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Meta Knight VS Dark Pit
MetaKnightVSDarkPit Season3
Season 1, Episode 4
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Air date March 30th, 2016
Written by MagicRock
Directed by MagicRock
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Meta Knight VS Dark Pit is a What-If? Death Battle featuring Meta Knight from the Kirby series and Dark Pit from the Kid Icarus series.


Kirby VS Kid Icarus! Two dark-winged anti-heroes will engage in an epic sword fight! Will the mentor of Kirby be able to defeat Pit's tough doppelgänger?


(*Cues: Invader - Jim Johnston*)

Cress: Darkness. It gives us an essence of fear and mystery.

Talon: What it also gives us is two badass anti-heroes who look really similar to the hero. The dark side of them if you will.

Cress: Meta Knight, the masked Star Warrior.

Talon: And Dark Pit, the incomplete clone of Pit. He's Cress and I'm Talon...

Cress: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

Meta Knight[]

(*Cues: Old Odyssey 3 (Snow Area) - Kirby Triple Deluxe*)

Cress: Over a thousand years ago, an incredible war took place. The legendary Star Warriors fought against the wicked Nightmare for the fate of the whole universe. Luckily, good won, but not without major casualties... However, one Star Warrior stood out from the others. He traveled to the planet of Popstar waiting for the next chosen hero that would save the universe to come.

Talon: Hey! This badass has a name, and it's Meta Knight!

Cress: Meta Knight became loyal to the ruler of Dream Land, King Dedede, until the pink puffball and future savior of the universe, Kirby, arrived. He later became his mentor and trained him for the second battle with Nightmare.

(*Cues: Revenge of the Enemy - Kirby Triple Deluxe*)

Talon: And he did a pretty damn good job. I mean, Kirby destroyed Nightmare at his own game! Now you may think his training with Kirby would be done, but he still offers him a sword whenever they encounter each other on the opposite ends of good and evil.

Cress: Not to say Meta Knight is evil. It's just that his relationship with Kirby is a bit back and forth. First he's an ally, then he's a rival, then he's trying to take over Dream Land because it has a "lazy lifestyle" with his minions, the Meta-Knights-

Talon: Creative naming.

Cress: And his flying warship, the Halberd. The Halberd is equipped with laser beams, cannons, and even a robotic lobster called the Heavy Lobster.

Talon: Aren't Kirby and Meta Knight the same species?

Cress: Probably. Underneath that mask, he looks very similar to Kirby. He never wants Kirby to see this for unknown reasons, however. He probably just doesn't want Kirby knowing that they are related in some way.

Talon: Wow, what a dick. Anyway, Meta Knight wields his signature golden sword, Galaxia. Forged by the ruler of the fire people, Photron, this indestructible blade can pretty much cut through anything. However, only a chosen few are worthy to wield it, such as Kirby and Meta Knight.

(*Cues: Heavy Lobster - Kirby and the Rainbow Curse*)

Cress: Galaxia is incredibly powerful. It can even allow Meta Knight to fire off a projectile called the Sword Beam out of it. He can do this by channeling his power into his sword. Just by firing off one of these, he was able to create a gigantic crater in the ground, which also emits electricity somehow. The sword also can attack on it's own without the need of Meta Knight's control.

Talon: THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME! Here's another awesome thing! Meta Knight wears a cape called the Dimensional Cape. With this he can manipulate space.

Cress: By wrapping himself around with it, he can teleport around and even give off sneak attacks. He can also transform it into wings that he uses to easily fly around, even through space. But that's not the end of what the masked Star Warrior can do.

Talon: He can clone himself up to four times, making five Meta Knights in total. Each clone doing exactly what he does. You know what this means right? A FUCKING SWORD BEAM BARRAGE! Sadly, after each clone does a Sword Beam, it will disappear. They will also disappear if hit by any attack.

Cress: He can shoot out huge fireball and meteor projectiles from his sword, stab the ground to summon electrical shockwaves, spin and drill through opponents using Drill Rush, glide to extreme distances with Shuttle Loop, and heal any and all wounds with Heal. But then there is the Mach Tornado. There are three variations of the Mach Tornado. The first variation is a shield like tornado that surrounds Meta Knight. This attack focuses it's power around him, allowing him to violently ram into opponents.

