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Dragon Ball vs Sonic Franchise vs Medaka Box vs Maji De Watashi Ni Koishinasai! vs Puella Maji Madoka Magica vs Touhou Project vs Undertale vs Digimon. Be it heroes or villains, those 6 are, without a doubt, the most strongest and overpowered characters in the history of fiction, but only one can deserve the title of the 'Ultimate', but who will it be? Who will prevail in a battle to decide the strongest? Who will stay alive and claim the throne of the mightiest? Who will win a DEATH BATTLE?


Morning Star: Umm...Is this thing's working?

Judge: Checking...Test...Test...

Marie: I can't believe that we're hosts for Death Battle! EEEEK! I'm so excited!


Morning Star: Sorry, everyone. As you can see, due to the huge loads from this battle, especially from this battle, we have brought two female hosts. Representing our female hosts: Marie and Justice.

Marie: Heya~


Judge: Oh, come on, Justice. Don't be so gloomy.


Judge: And you, Morning! Grow a pair already!

Morning Star: What do you mean by that?! Please try to organize your words!


Morning Star: The phrase wasn't to you, Justice! Please consider your words!

Before Battle

Morning Star: In the worlds of anime, manga, video games, comics and movies, fiction has imprinted its special mark on the entire media, which in turn made the creators draw different images for several fictional characters.

Judge: And by 'Drawing Different Images', we mean that there are heroes that are way too OP to exist in the first place, as they deserve a way more greater and better place to exist in.


Marie: Son Goku, The Ultimate Super Saiyan.


Justice: Sonic the Hedgehog, The Fastest Thing Alive.


Morning Star: Medaka Kurokami, The Embodiment of Perfection.


Judge: Momoyo Kawakami, The Queen of War.


Marie: Madoka Kaname, The Concept of Peace.


Justice: Reimu Hakurei, The Myriad God's Advocate.


Morning Star: Asriel Dremeurr, The Deity of Hyperdeath.


Judge: And Omnimon, The Digimon Holy Knight.

Marie: He's Morning Star, He's Judge, She's Justice, and I'm Marie!

Morning Star: And it's our duty to cover up every single detail about those combatants to determine who would win...A DEATH BATTLE.


Morning Star: In our world, non-human creatures that resemble humans have become and infamous and common fashion. This is the case of Saiyans.

Judge: Saiyans are beings that have the ability to control spiritual energy that is called Ki. Alongside their experience in combat, that in turn made them the most fearsome in the universe. That is, until the arrival of Freiza.

Justice: Arriving at the planet of the Saiyans, Freiza and his father, King Cold, have decided to make a so-called peace treaty, only for Freiza, who at that time took the lead of his own tribe, obliterated the entire planet, but before he do so, two Saiyans were sent to Earth. One was the brutal, savage and insane Broly...

Marie: And the other one was the fighting lover, goofy, and sometimes idiotic...Son Goku.

Morning Star: Goku's real name is Kakarot, but he doesn't seem to like it most of the times. Anyways, he was sent to Earth, where his adventure that included befriending other people, as well as trying to defeat Freiza and several other enemies, begun, but now we are gonna bring forth a composite version of Goku, since this battle is special.

Judge: As a Saiyan, Goku possessed superhuman physicality, speed and endurance. His senses are also extremely sharp, and he can move so fast to create after images and shock waves. He is also capable of using a pole that can elongate into unnatural lengths as a weapon.

Marie: But the most awesome thing about Goku is his Saiyan psychology. You see, as a Saiyan, Goku has the ability to use Super Saiyan transformation. The first one is the Super Saiyan form, which increases his strength even further, followed by Super Saiyan 2, 3 and 4, where he can use the ultimate techniques: The Dragon Fist, a golden dragon made out of Ki that is shout from his...Fist, and The Spirit Bomb, a powerful, extremely huge ball of Ki that dwarfs entire planets and galaxies which can destroy an entire universe! That's so hyped!

Morning Star: That's not even half of it. Goku also holds other transformations and techniques, with the most basic of techniques being the infamous Kamehameha, a beam of Ki energy that requires charging up for some time, but it's worth it. There is also Destructo Disc, a flying disk of Ki that slices anything in its wake, Solar Flare, which is a blast of light used to blind the opponents, Instant Transmission, which allows Goku to instantly teleport to any place he thinks of, and Kaioken, where he gathers red aura to empower himself with it.

Judge: The other transformations are the Super Saiyan Red, which Goku used to clash against Beerus so hard that their powers threatened to destroy the entire universe and everything with it!

Justice: There is also the Super Saiyan Blue, which Goku once used to take on Fusion Zamasu, who was going to destroy multiple universes...

Marie: You don't sound so hyped in this, Justice...


Morning Star: Anyways, this was all icing on the cake, even the ability to use Kaioken in conjugation with Super Saiyan Blue is considered nothing compared to Goku's strongest transformation: The Ultra Instinct.

Judge: This form is by so far Goku's strongest form, which he used to take on Jiren, who was stated several times to be the strongest enemy that Universe 7 have witnessed, which in turn would make him superior to Infinite Zamasu, who was able to affect the space-time itself, becoming one with it!

Marie: In this state, Goku's powers skyrocket, up to the extent that he can dodge attacks without even bothering to move his body, and even then, he was able to defeat the likes of Demigra, a being that was going to destroy the entire multiverse that contains more than a 1000 universes!

Morning Star: But Goku's main downfall is his own enthusiasm for fighting, which in turn causes him to seek strong opponents, not to mention that Kaioken is a technique that causes immense strain on the body after usage, with techniques like the Kamehameha and the Spirit Bomb requiring a long period of charging, where Goku is left vulnerable at that time.

Justice: Not to mention that his Ultra Instinct form can deactivate if Goku lost concentrate, or even deactivate at stupid times, draining Goku from a huge load of his energy.

Judge: But still, if someone like him can take on universal beings and deities without any sign of rest, this guy has no problem wrecking your day...For just finding a good fight.

"Come if you wanna! I'll take you on! Gather the strongest guys you can and come at me! I'll beat every last one of them!"


Morning Star: The planet of Mobius, a planet where the origins of creation and destruction comes from.

Judge: And by that, we mean certain items which we will pass on, but not now.

Marie: In this planet exists Anthropomorphic animals, hybrids between animals and humans. Dogs, cats, hedgehogs, you name them.

Justice: However, in this seemingly peaceful planet, evil rose up in the form of a mustache monkey called Doctor Ivo Robotnik, also known as Eggman, a human genius scientist who sought to make his own empire, to which he took Mobius as the main lead. Why? It's because of the power source known as the Chaos Emeralds.

Judge: Remember those certain items that we said we will pass on? Yeah, those are them. The Chaos Emeralds are colored gems that grant its user tremendous powers. One of them is more than enough to move an entire continent or planet, and with their powers combined, they can distort the fabric of existence...Say, why did the origins of the Chaos Emeralds was not covered?

Marie: Beats me, but what we wanna know right now is the fact that Eggman wanted those Emeralds to build his own empire, which is through enslaving Mobian inhabitants and turning them into robots.

Morning Star: All hope seemed to get lost, but one hero rose against all of this, and constantly overthrew all of Eggman's plans to destroy and rule over the world. His name...Is Sonic The Hedgehog.

Justice: Born with the ability to run faster than light and even beyond, Sonic was the heroic figure that stopped all of Eggmans evil schemes, and that's by using his birth-gifted powers to save the day every time.

Judge: He possess superhuman strength, speed and agility, being strong enough to push rocks larger than him, topple over the Egg Golem, which was larger than air-ships, is strong to use the power of a Chaos Emerald, which can move an entire planet, and even stop a locomotive train with his bare hands.

Marie: He's fast enough to fly at interstellar speeds, outrun black holes, run around the entire multiverse in a single day, and even outpace stars.

Morning Star: He's also durable enough to tank an explosion that destroyed an entire universe into the face, tank attack from deities that created universes, including Erazor Djinn, and even tank attacks that can blow infinite dimensions, and beyond.

Justice: Sonic's abilities mostly ties with his speed. Like the Homing Attack, where he crushes his curly form into an enemy, his trademark Spin Dash, his Lightspeed Attack, create hurricanes with the Blue Tornado and Whirlwind, and can use a combination of his break dancing kicks to finish off the job. There's also the unique ability granted to him by the Ancient Walkers: The One Billionth Power Ring Aura, which protects Sonic from several death situations, like maintaining his life force, allowing him to survive being erased out of existence by the Ultimate Annihilator, and nullifying magic attacks that are directed towards him.

Judge: He can use several skills, like the Soul Surge, which allows him to use his soul as a source of energy, which can be said to be comparable to that of using a Chaos Emerald. Sonic can also regenerate from being crushed flat, and can even use Sonic Guard to create a defensive barrier around him, or Sonic Heal to heal up injuries at a fast rate by vibrating his molecules...How does that work?

Morning Star: Sonic can also use the power of Wisps, creatures that grant him immense powers, like the Black Bomb, where Sonic becomes a living bomb, The Blue Cube, where Sonic can create shock waves or squash enemies underneath him by slamming into the ground, The Crimson Eagle, where Sonic turns into an eagle that allows him to fly and soar through air, The Cyan Laser, which turns Sonic into a living laser beam, The Green Hovercraft, which transforms Sonic into a living flying hovercraft, The Gray Quake, which allows Sonic to create destructive shock waves upon landing on the ground and even scaling through walls, The Indigo Asteroid, which turns Sonic into a pseudo-black hole that sucks everything to him using immensely powerful gravitational pull, The Ivory Lightning, which allows Sonic to manipulate lightning, either through shocking others or firing lightning bolts, The Jade Ghost grants Sonic invisibility and invulnerability, The Magenta Rhythm, which allows Sonic to bounce on air, The Orange Rocket, which turns Sonic into a living jet rocket, The Pink Spikes, which grants Sonic spikes that he can use to either scale on walls or pierce enemies, The Purple Frenzy. where Sonic turns into a purple chomper that can eat and suck anything in its wake, increasing in size with each thing that he sucks, The Red Burst, which turns Sonic into a living fire ball that can control fire, The Violet Void, which turns Sonic into a true black hole that can bend space and time to suck objects into it, The Yellow Drill, which turns Sonic into a living drill when digging underground, or a living torpedo underwater, and finally, The Final Color Blaster, where Sonic gathers all the Wisps together to empower his Homing Attack to smite the foe in one hit...That's too much...I don't think that i have taken my breath...

Marie: But that's not all. Sonic holds multiple forms. The first one to note is Darkspine Sonic, which is an incomplete Super Form that resulted from absorbing 3 out of the 7 World Rings. This form gives Sonic the ability to manipulate fire by either encasing it with his fists and legs or by firing off fire balls at the enemy. It also gives him the ability to use Time Break, which slows down everything around him to a near halt, and Speed Break, which can increase Sonic's speeds behind his normal ratings, leaving streaks of fire behind him. In addition to all of this, Darkspine Sonic was so powerful that he recreated the entire Arabian Nights, which held 1001 stories, where each story translate to its own independent world, with a mere gesture! And he was only empowered by 3 out of the 7 World Rings!

Morning Star: The second form is Sega's copy of the Super Saiyan: Super Sonic. This form is achieved when Sonic harnesses the power of all 7 Chaos Emeralds, granting him invulnerability, flight and the ability to manipulate Chaos Energy, including the trademark Chaos Control, which allows its user to manipulate time and space to their will, either through stopping time, rewinding it, traveling into it, or even using dimensional traveling. At this mode, Super Sonic can use all of those, as well as having the ability to fire energy blasts and form defensive barriers, as well as manipulating the willpower of his opponents by rendering their will to fight inert. In addition to this, we have Excalibur Sonic, where Sonic releases the full power of the holy sword Excalibur, doning a golden armor, with a sword that can shatter magic barriers and outright nullify upcomig attacks.

Judge: All of this is nothing compared to Sonic's third powerful form: Hyper Sonic. Which is pretty much Sega's version of the Ultra Instinct. This form here has everything that Super Sonic has, but on tremendously far greater scale, and combining with it his strongest attack: The Hyper Flash. A beam of powerful and blinding light that consumes anything in its wake, and once Hyper Sonic uses this move, he boosts his powers with it as well.

Justice: His final form is Ultra Sonic, which is empowered by a Super Emerald that is vastly superior than the Chaos Emeralds. In addition to this, Hyper Sonic was empowered by 7 Super Emeralds, but the Super Emerald that empowers Ultra Sonic is far more greater, and knowing that, this would mean that an Ultra Super Emerald is vastly stronger than the 7 Hyper Super Emeralds, where one Hyper Super Emerald holds the same energy as 7 Chaos Emeralds, making the Hyper Super Emeralds having the power of 49 Chaos Emeralds, and knowing this, this would mean that an Ultra Super Emerald is equal to 343 Chaos Emeralds in terms of power.

Morning Star: Sonic is indeed a force to be reckoned with, but-

Marie: But what? Are you seriously gonna state that he has weaknesses?

Morning Star: Sorry, Marie, but this is the harsh truth.

Judge: Dude...Just grow a pair already...

Morning Star: I told you millions of times that this has nothing with me growing a pair!


Morning Star: Ahem...Anyways, like i was saying, strong as Sonic seems to be, he still has his own flaws. You see, Sonic is cocky and arrogant, and he can't swim in water, despite being a hedgehog. His Darkspine Form makes him extremely violent as out of the 3 World Rings Sonic absorbed, he absorbed the Ring of Wrath.

Judge: In addition, he requires a Chaos Emerald to activate his Chaos Energy ability while in his base form, and his One Billionth Power Ring Aura does not protect him from being knocked out unconscious. It just prevents his death and ensures victory.

Morning Star: Even so, Sonic was strong to prevail through multiple obstacles, and even grow stronger even more during his lifetime, so you don't want to stand in his way...Because he will just run you down.

"You may know everything i'm gonna do, but that won't help because i know what your gonna do. Strange, isn't it?"

Medaka Kurokami

Morning Star: School is indeed a boring and stressing place. Even i don't like it, and i'm in college.

Judge: But what if there was some spice of...Action in it?

Marie: Entering the Hakoniwa Academy, a place which has a combination of norms and super norms, with the super norms having special abilities that makes them...Abnormal.

Morning Star: This ability is called an Abnormality, a special ability that an Abnormal has which personifies his existence in the battlefield, but no one could actually match the strongest Abnormal in the entire world. Her name...Is Medaka Kurokami.

Marie: Ever since day one, Medaka was extremely strong and extremely genius. So much in fact that several pro martial artists and caligraphy experts resigned from their jobs because of her...Man, and i was wondering why there are no jobs in the city...

