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Nicole Watterson vs. Katsuki Bakugo is the third What-If? Death Battle of Season 1 created by CryoKing. It features Nicole Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball and Katsuki Bakugou from My Hero Academia.


The Amazing World of Gumball vs. My Hero Academia! Similarly to other emotions, anger is natural, but these two take the meaning of rage to a brand new level. When pitted together in a fight to the death, which fiery fighter will prove to be more ferocious?


(Cue Death Battle Theme)

Advance: We all get mad in life at one point or another. However, these two have rage unlike anything you've ever seen! If you what's good for you, you'll never get on their bad sides.

Ranger: Nicole Watterson, the scariest mom in Elmore!

Advance: Katsuki Bakugou, the explosive teen from Yuuei High.

Ranger: He's Advance, and I'm Ranger!

Advance: And it's our job to analyze their armor, weapons, and skill to find out who would win a Death Battle!

Katsuki Bakugou Bombs Death Battle!

Quirks MHA.png

Advance: Welcome to My Hero Academia, a world the supernatural is completely natural, and 80% of the population have special powers known as a Quirk.

Ranger: The abilities of Quirks can vary like the ability to produce electricity, set laws to a specific area. A particular teen even has the ability to make himself hard. Heh heh.

Advance: Some of the 20% aren't fortunate enough to get a Quirk, referred to as the "Quirkless". You might know one of these as Izuku Midoriya.

Ranger: But for today's combatant, Katsuki Bakugou, he developed his own Quirk, and a pretty amazing one at that! His Quirk, Explosion, allows him to ignite his nitroglycerin-like sweat to create explosions. Damn, I wish my sweat was as cool as his.


Advance: That's gross, man.

Ranger: You're telling me you wouldn't want to make explosions when you're sweaty? I don't believe you.

Advance: Whatever. Along with developing his new Quirk, Katsuki also developed an ego unrivaled by anyone in the series. He became prideful, and his light teasing with Izuku became flat-out bullying. He even told Midoriya to go kill himself!

Ranger: This asshole got what he deserved when he was attacked by a sludge villain.

Advance: Katsuki was saved thanks to intervention of Izuku and All Might. Now that he got to live to see another day, he could attend his dream high school: Yuuei High, he most prestigious high school in Japan.

Ranger: Considering that Katsuki got into the best hero school in all of Japan, you should get the hint that Katsuki is quite powerful. And it's no surprise, since he has one of the best abilities in the series. He can blow up the lower half of a building, create an explosion nearly 100 diameters wide, could throw a baseball over 700 meters, and make an explosion that eclipsed a street in his test with All Might!

Advance: His explosion could destroy several large metal cubes at once. The volume of one cube is 1676, and the pulverization of a cube is 1676676670000 joules. Multiply that by seven, the amount of cubes he destroyed, and we get 2.8 kilotons or Small Town level!

Bakugo Blows Up Cubes.gif

Ranger: He's that strong yet you still wouldn't want his Quirk?

Advance: Meh. Half-Cold Half-Hot is better.

Ranger: Everyone's a critic. He also created a massive explosion which completely knocked out the Serpenters. Advance, do your thing.

Advance: Right. The Humarise member's height is 1.75 meters, the pillar's width is 10 meters, so the cave's diameter should be 1079.09 meters. Based on this, the explosion's diameter is 1878 meters which would make the explosion radius 939.18 meters. W = R^3*((27136*P+8649)^(1/2)/13568-93/13568)^2 W is yield in tons of tnt, R is radius in meters, and P is pressure of the shockwave in bars, the standard overpressure is 20 psi or 1.37895 bars. This means that Katsuki's strongest blast is equal to 66.57 kilotons! And the explosion went off-screen, so it could probably be even higher!

Bakugo Makes Big Boom.gif

A few seconds pass before a loud snore is heard.

Advance: Ranger, wake up!

Advance proceeds to slap the shit out of Ranger.

Ranger: Ow! I'm up, asshole!

Advance: Let's continue. Katsuki is just as durable as he is strong.

Ranger: He no-sold a kick to the face from 8% Deku. 8% is stronger than his 5% which completely pierced through a metal pillar, reaching a bit over a kiloton of tnt! Speaking of Midoriya, he and Bakugou tanked a punch from a weakened All Might. Just a punch from him alone caused a city-wide shockwave which is easily 24 tons of tnt!

Advance: Also, remember that 66 kiloton feat Katsuki had? Since his arm was 65 centimeters away from his body, Katsuki's durability would have to be 4.22 kilotons.

