of Hades's Sword, which normally would kill any ordinary human instantly.

Non-Canonical feats[]

  • Became the Gold Sagittarus Saint in Saint Seiya Omega.
  • Fought against Mars in Saint Seiya Omega, a galactic level threat.
  • Hurt Saturn with the enhanced Sagittarius Gold Cloth in Saint Seiya Omega.
  • In the 3D animated film Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary, he defeated Gemini Saga's Titan form, which was going to remake the universe.
  • In the fifth animated film Saint Seiya: Heaven Chapter - Overture, he scarred Apollo. Apollo had previously destroyed the universe with just his words.


  • Can be impulsive and brash at times. Sometimes acts like a jerk. This has noticeably lessened throughout the series, however.
  • Was susceptible to Hades's curse, however he was able to resist it.


  • Seiya is a popular Shonen Jump icon in various parts of the world, most prominently in Japan and Latin America.
    • He has appeared in many of the Shonen Jump crossovers, including Jump Ultimate Stars, J-Stars Victory VS, Famicom Jump and Jump Force the worst one.
  • He is the reincarnation of the Pegasus Saint of the 18th century, Pegasus Tenma. Although this revelation was not learned until the end of the original manga and the start of Saint Seiya: Next Dimension, the sequel series.
  • Like many of Masami Kurumada's characters, Seiya's design was inspired in the main character of his previous hit manga Ring ni Kakero, Ryuji Takane.
  • Originally, Seiya was supposed to be called "Rin", and the original name of the manga would have been "Ginga no Rin" (literally Ring of the Galaxy). However this was changed as Kurumada felt the name "Seiya" was more fitting.
  • Seiya's name means "star arrow" in Japanese, which incidentally became a part of the name of one of his attacks, that being the Cosmic Star Arrow.
  • Seiya's zodiac sign is Sagittarius, continuing supporting the fact that he eventually becomes the next Sagittarius Saint.
  • Seiya has been voiced by several voice actors over the years, the most iconic being Toru Furuya.
    • Furuya noted that Seiya was his favorite character to voice.