Talon: Not destructive enough? Well then there is the second variation of his Mach Tornado allows him to stab his sword in the ground, summoning a huge tornado to be fired off in front of him tearing apart anything in it's way. Still not enough? Well, the third variation allows him to surround himself in a Mach Tornado, spin fast enough to then create ANOTHER and BIGGER Mach Tornado, that then splits into TWO Mach Tornados, obliterating everything surrounding him!

(*Cues: Vs. Marx - Super Smash Bros. Brawl*)

Cress: Now, while the Mach Tornado has shown little feats besides destroying everything in it's path, it's effect is similar to a copy ability of Kirby's called Crash.

Talon: And guess what Crash Kirby did? Destroy a fucking spaceship that was like a hundred times bigger than King Dedede's castle!

Cress: However, there is still one more powerful attack Meta Knight knows.

Talon: I guess you could say it's his FINAL attack. Eh, get it Cress?

Cress: Yes, and it sucked. Enter Galaxia Darkness, Meta Knight's ultimate sword technique. Using this, he covers his opponent with his Dimensional Cape, trapping them in complete darkness. Using Galaxia, he cuts his foe into two with an incredibly powerful slash.

Talon: No one can match him in the darkness.

Cress: Correct. While doing this move, he is still able to hit everyone who wasn't fully covered by his cape while also hitting the captive at the same time, somehow.

Talon: Now with all these impressive attacks, you would have to guess that Meta Knight would have some impressive feats. And you would be correct!

Cress: He's strong enough to prevent a huge Dedede statue that weighs thousands of tons from stepping on him using only his sword, tough enough to survive the vacuum of space, and fast enough to dodge lightning and travel from planet to planet in mere seconds. He can even go faster using one of his skills called Meta Quick, doubling his speed.

Talon: He's combatted Kirby on multiple occasions, always going toe-to-toe with him and he can even swing Galaxia at speeds faster than sound itself. Woah...

(*Cues: Vs. Meta Knight - Kirby's Epic Yarn*)

Cress: Also, living a thousand years and being in a war has given him great experience in combat, giving him a unique style of surprise, projectile, and speedy attacks. He was also believed to be the only Star Warrior left after the great war against Nightmare. With all that said and done, Meta Knight's greatest feat is when he challenged and defeated the greatest warrior in the galaxy, Galacta Knight.

Talon: How did he do this? Well, all he did was go into outer space and find a comet named Nova.

Cress: You make it sound simple.

Talon: Nova, allowing Meta Knight to make one wish, was asked if he could summon the strongest warrior in the galaxy.

Cress: And what did Meta Knight do when Galacta Knight was summoned?

Talon: He kicked his ass!

Cress: Hell yeah he did! Meta Knight is so well trained and powerful that he doesn't seem to have many weaknesses. Though, he does have a code of honor, always giving his opponent a sword unless it's a situation where he needs to win no matter what. Meta Knight also flees whenever his mask is broken or has fallen off. However, he only does this when he is fighting Kirby and would most likely not do this during a regular fight.

Talon: He also holds back a bit and doesn't use his full power against an opponent. This could lead to some difficulties during battle, but once he starts trying, you better look out!

King Dedede and Escargoon are driving up a hill in a tank when they are stopped by Meta Knight who is standing in the way.

King Dedede: Out of my way, Meta Knight!

Meta Knight: Sire, it is my duty to warn you. Kirby has great power now.

King Dedede: Yeah? Well who's the king around here, you or me?

Escargoon: Move it or lose it!

Meta Knight: It pains me to do this, sire. But I am afraid... I must.

Suddenly, Meta Knight kicks the tank, causing the front of it to go up and send it back down the hill. King Dedede and Escargoon start worrying about going backwards and argue a bit. The tank goes farther down the hill before falling off a cliff and crashing, causing an explosion.

Dark Pit[]

(*Cues: Chapter 20: Destroyed Skyworld - Kid Icarus: Uprising*)

Cress: After 25 years since the defeat of the Goddess of Darkness, Medusa, she was "somehow" revived so she could get a second chance to defeat her enemies, Pit and the Goddess of Light, Palutena.

Talon: If by "somehow," you mean that, SPOILERS, the real villain and Lord of the Underworld, Hades revived her. So the day had to be saved again by Pit.

Cress: One of Pit's missions was to defeat the Goddess of Calamity, Pandora and destroy a dangerous weapon called the Mirror of Truth. He encountered Pandora, in which they battled.

