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Skulduggery Pleasant vs Harry Potter! When two ambitious dark lords from popular magical book series who wield legendary weapons fight, who will win and who will die? Can Mevolent Suck in a win? Or will Voldemort Avadaca Damn him?


Necro: Dark Lords are well known throughout fiction, but they made their debut in novels. And today, one of the originals faces off against one of the new players.

Mercer: Mevolent, the Dark Lord of the Skulduggery Pleasant series!

Necro: And Lord Voldemort, the iconic Dark Lord of the Harry Potter series!

Mercer: He's Necro and I'm Mercer.

Necro: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win...

Mercer: A Death Battle!

Mevolent Armors Up For Death Battle!

Necro: Originally serving under Arthur Dagan's grandfather, Mevolent's fate would be altered forever when he somehow crossed paths with The Unnamed, the former King of the Darklands. Naturally, when Mevolent felt that he had learned all he could from him, he stabbed him with the most powerful of God-Killers, the Obsidian Blade and left him for dead.

Mercer: Mevolent was also a dedicated follower of the Faceless Ones, evil gods who were banished from our world after they terrorized it for many years. Mevolent opened a portal to try and let them come back into our world, but it failed. So, he decided to take over the world. He raised a massive army and attacked, being evenly matched with The Sanctuary. But after fighting for a while, Good ol' Mevy started losing. So, in a desperate final attack, Mevolent ordered an attack on the Sanctuary's leaders. The attack succeeded, resulting in the death of Skulduggery Pleasant, and turning the tide of the war.

Necro: Well, that is until Skulduggery Pleasant's ghost got so pissed that it came back from the dead and turn the tide of the war once again! Mevolent decided to take the fight to a man named Quinton Strom, a powerful mage who battled him all around the world. Mevolent was injured in 1861, and went into hiding where he was killed by a mage named Cassion, who stabbed him multiple times and then drained his life force.

Mercer: He even went out in a cool way.

Necro: The main world's version may be dead, but his version from Leibniz Dimension is quite active.

Mercer: Sense when do we us alternate versions?

Necro: Sense the alternate version is still active and has feats, and has played a large role in the story, and is currently accepted as the main version of the character.

Mercer: Good point. Anyway, Mevolent is a MASSIVE powerhouse. He stomped and decapitated Darquesse, a being who can fight evenly with the Faceless Ones, those pesky evil gods Mevolent tried to summon all those years ago.

Necro: Mevolent is an Elemental magic user, meaning he can manipulate and control the four elements. Fire, Water, Air and Earth. With his fire, Mevolent can throw fire balls, generate streams of fire like a flamethrower, create walls of fire and use smaller flames for precision cutting and carving.

Mercer: Mevolent's air magic is quite powerful. It can be used to fly, create walls of hard air, levitate himself or others, push or pull objects, suffocate people make air bubbles in dust, create whirlwhinds, crush objects and people, squeeze, press, cut or hold objects, read disturbances in the air to make make stealth difficult or impossible, contain explosions, and finally, one of the more deadly things he can do with it is simply expand the air in one's throat, and rip them apart from the inside out. He even named that particular spell, dubbing it Rupture.

Necro: Onto the third element, Water. Besides earth, this is the least used of the four. Regardless, with water, Mevolent can walk on water, use to aid himself while swimming, manipulate the water vapor in the air, control snow or ice, as well as being used as a shield or offensive wave, and finally, it can be used to remove moisture from the outside of one's body.

Mercer: Which is pretty useful when it comes to drying off after a shower, swim or bath.

Necro: And finally, Earth magic. It doesn't have as many uses as the others but the ones it does have are pretty deadly. With earth magic, Mevolent can transform into an unbreakable stone statue for an unspecified amount of time, Tunneling through the ground or walls, as well as manipulating the earth around the user.

Mercer: And when it comes to physical power, Mevolent is no slouch! Darquesse who was easily able to create explosions that reach nuclear levels of power while in a near death state was no match for him!

