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Ness VS Isaac
Season 1, Episode 5
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Air date May 26th, 2016
Written by MagicRock
Directed by MagicRock
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Ness VS Isaac is a What-If? Death Battle featuring Ness from EarthBound and Isaac from the Golden Sun series.


EarthBound VS Golden Sun! It's the battle of the Nintendo RPG psychics! Will Isaac be able to pressure Ness with his Psynergy, or will Ness just score another home run?


(*Cues: Invader - Jim Johnston*)

Cress: With every RPG hero, they have special abilities that help them throughout their journey.

Talon: And special weapons. Like swords... And baseball bats.

Cress: However, these two heroes most powerful weapon is their mind.

Talon: Ness, the PSI powerhouse of Onett.

Cress: And Isaac, the strongest Earth Adept of Vale.

Talon: He's Cress and I'm Talon...

Cress: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.


(*Cues: Boy Meets Girl (Twoson) - Remix - EarthBound*)

Cress: In the town of Onett in the country of Eagleland lived a boy named Ness. Growing up, Ness lived his life like any other kid, playing baseball, hanging with friends. However, that would all change when the evil alien Giygas showed up, planning to shroud the whole universe in infinite darkness.

Talon: On the night of Giygas's invasion, Ness woke up from the sound of a meteor. Instead of staying inside and let the grown ups do their jobs like a normal kid, Ness decided to help his "best friend" Porky find his little brother... Who was at the top of the mountain where the meteor landed. Do these parents look after their children at all? Who lets their kids in the middle of the night climb a mountain to where a meteor just landed?

Cress: Well for whatever their reasoning was, Ness met a bee alien thing from the future named Buzz Buzz.

Talon: Oh, great! Now there is time travel shit in this. This is probably the most "genius" use of it! Not like we talked about time travel before and have seen how complicated it is!

Cress: Literally no one cares Talon. Buzz Buzz warned Ness of Giygas's invasion of Earth and told him to go find the eight "Your Sanctuary" locations to retrieve the Eight Melodies that can defeat Giygas. Giving Ness the Sound Stone to record the melodies, and Buzz Buzz's death by the literal hands of Porky's mom, Ness went out on his journey to save the world.

Talon: And his mom was totally fine with this. Great parenting. Anyway, what is a 13 year old kid going to do to defeat an all powerful alien from the future? Why he'll use his baseball bat of course!

(*Cues: Onett Theme / Winters Theme - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U*)

Cress: Ness wields his ultimate weapon, the Legendary Bat. While it may look weak, it packs a real punch.

Talon: And it does normal baseball bat things. For example, it can reflect projectiles back such as energy blasts. He also has a Combat Yo-Yo which he can use to attack from a distance. However, Ness has more equipment than just that.

Cress: Ness also wears equipment to boost his defenses and prevent other harmful effects.

Talon: Yeah, you see that hat of his? Well, it's not just for looks. His Mr. Baseball Hat boosts his defenses and makes him super fashionable.

Cress: Ness is also equipped with multiple accessories that also help him out in battle. The Franklin Badge reflects lightning based attacks back to sender.

Talon: The Franklin Badge is also really good at killed masked me-

Cress: Damnit Talon! We don't talk about that!

Talon: Why? It's not like it's as sad once you've played the game a million times. Stop being such a baby.

Cress: It's still sad to me... Anyway, the Star Pendant protects Ness from paralysis, freeze, flash, and fire and the Goddess Band prevents sleeping effects. However, that's not the end to Ness's abilities in combat.

Talon: Yeah well, you see, ever since Ness was a baby, he has had the power to use powers called PSI. Now I see why his mom let him go. With PSI, Ness can do some pretty cool shit. He can heal himself, get rid of status ailments, levitate, create shields made of light, or drain foes of their own psychic energy.

Cress: Ness also has the ability to teleport. However, doing so relies on him to run in a straight line at super fast speeds. So, needless to say, Ness can run super fast. He can also put people to sleep with Hypnosis or paralyze them with Paralysis.

(*Cues: Mother - Super Smash Bros. Melee*)

Talon: Now that we got the support moves out of the way, let's get to the good stuff! He can freeze foes solid in a block of ice with PK Freeze, shoot out a bolt of lightning that sets things on fire with PK Fire, or just send out a ball of electricity with PK Thunder. He can also hurl the electrical ball back at himself to turn himself into a human projectile.

Cress: But then there are his three most devastating PSI attacks. PK Flash a green projectile that Ness can shoot at opponents. The effects of the attack are random, but they go from the opponent crying, making them feel strange or numb, and in some cases, instant death. PK Rockin is his signature PSI attack. By using his concentration to fuel the attack, Ness can send out a devastating wave of psychokinetic energy all around him.

Talon: But his coolest attack is PK Starstorm, where he summons stars from outer space to crash into anybody unlucky in the way. Yup, that's right, this 13-year-old boy can throw stars at you! With the power of PSI and baseball bats, Ness has done some pretty impressive stuff. He was skilled enough to take down four of the Onett Police Force's best men and their boss, strong enough to defeat a dog made up of fucking diamonds, and the most sickening feat of all. Ness beats the shit out of innocent animals! SOMEBODY CALL PETA!

Cress: It's a video game, Talon.

Talon: Oh, I forgot. Thanks Cress.

(*Cues: Pollyanna (I Believe In You) - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U*)

Cress: Continuing on, Ness has also defeated a Kraken the size of a volcano, took down a horde zombies, created a magical place inside his head called Magicant, and put an end to a cult who wanted to paint everything blue. Most impressive of all though, Ness combined his conscious with the universe, increasing his psychic ability. This and and the power of the Eight Melodies allowed him and his friends to finally finish off Giygas once and for all.

Talon: Damn!

Cress: Now Ness might be strong, but like any teen ever who thinks they are cool, he's not perfect. Sadly for Ness, he can't use PSI forever, and the stronger the PSI attacks he uses are, the more it consumes PSI energy. He also can get homesick which will make him weaker and won't feel like attacking sometimes. This can be fixed however if he visits home or makes a phone call there.

Talon: That seems situational.

Cress: It really is. But Ness has shown that these weaknesses don't matter when he's got his friends on his side to fight against a universal threat.

Talon: Ness is known for one thing however, and I can say it in one sentence. He's an "okay" kid.

Lucas is running away from the Porky Statue and he trips. He struggles to get up while the Porky Statue inches closer and closer. Lucas puts his head down on the ground, scared.

Ness: PK Thunder!

Suddenly, an electric ball appears and hits the Porky Statue in the head, knocking it off it's feet. Ness lands in front of Lucas and prepares for combat. The word "NESS" appears on screen.


(*Cues: The Elemental Stars - Golden Sun*)

Cress: In the secluded village of Vale, was kept a secret. A secret that gave those the power to manipulate the elements surrounding them.

Talon: Water... Earth... Fire... Air... Long ago, the four nations lived together in har-

Cress: No, no, no. It's NOTHING like Avatar. Anyway, one day in the village, giant Boulders from Mt. Aleph began avalanching down, destroying most of it and killing many. One of the villagers was only 14 when this happened. His name, was Isaac.