Ranger: Don't let the people on Reddit fool you, Katsuki ain't slow either.

Advance: As his explosions are based on nitroglycerin, they would have to travel at speeds of Mach 22! Also, via scaling to Midoriya who dodges his explosion everyday, he's able to react at Mach 35!

Ranger: Bakugou was able to completely blitz Tokoyami who could intercept Kaminari's electricity. That means Katsuki is capable of moving at speeds faster than Mach 2146 or Massively Hypersonic!

Advance: Thanks to how versatile his Quirk is, Katsuki's developed a lot of abilities with it.

Ranger: With Blast Rush Turbo, Katsuki fires multiple explosions behind in order to get a boost in speed and take to the sky. It also gives him some very useful mobility in hand-to-hand combat.


Advance: By using the AP Shot, Katsuki can shoot a projectile with low AoE. His AP Shot: Auto Cannon is a variation in which he shoots multiple blasts that are smaller and faster to reduce damage to human targets.

AP Shot.gif
AP Shot Auto-Cannon.gif

Ranger: By using Stun Grenade, Katsuki forms a large explosion of light. It can blind victims and weaken anyone who has a weakness to light, obviously. Stun Grenade: Zero Distance is a variation with less range and has a more blinding effect.

Stun Grenade.gif

Advance: The Ex Catapult is a technique in which Katsuki grabs someone, spins them around, and throws them a football.

Ranger: The strongest in his arsenal would be his Howitzer Impact. Katsuki forms a tornado which gathers oxygen to fuel his blast before releasing it. Trust me, you do NOT want to be on the receiving end on this. I would know.

Howitzer Impact MHA.gif

Advance: Wait, what? How do you know?

Ranger: It's a really long story.


Ranger: Also, he has his hero costume which contains a few grenades full of his sweat, along with his awesome Grenadier Bracers. They can store his sweat to release a massive blast.

Advance: Like all heroes, Katsuki has some issues.

Ranger: While he isn't an idiot like everyone thinks he is, Katsuki does tend to forget strategy when he gets pissed off.

Advance: His Quirk isn't perfect either. If overused, his muscle fibers will rip apart. And if he's in a cold environment, his Quirk won't work as he needs sweat to maintain it.

Ranger: But still, there's a reason why Katsuki Bakugou is one of Yuuei's top students.

Katsuki Bakugou: Stop talking. I'll win. That's...what heroes do.

Death Battle Is In So Much Trouble With Nicole Watterson!

Advance: Doctor "Nicole" Watterson was born to Daniel and Mary Senicourt, some very strict parents. They expected her to succeed in everything which created a very strained relationship between the three.

Ranger: However, her life would get a lot better on the day of her karate tournament. Due to a roadblock, Nicole had run to her tournament. On the way there she met her future husband, Richard Watterson.


Advance: They soon fell in love, and at one point, ran away together due to not getting along with their parents. They eventually found a house, got married, and had a few kids; Gumball, Darwin, and Anais.

Ranger: This mom is the scariest lady in Elmore, and there's a good reason for that. She's incomparably stronger than her son, Gumball Watterson who can crack Penny's shell which tanked a lightning bolt. That comes out to over 1 ton of tnt.

Advance: Speaking of her son, she can easily hurt him. Gumball survived Darwin's sneeze which not only lifted several vehicles in the town, but also sent Banana Joe and his family into China! The average mass of a banana is 647 grams. Elmore is in California, and the distance from California to China is 10,762 kilometers. There are three bananas, which means we have to multiply 1,941 by 10,762. By doing that, it turns out Darwin had to sneeze with a force of 2.348 kilotons.

Banana Joe gets yeeted to China.gif

Ranger: She herself is strong enough to create a city block-spanning shockwave with the snap of her fingers. Also, she destroyed a warehouse after beating the shit out of a fully grown T-Rex!

Advance: You can't be a cartoon character if ya don't have good durability. Luckily, Nicole has just that.

Ranger: She should easily be tougher than some of the background characters who can tank massive explosions. She can also survive getting crushed by multiple Reddi-I mean, multiple overweight men and can take hits from a prisoner who can easily bust through walls.

Advance: She's also way tougher than her sons who weren't that injured by a small meteorite crashing into their house. Meteors can destroy city blocks at the very least.

Gumball meteor.gif

Ranger: Gumball can also survive getting launched near Jupiter by Mr. Robinson's trunk, and he can survive the fall on the way back.