Necro: Mevolent also blitzed Darquesse, who can move at speeds comparable to bullets, and can also see rooms explode in slow motion!

Mercer: Mevolent isn't just a powerful mage. He's an expert swordsman, wielding the God-Killer Sword, which does exactly what it's name says it does, and a weapon called the Magic Sucker. This weapon can temporarily drain one's ability to use magic, rendering them entirely powerless, magically speaking.

Necro: Yeah. It can't drain physical power, and it can't affect things that don't have any magic.

Mercer: And what's more, despite not technically being able to use any magical healing, Mevolent was able to regenerate after all of his bones were broken in his fight with Darquesse. He stated this was because he chose to "die every day", which means that he's most certainly an undead of some kind.

Necro: But, even with all over this, Mevolent is quite a badass, even if his Magic Sucker can't get him out of physical scrapes.

Mevolent: I've Never Eaten A Newborn That Didn't Have It Coming.

Lord Voldemort Apparates Into Death Battle!

Necro: Tom Marvolo Riddle was on on December 31st, 1926. His mother staggered through the doors of Wool's Orphanage, gave birth to him and died on the spot. Both Tom and the orphanage staff were unaware of a latent power that lay at this boys finger tips, Magic. But then, things started to happen. Unexplainable things. Tom started to move objects with a thought, or make animals do his bidding. He terrorized his fellow orphans, but no one could prove he did anything to them.

Mercer: He already sounds like a piece of work.

Necro: Don't worry, he gets worse. For Albus Dumbledore had heard of strange occurrences at Wool's Orphanage, and went to check it out. There he found young Tom. Dumbledore invited him to Hogwarts School for Whitchcraft and Wizardry, and Tom accepted.

Mercer: Tom was sorted into Slytherin House, which is basically the house all the bad guys come from, and sure enough, by the time he was sixteen, Tommy had gone and done some evil shit. He opened the Chamber of Secrets and told the Basilisk inside of it to kill all those who were Muggle-Born, or people who had non magical parents, but still could use magic. Well, the ones at the school, at least. The Basilisk obliged, and killed a twelve year-old girl. Tom blamed a boy named Hagrid for the murder and closed the chamber. Dumbledore didn't believe Hagrid killed the girl, and kept a close eye on Riddle.

Necro: Later, Tom found out that his dad was a muggle, and stunned his uncle and used his wand to kill his father, grandfather and grandmother. He altered his uncle's memory so that he thought that he was the killer, and Tom's uncle was sentenced to life in prison shortly afterwards.

Mercer: Anyway, by this point, Tom had a new fixation. Becoming immortal, which was an offshoot of his original fear of death. So, Tom found out about a way to become immortal, via splitting his soul and putting part of it in an object. So, he did this, creating a Horcrux.

Necro: After graduating from Hogwarts, Tom applied for the Position of teaching Defense Against The Dark Arts, but was rejected because he was deemed to young.

Mercer: Flash forward a few years, and Tom's done experimenting and making Horcruxs, and he's set his sights on world domination, and he's not Tom. Not anymore. Ya see, back when Tom opened the Chamber of secrets for the first time, he'd made up a nickname for himself. And that nickname is the name that struck fear into the hearts of the entire wizarding world, Lord Voldemort.

Necro: Voldemort almost won the war, too. That is until, he tried to shoot a baby Harry Potter in the face and accidentally shot himself. More on that later. Anyway, his killing curse killed his body, but thanks to his Horcruxs, he survived as a ghost. Four books and three defense against the dark arts teachers later, Voldemort came back from his ghostly hell, and started a new war, this time, with a new plan. To get ahold of a new weapon, one of legendary proportions. The Elder Wand.

Mercer: The Elder Wand makes it's user unbeatable in a wand duel, and is often considered the ultimate wand.

