A wish came true...A dream became a reality...

This has become an actual Death Battle episode. Check out the Death Battle Wiki's page for it here.

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Miles Morales vs Static Shock is a What If? Death Battle made by Jioto576 . It features Miles Morales from Marvel Comics and Static Shock from DC Comics.


Episode 6, Season 2. Accidents come and go, but you would certainly not think that you would get amazing powers from any of these. Both young African-Americans turned into vigilant heroes of their cities will face today with their amazing energy skills. Who would win?


Cues:(Wiz & Boomstick )

Naunj: Powers, what we all want to have, whether for different reasons or fun. In fiction many of these have been used for one noble purpose, to protect the other.

CF: And today, we have two somewhat irresponsible teenagers, who after an accident obtained amazing powers with which you should always count on them to save you sometime.

Naunj: Miles Morales , the successor of Spider-Man.

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CF: And Static Shock , protector of Dakota. He is Naunj and I am CF.

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Naunj: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armors and skills to find out who would win in a DEATH BATTLE!

Miles Strings In DEATH BATTLE!

Cues:(What's Up Danger )



  • Name: Miles Gonzalo Morales
  • Age: 13 (Debut) 17
  • AKA: Spider-Man
  • Universe: Earth-1610 (Ultimate Marvel Universe)
  • Hey!

Naunj: Of the greatest heroes of the comic, one that has always managed to stand out before the world is that teenager, friendly and athletic neighbor Spider-Man, Peter Parker. With his webs, he has always climbed the streets of New York protecting the innocent. After you know, being bitten by a radioactive spider.

CF: But after a fateful day, the news would come to the world that now, Spider-Man ...... had died mysteriously only 16 years old well at least in the Ultimate Marvel continuity. His great fans cried incessantly, but among all of them, there was one who never gave up and followed his great example.

Naunj: Miles Morales is a young man of Black Hispanic descent, a resident of Brooklyn born to Jefferson Davis an NYPD police officer father and Rio Morales a Puerto Rican mother. He is .... The typical nerd of a school, not very famous with the girls, but with a great intellect that led him to win a position in a scholarship lottery, and a somewhat strange personality ....... it could be said.

CF. Miles with only 13 years liked to draw, especially graffiti on the streets, he always takes as an example his uncle Aaron Davis. But his parents still had their regrets with Aaron Davis, and they were not bad, the guy is secretly a thief known under the name of Prowler.

Naunj: After Peter Parker's death, Norman Osborn was beginning to experiment with the Oz formula, which was the one who gave Peter the radioactive powers in the first instance, always being stored in a small spider. Prowler had stolen part of it from the Osborn company, but in his backpack, without noticing one of the radioactive spiders, which in a small discussion between Aaron Davis and Miles about the school, ended up in the same situation. Miles Morales was bitten by the spider.

CF: And now, with his new arachnid powers, Miles Morales would become the successor of the friendly neighbor Spider-Man. Dedicating to the usual, kicking villains' asses, having strange encounters with multiverses blah blah blah. Typical Spider-Man stories.

Naunj: But always hiding his identity, at least not with his friends.

CF: Moving on now, Miles Morales as Peter Parker's successor has a lot of incredible skills under his sleeve that we will analyze next.

Abilities and Equipment

  • Web Shooters
  • Wall Crawling
  • Spider-Sense
  • Healing Factor
  • Camouflage
  • Venom Blast
  • Bio-Electric Webbing
  • Energy Burst

Naunj: As a good Spider-Man our young Miles has exceptional, athletic and agile skills. He uses a Web-Shooter quite similar to that of his predecessor Peter Parker, you could even say that it is much better since it was improved by Tony Stark once.

CF: This invention allows him to swing between buildings with a web-like substance, catch enemies in different ways and lift hings. But it has a time limit of one hour and has to recharge, fuck and I thought it lasted forever.

Naunj: Keep on dreaming my purple friend.

CF: Fuck you!

Naunj: Anyway, Morales not only makes use of that invention, the Oz formula also gave him some spider skills like walking on the walls. At first it was difficult for Miles to control it, but after a while he learned to handle it with apparent ease.


