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Mileena vs Nezuko Kamado
Mileena vs Nezuko Kamado.jpg
Season 1
Overall Episode 1
Season Episode 1
Air date Apirl/3/2021
Written by CureOverdrive
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Mileena vs Nezuko Kamado is a what-if death battle that is the 1st episode of CureOverdrive's first season. It features Mortal Kombat's Mileena going against Demon Slayer's Nezuko Kamado.


Mortal Kombat Vs Demon Slayer! Two Female Fighters with terrified Mouth and Deadly hand-in-hand combat skills will paint the battlefield red. Will Mileena land the fatal blow victory or Nezuko blows up the competition with her blood?


(*Cues: Wiz & Boomstick - Brandon Yates*)

Wiz: If the Japanese Urban Legend story of Kuchisake-onna taught us anything, there is no beauty behind the mask. The same goes for those who wear a muzzle.

Boomstick: With these two, the battle is gonna be nothing more than a blood bath.

Mileena Thumbnail.jpg

Wiz: Mileena, Mortal Kombat's Bloodthirsty Hybrid Assassin.

Nezuko Thumbnail.jpg

Boomstick: And Nezuko, Tanjiro's Cute but Deadly Demon Sister from Demon Slayer.

Wiz: I'm Wiz and he's Boomstick and It’s our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle!

Mileena will eat anyone in Death Battle

Mileena bio.jpg

(Cues: Main Menu - Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) OST*)

Wiz: Mortal Kombat, a tournament that used to be a simple treaty between realms. In other words, the Elder God wants to avoid the merging of the realms.

Boomstick: Unless it's someone like Shao Kahn who simply said: you know what? Fuck you and your stupid rules. I'm gonna conquer the realms whatever I want.

Wiz: As a result, the tournament has become nothing more than a fight for survival. During his campaign, he conquers two realms: Outworld where he kills the dragon king, and Edenia, a beautiful paradise realm ruled by King Jerrod and Queen Sindel. Like the Outworld army, it was overwhelmed very quickly leaving no survivors including the king.

Boomstick: With King Jerrod's death, he took Sindel as his bride and Kitana as his daughter. But Kitana never accepted him as her father. This is where Mileena's story begins. Shao Kahn asked Shang Tsung to create a daughter that he never had.

Wiz: Shang Tsung created her with the mix of Kitana's DNA and Tarkatan blood with the result of a nearly direct copy. Shao Kahn's new daughter has now born into the world of Mortal Kombat.

Mileena: *laughs* "Let us dance!"

Boomstick: yeah with an idea like that results in an ugly tarkatan mouth with a lovely edenian body. But there is a solution to the problem. She wears a veil to hide that hideous mouth.

Wiz: While Khan couldn't have her daughter be like Kitana, Mileena was positioned to watch over 'Sister' to make sure she ensured her loyalty to him. If she doesn't, she will kill her. And that time came where Earthrealm Warrior Liu Kang won the Mortal Kombat Tournament against both her Creator and her father.

Stryker: Hey, What're you doing outta here?

Mileena: *Laughs* Looking for a new playmate.

(Cues: Mortal Kombat Legacy Soundtrack - Shao Kahn*)

Boomstick: You know something is bad when she says it. We are not even talking about her Weapons and Abilities at this point.

Wiz: Her primary weapon is Sai, a farming tool weapon capable of stabbing tough opponents and useful as a projectile. She uses them very effectively with two fighting styles: Ying Yeung and Mian Chuang which set up powerful attacks with some quick attacks to overwhelm any kombatants. Her sai has been channeling some energy to deal extra damage and even teleport herself whatever she throws.

Boomstick: Fist is not the only thing that made her dangerous. Her go-to special attacks are Teleport drop where she disappears in thin air and hits her opponent in the head. Ball Roll hits her opponent by curling into the ball and rolling into their legs and Leaping Neck Bite is as gross and deadly as it is thanks to her mouth is capable of tearing flesh and bones.

Wiz: Being a hybrid, Mileena possesses great strength as she is capable of holding her own against Shokan, a four-armed creature easily stomping any Fighter. This is where her x-ray and fatalities come into play. Femme fatal where she stabbing her opponent more than enough before a knee in the face and Let Us Dance was performed by 3 teleport drop, stab opponent than bite into their skull and finally her fatal blow: Beauty and Beast unleashed her savagery nature with couple of stabs in the stomach, biting them in the neck, throw her sais at the eye and rippping their throat out.