Necro: Lord Voldemort is an incredibly powerful wizard. Even as a young boy, his control over magic was nearly unrivaled among the students of Hogwarts. With his magic, he can use necromancy to create Inferi, which are reanimated corpses,which, while powerful, are weak to fire.

Mercer: With Fiendfyre, Voldemort can call and manipulate fire which can't be extinguished. It homes in on it's targets, and is so powerful that it can break a horcrux.

Necro: With Legilimency, Voldemort can invade others minds and control them or find any and all information he might need in combat.

Mercer: Accio calls an object to the user, Aguamenti makes a jet of water, Defodio lets the user rips chunks out of a target, Depulso pushes a target away from the someone or something, Diffindo physically harms it's target, Episky allows the user to heal themselves from minor injuries, Expelliarmus disarms an opponent and Reducto breaks or can even disintegrate objects.

Necro: Sectumsempura slashes its target with an invisible sword, Stupefy stuns the target, and if Voldemort needs to cover long distances or get out of a place in a hurry, he can use Apparition to teleport away. Granted it does take a measure of concentration, and if done wrongly it can have disastrous results.

Mercer: Voldemort can also use various shielding and shooting spells, and he can fly without the usage of a broomstick or other item.

Necro: But now we reach three of Voldemort's favorite spells. The first, and his most iconic is the Avada Kedavra, the killing curse. This thing kills its target instantly, and goes right through shielding spells, earning it the nickname of the "Unblockable Curse". Which, isn't entirely true. While magic is ineffective in terms of blocking it, non living things like metal or stone can and have blocked it. The second is the Cruciatus Curse. This curse inflicts supernatural pain on it's target. And finally, the Imperius Curse allows Voldemort to take control of someone's mind, but it can be resisted if one's will is strong enough.

Mercer: Voldemort is considered to be one of the best duelists around, as he can evenly match Dumbledore in combat, who can create a massive firestorm with ease! Hell, Voldemort can create actual lighting bolts! Those things contain over a quarter of a ton of TNT, in terms of power!

Necro: Voldemort may have nearly conquered the wizarding world, and earned his title of being the most powerful dark wizard, but his weaknesses lead to an easily avoidable downfall. Voldemort's arrogance is just terrible. It's lead him to, frankly, make idiotic tactical choices, and his many idiosyncrasies were flat out debilitating, such as his fear of death and inability to understand love. And finally, The Elder Wand did not recognize Voldemort as it's master, and can't be used to it's full potential by him because of this. Hell, it backfired on him in his final duel with Harry, thus killing him!

Mercer: But, to be honest, Voldemort has most certainly earned his title as the "Most Powerful Dark Wizard".

Lord Voldemort: You have fought valiantly, but in vain. I do not wish this. Every drop of magical blood spilled is a terrible waste. I therefore command my forces to retreat. In their absence, dispose of your dead with dignity. Harry Potter, I now speak directly to you. On this night, you have allowed your friends to die for you, rather than face me yourself. There is no greater dishonor. Join me in the Forbidden Forest, and confront your fate. If you do not do this, I shall kill every last man, woman and child who tries to conceal you from me.


Necro: All right, the combatants are set. The data's been run through all possibilities, and a verdict has been reached.


Mercer: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!


Death Eaters and Inferi swarmed the grounds of the fallen school. A large number of them stood in a large circle around the corpse of Albus Dumbledore. And at the far side of the circle, stood the man who killed the headmaster.

Lord Voldemort stood still, panting with exertion, cool sweat shining against his bald head. Victory was his. He loosened his grip on the Elder Wand, letting it bounce in between his trembling fingers. The dark lord cackled with glee. The wand had chosen him. Not Harry Potter, and not the former headmaster.

Bellatrix Lastrange stepped forwards with a glass bottle in her hands. Dark liquid swirled inside of the bottle as she walked. Upon reaching Voldemort, she handed the dark lord the bottle. He uncorked it and drank it. The sweat dissolved from his forehead, and a tiny amount of color returned to Voldemort's skin.