Naunj: Another incredible power is the spider sense itself. Spider sense, in the case of Miles works like Peter's, you know by giving a warning of a problem. But not only that, but it can also be a limited precognition, and as if it were Daredevil, he can know the precise location of enemies or objects that can hurt or attack him.


Naunj: Miles's spider sense is even so good that he could know where a teleporter was warping.


CF: When are you going to develop something like that Naunj?

Naunj: When you stop interrupting me every 5 seconds!

CF: Hahahahaha! Eat that one!

Naunj: Miles has a somewhat limited healing factor due to the Oz formula, wounds that would take months to heal for normal people, Miles can heal them in a few weeks and days if they are for example bullets.

Ultimate end vol 1 4 textless by spidermang10-daqwz94
CF: The Peter of his universe is supposed to have resisted Vampire bites, and had limited immortality, it hurts that the
  • Venom Blast
  • Venom Blast as a Energy Beam
poor boy does not have any of these feats, so the escalation to Peter is not as accurate as one would think.

Naunj: But something amazing about Miles that could be said that stands out, is in his camouflage that works to usually evade attacks or fool opponents. This camouflage is able to hide his presence, so much so that not even Peter Parker himself with his spider sense could find him. But now it's time to analyze one of his most characteristic attacks, and that is that Miles with the Oz formula developed an interesting series of electrical powers.

CF: Using his body's electrical energy, he can turn it into a lethal weapon called Venom Blast. Incapacitating his opponents and in the case of technology make it explode. This attack has knocked down many opponents asElectro of his universe , destabilizing the ultimate Venom symbiote .

Naunj: The Venom Blast can manifest itself in a energy beam, accompanied by the fact that was able to travel between the webs of Peter Parker himself and knocking him . And finally increasing his strike force as when he stopped Carnage from killing Scorpion once .

CF: As if it were a golden whip, Miles can also electrify his own webs, often using it to retain villains like his uncle Aaron using spider armor and Armadillo .


Naunj: What more interesting powers, however, when Miles is really in the worst situations, he needs to use a definitive attack that leaves him exhausted. This is the Energy Burst.


CF: Basically the Venom Blast but improved a lot, giving it an advantage of rank and strength when is used.

Naunj: But skills are not the only thing that stands out, let's look a little at his feats during his superhero life.



Naunj: Miles is a pretty strong boy even if he doesn't seem like it, his main feats range from lifting tremendously heavy characters with his webs, such as the well-known villain Rhino, some cars and Armadillo.


CF: In addition, Miles usually specializes in One-Shotear opponents with his electric attacks, like the fucking Hobgoblin!

Naunj: He has been on par with his predecessor Peter Parker many times, but really nothing more than to say of certain things like certain battles where, Peter really did not make much effort to be said.

CF: But who cares, when you have Miles fighting with Old Man Logan ?!

Naunj: Oh even better, a more credible escalation would be with Captain America of his universe. He literally beat him by breaking the renamed metal of his shield!

CF: Holy shit. But that is only talking about pure things of strength, what does Miles offer us with his durability?


'Naunj:' As if it were a roach, Miles is almost impossible to give up, he is always determined and we see him most of the time.

'CF: 'Remember that I told you that you can easily lift Rhino? Well, he can also resist it when it explodes or gives him a strong horn, and we all know what Rhino's horns are like.


'Naunj: 'Effectively with his reflexes he can lift rocks in a building's descent, resist his being against Morlun, which fought against other Spider-Man which ... They didn't have a nice ending to say.

'CF: 'Ironically he can resist his most powerful attack on the face with some difficulty. He even resisted being almost melted by a fucking Iron Man armor that had quite high temperatures.

'Naunj: 'Speaking of temperatures, resisting missiles while jumping from buildings is also one of his specialties. Almost on the verge of death could keep Venom owned by Knull, the same symbiote god.