Morning Star: This was due to Medaka's unexplained Abnormal psychology, which made her above normal humans. You see, Abnormals are born with not only superhuman speed, strength, durability and intelligence, but they are also born with an ability called Abnormality. In Medaka's case, she has the strongest and most insane one, but we will cover that eventually.

Justice: Medaka is extremely strong for a female, so strong that she can throw away 8 people away from her that we restraining her with ropes and chains, break a metal bat, break through handcuffs, casually lift five people while running, challenge the entire school in a full throttle battle, where said school contained superhumans, robots, and fellow Abnormals, where the weakest out of them can break the largest of furniture, tunnel a hole in the underground without breaking a sweat, and even destroy the entire moon.

Morning Star: She's fast enough to leave after images, disarm 8 students before they could even react, stuff her 3 friends in a locker while an explosion was happening right in front of her, Caught tens of bullets in her teeth without getting hit once, and can even keep up with those who can run at the speed of light.

Judge: She's extremely tanky as well, being capable of withstanding explosions into the face without flinching, fight Hinokage, who can nullify her powers for 3 days straight without rest, having her bones crushed instantly, placing Lihiko in an arm lock with her shoulder being dislocated, and even outright stating that she is the only one that can survive the collision of the Moon into the Earth.

Morning Star: But Medaka is not only punches and kicks. She also holds her own share of power, in the form of her Abnormality: The End.

Marie: This Abnormality allows Medaka to learn and use any kind of special powers that she witnesses for the first time. Not only that, but she can use the copied powers up to 120% of their maximum potential.

Morning Star: By so far, Medaka has learned multiple Abnormalities, Like Auto-Pilot, which allows her to react to attacks without thinking about them, The Hidden Weapon Specialist, which allows Medaka to hide any amount of weapons of any size inside her clothes, Weighted Words, which allows her to manipulate electricity around her, up to the extent that she can control the mind nerves to force someone to do her bidding, Five Focus, which turns Medaka's nails into either a deadly poison transmitter, or a curing antidote, Encounter, an ability that pushes away all kinds of damage from Medaka, including physical, emotional and mental ones, Scar Dead, which opens all of Medaka's opponents' physical and mental wounds, Ice Fire, which allows Medaka to manipulate fire and ice by manipulating her body temperature, Unknown Hero, which allows Medaka to conceal her aura and presence, Book Maker, which allows Medaka to lower the strength of her opponents up to her own level by impaling them with an oversized screw, Irreversible Destruction, which gives her the ability to inflict wounds that cannot be healed, as well as destroy any kind of special powers and abilities that the opponent has, and Raff-Rafflesia, which allows her to corrode and dissolve anything she touches, including air itself.

Justice: But Medaka's most dangerous and special ability is way above all of this. All Fiction, which allows her turn anything she desires into fiction, making it as if it never existed. This would include opponents, wounds, events, time and even her own death.

Marie: Those abilities are cool and all, but like the Shonen Jump Characters, Medaka has transformations of hers.

Morning Star: The first one is the War God Mode, where Medaka releases all of her human inhabitants and turn into a raging monster. A special attribute to this mode is that her healing abilities increase tenfold, and she losses her sense of hearing.

Judge: The second one is the Altered God Mode, which is an upgraded version of the War God Mode, where Medaka controls all of her senses and resists her powers being robbed from her.

Marie: The third one is the End God Mode, which is by so far is the strongest of Medaka's modes. This makes her blood pump and flow at insane degrees inside her body, allowing her to create sonic booms, as well as creating clones that can create said sonic booms as well.

Morning Star: So much hax and abilities doesn't deny the fact that Medaka is not without flaws. She is a complete pacifist, naive and overtrusting, up to the point of stupidity actually. She even considers herself a monster in terms of hand-to-hand combat, and will not resort to it unless necessary.

Judge: Even so, this chick really deserves to be given the protection of the user through Plot Armor. Given how she is strong, you won't be able to take her down like...At all.

"Is the world too peaceful? Is the future bothersome? Is reality your enemy? Don't worry. Even if it is...LIFE IS EPIC!"

Momoyo Kawakami

Morning Star: Several kinds of clans in Japan are extremely popular and special regarding something unique in it.

Judge: And this is actually the same for the Kawakami Clan.

Marie: This clan is special in its master over Ki and the uncanny affinity for martial arts, even going so far to create their own martial arts style that is known as The Kawakami Arts...A little cliche if your gonna ask me...

Morning Star: And just like any clan in Japan, a heir must exist to inherit it and lead the clan to glory, and the heir to the Kawakami clan is none other...Than Momoyo Kawakami.

Judge: 50% hotness, 50% badassery, and 100% a true model of a powerful waifu, Momoyo was destined to be the next heir of the Kawakami clan, being the first granddaughter of Tenshin Kawakami, the leader of the clan. And she is, by so far, the strongest character in the entire franchise, possessing superhuman speed, strength and durability. Being strong enough to shake cities with her punches, shatter the ground and create huge craters, fight a MechaGodzilla and sent it rocketing down from the sky with a kick and even threaten to destroy the entire planet.

Justice: She is fast enough to move at supersonic speeds, dodge missiles and bullets from miniguns, and even move at speeds faster than light. She is also durable enough to tank attacks from Hume, where their clash would have destroyed the whole planet.

Morning Star: Going through her arsenal, she can use several martial arts techniques, and most, if not all of them are actually moves that are created from the Kawakami Arts, which involves punches infused with Ki, firing energy balls, using wrestling moves on the enemy with a rather supernatural style, releasing energy waves, blowing up in the form of a human bomb, regenerating from being blown up to flesh and blood, freezing or roasting an opponent through physical contact, using Ki to send others into terrible nightmares, reflecting attacks back at her opponents, stop time within a 20 meter radius, creating black holes, creating miniature suns, fire off energy beams that can destroy meteors, travel to far distances using wind, and even swap people's locations.

Marie: But her strongest attack is the Kawakami Style: Planet Destroyer, which is a massive energy beam that is more than enough to obliterate an entire planet, hence the name.

Justice: But her strongest form is her ability to transform into a dragon that can manipulate lightning, or to be more precise: The Kawakami Style: Form Of Existence: Type Awakening of the Dragon 2, which unlike Ishida, she doesn't have the drawback of a time limit that depends on one's lifespan.

Morning Star: Momoyo may indeed strong, but she is still imperfect. She has a crippling fear of ghosts and spirits, as she believes that nothing that she could do could affect them. There is also her massive overconfidence due to not losing even for once. In addition to this, her healing abilities can only be used for around 30 times, where she won't be able to regenerate, and she can't regenerate past from being blown up.

Judge: But hey! There is a reason why she is called The Deity of War! Whenever your eyes are set on her, just know that she is just present for the sole purpose of asking cute girls out, borrowing money from others out of laziness to find a job...Or answering a fighting challenge.

"I won't lie, but be honest. I'm going to follow my heart and live"

Madoka Kaname

Morning Star: We all know how school is kinda boring...Actually, i'm in college myself and i know that very well...

Judge: In Mikihara City, everything can seem peaceful and boring at first glance. Boring Classes, Boring flat girls, Boring weasels, Boring monsters that feed on humans, Boring young children that fight those monsters- Wait! What?!

Marie: Those creatures are called Witches, entities that feed on humans to consume their life forces, and to counter them, a weasel-like creature from the depths of space, who turns little girls into entities known as Magical Girls, where they keep on killing witches for him in order to stall the collapse of the universe.

Morning Star: But one of those girls was actually considered the best of the best. Yes, that's right, guys. We're talking about the strongest Magical Girl ever. We're talking about...Madoka Kaname.

Justice: Madoka's life was normal and all. That is, until her fated meeting with Mami Tomoe, who at that time was a Magical Girl, and from there, Madoka's life became completely twisted, and after becoming a Magical Girl herself, one-shooting a threat to the entire universe, a 100 times of resetting time, and even reaching godhood, Madoka became the strongest character ever in her own verse, and was even regarded as the strongest and most OP character of all time.

Judge: And she sure has the things to pack it up! After becoming the Concept of Peace, Madoka eventually reached godhood, as a goddess, Madoka holds complete control over the infinite universes of her own world, with her Soul Gem being a huge, Earth-sized meteor in outer space.

Morning Star: Madoka's weapon of choice is a bow made of wood. She can fire energy arrows with infinite amounts to make it rain on her opponents, fire light beams, and can even heal herself and others.

Marie: She can also manipulate the universes around her to crush it at her opponents, and can even erase someone's existence with a snap of her fingers. She can also travel to universes, create duplicates of herself, travel in time, and even twist causality.

Morning Star: She may look invincible at first glance, but her flaws are still existent. Despite her omnipresent nature, she was still touched by Homura and had a fraction of her powers stolen from her. Not to mention that she is extremely kind and naive, even for a deity, up to the extent that she hates fighting, and will try to avoid conflict with any possible way.

Judge: But hey! There is not everyday when a 15 year old girl can become a goddess despite her seemingly small arsenal. She does kick some butt, considering the fact that your dealing with the goddess of the entire franchise. So don't try to have a fight with her, or else...You won't see any light but hers.

"If someone tells me that it's wrong to hope, i will tell them they are wrong over and over!"

Reimu Hakurei

Morning Star: The land of Genosokyo, a land that exists parallel to the normal real world which is inhibitied by demons, youkai, vampires, magicians and shrine maidens, and for some reason, they are all taking the shape of girls.

Judge: Meh. They are the typical.

Marie: Monsters and youkai can be rather dangerous for humans living in Genosokyo, so you would need exorcism to take them down, and that's why shrine maidens exist.

Justice:...And sometimes, human magicians are included into the mix.

Morning Star: We're talking about the young genius magician Marisa Kirisame, and her friend, the lazy and friendly-with-youkai-and-monsters shrine maiden...Reimu Hakurei.

Judge: Being the last of the Hakurei clan, Reimu lived in Genosokyo to take down youkai and monsters that threaten the land, and she sure holds the means to do so! She has the powers of exorcism on her side, in the form of shooting projectiles and laser beams, creating explosions, creating clones of herself which explode into amulets to harm the opponent when hit, creating barriers to either damage her opponents or defend herself, fly in the air, twist space around her to absorb attacks or open dimensional rifts to teleport, and use needles as projectiles to either harm or seal an opponent.

Morning Star: But Reimu's greatest ability lies in two specific techniques. The first one is the Fantasy Nature, which is her symbolification of her ability to fly, where Reimu can fky outside existence to gain intangibility for a breif amount of time, and the second one is Fantasy Seal, where its Reimu's most powerful and signature attacks, which includes her firing homing bulkets of light that ignore the laws of physics at her opponent. Those bullets can also be used to seal away monsters and youkai.

Marie: Even without her spells, Reimu is strong to defeat Kurumi, who create a dimension that was bigger than the heavens, Shinki, who created an entire universe, and even pose a threat to Sakuya, the vampire hunter who can stop time indefinitely.

Justice: She is also fast enough to fly from the far edge of the universe in mere seconds, and even keep up with characters that can destroy a being that is around 6*10^125 light years tall. This is around millions of millions of times bigger than our universe.

Morning Star: Even so, Reimu is not infallible. She is lazy and hates training, to the point where she is no close to master the ability to summon gods inside of her to lend her their strength. As well as the fact that she is prone to be extremely clumsy when she gets cocky, which could cause some serious trouble for her.

Judge: But nevertheless, she became one of the strongest characters to ever be known in fiction. So whenever you see her around, you know that she is here to save the day...And try to get donations for her shrine.

"There is no way you're getting away from me!! I will chase you all the way to hell!!

Asriel Dreemurr

Morning Star: Imagine a world that is close to ours, not so far, where fairy tales, and myths exist.

Justice: This is actually the same as the world of Undertale, where a world filled with uncomprehendable stuff coexist, and would you guys believe me if i told you that you can enter this world through a hole inside the peak of a mountain?

Marie: 8 humans once fell into the peak of said mountain. The first human, Chara, who would later become the embodiment of evil, met the son of the king and queen of the underworld, and soon adopted him. Shortly after, both the human and demon died, and they two soon began to rise for vengeance.

Morning Star: But we're not here to talk about Chara. We're here to talk about the demon kid that found Chara, and died. Being ressurected as an evil godlike entity. His name...Is Asriel Dreemurr.

Judge: Originally a young and kind child, Asriel became completely merciless, resentful and evil after being brought back to life without SOUL. Living through countless timelines, and seeing each possibility, Asriel plotted his revenge against the entire world. He is extremely strong by the way, with enough power to destroy the multiple timelines inside Undertale, where according to the gameplay, as well as routes, there are around 62500 timelines in the world of Undertale! And he was gonna destroy all of them. He can also move when the entire time-space was completely destroyed, making his speed value being Immeasurable! Which means that he is even faster than those who are beyond time! He was supposed to take his revenge by now.

Marie: Even when using a portion of his powers, he was able to destroy the entire timeline of Undertale, which was a whole universe by the way. His attacks are crazy powerful! In fact, we are to list them now.

Justice: He is able to create a rain of fireballs as a result from inheriting these powers from his mother Toriel, and an even greater arsenal is in his disposal. Chaos Buster is where he summons a big cannon to shot rapid bullets in multiple direction before ending it with a laser, Chaos Blaster, which is the same as Chaos Buster, but stronger and faster with a blast of stars occuring after firing the laser, Chaos Saber, where Asriel summons two large blades to slice the opponents with, Shock Breaker, where he summons bolts of transdimensional lightning to rain down at the opponent, Star Blazing, where he drops a hail of colossal stars that explodes into thousands of stars upon impact with either the ground or the foe, and Hyper Goner, which is the technique that he uses to transform into a giant, wicked goat skull which devours an entire universe.

Morning Star: This all pales in comparison to his full power, where upon entering into his full power mode, he can use the Angel of Death, an automatic skill that strips away all of Asriel's opponents' powers, leaving them to do nothing but struggle under the mercy of his iron grip. Also, in his full power mode, he can use souls to attack his enemies, and he seems to have infinite amounts of them, and he can finish everything off by firing a massive energy beam that can obliterate anything in its wake.

Marie: Sadly though, Asriel still has his set of flaws. He is a monster of the Underworld, where monsters are dependent in DETERMINATION to empower them, and should his DETERMINATION weakens, his powers weaken as well. In addition to this, if someone with immense willpower is to face him, Asriel will revert into a child and will lose all of his godly powers.

Judge: Even so, despite having named himself this weird name, Asriel deserves the title of...The Absolute GOD of Hyperdeath.

"Every time you die, your grip on this world slips away. Every time you die, your friends forget you a little more. Your life will end here, in a world where no one remembers you..."


