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Tell your face(!)... To leave my fists alone!
~ Mr. Sandman

Mr. Sandman is a boxer and the main antagonist of the video game series, Punch Out!!

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 1
  • Draws: 0

Possible Opponents[]


Not much is known about this boxer's backstory, more of his triumph in the WVBA. He has easily defeated all of the boxers in just a small amount of punches maximum and rose up to the ranks as the champion of the WVBA. The only contender left was Little Mac, who beat him, ripping him of his title.

Enraged, he trained harder with the hopes of crushing Little Mac. He fought again harder and stronger with enough power to destroy buildings, but again he was defeated once more, never claiming his title back.

Death Battle Information[]

Background Information[]

Name : Unknown (Boxing name is Mr.Sandman)

Height : 6"5

Weight : 284 lbs.

Age : 32

Location : Philadelphia, PA, USA

Occupation : Boxer

Fighting Style / Attacks[]

  • Uppercut - Mr.Sandman will perform an uppercut with either fist in a certain direction. He is able to perform this move very quickly and in a pattern.
  • Haymaker - Mr.Sandman will perform a body blow with either fist in a certain direction. He is able to power this up at the cost of charging his punch; says "Night Night!"
  • Rolling Jab - Like Bald Bull, Mr.Sandman can roll his fists before throwing a punch in a specific direction, of which the rolling makes it hard to tell which direction he will punch.
  • Overhead Swing - Mr.Sandman swings his fist overhead onto the enemy's face. He is able to power this up at the cost of charging his punch; says "Stand still!"
  • Fake Out - Mr.Sandman will move, but then immediately turn back to his original position; says "Boo!"
  • Dreamland Express - His most recognized move, Mr.Sandman attacks by doing a series of fast uppercuts. Before doing it, he leans back and waits to trick you out; can fake out. He says "Dreamland!" before doing his attack.
  • Counter : If you attack him, he will block, bring out one of his fists and wiggle it before punching you. If he uses his left fist, it will be a slow attack. If he uses his right, it will be a fast attack; says "My turn!" if he does a left and "Ha!" if he does a right.
  • Berserker Rage : Mr.Sandman will angrily roar before throwing fourteen uppercuts. He takes a break every few swings or so from dizziness, and on the third break he becomes winded, becoming infinitely stunned until he is knocked down. He usually does this if he needs to be more aggressive; will go back to normal if he knocks down the opponent.

Mr.Sandman's style is all out aggressive, dealing powerful and swift blows. The more he punches you, the more powerful the punches get. Unlike the other boxers, he has shown to have no specific patterns of attacking. If he is knocked down, he will get back up and gain even more power, most likely from rage.

If Mr.Sandman is stunned, he is able to guard his face, but this leaves his stomach open. Considering he is a large man, his stomach exposure could easily be considered his greatest weakness. He is still able to counter a body blow, but only when he is not stunned. He has also been seen to not be very mobile considering the fact he never moves when fighting in Punch-Out.

Feats & Strength[]

  • Knocked down a building with his fists.
  • Lifted the referee with one arm.
  • Was champion of the Major circuit and World Circuit and even the entire WVBA in the arcade game.
  • Tanks star punches from Little Mac as well as knockout uppercuts and hooks and can block his punches.
  • Kept up with Little Mac.
  • Can bruise and knock down Little Mac.
  • Pulls the ropes of the World Circuit boxing ring.
  • The referee couldn't even budge him when he tried to raise his hand push his body.
  • Able to take down the entire WVBA with ease.
    • Had an unbroken winning streak of at least 31-0 until fighting Little Mac.
    • Took down the likes of Don Flamenco and Bear Hugger.

Weaknesses and Faults[]

  • Is still a human.
  • He does have some losses, mainly from Little Mac.
  • Can't fight forever,eventually,he can be put down with enough power.
  • No ranged options.
  • Berserker Rage will leave him open if he misses every shot.
  • Shown to be cocky.
  • Anger issues(Though this isn't entirely bad).