Talon: Isaac grew up with his parents Dora and Kyle in a small house. When the Boulders started to crash into the village, Isaac and his mother went to escape. Along the way, they found that Isaac's friend Felix somehow fell into the rapids of a nearby river. With Felix's family and Isaac's father trying to help. Isaac went to get help, and they almost successfully saved Felix. Keyword: "almost."

Cress: Unluckily for everyone there, a Boulder fell conveniently across Felix, his parents, and Kyle.

Talon: At least Felix's sister, Jenna, was okay! Then again, she kind of lost everything.

Cress: After the incident, Isaac trained for three years and begun studying Alchemy. He successfully mastered it and learned how to use the power of Psynergy. It was that Avatar thing Talon was saying earlier.

(*Cues: Battle - Journeying the Land - Golden Sun: Dark Dawn*)

Talon: Yeah, well it kind of is element wise. I mean, we got water, earth, fire, and air.

Cress: I guess...

Talon: Isaac mastered Psynergy and became a Venus Adept. Venus Adepts have the power to use Psynergy to command both plants and the earth and, in turn, do vicious attacks, or fuck around with the environment. And since it's an RPG, a lot of his attacks get stronger by him learning more powerful versions of it.

Cress: The Quake series of attacks causes massive pillars to rise from the ground, the Spire series makes stalactites fall from the sky, and the Growth series summons multiple vines to skewer or ensnare foes.

Talon: He can heal himself with the Cure series, resurrect fallen allies with Revive, or open the earth beneath to cause a reverse shower of boulders and Venus energy with the Gaia series. However, the strongest Psynergy attacks he has are Ragnarok and Odyssey. Ragnarok summons a gigantic fucking sword out of the sky made of Venus energy that kills pretty much anything it impales through. And then Odyssey is just Ragnarok, but on steroids.

Cress: Speaking of swords, Isaac wields one when he isn't using Psynergy in battle. His ultimate weapon, the Sol Blade, delivers devastating strikes and can even use two powerful techniques called Unleashes. His first Unleash is called Purgatory, where he summons a fire column underneath his target that quickly bursts open and engulfs them in fire. The most confusing thing about this attack is that it can cause those hit by it to fall asleep.

(*Cues: Boss - Saturos - Golden Sun*)

Talon: The second Unleash Isaac can use with the Sol Blade is called Megiddo. Basically, he jumps in the air and throws a giant- Oh my God! He threw the sun! HEY CRESS! HE THREW THE FUCKING SUN!

Cress: I doubt that's actually the real sun, but it's powerful nonetheless. The "sun" gets launched and then causes an explosion of burning plasma.

Talon: Definitely the sun.

Cress: Isaac also comes with armor to help resist elemental attacks and status ailments. The Storm Gear protects him from fire, water, and wind attacks, the Cosmos Shield protects him from the same things the Storm Gear does, including earth attacks too, and the Warrior's Helm increases the power of his Venus Psynergy attacks immensely and makes Unleashes more likely to happen. He also wears the Fairy Ring to nullify the effects of sleep, stun, delusions, and curses, but after it protects him so many times, it breaks.

Talon: Also, did you think we were done with Psynergy? Nope! Remember how I said earlier that Isaac fucks around with the environment sometimes? Well, when he has certain equipment on him, he can use Psynergy that can alter the environment. They also come with the most obvious names ever.

Cress: With the various gear he can get, and some environment changing moves he knows naturally-

Talon: I get it!

Cress: Isaac can use Move, Catch, Lift, or Grind. All of those you can guess what they do. Cloak can make Isaac invisible if he is in a shaded area and Halt can stop enemies in their tracks. And when he's in a tough situation, he can use Retreat to obviously retreat.

Talon: Isaac also has Venus Djinns, little animal creatures that boost Isaac's Venus prowess and can give different effects when he uses them. Flint can strengthen Isaac's next sword strike, Granite boosts his defenses, Sap can steal the target's stamina and give it to Isaac, and Ground summons energy spheres that can immobilize opponents.

Cress: Once all are used, Isaac can summon the God-like Judgement.

Talon: Judgement basically obliterates everything. It gathers energy into it's lion shield, and then blasts a giant laser that can destroy forests, mountains, beaches, you name it. Too bad it can only be used once, and then the Djinn need a break.

(*Cues: Battle Scene / Final Boss (Golden Sun) - Super Smash Bros. Brawl*)

Cress: Thanks to his friends and the power of Psynergy, Isaac found out that Felix was still alive and helped him ignite the four beacons to save the world, along with several impressive feats along the way.

Talon: He's survived the blow of a fire dragon while almost unconscious, defeated an ancient ghost pirate, and took down Saturos and Menardi, who went all Dragon Ball Z and fused into a two-headed dragon. He can travel from continent to continent in a matter of minutes and he's even skilled enough to win the annual fighting event Colosso all by himself.

Cress: And he's not only strong, but he's also extremely smart. Isaac is a puzzle solving master, capable of solving puzzles made long ago and sneaking into heavily guarded areas. He also acquired part of the Golden Sun, yes that's a real thing, giving him increased power and life.

Talon: Then there's the time he helped beat a three-headed dragon, who just so happened to be Jenna's parents and Isaac's dad fused. Now that's just depressing.

Cress: While Isaac is definitely a skilled warrior, he does have his flaws. Despite how strong his Psynergy is, the more powerful the attacks he uses, the more it will drain it. After awhile, he will be completely reliant on his sword and Djinn. Luckily, he carries a Psy Crystal to recover lost Psynergy.

Talon: And if Judgement misses it's attack, it will be a huge waste and Isaac will have to wait forever for the Djinn to get ready again, and then he'll have to use them again. With all that said, Isaac helped save the world and decided to settle in Goma Plateau, get married to Jenna, and have a kid named Matthew.

Cress: You know, Matthew looks very similar to Isa-

Talon: You shut your fucking mouth!

Cress: Um, okay?

Talon: Isaac is a skilled warrior with amazing psychic abilities. What else is there to say?

Isaac and his friends are fighting the Doom Dragon. Isaac Unleashes Megiddo and jumps into the air. His Sol Blade glows brightly as he swings his sword down, slamming a giant burning ball of fire on the Doom Dragon, causing an explosion of plasma. The Doom Dragon is defeated and Isaac lands back on the ground.


Cress: Alright, the combatants are set! Let's end this debate, once and for all!


NVSI Combatants Set

Ancient Ruins


(*Cues: Sol Sanctum - Golden Sun*)

The mysterious ruins were a place that didn't allow children. They were being excavated by the adults, but that didn't seem to stop two kids from exploring.

One of the two young explorers was a girl wearing a pink outfit with magenta hair. She was holding a staff and was walking with a boy. The boy had golden hair and a matching yellow scarf. He was also wearing blue clothing and had a sheathed sword on his back. They had names, which were Jenna, and the Psynergy hero, Isaac.

"Thanks for exploring the ruins with me, Isaac," Jenna thanked Isaac. Isaac merely nodded and smiled at her, and continued their trek deeper into the ruins. Suddenly, Jenna stopped. "Oh! Isaac! Check this out!" Jenna demanded. Isaac stopped walking as well and looked at the huge mural Jenna had found. The mural showed a battle between a blue-haired girl with a sword and a ghostly figure with one red eye.

"This is amazing!" exclaimed Jenna. Isaac nodded again, happy to see Jenna's joy for her discovery. "What's this?" Jenna question, pointing to a part of the mural. The mural showed a somewhat big void way behind the ghostly figure. It was black and blue. "Hm, interesting. Maybe we should show Garet and Felix what we found," suggested the joyous Jenna.