Gambol shootingstars.png

Advance: Living up to her species' name, Nicole is pretty quick on her feet. She can run fast enough to catch on fire, which generally requires speeds of Mach 5.

Ranger: She's actually a lot faster than that considering she can blitz her other family members who are capable of pulling off the same feats.

Advance: She's got a healthy dose of abilities and equipment.

Ranger: She can induce fear into someone and make them fall under her command simply by forcing them to stare into her eyes. She has another move similar to this in which she can age someone into an old man.

Advance: When angry, she gains the ability to melt things/people or transform herself into a bodybuilder or a demon. Also, she has a very...disgusting tongue.

Ranger: As a kid, I'm sure we've always hoped for our imagination to come to life. But for Nicole and her family, she can do just that to make imaginary objects or people.

Mario Kart in a nutshell.gif

Advance: She also has this really cool Paintball Gun which shoots paint. Obviously.

Ranger: Hey Gumball, Splatoon called. They want their idea back.

Advance: Splatoon came out 3 years after the episode aired, dumbass.

Splatoon vibes.gif

Ranger: However, she has flaws. She tends to be unable to think straight when mad, evident as to how she about about to oof her family.

Advance: And in general, she prefers brawn over brains.

Ranger: Either way, this powerful mom will always be ready to defend her family, no matter what.

Nicole Watterson: You're in SO MUCH TROUBLE!


Advance: Alright, the combatants are all. We've run the data through all possibilities.

Ranger: Right now, it's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!

Place your bets in this poll.

Death Battle!

Today was a normal day in Elmore. Teri was complaining about how she got a disease even though it was literally just a paper cut to the school nurse, a giant was sleepwalking, causing half of the town to be destroyed, and a T-Rex was trying to play the piano. Yep, today was pretty normal. And since it was a typical day, a notorious family known as the Wattersons were out, getting groceries at the market.

The eldest of the children, Gumball Watterson, was hiding behind a shelf while holding a chocolate bar. He took a deep breath before coming out of his hiding spot and dashed towards a shopping cart. Gumball jumped forward, getting ready to dunk the candy in. But before he could, his mother, Nicole Watterson, appeared and kicked the chocolate bar out of his hand. Two other kids, Darwin and Anais Watterson, ran behind her, also trying to get candy into the cart. She did a roundhouse kick, knocking them over.

The biggest of the bunch, Richard Watterson, appeared with a pack of cookies. Richard leapt to the cart, but was soon redirected when the woman karate chopped the cookie pack so hard it busted. While she was distracted, Gumball, Darwin, and Anais tried again, but Nicole was too quick for them. She stretched out Gumball's sweater and wrapped it around the trio before throwing them into her husband.

"Oh, come on, Mom! Why can't we have any candy?" Gumball complained. "Gumball, you know I work a dead-end job and get paid peanuts." Nicole responded, causing the family to groan. "If that's the case, then why are we even here?" Nicole pulled out her very small purse. "Because I asked for an advance on my next quarter and they said yes!" Nicole exclaimed excitedly. "That's great! I know a place where we can get an entire shopping cart for a quarter! It's called the 1860s." Anais said with obvious sarcasm.

"But that's why you have to shop for a good deal." Nicole stated as she began sniffing the air. "Uhh, what's she doing, Mr. Dad?" Darwin asked. "Sniffing out a bargain. Your mother's family always had a secret ability to save money." Nicole stopped for a second. "Isle 15!" Nicole dashed towards the isle as her family followed suit.


Three students had arrived at the front of the mall. The first one was a green-haired boy with a plain green hero costume, Izuku Midoriya. Next up was the one wearing a dark blue jack with two burgundy wrist guards, Shoto Todoroki. And the one most important to the story was a teen in a black tank top with an orange X across his shirt along with the massive gauntlets on his arms and a black mask with flare shapes at the edge on his eyes. This was Katsuki Bakugou. While the trio may have not looked like it, they were all heroes-in-training from Japan, here on official business.

"To speed things up, we should split the list. Todoroki, you get the carrots, lettuce, and tomatoes. I'll get the milk, bread, and cheese. Kacchan, you go get the beef." Midoriya instructed everyone as they began walking in the mall. "Goddammit, why do we have to run errands?!" Katsuki angrily questioned. "Because we're on standby until the Watterson family has been located." Todoroki explained. Bakugou began grumbling to himself. "Let's meet back here in ten minutes." And with that, the boys went their separate ways.