Talon: Noticing she was really bad at this "kill the angel" thing, Pandora decided to give up and give Pit the damn mirror. Pit started to run up to it and destroy it, but right before he broke it, a shadowy replica of him appeared in the mirror. Once the mirror was destroyed, a goth angel came out.

Cress: The angel that came out was the dark doppelgänger of Pit, Dark Pit.

Talon: Cress, we all know what his name really is.

Cress: Please don't-


(*Cues: Boss Fight 2 - Kid Icarus: Uprising*)

Cress: Ugh! Anyway, Dark Pit is the physical manifestation of Pit's dark side and looks almost identical to him. The only visible differences being his clothing, wings, and eye color. Oh, and that he can fly on his own due to absorbing Pandora's powers, unlike Pit.

Talon: And then the not so visible ones, such as his attitude. Now you might think he is all bad, but it turns out that Dark Pit is not actually evil.

Cress: You see, the Mirror of Truth was destroyed by Pit right before Dark Pit was complete. This made him not fight for Medusa but also not fight for Palutena.

Talon: So the only neutral character in this entire game, is a goth anti-hero that is very cocky?

Cress: Yup! Dark Pit can use a variety of weapons in battle and it's mostly chosen by the player on what he gets. However, he has been shown to prefer and use certain weapons in other media. A main theme with these weapons is that they can be fired rapid fire or can be charged for a charge shot.

(*Cues: Dark Pit's Theme - Kid Icarus: Uprising*)

Talon: Dark Pit's main weapon is his Silver Bow. Ironically, this bow is a prototype of a weapon that Pit uses called the Palutena Bow. Unlike most other bows, the shots it fires get weaker the farther they go, so he likes to stay up close. Speaking of stay up close, the bow can also be split apart to form two swords. He holds one of them normally and the other in a reverse grip.

Cress: This allows him to go from firing projectiles to slashing opponents quite easily. The shots of the Silver Bow also home in on targets. He also has the Electroshock Arm. This weapon covers his entire arm, and he can send out electrical projectiles that can paralyze foes. The charge shots expand the farther they go and a single hit from it can send an opponent flying backwards.

Talon: The Guardian Orbitars are two objects that float next to Dark Pit. They follow him around everywhere even while running and jumping. As the name implies, these weapons are for defense. They shield Dark Pit from both sides or can make one giant shield in front of him. These weapons also have the awesome ability to send projectiles right back at opponents.

Cress: The First Blade is, well, the first weapon you get at the beginning of the game. Being the first weapon you ever get, it is probably the most balanced weapon. It can switch from sword to gun mode extremely quickly and Dark Pit makes great use of it.


Cress: And you wondered why I asked if I should talk about this...

Talon: I'm good... I've calmed down now... The EZ Cannon is basically what I was screaming about. A giant cannon on Dark Pit's arm that he can use to fire bouncing, homing shots. He can also easily use the cannon as a melee weap- Ok what the fu-

Cress: THE VIOLET PALM is a tattoo like weapon that covers Dark Pit's arm. It fires it's shots using the vitality of Dark Pit. In doing so, it can fire strong, quick, and homing projectiles. The downside is that it has horrible melee attacks and the projectiles don't go as far as some of his other weapons.

Talon: I guess you could call it a VIOLENT PALM!

Cress: Do you know how done I am with you?

Talon: Who cares what you think? The Ogre Club is probably the strongest weapon in Pittooey's arsenal. With very strong melee attacks, a few hits can lead into a huge advantage. But being the strongest comes at a price. For the Ogre Club, it's that it is slow and also has a slow, yet strong, projectile.

Cress: The Pandora Claws are two claws imbued in a blue flame that are based off of, you guessed it, Pandora herself. While Dark Pit has never used these outside of the player choosing them, it should be reminded that Dark Pit has absorbed the remains of Pandora, so it seems reasonable that he could be able to wield these.

Talon: That, and he doesn't have a set of claws he has used before in battle. With the Pandora Claws, Dark Pit can create an extremely hot blockade that looks like Pandora and can also do a multi-hit combo that can knock opponents into the air. The downside to these is that the projectile attacks lose their power the farther they go.

