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Poison? That's merely a desert... for a Demon like me.
~ Mirajane Strauss to Kamika

Magic is not meant to be used to kill people... but without power we can't even protect the ones we love... It's a bit of a contradiction. - You only made one big mistake. You know... when I'm in the tournament... or my friends are close to me... In other words, when someone is looking, I tend to restrain my power. Maybe it's an issue made by that contradiction. But when I'm alone... That's when I can release my full power!
~ Mirajane to Kamika

Indeed I am... I've been called that, and far worse, for as long as I can remember. So it doesn't phase me anymore.
~ Mira to Juliet Shun and Heine Lunasea

When people realize how lonely it is being on their own, they will become kind.
~ Mira to Freed

Mirajane Strauss is a character from the Japanese manga series, Fairy Tail.

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Death Battle Info[]


  • Age 19 (X784) | 20 (X792)
  • Birth Year: X765
  • S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild
  • Also known as "The She-Devil"
  • Fairy Tail's "drawing card" and head waitress
  • Model for Sorcerer Weekly Magazine
  • Can sing and play guitar
  • Good at cooking
  • Favorite food: Kuzumochi
  • Older sister of Elfman and Lisanna

Magic and Abilities[]

Take Over: Satan Soul[]

  • Mirajane is a skilled user of Take Over, a type of Magic which, as the name suggests, allows her to take over the powers and appearances of particular creatures she really "knows". She shares such Magic with her siblings Elfman and Lisanna, something which made them known as the "Take Over Siblings". The particular form she employs shares the name of her signature spell Satan Soul (サタンソウル Satan Sōru). Due to the nature of Mirajane's Take Over, she has the ability to control Demons and manipulate them to do her bidding. Whilst having control over the tentacle Demons, Mirajane was able to cause them to simultaneously explode. Mirajane's Satan Soul is also capable of taking over Demons and Etherious on the brink of death while saving them in the process; although they lose control of their bodies in return.
Satan Soul[]
  • Satan Soul is a very powerful spell, as well as the source of her epithet "The She-Devil". Satan Soul allows her to take over the appearance, abilities, and powers of a demonic being. When she activated it for the first time after two years of abstinence, she released a large magical blast which destroyed the surrounding area. Satan Soul is initiated by seemingly covering Mirajane’s body in flat, square-shaped scales-like parts, which subsequently disappear, revealing her new appearance. In such state, her eyes, eyelashes, ears, and hair all change drastically, and dark, thin markings appear all over her body. Her forearms and hands become covered in scales, and each sprouts a fin-like protrusion on its outer side. She also grows a large, stocky tail, seemingly made of metal plates or scales. Her clothing also changes, with any attire she might be wearing being replaced by a dark, skimpy one-piece suit revealing her arms and legs, which is open on the front and the back, exposing most of her belly, wide cleavage and upper back too. She also dons a pair of gauntlets covering the back parts of her transformed arms. Using this spell is extremely exhausting for Mirajane, so much that she cannot execute it in consecutive reprises. However, after her 3-month training in X791, she was shown to be able to employ her Satan Soul: Sitri (which Erza commented on being her strongest at the time) twice and her Satan Soul twice within the span of a few hours or even less, without any signs of fatigue. In order to utilize her Satan Soul form, Mirajane's body possesses the same Demon Particles found in the bodies of Tartaros' artificial Demons, resulting in an immunity to any physical alterations and a unique means of recovery.
    • Immense Strength: Can easily break through solid rock with her punches. When her fist clashed with Freed’s own demonic form, a powerful shock-wave was generated, which destroyed the ground below them. She also easily blocked a punch from Elfman's Beast Soul form with one hand and broke through Kamika's God of Protection Shield with one punch.
    • Flight: In this form, Mirajane is capable of sprouting a pair of wings from her back at whim, which allow her to fly. Such wings are reminiscent of a bat’s and come with small spike-like protrusions on their upper edges.