Morning Star: In a world where technology advanced so great it breached through mythology, creatures that are known as Digimon came into existence with human beings.

Justice: Digital Monsters, or Digimons for short, are creatures created from pure information which exists on far higher dimension than our observable universe. Yggdrasil, the Digimon god, planned to overwrite the human universe with the Digimon world.

Judge: And to counter that, a group of human, including Takumi Aiba, Arata Sanada, and Nokia Shiramine, decided to repel against the god of Digimons, and at the same time, save the Digimons from those who abuse them. But now, we are directing our focus at Nokia Shiramine, who is actually one of the strongest Digimon Tamers, and that is due to the fact that she holds two of the strongest Digimons, which are MetalGarurumon and the one that is favorite by all: WarGreymon.

Marie: Those two are powerful and all, but you know what the most awesome? It's the fusion of those two powerful Digimons to create the Digimon Holy Knight...Omnimon.

Morning Star: By so far the strongest Digimon to be ever encountered, Omnimon is without a doubt one of the most iconic Digimons, and even one of the most strongest characters that you would ever encounter in the worlds of animation and games.

Marie: Possibly due to the fact that he was the one to defeat Yggdrasil...

Morning Star: Well, yeah, and due to the fact that he has all the skills to pack it up. After all, he was the one to defeat Yggdrasil alongside destroying the entire Digimon world. As for his moveset, we have Supreme Cannon, which freezes the opponent with frigid, absolute zero shots that it fires from the Garuru Cannon, Transcendent Sword, a powerful slash from the Grey Sword which can rend through dimensions, Double Shot, which are successive shots of fire and ice from the WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon heads, Ultimate Uppercut, where Omnimon uses the Grey Sword to send the enemy in the air then repeatedly blasts them with the Garuru Cannon, Omni Sword, where he charges the Grey Sword and then cuts definitively, Sword of Ruin, where Omnimon rends the air with its Grey Sword to produce a large explosion, Omni Howling, where he releases a howl that can shake the world, Omni Blast, where he drops a bolt of lightning on the enemy, Saint Knuckle III, where he hits the foe with a fist of holy energy, Cross-Counter, where he counterattacks the enemy upon receiving a physical attack, Omega InForce, which can destroy the fighting spirit of an enemy, Texture Blow, which can transform the enemy into a dot or a sprite which is unable to use any kind of skills, and Holy Light III, where he blasts the foe with Holy Energy, and this attack does more damage against evil beings and dark entities.

Judge: But his most powerful attack is All Delete, where Omnimon stabs his Grey Sword into the ground, erasing everything on a 10-dimensional scale. This was the technique that he used to take down Yggdrasil and the entire Digimon world! That's way too OP, man!

Marie: Aside from his strength that helped him to take down the entire 10-dimensional Digimon world alongside Yggdrasil, Omnimon is durable enough to tank attacks from Yggdrasil itself, and can move beyond time and space itself, since he can tag Yggdrasil, who exists on a higher dimensional plane, so he won't stop anytime soon. Not to mention that Omnimon does not have any kind of glaring weaknesses, unlike most of the Digimons in his world.

Morning Star: With his position beside Nokia, Omnimon has proven his loyalty and friendship towards his female master, fighting using her will to save both humans and Digimon races, which in turn made him deserve the title of...A Digimon Holy Knight.

"All Delete!"

The Combatants Are Set

Morning Star: All right. The combatants are set, and we have run the data through all possibilities.

Marie: Eek! I'm so freaking excited! Let's get this show on the road!

Justice: It's time to find who is the most Overpowered character of all time...

Judge: It's Time For A DEATH BATTLE!


Who are you rooting for?/Who do you think will win?

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The Beginning

8 sets of eyes opened up in a void of blackness.

Their shared question was: "Where am I?"

Nokia looked around her. While she did indeed see other humans like her,the fact that she saw a blue walking hedgehog and what looked like a cross between a demon and a goat was actually mind blowing.

Not that Digimon we're not mind blowing too.

"Where are we? Does anyone of you know?" Nokia asked the group in front of her.

"Beats me. Not that I have seen something like that before" The blue hedgehog said, causing Nokia to jump in surprise.

"Week! It talked!" Nokia called out, to which it annoyed the walking hedgehog.

"Now then, why don't we introduce ourselves before doing anything?" The violet haired busty woman asked in a friendly way.

"Okay. I will start. My name is Son Goku"

"Names's Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog"

"Nice to meet you all. My name is Medaka Kurokami"

"Name's Momoyo Kawakami"

"My name is Madoka Kaname. Pleasure is mine"

"The name's Reimu Hakurei, everyone"

"Hmph...Asriel Dreemurr"

"Nokia Shiramine..."

Everyone, except Asriel and Nokia, introduced themselves in a rather friendly way.

"I see that you are all now gathered"

A booming voice sounded throughout the darkness, making the 8 figures turn to the source of the sound, only for something shiny to gradually appear in the darkness.

And to their surprise, it was the giant face of a man, but it was golden in color and looking like glass with its features.

"Who the hell are you?" Reimu asked instantly.

"I am the Supreme Being. I am Infinity. I am the embodiment of law and order. I am that I am. I am YHVH. And you are all here to find out who can be my servant" YHVH's booming voice sounded in the blackness.

"And what makes you think that we will do that? We can just simply fight you together and defeat you" Nokia said scoffing, before witnessing YHVH smirk at her, then some figures that were crucified appeared around YHVH, causing the eyes of the 8 fighters to widen in shock.

"Chi-Chi! Gohan! Goten!"

"Dad! Mom! Tails! Amy!"



"Homura-chan! Sayaka-chan! Kyouko-chan! Mami-chan!"


"Mom! Dad!"

"Takumi! Arata!"

The respective shouts of the 8 individuals in front of YHVH was heard in the infinite void of blackness. YHVH simply grinned, staring smugingly at them.

"If you want them, then one of you must survive the death brawl that will decide who shall prevail as my right hand servant. Now, time to start" YHVH exclaimed before teleporting all of the 8 fighters outside his own throne. Once they appeared outside the insane god's throne, they found themselves outside in a rainbow-colored space, with their footing being light violet platings that somehow floated in the air.

The fighters were standing in front of each other. Sonic was standing in front of Goku, Momoyo in front of Medaka, Madoka in front of reimu, and Asriel in front of Nokia.

"I know...I know that you guys are in the same trouble as me, and you look like ood people, but...I'm sorry, but for the sake of my friends...I must fight!" Nokia called out before taking out her Digivice, clicking several buttons in it in rapid succession, causing rings of numbers and letters to burst out from the device, before two individuals, namely MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon, to appear behind her, causing the other fighters to become alerted at this.

"MetaGarurumon! WarGreymon! Digimon Fusion!" Nokia called out, before the two Mega level Digimons burst into rings of numbers and letters, before the rings fused together, followed by blinding light covering the Non-Euclidean Space, before shortly fading, revealing the towering and glorious form of Omnimon, with Nokia standing on his shoulder, looking down at the her 7 adversaries with a look of determination.

Each combatant looked at their respective opponent in silence for a couple of seconds, before nodding to each other in acknowledgement, before assuming their fighting stances. Goku, Sonic, Medaka and Momoyo raised their fists, Madoka and Reimu started to float in the air, with a beautiful long bow made from wood with roses adorning it appearing in a pink flash in Madoka's hands, and Reimu pulling her wand that had a tailsman hanging from it, Asriel started floating from the ground before two large longswords appeared in his hands, and Omnimon pointing his Grey Sword at Asriel, which was steaming from its head.

The fight was envitable. 8 combatants. 7 battles. 1 goal. 1 survivor.

The battle to survive and save has begun, and neither opponent is going to stop until all their adversaries are beyond dead.


Round 1: Battle Of Forms

The battle started with each 2 that were in front of each other scattering together from the platform, landing on a platform far away from each other in the infinite and vague space of the Non-Euclidean Dimension.


The first platform held Goku and Sonic.

And without any warning, Goku reacted by flying towards Sonic, and punching him in the face. However, the hedgehog didn't flich from the punch at all, before he himself reacted by throwing a punch of his towards Goku, causing Goku to stumble away from him. The Saiyan regained his footing, wiping the blood from his mouth, before his hands lighted in Ki, before roaring out while shooting stars at a rapid race, swinging his arms at blinding speeds. Sonic saw this, before casually zooming towards some of the stars, even punching some of them away. He then noticed that the Cat & Mouse game with Goku's Ki balls won't seem to end anytime soon. So he kicked one of the Ki stars right at goku, to which it hit the Saiyan in the face, causing him to stagger, stopping the seemingly endless barrage of Ki balls. Sonic took the chance of distraction, charging towards Goku, before delivering a drop kick that sent him flying off the platform and into the sea. Goku, however, floated in the air, cupping his hands together, with blue Ki gathering around his palms.

"Kamehameha!" Goku roared before releasing a blue beam of Ki soaring towards the platform Sonic was standing on, and once it connected, the platform was instantly obliterated. Sonic fell with the remains of the platform, gritting his teeth as the thin energy beam had hit him in his arm, only for him to regenerate it shortly afterwards. He then reached for behind his back, and from some kind of hammerspace, Sonic pulled what looked like a small orange rocket. It then shone in his hands brightly.

"Rocket!" A mysterious voice boomed before the orange light engulfed sonic, before he transformed into an orange rocket that rocketed towards Goku, where the light caught the flying Saiyan off guard, to which the rocket took its chance, and slammed square into Goku's torso, causing the Saiyan to spit out saliva with his eyes threatening to shoot out from his eyes, before he flew across the infinite dimensionless space, only for Goku to stop the rocket with his fists, before roaring out, and suddenly having a golden surge of energy swirl around him, where his hair suddenly stood on its ends, turned golden yellow in color, and his eyes turned teal in color as well.

Using his newly obtained power of the Super Saiyan, Goku flung the orange rocket away, before shooting a Ki ball towards it. Sonic, in the Orange rocket form, saw this, and immediately changed Wisps.

"Eagle!" The same mysterious voice boomed before the orange rocket transformed into a little crimson eagle in a small burst of crimson light. Goku thrn fired a Ki ball towards the eagle, only for the eagle to dodge it, before it reached Goku, who dodged it to the side. However at that time, when the eagle was close to the side of Goku's face when he dodged it, the eagle was suddenly engulfed in black light, catching the Saiyan off guard.

"Bomb!" The mysterious voiced boomed once again before the black light revealed a black bomb upon dispersing, which exploded right into Goku's face, causing him to fly away several meters, and blinding him as well as he furiously rubbed his eyes from the burning sensation that resulted from the bomb bursting right in his face.

"Laser!" Goku could hear the booming voice once again, but he was completely open as he felt something pierce through his stomach, as if it was some kind of laser, which caused him to spit out blood, before he felt a hand grip on his shoulder, before said hand used his shoulder as a lift up, followed by hearing the booming voice once again.

Lightning!" After hearing this voice, the next thing Goku felt was a surge of electricity electrocuting him, causing him to scream out in agony. THe electrocution continued for a few seconds, which made Goku grit his teeth in anger, before roaring out.

"Kaio-Ken!" He yelled before a surge of red energy engulfed his golden aura, blasting Sonic's lightning Wisp form away, to which it started to glow green.

"Hovercraft!" The booming voice sounded before the green light vanished to reveal a small green hovercraft levitating in the air.

"Heh. You're pretty strong. I'm actually enjoying this. If only it didn't involve death in it" Goku said while chuckling, before switching his face into serious mode. Suddenly, a dense red aura engulfed his Super Saiyan form, before he flew at Sonic's hovercraft form in the form of a human crimson comet, only for the hovercraft to be engulfed in cyan light.

"Cube!" The booming voice echoed throughout the dimensionless space, before the light faded, revealing a blue cube, which Goku's comet form collided with, which in turn made Goku hit his head, dispersing his comet attack, and knocking away his Kaio-Ken aura. THe cube was then engulfed by the same cyan light, but this time, the cube transformed into Sonic, who curled into a ball, covered by a dark blue aura, before zooming twoards Goku's face, slamming square at said body part, causing Goku to stagger in mid air. Sonic then tried using the Homing Attack method a second time, but Goku was faster this time, and managed to catch Sonic's ball form, before his golden aura grew even larger, and his hair grew wilder and longer, before he roared, and spun around wildly, before throwing Sonic up high. He then charged golden Ki around his arm, ready to release it upwards.

"Dragon Fist!" He roared before throwing his fist upwards, causing a long, giant golden dragon that was made of Ki to erupt from his fist, which roared into the sky, soaring towards Sonic with its jaws opened. The Mobian Hedgehog saw this, and reacted by spreading his arms to his sides, causing all the Wisps of each size and kind to instantly appear around him, before being absorbed by Sonic, who once curled into a ball which was surrounded by bright white light.

"Final Color Blaster!" The booming voice sounded before Sonic's ball form bolted down at the Ki dragon. Both became locked in a struggle, with Goku gritting his teeth, exerting his Ki reverses at an astounding rate, trying to make his attack even stronger, but even in his Super Saiyan 3 form, Sonic was slowly, but surely gaining the upper hand, where his Wisps-amped Homing Attack being able to push against the Ki dragon, before bursting through it, soaring at blinding speeds towards Goku, who was in complete shock, before the Saiyan gritted his teeth in anger.

"THERE'S NO WAY I'M GONNA LOSE! NOT WHEN MY FAMILY'S LIFE IS ON THE LINE!" Goku yelled in anger before light red aura started to burst from him, before his hair returned to normal, but became crimson red in color, and his eyes became crimson red as well.

Roaring out his anger, Goku punched forward, slamming his fist into Sonic's curled form, to which it was sent flying away, but the Saiyan wasn't done, as he teleported to Sonic, intercepting his flying form, before kicking it like a football, sending it fkying away to another direction with massive amounts of force that space seemed to twist in the dimensionless space. Goku then kept in playing football with sonic's form, up to the extent that not even the hedgehog's quills were doing little to absorb the damage given to him by the merciless assault of Goku. Having grown sick of both the treatment and pain, Sonic unruffled from his curled form, and managed to block one kick from Goku with his own foot before it connected, with his wounds quickly healing at a rapid rate. He then backflipped into the air using Goku's leg as a support to jump, delivering a somersault kick to the Saiyan, causing blood to burst from his mouth, before Sonic had a freefall in space. Goku saw this, spat a mouthful of blood from his mouth, before charging a ball of Ki in his hands.

"Kamehameha!" He yelled before firing a blue energy beam towards Sonic's seemingly defensless form, to which it made sonic smirk, before raising his arm above his head and roaring out.

