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I was not born a Pokémon, I was created. And my creators have used and betrayed me. So, I stand alone!
~ Mewtwo

The human sacrificed himself, to save the Pokémon. I pitted them against each other, but not until they set aside their differences did I see the true power they all share deep inside. I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
~ Mewtwo

Mewtwo is a Pokémon from the series of the same name. It previously fought Shadow the Hedgehog in the 63rd episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Mewtwo VS Shadow. It unofficially appeared in a joke battle where it "fought" Vegeta. It also fought Frieza in episodes of One Minute Melee and DBX.

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 14
  • Losses: 13
  • Draws: 1

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Categorized as #150 in the Kanto Region Pokedex, Mewtwo is a Pokémon that was artificially created from the DNA of Mew within a mansion on Cinnabar Island. However, upon awakening, Mewtwo destroyed the manor during his escape and ended up being found by the Viridian Gym Leader Giovanni. Later revealed to be the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni used Mewtwo by promising to give it purpose. But after learning that it was nothing more than a tool, Mewtwo vowed a vendetta against humans and Pokémon allied with them. But Mewtwo ceases his vendetta after seeing all living things have value and departs to reside in solitude within the depths of Cerulean Cave.


Mewtwo is a Pokémon created by science. It is a bipedal, humanoid creature with some feline features. It is primarily gray with a long, purple tail. On top of its head are two short, blunt horns, and it has purple eyes. A tube extends from the back of its skull to the top of its spine, bypassing its neck. It has a defined chest and shoulders, which resemble a breastplate. The three digits on each hand and foot have spherical tips. Its tail is thick at the base but thins before ending in a small bulb.

Mega Mewtwo X is larger and bulkier than its normal state. The horns on its head are longer and extend from V-shaped ridges on its forehead. Additionally, the horns are now pointed and curve upward. It now has two tubes behind its neck, its eyes are light blue, and it has large, purple growths over its shoulders. Its torso is smooth and small compared to its long, bulky limbs, and a Y-shaped line connects the collar and underbelly. Its forearms and thighs each have two raised ridges, and its digits are now longer and thinner. The tail is slightly shorter and stiffer than before and has a curled tip.

In comparison, Mega Mewtwo Y is smaller and lighter, losing its long tail and the tube behind its neck. However, it grows a long, purple appendage with a curled tip from the back of its head that is similar to its previous form's tail. On its head, it has two pointed, backward-curving spikes and a half-ring structure connecting to the base of each and crossing over the top of its head, with empty space inside. Its eyes are now red and slightly larger. The digits on its hands and feet are now purple and more bulbous, and the middle toe is longer than the others. A bumpy ridge similar to a sternum replaces the breastplate structure on its chest, but this form is still largely smoother than the other two.

Mewtwo was created after years of horrific gene splicing and DNA engineering experiments based on Mew. It is said to have the most savage heart among all Pokémon, lack compassion, and strike fear into its enemy with cold, glowing eyes. Because it was engineered to be the ultimate in battle, it can only think of defeating its foes. In the first movie, Mewtwo exemplified these vicious characteristics and was shown to be capable of levitation, telepathy and mind control. However, it was later shown to be caring, protective, and even altruistic. Another Mewtwo in the anime shared its aversion to contact with others but was much less belligerent. Mewtwo conserves energy by remaining motionless in order to unleash its full power in battle. It is also capable of materializing psychic waves in the form of its signature move, Psystrike. Though rarely seen in the wild, it is said to be resting in a dark cave somewhere.

Death Battle Info (Official)[]


  • Height: 6'07" | 200.6 cm
  • Weight: 269 lbs. | 122kg
  • Type: Psychic
  • Abilities
  • Birthday: February 6
  • Cloned from Mew's DNA
  • Enjoys racing bird Pokémon
  • Appears on real-world currency


Mega Mewtwo Y[]

  • Height: 4'11" | 150 cm
  • Weight: 72.8 lbs | 33 kg
  • Type: Psychic
  • New Ability: Insomnia
    • Prevents affliction by Sleep and Yawn
  • Increases attack, special attack, special defense & speed.


  • Flew in space
  • Tanked Fire Blast from Red's Charizard
  • Defeated Deoxys, Articuno, & Giovanni
  • Halted Tree of Life's descent to sun
  • Created a planet-destroying storm
  • Teleported a 92 billion gallon lake
  • Caught Aerodactyl's Hyper Beam
  • Erased dozens of memories at once
  • Sliced a building in half with a spoon

Death Battle Info (Fanon)[]



  • Height: 6'7"
  • Weight: 269 lbs.
  • Psychic-type

Mega Mewtwo X[]

  • Height: 7'7"
  • Weight: 280 lbs.
  • Psychic & Fighting-type

Mega Mewtwo Y[]

  • Height: 4'11"
  • Weight: 73 lbs.
  • Psychic-type

Base Stats[]


  • HP: 106
  • Attack: 110
  • Defense: 90
  • Sp. Atk: 154
  • Sp. Def: 90
  • Speed: 130
  • Total: 680