    • Enhanced Durability: This form increases Mirajane's natural durability, allowing her to take multiple powerful explosions in consecutive reprises, emerging almost unscathed and remaining active to continue the battle.
    • Immense Speed: This form increases Mirajane's speed to the point where she can move faster than the eye can see.
    • Poison Resistance: Mirajane's resistance against poison increases while in this form, where she could even inhale poison gas while calling it a "treat".
    • Darkness Magic: Mirajane has proven herself to be a skilled user of Darkness Magic. Using the Magic as her game-changer in most of her fights. She was able to match and defeat Freed Justine's own Dark Écriture: Darkness. Mirajane has shown to be able to use this Magic to enhance her physical combat capabilities, create powerful blasts, explosions, shields and even shape it into claw-like tendrils capable of chasing after opponents.
      • Darkness Stream: Mirajane extends her hand towards the opponent and summons forth her Magic Seal underneath her opponent, where a multitude of large tendrils composed of dark energy is formed, which surround and envelope the opponent.
      • Soul Extinction: Mirajane initiates this attack by gathering energy from the surrounding area between her hands, which subsequently takes the form of a large, black globe. The globe then fires a large black-purple beam that generates a devastating explosion. There also seems to be a variety to it, in which the sphere, seemingly created faster, is focused around Mirajane's hands and forearms and shot in a less powerful, yet still destructive blast.
      • Evil Explosion: Mirajane holds her hands together and a dark-colored sphere gathers on her palm. When fired, it is fired from Mirajane's hand. The receding explosion is devastating.
      • Demon Blast: A large ball of dark energy is charged between Mirajane's hands, from which a dark purple beam is fired towards the target.
      • Satanic Blast: The user raises her hand above her head and starts charging Darkness Magic in the form of a sphere that grows larger as it charges. The user then aims her hand at the target, sending a large blast at the target that then becomes a huge pillar of Darkness Magic covering the entire area.
      • Dark Deflect: Focusing the incoming attack on her eye, Mirajane redirects the incoming spell, missing the intended target.
    • Water Magic: Through the use of the immense Magic Power, Mirajane was shown capable of freely manipulating the surrounding water.
      • Evil Explosion: Using her Magic Power as a medium, Mirajane lifts a body of water, even one as big as a river, with her arms, and then starts rotating, sending the water flying towards her foe in a powerful whirlpool.
    • Lightning Magic: Mirajane has the ability to utilize lightning-based attacks while in Satan Soul.
      • Evil Spark: A melee spell in which Mirajane extends both of her hands to touch the opponent, subsequently channeling electricity through them.
Satan Soul: Halphas[]
  • A Satan Soul form that allows the user to take over the appearance, abilities, and powers of the Demon God Halphas. This spell is so powerful that Mirajane was able to destroy an entire city effortlessly, and as such, Makarov Dreyar has forbidden her from using the spell. While using this spell, Mirajane grows horns made of long sky blue scales, extending back to a pointed edge, the horn's scales also extend to form a pattern on her face. Her ears, hidden behind her horns, become pointed upwards reminiscent of that of fictional elves. She gains similar scale-like covering on her forearms and hands as well as on her legs and she grows a large, sky blue, stocky and seemingly aquatic tail. Her clothes also change, with any attire she might be donning replaced by a light and dark blue, striped, one-piece suit with pointed shoulder-pads, revealing her arms and legs, which is open on the front and the back; exposing most of her stomach, wide cleavage, and upper back. This Satan Soul form also permanently dons two sky-blue wings composed of numerous spiky scales that are always pointing upwards.
    • Immense Strength: Can break large amounts of solid rock with ease. Effortlessly blocked a punch from her Satan Soul form with one hand.
    • Flight: In this form, the user is capable of flight.
    • Immense Speed: Faster than her Satan Soul form and an enhanced Racer.
    • Enhanced Durability: While employing this form, Mirajane's durability has increased tremendously, to the point that she can withstand multiple physical attacks from Racer and then continue fighting.
