Hahaha! You're doomed! None can stand against a walking arsenal like me!
~ Napalm Man

Napalm Man is character from the Mega Man series of video games. He first appeared in the 1992 video game, Mega Man 5.

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Napalm Man is a self-aware robot that was created by Dr. Wily to protect his secret weapons factory. He is practically a walking weapons, but is surprisingly intelligent.

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Napalm Man is a gigantic, purple-painted robot. His feet are caterpillar tracks, and his arms are rocket launchers. One of the most distinctive things about him is that his face is on his chest, rather than above it.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superior jumping - He can jump high and far, going up roughly three times his height, and forward roughly twice that.


  • Napalm Bombs - He can shoot these bombs from his arms. In spite of the name, however, they are explosive bombs, rather than incendiaries.
  • Large missile - He can fire a large missile from the launcher in his head. This is actually his most powerful weapon.


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