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Mothman (Or Moth Man) vs Omicron (Or Omnicronus) is a collab what if? Death Battle created by The Eldritch Snowcone and BloodyBloodwork365.


Two alien god-kings of calamity! Who will win? The ancient and powerful cryptid king or tyrant emperor of the Crocatoan?


Wiz: Imagine, right now. What does the destroyer of worlds look like?

Boomstick: Well, stop thinkin', 'cause here's your answer!

Necro: Moth Man, the calamitous king of the Cryptids.

Blood: Omicron, the tyrant god of 24.63% of the universe.

Boomstick: They're Wiz, Necro and Blood. I'm Boomstick!

Wiz: And it's our job and obligation to analyze these two godlike combatants' weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win... another Death Battle Collab.

Moth Man Predicts DEATH BATTLE!

Necro: Existance had just begun. And it was already corrupted.

Mercer: The Eldritch was born as a negative to the positive of The Creator, so that balance could be reached. Because no balance equals total destruction, apparently.

Necro: The Eldrich, thanks to it's power was sealed in a pocket dimension, so he made a few servants. Four to be exact. But today, we are focusing on one of his most powerful, the servant who was made specifically to cause calamity.

Mercer: The Moth Man.

Necro: Wait a second. Why a moth?

Mercer: Are you kidding me? Have you SEEN those motherfuckers in action?

Necro: Yes I have. They suck. Anyway, the Moth Man has a good deal of powers that he uses to crush his foes.

Mercer: The first of which is his ability to manipulate energy, allowing him to shoot energy blasts, and to create shields and such. 

Necro: Moth Man can raise the dead, Teleport, Fly, make people go insane with a glare, read minds, eat, manipulate absorb and destroy souls and astral bodies.

Mercer: But everything changes once Moth man takes his foe to the Midnight Zone.

Necro: The Midnight Zone is basically a massive power-up which, give him access to all kinds of powers he does not have in his base form, like Law Manipulation and Creation. Law Manipulation means that the Moth Man can manipulate any pre existing Law, such as gravity, motion or reality, to any extent, as long as it does not contradict the main concept. That means that, if Moth Man were to rewrite the law of gravity, he could not say that gravity does not exist. The best he could do would be making gravity almost non existent.

Popup: Meaning, that he could not turn the law off, as that would contradict the law's concept, of Gravity always existing, and of it applying to everything.

Mercer: With his creation power, Moth Man can do things like create separate universe or pocket dimensions.

Necro: Yeah. Moth Man has shown himself to be a powerful foe, time and time again, easily beating the graveyard shift in most of thier encounters. But of course, he was finally defeated by another vilain, Arizona. Thier battle was so intense that it shook one of the Eldritch's sphere's of influence, all of which contain several dimensions!

Mercer: Eh, he had a good run. Ah well, he ain't perfect, obviously. Bright Lights can stun him, His Law manipulation is rather specific and he can only use the Midnight Zone for one hour at max. Even with those weaknesses, the Moth Man is a turly terrifing foe.

Moth Man: Who Dares Awaken Me?!

Felix: You should know it's always me by now.

Moth Man: (Snorts) Go Away.

Omicron Assimilates DEATH BATTLE!

Wiz: There are many terrifying secrets the universe holds. A genocidal robot god, a race of aliens who command the universe. But none of these even come close to the terror and death wrought ny one race alone... the Crocatoan.

Boomstick: Gazuntite.

Blood: No, no. The Crocatoan are a race of silicon-based vampire-like aliens who aim to rule over the universe. One individual in particular was capable of obliterating large galactic superclusters as his legends said. This was their king, and the most powerful being in the universe, Omnicronus-Nebiru, also known... as Omicron-Deneb.

Lightning crashes behind Omicron, turning him into a silloughette and showing only his eyes.

Boomstick: AH!

Wiz: In fact, the 'Nebiru' in his name could be reffering to Planet X, which was stated to have caused multiple mass exctinctions, including the Permian Extinction, which wiped out 99% of ALL LIFE ON EARTH.

Boomstick: Please, Wiz. That's the very bottom of his potential! Omicron can casually create magnitude 15.2 earthquakes everywhere on... Earth by walking around!

Wiz: The minimum energy to do this would be 37 exatons of TNT. Omicron can also go toe-to-toe with and defeat X-Ray. He's done it before. This means that Omicron must be stronger, faster and more durable than X-RAY! You know, the guy who can move from the edge of the observable universe to Earth in 80 years, is made of Quark Star material AND has an attack that disintegrates atoms and nuclei apart?!

Boomstick: Omicron also beat Charlotte, y'know, the chick who beat the Primarch, who is basically alien God, in a minute... IN LESS THAN THIRTY SECONDS!

Wiz: And the Primarch is a multiversal being at least, being the supreme being of, well, the multiverse. Also, Omicron can do... this.

Omicron splits his lower jaw in half and opens his mouth before sending a snake-like tongue at someone.


Blood: As a Crocatoan, Omicron has the ability to drink the blood of his victims and use a 'virus' to infect them, mutating their DNA and turning them into more Crocatoan. The most terrifying thing about this is the fact that it worked on these blue guys, who evolved to be IMMUNE to getting sick!

