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Well, now that the Earth's crisis is finally over, I think I'll just lay down for a moment and Zzzzzzzzz...
~ Ninten

Ninten is the main protagonist from the first game of the Mother series, of which also happens to be named Mother.

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Ninten is the protagonist of the very first game in the Mother series, Mother, or EarthBound Beginnings in the English localization. His journey began in Podunk where inanimate objects come to life. After defeating the specter that possessed his sister's doll, he sets out to investigate the strange incidents. It is later revealed that these incidents were caused by an alien despot known as Giygas or Geigue in Japan. Ninten is revealed to be a user of PSI, or Psionic abilities. Alongside his friends Ana and Lloyd, they travel the world and eventually stop Giygas from destroying Earth.

Death Battle Info (Fanon)[]

  • Name: Ninten
  • Age: 12
  • Enjoys Baseball (Like Ness)
  • Favorite food is Prime Ribs
  • Favorite animal is the Penguin


  • Baseball Bat
  • Boomerang
  • Slingshot
  • Franklin Badge - A badge worn by Ninten. It possesses the power to reflect any lightning-based attacks back at the user.
  • Inhaler (for his Asthma)

PSI Abilities[]

Ninten has a variety of PSI Abilities. A common misconception is that these abilities are magical. But in reality, they are Psychokinetic.

  • PK Beam - Shoots out an Energy Beam made of light that damages opponent.
  • PSI 4th-D Slip - Allows Ninten to teleport away from any battle.
  • PSI DefenseDown - Lowers opponent's defense.
  • PSI DefenseUp - Raises Ninten's defense.
  • PSI Hypnosis - Hypnotizes opponent and puts them to sleep.
  • PSI OffenseUp - Raises Ninten's offensive stats.
  • PSI PowerShield - Creates an Invulnerable psychic shield. Won't work against incredibly strong enemies.
  • PSI Shield - Protects Ninten in a shield. At higher levels, it also bounces back damage done to it.
  • PSI Telepathy - Allows Ninten to read the minds of whoever he chooses.
  • PSI Healing - Heals Ninten of Status effects.
  • PSI LifeUp - Heals damage done to Ninten.


  • Consistently fights enemies that can summon thunderstorms.
  • Dodged Lightning.
  • Fought against Geigue and survived (Even if Geigue was not fighting seriously).
  • Can scale to Lucas and the cast of Mother 3, who were able to dodge Lightning bolts from the K900.
  • Fought and defeated massive robots
  • Took down an entire gang
  • Survived getting sucked into a whirlpool


  • Barely has any offensive PSI
  • Suffers from Asthma, meaning he'll sometimes be unable to fight
  • Is more of a support fighter
  • Weaponry isn't too great