    • Darkness Magic: Mirajane has shown to be able to use this Magic to enhance her physical combat capabilities, create powerful blasts and shield.
      • Dark Deflect: Focusing the incoming attack on her palm, she is able to redirect all incoming attacks, causing them to miss.
    • Cosmic Beam: Mirajane charges cosmic-like energy that is fired towards the target and creates a massive explosion. She is also able to cause pink-colored Magic projectiles to rain down at the target, powerful enough to damage and destroy the surrounding area.
Satan Soul: Sitri[]
  • This was (prior to Satan Soul: Mirajane Alegria), according to Erza Scarlet, Mirajane's most powerful spell, that allows her to take over the appearance, abilities, and powers of a demonic being. When she activates this technique, her clothes are replaced by a geometric printed bodysuit with a blue and white dress coat adorned by an over-sized black collar supported by two belts which corsets her waist and a black cape. She grows horns on the side of her head and she also grows a lot more hair. She also grows a pair of claws and royal blue markings appear on her legs. She is surrounded by flames which her feet seem to be merged to.
    • Immense Strength: Easily destroyed Cosmos' Flytrap with one arm.
    • Immense Speed: Was able to quickly attack and defeat Jenny without the latter being able to counter nor dodge it.
    • Flight: While using Sitri, Mirajane has the ability to fly, most likely by using the flames on her feet as jets of some sort.
    • Fire Magic: While in such form, the flames spreading from the user's feet can seemingly be employed to attack foes, making melee attacks performed by the user more dangerous due to a trail of fire remaining where he/she strikes, which can inflict further damage upon targets.
Satan Soul: Mirajane Seilah[]
  • A Satan Soul form that allows Mirajane to take over the appearance, abilities, and powers of Etherious Seilah. Mirajane used Take Over: Satan Soul on Seilah's body to prevent her from dying. In this form, Mirajane gains an appearance almost exactly like Seilah's, receiving two large gold-looking horns protruding from the sides of her head and pointing upwards. Her hair becomes long and black, with a distinctive short, upward ponytail. She wears a white band on their head which separates her hair, framing her bangs from her hair below the band. On the forehead is a small circular symbol with a small dot on the inside and surrounded by several dots around the top, and they wear a tied, small white-colored strap around their neck. Her attire is a very revealing beige-colored leopard-printed kimono that bears the decorative marks on her shoulders. The kimono is wrapped around their torso with a thick, decorative yellow ribbon that ties behind her back, and she also wears thigh-high socks that reveal her heels and toes.
    • Macro: While employing this form Mirajane can use Seilah's signature curse, Macro. This allows her to fully control the body of victims and manipulate them through "orders".
Satan Soul: Mirajane Alegria[]
  • A Satan Soul form that is the result of Mirajane consuming all the souls remaining in the aftermath of Fairy Tail's victory over Tartaros. When she activates this technique, her clothes are replaced with a dark form-fitting body suit with light colored knee guards and light segmented boots. Her forearms gain segmented-like protrusions and her fingers become scaled in an armored type manner. Mirajane's ears become pointed, much like an elf's, and instead of having her trademark front ponytail, she wears a thorn-like headband that bares the symbol of Tartaros in the center. Six armored segmented tendrils, almost identical to those of the Plutogrim, sprout from her back. Whilst using this form, Mirajane radiates so much Magic Power that the seawater nearby began to evaporate just by her mere presence. Furthermore, Juliet Sun and Heine Lunasea were completely overwhelmed with fear from Mirajane's amount of Magic being emitted. However, maintaining Mirajane Alegria takes up a significant amount of Magic which heavily exhausts her.
    • Immense Strength: When using this form of Satan Soul, Mirajane's strength skyrockets to the point that she was able to defeat the two members of the Irene Squad in a single strike so comprehensively that the Personality Enchantment that made the pair human was lifted.
    • Immense Speed: Using this form, Mirajane possesses such a high rate of speed that neither Juliet Sun nor Heine Lunasea were able to evade her onslaught.