CF'''': ''But we are definitely not going to do this escalation, because it would be something completely out of place, besides just staying, but not defeating it. But we will give him his deserved credit. Moving on to other aspects, speed is one of the most interesting, since visually it is wonderful.


Naunj: Without problems, Morales can react to heavy artillery and evade several bullets at the same time. But look at
those movements!

CF: How is it even possible for a teenager his age to have that physiology and flexibility ?!

Naunj: Comics dude, Comics.

CF: Yes, yes!

Naunj: Casually he can keep up with Electro from his universe that is directly made of electricity. He also evaded once Collision energy attacks. He has no problem keeping up with Kraven's whips which can travel at lightning speeds.

CF: His accuracy is such that he could destroy objects that required precision in micro seconds. But speaking of Micro seconds, it should at least be comparable to repeated Spidey in speed.

Naunj: Time ago, the friendly neighbor Spidey proved to react to Electro's laser beams! So probably, if we do the Miles buffs, he could have a light speed!

CF: Badass.

Naunj: As a good hero, Miles has a great series of promises in what was and remains a hero.


  • Became Earth-1610's second Spider-Man after Peter Parker's apparent death
  • Defeated his uncle, the Ultimate Universe's Prowler
  • Managed to beat several of Peter's old foes, including Electro and The Rhino
  • Defeated Conrad Marcus, Earth-1610's second Venom
  • Held his own against the Peter Parkers of Earth-616 and Earth-1610
       -Earned the blessing of both of them afterwards, proving that he deserved the mantle
  • With Earth-616's Spider-Man, defeated both of their universes' Mysterios
  • Alongside Ultimate Peter, defeated the Green Goblin once and for all
  • Participated in the Spider-Verse event, helping his fellow Spider-Totems beat the Inheritors
  • Became New York's primary Spider-Man post Secret Wars
  • Became a member of the Ultimates, Earth-616's Avengers, and the Champions
  • Was bestowed the powers of the Enigma Force to defeat Solus during Spider-Geddon
  • Is the main protagonist of the best Spider-Man movie

Naunj: After a great series of events that will surely continue in the future, Miles has defended New York and Brooklyn with his own spider hands. Come on, it's so good that he had the best Spider-Man movie.

CF: A great hero who grew up as a person after these experiences, the successor of Spider-Man who never gave up, even against strong opponents who used to declassify him, Electro, Green Goblin etc. Many times with Peter's help, but always demonstrating his interest in saving the innocent and with the saying "Great power implies great responsibility."

Naunj: But like every character in fiction, it must be balanced, which yeah my friends, involves analyzing his weaknesses. Like the fact that he was never a specific hero because of his workouts, which was more like watching videos of Peter doing his thing. Even if he was with several of the Avengers and hero groups.


  • Generally inexperienced compared to most of his fellow superheroes and Spider-Men
  • His only "combat training" came from watching videos of Peter Parker
  • Morlun and the Red Goblin have both shown to be immune to the Venom Blast, and Peter Parker has resisted it
  • No particular defense against piercing weapons

CF: Although it may not seem like it, his Venom Blast is not quite perfect, Peter and Morlun could resist him on occasion. And he often depends so much on his reflexes that he has no specific defense against weapons that can pass through him.

Naunj: An example for every teenager ..... But never, NEVER tell a girl when you meet her "hey", it's really weird.

CF puts an arm at Naunj's elbow *

Naunj: NO!

CF: Hey!

Naunj tries to hit CF but ends up falling.

Miles: "'A hero isn't the one who always wins. It's the one who always tries.'"

FalseChiefCormorant-size restricted


Static Shocks DEATH BATTLE!

Cues:(Static Shock Theme Song )

Static Render

  • Name:Virgil Ovid Hawkins
  • AKA: Static
  • Age: 11 (When he got his powers) Mainly between 14-15 (Way more Age on his future version, tho using his young version)
  • Dakota's Vigilante
  • Universe: Dakotaverse/DC Universe
  • I'll put a shock to your s ister ystem


Naunj: School is a very boring place, nobody can deny it. I have not heard the first one that likes to be sitting almost half a day in a place that put you to do things that many times you do not understand.

