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Vera? You slept with Vera? I'll kill her, but first, I'm going to pop your head like a Concord grape!
~ Nancy Archer, from Attack of The 50ft Woman (1993)

Nancy Archer is the main antagonist of the Attack of The 50ft Woman movies.

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Nancy Archer, who had inherited a fortune from her mother, was used first by her father, and then by her husband, as little more than a piggy bank. After she was kidnapped by a UFO, Nancy suddenly discovered that whenever she got angry, she began to grow to superhuman proportions. Her doctor was afraid that her growth would strain her heart and other organs, and suggested that she be moved to a stress-free environment. However, her husband, Harry, decided that this would be a perfect opportunity to get rid of Nancy and inherit her money, so he set out to infuriate her, and hopefully kill her.

Contrary to Harry's expectations, Nancy grew to 50 feet tall, survived, and discovered that Harry was carrying on affairs behind her back. Nancy attacked Harry and his current fling, Honey Parker, and carried off Harry in one hand. When Nancy was confronted by the police, she was shot at, but the bullets appeared to do no real harm to her. However, when she fell into some high voltage power lines, that did.

Death Battle Info[]


Nancy Archer is a reasonably young woman, whose most distinct feature is the fact that she has grown to 50 feet tall. The clothes she wears are somewhat ad hoc, as clothes for someone this size cannot simply be purchased.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Superhuman size and strength - Being very large, Nancy is also very strong. For example, she is shown to have easily lifted the roof off of a building.

Weapons and Equipment[]

Nancy doesn’t normally carry weapons, but her size would enable her to pick up an item, like a boulder or building, and use it as an impromptu weapon.