I'm gonna be King of the Pirates.
~ Monkey D. Luffy

No matter how hard or impossible it is, never lose sight of your goal.
~ Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy is the main protagonist from the anime/manga series, One Piece, and is on a quest to become King of the Pirates. He previously fought Naruto Uzumaki in an episode of One Minute Melee. He had also fought against Mister Fantastic from Marvel Comics in a episode of DBX.

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Inspired by his hero Shanks, a young Luffy desired to become not just a pirate, but the King of the Pirates, by finding the "One Piece". His dreams were set back when he ate the Gum-Gum Fruit, a Devil Fruit that granted him the power of being able to stretch his body like rubber at the cost of not being able to swim. After his hero Shanks sacrificed his arm to save Luffy from a Sea King, Luffy understood the harsh reality of being a pirate, and waited until he was 17 to set off. He gained his iconic Straw Hat from Shanks and promised to return it to him when they met again.

Over the course of his adventure, Luffy's crew gradually grew to a small, but powerful force. He has stopped criminal organizations, civil wars, coups, and even went as far as to declare war on the World Government in retaliation for the attempted blackmail of one of his crew members. He even participated in the War of the Best to save his brother Ace from execution. He defeated countless pirates, government agents, rebels, and even a man with the strength of a god, before he finally met his match. In an attempt to become stronger, his crew separated and went into hiding for two years, increasing their strengths exponentially.

Recently, after allying himself with the Warlord Trafalgar Law, Luffy defeated the Warlord Don Quixote Doflamingo, one of history's most powerful pirates, and a World Noble. This has made him even more of a target for the Marines, who have increased his bounty to 500 Million Berries, but also gained him many more allies. In addition to his Straw Hat crew and its nine members, and his alliance with the Heart Pirates crew, Luffy commands the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, an organization of 5,640 powerful members that will answer his call. In addition, he has gained the allegiance of several kingdoms such as the Cherry Blossom Kingdom, the Alabasta Kingdom, the Dressrosa Kingdom, and the Provence Kingdom.

Luffy is the son of Monkey D. Dragon, the famous world Revolutionary, and the grandson of Monkey D. Garp, the famous Marine. He also bears many similarities to the late King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger, and many who are wary of these similarities are curious as to how Luffy will change the world.

Luffy is also the adoptive brothers of Portgas D. Ace and Sabo.

Death Battle Info


  • Name: Monkey D. Luffy
  • Epithet: Straw Hat
  • Age: 17, 19 after timeskip
  • Height: 172cm
  • Weight: 64 kg (141.1 lb)
  • Immune to most poisons (after the events in Impel Down)
  • Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates

Physical Abilities


Special Superhuman Martial arts style that is mainly used by the World Government's CP9 Agents. Luffy has two techniques of Rokushiki: Soru, and Geppo.

Soru(Shave): By kicking the ground at least 10 times, all in the blink of an eye, Luffy propels himself across a short distance at an FTE speed. Unlocked by Luffy with Second Gear.

Geppo: Luffy can kick the air itself to propel himself through the sky as if he was flying. This is only possible with Fourth Gear.

Gomu Gomu no Mi (Gum-Gum Fruit)

Turns Luffy's body into rubber. At the cost of being able to swim, Luffy can stretch all parts of his body to extreme lengths, and gains immunity to blunt attacks or bullets. The fruit is a Paramecia type, not a Logia type. This means that while Luffy is unable to produce more rubber from his body, or control nearby rubber, the changes on his body are permanent and always active. Luffy has a wide range of attacks making use of his rubber body; a few notable ones are listed below.

  • It is also very resistant to electric based attacks, as Rubber is an insulator. This was seen when he w as fighting Eneru, whose fruit powers far surpassed that of Luffy's, yet he managed to beat him due to that exact weakness.

