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"Pac-Man vs Danny Phantom" is a what-if episode of Death Battle between Pac-Man from Pac-Man and Danny Phantom from Danny Phantom.

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Namco vs Nickolodeon! Which of these childhood ghost hunting protagonists who are the protectors of their world will come out on top?


Wiz:Pac-Man,the ghost-chomping mascot of Namco and savior of Pac-Land.

Boomstick:And Danny Phantom,the half-ghost hero and protector of Amity Park.

Wiz:Throughout history,the paranormal have shown to cause destruction and threatened both of these ghost-hunters homes and cities but more times than not,they've proven to send them back where they belong and put an end to their invasion.

Boomstick:And now,we're putting these two against each other to see the who's the better ghost hunter,if not better combatant. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick.

Wiz:And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


Wiz:We take a look into the world of Pac-Land,also known as Pacopolis,where you'll find most of it's inhabitants filled with yellow and spherical citizens known as Pac-People.

Boomstick:And even fairies! Because apparently those exist in a world where mostly everything is spherical and round in shape for some reason.

Wiz:Pac-Land was usually a peaceful place however that peace wouldn't last forever as it would be frequently overrun by monsters covered in cloaks called ghosts. The ghosts would then enjoy and continue haunting and terrorizing the citizens of this world,with some of the ghosts actually being former Pac-People who died or passed away.

Boomstick:With their towns and cities being haunted and invaded by these spooky threats,Pac-Land needed a hero.A symbol of hope that they could call upon to prevent these attacks.A hero. His name...was Pac-Man.

Wiz:Throughout the history and lore of the franchise,there have been some different continuities that tell and talk about Pac-Man's origin. In one,he's the son of Zac and Sunny,who were the remaining yellow Pac-People in the Pac-World War that were frozen by the Pacinator. Basically the Pac-Man universe's Terminator. Yes,this is a thing. And thus this Pac-Man was the last remaining yellow Pac-Person among his fellow Pac-Worlders,which makes him an orphan.

Boomstick:And in most continuities,he's a dedicated husband and father alongside his wife,Ms.Pac-Man and even has kids,such as Jr Pac-Man and Baby original.

Wiz:However,regardless of which timeline or version of Pac-Man we're talking about,he's usually the ghost-chomping hero that thwarts the likes of the ghosts from causing any havoc to the people of Pac-World. But in order to save his people from the constant ghost attacking his home,he needed the skills necessary to get the job done.

Boomstick:Trained by the former hero of Pac-Land,the Pac-Master himself and taught in his ways of fighting,he definitely has the skills and stomach capacity to get the job done.

•Martial Arts


•Toon Force



°Can eat ghosts,with or without a Power Pellet

°Can also eat ectoplasm

•Capable of touching ghosts

•Possession resistance

•Can breathe in space

•Fire ball breath

Wiz:Arguably,Pac-Man's most famous attribute is of course his appetite and stomach,as he can eat entire city's worth of food! Pac-Man,of course can also use his mouth to chomp on other ghosts,spitting them out as eyeballs later on when's finished with them,even if he doesn't have a Power Pellet on hand.

Boomstick:Pac-Man's also capable of touching and even hitting ghosts with his normal attacks,both in the games and in the show as well. And given the yellow ball of life eats them on a regular basis like it's nothing,he likely has a resistance towards their possession and has even eaten food containing themselves inside. Now that's one iron gullet!

Wiz:Not only was Pac-Man trained by the Pac-Master in fighting but he's been also trained by Blinky in the art of hand-to-hand combat known as Pac Fu. Using Pac-Fu,he can fight fairly well in close quarters if he needs to and can even create duplicates of himself while using this technique.

Boomstick:Pac-Man also has other techniques that involve using his body as a weapon such as the Rev-Roll,which launches his body as his enemies by building up momentum and can ground pound the floor using his ass hard enough to create a powerful shockwave.

Wiz:Pac-Man also has the ability to summon items circling from a cherry to a key using his Bonus Fruit attack,with the key being able to deal the most damage and charged up for later. His Pac-Jump also allows him to jump on a trampoline for two or three times in his ball form upward until it disappears,making it good for reach high jump distances.

Boomstick:He can also summon a trail of several Pac-Dots using his Power Pellet and charges into his enemies while in his ball form when he's chomping them. Pac-Man can also summon a fire hydrant to shoot water that can push his foes back a bit and even kick it hard enough to send it into his enemies as an attack if he has to.

Wiz:And whenever his strength or even his sheer appetite aren't enough to get the job done somehow,Pac-Man has several power-ups and weapons along with a few more powers on hand he can access for taking down any threat that comes his way.

