My beauty can overcome brains and brawn!
~ Morrigan Aensland

Morrigan Aensland is a main protagonist from the video game series, Darkstalkers.

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With Lilith Aensland

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A succubus born in the 17th century Scotland descended from the witch Morgan le Fay, Morrigan was found and raised by Belial Aensland after her biological parents were killed during the civil war that has been occurring in the Makai realm. The infant possessed a vast power which Belial saw to be vital in the preservation of balance within the Makai, splintering Morrigan's soul so she would not be overwhelmed by her full potential and live a normal childhood. During the 1990s, Morrigan began to venture into the human world and ended up being dragged into the schemes of Pyron before learning of Belial's passing and reluctantly took her place as ruler of the Makai. It was when Jedah Dohma surfaced that Morrigan learns of her full potential when she absorbed the fragment of her soul that became Lilith.

Death Battle Info

As a Succubus, Morrigan is very vain and lives for the excitement of battle. She can reshape her wings into spikes and blades for offense, use them as shields, or turn them into a cloud of bats. She uses a variety of magical attacks as well. But compared to other Succubi, Morrigan is a special case due to the vast power she possessed at the time of her birth. While able to suck the souls of men for nourishment, Morrigan can secrete life-extending liquids from sheer stimulation or by extracting a liquid from the mind of someone dreaming.


  • Can die within two days if trapped and unable to be stimulated.



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