But suddenly...

(*Music Stops*)

The void in the mural began to glow brightly. Isaac and Jenna were confused beyond belief but before they could walk away, a giant portal appeared in front of the void depicted in the mural. The portal was light blue and was swirling like a vortex. In fact, the portal glowed so brightly that they both closed their eyes. "What is-" Jenna spoke, but was then cut off. Coming from the portal, came a mysterious black object.

The object hit Jenna in the head and knocked her back. She fell to the ground and slid, unconscious from the impact.

(*Cues: Love Theme - Remix - Mother 3*)

The portal then disappeared and the brightness was gone, allowing Isaac to open his eyes once again. Isaac looked down, and saw that his dear friend had been knocked out and bruised. He looked back up and saw a figure, but they were covered in soot. Flames appeared behind them. The figure shook his head and body and the soot came off, revealing a young boy with a red hat and striped yellow and blue shirt. Now with tears in his eyes over his friend getting attacked, he drew his sword, the legendary Sol Blade.

(*Cues: Venus Lighthouse - Remix - Golden Sun*)

Isaac snapped, and jumped up and aimed a downward slash at him. Luckily, the boy turned around and saw the incoming attack. He jumped backwards out of the way, confused as to why someone he had never met would attack him. The boy landed near a pillar and looked over at an unconscious Jenna, now realizing what he had accidentally did. The boy lifted his hands up, as if signaling that he doesn't want to fight and he's sorry.

The Psynergy hero, however, didn't pay any attention, and jumped at him again going for another slash. The boy sidestepped just in time, and Isaac sliced the pillar in two. He continued his assault on Jenna's attacker, slashing vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, but the boy dodged all of them by levitating both over and under the strikes. He landed directly across of Isaac, with Isaac angrily looking over once he had landed.

Jenna's accidental assault was caused by the 13-year-old psychic boy, Ness. Ness lifted his hands again to show he didn't mean any of this. Isaac was too angry to notice this, however, and engaged in a combat stance.

Ness had no other choice but to fight back. Preparing for the fight against his newfound and sudden opponent, the PSI boy crossed his arm across his stomach and put it towards his head with two fingers sticking out. Sudden flashes of light appeared at the tips of his two fingers.

With Jenna safely away from both psychics and still unconscious, the battle begun.


"PK Fire!" With a quick flick downwards, Ness shot lightning bolts from the tips of his two fingers. Immediately after the first move, Isaac lifted his hand up, facing the lightning bolts. From out of thin air, a giant yellow hand appeared and blocked the incoming projectiles. When the lightning bolts hit the Psynergy created hand, it set it aflame and caused it to disappear. The resulting defense causing smoke to fill the ruins.

From the smoke and shadows, Isaac suddenly jumped out and swung his Sol Blade downwards. Ness took action quick and, like before, dodged the sword swing by jumping. The Psynergy hero kept up, however, and lifted his hand up again. This time, he summoned another Psynergy hand, but instead of blocking attacks with it, he used it to "catch" Ness. The PSI boy, trapped by the Psynergy hand, struggled to free himself, but the grip was too strong for him to escape.

Isaac jumped in the air to get to Ness's height. He slammed his hand downwards, and the Psynergy hand mimicked the movement, slamming Ness into the ground. The Psynergy hero then raised both hands up in the air and three stalactites fells from the ceiling.

Ness, on the ground, shook his head before standing up, and noticed the sharp rocks plummeting downwards at him. Instead of moving out of the way, Ness took out a weapon of his. A yo-yo? Anyway, Ness flicked the yo-yo up and destroyed the stalactites above him before they even got close to him.

Surprised by his opponent's impressive reactions, Isaac landed on the ground and thrusted his sword, aiming for Ness's stomach. Before he got to him though, Ness flung his yo-yo at Isaac, and entangled his leg in the string. The PSI boy then slammed the Weyard hero against a wall before pulling him in quickly. Taking out a baseball bat, Ness prepared to score his home run.


Ness hit Isaac in the chest with his baseball bat, sending the Psynergy user into a pillar and finally slamming him into another wall. Isaac, now struggling to get up, raised his hand once again. Yellow light surrounded him, and he glowed a bright white. His wounds started to disappear and it became easier for him to get back up. Now back to perfect health, Isaac used his sword to cut the string that kept him attached to Ness's yo-yo.

Free from the yo-yo, Isaac raised both of his hands in the air. Ness, realizing he was going to attack again. Flicking his hand to fling him against another wall...

And then he realized that Isaac cut the string of the yo-yo. Before he could react, the ground beneath him began to shake. Suddenly, three pillars appeared beneath him rose up from the ground and launched him upwards. The pillars then contracted, letting Ness fall back down to the ground. Sadly, Ness got hit by the pillars again, but with much more force. The cycle kept repeating until one final launch from the pillars slammed Ness into the ceiling of the ruins.

Taking his chance, Isaac jumped to Ness's level again and prepared a downwards strike. Before the attack connected though, Isaac glowed, and text appeared on screen.

"Isaac unleashes Flint!"

With Flint's strength, Isaac struck his sword downwards, sending Ness to crash onto the floor. To continue his assault, Isaac raised his hands in the air again, causing another pillar to rise from the ground and launch Ness back up to the Psynergy user. Isaac spun around and then kicked Ness. The PSI boy was launched and landed on the floor safely without crashing into anything. Ness got up and suddenly noticed a stalactite falling from the ceiling again. With no time to move, the stalactite landed on it's target. The crash caused dust to fly everywhere.

(*Music Stops*)

When the dust cleared, Isaac looked ahead to see if his opponent had survived. To his surprise, he saw the same striped shirt kid come out from the dust. Ness was glowing white, as if the light has shielded him from the stalactite and let him continue the fight. Feeling the injuries Isaac caused to him, bruises and cuts, he closed his eyes and focused his PSI to heal him. Glowing green, the PSI slowly got rid of all the injuries he just received from his opponent.

(*Cues: Pokémon Sun/Moon - Legendary Showdown! Vs. Solgaleo*)

Isaac, who was surprised that his opponent could heal himself just like he did just earlier, jumped in the air again. He attempted to end it now, slashing horizontally to cut Ness's head clean off. Ness reacted fast, however, and ducked under the attack before grabbing Isaac with both of his hands. He pushed him onto the floor and started sending point blank PK Fires onto him. The PK Fires launched Isaac into the air. The PSI boy followed, and jumped into the air. He attacked Isaac again with psychic energy through his hands twice before head-butting the Psynergy hero into the air.

Not finishing his combo, Ness shouted "PK Freeze!" and summoned psychic energy that was shaped like a snowflake above his head. The snowflake reached Isaac, which then exploded. The explosion caused Isaac to be frozen solid, leaving him open for another attack.

Taking out his baseball bat yet again, Ness prepared to swing and launch Isaac again, who was still encased in the block of ice. Before he swung the bat, however, he was interrupted by a stalactite which he noticed was about to fall on him. He jumped backwards out of the way, but the stalactite fell onto the side of the ice block Isaac was still trapped in. This caused the ice to shatter, freeing Isaac from his chilly prison. Isaac smirked at Ness, which annoyed the striped shirt boy.