"Excalibur!" He yelled before being engulfed by a bright golden light, where Goku's energy beam seemed to get absorbed by the light surrounding Sonic. The light soon faded, and with it faded Goku's energy beam, only to reveal Sonic but clad in golden English-style armor, with a red cape hanging from his shoulders and a bright golden double-edged sword in his hands.

"Playtime's over!" Sonic roared from behind his golden visor, before flying towards Goku, who grinned at this.

"I could say the same thing!" Goku roared back before blue aura started to engulf him, causing his hair to stand on its ends once again, but instead of his hair becoming golden and his eyes becoming teal like in his Super Saiyan form, they both became ocean blue in color. Goku then took out a red pole from behind his back, which elongated to the size of Sonic's sword. He then clashed his pole with Sonic's Excalibur, creating a shock wave that shook the very foundations of the infinite spaceless void of the non-Euclidean dimension. Goku pushed away Sonic, before his pole elongated to swat Sonic away, only for the armored hedgehog to block it with his sword, before pushing it away. He then sliced a part of the pole, before flying towards Goku, who managed to catch the blade of Excalibur before it could stab him in his heart. Gritting his teeth due to exerting so much force to stop the holy blade from advancing further, the Saiyan pushed Sonic backwards, before shooting a Ki star towards him, to which Sonic reacted by slicing it with his sword, to which it shocked Goku, who recovered quickly from his shock, before charging a Ki ball in his palms, to which Sonic stood still, with his expressions not apparent due to being hidden by the visor of his golden helmet.


Sonic gripped Excalibur with both hands.


Sonic tightened his grip on the sword.


The sword shone intensely with golden light.


The hedgehog then rose his sword above his head, readying himself for a strike.


Goku fired his energy beam at sonic, who waited patiently for the beam to approach, and just as it did so, he swung his sword down, instantly splitting the beam in half. Instead of flipping in shock and disbelief, Goku roared out as he became surrounded by the aura of the Kaio-Ken, but even more denser and larger, increasing the size and density of the Kamehameha, and causing Sonic to grit his teeth from behind his golden helmet, before Excalibur shone even more in its light, gaining more power, which in turn caused Sonic to gain even more resistance against Goku's Ki beam, slowly, but surely flying towards the Saiyan, who tried to squeeze every last drop of Ki in his reverses in a desperate attempt to strengthen his Kamehameha, but Sonic kept on advancing, as each time the Ki beam grew bigger and stronger, Sonic's sword kept on shining even brighter and seemed to grow even stronger.

It didn't take a few more seconds before Sonic managed to overpower the beam, before spinning around and delivering a punch to Goku's face with his golden gauntlet, causing Goku to fly away with a sonic boom, to which he crashed into another platform, kicking a dustscreen around.

When the dustscreen faded, it revealed Goku, lying in the middle of a massive crater, with his Super Saiyan Blue form disappearing away, reverting him to normal, but in the addition of nasty bruises on the face, a small hole in his chest and a punch mark that appeared in his now bare torso, where the upper part of his clothes was completely annihilated.

Desperately standing on his feet, Goku coughed out a huge amount of blood from his mouth, before gasping heavily for air, before looking in front of him, only to see Sonic slowly landing on the ground, before his golden armor faded away alongside Excalibur, reverting him to normal as well.

Both stood silently against each other. They didn't need to say it, but their eyes said everything. They both didn't want this, but they knew that it was the only way. If they just met a long time ago, they may have been friends, but now, they were fighting for the sake of their loved ones, and they are not losing. Not here. Not now.

Roaring out to the sky, white aura started to surround Goku, before his hair started to gradually turn silver in color, with his mere presence alone giving the feeling as if the infinite dimensional space they were in was about to collapse. Sonic gritted his teeth at this, knowing that he had to step up the game as well. IN response to his desires, the 3 World Rings with Sonic started to glow and vibrate intensely, as if threatening to explode.

"I SHALL END THIS!" Goku roared, before he saw 3 rings float above Sonic, before said rings suddenly phased through Sonic. Not a moment later, the hedgehog started to scream in agony, but Goku entered in alert mode, as he felt some kind of malice aura coming out from Sonic's agonized form.

And he was right, as Sonic's yells soon turned into pitch screeches, before the hedgehog's skin soon turned into violet with white lines traveling in the length of his body and quills, with 2 golden rings appearing as braclets on his wrists, his shies appearing as if it fused with his legs, and the sclera and pupils on his eyes disappeared, leaving only the whiteness of his eyes glaring holes at Goku.

The 2 were still for an instant, before suddenly...



They disappeared from view, before appearing and slamming their fists together, causing a sonic boom that shook the infinite void they were in, before they increased the pace, with Darkspine Sonic's fists and feet being ignited ablaze, where it gradually left scorching marks on Goku's arms and legs upon contact, to which the Ultra Instinct-empowered Saiyan was bitting his tongue, trying to fight through the pain.

He then charged towards Darkspine Sonic, a determined look on his face. Both had deadly glares on their faces, before Darkspine Sonic threw his blazing fist towards Goku, only for the Saiyan to dodge to the side without focusing on the direction of the punch. He then spun in the air, throwing a punch of his own towards his opponent. However, at that moment...

"Time Break..."

...The colors around the Non-Euclidean Space turned grey, and Goku's movements were brought to a halt in midair, with his punch being mere inches from Darkspine Sonic's face, who then cracked his knuckles with a manical grin plastered on his face, before unleashing a merciless barrage of fiery punches and kicks at the frozen Goku, which continued on for a full minute, before the rage-empowered hedgehog reared his fist back for one last time, before punching Goku in the face, where time resumed its flow once again, before Goku was sent flying away at neckbreaking speeds off the platform that he and his opponent were standing on, but Goku managed to regain his stance in the air, glaring from his now swollen eyes at his opponent who was flying in the air while glaring at him with the whiteness of his eyes, to which it made Goku grit his teeth in anger.

"I WILL NOT LOSE! NOT WHEN MY LOVED ONES' LIVES ARE ON THE LINE!" Goku yelled from the bottom of his throat, before he used what remained of his Ki to create a massive, glowing cyan ball of energy that was rougly the size of a planet. Goku placed so much power in it that his Ultra Instinct form faded, reverting him to base form. Roaring from the bottom of his lungs, Goku mustered the last bits of his remaining strength to throw the Spirit Bomb towards Darkspine Sonic, who flew towards it, and once he reached it, he proceeded to deliver rapid fire kicks to the massive Ki ball, roaring out in frenzy as the Spirit Bomb was slowly losing resistance.

Giving one final roar, Darkspine Sonic punched the Ki ball one last time, sending it towards its owner. Goku couldn't dodge at all. He just flew in his place unmoving, with tears building in the corners of his eyes.

"Chi-Chi...Gohan...Goten...I'm sorry..."

That was the last thing Goku thought of, before being consumed by his own attack, gradually vanishing from existence like sketch drawing on old paper.

K.O.! (1)

Sonic reverted to his base form, before letting out a breath that he wasn't holding. He was extremely sad to kill that person. He may not have known him, but deep inside his heart, he knew he was a good person, and if they have met in a situation better than this one, maybe...Just maybe...They could have solved it together.

The hedgehog was snapped out of his thoughts when he found the other 6 fighting on other platforms. Observing them, Sonic decided to wait and hide until they take dow each other. Because if they do, then he won't have to fight them.

Round 2: Hotties Fistfight


The second platform held Medaka and Momoyo.

Both women cracked their fists menacingly, knowing that there is no holding back. They stared at each other in silence for a few seconds, before they took off towards each other, kicking the ground behind them so hard they created a sonic boom behind them. And once they reached each other, their fists clashed together, before they started trading blows to each other with their fists, with neither of them gaining advantage. Momoyo then charged her fist with Ki, grinning as she did so.

"Forbidden Move: Fuji Smasher!" She roared before swinging her fist towards Medaka, to which it hit Medaka in the chest, causing blood to burst from both her mouth and the newly fresh hole in her chest that was made by Momoyo's Ki-infused punch, where Medaka stood still where her hair shadowed her eyes, which made Momoyo grin at this, only to gasp upon feeling a malice aura emitting from Medaka, before she perked her head up, revealing the eyes of a predator. She then gripped on Momoyo's fist, before whispering only one phrase.

"My turn"

And just as she said that, Medaka slammed her fist into Momoyo's chest, sending her skidding back. Momoyo didn't have anytime to counter as Medaka followed up with a knee to the stomach, causing Momoyo to spit out blood. She then punched her in the face so hard that Momoyo was about to fall off her feet, but Medaka grapped her by her clothes before she could fall on her back, before headbutting her in the face, breaking her nose in the process. Medaka then used one hand to grap Momoyo by the collar, before rearing her free fist back, with Ki swirling around-

Wait. Ki?

Momoyo's shock was off the roof. How could Medaka use Ki? She couldn't sense Ki coming from her at all.

Her shock, however, distracted her even more from countering Medaka's Ki-infused punch, which connected to her face, causing her head to explode into blood and vicesra.

Medaka, seeing her job done, dropped the seemingly dead and headless Momoyo, before sighing in a mix of both relief and regret. Relief because this was over early, and regret because she had just killed someone innocent.

"What's done is done..." She muttered under her breath before turning around and walking away. However, she failed to notice Momoyo's body standing on its own feet before her head started to form out of nothing, to which Momoyo cracked her neck shortly afterwards in annoyance. She then clenched both her fists, before charging without even making a sound, rearing both her fists back, with her aim being the seemingly vulnerable Medaka...


...Only for the Quren of War to have a face plastered with shock and confusion when Medaka dodged the attack without even looking backwards. In fact, it appeared to Momoyo as if Medaka's body jumped away from danger without Medaka's help. If the surprised look on Medaka's face was any indication. Both then regained their compusure, before glaring at each other.

"How are you still alive? I'm sure that i blew your head up" Medaka said, only for Momoyo to smirk in confidence.

"Deadpool-style healing factor! Comes in handy!" Momoyo exclaimed, but unknown to her, Medaka was gazing at her, learning, copying everything from both her and those who are around her. It didn't even take a few seconds for Medaka to reply back.

"I see. IN that case, i should step it up" Medaka said before taking off bothe her shoes and socks, then tossing them aside, confusing Momoyo with her actions. Suddenly, she saw Medaka hop on her tiptoes, causing a crater underneath her feet, catching Momoyo off guard, to which the Queen of War failed to notice that Medaka was already right in front of her, having zoomed right towards her at uncomprehendable speeds.

"Kurokami Phantom!"

And just as that name sounded, Medaka zoomed past Momoyo, appearing behind her instantly. For a second or 2, nothing happened. Then suddenly, the ground beneath Momoyo started to crack as a result of a sudden, viscious sonic boom that tore the entire ground into chucks. Momoyo herself didn't have time to defend as she was thrown into the air as a result of the sonic boom created by Medaka's attack, with several cuts and gashs appearing around her body as a result of air friction.

Momoyo's defenseless airbourne form was oblivious to Medaka, who fished a metal baseball bat from between her ample breasts. She then took a baseball batt hitter stance, waiting for Momoyo to fall towards her, where said woman fell upside down. Medaka took aim at Momoyo's defensless form, before slamming the bat right into her, instantly causing her entire upper torso to explode in blood and flesh, before the lower half of Momoyo fell on the ground without even twitching.

This time, however, Medaka didn't move away. She stood in her place and watched as Momoyo regenerated once again and becoming full once again. Momoyo glared at Medaka. This hit costed her an enormous amount of Ki. She only have 20 times to use Instant Recovery, so she must do something about it.

"What's wrong? Afraid that i might make your times of healing up run out?" Medaka asked, shocking Momoyo with her question.

"I already know about the nature of your healing factor. It costs energy, and depending on your reverses, you can only heal at the amount of energy they have within. Ain't i right?" Medaka asked once again.

Momoyo didn't reply. She just gritted her teeth at this, before charging towards Medaka with both of her fists infused with Ki, only for Medaka to duck underneath one punch, before delivering a haymaker to Momoyo's face. So hard that her face exploded in blood, before healing instantly.


Momoyo regained her footing, charging once again before throwing her other fist at Medaka, only for some kind of an invisible barrier around Medaka to reflect her punch right back at her, with her fist connecting with her face, causing blood to burst once again before healing up instantly.


Medaka's nails then elongated to the size of short swords, before she zoomed past Momoyo, shredding her into pieces in an instant. Medaka then watched as Momoyo's body pieces stitched themselves back instantly.


Momoyo then suddenly gasped as she felt her insides twist in agony, before she fell to her knees, coughing up a huge amount of blood as a result from Medaka's Five Focus poison ability. Momoyo then felt all of her internal organs explode, before they healed up once again.


Momoyo rose back to her knees. Cold sweat covering her body as she glared at her opponent. She then saw Medaka charge towards her, fist reared back and infused with Ki, aiming to blow her up once again, to which she gritted her teeth, before using some of her remaining Ki to create a defensive barrier around her to block the punch. However the barrier was so weak to Medaka that she punched through it like glass, with her punch connecting to Momoyo's head, causing it to blow up before regenerating once again.


Momoyo knew that she was in deep trouble. Her opponent was no joke. She had to do something about it.

What snapped her out of her thoughts was Medaka charging towards her with her Ki-infused fist, to which Momoyo slammed her plams together and roared out.

"Tai Chi Field!"

And just as she declared this, a grey dome that spanned a 20 m radius burst from around Momoyo, bringing Medaka's movements to a halt, with Momoyo gasping heavily, having used an enormous amount of Ki to execute this technique. She then reached for Medaka's frozen form, before catching her by the face.

"Kawakami Style: Roosted Meat!" She exclaimed, before Medaka was instantly covered in sizzling fire. Momoyo then retracted her hand, before reaching with her other hand, touching Medaka's shoulder this time as this are was not on fire yet.

"Kawakami Style: Snowman!" She called out, before the fire surrounding Medaka was overwritten by ice, trapping her in a solid block of ice. Momoyo then jumped and grapped Medaka with her arms and feet, clinging tightly to her.

"Kawakami Style: Human Bomb!" She roared before her body exploded into smitherins, causing the time stopping field to disappear and for time to resume its flow, with a huge smokescreen engulfing the entire area, with Momoyo being the one that got out of the smokescreen, her body has just finished stitching itself.