CF: That's exactly how our young Virgil Ovid Hawkins, a regular student at a common school in Dakota, thought. He ... is basically an ordinary nerd, who likes dating, roleplay and such, nothing out of the other world.

Naunj: He even had his own bully that bothered him about this, Stone. But few knew what Virgil actually hid, and he used to participate in street fights.

CF: Oh yes baby. The kid defended quite well. His life went on like this incredibly normally, but one day Virgil, trying to take revenge against one of those guys in the street, was present in an anti-riot attack by the Dakota police, since Virgil himself was gone. to the most dangerous area of ​​the city, where one of the street fights was happening! What kind of insane do you have to be to do that?

Naunj: Many of the people at that time who were involved died and mutated due to the mixture of the chemicals involved, that even the police themselves did not know who possessed the one called Quantum Juice, but a small corner of these got something else .. .. Something that would make them special.

CF: As you will imagine friends! They obtained powers. Virgil among them. Some powers ... quite electrifying.

Naunj: Virgil had now obtained the power of "Electromagnetism." Which allows him to do a lot of cool things, such as throwing electricity, levitate metal objects and interact more advanced with technology.

CF: Virgil knew what he had in his hands, and he set out to be one of the best heroes in Dakota, joining groups like Teen Titans many times, always hiding his identity under a pretty cool suit and the name of Static Shock.

Naunj: Although it is currently assumed that he was only called Static ...

CF: But who cares about comics ?! The series was cooler.

Naunj: Although like Spider-Man, his girlfriend discovered his identity. But that doesn't matter now, let's see what Static has to offer us regarding his abilities.

Skills and Abilities 

  • Clever and Cunning
  • Genius Physicist
  • Expert Hacker
  • Electrokinesis
  • Electromagnetism
  • Electromagnetic Shield
  • Taser Punch
  • Taser Cannonball
  • Electromagnetic Pulse
  • Wavelength Tuning
  • EM/Particle Sense
  • Invisibility
  • Telepathy Resistance
  • Passive Healing

Naunj: Static has proven to be an incomparable genius, more specifically referring to the subject of technology. That is to say it is a class nerd.

CF: As previously stated, Static is a mutant class. With his electrokinesis, it is able to completely control the electricity that your body generates in the form of waves, rays, etc.

Naunj: This electricity is more useful when in dangerous situations. But in case of failure, Static himself can create a gigantic electromagnetism shield that has blocked all kinds of attacks, lasers, bullets etc.

CF: And what a good thing using electromagnetism, with this ability he was able to lift cars, roller coasters and helicopters. Even he fought a metal T-Rex!

Naunj: Ironically, humans are also included in what Static can attract. Like the time he moved Superboy to hit him against a wall.

CF: Speaking more about Static's electricity, the latter has some good feats with it. Destroying buildings, walls, steel and the tower of the Titans !!!!! But what would Static be without his great flying skateboard?

Naunj: Actually, it is a versatile disc attracted by the same ability of Static, he can even adapt a better shape with 6 panels. Including as an added a great computer.

CF: Other weapons that are usually useful to him when he is in the middle of the fight is his metal staff. Zap Caps version one and two, one works as explosives and electricity reserve, the other as an artefact to catch.

Naunj: Speaking of artefacts, his belt has an incredible time-limited driving ability, which helped him stop Speedwarp, but it only works once.

CF: A very characteristic attack of Static, is the Taser Punch, which as its name says, works as is a taser gun which travels at incredible speeds of 175 km / h.

Naunj: It has a variant also called Taser cannonball where it is launched exactly as a sphere. When necessary, Virgil can make use of his invisibility whenever he wants, since he is quite stealthy.

CF: As a station, Static has control of radio waves, detecting messages and locations several times, fuck once could generate a city blackout and destroy electronic devices.

Naunj: Static electricity can be useful as when he created a negative charge to attract cloud to ground lightning. Feel microscopic particles, resist mind control and regenerate parts of his body as if nothing!