Tired from the ongoing battle, the Psynergy hero reached back with both of his hands before thrusting them forwards. As if like magic, vines sprouted from his hands, flying out to attack Ness. They were successful, and Ness was ensnared in the prickly vines. Instead of attacking Ness, Isaac used the chance he had to heal himself once again, glowing white once again. He also used the chance to use another Djinn. He raised his hand in the air and text appeared on screen again.

"Isaac unleashes Granite!"

Yellow energy appeared around the Weyard savior and he soon absorbed it. He definitely looked tougher from the looks of it, and Ness noticed this. While Ness was still struggling to get out of the prickly vines, Isaac rose a single hand into the air. From the ground, more vines appeared. They all targeted the PSI boy, smacking him upon contact and launching him out of the other vines trapping him.

Ness landed on the floor next to another pillar. He quickly regained his footing, however, and noticed the incoming vines targeting him again. "PK Fire!" Ness shouted, as he was starting to fire more lightning bolts from the tips of his fingers. The bolts all landed their mark and set the vines on fire. It didn't take long for the ruins to fill with smoke again, as the vines began shrinking and blackening.


Ness looked at the pillar to his side and saw it beginning to fall towards him. The PSI boy took out his trusty baseball bat again and swung so hard, that it shattered the pillar in one go.


Ness looked behind him and saw that another pillar was about to fall on him. Like before, Ness swung the baseball bat and shattered the pillar. It didn't take a genius to guess what Isaac was doing. He was using the smoke to his advantage.

From behind Ness, another pillar rose from the ground. Ness had just the plan to deal with this one.


Predicting the pillar to try to crush him yet again, Ness rolled out of the way quickly and shouted "PK Thunder!" Suddenly, a ball of electricity appeared above Ness's head. Now starting to cough from all the smoke, Ness telekinetically aimed the electrical ball in a straight line above him. The electric ball crashed into the ceiling of the ruins, destroying it and causing sunlight to seep through. From behind Ness were grunts. The PSI boy looked behind himself and saw Isaac appear from out of thin air. Isaac was invisible the whole time. The fire began dying down, and the smoke exited the ruins through the open ceiling.

The Weyard savior jump attacked Ness again, but the PSI master saw it coming a mile away. He elegantly sidestepped from the attack and point his fingers at Isaac. Right up in his face, Ness's fingers glowed, before firing static shots out of them. Instead of setting him on fire, Isaac was knocked back slightly. Confused as to what just happened, he attempted to run at Ness again. However, he immediately stopped and stepped down on one knee. Static shocks appeared from his body, signaling that Ness's Paralysis attack was a success. Ness smirked, in the same fashion Isaac did earlier. All Isaac did was chuckle a bit...

Glowing in a similar way he does when he heals himself, Isaac slowly got back to his feet. He pointed to his finger, which had a ring on it, and smirked at his opponent again. Dumbfounded by his tactic not working, Ness just stood there in front of Isaac and said only one word.


Isaac started the fight again, and raised his hand up in the air again, this time with his sword. Nothing was happening, however, which confused the PSI boy. He soon felt that the ground beneath him began getting hotter and hotter. Ness looked down, also noticing the ground becoming red. He couldn't do anything to avoid the attack Isaac was attempting.

"Isaac's Sol Blade lets out a howl! Purgatory!"

From out of nowhere, the earth beneath Ness exploded, and a swirling vortex of fire engulfed him. Isaac quickly jumped back so he wouldn't get engulfed too. Only screams were heard, as the fire vortex continued on.

(*Music Stops*)

It died down, however, and only ashes on the ground were left. The Psynergy hero walked up to the ashes. He looked away, put his sword away, and started to walk back and help Jenna.

Well, he attempted to anyways. Isaac felt like something was watching him, and turned around. What he saw was another one of those portals. The Weyard savior hurriedly took out the Sol Blade once more, but couldn't react in time to the object that shot out from the portal.

It was Ness!

(*Cues: Isaac's Battle Theme - Remix - Golden Sun*)

Ness tackled straight into Isaac and grabbed onto him. The PSI boy continued to run as fast as he could with the extra baggage he had on his shoulders. From out of thin air, another portal appeared in front of the two, and Ness ran into it, teleporting them both to another location to continue the fight.


The town of Onett was empty at the time. No one in the streets, no one was in their houses...

The perfect place for a fight to continue.

A portal appeared on top of a drug store. Unsurprisingly, the two people who came out of it were Ness and Isaac. Ness, who was still holding onto Isaac, through him to the other side of the drug store's roof. Isaac landed on his feet and looked around, wondering where the heck he was at. He looked out and saw all of the modern-looking civilization's style. Too bad that didn't last long as he was hit in the head with Ness's baseball bat. Isaac, startled by the attack, was knocked back, but he recovered quickly and landed on his feet again.

The Weyard savior rose both of his hands in the air to summon another attack. Of all things to appear, a clock appeared right in front of Ness. Ness, wondering what was happening, tried to run up to Isaac to smack him with his baseball bat again. Unluckily for the young striped shirt kid, he was trapped in place and couldn't move at all.

Isaac rose a single hand to summon his next attack.

"Isaac unleashes Sap!"

Isaac jumped towards Ness, preparing the attack. The Sol Blade glowed before striking a devastating blow onto Ness's chest, launching him off of the drug store and making him crash into a stop sign. Back to Isaac, all the visible wounds on him disappeared, healing him. The Psynergy hero jumped off of the drug store to follow Ness. He rolled upon landing and immediately got back up on his feet to notice that Ness had gotten back up not problem. His body glowed white again, indicating that he shielded himself with PSI again.

Now angered, Isaac dashed for to slash at Ness again. Ness jumped above the slash and Isaac predicted he would do that, uppercutting with the Sol Blade and launching Ness into the air. The PSI boy almost landed on the ground, but was quickly attacked by familiar prickly vines, which entangled him. Holding onto the vines, Isaac flung Ness at the drug store, sending him through the window.

Ness crashed into a few tables before landing on an escalator. He slowly got back up, deciding to heal from his wounds yet again. He glowed green and, like before, was back to almost perfect condition. The sound of more broken glass was heard, and Ness knew who that was.

The Psynergy hero broke through a window and jumped in the drug store. He saw Ness on the escalator that was bringing him higher up into the building and ran after him. The PSI boy noticed Isaac running his way. He jumped on the railing of the escalator and slid down it. Both combatants charged towards each other, preparing to gain an upper hand with the attack of their choice.

As they both were about to attack, Ness jumped off of the railing and pointed both hands at Isaac. "PK Fire!" he shouted, sending multiple lightning bolts out. Isaac was quick, however, and dodged all of them. The bolts hit the ground, setting it on fire. Isaac jumped up and attempted to slash the Sol Blade at Ness. Ness twirled in the air, and narrowly dodged the incoming sword swing, even surprising Isaac. The PSI boy then kicked Isaac downwards on the back and slammed him onto the floor. Ness landed on the ground, turned around, and shouted one of his most recognizable attacks.

"PK Flash!"

A ball of greenish psychic energy appeared above Ness. It was shining, and Ness shot the shining energy projectile at his foe. Isaac got up from the ground, but it was too late, and Isaac was the victim of the random attack, PK Flash...