•Power Pellet

°Makes it easier for Pac-Man to consume ghosts

°Slightly increases Pac-Man's speed

•Super Pellet

°Allows Pac-Man to become Super Pac-Man


°Smaller pellets stored away that Pac-Man can use as projectiles

•Chrome Power Pellet

•Super Stomp Pellet

•Red Ribbon Power Pellet

•Electro-Shock Power Pellet

•Shrink Pellet

•Vortex Pellet

•Magic Boots

•Space Board

°Good for space travel

°Shoots energy bolts from the front of the space board

•Magic Pen



•Drill Berry

•Flight Berry

•Galeforce Berry

•Plasma Berry

•Kung-Fu Berry

•Rocket Berry

•Fire Berry

•Ice Berry

•Titanium Berry

•Chameleon Berry

•Boulder Berry

•Spin Berry

•Wizard Berry

•Arachnid Berry

•Inflate Berry

•Elder Berry

°Turns Pac-Man into a large ape version of himself

•Planet Berry

°Turns Pac-Man into a planet,capable of eating meteors and other smaller planets

Boomstick:His most iconic and most convenient for chomping down ghosts is the Power Pellet,which makes ghost vulnerable for a short amount of time and makes it easier for Pac-Man to eat them along with a temporary boost in his speed. The Super Pellet also turns Pac-Man into a bigger version of himself called Super Pac-Man,who becomes his arcade original self but muuuch larger and grants him invulnerability for a short period of time before running out. But if he doesn't feel like eating them for some reason,he can throw power pellets called Pac-Pellets and store them for later use,generating the force of a grenade when thrown on the ground.

Wiz:With the Super Stomp Pellet,he can create large shockwaves that knocks away any enemy that comes his path. With the Chrome Pellet,Pac-Man's body becomes metallic and invincible for a short time and can even walk on lava. With the Electro-Shock Power Pellet,he can shoot electricity from his hands to stun enemies and blow up robots,and with the Red Ribbon Power Pellet,his running speed is slighly increased and he can create a trail of light around his foes and then explode them around that ring of light.

Boomstick:Outside of his usual Power Pellets,he has access to the Magic Boots,which allow him to repeatedly jump in mid-air,his Magic Pen that can create other Pac-Men in the form of drawings that can eat ghosts and his Space Board,which can shoot energy bolts and is good for outerspace travel if he needs to.

Wiz:And Pac-Man also a plethora of Power Berries he can use in the Ghostly Adventures continuity such as ones that give him elemental powers like the Fire Berry,which allows him to shoot fire out of his mouth and become fireproof and the Ice Berry,which gives Pac-Man the ability to freeze others by shooting ice out of his mouth and eat ghosts that are on fire.

Boomstick:Pac-Man can fly using the Flight Berry,control magnetism and suck in ghosts using the Titanium Berry,turn into a granite ball with the Boulder Berry,become a spinning top and create a vortex to suck ghosts with the Spin Berry,and become large with the Pac-Zilla Berry.

Wiz:Whenever he eats a Wizard Berry,he also can manipulate magic along with minor reality warping. He can also...cast a spell that makes people fart uncontrollably for some reason. With the Chameleon Berry,Pac-Man gains the ability to camouflage into his environment and become invisible as well gain a large tongue for sucking in ghosts.

Boomstick:But if somehow,for whatever reason,those don't work and end up failing,his most powerful berry has to be his Planet Berry! As the name suggest,whenever Pac-Man eats this berry,he becomes the size and turns into an actual planet himself capable of traveling in space and everything and of course,he can eat other planets.

Wiz:While in his Planet form,Pac-Man was capable of eating an Ghosteroid,a ghost that had enough power to threaten both the Pac-World and Netherworld and he ate it like it was no problem. He can also overpower the Space-Worm,who was capable of moving planets while he was sleeping. Based on the distance the Space Worm's mouth was and the planet's movement and the area of the pull,the Space-Worm must've needed the energy of around 236.943 ninatons of TNT.

Boomstick:But the ol' Pacster has proven time and time again that even without his powerups,he's not exactly a force to be trifled with.

Wiz:He's strong enough to smack around tall buildings with just his tongue,break metal and destroy robots with his punches,push around stone blocks,and can overpower and defeat ghosts capable of creating tornadoes and once ate the largest sandwich in Pacopolis with no problem whatsoever. He's also defeated Spooky,who created a storm over Pac-Village. Going off of real life storms,which are generally 20 kilometers in radius and scaling to other storms or the usual level a storm is at it would have to be around 9.63982388237265 megatons or 9639823.8824 tons of explosives!