Notable Techniques with the Gomu Gomu no Mi (Gum Gum Fruit)

Note: Use either "Gum Gum" or "Gomu Gomu no"

Base/Normal Techniques (No Gear required):

  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Pistol- Luffy's first signature move, where he winds his arm up and delivers an extended punch. This was powerful enough to knock out a small Sea King, the Lord of the Coast, and send an obese pre-fruit Alvida flying over the horizon at the very beginning of his adventure. This can be used from short to long range.
    • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Twin Pistol- Same as Gomu Gomu no Pistol, except Luffy uses both of his arms.
    • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Pistol Shot- This starts as any other Pistol attack, except Luffy twangs his arm, which causes his fist to connect multiple times.
    • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Submarine- Similar to pistol, but his fist travels underwater to uppercut the opponent.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Gatling- Luffy punches with both fists multiple times to quickly land a large amount of blows on an opponent. The punches are so fast, it seems as if Luffy has more than two arms.
    • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Stamp Gatling- The exact same as Gatling, except he uses his legs.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Storm- Luffy uses Gum Gum Balloon, and then twists his body around tightly, then blows the air out behind him, while untwisting to fly in forward, while spinning towards the opponent, where he delivers a constant barrage of fast punches, which is similar to Gatling, except more powerful due to the momentum of the launch. This attack is strong enough to overpower Crocodile's Desert la Spada, during the Alabasta Arc.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Rain- Luffy jumps into the air, and performs a rapid fire punching barrage while spinning.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Bazooka- Luffy winds up both of his arms far behind them and lets loose a powerful strike with open palms.
    • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Eagle Bazooka- The same as Bazooka, except Luffy's arms are now coated in Busoshoku Haki.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Cannon- Luffy builds up speed with a series of quick jabs, although none of them connect with the target at first, then finishes the move with a single, double-fisted blow similar to Bazooka's
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Stamp- Luffy extends one of his legs to hit a target with his foot.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Bell- Luffy wraps his arms and legs around an opponent, stretches his head back, and lands a devastating headbutt to his opponent.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Battle Axe- Luffy snaps his extended leg down like a whip. This was strong enough to send the fishman Arlong down through a building pre-timeskip.
    • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Volcano- Similar to Battle Axe, but Luffy's foot is stretched upwards to break through a roof
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Balloon- Luffy inflates his body to cushion blows or redirect projectiles. Pre-timeskip, cannonballs bounced off him rebounded in random directions, but Luffy is now able to coordinate their return path
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Lance- Luffy holds both of his feet together, with the bottoms of each touching one another, and kicks, with both of them at the same time.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Whip- Luffy stretches his leg and kicks in a wide circle, allowing him to strike multiple foes.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Mallet- Luffy stretches out his arms while twisting them at the same time, then takes a hold of the opponent, he then untwists the arms, which result in the opponent spinning rapidly, crashing them into the floor.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Big Mallet-Similar to Mallet, but Luffy performs such a move using the feet and the legs, instead of hands and arms in mid-air.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Bow Gun- Luffy takes hold of the opponent, twists repeatedly his torso, around his waist, the snapback results in the target flying upwards.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Scythe- Luffy grabs an object that is behind his target and pulls himself towards them. He then stretches out his free arm and clotheslines the target.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Snake Shot- Luffy moves his arm as if it was a snake and grips the enemy, inflicting piercing damage.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no UFO- A bizarre move where Luffy winds up and spins his legs so fast, he can fly like a UFO.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Net- Luffy entwines his fingers, forming a net esque shape, and stretches them out making a net to trap his foes.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Fireworks- Luffy jumps into the air and spins rapidly. He then stretches, wraps himself in his own arms and legs, as if it was a rubber ball. When the "ball" is unwrapped, he unleashes a flurry of punches, and kicks, at increased speeds that go about in every direction.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Octopus Fireworks- Luffy leaves his mind blank and punches at random, redirecting his attacks off of walls at unpredictable angles. Because Luffy doesn't know where his punches will land, this attack is effective against mind-reading opponents
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Octopus- Luffy somehow turns off his mind, causing his limbs to go limp like an Octopus'.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Rocket- Luffy's main method of travelling long distances in a short period of time. He stretches out one or both of his arms, grabs a handhold, then retracts them, which flings him into the air at high speeds, at great distances, and this can even be used to slam into an opponent.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Balloon- Luffy inflates himself rapidly through his mouth, which further increases his resistance to any blunt attack. This can deflect projectile attacks.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Thank You Fire- Luffy absorbs projectiles the way he does normally, then accurately redirects them at the enemy with twice the power they first did when they hit him.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Shield- Luffy grabs the fingers of one hand with another, and stretches them before his face to block blades that pass inbetween his fingers.

