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You don’t seem to understand. Earth isn’t yours to conquer.
~ Omni-Man to invading Flaxans

Why did you make me do this?! You’re fighting so you can watch everyone around you die! Think Mark! You’ll outlast every fragile insignificant being on this planet! You’ll live to see this world crumble to dust and blow away! Everyone and everything you know will be gone... What will you have after 500 years?
~ Omni Man’s famous rant to Invincible

This planet has... changed me. And there's no going back from that, son. Without you... I don't know what it would have taken... what I would have done... to make me realize that.
~ Omni-Man to Invincible

Omni-Man is a character from the comic/TV series, Invincible. He previously fought Homelander in the 160th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Omni-Man VS Homelander. He is the father of Mark Grayson aka Invincible and is a Viltrumite superhero from the planet Viltrum.

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Death Battle Info (Official


  • Real Name: Nolan Grayson
  • Age: > 1,000 years
  • Height: 6'2" | 1.88 m
  • Weight: 250 lbs | 114 kg
  • Species: Viltrumite
  • Really wants his son to THINK


  • Accelerated healing
  • Flight
  • Inhuman longevity
  • Nigh-invulnerability
  • Resistance to star-level heat & absolute zero
  • Superhuman physiology
  • A bitchin' mustache


  • Effortlessly threw a baseball around the Earth
  • Redirected an asteroid the size of Texas
  • Participated in destroying a planet
  • Flew from Earth to Thraxa in under a week
  • Survived Mean Supreme
  • Single-handedly ended Flaxan civilization
  • Defeated Invincible, Allen the Alien, Space Racer, Guardians of the Globe

Death Battle Info (Fanon)


  • Real Name: Nolan (Born Nowl-An) Grayson
  • Age: 2000
  • Height: 188 cm (6’2)
  • Weight: 144 kg (250 lbs)
  • Species: Viltrumite
  • Occupation: Novel Writer (Formerly), Superhero, Viltrumite General/Emperor
  • Father of Mark and Oliver Grayson
  • Bears an uncanny resemblance to J. Jonah Jameson

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: As a Viltrumite he is able to easily bench press 400 Tons and is strong enough to carry cruise ships which can weigh well over 100,000 tons.
  • Superhuman Speed: Omni-Man can easily fly at speeds as fast as lightning as well as near the speed of light. He is also capable of crossing interstellar distances at Massively FTL+ speeds.
  • Superhuman Durability: Omni-Man has near-invulnerability allowing him to shrug off gunshots and even planetary explosions
  • Inexhaustible Stamina: Able to cross interstellar distances in a single breath and can continue fighting with minimal rest and heavy injuries
  • Longevity: Stated that the older Viltrumites get, the slower they’ll age. Nolan himself is more than 1,000 years old.
  • Flight
  • Telepathy: Has alien technology in his ear that allows him to hear and transmit other people’s thoughts
  • Experienced Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Has spent more than a thousand years conquering planets as well as fighting aliens with diverse techniques, powers and abilities
  • Air Manipulation: Omni-Man is capable of creating shockwaves with a clap of his hands
  • Regeneration: Viltrumites are able to heal from deep and life threatening injuries
  • Reactive Evolution: Viltrumite DNA can aggressively repair itself for several different situations, such as reproduction with other species or long term survival)
  • Resistance to Extreme Temperatures: Viltrumites have Smart Atoms that release energy that allows survival in extreme conditions; such as space and even the surface of the sun
  • Resistance to Cosmic Radiation: Can travel for weeks through space without suffering any ill effects
  • Resistance to Earthly Diseases: Viltrumite cells are completely immune to Earth illnesses


  • Single handedly killed The Guardians Of The Globe
  • Effortlessly killed The Immortal Twice
  • Stated to be the strongest hero on the planet
  • Can throw a baseball hard enough for it to travel around the world in 20 seconds
  • Can crush skulls and tear people apart with relative ease
  • Diverted an asteroid the size of Texas
  • Can hold his breath for two weeks
  • Comparable to Null who lifted the city of Deerfield, Kansas
  • Survived and escaped being trapped in an alternate dimension for 8 months
  • Hurled an alien tank with ease
  • Almost eradicated the Flaxan civilization
  • Fought Allen the Alien several times over the course of 15 years
  • Comparable if not superior to Allen the Alien who moved a starship out of a sun’s orbit
  • Comparable to Allen and Invincible who can fly to the moon in seconds and Mars in just an hour
  • Was completely unfazed by a Satellite Laser
  • Split a cruise ship in half
  • Caused a massive avalanche that buried an alpine village
  • Beat Invincible to near-death
  • Flew from Earth to the Virgo Supercluster (which is 65 million light years away) in less than a week
  • Survived having his spine broken
  • Broke out of and destroyed a Maximum Security Prison alongside Allen
  • Destroyed planet Viltrum alongside Invincible and Thadeus
  • Comparable to Supreme and Suprema, who can knock stars around like a kickball
  • Able to somewhat hold his own against Thragg and Conquest
  • Like his son Mark, Nolan possesses immunity to the Scourge Virus due to his royal bloodline
  • Became Emperor of the Viltrumites
  • Beat Invincible in an arm wrestling contest (Though this was because Mark lost concentration at the last second)
  • Held his own against a huge hoard of Thragg’s Viltrumites
  • Barely survived being ripped in half by Thragg

Flaws and Weaknesses

  • Very conflicted between his loyalty to Viltrum and the love for his family
  • His Smart Atoms have limits to the temperatures they can withstand
  • Weak to high frequency sounds that can cause him intense pain and even death
    • Even higher precision waves can cause hallucinations or a coma
  • His powers can be “dampened” with some alien technology
  • Being a Viltrumite he is naturally vulnerable to the Scourge Virus, an artificial illness that negates Viltrumites of their powers which can result in coma and/or death
  • Plant Klaxus can hurt and poison him