Boomstick:But just because he's round doesn't mean he's slow either. He's comparable to his wife,Ms Pac-Man,who can dodge lightning bolts,can outrun a speed motorcycle on foot,and can keep up with Ghosteroids,who are able to travel the far regions of space in just seconds.

Wiz:Which given the miles and distance between Pac-World and space,should be around 60 billion times the speed of light. Not to mention,Pac-Man also casually outpaces ghosts traveling from outerspace to Pac-World in minutes so this level of speed should be somewhat consistent for him.

Boomstick:The Pac also isn't just bruteforce and strength either as he's capable of operating scientific equipment,navigating through several puzzles and mazes,and as a bonus,is excellent at go-karting. He's even used his wits to outsmart several of his ghostly enemies when in combat,including a genius ghost named Erwin.

Wiz:However,with all that in mind,Pac-Man still isn't without his downsides. For starters,some of his powerups are temporary and only last for a few seconds or a short while,meaning Pac-Man has to use them wisely and sparingly.

Boomstick:The dude's also a bit of an idiot sometimes and can be quick to hunger,making him easily baitable and distracted to food,which could hinder him in a fight.

Wiz:Yet despite all of his shortcomings and flaws,the people of Pac-World and Pacopolis can rest assured that whenever any ghosts or other forces of evil come threatning their hometown,Pac-Man will always be there,chomping away at anyone that threatens the safety of his fellow Pac-People.

Pac-Man:Did someone say cake? Mmm... Cherry meringue sugar-stuffed power pellet a'lorange, you shoudn't have.

Danny Phantom

Wiz:Danny Fenton was just your average everyday 14 year old teenager living in Amity Park,going to high school,being a little geeky and awkward like any teenager would be and getting bullied by the school jock. Really nothing out of the ordinary.

Boomstick:Well,except for the fact that his parents took on a profession,specifically being hunting down ghosts. So it came no suprise that their latest invention would be a portal to the Ghost Zone.

Wiz:That same Fenton Portal would've work and open a world to the realm of other spirits but then...


Wiz:With this malfunction happening,Danny would then be permanently affected by the portal's effect,becoming a halfa,a half-human infused with ghost energy. He would then become known as Amity Park's greatest hero,Danny Phantom.

Boomstick:Or in other words,Danny was bestowed with several ghostly superpowers that would be like a Tuesday in his universe,since apparently the Fenton Portal does work after all...(rapping)

Wiz:Time and place,Boomstick.

Boomstick:Ah,come on,you know it has rhythm!

Wiz:Unlike his human form,which could surprisingly still use a good portions of his ghostly abilities for some reason,Danny Phantom has the abilities and powers that other ghosts he's faced can use.

•Ghost Ray

°Ecto-Energy Strike

°Ecto-Energy Ball

°Ecto-Energy Waves

°Explosive Ecto-Energy Disk

°Explosive Ecto-Energy Rings


°Ghost Shield

°Ghost Stinger

°Ghost Flame


°Light Projection

°Ghostly Wail






•Ghost Sense


•Mind Control resistance

•Can breathe underwater and space

•Regenerative Healing Factor

•Spectral Body Manipulation

Boomstick:His signature ability is his Ghost Sense,which basically acts as a Spider-Sense towards any ghosts and let's Danny know if any ghosts are nearby.

Wiz:Danny also has the ability to shoot ectoplasmic energy beams from his hands known as ghost rays,which can be shot through a variety of waves such as strikes,energy balls,waves,and Danny can even make them explosive if he really wants to in the form of energy disks and rings.

Boomstick:And like other spooky ghosts,he can turn intangible and turn himself if he wants to. He also has the ability to fly like any other typical ghost can and can even possess others in the form of overshadowing,which can even possess other ghosts...for some reason.

Wiz:He can create shields and barriers out of ecto energy to protect himself from attacks and can even reflect energy attacks and physical force if he needs them to,create duplicates of himself to fight by his side,and even has the ability to manipulate ice to freeze his enemies.

Boomstick:Not to mention,Danny can also manipulate his body at will by bending,twisting,and contorting much crazier any ordinary human and can even stretch himself or create holes in his body to avoid attacks easier. And if Danny's physical form is too damaged,he can restore it. Whether it be a lost limb,bisection,or even being turned into a literal puddle,Danny can recover from this and reform it back to normal again.

Wiz:But Danny's most powerful ghostly attack and most deadliest is his Ghostly Wail. His Ghostly wail can release a giant sonic wave of ectoplasmic energy capable of destroying buildings and even other ghosts at his peak. However,overusing this ability for too long has the risk of draining Danny severally.