Second Gear:

  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk- By using Busoshoku Haki in tandem with Gear Second, Luffy can ignite his arm in flames and deliver a devastating punch capable of knocking out the fishman Hody Jones while the latter was amped up on several energy steroids. The flames from his arm are capable of burning underwater.
  • Second Gear can use all of the techniques that Luffy can use in his normal form, except all with a "Jet" after "Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no" and before the technique's name, which results in names such as "Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol"
  • Techniques with Gear Second can all be found here

Third Gear:

  • Hone Fusen- Luffy inflates his body by blowing air into his bones. First he bites his right thumb, to the bone, and then blows air directly into the bare bone. This technique gives Luffy a sturdier defense than the normal balloon.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gatling- After enlarging, and imbuing both of his arms with Busoshoku Haki in a similar way as Gum Gum Elephant Gun, Luffy stretches his arms in a blurry and rapid barrage of strong punches, which creates an illusion of him having multiple arms.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum- After enlarging, and hardening both of his arms with Haki, Luffy stretches his arms back and strikes with his open palms both at the same time.
  • Generally, this also uses many of the base Luffy's techniques, except rather than "Jet", it uses "Gigant", so it creates names such as "Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Gigant Stamp"
  • Techniques with Gear Third can all be found here

Fourth Gear:

  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no King Kong Gun- By inflating his fist while in Gear 4th, Luffy can punch with enough force to knock out the warlord Doflamingo, break his hold over the God Thread, and level a town. This is possibly his most powerful move seen yet, as it's calculated to be anywhere from around 1.5 gigatons all the wayto 32.09 gigatons
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun- After he compresses his fist into his forearm, and makes it look like the barrel of a cannon, he unleashes a devastating hit at close range.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Rhino Schneider- After he compresses both of his legs into his body, Luffy uses a double flying kick, similar to Gum Gum Yari.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Culverin- Much like the normal Gomu Gomu no Pistol, but if it is evaded, he can simply redirect the punch an unspecified amount of times, all of which without losing momentum. This punch does not need to retract all the way back to him the way normal Gum Gum Pistol does.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka- The same as Gomu Gomu no Bazooka, except with Gear Fourth.
  • Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Double Culverin- Same as Culverin, but with both arms.
  • Techniques with Gear Fourth can all be found here

With Multiple Gears:

Gum Gum / Gomu Gomu no Gigant Jet Shell (Gear Two + Gear Three)- Luffy launches his air filled body, and rams it into a target like a large cannonball


Luffy is capable of altering his internal organs and structures, all of which are rubber, to achieve some amazing feats with his body. All of his gear techniques can be used simultaneously, I.e. he can use Gears 2 and 3 at the same time for a boost in speed and strength.

  • 2nd Gear: Luffy increases his blood flow by increasing the size of his rubber arteries. This allows him to move at insanely fast speeds, though not quite the speed of light. Pre-timeskip, he needed to go into a special pose to start the technique, and because it quickly drained his energy, he needed access to protein like meat to be able to continue fighting. Post-timeskip, he can use the technique at his leisure with no ill effects. He can use this technique to use his standard attacks at a much greater speed, and therefore a much greater power.
  • 3rd Gear: By inflating his bones, Luffy grows his limbs to the size of giants, and can punch with the full force of one. When first used, this send Rob Lucci flying through a thick stone wall, and had the strength to knock out a giant. Pre-timeskip, he would shrink to a chibi form for a short time, but post-timeskip, this no longer applies.
  • 4th Gear: bounce man: By using Armament Haki, Luffy's muscles and skin become incredibly bouncy, to the point where he is unable to stand still. Along with a large increase in muscle mass, strength, and speed, Luffy's bounciness can redirect attacks back at opponents back at them with increased force. By compressing his limps like springs, Luffy can launch attacks/himself at blinding speeds, and is capable of sharply changing direction by rebounding his attacks/himself off of the air. This technique was used to defeat the warlord Don Quixote Doflamingo. Because he uses so much Haki to use this technique, he loses his energy for about 10 minutes afterwards.
  • Using Fourth Gear, he can glide in the air like a balloon.
  • forth gear: tank man:(used while fighting cracker) using forth gear and his Gum-gum balloon, he's able to harden his skim to the point where nothing can peirce through it.
  • Gum-gum canon ball: lowers the density of Luffy's skin to the point where just touching him while su k you in,(not like buu or kirby) and shoot out with enough force to send cracker flying through five 4 hills, and make a huge dent in big mom's mountain sized cake castle