"You were victorious. Just as you predicted, my lord." Bellatrix said quietly, glee touching the edge of her tone.

"My victory was never in question, Bellatrix." He answered curtly.

"Of course, Lord." Bellatrix fell silent and moved away from Voldemort, who began to laugh again.

Thick, goo like black energy began to form in the middle of where the destroyed gates of the school once stood. More and more energy materialized until a black wall of this energy filled the broken arch. Lances of light green energy began to poke holes in the wall.

Voldemort sensed the magic and turned towards it. With a motion of his hand, the death eaters parted like the red sea. He strode through the now mostly vacant courtyard of Hogwarts.

More light cracked through and finally shattered the black energy, black and green smoke billowing from the open doorway. Multiple figures stepped through the smoke and into the light. The first figure was most certainly a man. How wore black armor, with black chain mail and a black sword hung sheathed at his left hip. Another strange device hung from his right hip, this one dangling mostly freely. His helmet had no visor, and was instead one solid piece of black metal. A three pointed crown of metal horns stood straight up, with two of the three horns being equal in height, while the third stood a full inch or so taller. The man continued walking for five more paces, a mere ten paces from Voldemort, who stood his ground, a distrustful look which held a glimmer of curiosity on his too-thin face.

A group of at least one hundred soldiers marched out behind the tall, armored man, whom Voldemort had certainly deduced to be their leader. They stopped six paces behind him, and stood in formation unflinching and steadfast.

"Who on earth are?" Voldemort asked, his tone cold and calculating, as if a snake were coiled in his mouth and ready to strike.

"I am Mevolent, the king of the Lebiniz world. And, I'm afraid that I must redirect your question onto you." The armored man said calmly. His voice sounded calm and refined, very much like a backstabbing politician's voice, truth be told.

"Lord Voldemort. The greatest dark wizard to ever live. And the new ruler of this world." Voldemort responded.

"Hrm. What are you? Elemental or Adept?"

"Excuse me?"

"Do you wield Elemental Magic..." Mevolent said, raising his hand, and as he did, a ball of fire appeared in it's palm. "Or, do you wield Adept magic?" And with this, Mevolent motioned for one of his troops to take a step forwards. The soldier raised his hand, and a ball of orange energy filled his palm. He then lobbed it lazily into the air, and the ball struck the ground behind the death eaters and exploded. A large crater now spread across the ground. The soldier stepped back into line as Voldemort stood confused by the magic both had expressed.

"I am the greatest dark wizard of all time. I have mastery over not one, but both. And if you wish to doubt me..." Came his response, after he stood and considered Mevolent's question. To Voldemort, this man was dangerous. He had to be killed, before he could challenge the dark lord's power.

Mevolent took a step forwards. He understood Voldemort's words. This was a challenge, and Mevolent would accept.

"I do doubt you, Voldemort. Such a claim is impossible."

Voldemort took a step forwards to match Mevolent's.

"So you have chosen to fight."

Mevolent's hand shot straight for his sword. He drew the long sword, it's thin, black blade gleaming with wicked power. Voldemort's hand raised the elder wand, his bony fingers tight around the wand's ridged handle.

Both held their weapons aloft, and the tension in the air reached it's maximum as the leaders and champions of their respective armies prepared to battle.


Jo Blankenburg - Devil's Advocate

"Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort shouted, waving his wand in a zig-zag pattern while green light flickered to life at the tip of his wand. With a swift flourish of his hand, Voldemort hurled a bolt emerald energy at his armored foe, who simply waved his hand in response.

An air bubble closed around the curse and stopped it in its tracks. Mevolent willed the ball upwards and backwards, and the air bubble flew up and over Voldemort's head and slammed into a tower, exploding in a wave of green light, which cascaded against the tower and cracked the wall badly.

Voldemort was distracted for a split second by how Mevolent countered his curse, and by the time he looked back, he saw the armored mage advancing.