Boomstick:Basically the ghost version of Black Canary's canary cry but from a teenager. However,if all else fails and if Danny really needs to,he can pull out the big guns to finish the job much more quicker.

•Fenton Thermos

°Designed to capture ghosts

°Can hold multiple ghosts at the same time


°A battle suit created by Fenton Works that increases the user's natural abilities by 100-fold

°Battle suit comes equipped with foot thrusters,allowing the user to fly

°The Ecto-Skeleton also comes with a self-destruct device

•Reality Gauntlet

°Gem of Life:Can give life to inanimate objects and even create life.

°Gem of Form:Grants the wearer the ability and power to transform objects into any other objects the wearer desires. Also capable of turning others into objects as well.

°Gem of Fantasy:Allows the wearer to make their wishes, dreams, and fantasies come true; that is, they can change reality into fantasy, and fantasy into reality. The user can create, or summon, objects or beings out of nothing.

°Reality warping capabilities

°Capable of reversing time

°Has the ability to erase memories

Wiz:Danny's most iconic method of catching ghosts is with the use of the Fenton Thermos,a device capable of sucking up the undead and trapping them within inside. It can even hold up to more than one ghost at a time.

Boomstick:But that's not all! Made by his ghost hunting parents,Jack and Maddie Fenton,is Danny's Hulkbuster looking exo-suit:The Ecto-Skeleton! Seriously,that has to be one of the most badass looking things that ever came from the show.

Wiz:With the Ecto-Skeleton,Danny's physical abilities and ghost abilities are greatly enhanced,100-fold to be exact and also comes with foot boosters that let the exo-suit the capability of flight and a self-destruct device as a last resort if Danny needs to pull a quick escape.

Boomstick:Hell,when Danny was wearing this armor,he was capable of matching the King of the Ghost Zone himself:Pariah Dark.

Wiz:Being the king of ghosts,Pariah Dark should be superior to every ghost in the Ghost Zone,with the Ghost Zone having been shown to contain realms and even pocket dimensions. This has even been further backed up with ghost having realms large enough to house planets and even stars. And the Ghost Zone has even shown to have several individual planets floating around before in the past. So to even create such a pocket dimension of that level of power containing several planets and stars would have to equal at least 1.688e63 joules of energy or 10.53 ZettaFoe.

Popup:Butch Hartmen has also stated the entire Ghost Zone is made entirely of ectoplasm and that each ghosts realm has it's own unique ecto signiture.

Boomstick:And the Ghost King himself even complimented the power of the Ecto-Skeleton while fighting Danny when he was inside of it,meaning this feat should also be applied whenever Danny is using it.

Popup:While the Ecto-Skeleton drains the user's energy very quickly,this was later fixed by Vlad,making this no longer an issue.

Wiz:And after undoing all the changes that Freakshow made to the world,Danny momentarily wielded the Reality Gauntlet,a powerful ghost artifact that grants the wielder enormous power,power capable of warping reality and altering the entire planet.

Boomstick:With the Gem of Life,Danny has the ability to bring inanimate objects to life and create brand new life as well as having control over the objects he creates. With the Gem of Form,Danny can create objects from scratch and can transform objects into different things entirely as well make people turn into objects themselves. And with the Gem of Fantasy,Danny can make dreams into a reality such as when he erased the memories of those who knew his true identity and can reverse time.

Wiz:But Danny has proven time and time again,he doesn't need special abilities or tools to unleash his true potential. He's strong enough to lift an entire school bus occupied,which weighs around 10,000 kilograms,tear through the steel of a space shuttle,toss around a dragon with his sheer strength,and even kept up with ghosts capable of creating storms such as the Fright Knight and Vortex. A typical thunderstorm has a diameter of 15 miles,which also equals 24.1402 Kilometers. Based on the land area of the Earth and the size of the thunderstorm Vortex created,he must've generated around 269 Gigatons of energy.

Boomstick:And the Fright Knight's sword,the Soul Shredder can do the same thing and Danny's capable of fighting against him and Vortex and withstand their attacks.

Wiz:Danny's also quick enough to outfly a space shuttle,which can move at speeds of Mach 23,dodge lightning and arrows,react to lasers including ghost rays,which have shown to move in straight lines, burn on contact, and bounce off reflective surfaces,giving them lightspeed properties.

Boomstick:Danny's also kept up with his archnemesis,Vlad Plasmius on a frequent basis,who thought that he could travel interstellar distances from Earth to space like it was no problem.

