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Ness (ネス, Nesu) is the main protagonist of Nintendo's video game, Earthbound (known in Japan as Mother 2). He previously appeared in the 89th episode of DBX where he fought against Sans from Undertale.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 8
  • Losses: 5
  • Draws: 0

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Death Battle Info[]

  • Name: Ness
  • Age: 13 in his Avatar
  • Height: 5'1"
  • Weight: 102 lb
  • Really enjoys baseball


In the year of 199X, a meteorite crashed into a suburban area in Onett. Ness is one of the first ones to investigate, and inside the meteor was a bee-like alien named Buzz Buzz. He tells Ness that the evil destroyer of worlds, Giygas takes over the galaxy in the near future. He also says that there is an ancient prophecy that says that three boys and a girl will stop Giygas. Ness must unlock the ancient "Your Sanctuary" locations and his powers of PSI. Ness and his friends Paula, Jeff and Poo travel the earth in search of the Sanctuaries, and eventually defeat Giygas.

Pre Magicant Ness's Abilities (EarthBound)[]

  • Superhuman Physical Characteristics
  • Absorption - Able to absorb psychic energy and amp himself (as shown by absorbing the Sanctuary bosses powers)
  • Fear Inducement - As Ness grows stronger, enemies he has fought previously would make the attempt to run away and avoid any form of confrontation as a result of his progression. All with his presence alone.
  • Lifeup - Fully heals Ness
  • Hypnosis - Puts enemies to sleep. Can target multiple enemies at once at the omega level
  • Healing - Cures cold, sunstroke, sleep conditions, poisonings, nausea, feeling strange, uncontrollable crying, being diamondized, paralysis, and can revive allies that have fallen in battle
  • Shield - A shield of light that reduces any physical damage taken by 50%. Can reflect them back at the Beta level
  • Paralysis - Paralyzes an enemy. Can target multiple enemies at once at the omega level
  • Flash - It generates glorious rays that have a high probability of destroying most of the enemies on the scene in a single strike (40%). It still has a chance to make the enemies cry (35%), feel strange (10%), or become numb (15%).
  • Teleport - Teleports Ness and his allies to a previously visited place
  • PK Rockin - A Psychokinetic wave attack that deals a massive amount of damage to all enemies
  • Magicant - A universe created entirely from Ness's own memories. It exists only within the mind of the user and is shaped entirely by their thoughts and desires. Deep into Magicant is the Sea of Eden, a place where Ness can touch the Truth of the Universe.
  • Truth of the Universe - The Truth of the Universe (also known as Eternity or The Sea of Eden) is a supreme being that exist beyond the Mother world and embodies all of knowledge and possibility, having the ability to manipulate fate and reality itself in order to protect its chosen ones
    • Fate Protection - The Truth of the Universe controls a "Universal system" that selects chosen ones to protect the universe and defeat any threat that presents itself in any way possible. Ness's destiny is predetermined, and it managed to negate the 1% odds against Giygas who had a 99% to win. Truth's Fate Manipulation works to such an extent to protect even a higher dimensional being that views the EarthBounds cosmology as a game and is completely beyond of it.
    • Bad Dream - Anytime Ness suffers through incapacitation or death, the results of the battle would count as a bad dream, never even happening in the first place. This is in fact Truth reverting any defeat Ness faces as he must fulfill his destiny

Post Magicant Abilities[]