Mega Mewtwo X[]

  • HP: 106
  • Attack: 190
  • Defense: 100
  • Sp. Atk: 154
  • Sp. Def: 100
  • Speed: 130
  • Total: 780

Mega Mewtwo Y[]

  • HP: 106
  • Attack: 150
  • Defense: 70
  • Sp. Atk: 194
  • Sp. Def: 120
  • Speed: 140
  • Total: 780

Abilities, Equipment, etc.[]

  • Telekinesis
  • Flight
  • Teleportation
  • Has a notably strong life force
  • Manga Mewtwo also has a massive spoon that can cut or stab enemies.
  • Pressure: Doubles the enemy's PP usage (this can be equated to MP or stamina)
  • Unnerve: Unnerves the opponent, keeping them from eating berries
  • Life Force (Pokémon Conquest): Restroes 1/8 of its HP every turn.
  • Steadfast (Mega Mewtwo X): Gets faster every time he flinches
  • Insomnia (Mega Mewtwo Y): Can't fall asleep
  • Takes 1/2 damage from Fighting & Psychic types
  • Takes 1/2 damage from Fighting & Rock types (Mega Mewtwo X)


Level Up[]

  • Confusion: (Psychic, Special) Hits the opponent with a telekinetic force, 10% chance to cause Confusion. (Acc. 100)
  • Confuse Ray: (Ghost, Status) Fires a ray that induces Confusion.
  • Laser Focus: (Normal, Status) Concentrates intensely, guaranteeing a critical hit on the next turn.
  • Psywave: (Psychic, Special) Shoots a psychic wave that deals varying damage. (Acc. 80)
  • Safeguard: (Normal, Status) Creates a forcefield around self & allies that blocks status conditions for 5 turns.
  • Disable: (Normal, Status) Prevents the enemy from using their last attack for 4 turns. (Acc. 100)
  • Laser Focus: (Normal, Status) Concentrates, guaranteeing a critical hit on the next turn.
  • Life Dew: (Water, Status) Scatters healing water that recovers 25% of self & allies' HP.
  • Swift: (Normal, Special) Shoots star-shaped rays that never miss. (Acc. Infinite)
  • Ancient Power: (Rock, Special) Hurls rocks or fossils at the opponent, 10% chance to raise all stats by 1 stage. (Acc. 100)
  • Psybeam: (Psychic, Special) Fires a ray, 10% chance to cause Confusion. (Acc. 100)
  • Psycho Cut: (Psychic, Physical) Creates blades of psychic energy to slice the opponent, has double chance of critical hit. (Acc. 100)
  • Psych Up: (Psychic, Status) Hypnotizes himself into copying the opponent's stat changes.
  • Miracle Eye: (Psychic, Status) Removes evasiveness changes & psychic resistance from the enemy.
  • Safeguard: (Normal, Status) Creates a forcefield that blocks status effects.
  • Amnesia: (Psychic, Status) Temporarily empties its mind to forget its concerns, raising Sp. Def by 2 stages.
  • Aura Sphere: (Fighting, Special) Fires a blast of aura that doesn't miss. (Acc. Infinite)
  • Psychic: (Psychic, Special) Hits the opponent with a telekinetic force, 10% chance of lowering the enemy's Sp. Def. (Acc. 100)
  • Guard Swap: (Psychic, Status) Swaps all defensive stat changes with the opponent.
  • Power Swap: (Psychic, Status) Swaps all offensive stat changes with the opponent.
  • Mist: (Ice, Status) Spreads white mist over self & allies, protecting them from stat reduction for 5 turns.
  • Barrier: (Psychic, Status) Creates a psychic wall, raising Defense by 2 stages.
  • Me First: (Psychic, Status) If used before the opponent, will copy their intended move & use it against them with 50% more power.
  • Psystrike: (Psychic, Special) Shoots a psychic wave that deals physical damage. (Acc. 100)
  • Recover: (Normal, Status) Heals 50% HP by restoring his cells.
  • Future Sight: (Psychic, Special) Two turns after this move is used, a hunk of psychic energy hits the opponent, can't be blocked. (Acc. 100)
  • Agility: (Psychic, Status) Relaxes & lightens his body, increasing Speed by 2 stages.
  • Calm Mind: (Psychic, Status) Focuses his mind & calms his spirit, raising Sp. Atk & Sp. Def by 1 stage each.