CF: Being present in the Titans and the other DC heroes, Static had to see them with Jon Stewart several times, where once he generated so much electricity, he could recharge the ring. Holy Mother.

Naunj: Leaving aside his skills and weapons, let's see something more interesting, his psychality.



  • ''''Strong enough to punch out and carry full grown adults''''''''''briefly going hand to hand with Virule, who is twice his size'
  • Knocks D-Struct on his back with a Taser Punch
  • Knocked out the Botanist with a Taser Punch
  • ''''Dazed Run, Jump, and Burn with a Taser Cannonball''''
  • '''''''''''''Managed to Taser Punch through a weakened Jon Stewart's Green Lantern shields'''''''''''''
  • Sent Ramjet through a brick wall with a Taser Punch
  • ''''Broke a large piece of concrete with a punch''''


  • '''''''Can react to his own lightning'''''''
  • 'Can dodge and block lasers'
  • Fast enough to block bullets
  • Blocked Holocaust's flame blasts
  • '''''''Deflects Virule's arrows with a bo staff'''''''
  • '''''''Reacted fast enough to stop a F-4 moving at full speeds'''''''
  • '''''''Can blitzed Hotstreak, who has super speed'''''''
  • '''''''Fast enough to block point-blank explosions'''''''
  • Blitzed Run, Jump, and Burn with a Taser Cannonball
  • 'Fast enough to block heated coins thrown at high velocities by Hotstreak'
  • '''''''''''''''''''Dodges multiple fire blasts from Hot Streak'''''''''''''''''''
  • '''''''''''''''''''Dodges multiple energy blasts'''''''''''''''''''
  • '''''''''''''''''''Evaded multiple projectiles from Shiv'''''''''''''''''''
  • '''''''''''''''''''Dodged a tree thrown by Tantrum'''''''''''''''''''
  • '''''''''''''''''''Dodges sonic blasts from Talon'''''''''''''''''''
  • '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Avoided multiple sonic blasts from Boom'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
  • '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Dodged multiple ice attacks from Permafrost'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
  • '''''''''''''''''''Dodged a robot attempting to decapitate him from behind'''''''''''''''''''
  • '''''''''''''''''''-Dodges several of Sinestro's and Jon Stewart's energy blasts'''''''''''''''''''
  • Has redirected rockets


  • ''''Walked off having hundreds of boxes of t.v.s fall on him'
  • ''''Shrug off crashing into a pile of broken cars''''
  • '''''''Survives the explosion of a tidal wave when he tried to separate the oxygen and hydrogen molecules'''''''
  • ''''Withstood fire attacks from Hot Streak, which can easily blow up vehicles''''
  • ''''Constantly falls from great heights yet suffers no lasting damage''''
  • ''''Shrugs off energy blasts from D-Struct''''
  • ''''Gets a table thrown at him and he was fine''''
  • ''''Took a punch from Rubber Band Man and was fine''''
  • ''''Was hammered into a street light by Rubber Band Man''''
  • 'Shrug off getting a metal vault slammed into him by Rubber Band Man'
  • 'Walks off getting slammed into a wall and electrocuted by a robot'
  • 'Is okay after getting tail slapped by a robotic T-Rex'
  • 'Survived getting buried by a water slide'
  • 'Tanked a building busting explosion and was fine'
  • 'Shrug off getting tossed into an elevator by Tantrum'
  • 'Is okay after Tantrum tossed a metal fence into him which launched him into a dumpster'
  • 'Tanked several of The Joker's explosions'
  • 'Tanks a blast from an empowered Richie Garret, who was powerful enough to destroy piles of cars'
  • 'Withstood a sonic blast from Boom'
  • 'Gets buried under a tidal wave of snow and survives'
  • 'Suffers no ill effects from taking an ice blast from Permafrost'
  • 'Withstand the heat of being near lava'
  • 'Can briefly survive the vacuum of space'
  • 'Endured several of Sinestro's and Jon Stewart's attacks'

Naunj:  In strength .... Well when we talk physically about him, we can't find many feats that help Virgil. It is vaguely structure, capable of knocking out people and passing through Jon Stewart's shields ... But weakened.