Cress: Lastly is his iconic weapon, the Dark Pit Staff. Originally made alongside Dark Pit from the Mirror of Truth, this dark staff is capable of firing shots from very far distances. In fact, the farther the shots go, the stronger they are. This makes it an excellent sniping weapon but extremely poor when battling up close.

(*Cues: Magnus's Theme - Kid Icarus: Uprising*)

Talon: Now that's a lot of weapons! He isn't just versatile, however. He's strong enough to take down a weakened Underworld Gatekeeper with a single kick. Damn! That's impressive! Especially when the THREE SACRED TREASURES had no effect against it!

Cress: Dark Pit has defeated the likes of Amazon Pandora and the Soul-Eating Monster, is fast enough to dodge lightning, and is even able to survive the vacuum of space and atmospheric reentry.

Talon: Do you think we are done with Pittoo's strengths? Guess again!

Cress: Being the exact copy of Pit, they share most, if not, all of the same strengths.

Talon: Regular Pit was capable of defeating Gods such as Medusa, Thanatos, and Hades. Heck, Pit survived getting hit by the Lord of the Underworld himself, and he destroyed multiple small mountains during his fight with Pit.

Cress: Pit has also flown through space, going from constellation to constellation. Though, to be fair, these constellations are actually a lot smaller than you might think. Dark Pit also most likely has the same experience in combat as regular Pit.

Talon: You can tell, considering he has fought Pit on multiple occasions.

Cress: Though Dark Pit is one of the smarter characters in the Kid Icarus universe, he is cocky, reckless, and very aggressive. This can lead to things such as losing to Pit over and over again. He even lost against Pit when he had the advantage of flight.


Cress: Yeah, like I said, cocky, reckless, and very aggressive. I mean, he even forgot he couldn't fly anymore even though he literally took down the Goddess that got him his Power of Flight in the first place just a few minutes ago.

Talon: Did we also mention that if Pit dies, so does he? It's their special link. Like if they were twins!

Cress: They basically ARE twins. The only difference is that Dark Pit is 25 years younger. Luckily, he won't have to worry about Pit dying today. But even with all that, Dark Pit has shown us one thing.

Talon: This edgy angel can kick some serious ass!

Pit runs into a chamber and suddenly stops, seeing Dark Pit in front of him.

Pit: Pittoo!

Dark Pit: Seriously, that is the last time I want to hear "Pittoo!"


Cress: Alright, the combatants are set! Let's end this debate, once and for all!


MKVSDP Combatants Set


Dream Land


(*Cues: A Visitor From Afar - Kirby's Return to Dream Land*)

The peaceful land known as Dream Land always had something new everyday. Especially when it came to the enemies that invaded it. A crazy jester? Check. A reality warping magician? Check. A bee queen? Check. Invaders from space? Maybe someday.

However, this was one of the few days where it stayed peaceful throughout the day. But if you looked up at the sky, you would see a flying fortress armed with wings, guns, and a mask at the front. This was the Battleship Halberd in all it's glory. Who would pilot such a flying warship in the middle of a nice day?

Battleship Halberd

(*Cues: Meta Knight's Revenge - Super Smash Bros. Brawl*)

If you walked up to the deck of the flying ship, which ironically also looked like a battlefield, you would see a small, round object standing on the edge, looking into the distance. The mysterious being had a blue cape wrapped all around him and had a metal mask on similar to the one on the Halberd. This was none other than the masked Star Warrior, Meta Knight, who was just going out for a stroll.

The Star Warrior's yellow, glowing eyes looked far out into the distance. He was perhaps hoping to find a worthy opponent today? Well, whatever he was looking for, it didn't take long for trouble to appear.

Suddenly, a large blast of pure plasma was headed straight for Meta Knight. "Will I ever find a challenge?" thought the Star Warrior. The masked Star Warrior continued to look into the distance before wrapping himself around his cape, disappearing into thin air. When he reappeared in the exact same spot, he turned around to see an army of pink, one-eyed creatures floating in mid-air.

This was like any other day for him. The one-eyed creatures shot more plasma blasts at Meta Knight, who dodged all of them easily. With a flash, the masked Star Warrior took out a golden, six-edged sword from under his cape. The legendary sword Galaxia was pointed directly at Meta Knight's new opponents.

Meta Knight jumped into the air with his cape now revealing his lower half of his body. The cape then transformed into a pair of bat-like wings that were now making the masked Star Warrior fly in the air. He quickly dashed forward at incredible speeds, slashing at the new enemies he has encountered.