Sniffles were heard. Ness, who was about to attack again, stopped for a second to see what was happening. Isaac was crying! Ness just responded to the sudden sadness PK Flash caused by just scratching his head with a half-smile. Isaac took offense to this, and tried to use a Psynergy attack. He raised both arms, but nothing happened. He was too distracted crying to try to attack Ness again. The PSI boy took the chance he had, and ran up to Isaac.

Ness extended his hand outward and touched Isaac. A purple colored sphere of PSI energy surrounded Isaac, and what seemed to be psychic energy was traveling throughout it. After a few seconds of the boost in PSI, Ness stopped the PSI Magnet, just in time for Isaac to stop crying.

The Weyard savior finally noticed how close his opponent had gotten to him and jumped backwards to give himself some distance. He lifted his hand and aimed it at his opponent. Ness began running towards Isaac but was suddenly stopped by something picking him up. He looked at the ground beneath him but instead of ground he was standing on, it was another one of those Psynergy hands. Ness didn't care for it, however, and just jumped off the hand. But he then slammed his face against another Psynergy hand midair which grabbed him right after.

Isaac signaled the Psynergy hand to go towards him, and prepared another attack. He lifted both hands in the air and... Nothing happened. Isaac tried it again but it was no use, he was out of Psynergy! Also Ness did was mockingly wink at Isaac. The Psynergy hand disappeared right after, freeing Ness. Before he could retreat, Isaac suddenly became frozen solid. It was a PK Freeze from Ness. "PK Fire!" Ness yelled out. Ness shot lightning bolts out, setting the ice block on fire. While it was allowing Isaac to escape, it left burns on his body, making him unable to move. Ness finished the combo off by levitating off the ground and grabbing Isaac. The PSI boy threw Isaac above him and shouted "PK Thunder!"

An electrical ball appeared above Ness, but instead of aiming it at Isaac, he instead aimed it at himself! As Isaac was falling back down, the PK Thunder hit Ness from underneath, launching him upwards as a human projectile! It was a direct hit, and the human projectile launched Isaac through the ceiling.

Isaac crash landed onto the streets of Onett. Tumbling a bit before getting up, he knew he was almost useless without his Psynergy. Luckily, he had just the thing to help. Isaac reached into his pocket and took out a a purple crystal. He held onto it tightly, and absorbed the energy inside the crystal, draining it of it's color. With his item used, he threw it behind him, shattering the crystal.

Isaac's opponent soon followed, and ran outside from the opening of the drug store. Before they could continue fighting, however, a black care with the word "Tonzura" was driving down the street. Instead of getting out of the way, Isaac tested his new Psynergy and lifted his hand. A Psynergy hand appeared and grabbed the black car. The Psynergy hand then tossed it at Ness. The PSI boy was unfazed by the car projectile, probably considering he just turned himself into one, and just shouted "PK Freeze!" A white energy snowflake appeared above Ness's head and flew in front of him. Once the car was close enough, Ness telekinetically caused the PK Freeze to explode, freezing the car solid.

Ness looked back at Isaac, who was gone.


(*Cues: Unfinished Battle - Xenoblade Chronicles*)

Ness felt intense pain from his back. Isaac was behind him and delivered a crushing blow to Ness! Isaac followed up his assault by slashing his opponent's back two more times before kicking him into the street. Ness was on the ground, and tried to get up, but Isaac wasn't over yet. He raised one of his hands and a pillar rose from the ground beneath Ness, launching him up in the sky. The Weyard savior then raised both of his hands in the air.

Suddenly, the earth beneath Ness, who was still in the air, began to expand. Just when Ness was about to land, the ground opened up, releasing a reverse shower of boulders and powerful energy. Many boulders hit Ness and the overflowing energy pool was seriously damaging him. Isaac's Gaia seemed to put a dent into his opponent. The earth under Ness closed, and he was finally allowed the land on the ground.

To Isaac's surprise, Ness got back up with almost no visible damage. Ness just glowed white, and began running up to Isaac again. He jumped over the Psynergy hero, who tried attacking him, and aimed a PK Fire onto his back, setting Isaac on fire. Isaac was barely effected by the attack and jumped up at Ness. The PSI user noticed Isaac following him in the air and changed his position to try and gain an advantage. Isaac came in with a swing of his Sol Blade, but the attack was avoided by Ness, who levitated over it. Ness then jumped on Isaac's head, probably to annoy him, and landed back on the ground.

Isaac shook his head and landed back on the ground, he turned around and saw that his opponent was running away from him. Isaac gave chase, but quickly noticed the flames coming from behind Ness. Isaac knew what he was attempting to do and a rose his hand. It was too late, however, and a portal appeared in front of the striped shirt boy and he entered it. The portal disappeared right after, and Isaac was alone. For now...

A portal appeared again, this time behind Isaac. The Weyard savior predicted this would happen. Ness exited from the portal like he did twice before, but he ran into something that stopped him. A Psynergy hand. With a thudding sound, Ness's impact with the Psynergy hand caused him to launch backwards. Isaac rose both hands of his, using Psynergy.

Vines sprouted from the ground, each vine attempting to skewer Ness. Ness held his head in pain from running into the Psynergy hand, and noticed the vines coming at him. Ness, while levitating, dodged three of the vines before counterattacking. "PK Freeze!" Ness summoned two white snowflakes of energy above his head and telekinetically directed the PK Freezes to block the remaining vines. The PK Freezes got in both in front and behind Ness and then exploded. Mist appeared from all of the freezing, but it became clear that the vines were frozen solid.

Isaac looked up and saw that Ness, like with the railing, was sliding down the vines. Ness side flipped on the frozen vine and shot multiple PK Fires at Isaac, and landed back on the icy vine, continuing to slide down. The Psynergy hero reacted quickly, and lifted his hand. A pillar rose from the ground, blocking all of the incoming lightning bolts. The PK Fires just faded upon contact with the pillar, not setting it on fire. Isaac lifted his hand again.

Ness, still on the frozen vine, attempted to attack again with his PSI. However, he lost his footing on the vine, which shattered from a stalactite that fell from the sky. Isaac, instead of jumping again, used his Psynergy to raise more pillars and get to Ness's height. Ness levitated onto one of the pillars, and both psychics jumped from pillar to pillar, preparing their next move.

Isaac rose another pillar in between from himself and Ness and jumped on it. He then jump attacked Ness, but was smacked out of the air by a familiar weapon. The PSI user jumped off the pillar to follow Isaac, holding onto his good ol' baseball bat. Isaac recovered in midair, and before crashing in a nearby wall, jumped off of it and landed back on the ground. He rose both of his hands.

Running up to Isaac, Ness stopped and looked above Isaac. A giant yellow sword was coming out of the sky! Isaac smirked at Ness, telling him it was his doing. Isaac's Ragnarok was aimed directly at Ness. With little time to move, Ness ran backwards to try to escape the attack. The Psynergy sword landed right behind Ness, missing him. But the sword wasn't done yet. It burst into an explosion of Venus Psynergy energy, engulfing Ness in it in the process. The PSI boy was launched onto a sidewalk before finally stopping after hitting a mailbox, ending up on some grass.

Both of the psychics looked worn out. You know what that means. Ness glowed green, showing himself healing off the wounds with his PSI. Meanwhile, Isaac rose his hand and glowed white, healing along with Ness. When they were both finished, both of them glared at each other.