"This is so fucking stupid..." Bakugou mumbled while walking through the store. After a few minutes of searching, he finally found the beef in Isle 15. It was at the bottom of the shelf. He reached down to grab it, only for someone else to slowly pull it away. "Hey, what the hell?!" He latched onto it as the opposing force tightened their grip. "Oi, let go!"

On the other side, it was Nicole who had finally found something to use her quarter on. "This is our food for the month! Back off!" Bakugou refused to back down. "Just fuck off already!" The combined strength from their pull ripped apart the box the corned beef was located in and knocked over all of the items on the shelf. It was then that both got a good look of their competition.

"Wait a damn minute. I recognize you! You're the mother of that wanted family!" Bakugou realized. Sweat trailed down Nicole's face. It was clear that this guy was bad news for her family. "The Wattersons? I'm afraid you're mistaken. We've never even heard of them!" Katsuki was definitely not buying this. "Don't play dumb with me, bitch!" The teen released a small explosion. One that was strong enough to blow the shelf to smithereens. "You bastards are coming with me!" Bakugou threatened. "Richard, take the kids and run!" Her husband wrapped up the kids in his and took off, leaving Nicole with Bakugou.

"Bold of you to think you can take me on alone." Katsuki snarked. "Oh, please. I've went through the most grueling training on Earth: raising three kids and one husband. Taking on some wannabe hero is nothing." Bakugou chuckled at her comment before his hands ignited. "Is that so, kitty?" He put his hands behind him and used his Blast Rush Turbo, shooting him through the air. "THEN LET'S SEE HOW YOUR TRAINING COMPETES WITH MINE!"


True to his nature, Katsuki started the fight with an explosive right hook. Nicole leaned back, narrowly avoiding the attack although a small patch of her fur got burned. Quickly retaliating, she uppercutted the teen into the air. She aimed her hands at Katsuki as a light glowed from her palms. "Shit!" Dynamight shrieked a laser beam shot to him! He boosted himself out of the way as more lasers came after him. "Is that the best you can do, kid?" Nicole mockingly asked. "Not even close, bitch!" Dynamight dashed towards Nicole again while she reeled her fist back. But before she did, he propelled himself into the air with another explosion and blasting her from behind. As she was stunned, Bakugou grabbed her by her shirt and tossed her through several shelves.

"Did you guys see how strong that guy was?!" Gumball exclaimed, surprised to see someone go toe-to-toe with his mom. "We need to go help her!" Anais declared. Richard was already one step ahead as he ran off-screen...but not even two seconds later, he came back. "Ah, who am I kidding? We'll get blown to smithereens. Best to let Nicole deal with this." The other Wattersons sighed. "Please be okay, Mrs. Mom..." Darwin uttered.

Nicole was blown into a freezer, causing the contents inside to fall on her which pissed her off. "I'M GONNA DESTROY YOU, WORM!" Nicole said. "Is that so?!" Bakugou questioned with a fierce growl before letting loose with his blasts. Putting her arms in an 'X' formation, she tried to defend herself from the attacks. Before long, she summoned a circle of flames around her, burning Katsuki and stopping his attacks. Nicole generated fire around her hand and punched Bakugou in the chest. The impact burned off some of his suit. It was now Dynamight's turn to defend himself as Mrs. Watterson delivered more punches.

One extra powerful punch forced Katsuki back a few feet. As Nicole spewed fire at her opponent, Bakugou placed his Grenadier Bracer on the ground. "What is he doing?" Nicole asked herself. "Land Mine Blast!" A sudden shockwave dispersed the flames and made Nicole trip forward. But Bakugou wouldn't let her fall as he immediately boosted himself to her and kneed her in the stomach, sending her airborne. Dynamight caught up quickly and grabbed her arm. He spun the two of them around while yelling "Explode-A-Pult!" Nicole screamed as she thrown through the market's wall.

The landing was a rough one. The concrete was damaged and pieces were flying everywhere. When she was getting up, Nicole realized something. Katsuki was heading towards her as fast as a bullet! She backflipped out of the way to dodge an explosion. The blast created a smokescreen that covered part of the parking lot. Neither could see where the other were. Surprisingly, this was perfect for Nicole. "Time for a little game." She whispered as she pulled out her Paintball Gun.