Beauty and Beast.gif

That's one Killer fatality

Boomstick: Oh Boy! Her list of killer fatalities makes Kitana's look like Child's play by comparison. From Ferocious Bite where she ripped the opponent's head off then ate it to Tasty Treat, she tore her opponent apart like a superpower zombie chow down to her victim's lifeless corpse and finally Nail shooter as she ate a bottle full of nails and shot them out all over her opponent.

Nail shooter.gif

Wiz: Don't tell me how Mileena was able to handle all the nails on her belly. But what I can tell is that she is a very skilled warrior. Despite being born, she was kept up with some of the best warriors including Kitana who was skilled enough to keep up with Liu Kang, Earthrealm Champion. With the savagery of Tarkatan and the combat skills of Edenidan, Mileena proved to be Shao Kahn's Favorite. She was fast enough to keep up Kabal who max speed was march 2.7 or 2.8 by spinning his hook swords against a special forces assault rifle. Her looks have deceived the edenia guards as Kitana. She trained Shujinko in her fighting styles, tank hits from powerful beings like Raiden and Kotal Kahn, commanded Kitana's army against Baraka's Tarkatan hordes and ruled outworld after Shao Khan's death.

Boomstick: While Mileena is Shang Tsung's Greatest Creation…

Spine Rip .gif

...She isn't Perfect and for good reason.

Wiz: Another being from the flesh pit named Scarlet who is a blood mage capable of turning blood into a weapon.

Boomstick: A class like that is more dangerous than a hybrid. (Boomstick gives Wiz a list of Mileena's weaknesses.)

Wiz: Mileena has her fair share of downfalls. She is completely Mentally Unstable in turn affecting a lot of goals such as her leadership. Kotal Kahn couldn't trust her and took it away from her. She tried to attempt to get it back and ended up getting killed by D'Vorah. Her special moves, teleport drop, and ball roll becomes a liability as she pops in the air for a free hit when the opponent is blocked.

Boomstick: Like many clones, she can't get her chance to kill Kitana and at worse, she was killed by her at one point.

Wiz: Even with all these faults Mileena still has enough kombat skills to anyone who unfortunately crosses her path of royalty and destruction.

Mileena: Beloved sister.

Kitana: You are a perversion.

Mileena: I am Empress of Outworld!

Nezuko slay Death Battle with her Blood

Nezuko bio.jpg

(*Cues:Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba OST - 01 - The Main Theme of ''Kimetsu no Yaiba*)

Wiz: In Taishō-era Japan, there was a boy named Tanjiro Kamado who lived in the frozen forest and tried to support his family by selling charcoal in the nearest town in order to earn money for his family.

Boomstick: I bet his dad would be happy whatever he was. I wish my dad would give me something good before he left.

Human Nezuko

Wiz: I am sure he was. Since he is the only one to work hard, the remaining family members have to look after each other including the eldest sister of the family: Nezuko Kamado. She is the poorest of the family as she never buys new clothes so they can get all the food they needed the most.

Boomstick: but like any good family at peaceful times, a demon who I'll swear to God looks like Michael Jackson slaughtered his entire family.

Wiz: Almost. Nezuko was the sole survivor of the massacre and she was found by her older brother Tanjiro. He takes Nezuko to a nearby town to get her fixed but then…

Nezuko transformation.gif

Boomstick: ...She turned into a Zombie!

Wiz: Actually, it's much worse! She turns into a terrifying bloodlust demon.


(*Cues: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba OST - Nezuko ~ Confrontation*)

Nezuko: Grraaaaaah!!!

Boomstick: Ok since when turning into a demon by a scratch. If one thing I learn from zombie movies is that a Zombie scratch can turn you into an undead monster.

Wiz: Not in the world of Demon Slayer. A group of demons have been reproduced by a powerful demon named Muzan Kibutsuji who have a special power called Blood Demon Art. This is how Nezuko's Transformation works and the only way to turn her back was to confront the Devil himself.

Boomstick: Tanjiro and Nezuko have confronted a demon slayer who spares her and places a bamboo muzzle on her mouth to make sure she never hurts anyone. If I learn in asian culture is that bamboo are the strongest.

Wiz: Despite her brother making a promise to keep her safe, Nezuko being a demon was surprising enough for a 12 years old.

Boomstick: Like any demon, she has Superhuman Strength, durability, and Speed.

