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At least... the Uzamaki clan is now not wanting to learn from someone who wears Long Johns that slap him thanks to Bokomon...

Neemon is a Digimon introduced in Digimon Frontier.


Neemon is a bumbling Digimon with carefree personality and surprisingly well-informed despite lacking much useful knowledge. Originally from the Village of Flames, Neemon accompany Bokomon when he becomes a guide for the Legendary Warriors.

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Death Battle Info[]

Despite being always spaced out with its eyes looking half-asleep, Neemon can quickly escape a situation when needed. He can pretend to sleep to dodge a situation.

  • Attacks
    • Happy Accident: Slips on a conjured banana, kicking the banana forward.
    • I Like Beans: Flatuance attack.
      • ABCDEFG
      • Gassed Off
    • Uh Oh: Releases an explosion of noxious gas while teleporting himself out of the blast radius.



  • Annoys Bokomon to the point that he gets his long johns snapped.