"Sectumsempura!" Voldemort called, waving his wand in a slashing motion, the curse's effect taking action. An invisible sword slashed at Mevolent with wicked accuracy, but the Mevolent's experience aided him as he heard the air being cut, and raised his own blade, The God Killer Sword to block the attack. Sparks flew and bounced on the ground as both magic blades clashed.

"Deffindio!" Came Voldemort's next cry, sending more invisible force rushing at Mevolent, who waved his arm in front of him, and the air shimmered, as if it was made crystal. Voldemort's attack buffeted Mevolent's shield, but didn't break through. Mevolent snorted and shoved his hand forwards, calling upon his magic. He pushed his shield at Voldemort, who's body began to rapidly spin in place, shrinking until he disappeared. Voldemort had apparated.

"Teleportation..." Mevolent thought to himself as he looked around for the dark wizard. He wouldn't go far, would he? Mevolent hefted his sword and shifted his combative stance to a more defensive one, sliding his left foot behind his right and rotating his hips to the left as well. Mevolent's left hand rested near the bottom of the sword's hilt, and his right just underneath the hilt.

"Reducto!" Voldemort called from behind Mevolent, pouring power into his words, his magic firing from the elder wand, only for Mevolent to spin around and raise another air shield, the crystalline air deflecting the invisible spell with no difficulty once more.

Mevolent called a fire ball and hurled it at Voldemort, who waved his wand and muttered under his breath, and a shimmering shield of his own appeared around him. The fire ball exploded against the wizard's defense, and blasted him back a few paces.

Before Voldemort could recover, Mevolent appeared in front of him and swung his blade at Voldemort, far faster than any normal human should be capable of. The greatest dark wizard, waved his wand, and his shield shimmered again and Mevolent's blade rammed into the defense and slid off, trailing sparks as the blade tore at it. While Mevolent's arm was extended, he left his chest unprotected. Voldemort smiled and wasted no time in dropping his shield and firing another killing curse at Mevolent's unprotected chest plate.

"No!" Mevolent shouted, calling his magic around him and summoning earth to aide him. The earth itself rippled up into the air and swallowed He Who Must Not Be Named's spell. Mevolent leapt back as the earth exploded, the residual death magic killing some of the few plants that remained in the courtyard.

Mevolent curled his left and and called fire again, now shooting a red hot jet at Voldemort, who's lip curled as he raised his wand and began to wave it once more, bright red and orange light pouring from the tip. The temperature in the courtyard increased drastically as Voldemort prepared to deliver the word of power.

"Fiendfyre!" Voldemort cried, a snake of flame, it's scales crimson and tongue orange and fangs golden, blasted forth from the elder wand's pale tip. The monstrous beats writhed with rage as You Know Who steered it in Mevolent's direction, of course clashing with his own flame. The serpent swallowed the jet as if were no more than a fly and blasted on forwards. Mevolent cursed and blasted himself into the air with burst of air. The snake turned, now gaining on him. Mevolent continued flying through the air, zipping about, evading towers and rubble with expert skill, and even so, the snake still followed after him, guided by Voldemort, who turned his wand to follow Mevolent when he could see him.

The fiery snake crashed through tower after tower, showering the battle field with rubble and debris. Mevolent stole a glance back at the serpent, which still loomed after him, now so close that Mevolent's armor was already beginning to scorch him. Voldemort saw this and let out a cry of demented glee. Mevolent looked down at Voldemort and scowled beneath his helmet. And then he smiled, and turned his path straight towards Riddle!

Voldemort's cackles of glee turned to a scream of frustration as he saw what Mevolent was doing. The armored mage flew at him at the speed of a bullet, and there was no stopping him! The snake wasn't going to get him before Mevolent reached him, Voldemort realized with a start!

"Damn You!" He shouted, then swinging his wand again and cutting off the spell's power. The snake screeched and exploded, propelling Mevolent towards Voldemort even faster than Voldemort thought was possible! Now, with a wordless spell, Voldemort raised a shield just as Mevolent slammed head long into it.