Wiz:Considering the closest star in the real world is the Alpha Centauri,which is about 4.37 light year aways from our own solar system,Vlad must've moving at speeds around 100 times much faster than light and Danny should scale to this considering he fights him on a weekly basis.

Boomstick:And despite only being 14 years old,he's surprisingly somewhat clever,being able to quickly adapt and learn new powers on the fly,such as when he saw Vlad creating a ghost shield and managed to create one himself and quickly mastered his ice powers through trial and error,and is surprisingly creative when it comes to battling his opponents.

Wiz:As powerful as Danny is,he still isn't without his flaws. Danny has shown to be impulsive and overconfident,as well as constantly taunt his opponents,which can sometimes work against him depending on who he's fighting. Danny is also vulnerable to anti-ghost technology like the Fenton Thermos and is weak to Ecto-ranium,which is essentially the ghost kryptonite of the Danny Phantom universe. And although his invisibility is impressive,he can still be detected by infrared vision and should he take too much damage,he will revert back to his human form.

Boomstick:But even then,Danny's proven worthy of being Amity Park's hero time and time again,no matter what obstacles or ghost come his way,and has even saved the world on numerous occasions. So trust me when I say,this is one ghostbuster you do not want to mess with.

Paulina:Go get 'em, Inviso-Bill!

Danny:It's not Inviso-Bill! It's Phantom! Danny Phantom!


Inside the Ghost Zone,we could see the saviour of Pac-Land,Pac-Man chasing down a random ghost,who was flying away for his dear life to get away from the ghost chomper but he wouldn't budge for a second until they both went through a green portal,and Pac-Man chomped on the ghost,making it disappear before looking around,confused at his surrondings. He was apparently inside of Fenton Works but thought he was somewhere else.

Pac-Man:Woah...Sir Cumference really has outdone himself decorating the lab.


Pac-Man commented before looking over to see Danny Fenton who held out his arms crossed,thinking Pac-Man wasn't someone to be trusted and possibly an enemy.

Danny:You don't belong here.Go back to where you came from. Amity Park only needs one hero and I got that already covered,alright?

Pac-Man:Look kid,I didn't come here because I wanted to. But whenever I see a ghost causing trouble or mayhem,it's my job to give them a nice chomping. So leave it to the professionals,alright?

Pac-Man said,a little bit snarky in his reply. This teenager didn't really look like much from his point of view. A bit scrawny looking and lanky,with him still looking he was still going through his adolescence.

Danny:Then you'll love me! I'm going ghost!

Danny said before rings of white pass over him,turning Danny Fenton into Danny Phantom. Pac-Man then realized the boy was half-ghost and immediately got into fighting position soon after.

Pac-Man:Another of Lord Betrayus' minions? He just doesn't give up now does he?

Danny:Lord who?

Danny then threw a punch that sent Pac-Man into a wall,creating a hole that sent Pac-Man onto the streets of Amity Park and Danny then followed as both stood in opposite directions with both now in combat position and ready to fight each other.


Pac-Man lead off with several punches and kicks,sending the halfa back with his attacks before trying to follow up with a combo with his Power Pellet attack,creating of a trail of pac-dots to follow up until Danny flew under the ground and appeared behind Pac-Man striking him with a combo of his but with his strikes being strengthen by ecto-energy,knocking him into a billboard with Amity Park on it.

Danny:Didn't see that coming did you?

However,Danny's entire body began beeping blue as Pac-Man had eaten his iconic Power Pellet and began running after Danny,eager to end this quick before Danny starting flying away to avoid the ghost chomper.

Pac-Man:Get over here,Jack Frost so I can chomp you!

Danny Phantom:No thanks,Lemonhead! I do not know where that mouth has been.

Danny said,continuing to fly away to avoid Pac-Man as he was catching up until the beeping blue went away and he returned back to normal and was able to attack again.

Danny:Don't know what the heck that was all about but taste ecto-plasma!

Danny said before shooting several ecto-energy at Pac-Man's direction but he quickly countered by throwing several Pac-Dots,causing their projectiles to cancel out each other until Pac-Man tried launching himself at Danny with a Rev-roll but Danny avoided this with his intangibility,which caused the Pacster to crash into a wall,dazing him.

Danny:Think again,chrome dome.

Pac-Man then quickly got back up and soon ate a Chrome Pellet,making his body more metallic before charging at the saviour of the Ghost Zone with a punch,slamming him down out of his intangibility before grabbing Danny by his uniform and slamming him across the street before kicking him back a distance,however he wouldn't yield and stood his ground albeit spitting out a tooth.