Using her ability to detect trouble, she detected Bakugou in an instant. She aimed her paintball gun in his direction. A devious smile crept of Mrs. Watterson's face while she fired the paintball, but that smile went away when a concentrated explosion came her way a few seconds after. Nicole yelped before jumping over it as the beam cleared the smoke, allowing Katsuki to find her. "It's a bad idea to the play the range game when I can do the same, y'know! AP Shot: Auto Cannon!" Multiple concentrated explosions were directed towards Nicole. "Of course he can." She shot more balls of paint. The attacks collided which made the paint spread across the battlefield.

Intending to fire another paintball, Nicole pressed the trigger. Nothing came out. She pressed it again and again, but nothing came out. She was out of ammo. Katsuki realized this too. "What's the matter, kitty? Out of ammo?" Bakugou taunted as he blasted towards her. "If this show wasn't made for kids, I'd say something much worse than darn it." Mrs. Watterson grumbled. Bakugou punched Nicole in her gut with the force of a sledgehammer. She stumbled back, but Katsuki had boosted himself around her and knocked her to the ground by smacking her with his gauntlet. Bakugou was about to hit her with another explosion, but Nicole suddenly began...smirking? On pure instinct, he moved his head out of the way as he felt a breeze. "WHAT THE-" Dynamight was cut off as an invisible force kneed his gut. "I never thought I'd say this, but thank you Gumball."

The explosive teen felt multiple strikes fly past him as the ninja continued his assault. "Die!" Bakugou yelled as he blasted the invisible ninja. The creation dissipated and Bakugou could focus his attention on Nicole again...who was driving away in an invisible car? "Get back here!" With some small blasts, it didn't take long for Katsuki to catch up. Bakugou elbowed Nicole's car, slightly pushing it. In response, she rammed into him. The two continued this process as they drove down the street and into the closest neighborhood.

"Just leave my family alone!" Nicole demanded. "If I ever ran away from a weak villain like you, I'd jump off a roof!" Katsuki joked. Nicole growled before rolling down her invisible window. Her eyes began to glow orange, a clear sign she was ready to attack. Bakugou flew upwards and instead of him, a passing car got completely melted and the driver, who was a living gumball machine, skidded across the ground. "Oh, come on! I just paid off the loans for my car!" Benson complained. "Uh, sorry, sir!" Nicole looked back and apologized.

When she turned back, Katsuki was right in front of her with his hands together. "Stun Grenade!" A flash of light encompassed the car, blinded Mrs. Watterson. She yelped and let go of the wheel, making her lose control of the car. Soon enough, she crashed into someone's yard. Bakugou followed up and hit her with a massive explosion! The imaginary car disappeared and she flew back into the fence. "I've gotta lot of sweat stored up." Katsuki wrapped his finger around the pin. "Gross!" Mrs. Watterson whispered. "And you get a maximum blast." The pin was pulled a light began to glow from the hole. "DIE!" An explosion engulfed Nicole, blasting her through multiple fences and blowing up the row of houses.

Nicole was blown out into the street which caused the road to fracture. Multiple cars that were driving by ran out of road and crashed into the sidewalk. Mrs. Watterson had burn marks all over her body and patches of her fur was singed. Katsuki walked to crater she was located in. It was time to finish her. He grabbed her neck and lifted her head off the ground before slamming her down really hard! Blood leaked from Nicole's head as she was slowly losing consciousness. But instead of leaving, he stayed. He had some things to say to her.

"What was it you said back in the mall? You were gonna destroy me?" Katsuki chuckled. "Out of all the villains I've faced, you have to be the most pathetic out of all of them." Bakugo turned around and walked away. Before he did though, he said one final sentence. One that seriously pissed Nicole off.

"Now that the cat's out of the way, it's time to go beat the crap outta the rest of the family."

(DOOM Eternal OST - The Only Thing They Fear Is You)

Katsuki stopped dead in his tracks when he heard a step. He looked back and saw Nicole standing up, shocking him greatly. Her breathing was deep, akin to that of a monster rather than a person. "H-How the hell?!" Bakugo exclaimed. "Don't..." Nicole suddenly grew three times her size. "you dare..." Her muscles rapidly expanded, making her look like Hulk. "HURT MY FAMILY!!!!!" She roared as her eyes shot open, revealing that her eyes had turn emerald green. The color of her eyes as well as that look of determination reminded Bakugo of his rival, Izuku Midoriya. Someone who wouldn't give up, no matter what.