Wiz: Omicron is also a talented sorcerer. He has matter and energy manipulation, can bring himself back from the dead, shapeshifting, healing, telekinesis, teleportation, the works. As an Omega-Class Sorcerer, Omicron's magical potential rivals that of some lower gods like Zeus, Odin and Ra.

Boomstick: Hold on, lower gods? Aren't they the rulers of their pantheons?

Blood: Rule number one, only God is God.

Boomstick: Oh. Anyway, Omicron can also turn into this snake monster called Uranus, which can obliterate the universe!

Wiz: Sure. Also, Omicron is 65,000,000 years old and hyperintelligent. He knows more about the universe than some gods and has even been stated to surpass many of them in raw power and intellect.

Boomstick: Hold on! If Omicron's that powerful, than how does anyone... ever beat him?

Blood: His weaknesses, of course. Omicron has a god complex and deliberately goes easy on his opponents. He also does not have a natrual khealing factor and can die if his heart is destroyed.

Wiz: He's not invincible, but he's close. Earth and existence tremble before the power of Omicron.

Omircon kicks Charlotte into a building before she crashes on the pavement. Before her eyes close, she sees Omicron's feet.

Pre-Death Battle (Set)

Necro: All right, the combatants are set, and the data's been run through all possiblites!

Boomstick: It's time for a Deah Battle!

Death Battle


(Cue: Terminated)

Black and yellow silver-skinned beings with multiple eyes were seen destroying a large city. They seemed emotionless in the act, and an orange one was standing atop a skyscraper, laughing down at the dying humans.

"Yes! Yes! Bow befroe the Crocatoan, you puny humans!" Delta-Rigel screams in evil joy. Just then, an earthquake is suddenly felt. It destroys the city even more, and gobbles up many of the Crocatoan. "Huh, what?!" Delta screams before hearing something land behing him. He turns around to see a pitch black, anthropomorphic moth, with glowing red eyes, staring at him.

Moth Man growls at the alien. "I don't have time for this. I may not have solidified that dragon prince's hatred for my nememsis enough." "Dragon...prince?" Delta asks, very confused. Before anything else can happen, a bolt of lightning strikes the Crocatoid's heart, killing him.

"How unlucky." Mon Man remarks. He looks down at the death and destruction that these rouge monsters had committed, and was angered that they did not at least inform him--

"Well, we were not aware that you existed..." Moth Man turns around to see a tall being wearing a cloak with glowing green horns poking out. Moth Man looks enraged. "How could you not know of me?!" He demands. " don't fear me...interesting..." The alien says before throwing off his cloak, revealing a tall, muscular, skinny, clawed, black, silver, green, and spiky alien with green scalra, red irises, and black, slitted pupils.

Omnicronus-Nebiru walks closer to Moth Man and summons a staff. The Crocatoan Emperor's face is calm, yet the eyes are angry and arrogant all at once. Moth Man, being a Cryptid God, is not unsettled, but impressed at the lengths this being went to to make others know fear. "Ad you are yhere, because...?" Moth Man asks. Omicron glares directly into his eyes, into his soul. "One simple reason..." Omicron says before pointing the tip of his staff at Moth Man.

" kill you."

"Heh. Good luck with that." Moth Man Responded, his wings fluttering a bit.

OC Demons: FIGHT!

(Cue: Darkness Below)

Omicron fires a blast of purple energy at Moth Man, who negates it and flies to grab Omicron and slam him into a skyscraper. Omicron gets up and starts brushing off dust when the Moth Man slashes at him with weird air-swords. Omicron roars in anger and fires a blast of green light at Moth Man, stunning him and giving the time Omicron needs to whack the Cryptid into a skyscraper with his staff.

"You will bow before you new god." Omicron snarls before leaping up to dropkick Moth Man in the head. Moth Man erects a forcefield to block the attack before blasting Omicron away. Omicron, enraged, picks up a skyscraper and throws is at Moth Man, who tornadoes it away. Moth Man flies to Omicron and slashes him again before blasting him with lightning. Omicron roars and teleports out of it.

"You already have one." Moth Man finally replies before erupting fire from the ground to burn Omicron, who seems fine. Omicron flies to Moth Man and attempts to stab him with his staff, which Moth Man blocks before flapping his wings to blow Omicron away. Omicron roars in fury before splitting his lower jaw in half and revealing a bladed proboscius-like tounge. Omicron flies to Moth Man and starts trying to bite him. Moth Man resists and grabs the tounge with his foot before attempting to snap it off.

Moth Man decides to just blast Omicron with lightning-fire before creating multiple tornadoes and earthquakes to attack the Crocatoan Warlord, who seems fine. Omicron then waves his staff, blasting the wind away and revealing the blood moon. Omicron grins evilly and flies up to the moon and stabs himself with his own staff before transforming into a snake-like monster with a draconic head. Uranus roars at Moth Man, who takes one step backwards. "He was this powerful all along..." Moth Man remarks. "Know true death..." Uranus growl-roars.