  • Haki can work in tandem with Devil Fruit powers, as Haki is independent of the fruit itself. Using Haki and his Fruit in conjunction with one another, Luffy can achieve techniques such as Buso Koka Gomu Gomu no Gatling, which is the Gatling technique, except with his arms hardened in Haki, and Buso Koka Bullet, the bullet technique, but also with Haki hardening his arm.

Busoshoku (Armament) Haki

  • Increases the power of Luffy's strikes and allows him to punch element/Logia users as if they were solid flesh. Post-Timeskip, Luffy can use this to such a powerful degree that his limbs turn black. This also forms the basis of some of Luffy's other abilities, such as Gear Fourth.
    • Allows him to hit Logia users, bypassing intangibility. Although it doesn't actually nullify a devil fruit ability, it simply allows them to hit the original body.
    • Allows the user to create an "invisible armor" around themselves; this can be used to defend against attacks that would otherwise cause harm. May be used to harden part's of the user's body; it is possible to also cover the user's entire body in Armament Haki. The durability of this armor depends on the power of the user; however Luffy's Haki is stronger than metal.
    • Significant physical force can still overcome this Haki defense.
    • Can be used to strike others with it, especially to augment a user's own attacks, or even imbued into their own weapons. Any Armament Haki enchanced attack hits much harder than it would normally.
    • Haki using Devil Fruit users can resist Haki attacks, but this is dependent on a user's skill with Haki.

Kenbunshoku (Observation) Haki

  • Predicts enemy movements and allows Luffy to dodge their attacks if he is fast enough. It can also detect the presence of nearby enemies. Post-timeskip, he could dodge laser fire while commenting it was "too slow". This also augments his reaction speed, thanks to his limited Precognition.
    • User can, if fully mastering the ability, allow the user to not actually see the person's physical characteristics, but rather, the target's aura, which manifests as light silhouettes on a dark background.
    • Endows limited precognition, and the ability to predict an opponent's moves, shortly before they make them. With enough skill, this makes attacks much easier to evade.
      • This allows Luffy to evade laser fire with little effort. [1]
    • The more killing intent an enemy has, the more predictable they are. More skilled practitioners can easily predict moves whether there is a murderous intent, or not.
    • It is possible that this Haki allows the user to sense the strength of others.
    • Allows the user to sense the prescence of others, even if their beyond normal eyesight, or can't be seen normally.
    • It should be noted that this ability isn't 100% reliable; especially if Luffy loses focus or his guard is down. Also Luffy still has trouble dodging opponents who are faster than himself.

Haoshoku (Conqueror's) Haki

  • A rare form of Haki few in the world possess. By using sheer willpower, Luffy can instantly knock out anyone not worth fighting. Before he had control over it, he was able to knock out hundreds of enemy marines and allied pirates at the Paramount War, which made him a high-priority target for the Marine commanders and convinced the legendary pirate Whitebeard to back him up with his full forces. After learning to control it during the timeskip, Luffy was able to knock out 50,000 fishmen forces by blinking.
    • Grants the user the ability to dominate the wills of others, which usually manifests as knocking out weak willed opponents with their sheer willpower, rendering them unconscious.
    • Inexperienced users are restricted to overpowering just one individual, or blindly knocking out weak willed people around them
    • More experienced users can pick out weak willed individuals to knock them out.
    • Stronger willed people, Conqueror's haki or not, can resist or ignore this ability.
    • Ability to knock out someone depends on difference in strength between the Haki user and the target, the greater the gap, the easier it is to knock him out.
    • This Haki cannot be gained through training, and only one in several million people possess this ability.
    • Typically this Haki is used in two modes: Either the user instantly knocks out weak willed people in a wide radius, or it works passively, as it knocks out weak minded people around the user, and if strong enough, can damage physical objects.
    • Attacks laced with Haoshoku Haki are able to further boost damage output. This was shown when Doflamingo clashed with Luffy, and pushed away Law.


