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Blood! darkness! I shall drown the world in both!
~ Nightmare

Nightmare is the main antagonist of the video game series, Soulcalibur. He previously fought Guts in the 45th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Guts VS Nightmare.

(For other combatants named Nightmare, see Nightmare(disambiguation).)

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 10
  • Draws: 0

Possible Opponents[]


The spirit of Soul Edge, Inferno, corrupted the mind of several people, one unfortunate person named Siegfried. He promised him that he would resurrect his dead father if he gathered enough souls. However, Siegfried succumbed to the evil sword and became the Azure Knight Nightmare.

Nightmare would terrorize Europe for years until Siegfried was able to separate himself from the evil sword. But it wasn't the end of Nightmare, as Inferno re-animated Siegfried's discarded armor and used it to hunt down Siegfried and continue its terror across Europe.

Death Battle Info (Official)[]

Soul Edge[]

  • Length: 6'1"/185 cm
  • Vessel of Inferno
  • Fractured
  • Can take various forms based on the wielder
  • Malfestatuon Curse: Turns victims into mindless slaves of bloodlust


  • Height: 5'10"/178 cm
  • Weight: 336 lbs/152 kg
  • AKA the Azure Knight
  • The personification of Soul Edge and Inferno
  • Weapon style: Zweihander
  • Known hosts: Arcturus, Zasalamel, Cervantes, Siegfried, Pyrrha
  • Remembers the fighting style of all previous Nightmares

Signature Moves[]

  • Grim Stride
  • Soul Wave
  • Dark Reconquista
  • Death Lord's Vengeance
  • Death Lord's Annihilation
  • Bloody Lord's Invasion
  • Ether Lord's Carnage
  • Grim Lord's Auto-da-fé


  • Defeated entire armies single handedly
  • Obliterated Ostrheinsburg Castle in a single blow
  • As Dumas, thrust Europe into a continent-wide war
  • Killed Tira, his most loyal servant
  • Ripped a hole between dimensions with Soul Edge
  • Has devoured thousands of souls

Death Battle Info (Fanon)[]