But neither would he. "You've still got some fight left in you, huh?! Then come at me with all you go-" He didn't even need to tell her twice as she cut him off with a gut punch. Vomit came from Bakugo's mouth due to the power of the strike. "YOU'RE GOING TO REGRET BEING BORN!!!" Nicole howled as she decided to get revenge by picking him up by his neck and slamming him into the road. To finish him off, a beam of energy formed around her hand. "And you're going to regret getting back up!" Katsuki replied. "Stun Grenade: Zero Distance!" A more powerful flash stunned Nicole which made her energy ball dissipate. She stumbled back while rubbing her eyes, allowing Dynamight to back off.

"AP Shot: Machine Gun!" Multiple explosions came one after the other at a rapid pace. Nicole was slightly pushed back, but was relatively unharmed. She stomped the ground, making her opponent lose his balance and stop his explosions. Mrs. Watterson cupped her hands together and out came a Kamehameha-like beam that burst through the air. To counter, Bakugo pulled the other pin on his gauntlet and a chain of explosions was set off. Once the beam and explosion clashed...

Shockwave gif.gif

If the neighborhood they were fighting in somehow wasn't destroyed yet, it most certainly was now. Both of the fighters got caught in the blast. Katsuki flew backwards and landed on his back. Nicole, on the other, wasn't affected in the slightest asides from a few burn marks. The she-Hulk walked up to the teen. Preventing Dynamight from getting up, she grabbed his tank top and glared into his eyes. Bakugo began to see disturbing images after that. Visions of tormented souls appeared in his mind. And it, believe or not, made him feel something he hasn't felt in a good while: fear.

"You are going to leave Elmore for good, and if I ever see you back here, I will kill your family and make you watch." Nicole warned. She let him go, and he stood still for a while. He glanced back up to her and said:

"Nah, I don't think I will."

"What?!" Nicole exclaimed in shock. Katsuki delivered a punch to her stomach, causing her to spit out blood. "You won't be hurting anybody on my watch, bitch!" Katsuki stated. That blood she spit out was immediately evaporated when Katsuki hit her with another explosion. However, it was noticeably stronger than before. The rise in power actually damaged her this time. Nicole was continuously getting hit with explosions, forcing her to cover her face. "AP Shot!" Katsuki fired a concentrated blast that burned straight through Nicole's stomach.

Mrs. Watterson moved her arms from her face and to her stomach, gripping it tightly. Katsuki took this opportunity to end this battle. He flew into the air and heated an explosion. The strongest one he's ever made so far in this fight. "See you in hell, kitty!" He yelled. The explosion enveloped the Watterson member and several neighborhoods! Everything that was caught in the blast was pulverized in seconds. She roared in pain, but stood firmly against the explosion. However, she wasn't entirely undamaged. The scorching heat began to burn some of her skin off.

Mustering all the strength in her legs, Nicole boosted herself out of the explosion, shooting towards her target with her fist forward. Katsuki was quick to react and deflected her punch with a swift kick upwards. The counter caught Nicole off-guard, leaving vulnerable to a punch to her sides, cracking a rib. Bakugo grabbed her arm and flipped her over his shoulder, sending her barreling down to the crater. The explosive teen descended towards her skull. Using his explosions to increase his speed, he hit Nicole with an axe kick far too fast for her to avoid. The sound of bone crunching was audible as Nicole's skull was cracked. She did her best to ignore the pain, and she quickly swiped at Bakugo while he was still behind her, but the teen was just a bit quicker and flipped himself out of the way. "STOP DODGING!" She demanded. "Then maybe you should stop missing!" He joked.

Once Katsuki said that, Nicole hatched an idea. She snapped her fingers. It released a shockwave that blew everything back, including Dynamight. But don't worry, because Nicole was way too "nice" to let him blast off Team Rocket style. Instead, she opened her mouth, and out came her Xenomorph-like tongue. It shot out like a rocket and latched onto Bakugo's chest. He gritted his teeth in pain as the second set of jaws dug its' teeth into his flesh. She retracted her tongue and pulled him in as if he was a fish. As soon as he was close enough, she gave him a powerful punch to the jaw, fracturing it. After that, Nicole used her tongue to slam him down. Before she could do anything else, Bakugo tightly gripped her tongue before pulling it out of his chest. He jumped up and uppercut her. Nicole cried out in pain as she ended biting her own tongue. While she wasn't paying attention, Bakugo burned the right side of her face with a blast.