Dozens of flying creatures started falling to the ground, all split in two from a single slice of Galaxia. The bodies then turned into a pure white before disappearing, as if these were fodder like a lot of Meta Knight's other "challenges."

With only one flying eye monster left, Meta Knight flew forward with a vertical slash, absolutely destroying the poor creature in the blink of an eye.

However, from in between the eye monsters two parts came a dark energy shot in the form of an arrow. Meta Knight, taking notice of the next obstacle in his way, used his cape to teleport out of the way.

(*Cues: Boss Battle 1 - Kid Icarus: Uprising*)

Reappearing in front of the sliced enemy, Meta Knight looked back to see it turn white and disappear into thin air like the others. When he looked back in front, he surprisingly saw a boy dressed in black coming right at him with a downwards kick. Luckily, the masked Star Warrior blocked the incoming kick with his sword and pushed forward to knock him off. The young boy landed perfectly onto the ground, preparing to shoot another arrow with his silver colored bow. He had dark-black wings and seemed to be itching for a fight.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" asked Meta Knight, who also landed on the ground. In response, the boy told him "The name's Dark Pit. I've gotten bored lately and have been looking for a challenge. Let's see how long you'll last!"

Dark Pit then releases the dark arrow, causing it to fly towards the masked Star Warrior. "A challenge...?" asked Meta Knight, who teleports out of the way with his cape.

Meta Knight reappears right behind the flawed clone of Pit, saying "Then maybe I can meet your expectations. I am Meta Knight."

Suddenly, Dark Pit turns around and disconnects his bow into what looks to be two separate swords. He holds one with one hand and the other in reverse and charges at Meta Knight, striking the blades downwards. Meta Knight acts fast and blocks the incoming attacks. He pushes forward once again before thrusting Galaxia forward, in which Dark Pit backflips out of the way.

Dark Pit lands a considerable distance away from his newfound opponent, who is preparing for battle in a combat stance. Dark Pit does the same, putting one sword over his head and the other to his side with his back facing his opponent.

"Come get some!"


(*Cues: Gourmet Race - Super Smash Bros. Brawl*)

Meta Knight made the first move, sending flurries of fast sword strikes and jabs that were all aimed for the dark angel. Dark Pit acted quickly, blocking most of the strikes and counterattacking with his own. They kept matching each others attacks until Dark Pit leaped backwards into the air, which caught the masked Star Warrior off guard.

Dark Pit's wings glowed a bright purplish color. He smirked as he began to fly in midair, putting both of his blades of his Silver Bow together. Dark Pit began to fly away from Meta Knight while also shooting out dozens of arrows at the Star Warrior. "Try and catch me!" yelled the flying Dark Pit.

Meta Knight responded to this taunt by transforming his cape into a pair of wings, preparing to go after the dark clone of Pit. "I accept your challenge," he replied.

Meta Knight gave chase to Dark Pit, dodging all the arrow shots that Dark Pit had fired off. The Star Warrior thought it would be a fine time to counterattack. Galaxia's tip began glowing a hot-red color. This was fitting, as Meta Knight started to fire off actual fireballs from the sword! Each fireball, aimed at an arrow, clashing and causing an explosion. This surprised Dark Pit, who immediately stopped firing arrows.

"Nice tricks, but I'm just getting started!" Dark Pit exclaimed. He put his Silver Bow away... Somewhere, and took out a sword-like weapon with a hilt that made it also look like a a gun. This was Dark Pit's First Blade.

Meta Knight had finally caught up with Dark Pit. They were near a huge mountain and were almost at the top. Dark Pit, now realizing his foe had caught up, shot a charged energy shot from his First Blade at Meta Knight. Unsurprisingly, the Star Warrior quickly evaded the projectile. Meta Knight then tackled into Dark Pit, causing them to crash onto the mountain.

Mountain Top

Upon landing, Meta Knight had Dark Pit pinned down to the floor, with his sword's tip near the dark angel's throat.

"You've much yet to learn," Meta Knight taunted. His sword began glowing brightly as if it was charging up for a powerful attack. "This ends here..." Meta Knight sadly remarked.