CF: But don't underestimate him, his speed aspect is tremendous. Apart from good, he can react to his own electricity, it is surprisingly agile, dodging bullets, high-temperature fire attacks from his enemy Hotstreak, reacting equally to lasers and dodging them easily.

Naunj: An equally important feat is when he was able to stop sonic attacks, or even of an F4 plane which has proven to be in real life of around 2,370 km / h.

CF: Oh, he's fast. But the merit goes the same with its resistance, he is a hard nut to crack, surviving to be crushed, thrown by the tail of a metal T-rex, tremendous explosions that could destroy buildings, energy beams, Joker explosions.

Naunj: And as it is mostly seen, Static can resist maintaining his own being against many groups like the Titans, once at least in the DCAU, with the justice league, stopping a mind-controlled Flash.

CF: Come on, he can stand even against Jon Stewart (Again) and Sinestro, not with direct escalation, but that gives a lot to talk about Virgil's level as a superhero. And as if that were not enough, he resists being in a little in the vacuum of space and being close to the lava, which has a temperature of 800 C.

Naunj: Speaking of temperatures, he is completely hard to resist Permafrost ice attacks, which is around being below zero. He is immune to basically any electrical attack, but what makes the medal in being its best feat, without a doubt is the time that the tidal wave generated when he separated the hydrogen and oxygen from the air resisted. This is also called Electrolysis, which messes with the theme of ions.


CF: Auch, that certainly left him without air.

**BA dum tss**

Naunj: What?


Naunj: Sure ... But hey, let's review his achievements a bit to finish this.


  • Survived the Big Bang event and became a superhero with his newly gained powers
  • 'Briefly held his own against Superboy during the World's Collide crossover'
  • During the World's Collide Crossover, helped defeat the supervillain Rift
  • Along with other Bang Babies, defeated John Tower, who can steal superpowers
  • When he was captured by the Dark Side Club and brainwashed, he was the champion of their tournaments
  • Broke free from the Anti-Life Equation and freed several meta-humans from the Dark Side Club
  • Became a member of the Teen Titans after escaping the Dark Side Club
  • Rescued the Titans from being killed by Cyborg, who was actually possessed by Jericho
  • Along with the Titans, stopped Holocaust and his disease plan in Dakota
  • With the Titans helped find Raven in Wyld's dimension and defeated him
  • Teamed up with Batman to capture The Joker, Harley Quin, and Poison Ivy
  • Once teamed up with Shaq to take out some Bang Babies
  • 'Helped the Justice League defeat Brainiac and rescue Richard Garret'
  • Teamed up with Batman Beyond to rescue his future self''''
  • 'Help the Jon Stewart Green Lantern clear his name and capture Sinestro'
  • ' Teamed up with the Hoop Squad, which composed of Karl Malone, Tracy McGrady, Yao Ming, Steve Nash'
  • In the future of the Milestones verse, retires to live a happy life as a doctor with a family
  • In the future of the DCAU, became a Justice League member and one of it's greatest heroes

CF: The man is legendary and pure, going through his life, he has always been able to remain a good person, even with bullies and racists.

Naunj: He is a great hero, partnering with others to stop crazy situations when the time requires.


  • Insulators are harder to influence
  • He needs to recharge if he overuses his energy reserves

CF: Oh yes, sadly Static has some weaknesses.

Naunj: Those people who insult him, usually make him have a hard time since he is not someone so strong in that aspect.

CF: I understand him ...

Naunj: And besides his energy is not infinite, even so, he is always prepared for this.

CF: Maybe not the brightest boy you can find, but it will always be to shock your sister.

Naunj: To your system! SYSTEM

CF: Whatever you say.

Static: "This isn't about pacifism. I'm angrier than you are. I'm not used to being helpless. If I knew how to get to the people who caused all this pain, I'd climb on my trash can lid, fly over and take the bastards out myself. But what if to get Luthor I had to kill some of his family? Or some of the people who live nearby? Or not so near? There's a line there. I'm just not sure where to draw it. With power, comes responsibility. We can't use the evil committed by others as an excuse to commit evil ourselves. "

Tenor (4)



Cues:(Wiz & Boomstick )

Naunj: All right the combatants are set, let's end this debate once and for all.