Mentally cursing herself, Momoyo knew that she was in a deep grave situation as the Tai Chi Field consumed an enormous amount of Ki. Add to the fact that she performed 3 techniques in succession, with 1 of them costing her to use Instant Recovery, she was already out of Ki required to use her healing factor, and she only had 1 last Instant Recovery, before she can no longer use it. But it was worth the risk as she had finally defeated her adversary-



...A hand that pierced through her back and heart from behind was what alerted Momoyo, with blood coming out from both her moth and chest. The hand was immediately yanked out, causing Momoyo to stagger away slowly turn around, only to see Medaka in front of her, but this time, she was different. Her clothes were torn to shreds, barely covering her private areas, but the most interesting feature was her vibrant flourscent purple hair, and her purple, murderous glowing eyes, which said that she was really pissed. Momoyo just watched it unfold as her last Instant Recovery kicked in and healed her to top condition one last time.

The Queen of War gritted her teeth. She can no longer use her Instant Recovery, but she still had 2 tricks up her sleeve. Taking a deep breath, she exclaimed out loud.

"Kawakami Style: Form of Existence: Awakening Of The Light Dragon!"

Bathing in bright light, Momoyo blinded her enraged opponent, causing Medaka to shield her eyes with her arms. Not a few seconds later, Medaka lifted her arm off her eyes, only to see a huge, building-sized dragon with lightning cackling around it.

The dragon shot a beam of lightning from its mouth at Medaka, only for said person to punch it lightning with her fist, causing it to vanish instantly the moment her fist connected. Medaka then charged towards the dragon, who swing its massive arm at her, attempting to swat her away. The claw of the dragon connected with the floating platform that it and Medaka were standing on, pulverizing a crater in it in the process. The dragon lifted its paw, only to see that Medaka was nowhere to be found.

Suddenly, the dragon roared in pain as its back became on fire as a result of Medaka using Ice Fire on it. This left the dragon distracted, as Medaka grabbed its tail, before lifting its massive weight up, swinging it rapidly, with the dragon being left helpless under the mercy of Medaka's wrath, before Medaka slammed it into the ground, causing an even more greater crater to appear. Medaka then followed with her that was charged with Ki, before she slammed it into the dragon's stomach, causing the dragon to cough out blood at this, having felt its internal organs popping up like fireworks. The massive damage to the dragon caused it to be bathed in bright light, before dwarfing in size, and when the light faded, it revealed Momoyo, battered and bruised to an inch of her life, who slowly rose to her feet, panting heavily as she glared at her enraged opponent.

"I...Must...Win...For...Yamato..." She managed to gasp, before coughing up a massive amount of blood. Gritting her teeth with tears streaming in her eyes, Momoyo's body started to glow light blue, with Ki flowing from her body. Those were the last portion of Ki that she had before completely collapsing. If this didn't work, then she is toast.

Medaka stood there, with an enraged look on her face, glaring at her opponent with massive killing intent. Momoyo, on the other hand, cupped her palms together, causing yellow colored Ki to swirl around it, before the platform that the 2 women were standing on started to shake violently, and the orb of yellow Ki in Momoyo's hands started to enlarge.

The Queen of War took a deep breath, before declaring her trump card attack.

"Kawakami Style: Planet Destroyer!"

The beam of destruction escaped from Momoyo's hands at speeds that surpassed light itself, and connected with War God Mode Medaka, who just shielded herself with her arms, with the beam completely engulfing her, but what was surprising was that Medaka wasn't obliterated by the planet-annihilating beam.

In fact, she was slowly advancing, and if Momoyo was even worried and shocked, she didn't even show it. That is, if her badly bruised face would allow her to do so. Nevertheless, she roared from the top of her lungs, trying to squeeze every last drop of Ki in her body to strengthen the beam, but Medaka was still advancing towards her, not showing any signs of discomfort or halting, and after a minute, she reached her, grabbed one of her arms, and yanked it so hard that it was ripped raw from its socket, causing Momoyo to open her mouth to yell in pain, only to be to late to yell after Medaka yanked her other arm off, to which she was about to scream in pain again, only for it to not happen as Medaka drove her arm to her chest, causing Momoyo's scream to be muffled with blood, before Momoyo herself fell limb due to the immense amount of blood that she lost, and due to the fact that Medaka was literally clutching her heart. Medaka then started to emit electricity, causing Momoyo to scream in pain with tears flowing freely from her eyes with her body being electrocuted. At that time, she saw the image of the man that she love and deeply care about as the last thing she would see.


And the end of it was Momoyo exploding into a mix of blood and flesh, with her body parts being scattered everywhere on the plateform in the Non-Euclidean Space. This time, however, she couldn't regenerate, never to return back again.

K.O.! (2)

Not caring about the blood that smeared her from head to toe, Medaka's War God Mode deactivated, before she was alerted to the other combatants. Seeing this, Medaka hid behind one of the corners of the devastated platform she was sitting on, waiting for the other fighters to take down each other.

Round 3: Goddess vs Exorcist


The third platform held Madoka and Reimu.

Reimu made the first move by shooting dozens of Ofudas at Madoka, who proceeded to fire pink arrows from her bow with the same amounts that Reimu fired, locking both females in an endless Deadpool and Deathstroke style bullet clash. After a minute or so, Reimu had enough, before she took out her purification rod with one hand, with the other still firing Ofudas. She then swung the rod at one of Madoka's arrows, causing the arrow to get reflected at its owner, with said weapon exploding in Madoka's goddess' face upon impact, causing her to cease firing. This gave Reimu the chance to counter, before firing 2 amulets in the air that enlarged to become that of Madoka's height. 1 of the 2 amulets slammed into Madoka, causing her to stagger a little. Reimu then followed by firing an Ofuda towards Madoka, which hit her torso, forcing the goddess to collide with the second floating amulet, causing her to take damage from the impact.

However, to Reimu, Madoka seemed to not take any damage from this.

Reimu then charged towards Madoka, before delivering a somersault kick towards her, causing Madoka to stagger back, before Reimu made a slide on the ground, knocking the goddess off her feet, before delivering another somersault kick, which caused both her and Madoka to ascend even more to the air of the dimensionless Non-Euclidean Space. The shrine maiden followed by spinning in midair above Madoka's airborne form, before spinning her rod in her tow hands, which caused it to emit energy in the fashion of lightning bolts, which collided with Madoka. However, the goddess didn't even let out a pained yelp.

Frustrated, Reimu spun once again and delivered a roundhouse kick to Madoka's abdomen, slamming her heel into said body part, to which Madoka was sent flying down on the platform that she and Reimu were fighting on, causing a small crater the size of Ultimate Madoka to appear underneath the goddess. The shrine maiden followed by snapping her fingers in midair, causing a magical blue rectangular barrier to appear instantly, before Reimu kicked it with both feet, sending it towards Madoka, who intercepted this by shooting a single arrow towards the barrier, instantly shattering it, before the arrow continued to travel towards the airborne Reimu, who was fast enough to teleport away, and appear behind Madoka, who casually blocked Reimu's kick from behind by positioning her Holy Bow behind her back, before Reimu jumped up high in the air once again using Madoka's divine bow as a stepping ladder, before the shrine maiden did a back flip in the air, throwing tens of needles in a wide arc from her sleeves towards Madoka, who fired tens of arrows as well, canceling the arc of exorcism needles aimed towards her.

Reimu then teleported behind Madoka, before shooting 3 human-sized Yin-Yang orbs that all aimed towards Madoka, where the goddess kicked the first with her leg, swatted the second with her bow and shot the third away with an arrow from her Holy Bow.

Seeing this, Reimu threw several amulets in several directions, causing multiple barriers to appear around both her and Madoka. The Yin-Yang orbs collided with the barriers, causing them to bounce back and head once again towards Madoka, who, upon seeing this, aimed her bow towards the sky, causing a pink arrow of energy to form in her hands, before she shot it towards the sky. The arrow traveled to the sky for a few seconds, before it exploded to thousands of energy arrows that rained down on the Yin-Yang Orbs, effectively pinning them down on the ground before they immediately disappeared in a small explosion of blue glowing marbles that flew in the air.

This move was more than enough for Reimu to have a chance to counterattack, teleporting instantly in front of Madoka, who didn't even flinch from the sudden appearance of the shrine maiden in front of her, where said human thrust her hand forward, causing a huge orange ball of energy to appear instantly, engulfing Madoka instantly, before said goddess was whooshed away like a leaf in the wind towards one of the barriers that Reimu set, causing her body to be frozen in mid air, as if frozen in time, but Madoka's determined look didn't even waver from her face, despite being frozen from movement.

Reimu then teleported again, before she caught Madoka by her hair, then she threw her up above her head, before jumping towards her, delivering a series of somersault kicks to Madoka's frozen form, before ending it with a roundhouse kick, which sent Madoka flying down to one of the barriers that Reimu set on the platform that she was fighting Madoka on, to which Madoka became frozen in mid air once again upon making contact with the barrier. Madoka then saw Reimu teleporting in front of her once again, her hands lighting up with light blue, electricity-like energy, before several rows of light blue energy beams that resembled lightning streams shot from Reimu's hands towards Madoka, causing the goddess to fly away once again into the air. Reimu followed with slamming an amulet on the ground, and the moment she did so, a blinding pillar of light exploded from the ground, engulfing both Reimu and the airborne Madoka, which continued for a few seconds before disappearing. However, Reimu noticed that Madoka was completely impassive about all of this.

Shrugging this off, Reimu snapped her finger, causing a clone to appear above Madoka's airborne form. Reimu's clone then grabbed Madoka's body by both its feet and arms, coiling her into a sleeper hold, before the clone suddenly exploded into amulets, where the amulets formed into the shape of a large star that surrounded Madoka, creating a barrier that trapped Madoka in midair. Looking from the corner of her eyes with a rather impassive look, Madoka saw Reimu clasped her hands in the form of a prayer while closing her eyes, before she heard the shrine maiden exclaim out.

"Fantasy Seal!"

The moment these words came out of Reimu's mouth, millions of millions of rainbow-colored light orbs started to surround Reimu, before they shot towards Madoka's restrained form, causing explosions to occur at the spot that held Madoka in the air, where the explosions and the smokescreen increased with each orb that collided with Madoka's restrained form until the smokescreen became so large that it obstructed Reimu's sight from seeing Madoka. The shrine maiden waited with heated breath, cold sweat and ragged gasps of air due to the amounts of attacks she executed.

Her answer came after a couple of seconds, as the smokescreen was instantly blown away, and in the middle was Madoka with her divine glory, completely unscathed, where said female goddess was slowly descending into the ground, before her feet touched the ground, this time, however, she was gazing sadly at the exhausted and shocked form of Reimu, whose eyes were wide as saucer plates while looking at Madoka's completely unharmed form.

"Please...Give up now. I don't want to harm you. We can find a solution to this, but not through violence and killing each other" Madoka said, to which it made Reimu's shocked expression change into that of anger as she gritted her teeth, with tears building on the corners of her eyes.

"Oh yeah?! And what are you gonna do?! Huh?! Your talking as if your some kind of a god or something! Well, let me tell you this: I'm a human who had killed gods! So your nothing to me! And your pathetic attempt to trick me and stab me from behind is not effective! I will defeat you and everyone here! For the sake of Marisa!" Reimu yelled out.

"I understand your pain and desperation to save your friend, as i also have friends of mine that i have to save, but your way of settling this is not right. Please. You have to listen" Madoka said pleading with the shrine maiden to try to sway her to her side and calm her down.

But it seemed that it was futile.

"Enough of this! I shall end this here and now!" Reimu said before slamming her palms together, before yelling out.

"Fantasy Nature!"

Madoka then felt the very space itself twist around Reimu, before the shrine maiden started to ascend into the air. Madoka followed suit, as she felt Reimu's powers grow even further the moment she flew up like that.

In fact, it's as if she was...Flying outside existence itself.


Outside existence? Then that means...

"Fantasy Heaven!"

Madoka was snapped out of her thoughts when Reimu yelled out her strongest spell. The goddess witnessed 7 Yin-Yang orbs floating around Reimu in a circular motion, before they started glowing up in purple color gradually. Seeing this, and feeling the increase in energy coming from the orbs, Madoka readied her Holy Bow, positioning it towards Reimu, with pink energy starting to swirl in the form of a single arrow, with Madoka pulling the string of her bow, aiming to send it towards her adversary.

When the glow of the orbs around Reimu reached its peak, she exclaimed out loud to Madoka.


The orbs shot one single massive beam of energy that soared towards Madoka, where the goddess held a pained expression on her face, and once the beam was going to reach her, she whispered only 1 phrase.

"I'm sorry..."

And with that, Madoka let go of the string of her bow, causing her arrow to be fired, and once it made contact with the beam of Fantasy Heaven, the beam completely disappeared in an instant, with the arrow soaring at speeds that denied the laws of space and time, to which Reimu couldn't dodge or even see as she was still in shock as to why her strongest attack failed.


She was alerted back to reality upon feeling a sharp pain soaring through her chest and heart, before said pain traveled to her back, which made her look down at the source of pain, only to see that it was Madoka's arrow which pierced through her heart, which caused blood to flow freely from her mouth, with her vision becoming blurry by the second, where only the thought of her best friend coursing through her mind during her last moments.

"Marisa...Forgive me..."

Those were the last words that the shrine maiden thought of, before her half-shut eyes became dilated, indicating that life in them faded away, before Reimu's body took a free fall to the platform, but before it could connect, Madoka flew towards her body, and caught it before it could fall on the platform, before slowly and gently placing Reimu's body on the platform, using her hand to gently close her eyes, with tears flowing from her eyes as she knew that she took an innocent life with her own 2 hands.

K.O.! (3)

Suddenly, the platform underneath Madoka started to shake violently, before it stopped floating and slowly descended into the infinite depths of the Non-Euclidean Space, with Reimu's lifeless body being on top of it.

"NO!" Madoka yelled before trying to fly downwards to fetch Reimu's lifeless form, but some kind of an invisible force restrained her from doing so. All that the goddess could do was watch with tears flowing freely from her eyes as the platform that held the body of the human that she killed disappearing gradually as it descended even further until it was out of view.

Madoka then felt the invisible force binding her fading away, but she flew in her place, not moving from her spot, with tears flowing down her eyes, not stopping anytime.

Afterwards, she threw her head towards the skies above her, wailing like a child from the immense grief that she had experienced.

Round 4: Of Demons And Mechas


The fourth Platform held Asriel and Omnimon with Nokia on top of the giant Digimon.

Asriel was the one to make the first move, snapping his fingers, causing dozens of floating fire balls to surround him, before being launched at Omnimon, who casually dispersed all of them with one swing of his sword. Asriel raised an eyebrow at this, having already known that this won't be enough to take down his opponent. The demon god then saw the giant Digimon pointing his cannon at him. A blast of ice soon followed, to which Asriel countered with a fire beam emitting from one of his hands, with the clash of both ice and fire together generating a screen of steam that was getting even more thicker the more the clash prolonged.