  • 1,500,000,000 Berry Bounty. Luffy's feats and crimes against the World Government concern even the Celestial Dragons.
  • Defeated some of the most powerful pirates in the world.
    • Defeated three then-Warlords of the Sea; Crocodile(in Alabasta), Donquiote Doflamingo(in Dressrosa), and Gecko Moriah(on Thriller Bark).
      • Also defeated Buggy the Clown, who would later become a Warlord.
    • Other victories include; Kuro, Don Kreig, Arlong, Wapol, Eneru, Foxy, Lucci, Hordy Jones and Caesar Clown.
      • Defeated Bellamy the Hyena in one punch.
  • Matched the kaiju whale Laboon in combat. [2]
  • Can eat at least his bodyweight in food in 1/4 of a second. [3]


Post Timeskip


  • Can't swim in any standing water (fresh, salt, or whale stomach acids [5]), vulnerable to seastone, and his body gets immobilized if more than half of it is covered in water.
  • His rubber body has no resistance to sharp objects like blades or pointed bullets (like those from Don Krieg).
  • Gear 2nd drains his stamina quickly. After defeating Lucci: Luffy was unable to move for several minutes. After defeating Moria: Luffy was knocked out.
  • After its use, when Third Gear wears off, Luffy temproraily reverts to the size and stature of his 10-year-old self, rendering his attacks useless for roughly 30 seconds.
  • Kenbunshoku Haki isn't always active, and Luffy cannot dodge an attack if he doesn't have enough time to get out of the way.
  • Luffy is only resistant to poisons, not immune: some poisons can still harm or kill him if they are potent enough [6]
  • Is easy to deceive.
  • Rarely thinks of a plan until halfway through a battle and can be impulsive, suborn and reckless.
    • Has frequently picked a fight with other characters, sometimes for minor reasons. [7]
    • Tried to rip his own arms off when they were nailed to a wall. [8]
  • Simpleton outside of battle.
  • His lifespan has been cut short by about 20 years due to two doses of the Emporio Healing Hormone and repeated use of 2nd Gear.
  • Vulnerable to Hypnotism [9] and Mind Control [10]
  • His hunger is so intense that he has tried to eat Chopper -- [11] EVEN AFTER Chopper officially joined his crew [12] [13].
  • Terrible, terrible liar [14]
  • Loves ninjas [15] and laserbeams [16] [17]


  • Frequently loses to his major enemies initially (though normally wins in a later rematch).
    • Almost killed by Crocodile's quicksand and poison
  • Pre-Timeskip Luffy has a losing streak against Logia Fruit users due to their invincibility.
  • Lost his crew temporarily during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc; getting overwhelmed by Kizaru and Kuma.
  • Failed to save Ace from the navy (Akainu specifically), which traumatized him so much that he fell into a brief coma.
    • Failed to defeat Magellan.
  • Never defeated Ace; even before Ace became a Devil Fruit User.
  • Was almost 'defeated' by the Bunnygirl Carrot [18].
  • Giant Mousetraps [19]
  • His stupidity combined with his hunger led him to almost die from an apple grenade [20] (luckily it was a dud), poisonous mushrooms [21] and a poisonous fish [22]
  • Almost executed by Buggy: saved only by a lucky bolt of lightning.



Luffy knocks out 50,000 fishmen with Haki


  • Death Battle confirmed they refuse to make an official Luffy vs Naruto Death Battle until after One Piece officially ends as a franchise or if Luffy somehow dies. This is because Luffy is still learning new techniques, and so to air the battle when Luffy hasn't reached his full potential would be unfair.
  • His iconic Straw Hat once belonged to the Pirate King himself, Gol D. Roger. Shanks, who served on Roger's crew, obtained it before passing it down to Luffy.
  • Luffy doesn't actually want to know if the One Piece exists or not. He wants to confirm the rumors himself, and refuses to hear any evidence to its existence or lack of.
  • Luffy frequently does not kill his main villains. Luffy is willing to kill; however, he finds it better punishment to allow his opponent to live in the aftermath of their defeat. There is some truth to this; as many former villains are arrested or never return to their former glory.
  • Mihawk believes that Luffy has the potential to be one of the most dangerous pirates due to his unusual success in creating allies. [23] [24]
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