Katsuki hit her with several explosions. She swiped forward, desperately trying to hit him. However, he flipped over with and attacked her from the air with you-guessed-it, an explosion. "HOW ARE YOU BEATING ME?!" Nicole questioned. "You want to know why?!" Katsuki responded. He formed a circle with his hand, and he released a horde of concentrated blasts. She barely blocked the attacks using her arms, but there were burn marks and gashes left on them as a result. "Because I'm better than you!" Propelling himself with explosions, he boosted himself and kneed her in the chin. "You're pathetic!" Pissed at his insults, Nicole punched his face, but to her surprise, Katsuki pushed against her. He swatted her arm away and placed his own in front of her, putting his finger on the pin of his Grenadier Brace. "And most of all, you're a loser!"

(Sonic Lost World - Dr. Eggman Showdown)

The explosion was fired, but suddenly, a red figure that came from the blast charged at Katsuki. It was Nicole, and she had transformed into a red demon! "I AM NOT A LOSER!" Nicole roared. Her statement could be heard throughout the city. "You've got to be fucking kidding me." Katsuki groaned before getting bashed with a...well, shoulder bash in the stomach. He rolled back across the ground but got up immediately. "I don't give a damn how many transformations you have! They're not going to save you!" Katsuki said. Nicole didn't care enough to respond. All she was thinking about was killing Dynamight and making his death as painful as possible.

Both ran up to each other and reeled their fist back. The two clashed, but Mrs. Watterson overpowered the teen easily. She punched at him again, but Katsuki used his gauntlet to block the attack. However, it shattered instantly, and the recoil from the punch threw him off-balance. Utilizing her chance, she punched down on him relentlessly. The attacks were so fast that you would think there was more than one person helping her. The pummeling left a large bruise on his face and broke his nose.

Nicole decided to stop punching him. Instead, she grabbed him by his neck. She then summoned a massive amount of flames to burn him. Katsuki screamed in pain as the fire burned 90% of his body. Once the flames dispersed, the demon opened her mouth wide. Nicole put Dynamight in her mouth and chewed on his head! Her teeth left several marks on his head and neck. After ten seconds, she spit him out. Katsuki fell to the ground, heavily bleeding. "This is what you get for messing with me and my family."

She turned around, hoping to go back to her family. But as she was walking, she had stepped on something. She looked down, and her eyes widened. Multiple grenades were surrounding her! The grenades ignited, blowing up right in front of her. Nicole was blasted a few feet above the air, but she landed on her feet. "W-WHEN DID YOU-" Katsuki interrupted her with "While you were so busy chewing on me, I managed to drop a few grenades. Now then, let's finish this!" Nicole couldn't agree more. "Let's."

Nicole began storing up all of the flames within her mouth while Katsuki took to the air. Once he was about 100 feet in the air, he boosted himself downwards while spinning in a circular motion. Soon enough, a flaming tornado formed around his body. As for Nicole, her body was barely visible due to the fire surrounding her. Both fighters aimed towards each other, getting ready to hit their opponent with all they've got.



Their attacks charged towards each other for the last time. Flames from Nicole's mouth completely engulfed Katsuki, but that was not going to slow him down. Not one bit. He finally stopped rotating as his arm reached out into Nicole's throat. Nicole felt an intense burning sensation as her insides began to melt. Her scream was muffled as the explosion had finally went off.

It took a while for the smoke to die down. Katsuki could barely feel his arms at this point, but he somehow found the strength to stand up. He looked around and saw nothing but flames and destroyed homes. And in front of him, he saw his enemy. Or rather, what was left of his enemy.

Blood was spilling from the lower half of Nicole's corpse. As for the upper half, his Howitzer Impact blew pieces of her body everywhere, leaving nothing but blood and guts everywhere. It was a sickening yet refreshing sight to see, knowing that one of the Wattersons were down.

"That's what you get for messing with the future #1 Hero." Those were Dynamight's last words before he passed out due to his injuries.


Izuku and Shoto find Katsuki and get him to a hospital.

Gumball, Darwin, Anais, and Richard are arrested, but not before seeing the remains of their dead mother/wife.


(My Hero Academia - You Say Run)

Ranger: That was pretty damn intense. But how did Bakugo win? I was so sure that Nicole had this fight in the bag.

Advance: I don't blame you. Nicole certainly did have a few advantages over the teenager. Her training in martial arts meant that she was far more skilled in H2H, and thanks to her Toon Force, she was far more unpredictable.

Ranger: She also had more abilities than Katsuki whose arsenal sums up to explosions with a mix of blinding attacks like his Stun Grenade or smokescreen which already wouldn't work since Nicole could just sniff him out.