After a minute or so, the clash stopped, reaching a stalemate, with the thick steam screen covering the platform that the 2 fighters were on.

"I can't see anything. Omnimon, be careful" Nokia said to Omnimon while standing on his shoulder, looking around her. She suddenly gasped upon witnessing a massive fire ball heading towards both her and the Digimon Knight.

"Omnimon!" Nokia yelled for her partner.

"I know!" Omnimon yelled back before using his Grey Sword to slice the fire ball in 2 halves, before the fire ball dispersed, and with it the thick steam screen. Omnimon then looked around him, but he found no traces of Asriel. It was Nokia's voice that alerted him from the threat approaching him.

"Above!" Nokia yelled out, causing Omnimon to look upwards, only to see Asriel flying above them, before thousands of thousands of colossal stars started to rain from the sky towards the Digimon Knight and his female partner. Omnimon, witnessing this, readied himself as his Grey Sword started to glow white.

"Nokia! Take cover! Ii'm going all out!" Omnimon exclaimed to Nokia, who replied by hiding inside one of the shoulder pads that held Omnimon's white cape on his shoulders. Omnimon then flew at neckbreaking speeds towards the stars, before roaring out.

"Omega Sword!" He yelled before slashing with frenzy, destroying massive amounts of stars with each swing. But it didn't help him that every time he destroys a massive star, it splits into smaller ones, and the smaller ones split into even smaller ones. The numbers were just increasing with every sword swing Omnimon delivers.

The Digimon then was forced to dodge to his side in mid flight to avoid a beam of light delivered to him. He then looked in front of him, only to see Asriel smirking evilly with a massive cannon attached to one of his arms. Asriel then took aim once again, before shooting rows of smaller stars towards Omnimon, which traveled even faster. Omnimon, reacting to this, readied his sword.

"Sword Of Ruin!" He roared out, before slashing with his sword in thin air, which caused a massive explosion to collide with the rows of colossal stars and the stars fired from Asriel's cannon, to which it caused the demon god to cover his eyes with his free arm. He then looked in front of him on the large smokescreen, before witnessing Omnimon blasting through it and towards him, aiming his Grey Sword at Asriel, who reacted to this by summoning 2 large sword in both hands, dismissing the cannon that was in his hand, before using the swords in an 'X' formation to block Omnimon's colossal sized sword. The Digimon Knight tried to push his own opponent and overpower him, but Asriel proved to be resilient, and while they were in a deadlock, Asriel smirked at his opponent, which confused Omnimon, before he heard Nokia yell to him.

"Look out! Above you!" Nokia yelled, causing Omnimon to look above him, only to see lightning bolts traveling towards him, to which Omnimon increased his strength and pushed away Asriel. He then positioned his Garuru Cannon towards the lightning bolts approaching him from the sky.

"Supreme Cannon!" He called out, firing a beam of absolute zero ice from his cannon at the lightning bolts, which connected with the lightning bolts, causing them to freeze in their places, before shattering in midair, scattering into ice dust and sprinkles.

"Omnimon! Look out!" Nokia yelled, causing Omnimon to look in front of him, but he was too late as Asriel fired a colossal star at his face, knocking him off balance in midair, and causing Nokia to fall off his shoulder. Shaking off his head, Omnimon looked around him, having lost the feeling of Nokia on his shoulder, only to gasp upon hearing her screams that faded with each moment she started falling downwards in the spaceless dimension that they resided in.

"Nokia!" Omnimon yelled before flying downwards at full speed, trying to reach Nokia. And in his course of free fall flight, he was forced to dodge beams of light, lightning bolts and stars being fired towards him. One star that passed beside him was going to reach Nokia, causing Omnimon's eyes to widen, before he managed to zoom past the star, grabbing Nokia in his Garuru Cannon, before facing the star that was about to collide with him.

"Saint Knuckle III" He exclaimed before the cannon hose of his Garuru Cannon sported a giant fist, to which it was glowing bright golden in color, before he punched the star with it, causing it to explode instantly. This was enough of a distraction for the Digimon Knight, as he suddenly saw a giant, white goat skull that released a wicked, horrifying laugh before launching itself at speeds that defied time and distance, but Omnimon stood firm, taking a deep breath to brace himself.

"Omni Howling!" He roared out before releasing a mighty roar that brought the greatest of lions to shame, causing the entire Non-Euclidean Space to shake violently, and for multiple cracks to appear on the goat skull, with the cracks increasing by the second, and the speed of the goat skull was slowing down gradually. Omnimon, seeing that his opponent was now weak, readied his Garuru Cannon, with the fist part disappearing from the cannon hose, before he aimed it at the goat skull.

"Omni Blast!" He called out his attack, before a colossal lightning bolt erupted from the Garuru Cannon towards the enormous goat skull, shattering it like glass upon impact. As this transpired, Nokia let out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

"That was a close one. Thanks, Omnimon" Nokia said, causing Omnimon to nod his head in affirmation for taking the gratitude.

Suddenly, darkness seemed to cloud the visions of both Nokia and Omnimon, causing both Digimon Tamer and Digimon to be on high alert, and they were right, as out of the darkness, a figure slowly formed. Its face was more than enough for Nokia and Omnimon to know that it was Asriel, but he was different in his appearance. He now sported massive wings that held glitters that resembled stars, massive arms that held sharpened, shining fangs, a torso that held the drawing of a heart in it, and his lower body took the shape of a cone-shaped thorn.

"ThE pArTy Is AbOuT tO bEgIn..."

And just as Asriel said this, Nokia suddenly felt her body become extremely heavy, instantly falling to her knees, to which the Digimon Knight noticed.

"Nokia! Are you alright?!" The Digimon yelled out his anxiety and worry towards his friend.

"I...Can't move...Omnimon...Are you...Alright?" Nokia asked despite her seemingly pained expression.

"Better concentrate!" Asriel yelled before spreading his arms, causing an army of ghosts to burst from his black cape, with said ghosts flying towards Omnimon to collide with him. The Digimon reacted by slashing once horizontally while flying still in his place, and for an instant nothing happened. Before suddenly, a slash Mark appeared in front of Omnimon, colliding with the barrage of ghosts, annihilating all of them with only 1 second. At this time, however, Asriel was finished charging a rainbow-colored ball of energy in his gigantic palms, before taking aim towards both Nokia and Omnimon.

"DiE!" He roared out before unleashing a massive rainbow energy beam towards both Digimon and Digimon Tamer. This made Nokia take cover by crawling to Omnimon's shoulder pads, before the Digimon Knight positioned his Garuru Cannon towards the attack.

"Holy Light III!" He roared out,before firing off a beam of golden light towards Asriel's beam, with both beams colliding against each other, not even moving an inch from their struggle.

"tHe WoRlD wIlL kEeP oN sPiNnInG oVeR aNd OvEr! AnD wHiLe It'S sPiNnInG, yOu AlL sHaLl SuFfEr FrOm GrIeF aNd DeSpAiR fOr EtErNiTy!" Asriel cackled.

"Your wrong! Hope still lingers in the hearts of everyone! Even if it's the smallest amount, people's hopes are more than enough to create miracles! We won't give up! Not when there's still hope! We will just stop the world from spinning to stop this cycle of pointless despair!" Nokia roared out, before Omnimon's beam started to gain advantage at a slow rate as a result of Asriel's resolve wavering in front of Nokia's words. The Holy Light III beam started to push away Asriel's beam of death, where tears appeared on the corner of Asriel's eyes.

"I..I...I nEeD nO oNe...GiVe Up...JuSt...GiVe...Up..." Asriel said with a sombering voice that resembled that of a crying child. Omnimon released a mighty roar,before his light beam tore through Asriel's beam like butter, bathing The Absolute God of Hyperdeath in golden light, where his form started to crack, and a smile appeared on his face as he saw the images of his father and mother smiling at him, before his entire demonic form shattered apart, revealing a childish, and cute version of Asriel, before the beam of golden light dispersed, revealing kid Asriel falling downwards, to which Nokia noticed.

"Omnimon! Get him! He's falling!" She called out, before Omnimon silently obeyed, reached with his Grey Sword to fetch the falling form of Asriel, before descending towards the platform they were fighting on, with Omnimon placing Asriel on the floor, before Nokia jumped from Omnimon's shoulder and onto the platform, running towards the form of kid Asriel, before reaching to him and kneeling towards him, placing 1 hand behind the back of his head.

"I can't believe this! Your Asriel?! How did this happen?!" Nokia asked, with tears threatening to fall down her cheeks. The kid form of Asriel just smiled gently at her.

"This is my true form. Your DETERMINATION was the thing that defeated me...I'm so sorry for any trouble I caused to you..." Asriel said, before witnessing tears running down Nokia's cheeks.

"Don't regret your actions. You also have people you want to save. But me? I was already a dead person, before I was resurrected into this monster that you fought. All that I wanted was to have another chance in life to say to my parents...That I'm so sorry for everything I have done to them...But that's okay. I'm sure they still love me..." Asriel said,before his child form started to glow golden yellow, with his body slowly dissolving into glittering golden particles.

"My time is up..Please, Nokia...Promise me...That you will fight to save your friends..." Asriel said with a smile on his face, before his entire body dissolved into golden glitter which scattered into the air, with Nokia looking up in the sky with tears flowing down her eyes.

K.O.! (4)

Standing up, Nokia wiped the tears from her eyes, before looking around her, noticing Sonic, Medaka and Madoka approaching the platform, with Sonic having 7 floating gems glowing around him, Medaka's hair starting to become black in color, with her eyes shifting from violet to crimson in color, and Omnimon responding by fetching Nokia and placing her behind his shoulder pad.

Silence was the only thing that each combatant needed to know that the battle for the sake of their beloved is far from over.

The battle is about to reach it's climax.

Round 5: Clash Of Golden Hope

Scattering away from the platform the remaining 4 fighters were standing on, Sonic, with the Chaos Emeralds floating around him, jumped away from the platform, causing Omnimon to fly towards him, where Medaka and Madoka were still silently gazing at each other.


Upon both landing on a floating platform, Omnimon didn't waste any second, before stabbing forward with his Grey Sword at Sonic, who started to shine brightly as the Chaos Emeralds were glowing intensely.

"Now i'll show you!" Sonic roared before the Emeralds were absorbed inside him, causing a blinding blast of light to blow away Omnimon's charge, knocking the massive Digimon off balance, to which he sat up immediately, hysterically looking for Nokia, only to sigh in relief upon seeing that said human was okay when he found her taking cover underneath his shoulder pad. The Digimon then looked in front of him, only to see Sonic in front of him flying in the air, with his color changing to glowing golden, with his quills standing on their ends and his eyes became crimson red.

"Let's blast through with Sonic Speeds!" Sonic exclaimed before disappearing from sight, only for Omnimon to gasp in shock and pain upon feeling a sharp pain impacting onto his back, sending him flying away with massive sonic booms that echoed throughout the Non-Euclidean dimension. Sonic then appeared, before charging his fist with Chaos Energy in front of Omnimon, who positioned his sword to block the attack, and when Sonic's fist connected, cracks immediately appeared on the length of the Grey Sword, which made Omnimon gasp in shock, before he witnessed Sonic curl into a ball, before being bathed in golden light, then zooming towards the Digimon Knight, to which Omnimon responded by placing his cannon in front of Sonic's approaching form.

"Texture Blow!" The Digimon roared out before firing a massive ball of light, which collided with Sonic's curled form, but slowly, Super Sonic was gaining advantage, before blasting through the ball of light that Omnimon fired, causing Nokia to gasp in horror, before she saw Omnimon still steeling his resolve, despite being completely overpowered by the creature in front of him. Omnimon just responded by positioning both his Garuru Cannon and Grey Sword in front of Sonic's approaching form.

"Double Shot!" Omnimon exclaimed before shooting 2 beams of fire and ice, to which it managed to stop Super Sonic at time before it could collide with Omnimon's towering form. The Digimon then took the chance of Sonic's curled form that stopped in midair, before catching it, and threw it above his head. He then readied his sword, which glowed in golden light, before flying towards Super Sonic's seemingly vulnerable form, before thrusting his sword forward.

"Transcendent Sword!" The Digimon yelled before delivering a slash with the Grey Sword, so hard that it tore a massive hole in space-time, sucking Super Sonic in it, to which the hedgehog unruffled from his curled form, before flying against the gap that tried to suck him away, slowly managing to outrun it, but this was actually a distraction from Omnimon, who positioned his Garuru Cannon at Super Sonic, where the muzzle of the cannon of the Digimon was glowing in bright golden light.

"Holy Light III!" Omnimon exclaimed before firing a massive beam of golden light at Super Sonic, pushing the Chaos Energy-amped hedgehog towards the tear in dimension that Omnimon made, where Super Sonic was sucked inside it completely. Omnimon then stopped firing his light beam, before the tear in space shrunk and closed completely, disappearing from existence as if it never came.

Nokia witnessed all of this, letting out a breath she didn't know she was holding, before smiling to her partner.

"Well done, Omnimon" Nokia said, to which her Digimon partner nodded proudly, before turning his back to fly away to their next opponents...

"Are you really turning your back at me?"

...Only to suddenly gasp and turn around with wide eyes upon hearing the familiar voice of Sonic, before a massive tear in space where Omnimon slashed appeared in front of it, and out of the darkness of the massive black hole flew Sonic, but instead of the dazzling golden color, his skin now became bright grey, and his eyes turned from crimson red to dark violet, with rainbow-colored aura shaped like miasma swirling around him.

Hyper Sonic flashed a smirk towards his shocked opponents, who couldn't believe their eyes that Sonic was still in front of them.

"That's...Impossible...!" Nokia managed to gasp her mixed emotions of shock and horror. However, she saw Omnimon puffing his metallic chest proudly, with his cracked Grey Sword glowing with black miasma surrounding it.

"Omnimon?" Nokia threw out the only thing that came to her mind.

"Nokia...I'm sorry that i failed you as a partner...I...I couldn't save your friends...I couldn't save you...I know that we may lose like this...But...I cannot accept this...I will fight to the very end...For the sake of your friends...And for your sake" Omnimon said, before he took a fighting stance, his sword positioned for 1 final slash if its badly cracked state was any indication for this. This impressive display of loyalty, friendship, and unwavering will moved Nokia to tears, not because she knew that this was very likely their last stand, but because she saw a loyal friend standing beside her to the bitter end.

"Omnimon...Thank you..." Nokia whispered before wiping her tears away, with a smirk that emitted undying will and resolve plastered on her face.

"Let's do this, Omnimon!" Nokia exclaimed before the Digimon Knight flew towards Hyper Sonic, whose hands were bathed in rainbow-colored light. Omnimon was approaching the hedgehog at speeds that denied the very laws of existence, thrusting his sword forward.