After a few seconds, Ness ran backwards from Isaac. The Psynergy hero knew what he was trying again. Isaac lifted his hand yet again, trying to predict his opponent. Just as expected, a portal appeared in front of Ness. Ness entered it and the portal disappeared. Isaac was even more prepared this time. A few more seconds later, a Psynergy hand appeared just as a portal appeared. Except this time...


Ness went in from the side of Isaac as opposed to behind him. The Psynergy hand disappeared from behind Isaac and, like before, Ness grabbed Isaac. Another portal appeared in front Ness, who was running the whole time. With fire gathering behind his incredibly fast speeds, Ness and Isaac both went inside the portal once again.


(*Cues: Boss - Dullahan - Golden Sun: Dark Dawn*)

Just like Onett, it seemed as if the village known as Vale was almost empty. No harm will be done with the two psychics fighting it out now.

A portal appeared right outside of a house. Ness came out of it and threw Isaac against a wall. Without giving him a chance to breath. Ness began attacking Isaac again. "PK Thunder!" The electrical ball of lightning appeared above Ness's head. The PSI user aimed the PK Thunder directly at Isaac, who was still getting up from getting tossed into a wall.


The electricity hit Isaac head on and stunned him for a second. Ness took the chance to make him more vulnerable. He pointed his finger at his opponent, and swirls of energy appeared in front of Isaac. Isaac attempted to get back up on his feet, but the energy swirls he was looking at made him get drowsier and drowsier. Isaac closed his eyes and...


Isaac fell completely asleep. Ness walked up to his sleepy opponent and prepared to hit him with his baseball bat. Just before swinging, however, the ring Isaac was wearing glowed again. The snoring stopped, and Isaac got back up on his feet. Ness swung his baseball bat at the Psynergy hero but it was stopped by Psynergy hand, surprising Ness. Isaac grinned, gaining the upper hand, both figuratively, and very, very literally. The Psynergy hand took the baseball bat out of Ness's hand and threw it far away from the weapon's owner.

After throwing the baseball bat, Isaac raised his hand while holding his sword. The familiar pose with the sword made Ness know what attack he was using this time. Ness felt the heat coming from the ground. He jumped forwards and tried to attack Isaac while he was using that attack. "PK Fire!" Ness shot multiple PK Fires at Isaac, but he simply rose his other hand in the air and summoned a pillar in front of the projectile assault. Just as he did that...

"Isaac's Sol Blade lets out a howl! Purgatory!"

A vortex of flames exploded out of the ground, but due to Ness being close enough to Isaac, the attack targeted both of them. Isaac took the heat rather well, and guarded his face to avoid anymore burns. Ness on the other hand, was trying to take the heat, but soon gave in to it. He attempted one final attack to save himself. "PK Flash!" The familiar green energy gathered around Ness's head. Throwing the PK Flash, Isaac was too busy covering his face to notice the attacking coming straight at him. The result of the attack hitting Isaac caused Purgatory to stop in the middle of it's attack.

Isaac just stood there. He wasn't moving at all. He finally fell to the ground. Static shocks came from his body, indicating that the PK Flash had paralyzed the young Psynergy user. Ness sighed in relief that the attack worked after all. Using his chance, Ness healed himself once again, glowing a green color. He looked back at Isaac as noticed his ring glow again. Ness's eyes widened, completely forgetting about that ring due to dealing with Isaac's Purgatory attack.

The Weyard savior got up from the ground and looked at his ring. After a few seconds, the ring shattered into thin air. He then looked at his opponent, Ness, and saw him about to attack again. He began walking backwards, but hit a wall. Isaac was cornered. "PK Thunder!" Ness cried out. An electrical ball soon locked onto the young Psynergy user. Isaac retaliated, using his Psynergy to summon another pillar in front of him to block the attack. The defensive pillar was successful, and the PK Thunder dissipated.

However, Isaac wasn't done yet. He raised his hand in the air, and a stalactite from out of nowhere was crashing downwards. But the stalactite was aiming for Ness. No, it landed on the pillar Isaac just created. The crash caused chunks of rock to fly everywhere and dust to shroud the area. Ness coughed, and tried to look for his opponent. Suddenly, Ness was hit in the back of the head by a chunk of rock. He got knocked over, but immediately got back up and looked in the direction the rock came from.

From behind Ness, another rock came flying through. This time, however, Ness turned around and bent his back backwards, dodging the rock. "PK Fire!" Coming back forward, Ness shot one lightning bolt from his fingers. The PK Fire went through the dust, but it was unknown if it landed it's target. The signal if it worked appeared, and another rock was thrown at Ness, who swiftly sidestepped it just in time. Two rocks came in from both sides of Ness, but the PSI user jumped over both of them. The two rocks crashed into each other and Ness was in the sky, searching for his opponent from above.

But while looking down, Ness was smacked downwards by Isaac, who was behind him on a pillar. The striped shirt boy landed in the nearby river. He got his head above the water and noticed Isaac raising both of his hands. Ness looked all around him and saw that huge vines were aiming at him. With no other choice, the PSI user held his breath and went underwater. While swimming under the water, he dodged a few of the vines, but was struck by a stray one in the back. Ness shook his head and looked down deeper in the water and found something...

Isaac was still standing on the pillar, commanding the vines. He, however, had no idea where Ness had gone so he was aiming blindly for him. His opponent finally put his head above the water and took a breath. Ness threw a baseball bat at Isaac, who didn't see it coming and was struck in the head. From the result of the impact, Isaac lost balance and fell off of the pillar. The baseball bat bounced in the opposite of Isaac upon hitting him, but was caught by Ness who jumped over. Ness, while flipping, hit Isaac with the baseball bat downwards, sending him straight into the ground. The Psynergy hero hit the ground and bounced up in the air. Ness on the other hand, landed on his feet and charged a swing with his baseball bat. He swung and hit Isaac in the stomach, launching him into a house.

That didn't seem to stop him, however, as Isaac, while slowly, walked out of the opening he made when he crashed into it. He rose his hand in the air and...

"Isaac unleashes Ground!"

From out of thin air yellow energy spheres surrounded Ness. The energy spheres locked onto Ness, and all followed him. Ness skillfully dodged many of the the spheres and even hit one with his baseball bat, deflecting it up into the sky. He couldn't keep up though, and was struck by two of the spheres. He went down on one knee, static shocks emanating from his body.

Isaac took his chance to heal himself while Ness was stunned. Glowing white and healing, Isaac planned out his next step of attack.

The static shocks ended and Ness got up to see that his opponent was gone. He turned around and saw his opponent with both hands up in the air. He then looked up in the air and notice a stalactite falling straight for him. He jumped back, barely dodging the Psynergy attack. But he wasn't able to catch a breath. The ground underneath him collapsed and exploded. Rising from the ground came rocks and Psynergy energy. Ness, however, jumped on one of the rising rocks. He put both of his hands on his head, and a purple energy sphere surrounded him. Ness wasn't taking any damage from the Psynergy outburst, and he was safely on a rock so others couldn't hit him either.

Isaac, surprised by his opponent's impressive strategy, decided to bring his opponent down. The Psynergy hero jumped up and slashed underneath Ness, slicing the rock clean in half. Ness lost his balance, and soon got hit by another rock. He couldn't absorb the Psynergy energy either, so he was clearly in trouble. Luckily for him, the Gaia attack faded, leaving both Ness and Isaac in the air. Isaac safely landed on a pillar he rose from the ground, while Ness, from the rock attack, was slammed back onto the ground.

