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Ozai angry
You *will* learn respect. And suffering will be your teacher.
~ Fire Lord Ozai

Ozai is the main antagonist of the Nickelodeon series, Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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The grandson of Fire Lord Sozin, a man willing to do everything to ensure the glory of Fire Nation at any cost, Ozai arranged his raise to power by usurping the right of succession after his older brother Iroh had lost his son Lu Ten in battle. Ozai then uses his estranged Ursa to poison his father Azlon so he can ascend the throne, banishing her to cover his tracks by using the life of his firstborn son Zuko as leverage. But years later, Ozai would personally scar Zuko before disowning him with exile while claiming to welcome his son if he finds the Avatar. When the time of Sozin's Comet approaches, creating the title of Phoenix King to signify himself as the soon-to-be ruler of the world, Ozai begins to take a more active role in the war his grandfather started with the intention to finish it by wiping out the Earth Kingdom. But Ozai was defeated by Aang and rendered a normal human as the first opponent Aang used his energybending on, the war ending with Ozai in a cell for the rest of his life while Zuko succeeds him as Fire Lord. Despite being incarcerated and powerless, Ozai indirectly manipulated events to his benefit.

Abilities []

Firebending []

Fire Lord Ozai was a powerful and skilled firebender; it was stated by Zuko that if the Avatar were unable to defeat him, the only other individual capable of doing so would be Iroh, who even expressed uncertainty in being able to defeat his brother in an Agni Kai.[28]His fighting style was extremely liberal and stressed overbearing, infernal force. It was clearly fueled by anger, hatred, and personal gain.

Before he was crowned Fire Lord, he practiced his bending by attacking a series of dummies, firing relatively potent, yet normal blasts of fire.[12] He later ferociously attacked his son with a two-handed lightning strike, which he performed with great speed and ease with the sun still being at its lowest point after not yet having emerged fully from the eclipse.[6]

In his final battle with the Avatar, under the influence of the comet, the former Fire Lord revealed the extent of his firebending powers, creating some of the largest known plumes of fire. During this battle he also assaulted Aang with lightning and demonstrated great mastery as well as an unorthodox use of firebending for high-speed propulsion and flight.[1] He went toe-to-toe against Aang, who had the four elements at his disposal and also benefited from the comet's firebending-enhancing energies. However, despite a fierce struggle from Ozai, he was outmatched and overpowered by an Avatar State-empowered Aang, who proceeded to remove his bending powers forever as an alternative to killing him.[8]

Other skills []

Despite his extremely ruthless and domineering attitude, Ozai was implied on a few occasions to be a respected if not loved Fire Lord to his people, displaying great leadership, intelligence, charisma and courage. This was most notably demonstrated when Mayor Morishita of Yu Dao compared Ozai with his son one year after the end of the war, concluding that Ozai was a better, more patriotic leader.

Even during his imprisonment, Ozai displayed a knack for manipulation, as he attempted to take advantage of Zuko's doubts over the pressure of being Fire Lord and goad him into following in his footsteps. Ozai gained a calmer, more logical attitude in prison, displaying great wisdom and a way of thinking ahead of his time, being one of the first to note that the concept of separate nations was halting progress, and was in favor of a union of the various nations.

Aside from his bending, Ozai also possessed strong physical abilities. During his final battle against Aang, he managed to endure an Avatar State-enhanced wind blast that sent him flying into a stone pillar with enough force to crack it, and recovered from the attack to continue the fight. He also had quick reflexes and a fast reaction time, as he managed to evade and defend himself against the Avatar's barrage of elemental attacks, despite its overwhelming speed, range, and power.


  • During his reign as Firelord, Ozai over saw his country's achievements in the massive buildup of industry and significant technologies.
  • Considered by many to be one of the most powerful firebenders in his lifetime, he initially overwhelmed Aang while enhanced by Sozin's Comet during the battle at Wulong Forest.


  • Despite admitting to save Zuko long before he became a Fire Lord, Ozai was not much of a father to his son. The incident with Ursa sending letters to the man she loved gave Ozai, from his perspective, a more justified excuse to willfully mistreat Zuko while claiming to be teaching the boy respect.