Pac-Man:Good idea!

Pac-Man's chrome pellet wore off and he then eats an Electro-Shock Power Pellet, and began shooting electricity at Danny but he created a ghost shield,blocking the electricity.

Danny:Oh please,let me show a real shocker.

Danny then generated an electric shock with his Ghost Stinger but Pac-Man managed to roll out of the way and began throwing multiple Bonus Fruit at Danny who blasted through them with a ghost ray,which struck Pac-Man,sending in the air only to be punched twice and kicked.

Before he could plummet to his death,Pac-Man used the Magic Boots to rapidly jump in mid-air to slow his descent before eating a Chameleon berry,turning into Chameleon Pac-Man and turning invisible to avoid Danny's detection as he landed where Pac-Man used to be.

Danny:Come on out,Cheesehead...

Soon,Danny was caught off guard by an invisible punch and then another punch until he tried attacking the invisble Pac-Worlder but was really punching thin air.

Pac-Man:You can't see me!

Pac-Man said,taunting the ghost boy as Danny then noticed a tongue out of nowhere ensnared on his arm trying to pull him in before projecting a light from his palm to detect Pac-Man,with his cover blown before grabbing his tongue off of his arm.

Danny:Oh yeah? How about now?

Danny then spun Chameleon Pac-Man around in the air by his before slamming him all the way down,knocking him out his form. Getting tired of these games,Danny quickly tried to overshadow Pac-Man to control his body but moments later,was ejected out and crashed onto the floor.


Pac-Man:Uh,hello? What part of "ghost hunter" didn't you understand,kid? You're really burning me up.

Pac-Man ate a Fire Berry and then soon turned into Fire Pac-Man and started shooting fireballs from his mouth,which Danny managed to fly past before preparing another ecto-energy strike until Fire Pac-Man fired a much more powerful fire blast,covering Danny in smoke and leaving him with burn marks before he wiped off the smoke and got back up.

Danny:Ok then,you need to chill!

Danny quipped before using his cryokinesis to freeze the floor,making Pac-Man slip clumisly before shooting ice blasts from his hands while Pac-Man fired another devastating fire breathe until Danny's ice overpowered Fire Pac-Man's flames,freezing him solid.

Danny:Freeze! Haha,get it?

However,moments later Pac-Man would break free through his sheer strength but was no longer Fire Pac-Man. He was then turned back to normal.


Pac-Man then got an idea and tried to outnumber Danny with one of his powerups that wasn't a pellet or berry.

He soon got out the Magic Pen and created several drawings acting like other Pac-Man and pointed at Danny,sending them to attack the ghost boy.

Danny:Not bad but I can do that without a writing utensil!

Danny stated before splitting himself into 4 duplicates and soon their armies began flying throughout the city,trading blows,chomping and ecto beams.

Several Danny duplicates were chomped but other Pac-Man drawings weres destroyed rather quickly as well. Eventually,both of their armies were defeated,leaving the real Pac-Man and Danny Phantom in a standoff.

Pac-Man eats an Elder berry and starts becoming bigger and transforms into Pac-Kong,beating his chest.

Pac-Kong:Oooh oooh! RARRRRRRRRR!

Danny:I'm sorry,can you repeat that?

Danny quipped before Pac-Kong grew tired of Danny's jokes and swatted him away with his hand,causing the ghost boy to be sent across the city of Amity Park into the Nasty Burger before Danny comes out,covered in stains for a moment and continued unleashing ghost energy disks at Pac-Kong,who ate them and continued swatting his arms to try and catch Danny but Danny kept flying out of his way and used his intangibility to trap Pac-Kong into the ground before unleashing the full power of his ghost ray,blasting Pac-Man and making him lose another form.

Danny:Monkey see monkey do! Am I right?

Danny asked,with a tone of snark before he heard rumbling as Pac-Man came back in his Pac-Zilla form staring down at the Inviso-Bill,who gave a slight gulp in fear of how much huger he was before letting another joke.

Danny:Ok,now I think you're just ripping off Godzilla and King Kong at this point...

Pac-Zilla:I am Pac-Zilla!

Danny tried to continually attack Pac-Zilla several times but he simply shrugged it off and punched him to the ground. He briefly almost transformed himself back into Danny Fenton but willed himself to stay as Danny Phantom as he was a bit battle damaged.

Danny:Ok,I'm gonna need a little juice if I wanna stop this guy once and for all...

Suddenly,as Danny just said that,a large suit of armor came down flying to his side. He was then now wearing his ultimate robot suit and was operating inside a Hulkbuster like mech-the Ecto Skeleton and began flying toward the goliath Pac-Man at full speed with the Ecto-Skeleton's foot thrusters.