The PSI user got up, surprisingly. His body glowed white, indicating the Shield he had made. With his opponent towering above him, Ness ran incredibly fast towards the pillar. Isaac watched, wondering what he was trying to do. Ness continued to run towards the pillar, before jumping up when he was right up in front of it. He regained his footing on the side of the pillar and began running up it!

Shocked, Isaac then felt the presence of something else. He looked upwards and found a portal. He then looked back down at Ness again, now realizing what he was planning to do. However, as Isaac was just about to move out of the way, he was hit by an energy projectile. It was the same type of projectile as Ground's attack, and he was completely stunned! With nothing he can do, the Psynergy user was instead tackled and grabbed, like before, by Ness. Ness jumped off the side of the pillar and successfully entered the portal with Isaac.

Abandoned City

(*Cues: Rival Battle - Silver (Part 2) - Sonic Generations*)

The perfect place to end a fight is a place that you can tear to shreds and no one would care.

A portal appeared over a car, facing downwards. What came out of it were the two psychics, Ness and Isaac. Ness slammed Isaac downwards onto the car, before jumping off of him and landing in the street. Isaac lifted his head up and quickly got back on his feet. He rose both of his hands up, summoning multiple stalactites to fall upon Ness. Ness took out his baseball bat and prepared to swing. The PSI boy dodged multiple stalactites before swinging his baseball bat, redirecting one of the stalactites at Isaac. Isaac was hit in the stomach by his own attack and was blown off the car he stood on.

Isaac hit against the wall of a building, cornered by Ness. "PK Flash!" Ness shouted out. The green energy ball formed above Ness's head and locked on to Isaac. Isaac, just in time, rose his hand in the air, summoning a pillar in front of him to block the attack. The PK Flash connected with the pillar, and to Isaac's horror, the pillar completely disintegrated with no traces of it left. If he was hit by that attack, it would have surely been fatal.

"PK Fire!" Isaac heard the shout of his opponent and jumped upwards, dodging the incoming lighting bolt. He slashed with his Sol Blade downwards, hitting Ness in the head. He then raised both hands, summoning vines from underneath the streets. The vines entangled Ness, making him unable to move. The Weyard savior used his sword to cut under the vines, which forced Ness to be on the streets while still entangled. With Ness on the ground trapped. Isaac kicked Ness over aggressively, probably to show him who's boss.

Isaac then lifted his hand up. Pillars rose from the ground, lifting both Ness and Isaac up. With his hand still in the air, Isaac summoned a Psynergy hand and it grabbed Ness. The Psynergy hand slammed Ness on the pillar he was on a bit before throwing the PSI user across the city.

Ness crashed into a window of an abandoned building. He got up, all cut from both glass and Isaac's sword. He decided it was time to heal again. Except this time, Isaac wouldn't let him. Isaac jumped through the window Ness was launched into and rolled, getting back on his feet. When Isaac looked around the room, no one was around. He turned around and saw that Ness was attempting to escape the room. Ness quickly jumped out the window, looking as if he healed himself, and landed on the ground. He looked back up at the building and noticed Isaac jumping down as well, with his sword downwards, preparing to stab Ness.

Just in time, the PSI boy dodged the impaling blow and counterattacked with a kick to Isaac's face. Isaac let go of the Sol Blade which was still stuck in the ground. "PK Freeze!" The energy snowflake quickly appeared above Ness like always. Ness telekinetically moved it towards the Sol Blade and the PK Freeze exploded, solidifying the sword in a block of ice.

Isaac was knocked into a nearby wall by the kick. He looked back at Ness and saw his sword now encased in ice. He'd have to find a way to retrieve the sword, but how? Isaac chased towards Ness, who was preparing his next attack. "PK Fire!" the striped shirt boy yelled. Isaac maneuvered himself around the incoming lightning bolts. The Psynergy user then lifted both of his hands, summoning vines to protect him from the PK Fires. Covering Isaac all the way, the vines soon caught fire from the PK Fires. Isaac jumped back to get away from the heat.

With the fire still burning, Isaac summoned a Psynergy hand and grabbed the end of the vine with it. The Psynergy hand held the vine as if it was a whip, and lashed at Ness. The combination of attacks whipped Ness, sending him flying backwards. The Psynergy hand then threw the fiery vine onto the block of ice containing the Sol Blade, melting it. The hand dissipated, and Isaac ran up to the Sol Blade and pulled it out of the ground. Now that he has his weapon back, Isaac rose his hand again.

Meanwhile, Ness recovers in the air and lands on the side of a building before hopping off and onto the ground. He sees Isaac in front of him, and the PSI user begins to charge at him. Isaac retaliates, swinging his sword horizontally. Ness ducks under the attack, however, and trips Isaac with his feet. Ness turns back around quickly and points both of his index fingers at Isaac's stomach. Point blank, static fired from the striped shirt boy's fingers, knocking Isaac back.

Isaac landed on his back. He was barely hurt by the attack, but the effect of it caused him to barely be able to move. Struggling to get up, all Isaac did was try to lift his hand up, but the paralysis was too much. With the Fairy Ring gone, he succumbed to the paralysis.

Ness took this chance to walk up to Isaac again. He put out his hand and grabbed Isaac with it. With Isaac inside, a purple psychic energy circle surrounded Isaac, draining the psychic energy away like Ness did earlier. After a few seconds, the static shocks coming from Isaac's body stopped showing. Ness wasn't paying attention, but Isaac could feel his body again. Very slowly, the Psynergy user swiftly swung his sword at his opponent. This surprised the PSI boy, and he got knocked back a bit.

Dust raised from Ness skidding backwards from the attack. He looked back at his opponent, who was simply just pointing at him, with a smirk on his face. Confused, Ness didn't understand why Isaac would be smirking about. He soon figured out why, but it was too late.

From out of nowhere, two white swords coming both diagonally upwards and downwards stabbed Ness, locking him in place. Isaac then charged forward with the Sol Blade and thrusted it forward. At the same time, a golden sword, also from out of nowhere, mimicked the Sol Blade, and both swords hit Ness. This caused the two white swords to shatter and an explosion, blasting Ness into a building. The Odyssey attack was successful.

Isaac, not sure if the attack finished Ness of for good, slowly walked up to the building Ness was launched into. The building had a large hole in it, and it seemed as if nothing was going to come out of it. But Isaac stopped in his tracks when he heard a voice.


(*Cues: Synergy Burst (Final Boss: Final Round) - Pokkén Tournament*)

The voice came from above. Isaac looked up and saw his opponent standing on the roof of the building. He was looking up at the sky with both hands up too. The Psynergy user also saw something else above him in the sky. It shined blue and there were multiple of them. They were stars. Isaac's eyes widened from the sheer shock of actual stars falling upon him.


Isaac looked around himself, and saw that a star had fallen on and destroy a building. Another star fell, and another, and another. If he didn't act fast, he would surely be in trouble. Isaac had no other choice but to call upon him. He rose both hands into the air, a star about to fall on him.

"Isaac summons Judgement!"