Wiz: She has a load of abilities that support her such as Size Manipulation, Power Restoration, Power Growth, and sunlight immunity which she doesn't have until later. Her Healing Factor can keep the body going and repair any pieces that have been cut. She has high pain resistance combined with a healing factor to make her a force to be reckoned with.

Boomstick: She and other demons resistance to pain that staggering any human, they are near limitless stamina, and the Neck was the most durable part of the body. No surprise.

Wiz: But the main power that lies in her was Blood Demon Art: Exploding Blood, where ignited her blood to set on fire that can damage other demons, enhance Tanjiro's Sword and even heal her allies.

Boomstick: Exploding Blood? Blood that turns you into a demon? Are you sure that they aren't even Vampires? Are they afraid of the sunlight?

Wiz: Since you mentioned it, that's how the demons get some energy to continue using their powers. Ironic despite the name refer the creature of hell, they avoid the sunlight making restoreing their power a bit difficult. Nezuko was a special kind of demon that can restore her strength and power through sleep. She can even somehow change her body to small and big that might affect her strength.

(*Cues: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba EP 19 Ending Full『Kamado Tanjiro no Uta*)

Boomstick: But if Nezuko needs to go beyond her humanity, she might unleash the demon within and unlock fully awakened form. This transformation gives Nezuko increased strength, durability, speed, and even faster healing factor.

Berserk Nezuko form.jpg

Wiz: To prove it, Nezuko has fought a demon named Daki who was strong enough to keep up with Tanjiro who cut down a Boulder that's about 0.09 tons of TNT. With That kind of strength, her slashes can cut her limbs and somehow it regan at a near-impossible rate that her kicks still have the same impacts before the slashes.

Boomstick: If the healing factor was that strong and awesome abilities, I bet they might have incredible speed.

Wiz: True but even better as almost every demon has hypersonic speed both reaction and movement. Tanjiro and other demon slayers nearly died when their attacks are little but noticeable close to their eyes. Judging by the distance, they were 3-4 seconds away from death. With that level of Speed, Nezuko can keep up with upper moon class demons and highly trained demon slayers.

Boomstick: All of this made Nezuko a badass demon slayer. She saved several people, kept up Susamaru's dangerous game of soccer with temari balls, Running very Fast to save Tanjiro in his first encounter with a Demon by kicking it's head off, Overpower Daki despite being critically injured and conquer the sun when have the immunity of sunlight. This girl is unstoppable.

Nezuko nearly kill a human if Tanjiro wasn't there

Wiz: Don't be a proud pride there, Boomstick. Nezuko is far from that. She has two weaknesses: Wisteria flowers are poisonous to her and lack of control. Being a demon, Nezuko was one step away from losing her humanity and the fully awakened form has shown that she can attack humans if Tanjiro wasn't there to help her control. Her blood arts have two usages: at will and taking damage. The more damage Nezuko takes, the bigger her exploding blood will be but Tanjiro knew it was gonna take a while for her body to reproduce the blood in her.

Boomstick: Still demons have to be careful when they see her along with her brother and other Demon Slayers. Revenge is always and will be inevitable.

Nezuko: Blood Demon Art: Exploding Blood!


Mileena vs Nezuko- fighters are set.jpg

Wiz: All right the Combatants are set and we collect enough data for all possibilities.

Boomstick: it's time for a DEATH BATTLLLLLLLEEEEEE!!!!!

Death Battle

(The battle takes place in the Kamado Forest, Tanjiro and Nezuko's old home.)

Nezuko and Tanjiro visit their old home to help her remind the demon Muzan to prepare for the final battle. If anything happens, they will fight till the last breath. Nezuko enters the wooden basket so her brother will take her without being burned by the sunlight. However, an army of 20 Tarakan warriors blocked their way and one of them is the leader named Baraka.

Baraka: What do we have here? What you came here is the gate to your death.

Tanjiro: I have no business dealing with you. (He grabbed his sword to prepare for the fight.) Leave me alone!

Baraka: I don't take no for an answer, boy!

Baraka lunges forward at Tanjiro. Although blocked, he flew towards a tree breaking the wooden basket and Nezuko was dropped in a different spot. He commanded his warriors to get the body while he continued his battle with Tanjiro. Once they arrived at the spot where Nezuko was, her body was nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Mileena was about to go to Edenia to confront Kitana but a huge scream across the Earthrealm portal drew her attention.

Mileena: Now what!?

She changes the destination and goes to Earthrealm. Once arrived, she found a pile of dead Tarakan warriors and all the blood trail led to Baraka fighting an Earthrealm warrior.