Mevolent's skull caved inwards, and the rest of his bones simply shattered as if they were dry twigs. Mevolent slumped against the now smashed castle wall, his body screaming with agony. All of his bones were broken. Moving was impossible, for now.

Voldemort saw this, and laughed. His ugly cackle reached Mevolent's ears, and the starter of the war wheezed repeatedly, in what sounded like a chuckle.

"The fool laughs in the face of death... how insulting. Suffer, Mevolent! Crucio! Crucio! Crucio!" Voldemort's mouth twitched as he spat these unforgivable curses with as much venom as a man such as himself was capable of emitting.

The first wave of pain crashed into Mevolent like a freight train. The dark lord's body convulsed roughly, and he hissed out a scream, a scream of a man who knew nothing but pain. The second wave hit him just as hard if not harder, evoking a similar scream.

But before the third curse reached him, Mevolent's arm had healed. The bones had simply put themselves back together. And the rest of his body was following suit. And fast. His legs healed, and then his chest filled back in. Now, just as the curse was about to reach him, Mevolent grabbed for the second of his weapons. His trump card, The Magic Sucker. Mevolent's fingers closed around it, and he activated it. The crucio curse was absorbed into it, simply gone forever.

By the time Voldemort realized what happened, Mevolent was up again, storming towards Voldemort with fury powering his steps. Voldemort raised his wand, and waved it in that zig zag pattern once again. Green light, far more intense than it had ever been poured from the wand.

"AVADA KEDAVERA!" Voldemort shouted, blasting a cruel bolt of emerald energy at Mevolent, who raised the device in the path of Voldemort's attack. The killing curse poured into the Magic Sucker, which glowed and absorbed the power of the spell. With a flash of light so bright that both parties had to look away, the spell was gone, absorbed by the magic sucker.

But the spell wasn't the only thing that was absorbed. As Voldemort prepared to throw another spell, he suddenly felt weak. He waved his wand and called the curse's name, but nothing happened. He tried again. And again. And finally, Voldemort let out a scream of fear, rage and confusion. His magic had never failed him before... so why wasn't it working now?

And then, Mevolent began to laugh. His laugh, was melodic and murderous. More like a threat on happiness, than a revelation of it.

"The magic sucker drains magic itself, Voldemort. You can't use magic any more. You, just like the rest of your forces, are powerless." Mevolent jeered, now calmly strolling towards the dark wizard.

Realization hit Voldemort like a bullet train. Of all the emotions that welled up within Tom Marvolo Riddle, one was most prominent. Rage. Voldemort grabbed a rock from the ground and rushed Mevolent, releasing a scream of unadulterated anger!

Beneath his helmet, Mevolent's face twisted in brutal grin. Just as Voldemort reached him, Mevolent thrust the God Killer Sword through Voldemort's chest, stopping him cold. Voldemort continued to scream, spit and beat at Mevolent's armor, but it was to no avail. Mevolent bore down on the hilt of the sword, and drove the blade into the ground, forcing Riddle to his knees. But still Voldemort fought. His malice, venom and hatred pushed him onward. He struck Mevolent again, with such force that the rock he'd been beating him with, shattered into a thousand pieces.

"Shut up!" Mevolent roared, as he thrust out his left hand and called upon his magic once more. Voldemort fell silent as the very air in his lungs and throat began to expand. After an agonizing second, Voldemort's throat burst open. Chunks of organ meat and Voldemort's dark blood splattered against Mevolent's armor. But the armored mage wasn't done. Not just yet.

He tore his sword out of Voldemort's chest, and before the body could fall, swung it again, now decapitating the dark lord, sweeping his head from his shoulders with one brutal swipe. Mevolent's hand shot out and grabbed the dark lord's head by his smooth scalp, which was now stained with grit and blood.

"What a fool." Mevolent said to himself before turning to face his troops.

He held the head aloft, and let out a cry of victory.