"I don't think that's possible for me." Moth Man responded, the summoning a massive ball of dark energy.

"But for You, It is." He finished, then hurling the massive ball at Uranus.

Uranus Roared and charged up a massive beam of energy, and fired it at the ball, both attacks colliding, creating a massive shockwave, one which obliterated what was left of the planet.

The attacks then exploded, Moth Man quickly erecting another force field to block the explosion, the sheer force of the blast smashed his shield effortlessly, singing Moth Man's chest badly.

OC Demons: FIGHT! (Part 2)

(Cue: Existence Collapses)

Uranus flies down to coil around and constrict Moth Man, before glaring at him with his draconic, demonic, alien eyes. "Any last words, you pathetic creature?" Uranus demands smoothly, evilly. Moth Man grunts and ha a meteor hit them. Uranus, angered, flings Moth Man into a floating building and prepares to fire what looks like a beam of pure cosmic radiation from his mouth.

Uranus fires at Moth Man, who erects another forcefield to block. The beam pushes the Cryptid into the sun, and breaks the shield. Moth Man screams as he is being burned alive. Uranus laughs. "You said something about being incapable of dying?!" The monster mocks, before hearing Moth Man's voice behind him. "I am beyond that...Omicron." Moth Man replies. Uranus, shocked, looks to see Moth Man badly burned, but alive.

"HOW?!" Uranus shrieks in rage before straightenning himself and attempting to ram Moth Man, who catches him. "I believe it's time to end you." Moth Man says quite straight-up before suddenly...everything around them is pure blackness. Moth Man had vanished, and Uranus was back to Omicron somehow. "What...?" Omicron asks quietly. He walks through the unsettlign darkness, and feels he is always ending up back where he started, no matter where he goes.

(Cue: Gold Experience theme)

Suddenly, he hears wings flap behind him, and turns to see Moth Man, now completely fine, standing there. "You are digging your own grave!" Omicron roars before firing a blast at Moth Man, but the blast dissipates halfway there. "No...I have dug yours." Moth Man replies coldly. Omicron, furious, runs to slash Moth Man, but his claw disintegrates when it reaches the half-way point. "What?!" Omicron roars. Moth Man laughs.

"We are in the Midnight Zone. Here, I control all laws. For instance, gravity. Perhaps I cannot remove the law itself, but I can remove it from you." Moth Man says evilly as Omicron realizes he is disintegrating. "NO! I AM A GOD! FEAR ME! KNEEL BEFORE MY POWER!" Omicron shrieks, firing blast after blast at Moth Man, but none of them even get past the halfway point. "Another example, motion." Omicron freezes where he is in body, mind, and soul. "Removing these laws can prove challenging if not impossible, but seperating you from them, is clearly not." Moth Man finshes, before tapping Omicron with his foot, turning him to dust.


The Midnight Zone vanishes as Moth Man flies to his own universe.

"What a mess. I like it." He muttered as he opened a portal, then disappearing silently.

Explanation and Verdict

Necro: Okay, clearly a lot was going on here.

Wiz: Tell me about it. Omicron put up a good fight, in fact he held the strength advantage throughout most of the fight, and he had beaten gods before, but he'd never beaten anything of this level.

Necro: You can say that again. Omicron's virus was entirely useless, as Moth Man doesn't really have blood, and he's immune to all forms of viruses anyway.

Blood: But this fight really came down to power and skills. Omicron's magic was formidable, but Moth Man's power over the Midnight Zone pretty much made any edge Omicron had useless, due to the massive stat buffs it granted him, as well as the new powers it allowed him. But what about Uranus? That form can bust universes! Sadly for him, The Midnight Dimension was far, far larger than any universe in existence, it's size being comparable to over three million multiverses.

Mercer: But there was one issue. The fact that both of them could resurrect themselves almost infinitely, if they were to die. However, Moth Man's resurrection came as a natural ability, while Omicron had to use his magic to do the same thing. Meaning, once Moth Man figured this out...It was pretty much all over, due to his ability to alter the laws of the universe.

Blood: Yeah, even Omi couldn't come back if his way his magic worked was changed. Not to mention, Omicron didn't have a natural healing factor, and would die if his heart was destroyed. 

Wiz:  In the end, Omicron put up one hell of a fight, but in the end, he just couldn't match up against Moth Man's superior powers and physical advantages, once the Midnight Zone came into play. Not to mention that Moth Man was far older, due to having been around since the start of existance.

Mercer: In this incredibly destructive battle, it would seem that Omicron was the one that got "Reaped."

Blood: The Winner Is, Moth Man.



+Stronger With Midnight Zone

+Faster Overall

+Tougher Overall

+Could Heal Naturally

+Revived Naturally

+Midnight Zone Sealed Omicron's Fate

+Could Nullify Omicron's Magic

+Better Base Abilities


+More Experinced

-Not As Smart

-Weaker In Base

+But could easily amp up to Omicron's level


+Stronger In Base

+Magic Was Tricky


+More Transformations


-Less Durable

-Magic Required Activation

-No Counter To The Midnight Zone

-Worse Base Abilities


-Less Experinced

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