And just as he was about to reach his opponent, Omnimon exclaimed his strongest attack, with Hyper Sonic following immediately afterwards.

"All Delete!"

"Hyper Flash!"

Omnimon thrust his sword forward, causing a pitch black massive orb of void to erupt from the tip of his sword, which collided with the rainbow beam that got fired from Hyper Sonic's hands.


Both sides roared with vigor, pouring all of their powers in their most powerful attacks, and after a few minutes of clashing in a deadlock, the cracks on the Grey Sword started to become even bigger, and parts of it chipped away, falling into the depths of the Non-Euclidean Space.

If Omnimon was shocked and worried, he didn't show it at all, he just pressed on and on, desperately trying to overpower his opponent's attack. It was then when he felt a cold hand on the metal frame of his face, causing him to cast on eye to his side, only to see Nokia, giving him a gentle smile with tears flowing from her eyes.

"Omnimon...I'm glad that i had you as a partner and friend...Thank you..." Nokia whispered, to which it made Omnimon's eyes narrow at this, before closing his eyes, just as the Grey Sword shattered apart, causing the Hyper Flash attack to engulf both Digimon and Digimon Tamer, with their eyes closed, ignoring any kind of pain that was inflicted on them, with the images of two familiar males appearing in front of Nokia's vision, smiling gently to her.

"Takumi...Arata...Thank you..."

This thought was the last, as the human and Digimon became completely engulfed with the rainbow beam of oblivion, erasing them like sketch markings fading with time passing. Soon, the Hyper Flash beam dispersed, but there was nothing that remained from the beings that were known as Omnimon and Nokia Shiramine.

K.O.! (5)

Letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding, Hyper Sonic looked to his side, only to see Medaka and Madoka on a platform, silently looking at each other.

Sonic was more wise to know that he shouldn't confront those 2 head on right now, and that he should wait until 1 of them was down for the count. It sounded like a cheap and shameless strategy, but he had no other choice, considering the fact that both of those 2 females are way stronger than they look, to which it made him wait in his place, floating silently while watching the match in front of him transpire.

Round 6: Perfection VS Law


The silence screamed between the 2 females, with their glares being the only thing that spoke for them. Madoka slowly raised her Holy Bow, pointing it at Medaka, who silently stood, not moving from her place.

Madoka released the string of her bow, firing down infinite arrows at Medaka, who didn't move a muscle, and just as the arrows were about to touch the Heyday, they instead hit Madoka in less than an instant, not even giving Madoka the chance to think about it, as Medaka's Encounter reflected the attack at the Law of Cycles. This distracted Madoka enough for Medaka to appear in front of her, and use a fist infused with Ki, before punching Madoka in the chest so hard that the Law of Cycles felt the impact, causing her to spit a massive amount of blood, which shocked the goddess even more as she was supposed to be a conceptual existence.

Unless...Her opponent can harm concepts.

Medaka then followed by placing her right hand inside her left sleeve, taking out an exact copy of Madoka's Holy Bow in both color, shape and size, before pulling the string of the bow, then releasing it, causing a shower of infinite arrows to rain down on madoka, who, despite having arrows embedded in her and a massive wounds to her stomach from a concept pulverizing punch, still gritted her teeth through the pain, before stretching out her arm and opening her palm, causing a purple energy beam to escape from her palm, where she moved her hand to destroy all of the energy arrows coming from Medaka, which seemed not to stop anytime, to which Madoka solved by using her other hand to fire an arrow without the Holy Bow. The arrow passed from Medaka's side, before the arrow transformed into an exact copy of Madoka, which caused Medaka to gasp upon seeing Madoka's copy reading its bow, aiming it at Medaka's vulnerable back.

"I will finish this!" Madoka's clone exclaimed before firing off arrows from its bow, hitting Medaka head on, creating a smokescreen in the spot where Medaka was. A few seconds later, the smokescreen faded, but in the place of Heyday was a massive crater in the platform, causing Madoka to gasp in shock.

"Where did she go?" Madoka asked no one in particular. Her answer was soon given to her when a black blur zoomed towards her clone, before hitting its chest, only for the blur to appear as End God Mode Medaka slamming her knee into the clone's chest. So hard in fact that the clone burst into purple glitter, causing Madoka to gasp in shock, before she witnessed Medaka appearing in front of her in a burst of speed, catching her off guard, with her arm stretched to her side.

"Kurokami Lariat!"

Medaka threw her fully extended arm, which was infused with Ki, and slammed it into Madoka's nech, causing the Law of Cycles to release a choked gasp as blood escaped from her throat, feeling said part completely destroyed upon Heyday's arm contact with it, before Madoka was sent flying away, toppling on the ground of the platform they were in. Medaka then vanished in a burst of a mini tornado, appearing behind Madoka's toppling form, before delivering a brutal fist to Madoka's face, causing it to burst in blood, before Madoka was slammed into the ground, causing a massive crater to instantly appear in the platform Madoka was slammed into. Heyday then grabbed a handful of the hair of the Law of Cycles, before swinging her up in the air, then slamming her into the platform, causing Madoka to kiss the concrete platform. Medaka then kept on repeating the same action, making her appear as Hulk thrasting Loki in the movie of Avengers. She repeated this pattern for a minute, before she spun Madoka above her head in a circle while grabbing her hair, before throwing her up in the sky of the Non-Euclidean Space. Medaka then cupped her fists together, causing a blue ball of Ki to appear in her hands.


Roaring out the name of the energy beam, Medaka fired the blue blast of oblivion towards the goddess, who intercepted this by creating a purple rectangular barrier, effectively blocking it, and when the beam dispersed, Medaka jumped towards Madoka, with both fists encased with Ki, before slamming them upwards, shattering the barrier Madoka made upon contact, causing Madoka to recoil from it, ascending in midair in the process, which made her open to an oversized long screw that appeared out of nowhere in Medaka's hand, before Heyday stabbed Madoka in the stomach with it, before catching Madoka by the face, before using her weight to descend towards the platforn, using Madoka as a human pillow to cushion her fall, causing The Law of Cycles to collide once again with the ground, before Medaka jumped away from the place she slammed Madoka into, where Madoka slowly stood on her feet, glaring weakly at Medaka, who didn't evdn break a sweat from all the jumping and punching that she made.

"I'm begging you...Please give up..." Madoka said with desperation apparent in her voice, with her body starting to feel extremely weak, and battered.





"So, you realized it?" Medaka asked, still glaring calmly at her adversary, who looked at her body, only to see a massive, oversized screw piercing through her torso, but it wasn't causing any pain.

However, that wasn't what shocked Madoka.

What shocked her was the fact that she was back to her human form, with her school uniform, from the time she made her wish to erase all Witches from all universes. She suddenly gasped as her breath supply was suddenly cut off, since she now became a normal human being and in a spaceless dimension that was devoid from any air to breathe.

Madoka fell to her knees, before falling to her side, rolling on the devastated platform, with her life slowly fading away, and her face becoming dull blue in color, saliva and foam coming out of her mouth and her eyes that were threatening to pop out from their sockets were rolling back to the back of her head until the whites of her eyes and the red nerves in them appearing.

She didn't notice Medaka slowly approaching her with a sad look on her face, before standing in front of her agonized form, extending her hand towards her.

"I'm sorry..."

Just as Heyday whispered this, multiple screws shot out of the platform, piercing through Madoka's body. Through her back, chest, arms, hands, legs and head, causing Madoka to become completely silent, with the fingers of her hands twitching weakly as the screws piercing through Madoka and holding her in midair was smeared in her blood.

Madoka's eyes became open wide, with tears sliding down from the 2 sides of her face, gazing into the upper oblivion of the dimensionless space that she was in, with the images of her 4 friends smiling at her appearing in front of her.


The thoughts of the girl that was once the concept of peace traveled through thin air that didn't even exist in this space as her body stopped twitching, with Medaka watching the scene in front of her with tears flowing down from her eyes.

K.O.! (6)

"It really is agonizing. Isn't it?"

Medaka quickly turned around, only to see Hyper Sonic landing on the devastated platform, before being bathed in bright white light, and when the light faded, Sonic returned to his base form, wearing a sad look on his face while looking at Madoka's mangled and hanged body. This caused Medaka to look at the ground with a sad look on her face as her hair returned to its normal violet color, and her eyes reverting to their violet color.

"It is, indeed. Knowing that you took an innocent life with your bare hands is sure agonizing. I really wished that i didn't do what i did, but i had to do this. We all were forced to do it" Medaka said, before she heard Sonic sigh, which made her raise her head, only to see Sonic holding a rainbow colored gem, tossing it casually in the air while having a hand on his hip.

"I really wished that it didn't come to this, but you already know that it has to be this way" Sonic said, before catching the Super Emerald in his hand firmly, where it shone brightly, before disappearing from his palm. Suddenly, small golden stars and two golden helix started to swarm around his body, and Sonic himself started to fly in the air, looking at Medaka, who wiped her tears furiously, before flashing one of her trademark smiles.

(Metal Gear Rising Revengeance: It Has To Be This Way)

"Your right. It has to be this way" Heyday whispered, before kneeling down on the ground on both her hand and feet, taking the stance of an athletic runner. Her eyes suddenly had the red nerves pulsating in them, her hair became onyx black and elongated to below her knees, with nerves pulsating in her limbs and torso, with blood flowing at an insanely high degrees, with both combatants shooting a glare at each other, flashing confident smiles before the last clash.

"It Has To Be This Way!"

Final Round: Ultimate End


Don't Blink! The Grand Finale Is About To Be Unfold!

Both zoomed at each other at speeds that twisted space and time behind them, before throwing their fists, which collided together, causing a massive shock wave that twisted the very fabric of existence to burst from around both combatants. The two then started exchanging blows. Punches, Kicks, Knees, Headbutts, and each time they hit each other, their wounds instantly heal. Sonic then jumped back, before extending his hand, with a double-edged sword appearing in his hand in a flash of light, before swinging it at Medaka, who had a sword of her own instantly appearing in her hand, but it was a horrific giant sword that was more of a club than a sword. Medaka swung her sword with one hand, pushing Ultra Sonic away, who slammed one palm into the platform they were fighting on, causing massive ice spikes to erupt from the platform, advancing at massive speeds towards Medaka, who simply punched the platform with her fist, causing geysers of scorching fire to erupt from the ground, colliding with the ice spikes, effectively nullifying each other.

With the Sword of Acorns and The Magical Beast Slaying Blade in their hands, both Sonic and Medaka charged towards each other, slamming their weapons together so hard that a shock wave erupted from the point of collision, which blew away the vapor that resulted from Medaka's fire colliding with Sonic's ice. Sonic then pushed Medaka's sword away with the Sword Of Acorns, before trying to swing his sword at Heyday's neck, but Medaka was able to bent her body at unnatural degrees, allowing her to dodge decapitation, before she made a backflip kick at Sonic, who simply didn't move from his place as his head was yanked upwards from the hit, where no injuries whatsoever appeared on his face, before he simply looked at Medaka with a smirk on his face.

"Nice. To think that you would hold on this much" Ultra Sonic said to his opponent, who flashed a smirk back at him.

"I could say the same thing to you. You are something" Medaka said back, before she saw Sonic clutching his sword with both hands, pointing it at her.

"But let's see if you could survive this!" Sonic exclaimed, before a massive beam of light instantly erupted from the tip of his sword, soaring towards Heyday, who nimbly dodged to her side, barely avoiding the beam, and almost tripping off her feet, which Sonic took this as a chance, before teleporting to the seemingly vulnerable Medaka, his fist bathed with Chaos Energy.

"This is the end, Medaka!" Sonic roared, swinging his fist towards her, to which Medaka simply smirked, before she saw the hedgehog threw his fist...


...Only for his punch to be blocked by some kind of an invisible barrier surrounding Medaka, whose grin widened even more, before her fist was bathed in a mix between Ki and Chaos Energy, before she swung her fist at Sonic's torso, slamming it so hard that Sonic's eyes threatened to pop out of his eyes at any moment, and despite him being invulnerable in his Ultra Mode, Medaka managed to punch him, which shocked him greatly, and sending him flying away, to which he forcibly halted his flight, clutching his stomach while gritting his teeth, with blood coming out of his mouth while glaring at Heyday, where he noticed that she had something familiar in her hands instead of her huge sword.

The object itself caused Sonic to gasp in shock and horror, before looking in his hands, only to not find it.

Yup. She took the Sword of Acorns.

But that's not what shocked Sonic. Actually, what shocked him was what happened afterwards.

Medaka caught the sword with both hands, before bending it into a loop, then tossing it beside of her, causing it to fall into the depths of the Non-Euclidean Space, to which it made Sonic grit his teeth in anger shortly after.

"What the hell?! That was an important artifact!" Sonic yelled, to which Medaka flashed a confused look.

"Well...Not important to me" Medaka simply said, before witnessing Sonic flying towards her, anger apparent on his eyes. To which Medaka did the same, and when the 2 reached each other, they slammed their heads together, causing a shock wave to erupt from the point of impact, with both combatants gritting their teeth while trying to overpower the other in their headlock.

Sonic then caught Medaka by the rim of her shredded clothes, before throwing her up in the sky with amazing force, and yelling out loud.

"Chaos Control!"

A bright blue dome suddenly erupted from Sonic's body, engulfing everything and causing time to halt, even Medaka was frozen in midair. Sonic then snapped his fingers, causing millions of millions of fire balls to appear around them. He then curled into a ball, spinning rapidly before vanishing in an instant, only appearing as a blur that collided with the seemingly defenseless and frozen Medaka, and after a couple of hundred hits, Sonic stopped his merciless assault, before snapping his fingers, causing time to instantly return to its flow, to which Medaka blinked, seeing everything around her in slow motion, with her suddenly wincing from the pain that stung all around her body before said pain and wounds healed away in less than an instant. She then noticed fire balls around her, and that she was in midair. Sighing at this, the fire balls collided with Medaka, engulfing her in a mix between fiery explosions and a massive smokescreen.

Ultra Sonic landed slowly on the ground, looking at the smokescreen his attack had made, before gasping out, letting out a cough that released a massive amount of blood from his mouth, before gasping out for breath, smirking as he did so.

"Damn...This chick is powerful as heck for a human...But even as a human she could never survive this...I'm glad this is over now..." Sonic whispered to no one.

"Are you finished...?"

Gasping in a mix of horror, shock and disbelief, Sonic immediately turned around, only to see End God Mode Medaka in flesh and blood, clothes tattered badly, but no harmed in any way nevertheless.

