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Mummymon is a major character in the Digimon series, mainly Digimon Adventure 02. He's a humble, and dimwitted servant towards Yukio Oikawa, and Arukenimon, who is also his love interest.

Fanon Ideas so Far[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
  • Draws: 0


Mummymon is a Undead Digimon hybrid who was created by Yukio Oikawa by splicing his own digitized DNA sample with data. But unlike Arukenimon, whom he loves despite her verbal and physical abuse, Mummymon's human form more like a concealing disguise than an actual transformation.

Death Battle Info[]

  • Weapon: Obelisk, a crutch-like rifle Mummymon uses to force a beam of ectoplasmic energy in his long-ranged Necrophobia attack.
  • Any Range/Long Range: Snake Bandage
  • Special: Shapeshift into a "human-like" form.


  • Able to take a beating, having survived a fall from a cliff before collapsing and then quickly his second wind when called by Arukenimon (who tossed him over to begin with).
  • Knows how to drive a jeep.


  • Addicted to the secret ingredient of Digitamamon's ramen soup.
  • Not very smart.