Move Tutor[]

  • Counter
    • If Mewtwo takes damage from a physical attack; a psychic aura sends that attack back with twice the damage.
      • For example; if Mewtwo loses 50 HP from an enemy attack; Counter sends 100 HP back.
    • Is not affected by type effectiveness.
    • Mewtwo does not block the damage he receives.
    • Mewtwo cannot Counter an attack that KOs him.
    • Only applies to physical attacks; although he does not need direct contact with the enemy to use Counter.
    • Cannot be used until after Mewtwo is attacked.
    • 100% Accuracy

Pokken Tournament[]

  • Ranged Attack: Shoots 3 balls of psychic energy.
  • Side Ranged Attack: Sends a psychic wave along the ground, or shoots three psychic blades at the enemy.
  • Backward Ranged Attack: Charges for a second before creating a column of fire to damage the opponent.
  • Jumping Ranged Attack: Jumps & shoots 3 air blasts at the enemy.
  • Homing Attack: Rushes the opponent with a barrage of psychic melee attacks (can be charged).
  • Jumping Attack: Jumps into the air & dives at the opponent with a forcefield.
  • High Stance Strong Attack: Shoots a blast of fire.
  • Grab Attack: Grabs the opponent & hits them with a series of telekinetic attacks. Overcomes blocking opponents.
  • Hyper Beam: Fires a giant laser at the opponent.
  • Telekinesis: Grabs the opponent with telekinesis & tosses them around a bit. Overcomes blocking opponents.
  • Drain Punch: Punches the opponent & absorbs some of their HP for himself.
  • Fire Punch ~ Ice Punch ~ Thunder Punches: Delivers a flaming punch, before delivering an icy uppercut, finishing by knocking the opponent to the ground with an electric punch.
  • Synergy Burst: Evolves Mewtwo into Mega Mewtwo X.
    • Psydisaster: Traps the opponent in a forcefield before hitting them with a psychic vortex.
Shadow Mewtwo[]
  • Ranged Attack: Shoots 3 blasts of electricity.
  • Side Ranged Attack: Shoots 3 arrows of darkness.
  • Forward Ranged Attack: Rushes the opponent & hits them with fire & ice blades.
  • Backward Ranged Attack: Shoots a pillar of psychic energy at the opponent.
  • Jumping Ranged Attack: Jumps & shoots 3 balls of darkness.
  • Homing Attack: Rushes the opponent with a barrage of psychic melee attacks (can be charged).
  • Jumping Attack: Leaps above the opponent & kicks them with both legs.
  • Grab Attack: Grabs the opponent & hits them with a series of telekinetic attacks. Overcomes blocking opponents.
  • Psywave: Charges a ball of psychic energy & fires it.
  • Vortex: Raises a psychic vortex to damage foes.
  • Zen Headbutt: Charges the opponent head-first.
  • Recover: Restores some HP.
  • Flamethrower: Shoots a blast of flames.
  • Earthquake: Hits the ground, damaging nearby opponents.
  • Thunder: Hits the opponent with a lightning strike.
  • Synergy Burst: Evolves into Shadow Mega Mewtwo X.
    • Dark Nova: Hits the opponent with a dark aura before teleporting into space & throwing a giant ball of darkness at the enemy.


  • Classical Mewtwo
    • Matched Mew in combat.
    • Effortlessly defeated Gary Oak's entire team of Pokémon.
    • Through around Onix with no effort whatsoever, while wearing the M2 Bind, armour that suppresses its power by 40%
    • Destroyed Giovanni's laboratory and later his gym.
    • Can effortlessly levitate large Pokémon including Rhyhorn, Onix, a herd of Tauros and his clone army.
    • Caught Aerodactyl's and Gyarados' Hyper Beam
    • Erased dozens of memories at once using Disable
  • Best Wishes Mewtwo
    • The first wild Pokémon capable of mega-evolving.
    • Defeated and befriended Shiny Genesect.
    • Flew into space while carrying Genesect.
    • Lifted 112,000 tonnes of water while Mega Evolved.
  • Origins Mewtwo
    • Defeated 5 out of 6 of Red's team, including his Articuno
    • Overpowered Blue's team.
  • Manga Mewtwo (currently Blaine's Mewtwo)
    • Defeated Deoxys
      • Survived getting stabbed twice clean through the chest, and still won
    • Dominated Team Flare's Pokémon
  • Videogame Mewtwo
    • Shadow Mega Mewtwo X's Dark Nova can create a continent-sized explosion. (Pokken canon only)
    • [1] Shadow Mewtwo can create & destroy a pocket dimension containing numerous stars.
  • Halted Tree of Life's descent to sun
  • Considered one of the strongest Pokémon ever.


  • Mega Mewtwo Y has relatively weaker physical defenses than his other forms.
  • Weak against Ghost, Bug and Dark Type attacks.
  • Psychic attacks are less effective against other Psychic types and Steel Pokémon.
    • Psychic attacks cannot harm Dark Types.
  • Can't survive in space for prolonged periods.
  • Considered one of the most heartless and violent of all Pokémon.
  • Best Wishes Mewtwo is surprisingly a pacifist who wants to avoid fighting.
  • Origins Mewtwo was captured by Red.
  • Blaine's Mewtwo is linked with his master Blaine; meaning Blaine is injured if Mewtwo is, and vise versa. (This is a jojo reference).


  • Held the highest base stat total of all Pokémon as Mega Mewtwo X and Y, even surpassing Arceus. This has since been tied with the introduction of Mega Rayquaza
    • Mewtwo also had the highest Special stat in Gen 1.