  • Mevolent is seen tossing Voldemorts head in the air and catching it, while his troops attack the Death Eaters
  • The Death Eaters Apparate away to escape Mevolent's forces, However, Severus Snape picks the Elder Wand before leaving.


Mercer: Hostile Take-Over. I like it.

Necro: Mevolent and Lord Voldemort were both very powerful wizards in their own right, and its clear that this match had a LOT to unpack. First off, Mevolent and Voldemort were quite even in the terms of arsenal and versatility, as Mevolent's elemental magic could do pretty much anything Voldemort's magic could do. Both could fly and use telekinesis, create shields and use various projectile based attacks. So, on paper, these two seemed evenly matched.

Mercer: But when we looked further into both fighters, we found that this wasn't quite as even as we first thought. When it came to power, both have pulled off, or can scale to some very, very impressive feats. On Voldemort's end, his best feat comes from destroy the shield around Hogwarts, which, when considering the size of the school, we found that he would have to be able to hit with 161 tons of TNT at his peak. We can say this, as Voldemort was exhausted after pulling this off.

Necro: And on Mevolent's end of things, he fought with Darquesse, and beat her pretty handily. Earlier on in Darquesse's career, she'd been exhausted and was in a near death state, but was still able to destroy one quarter of Roarhaven, a large city with ease. Assuming size of Dublin, a city which bears many similarities to Roarhaven, has an area of 117.79266km^2, we found that Darquesse's attack would have had to have been at least 2712.5 meters wide. (Her blast was the size of a quarter of Roarhaven, hence the number) Creating a blast of this size is equivalent to about 1.60 Megatons of TNT, which makes darquesse, and Mevolent by extension, 106 times more powerful than the Little Boy bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima! And given that this attack was literally compared to a nuclear blast, we find this comparison to be reasonable. This feat alone makes Mevolent, who scales way above this, a minimum of 9962 times more powerful than Voldemort!

Mercer: And I can already here everyone asking: "But Mercer! Voldemort fought evenly with Dumbledore, who created a fog over London, which would take around 4 Kilotons of TNT. Why wouldn't Voldemort scale to that?" And the answer is pretty simple. First off, Dumbledore was much younger and in his prime when he pulled off this feat. Voldemort has only ever fought old Dumbledore, who was very much past his prime. And, Voldemort was pretty much unable to outmatch him. Not to mention, Voldemort was exhausted after blowing the shield off of Hogwarts, and the yield of that feat is around 25 times lesser than Dumbledore's prime. And finally, what about the whole "Voldemort is more powerful than Grindlewald" argument? Simply put, we have not found any proof, other than that statement that proves Voldemort to be more powerful. In terms of skill, it's clear that he's far above Grindlewald, but none of Voldemort's feats really come any where close to Grindlewald's, so such an assumption seems very shaky to us.

Necro: So now, it's time to cover speed. Voldemort's best speed feat comes from flying over a large section of Hogwarts very quickly. Judging from the size of the towers, and the length of Voldemort's smoke trail, he had to have been flying at around 100 miles per hour (mph). Not to bad for a mostly dead dark wizard! But, Mevolent's speed was a little more difficult to nail down. His best feat comes from moving faster than Darquesse could perceive. To find out how fast that is, we needed to know just how fast Darquesse's perception really is. Darquesse was assaulted by the Irish military, and was caught in a mortar strike. She witnessed the explosion in slow motion. Now, we need some form of a time frame for this. Heavy Explosive shells, which were most likely used when considering the situation, tend to have a muzzel velocity of 101m/s. The minimum range of the mortars used by the Irish military is 200 meters. The reason this is reasonable is because of how quickly the rest of the army reached Darquesse after the mortar strike, as well as this all happening before the rest of the shells could reach her, which reached her around a couple seconds after the first shot. So, our timeframe is 1.98 seconds, and the shrapnel velocity of these shells is around 1732m/s. So, this explosion could have happened twice over before the other shells reached her. This means Darquesse can perceive things at up to 3429m/s, or around 7671 miles per hour (mph). This made Mevolent, who could move much faster than this, around 77 times faster than Voldemort at the very least.