"That's...Impossible!" Sonic exclaimed in shock, unconsciously taking a few steps back as he could swear that he saw the Satan itself behind Medaka, cackling evilly at him. For the first time ever, Sonic felt this emotion that he never ever felt in his life.


"I shall end this here..."

With those words being whispered out of Medaka's mouth, Heyday appeared behind the hedgehog before he could even notice, resting a hand on his shoulder. Not a second later and Sonic's senses returned to the world, only to feel something heavy clutching itself to his chest. Looking down, he gasped upon seeing what kind of object was stuck to him.

They were 3 oversized screws that were piercing through his body. Surprisingly enough, they weren't hurting him at all.

"The hell?! Is this some kind of a joke to you?!" Sonic asked in annoyance, turning around to face Medaka, who just looked down at him in silence, not saying a word.

Then, Sonic felt it.

His powers...Fading away.

The glittering stars and the 2 helix that danced around his body faded away, reverting him back to his base mode, but not only that, he felt as if energy was completely drained of him, before he fell to his knees, coughing out blood, feeling completely sick so suddenly.

"What...Did you...?" Sonic managed to gasp before coughing out another mouthful of blood.

"I erased all of your powers and abilities, and inflicted Lukewarm poison on you. You will die" Medaka said, causing Sonic to flash a weak smirk.

"I won't die, Medaka. I have the thing that makes me return back to life..." Sonic gasped out his phrase.

"You mean The One Billionth Power Ring Aura? I erased that too" Medaka said, causing Sonic to gasp in horror and disbelief as he felt his life taken away from him, where his body suddenly started to melt away, falling down to his knees and hands, with the only thing that he saw was Medaka's sad face, before she extended her hand towards him.

Sonic felt warm tears running down his melting face, where bones were shown behind his melting skin, only seeing the sight of his parents, his friends, his accomplices, his enemies, his rivals, and everyone he met throughout his life in front of him.

He knew it.

He knew that this was the end.

"Mom...Dad...Tails...Knuckles...Everyone...Thank you...And...I'm sorry..."

And then suddenly, everything in front of Sonic's vision faded to black as his melting body started to vanish from existence like dust scattering in the air, with nothing even left of the hero of realities, Sonic the Hedgehog.

(Music Ends)

Suddenly again, Medaka felt space around her twist, and she knew this sensation, so she wasn't scared at all.

Time for some payback.




Medaka's eyes opened.

She found herself in the familiar void of blackness, and in the center of it was the massive, golden human head that was known as YHVH.

"Congratulations on surviving the death brawl, Medaka Kurokami. You are the strongest indeed, and worthy to have the honor of being my servant. Now...Come forward, and claim your glorious reward" YHVH exclaimed, to which Medaka didn't even move a muscle from her place, which confused YHVH, despite him being literally the god of the multiverse, which meant that he should know.

He then saw Heyday slowly extending her arm and opening her palm, with her fingers pointing to the face of the arrogant god in front her, before suddenly, a huge screw erupted from the darkness underneath Medaka's feet, catching YHVH off guard. The screw then started spinning rapidly for a few seconds, before it stopped instantly just as it spun, before YHVH heard a small whisper coming out of Medaka's mouth.

"All Fiction"

And in 7 consecutive flashes, 7 familiar figures appeared beside Medaka, to which it caused YHVH to recoil in shock and disbelief.

Those figures were Goku, Sonic, Momoyo, Madoka, Reimu, Asriel, and Nokia.

"Huh? Weren't we supposed to be dead? What happened?" Goku asked in confusion.

"Thank goodness" Nokia whispered.

"That was you. Right, Medaka?" Sonic asked, to which Medaka smiled brightly at the 7 fighters.

"It's 1 of my abilities. I can turn anything i desire into fiction. So i turned all of your deaths into fiction, bringing you all back to life" Medaka explained.

"I see. Interesting indeed. Well, if you had this ability, then why didn't you use it to erase that light bulb that forced us to fight to the death?" Asriel asked in a calm voice, but his tone seemed to indicate that he was about to explode in anger.

And before Medaka could explain, the doors to YHVH's Throne opened, revealing a group of people that had a young body in the front, probably the leader. The newcomers noticed the 8 fighters, to which the girl with white goggles and blue dress went and whispered to the boy in green clothes and weird hairstyle.

"Nanashi...Who are those?" Asahi asked the boy, to which he raised both shoulders in the air as a sign of not knowing as well.

"Well, if they are with YHVH, then we must take them down" Flynn said, unsheathing Masakado's Katana, and pointing it towards YHVH and the 8 fighters, to which the other newcomers took their fighting stances.

"Are you here to face this light bulb?" Sonic asked, to which it immediately caused the newcomer group to relax their stances a bit.

"Huh? Are you here out of your will or what?" Nozomi asked in confusion.

"This bastard has made us go through hell, and he's gonna pay it tenfold for the crap he made us go through" Momoyo said cracking her fist while glaring at YHVH, before blinding white light surrounded her, only for it to vanish to reveal Momoyo in her dragon form, before the dragon roared at YHVH's face with no fear at all.

"I really never felt so pissed in my entire life!" Reimu exclaimed in anger, wiping out her Purification Rod, with multiple Yin Yang Orbs and Ofudas floating around her, brimming with energy.

"I will make a huge light bulb out of you for my house!" Nokia said before pressing multiple buttons in her Digivice, before Omnimon was summoned behind her in a burst of numbers and letters.

"Whoa!" Hallelujah exclaimed in astonishment.

"Intriguing..." Gaston muttered, clutching Gungnir, the spear of Odin in on hand.

"Quite marvelous. More help is indeed appreciated in these situations" Navarre said.

"I see...It was my foolish thought to depend on humans and demons for help. You all shall suffer eternally in the deepest depths of hell!" YHVH roared before the blackness started to shine bright golden as millions of millions of copies of YHVH's heads appeared around the intruding group.

"You should have said this from the beginning, asshat!" Sonic said with an annoyed expression on his face, before small stars and 2 helix surrounded him once again, and he started to float into the air, transforming into Ultra Sonic.

"I will rip you apart!" Asriel exclaimed in anger, before her transformed into his Angel of Death State, unleashing his full power.

"For the sake of the existence, we are all going to destroy you!" Madoka yelled before her Holy Bow appeared in her hands in a flash of pink light, before she herself started to float as well.

"Time to end this!" Goku exclaimed, before roaring out, causing grey aura to surround him, with his hair turning greyish silver, confirming his transformation into his Ultra Instinct State.

"Wow! Such enthusiasm! Chaotic revolution is on the way, baby!" Walter exclaimed with a toothy grin, unsheathing his sword and catching it with both hands

"Time to burn down this agony once and for all!" Jonathan exclaimed, before unsheathing his sword and entering the same stance as Walter.

"Let's do this!" Isabeau exclaimed, before doing the same as her fellow Samurai, before charging towards YHVH.

Medaka saw all of this around her, and grinned in excitement, before her hair elongated to her knees and veins appeared all over her body, confirming her transformation to the End God Mode.

All of them charged towards the mad god, raising their weapons, fists and anything they had to use in combat.

This was the nature of humans and demons when they are united...

They can break through fate...

And in the end, true happiness is in the reach...

Shining to a brighter future...



Judge: Bruh...That was amazing!

Morning Star: I can't believe i ended it...Finally...It's over...

Justice: We're not done yet. We still need to explain the verdict, and how did the winner win.

Marie: Yup Yup Yup! Roll the dice, Morning!

Morning Star: Sure. Well, to tell you the truth, they match was extremely easy, yet difficult to conclude at the same time due to the immense powers and abilities each combatant had. However, ultimately, Medaka takes the win on a plate of gold.

Judge: To avoid confusion, we shall start by listing the combatants from the weakest to the strongest. The weakest one in the punch was without a doubt was Momoyo. Don't get us wrong, people. It's not everyday you meet a busty chick that can blow up the entire planet, but seriously, comparing her to the others, Momoyo didn't even have the slightest chance to face characters that can destroy universes and multiverse, so it's obvious as to say why she was the weakest.

Marie: The second weakest was Goku. Yes, i know. How could someone like Goku be the 2nd weakest? Well, while Goku is a powerful being, having defeated a threat to the multiverse and shook the universe multiple times with his clash with the gods, he is actually all punches and kicks, and literally no hax save for his Ki abilities, and even then, he doesn't have any kind of broken ability to save him from things like existence erasure or conceptual manipulation. Long story, short: Goku is simply an even amped version of Momoyo.

Justice: The third one is Reimu. While it's true that stuff like Fantasy Nature would allow her to have intangibility by floating outside of reality, any kind of conceptual manipulation could actually reach her. Not to mention that Reimu is clumsy when she gets cocky, and out of all the 8 combatants, she is the less intelligent. Heck, even Asriel, who is actually a child, is even smarter than her, having manipulated nearly all of the feats of Undertale all by himself, with Reimu's intelligence feats being brought out through sheer talent only, which doesn't help out every time.

Morning Star: Speaking of which, Asriel is actually the fourth weakest combatant. While he is indeed strong enough to rule over an entire existence of countless timelines, he is still a young child, and to tell you the truth, he is just like Goku and Momoyo. He has super powerful moves of destruction, but little to possibly no amount of hax in his disposal. Not to mention that a being with enough willpower would make him revert to his child state, and pretty much every single combatant is brimming with indomitable will.

Judge: Moving on, Madoka is the next on the weakest list. Yes, we're talking about the cute goddess that has a skirt that is literally the universe itself, and can rule over infinite timelines, but seriously, she is in a battle with people where all of them can harm concepts. Hell, even Momoyo can harm concepts with her bare fists, but that's not all. In the Rebellion movie, Homura was able to touch Madoka and take a fraction of her powers. Now, while this is weird indeed and you could all say that Madoka did this because Homura was her friend, it doesn't deny the fact that this Omnipresent existence was touched, so that's that, guys. Not to mention that beings like Omnimon can simply defeat Madoka with All Delete, which was able to erase Yggdrasil, an existence that exists in the 10-dimensional scale, while Madoka is only 4-dimensional. Add to the fact that there are some people here that can deny laws and concepts and Madoka is a goner.

Marie: Which brings us to the next weakest guy: Omnimon. Seriously, he is considered above all of those they we stated in the later explanations, but when it comes to hax abilites, all that he has is All Delete, the only attack that can be qualified as existence erasure and conceptual destruction at the same time. Other than that, nothing else.

Justice: Which brings us to our last 2 combatants: Sonic and Medaka. First, let's list the advantages. Sonic has defeated Solaris, a Super-Dimensional Existence, and in the Archie Comics, Solaris was going to destroy all realities, including past, present and future. This includes the world of Maginaryworld, which is maintained by the Precioustone, which maintains the existence of extra-dimensional worlds. In addition to this, Ian Flynn, the creator of the Archie Comics, stated that Game Sonic and Archie Sonic are equal to each other in terms of power potency.


Marie: This makes Solaris, and in turn the Super Mode Users, Low Complex Multiversal in terms of power potency, considering the fact that Solaris transcends the space-time of the Chaos Force, as well as the higher plane of reality above it which Knuckles breached to go to Aurora, making Solaris 6-dimensional. Not to mention that Sonic held the One Billionth Power Ring Aura, so no matter what, he will never die.

Morning Star: Except for the fact that Medaka is outerversal, considering the fact that she defeated Iihiko Shishime, a being that was stated to have a strength of a higher dimension, where only words of Styles can reach him, and the words of Styles can reach transcending dimensions.


Judge: Not satisfied? Well, remember Ajimu Najimi? Yeah, the chick that has abilities that can solo your favorite verse. She has over 12 quadrillion skills, out of which she have those 3.

Ajimu's 1-A Skills

Justice: As you can see, Ajimu has the ability to become a god, which she already is, control the concept of infinity and even transcend dimensions, so it's safe and easy to say that Medaka is outerversal as well, which is also due to the fact that Ajimu stated that she have no hopes of defeating Medaka.


Marie: Okay. So Sonic and Medaka are on a whole different level. However, Sonic's One Billionth Power Ring Aura would allow him to prevail through the fight with even those who are even more powerful than him. But there came the 1 million dollar question: Who would prevail? The All Fiction or The One Billionth Power Ring Aura?

Morning Star: To answer this, we looked into the nature of All Fiction and The One Billionth Power Ring Aura. The One Billionth Power Ring Aura allowed Sonic to survive stuff like regenerating his physical and spiritual essence, absorbing and retaining his Life Force, nullifying magic that's targeted him, and even brought him back after being erased from existence by the Ultimate Annihilator after it overloaded. All Fiction, on the other hand, is capable of turning anything into fiction, making it appear as if it didn't exist in the first place, and it has shown absolutely no boundaries, as it sealed Ajimu, who we stated above how much strong she was, and Kumagawa once used it to erase the concept of color from the entire universe.

Justice: There are lots of statements that said that Ajimu wanted to be sealed as stated by Kumagawa, but that was 3 years in the past, which in turn means that Kumagawa has grown even more stronger, as shown when he casually sealed a copy of Ajimu, which had the same powers and abilities as the Unsealed original one, so that means that Kumagawa has became stronger ever since then.

Judge: Then again, how could Medaka know about The One Billionth Power Ring Aura?

Marie: Simple. From the ability called Reading Minds, which she copied from fellow Abnormal Mizou Yukuhashi, which allows her to read others' minds through their emotions, which would allow Medaka to know about all of the powers and abilities of her opponents, and outright copy them. Not to mention that she doesn't need that to copy their abilities. She can just know about the ability and copy it by either hearing out its name once, or outright looking at her opponent's face, so there was no way Sonic would have pulled out of it alive, especially from someone who not only can use your skills right back at you, but also use them with around 120% of their true potential! Also, would it be too late to mention that Medaka has copied skills from Ajimu, where threr is a possibility that she copied Albli Lock, a skill that allows its user to exist anywhere and everywhere, including metaphysical realms and dreams? And since Medaka stated that she caught glimpse of the techniques she copied from Ajimu, then this heavily implies that she copied it from her! That's totally wicked!

Morning Star: We can go through all of the stats and how this verdict was possible, but there is 1 thing that we all agree on: All of those 8, be it good, evil, or neutral, are heroes in our sights, who would fight for the sake of their beloved ones even if it costed them their lives, as shown when each and every single 1 of them was brought into a near death situation, and managed to prevail from it in 1 piece. So what happens when you bring forth the strongest of the strongest to face each other? Well...Only 1 shall stand on top.

Justice: The eyes of Goku, Momoyo, Reimu, Asriel, Omnimon, Madoka, and Sonic, were all just OP-End to their loss.


Morning Star: The Winner, and the most Overpowered Character in all of fiction, Is Medaka Kurokami.

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