Smoke was in the area. All of the stars had finally stopped falling. Many of the buildings of the abandoned city were destroyed. Ness looked down to see if his foe had survived or dodged that attack. The smoke soon cleared, and all that Ness was looking down on was a white knight with angelic wings. It wielded a sword and a shield that was shaped like a lion's head. It was the might of the apocalypse, Judgement.

Judgement had his lion shield facing upwards, and a familiar face was below him, Isaac. The summon shielded him from the stars that were raining down! Judgement looked up at Ness, who just awkwardly smiled all nervously. Backing up, Ness saw Judgement beginning to fly up into the sky, who had Isaac on his back. Towering above the PSI user, Judgement reached high above the clouds. Blue energy began forming inside the shield of Judgement. After a few seconds, the lion shield opened up in the mouth, and a cannon appeared from out of it. Isaac and Judgement looked at each other, Isaac giving him a thumbs up to fire.

The tip of the cannon glowed blue, and fired a matching blue projectile downwards. The projectile hit nowhere near Ness, but when it hit the ground, a huge blue explosion occurred...

Mountains. Destroyed. Forests. Destroyed. Beaches. Destroyed. The explosion engulfed everything in it's path. The explosion spread further and further until Ness, still on the building, was in the way. The energy blast destroyed the building and Ness couldn't move from the shock of an attack this strong, resulting in him getting hit by it too.

Judgement disappeared and Isaac landed back on the ground safely. The city was completely destroyed from the attack. Isaac began walking away, knowing his opponent couldn't have survived such a devastating attack. Until he heard sounds of rubble, causing him to stop. He turned around and saw some of the rubble moving. It couldn't be, could it?

The rubble shot up into the sky and what appeared under it was shocking. Ness, who was covered in bruises and scratches, survived the might of apocalypse, Judgement. With his mouth literally hanging open, Isaac could not believe that his opponent survived the devastating attack. The thought of it distracted him long enough, however, and Ness hit the Psynergy user in the jaw with his baseball bat, knocking him backwards. Isaac got back up, feeling exhausted from the fight. He knew it was go big or go home now. Ness prepared for his opponent's next move.

Isaac lifted his hand, sword included, one last time.

"Isaac's Sol Blade lets out a howl! Megiddo!"

The young Psynergy user jumped high up in the air, his sword glowing a deep red. Above Isaac was a gigantic, burning star. Determined more than ever, Isaac swung the burning Sol Blade downwards, hitting the star back down to Earth. Ness looked up in horror.

(*Music Stops*)

The star landed down onto the destroyed city, and an explosion of burning plasma and fire covered everywhere. The sheer size of the attack was enough to engulf the city, but the explosion itself covered a whole lot more. Burning, everywhere.

Isaac landed back down on the ground. The burning plasma and fire dissipated after engulfing everything, what was left was nothing. Literally nothing, but ashes. Even the rubble was turned into ashes. It was now a city of ash, and Isaac was the only one there.

With the deed done, Isaac put the Sol Blade away. He walked away to search for those ancient ruins, and to find Jenna...


Isaac suddenly lost breath and bent down on both of his knees. He turned his head and couldn't believe what he saw. A portal, and Ness, alive and well! Sure he had a few burns but it nothing as serious as death! He put his baseball bat away and the portal behind him disappeared. The Psynergy user immediately got up to fight again. Isaac raised his hand up in the air, preparing another Psynergy attack. Except, nothing happened. Isaac's eyes widened, realizing he had run out of Psynergy at the worst of times.

(*Cues: Eight Melodies - Remix - EarthBound*)

Ness smirked at his opponent. Isaac reached back to take out the Sol Blade again, but was shocked, literally. Ness was in point blank range of him, pointing both index fingers at him. Isaac couldn't move at all. The PSI user took out his baseball bat and charged up a swing with one eye closed and tongue sticking out. Isaac on the other hand, had both of his eyes closed, just waiting for the attack to hit him. Ness swung the bat, and Isaac was sent flying high upwards into the air.

Ness put the baseball bat away again. This time, he'd finish it for good. Both of his hands energized with PSI. The striped shirt boy swung his hands diagonally downwards. To correspond with the movements, red, blue, and yellow PSI energy attacked Isaac diagonally. Ness swung his arms to his side, the three colored PSI attacked Isaac in the same direction. Ness pointed at Isaac, and the three colored PSI created a pattern of diamonds, expanding further, creating more energy and hurting Isaac a lot.

The attack stopped, Isaac fell, unconscious and upside down back to Ness. Ness threw his hands downwards open and looked up at his falling opponent with his eyes closed. A pattern of diamonds surrounded the defeated Isaac, multiplying. The diamonds all grouped up around the Psynergy user, and then...


Fireworks of PSI filled the skies with red, blue, and yellow. The Sol Blade flew up into the sky far away from the now disintegrated city.

Ness opened his eyes and saw ashes falling from the sky, twinkling gold. He knew the fight was finally over, as he prepared to leave. He glowed a green color, healing himself, and dashed off. The wounds he gained disappeared and he felt good as new. Flames appeared behind him and a portal appeared in front. Ness traveled through it and left the abandoned, and destroyed, city.


Ness teleports back to Onett and thaws the black "Tonzura" car with PK Fire as Jenna awakens while still inside the ancient ruins, the Sol Blade lands next to her stuck in the ground.


(*Cues: Smiles and Tears - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U*)

Talon: Yay! Explosions!

Cress: While it is true that Isaac uses more traditional weapons in combat, he is outclassed in power and psychic abilities in general.

Talon: Sure, obtaining part of the Golden Sun increased Isaac's psychic powers, but with linking his mind with the universe, Ness's psychic abilities flew off the charts. It also doesn't help that Isaac really doesn't have many speed feats. Ness can run so fast that he creates fire behind him whenever he teleports, and he has fast attacks like PK Thunder which uses lightning.

Cress: Isaac does have a Psy Crystal in case he needs more psychic energy, but Ness's ability to steal psychic energy away tipped the odds in his favor, allowing him to keep fighting when Isaac has run out of juice. And it's not like Isaac could do anything if he's too slow to stop the magnet.

Talon: Not to mention that while Isaac's Fairy Ring does protect him from status effects, it breaks after it's used a few times. He could only delay the inevitable status ailment.

Cress: Healing was something both of them could do, so the ability didn't really matter as it would just stall the battle out.

Talon: And while Isaac was older, more experienced in combat, and smarter, Ness's superior psychic powers along with the versatileness of them led him to victory. Guess you could say Ness really PK Rocked Isaac!

Cress: Didn't you technically use that pun already...?

Talon: Maybe. Why, did that pun steal your PK Thunder?

Cress: No... Just stop... The winner is Ness...




  • + More Powerful Psychic Abilities
  • + Faster
  • + Tougher
  • + More Versatile and Elemental Attacks
  • + Healing and Status Ailments
  • + Can Steal Psychic Energy with PSI Magnet
  • - Younger and Less Experienced
  • - Lacks a Summon
  • - Not as Smart
  • - Outmatched in Weaponry


  • + Older and More Experienced
  • + Smarter
  • + Judgement Summon
  • + Environment Changing Abilities
  • + Healing and Status Ailment Protection
  • + Swords > Baseball Bats
  • - Psychic Abilities are Outmatched
  • - Slower
  • - Not as Tough
  • - Fairy Ring Breaks After Overusage