Advance: But that's about where the advantages end. Sure, Katsuki had less versatility, but he could mostly deal with anything that Nicole could throw at him. Invisible ninjas? He's reacted to invisible attacks before. Fear hax? Bakugo has been around Shigaraki who made people see visions of death which is far more potent than Nicole's. Age hax? Won't matter when it's pathetically close-range.

Ranger: And unfortunately for Nicole, she was also outclassed in the stats department. Nicole could scale to Darwin who blew Banana Joe and his family to China with a force of 2 kilotons, but Katsuki should scale to 20% Deku. Y'know, the same kid who made a small tornado from the aftereffect of his kick with a force of 80 kilotons? Compare to two feats, and Bakugo was well over 40x stronger than Nicole.

Advance: She was also outclassed in terms of lifting strength. Nicole could throw cars around which on average, weigh about 2 tons. On the other side, Katsuki could restrain 8% Deku who lifted a steel beam with one hand which weigh about 7 tons. That's about a 7x difference in lifting strength.

Ranger: And since Katsuki can survive the backlash of his explosions, his durability should be comparable, meaning Nicole wasn't going to killing him anytime soon. Even if she was comparable to him, it really wouldn't help much. Seriously, the guy's been sliced up, had his eye cut, and even got stabbed in the stomach, and STILL kept fighting! Nicole's going to have one hell of a time trying to kill him off for good! And it'd be even harder thanks to the speed gap.

Advance: Nicole blitzing the Mach 5 Gumball and Darwin is nothing to scoff at...unless you're Katsuki. The dude has outpaced Tokoyami who intercepted Kaminari's electricity which was calculated to be Mach 2146. Not only that, but he kept up with 10% Deku who dodged a laser beam at 9% the speed of light. Katsuki was 429x faster at his worst and over 15,000x faster at his best.

Ranger: I bet you're asking: Can't Nicole just regenerate from Katsuki's attacks or amp herself with her forms? No, she couldn't do either. Her forms don't have a notable strength increase, so it's unreasonable to assume they'll affect the victor. As for Nicole regenerating, which happened at the end of The Authority if you're wondering, it happened off-screen. Therefore, it's iffy to say if it's combat-applicable, or if she even regenerated at all.

Advance: Besides, even if that regeneration feat was legit, she'd need a far greater healing factor than Low-High to come back from Katsuki's attacks due to the sheer heat of his explosions. His explosions are based off of nitroglycerin, which pack a whopping heat of 5,000 degrees Celsius! That level of heat is far more than anything Nicole's dealt with, and she would need to able to come back from ashes in order to survive that.

Ranger: Remember how we mentioned that Nicole was more skilled? Well, Katsuki more than made up for it with his combat experience. I sure as hell don't recall a time when Nicole has battled dangerous villains like Shigaraki or Nine.

Advance: Dynamight also had an advantage in intelligence. While we're not claiming Nicole is an idiot by any means, Katsuki has shown to be capable of deducing his opponent's weaknesses mid-fight and adjusting his strategies accordingly unlike the Watterson. And this leads up to our next point.

Ranger: Nicole's biggest weaknesses is how sensitive she is. Talk shit about her, and she'll become irrationally angry, making her be unable to think straight. And since she's fighting someone who literally taunts his opponents during the battle, she'll definitely fall victim to a trap.

Advance: Lastly, let's talk about range. Guess what? Katsuki had the advantage here too. Nicole's range with her Paintball Gun only covers a few meters, but Katsuki could create explosions about 100 diameters in size!

Ranger: Combine that with his aerial mobility with Blast Rush Turbo, and Katsuki was capable of controlling the battle at his leisure since he could fight from afar or up-close.

Advance: Nicole was never gonna go down without a fight, but Katsuki's superior stats, higher intelligence, and more useful abilities gave him the victory.

Ranger: Looks like Nicole was blown away because she lost her head!

Advance: The winner is Katsuki Bakugo!

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  • The connections between Katsuki Bakugo and Nicole Watterson are they are both well-known for their anger issues which usually intimidates others around them. They live in a world everyone is unique and quirky (not sorry) and have obtained fiery abilities ever since their childhood.
  • The track's name would be Exploding with Rage.
  • The fight would have been hand-drawn.
  • This was original going to be my season finale, but I eventually decided that Star Butterfly vs. Blaze the Cat would be a much better finale.