Mercer: But, another argument can be made. Voldemort supposedly flew from Hungary to a "safe place to apperate" to London in an unspecified span of time. There are two reasons this feat doesn't work. One, we have no clue how long this flight took him. And Two, Voldemort is consistently shown to be slower than Harry's Firebolt, which moves at around 150 miles per hour (mph). Therefore, he couldn't be, say, Mach 50, as we've seen thrown around a couple of times.

Necro: But all this proves is that Mevolent was the uncontested winner in a physical match. Which, while nice, wouldn't be enough to put Voldemort down for good. So, we had three questions left. Could Mevolent fully kill Voldemort, Could Voldemort kill Mevolent before he pulled out the Magic Sucker, which all but spelled doom for the Dark Wizard, and finally, could the Avada Kedavra kill Mevolent?

Mercer: To answer the first question, we need to look no further than Mevolent's sword, The God Killer Sword. From the way we look at it, given that the blade can kill actual Gods, we decided that Voldemort's Horcruxs didn't stack up, as he's really not comparable to Gods in anyway, shape or form.

Necro: And as for our second question, the answer is no. Mevolent often times just opens with the Magic Sucker, and given his massive speed advantage, Voldemort had NO chance of even casting a spell before Mevolent could pull that thing out and drain Voldemort's magic.

Mercer: Which left us with our final, and by far most frustrating question. Could the killing curse even kill Mevolent. And after back breaking research, we found that there was no decisive answer. Yes, the killing curse could kill any living thing instantly, but then again, Mevolent may not even be alive. Remember, it's very possible, hell, nearly outright stated that Mevolent went through the same undead-while still living process that Nefarian Serpine went through. This allowed him to come back from death until he was fully disintegrated by a god killing weapon. So, in short, we are rather unsure of that question's answer, but given all of Mevolent's other advantages, it didn't really matter in the long run.

Necro: And the final nail in Voldemort's coffin actually came from his magic. Voldemort's magic relied on two things. Focus, and movement. And while Voldemort is a master duelist, his magic was still a heavy bit slower than Mevolent's, as all he had to do was think about his spells, which is way faster than talking and waving your hand in some specific motion.

Mercer: So, in the end, while Voldemort certainly held some edges, like in his mobility and range for the most part, it just wasn't enough to stand up against Mevolent's superior firepower, physical stats, equipment, quicker access to his magic and surefire way to put down the dark lord gave him the win.

Necro: One more thing. While Voldemort's mental attacks were deadly, Imperio was unlikely to work, thanks to Mevolent's will, and it's unlikely that he would even have time to open with such an attack. Which he never really does anyway, thanks to his arrogance.

Mercer: Looks like Mevolent had all that he needed to spell doom for Voldemort.

Necro: The Winner Is Mevolent.


  • I greatly enjoyed working on this match up, mostly because I finally got to bring Skulduggery Pleasant character to this wiki, and because I felt that this was far, far better than Voldemort's first considered opponent. (Which was Skeletor)
  • I felt that the original prelude to the fight was far too long, so I shortened it. (Meaning, I deleted everything because I got bored with it and am kinda tired of just forcing all of my fights to have long preludes.)
  • The kill was originally supposed to be a reversed Killing Curse, but I felt that a more brutal kill would fit a match up like this.
  • Finding a track that I felt fit this fight was torture.

Original Track

The original track would be called 'Unnamed Faceless Evil', in reference to Mevolent's devotion to the Faceless Ones, and in reference to Voldemort's famous title of "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named". The track would be dark orchestral with a choir in the background, and some bits of heavy metal spread through out the fight. The track cover would feature Mevolent's helmet and a black robe hung underneath and around the bottom of the helmet with his sword crossed with Voldemort's wand behind it.

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