CF: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!!


In New York City, a light was seen from a distance, but it did not look like any light as it constantly threw sparks from the sides. Until we were shown that she was releasing a frisbee, this was Static.

Static: Wow, no doubt that taking care of the city at this time is not an easy task.

After saying it, from the shadows a spider web was launched, this was Miles.

Miles: Well, new night, here again, let's see what New York has this time .... Eh?

Miles' attention was immediately captured by the dreadlocks hero.

Miles: This is bad ....

Miles immediately launched against Static on his disk, Static was surprised a lot.

Static: Woah! Dude, don't scare me like that, tell me what you want? I don't think I'm available now.

Miles: What are you doing at this time driving this strange device? I think you should stop right now and give me that.

Static: What? But who are you to tell me that? Come on, pajama boy ......

Static reacted by taking Miles off, the young Spider-Man swayed on a pole and quietly shut up. But Static pounced at high speed against Miles who activated his aracnid sense.

Static: I'll put a shock to your system!

MilesStaticScene (Jioto)

Miles easily dodged Static, after that he launched a spider web with which he caught him. Static shouted in surprise and was hit by Miles towards his knee and therefore, Miles kicked him out, Static simply stayed in the air and decided to throw a lightning bolt at Miles.

Miles: Super Easy.

Miles dodged the electricity and jumped again, pouncing on Static once again, Static this time grabbed the web.

Miles: Woops!

Miles electrified the spider web and threw it at Static, but it resulted in an idiotic play, since Static redirected it and threw Miles flying.

Miles gets launched into a building, creating a large crater in it. He looks up slowly in pain to see Virgil flying straight at it. He attempted to avoid but Static Shock seemed to be too fast for him, and causing him to get kicked into the building he was cratered into. Miles skid back on the concrete floor, recovering just fast enough for his Spider Sense to kick in again. Static looked in the distance and hurled a large spark his direction. The spark managed to reach Miles and electrocute him a little.

Miles: Nothing a Venom Blast doesn't solve!

Miles launched another spider web against Static, Virgil reacted by diverting it, but through the air Miles doing an acrobatics managed to kick Static's head and make him a Venom Blast, causing the skateboard and computer to stop for a moment.

Static: Hell react!

Miles grabbed Static again with his cobwebs, having him cornered against a wall he pounced again.

Miles: This is my chance.

Miles was launched against Static, but in a matter of seconds Static broke off and threw a lot of metal against Miles.

Miles: Oh shit!

Spider-Man was jumping for each of the metallic things that Static threw at him.

Miles: Venom ..... Blast !!!!

Static: Not so fast friend.

Static released his Zap Cap version 2 trapping Miles in it.

Miles: W-But what ?!

Static attracted those metallic things again to crush Miles getting him, Miles tried to leave but Static quickly went to this to make him a Canonball Taser causing a tremendous explosion.

From the debris Static came out somewhat confident of having won.

Static: Why are people in New York so weird ...?

Saying this of the rubble, a Miles was seriously injured, but he recovered instantly.

Miles: Don't think you have everything!

Static: So you want more, huh?

Miles instantly camouflaged himself, disappearing from the perception of Static, who was confused, but an idea came to his mind at that moment.

Static: You know, two can play that game!

Static in response also camouflaged himself, Miles invisible was swinging between buildings around, Static was moving around equally with his now fixed disk.

Static: Let's see what we have here .....

He said it while checking his computer, then using his power to connect to the radio waves and find Miles.

Static: Gotcha!

Miles was about to kick him, but Static reacted by pulling out his metal cane, Miles dodged equally, but then went on the offensive.

Miles: Take this!

Spider-Man quickly kicked Static in the face, after that he punched a punch from Venom Blast to Static who screamed in pain and as a final move he caught Static with his electric webs.