Baraka: Where is that little shit that killed all my men!?

Tanjiro: I told you that you should leave me alone! You have no idea the power that my little sister possessed.

Baraka may have two blades but Tanjiro's speed has prevented him from dealing a killing blow. Mileena hears small footsteps coming from and dodges it. The camera got closer until Baraka's head came off. The attacker is none other than Nezuko.

Tanjiro: Nezuko? (He sees the sunlight is about to rise) Nezuko! Leave the place before the sun gets to you!

Nezuko refuses to listen to him as she sees how critically damaged Tanjiro was during the fight against Baraka. She knew she must finish the last attacker before the sun rose.

Nezuko: (angry noises)

Mileena: You are something special, kid. Let us Dance!

Both Fighters are in their fight stances as they Engage in Mortal Kombat.


Mileena vs Nezuko- FIGHT.jpg

Nezuko stayed in her place as Mileena teleported right in the back of the head following a pop-up kick and roundhouse kick. Mileena performed her smacked around combo but Nezuko managed to block the combo ender and punch in the stomach. Mileena dodges Nezuko's attacks, strikes her with a gut stab, and uses Beauty and Beast to finish her off.

Mileena: All too easy.

Mileena stabbed her multiple times in the stomach but once she tried to get on her shoulder, she fell down and looked at her opponent.

Mileena: The hell?

Nezuko turns her body small and runs away as she needs some breathing room to fight. Mileena shallow all the Nails and shoot them all at Nezuko but missed due to her blazing speed. Mileena threw her sai only to land a perfect spot for her to teleport.

Nezuko: gah!

Nezuko returns to her normal size to keep up with Mileena. The girls were surprised as they traded punches and kicks even if one had speed and the other had skills. Mileena threw Nezuko at the tree and performed a ball roll but it wasn't fast enough as the young demon manages to kick her at the back launching her at the tree. Mileena spit a small blood in her mouth.

Nezuko: (Angry Growling)

Mileena: Your good but I'm better.

Mileena dodge Nezuko attacks and combo her with Kahn's commander, cotton rage and let us dance x-ray attack. She landed three kicks but Nezuko grabs both sai even if it goes through her hands. Both are trapped in head butting until Mileena knocks her down and is taken to free falling. Both trades blow until Nezuko delivers a kick to her face three times (one to the left, one to the right, and one to the front, breaking her jaw). Both ladies survive the fall with little injuries.

Tanjiro: Nezuko! The Sun!

Nezuko was blinded by sunlight as Mileena sees this as a chance to kill her. She threw her sai at Nezuko's feet. She walked up to her to perform be mine fatality until…

Nezuko: Graaaaaagh!!!! (...Grab Mileena's head and smack it for a painful headache)

Mileena barely sees Nezuko due to the dizziness. Once recovered, she saw her opponent but her appearance wasn't the same and the muzzle wasn't there. Tanjiro couldn't believe his eyes that Nezuko was able to conquer the sun, the very thing that every demon fears the most.

Tanjiro: Nezuko?

Nezuko: I… I… won't let you get away. I'm Nezuko Kamado and I make sure that Tanjiro is safe and gets the chance to kill the demon that ruined my life.

Mileena: hmph. (Mileena smiles at her opponent's bravery.) How cute. But you will never get that chance cause I, Mileena daughter of Shao Kahn will show you that you will taste no victory.

Both: Graaaaaagh!!!!

Both ladies charge each other for brutal close combat. Mileena stabs Nezuko but this time she moves a lot faster and more resisted to pain than ever before forcing Mileena to fight with bare hands. The Fight went bloodier as the clash between the Hunger and the Rage builds up. Blood flew all over the place as Mileena's skin was torn off from her body and Nezuko's healing factor pushed to its absolute limit for every limb being cut and bitten. Mileena goes in a leaping necktbite but Nezuko grabs her and slams into the tree for a painful beatdown. Mileena bite her hand to consume her flesh. Nezuko kicked her with enough force to separate her hand from Mileena's mouth. The result was Nezuko lost her left hand and Mileena flew a small distance from her. Mileena puke all over her blood due to the pain in her stomach. She sees her opponent pull her right hand.

To Mileena, she sees this as Mercy.

Mileena: Inexperience Brat! In Mortal Kombat, we don't do Mercy.

But for Nezuko as her hand began to glow.

Nezuko: Blood Demon Art….

Mileena sees all the blood on her body glow pink.