Pac-Zilla:Woah,cool armor!

Danny:Thanks! Now I'm going to only tell you once,munchy...

Inside of the Ecto-Skeleton,Danny then pressed a button and controlled his battle mech to knee Pac-Zilla,who winced in pain before trying to swat him away but Danny dodged very easily and lifted him up and spun him into a building,causing it to be destroyed (with no people inside,luckily)


Pac-Man then shrunk back to normal size before eating a Plasma Berry,as Danny then turned to the Pac-person before he got back up,albeit a bit dirtied and ate a Plasma Berry,shooting a powerful blast of plasma at Danny,who used the suit's power to create a strong forcefield to block the attack,pushing Danny back while he was in his forcefield a little but protected him in the end.

Danny:Come on! Is that all you got,Lemonade Mouth?

Pac-Man:As if! I still have a few tricks up my gloves.

Pac-Man retorted before eating a titanium Berry,turning into Metal Pac-Man and began flying above Danny,dispensing a large magnet from his mouth to pull in Danny,which he was trying to resist,planting his feet on the ground from the magnetic pull before Metal Pac-Man pulled Danny in but Danny countered by using his left hand's ghost ray to blast the magnetic Pac-Man into City Hall,destroying a statue before trying to come up with a way to get past Danny's Ecto-Skeleton.

Pac-Man(thoughts):I need a way to get past his armor but how? Oh,I know!

He then ate a Shrink Pellet and disappeared from Danny's point of view as he landed where Pac-Man was flung while inside,searching around the area.

Danny:Huh,no sight of that goofy cheeseball anywhere...where could he...

But Danny was interrupted when the Ecto-Skeleton when the dome of suit started saying "Self-Destruct sequence initiated" as it was revealed Small Pac-Man pressed it before giving Danny a raspberry before jumping off.


Danny then quickly exited the Ecto-Skeleton before he and Pac-Man could blow as the suit then exploded,sending them far away from each other before Pac-Man was back to normal size again and both ghost hunting combatants stood up,albeit to catch a breath before squaring off in a final standoff.

Pac-Man:Let's make this battle super-sized!

Pac-Man then pull out his most powerful berry and quickly ate it as he began flying up into space before his body began to grew to massive proportions,much larger than his previous two kajiu forms he was earlier. His voice was also more louder.


Danny then flew up to see a giant planet approaching rather quickly toward the Earth was on and that planet was Pac-Man,specifically Planet Pac-Man as he took on the form of an entire...well planet.

Danny quickly then flew to space as he then reached the giant,talking planet and Pac-Man had a serious expression on his face with a confident smile.

Danny(thoughts):Yikes,did he turn himself into a planet?

Danny then thought looking somewhat worried but was sure he could possibly manage to find a way out of this situation...somehow.

Pac-Man:This is huge! I could eat an entire planet! BECAUSE I AM AN ENTIRE PLANET!

Danny:Yep,he's a planet.

Danny tried hurting Planet Pac-Man with several explosive ecto-energy rings and disks but Planet Pac-Man ate them with complete ease,not even feeling indigestion or any pain whatsoever.

Pac-Man:Thanks for the meal!

The planet transformed Pacster start flying towards Danny,ready to finally finish this annoying teenager once and for all. Danny then dug into his pockets to see what he could use until he pulled out a golden gauntlet.

Danny:Oh right,the Reality Gauntlet!

Pac-Man:Excuse me?

Danny then entered the activation code and equipped himself with the Reality Gauntlet and began using the Gem of Life by granting life to several nearby planets,turning them into living planets with eyes that began to swarm the planet but he started eating them like pellets and made short work of them.

Pac-Man:Mmm! Mars was a bit spicy! Now,to eat you!

As the planet form Pac-Man said that,chomping on entire asteroids and othet space rocks in his path,Danny then used the Gem of Fantasy,halting Pac-Man in his path as a blue glow surronded his body and Danny started continuing to use the Reality Gauntlets' power.

Danny:You're going to stop attacking me now.

Danny stated,beginning to use the gem's ability to alter people's mind and make the wearer's dream a reality and soon Planet Pac-Man stopped attacking Danny and repeated what he said.

Pac-Man:I'm going to stop attacking you now.

Soon after,Danny then used the Gem of Form and started turning Planet Pac-Man into several different objects with the Reality Gauntlet such as a fish,hammer,apple,and a teddy bear before using the Reality Gauntlet to make Pac-Man back to normal before grabbing his leg while he was dizzy from being brainwashed and slamming him back into Amity Pack,creating a crater as he bounces off the ground before teleporting where he and inhaling his breath with his most powerful ghost attack:the Ghostly Wail.