Miles: As they would say in old Japan. Sayonara Looser!

Miles transformed all his electricity into those cobwebs, injuring Static.

Miles: How did you like that huh?

Static answered panting.

Static: Not bad .... For a newbie like you, but it's time to finish this.

Static quickly attack Miles with his Taser Punch in the face, after that I grab him and take him behind several buildings, leaving him almost immobile. Miles managed to let go and column through a building. Static followed him. Static released several of the Zap Cap version 1 to explode them in Miles.

Miles: Not so fast!

Thousands grab each one and throw them to different sides.

Static: I say the same.

Virgil used his belt to stop Miles's journey for a moment, Miles was very confused.

Miles: Eh?

Static: Ready!

Miles: I couldn't be anymore, Energy Burst !!!

The electrical energy of Miles recharged enough to overcome Static's ability, at maximum speed Miles went to hit Virgil through the clouds and cause an impact that could be seen from far below.

Miles: It was ... Close ...

Or so he believed. When suddenly the clouds began to alter too much and create constant rays.

Miles: Wh-What?

Static: You should impress me I gotta say, but here's your last day.

Miles: Oh sh-

Static launched at unimaginable speeds against Miles. When Miles's spider sense was active, Static had already split into several parts of his body. Miles tried to catch them each with his webs but it was almost impossible, Static redirected the webs and turned oneself again to impact Miles.

Miles caught him with his hands and wanted to use his most powerful discharge to finish it at once, but Static just got stronger and with a smile he said.

Static: Bye Bye !!

Static now redirected the electricity to Miles who received it all melting internally and running out of ability to really react.

Miles: I ... I ... P-e-t-e-r .. I lose-

Static with the clouds electrified the rest of what was left and grabbed it in a gypsy sphere of metal objects, generating an explosion that destroyed a city block. Virgil jumped from his skateboard to the ground and looked at what it caused, between that not finding the remains of Miles apart from a piece of the suit.

Static: Well, I think that will teach him one or two things. Goodbye!

Static retired from the scene.



CF: NO !!!!! MILES!!!!!

Naunj: This was an extremely interesting fight, both youngsters have shown their ability to stand out. But only one would have to take the victory, and that was Virgil.

CF: But why? Didn't Miles simply declassify him for most of Static's exploits being outliers?

Naunj: In a way, we can't be sure that they were, besides as soon as we talked about Miles, we were equally inconsistent in their strength, so the question would be, who could consistently win? The answer can be found in the scaling of both.

CF: While both had their feats of speed quite clear being relativistic / faster than light, Static's scaling was simply better, Miles could stand against characters like Old Man Logan and Venom owned by Knull, right? Well, Static in his legacy has always been fighting side by side with characters like Jon Stewart and the Justice League.

Naunj: Although it is not direct, Miles could not say the same. And if we go to the effectiveness of his attacks, Miles was simply declassed, Static with his mutation, it was too much for what Miles with his few skills could maintain.

CF: And besides, with one of his skills Static possessed a clear feat of destructiveness and reach, which Miles in his years of training has never shown. The fact of controlling electricity even from clouds and generating blackouts, besides being super versatile, ridiculed Miles.

Naunj: And literally whatever Miles did, Static had it equally, even better. So there was no real way for poor Spider-Man to win this one, come on, even Static had training that was leagues beyond Miles, if even Miles could be considered training.

CF: But what about the Venom Blast and the energy burst? Wouldn't they be enough?

Naunj: Apart from the fact that Static could simply redirect him, there wasn't much Miles could do to him, characters like Kraven and Peter have already resisted him before.

CF: But and Electro?

Naunj: To be honest, Electro of that universe was not much to say. And if it were, even so, Miles needed the help of Peter and his universe, which Static did not need in most cases.

CF: Miles was skilled, a great strategist and incredible hero, but he just couldn't compete with the tremendously powerful Static Shock. We can say, Miles was just Miles ahead of putting a Shock to Static Shock.

Naunj: BRUH. The Winner is Static Shock.

TheWinnerIsStaticShock (Jioto)

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