Mileena: What the f…


Nezuko closes her hand and Mileena lets out a painful scream as the fire consumes her body quick enough to end her life.


Tanjiro walks towards the fight and Nezuko slowly remembers him. She didn't attack him as he sang a lullaby that she heard of when she was little. Both siblings were crying as they survived the night.

Tanjiro: it's over, Nezuko. It's time to go.

Tanjiro carries Nezuko who has been beaten into a bloody corpse but her healing factor helps her get through the fight.


Boomstick:This is just in Breaking news! The Kawaii demon girl was too angry to die!

Wiz: You can say it again. This is surprisingly a close fight as both of them have some advantages that push their body to the absolute limit. Mileena's physical capabilities and Nezuko's Healing factor help them keep the fight long enough.

Boomstick: but I know what you think "but I thought Mileena had strength advantages which would be too much for Nezuko. Sure her opponent does have a healing factor but that hardly matters".


Wiz: While it's true that Mileena is stronger than Nezuko by comparing the 3.41827770062 Tons feat to Tanjiro's 0.09 tons. However, her healing factor was too much for Mileena to keep going. Combined with high pain resistance, Mileena couldn't slow Nezuko down to deal the killing blow. If we take a look at some speed calculations, Mileena's speed was Mach 2.8 while Tanjiro's was 4136.17707277 m/s or Mach 12.16.


Boomstick: Not only that but the reaction speed was a bit overkill as demons attacks can be dodge up to Mach 50, 17.86 times faster. Sure her combat experience might be able to keep up but with these speeds it's a bit too much.

Wiz: but the main nail in the coffin was their powers. While Mileena can increase the sai's damage and Teleportation might off guard Nezuko, her exploding blood was far dangerous especially that mileena craving for human flesh was her downfall. By being close to Nezuko, her blood will be all over Mileena more than enough to kill her. Even if she did survive it, her body won't be stable and Nezkuo would kill her in multiple ways.

Boomstick: As strong as Mileena was, Nezuko was too fast and she might waste Mileena's time in order her body to heal to simply wearing her off.

Wiz: True. This battle is very close but with Nezuko's healing factor, high resistance to pain and unbelievable speed triumph over Mileena's brute strength.

Boomstick: Mileena couldn't Finish the demon slayer before Exploding Blood all over her face.

Wiz: The Winner is Nezuko Kamado.

The winner is Nezuko .gif


+Higher Speed

+Higher resistance to Pain

+Healing Factor

+Better Powers



-Not as skilled as her opponent

-Less durable




+Better hand in hand combat

=Intelligence but a bit more than Nezuko


-Not as good as Nezuko in powers and abilities

-X-ray and Fatal Blow aren't enough to stop Nezuko.

-Healing factor was too much and cause Mileena too many problems to finish her opponent.

Next time on Death Battle

Saving people, Hunting things... Family business

I've got the boys together. For Robin.

Dean Winchester vs Billy Butcher

Original Track

The music for the fight would be called "Bloody Pink Demons". The name Reference the characters capable of tearing their opponents. The name Pink was a reference of their outfit's color. The music is mix of Heavy Metal, Japanese music from Taishro era, and Demon Slayer's song " Gurenge".


  • The Connection between Mileena and Nezuko are both Pink Demons whose mouth was covered due to its terrifying Look. (Note: Mileena's half Tarkata DNA came from a mix of a humanoid race from Outworld and a demonic race from the Netherrealm.)
    • Both of them are siblings of the human protagonist. (Although Mileena was a clone of Kitana who kept calling her sister while Nezuko is Truly Tanjiro's sister.)
    • Both of them are cannibalistic. (Note: in Demon Slayer, Demons are a mostly carnivorous, vampiric species whose feed on the Flesh and Blood of humans.)
    • Both of them are created/turned by the antagonist. (Shang Tsung created Mileena with the flesh pit with Edenian and Tarkatan blood while Muzan Kibutsuji turns Nezuko into a demon with supernatural blood.)
  • The Battle might be made in 2d with Jump Ultimate Stars and Capcom Vs Snk 2 Sprites.
  • Characters appearance/mentioned
    • Tanjiro Kamado
    • Muzan Kibutsuji (Flashback)
    • Baraka
    • Kitana (Flashback)
  • Credit to Professor Mewtwo for adding Categories.
  • the first episode was originally planned as Claire Redfield vs Elsa Bloodstone but Mileena Vs Nezuko Kamado happen as a little more time of the research on the characters and it becomes the 3rd episode