Transformation Magic[]

  • Mirajane is very skilled in the use of Transformation Magic, which is considered one of her specialties. She has been shown capable of transforming separate parts of her body instead of it all, and she is able to perform Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Level transformations with ease. When taking on the appearance of animals, she retains some features of her human form, such as her signature front ponytail and her womanly eyelashes.

Water Magic[]

  • Mirajane is able to use Water Magic, a form of Magic which, as the name implies, allows her to generate, manipulate and control water.

Sleep Magic[]

  • Mirajane has shown skill with Sleep Magic. She was able to easily put Lucy to sleep in a moment during the battle between the Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord.
    • Dream Knock: Mirajane creates bubble-like bullets and sends them rushing towards her opponent(s). Upon contact, her opponent is put to sleep.

Keen Intellect[]

  • Mirajane has displayed a clever intellect, and, most importantly, a deep knowledge of Magic and its related world. She was able to understand how the Super Mage Giant Phantom MK II's spell, Abyss Break, worked after observing it for just a short moment.

Enhanced Endurance[]

  • Despite being out of battle for over two years, Mirajane has been shown to be very resilient. After employing her exhausting Satan Soul to battle Elfman and Evergreen during the first phase of the S-Class Trial, Mirajane was able to use it again and keep it active during her fight with Azuma. After her 3-month training, she was shown to employ her Satan Soul: Sitri (which Erza commented on being her strongest form) twice and her Satan Soul once within the span of a few hours or even less, without any sign of fatigue at all.

Enhanced Reflexes[]

  • Mirajane possesses remarkable reflexes, agility, and reaction in the face of danger. She was able to escape Azuma's Chain Burst while bound before the spell could damage her. She was also shown to be able to deflect extremely fast projectiles with Dark Deflect and block speed-based attacks from Azuma and Satan Soul. She was also shown to be able to "body check" Racer off of Christina before the latter could dodge her and assault the ship further.

Enhanced Durability[]

  • Mirajane has shown herself to be a durable combatant. She was able to be hit by Azuma's explosions and still remain active to continue the battle. Despite being battle worn from facing Elfman and Evergreen and then going on to face Azuma, Mirajane was able to survive after taking the brunt of Azuma's 180 Second Time Bomb for her sister, Lisanna, although she was knocked unconscious. During her fight with Kamika, Mirajane was able to withstand consecutive spells of Paper Magic, receiving absolutely no injury from fire, ice, lightning, and even poison; commenting that Kamika's lightning paper was nothing compared to Laxus Dreyar's attacks. Furthermore, Mirajane is able to withstand a barrage of physical attacks from one of Tartaros' strongest members, Seilah, and was still able to muster the energy required to apply Take Over to the demon.

Enhanced Strength[]

  • During the Phantom Lord arc, she destroyed a Communication Lacrima by punching it, and back when she was 13, she easily karate chopped an entire large wood table in half.

Enhanced Speed[]

  • Without the aid of Satan Soul, Mirajane was able to appear behind and surprise a monologuing Azuma with a charged punch which released a little bit of Magic Power.

Immense Magic Power[]

  • As an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, Mirajane possesses an enormous amount of Magic Power. When she first activated Satan Soul after two years of dormancy, her Magic Power completely destroyed the ground around her in a wide area. It is also great enough for Mirajane to lift and manipulate an entire river, something which Freed, an S-Class candidate, found incredulous. When exerted it is purple in color. Azuma also commented that he felt a great amount of Magic Power from her. When she used Satan Soul: Mirajane Alegria, she radiated so much Magic Power that the seawater nearby began to evaporate just by her mere presence. Furthermore, Juliet Sun and Heine Lunasea were completely overwhelmed with fear from the amount of Magic that was being emitted.

Master Hand-To-Hand Combat[]

  • Mirajane has proven herself proficient in close combat with the aid of Satan Soul, employing such style as her main form of offense. She was shown capable of clashing with Azuma with extremely fast and accurate strikes, matching him evenly despite the latter’s use of his explosions alongside hand-to-hand combat.


  • Prior to her 3-month training for the Grand Magic Games, recovering from using her Satan Soul forms took quite a while.
  • Doesn't go all out when being watched by allies, because she doesn't want to scare anyone.
  • Doesn't really like fighting and prefers taking a more peaceful approach if it's possible.


  • Became an S-Class Mage at the age of 16 (second youngest wizard to do so)
  • Effortlessly overpowered Elfman's Beast Soul form on three different occasions
  • Effortlessly destroyed an entire city
  • Defeated Racer of the Neo Oración Seis by moving even faster than him
  • Rivals Erza Scarlet in beauty and power
  • Destroyed Hell's Core
  • Defeated Seilah, one of the Nine Demon Gates of Tartaros by stealing and using her Macro curse
  • One-shotted Juliet and Heine at the same time and caused them to revert back to their true forms with nothing but physical strength
  • Defeated Jacob Lessio of the Spriggan 12
  • Evaporated an entire sea with her Magic Power