Danny then unleashes the full power of his Ghostly Wail on Pac-Man,who began screaming in pain as his body was being shredded by the powerful sonic wave,tearing apart his flesh and bones as all that was remaining of him was his boots.

Suddenly,Pac-Man reappears as a flying ghost and looks at his hand and his body,realizing he was now dead and before the hero of Pac-World could process what was going on,Danny pulled out the Fentom Thermos,Danny then sucks up Pac-Man's spirit,trapping him inside.

Danny:Game over!



Boomstick:What? But how? I thought Pac-Man literally ate ghosts for breakfast! How did the ghost hunter lose to the ghost?!

Wiz:I'm just as suprised as you are. While at first glance, Pac-Man could've chomped Danny and nullified even his ghostly regeneration,along with his numerous powerups,Danny's superior physicality and range of ghostly attacks could keep up and outclass Pac-Man more times than not.

Popup:While Pac-Zilla and Pac-Kong did increase Pac-Man's strength immensily, Danny is no stranger to fighting larger opponents than himself in the past and dodging their attacks,such as Undergrowth and Vortex.

Boomstick:Looking at their physical strength,Fenton took this in a landslide. Pac-Man could defeat ghosts and armies capable of creating tornadoes and storms yielding 9.63982388237265 megatons? Danny could take on ghosts like the Fright Knight,who's sword can create a planetary storm around 269 Gigatons of energy!

Wiz:While both may have been capable of reaching lightspeed,the difference is that Danny could do it far more naturally and better to. While Pac-Man can keep up with other ghosts capable of moving 60 billion times the speed of light,Danny's no stranger to keeping up with other characters who can move that fast such as his nemesis Vlad,who could travel light years and believed himself to be capable of traveling interstellar distances in a short period of time so speed was something Danny also had in spades.

Popup:Danny and Pariah have both shown to be capable of moving interstellar distances such as when Danny flew to Pariah Dark's keep and Pariah Dark himself traveling across the Ghost Zone.

Boomstick:But Wiz! What about Planet Pac-Man? Couldn't he just finish off Danny just by eating the planet their on? He's a freaking planet for crying out loud! There's no way Danny was beating that,right?

Wiz:Looking at both of them at their highest showings,even if we do factor in Pac-Man's Planet form,it would still be much weaker than the Ecto-Skeleton. While Planet Pac-Man was capable of scaling to other power berries capable of overpowering the Space Worm,who could move planets while he was sleeping,a feat requiring well over 236.943 ninatons of TNT,the Ecto-Skeleton lets Danny fight on par with Pariah Dark with the Ring and Crown of Fire,who superior to every ghost in the Ghost Zone,with the Ghost Zone having been shown to hold realms of other planets and even stars. And to even create such a pocket dimension of that level of power containing several planets and stars would have to equal at 10.53 ZettaFoe!

Boomstick:Which is way more than enough to blast even Planet Pac-Man to bits! Plus,even if you didn't believe Danny could overpower the planet form,he could sure as hell still use the Reality Gauntlet to just outright erase Pacster's memories and outright reverse time such as when Danny did before when everyone found his secret identity.

Popup:Even as a planet,Pac-Man has never shown any sort of resistance to any type of reality warping and furthermore,the Reality Gauntlet has the ability to warp the entire planet's image,which Planet Pac-Man is.

Wiz:And while a few of Pac-Man's powerups were something Danny hasn't seen before,a majority of them could still be countered regardless. Danny could counter he fire and ice berries with his own ice and fire projectiles,the chameleon berry's invisibility was canceled out by Danny's own invisibility and Pac-Man's flight powerups were countered by Danny's own flight.

Popup:While Pac-Man's Power Pellet allowed him to make ghosts vulnerable to being eaten,it had a time limit,just like a good portion of Pac-Man's other powerups.

Boomstick:And while Pac-Man had more skill and expierence due to being much more older than Danny and actually being trained in hand to hand,Danny regularly fights other ghosts that are much older and more expierenced like he is and still manages to come out victorious one way or another.

Wiz:Pac-Man may be the protector of Pac-World and his ability to eat other ghosts along with his various powerups meant he could keep the protector of Amity Park on his feet if he wasn't careful but Danny's superior strength,durability,speed,and ghostly abilities proved far too much for the mascot of Namco to handle.

Boomstick:I guess you can say today,Pac-Man was the one going ghost.

Wiz:The winner is Danny Phantom.