  • Omnipresence - After touching the Truth of the Universe, his conciousness overlapped with everything in his universe, including space and time.
  • The Player - A similar entity to the Truth of the Universe in the sense that it watches over the character. The Player is a being outside and beyond the world of EarthBound, and was the one who dealt the last hit to Giygas, ending him for good.
  • Absorption - This time to a much greater extent as Ness was able to absorb all of Magicant and a portion of the Truth of the Universe's powers
  • Omniscience - His Avatar touched the Truth of the Universe and gained unimaginable power and intelligence. The Sea of Eden was said to be filled with "Ultimate Intelligence" and is in fact the Truth of the Universe. Ness as the Universe is able to see everything, which is shown by telling his avatar whats to come in the future.
  • Higher Dimensional Existence- Is the Universe
  • PSI Fire - An array of fire that burns a row of enemies. Is able to harm psychic barriers. At its strongest, it can instantly kill the opponent
  • PSI Freeze - Causes a very cold wind to swirl around an enemy that does ice damage and can freeze them. Can decrease their psychic shield. At its strongest, it can instantly reduce the opponent in a critical state
  • PSI Thunder - Launches multiple thunderbolts that hit random enemies. Eliminates psychic shields.
  • Super Healing - Completely restores health to one ally.
  • PSI Magnet - Absorbs the enemies psychic energy.
  • PK Starstorm - A barrage of falling stars rains down on the enemy for great damage
  • Brainshock - Causes the enemy to become disoriented.
  • PSI Shield Protects or reflects psychic attacks. Lasts for a few hits but can be layered
  • Refresh Restores some HP after each turn (10%)
  • Offense Up Boosts his strength and destructive capacity
  • Defense Up - Boosts his durability
  • Offense Down - Lowers the attack of enemies. Can be layered by casting multiple times.
  • Defense Down - Lowers defense of enemies. Can be layered by being cast multiple times.
  • Quick Up - Increases an allies speed.
  • Defense Up - Increases allies defense.
  • 4th-D Slip - Grants an almost guaranteed escape from battle.
  • PK Beam - In its weaker forms it damages an enemy, in it's second strongest form it instantly kills a foe and its strongest form deals ridiculous damage to all enemies.
  • Brain Cyclone - Makes all foes feel strange.
  • Darkness - Blinds an enemy.
  • Shield Off - Dissipates an enemies shield.
  • PSI Block - Stops PK from being used.
  • Telepathy - Communicates with someone's mind.
  • PK Ground - Causes an earthquake that assaults all enemies. Can make enemies trip over and can't be blocked reflected by any kind of PSI.

Abilities (Super Smash Bros)[]

  • PK Fire - Burns the enemy and stuns them for a bit
  • PK Thunder - Creates a ball of lighting that can be aimed at the opponent or yourself
  • PK Flash - Creates a ball of energy that gets more powerfull the longer it is out
  • PK Magnet - Absorbs projectiles and heals Ness
  • Levitation - Can float around in the air for a little while
  • PK Starstorm - Calls down a host of powerful damage-dealing meteors


  • Destroyed the Pig King Statue with a single PK Flash
  • Was commended for being able to utilize PSI techniques without any form of training
  • Knocked over the Pig King Statue with one PK Thunder
  • Able to dodge light based attacks such as PK Flash, and scaling to Lucas who can dodge attacks from the K9000's
  • Fought and defeated a gang of Police officers in the beginning of the game
  • Was able to take on the Kraken and defeat it, who can summon tornadoes
  • Defeated Thunder and Storm, who can cause storms across entire countries
  • Fairly agile, could dodge multiple shots from a Dark Cannon
  • Defeated a dog made out of solid diamonds who was the last Sanctuary Guardians, each being superior than the previous one
  • Fought multiple enemies that could summon thunderstorms
  • Took down dinosaurs
  • Helped lift a submarine
  • Created Magicant, an entirely separate universe in his mind that contained the Truth of the Universe and all of his past memories
  • Survived multiple attacks from the "Universal Cosmic Destroyer" known as Giygas
  • Was able to harm Giygas
  • Avoided attacks from Giygas, who exist as a higher dimensional being that is the abstact embodiment of evil itself
  • Came into contact with the Truth of the Universe, a higher-dimensional being and survived, allowing him to unlock his true power


  • Vulnerable to Hypnosis and Paralysis without any equipments
  • Suffers homesickness (Although this weakness no longer affects him as his journey went on, so this it is inapplicable in battle)
  • Still just a kid
  • Is a pacifist (Barely an issue however)



  • Ness's name may be due to the fact that it is a homophone of NES and an anagram of SNES.
  • Ness is the only Mother character to have his game released outside of Japan, prior to the release of EarthBound Beginnings.
  • Ness's resemblance to Ninten was left as ambiguous by Shigesato Itoi intentionally.
  • In an early video of EarthBound 64, footage was shown of what appears to be Ness riding a Pork Bean and walking in the forest. It is speculated by fans that he would have been playable, as a 3D model of Onett was also shown.
  • Two Copy abilities in the Kirby series are both references to Ness: Yo-Yo and ESP. The former is implied while the latter alludes to him in the Copy Ability's description.