Dark Pit seeing the situation he is in now, refused to be defeated so easily. "It's not over!" shouted Dark Pit. Meta Knight surprised by this claim, got kicked high into the air. Dark Pit quickly got up and flew past the the launched Star Warrior. The dark angel began slashing his First Blade at Meta Knight, who stopped after the first strike, getting hit multiple times before being slashed vertically downwards, causing the Star Warrior to slam into the ground.

Dark Pit then aimed his First Blade at the fallen Meta Knight, firing a giant energy shot at him. This caused an explosion that covered almost the entire top of the mountain, even cracking it a bit. Dark Pit flew back down to see nothing but smoke in the area. Slowly walking up, Dark Pit was prepared for his opponent to get stand back up.

Suddenly, the smoke all cleared from a wind blast. Meta Knight flew out of the smoke preparing a strike downwards towards the clone of Pit. Dark Pit, being prepared beforehand, put his First Blade above him to guard against the strike. However, one thing he didn't think would have happened, happened.


The First Blade was sliced cleanly into two separate pieces! "No!" exclaimed the surprised Dark Pit. Before Dark Pit could take back out his Silver Bow, Meta Knight grabbed the angel with his hand...

And repeatedly stomped on him for a few sends. Meta Knight then quickly threw Dark Pit to the other side of the mountain. Dark Pit got up slowly with his eye wincing in pain. He now noticed that Meta Knight had his sword high into the air and knew this wasn't going to be good. The Star Warrior kept charging up with his sword in the air before stabbing it into the ground and unleashing a devastating attack.

A tornado locked directly onto Dark Pit!

(*Cues: Chapter 14: Lightning Battle - Kid Icarus: Uprising*)

Dark Pit, noticing the huge Mach Tornado coming directly at him, took action and took out a knew weapon he had not used. The tornado was homing onto the angel, who now had a new toy to try out. Suddenly, the new weapons Dark Pit took out summoned a giant shield in front of him. The new weapons were none other than Dark Pit's Guardian Orbitars! The two floating shield looking weapons' mirror reflected the tornado straight back at Meta Knight!

"Intriguing..." Meta Knight muttered. The Star Warrior started to spin in place at a swift pace, gathering the wind around him. After a few seconds, Meta Knight's entire body was covered in a fast moving wind. The Star Warrior is transforming himself into a Mach Tornado for an ultimate clash! Meta Knight moved at intense speeds at the reflected Mach Tornado, obliterating it in a single hit.

Dark Pit, now dumbfounded that his opponent just won a clash with the reflected Mach Tornado so easily, fires another giant shield in front of him. Meta Knight's new Mach Tornado gets a direct hit against the new obstacle in it's path, but it doesn't get reflected. Instead, it's pushing against it, cracking the mirror little by little over time.

Dark Pit is now even more surprised that his opponent is this strong to resist his Guardian Orbitars' shield. However, he had a plan.

Dark Pit put away his Guardian Oribitars away, and took out a huge club with spikes pointing out of it. The dark angel held his Ogre Club tightly as he got ready to swing. Seconds later, Meta Knight has almost cracked the whole mirror. Dark Pit, still getting ready to swing, is now wondering if this was such a good idea. And finally, the mirror has cracked! Meta Knight's Mach Tornado goes straight through and is about to hit Dark Pit when...


Dark Pit launched Meta Knight flying off the top of the mountain!

"Nice try!" Dark Pit exclaimed in relief. However, the fight wasn't over yet, and Dark Pit knew that. He went flying towards where he had launched the Star Warrior.


Meta Knight crashes into a large pond, making the water and even some fish fly out from it. He pokes his head out of the water and grabs his sword that he lost grip of when he crashed. "Hm, he's stronger than I thought..." Meta Knight claimed, pondering to himself.

Dark Pit lands near the pond, putting away his Ogre Club and taking out... A generator of some sort? Whatever it was, it had electricity flowing through it. This was Dark Pit's Electroshock Arm.

"Had enough?" Dark Pit taunted to Meta Knight. The masked Star Warrior got out of the water and threw his cape backwards. "Your power is only matched by your cocky attitude. I will fix that," replied the still wet Meta Knight.

Meta Knight lunged forward with Galaxia, aiming straight for Dark Pit's stomach. Dark Pit replied by shooting out a giant electrical ball in front of him, catching Meta Knight off guard. Being wet and having a metal mask didn't really help him out, as now he was struggling a bit to get back up. While Meta Knight was getting up however, he was punched far backwards by an uppercut from the angel's Electroshock Arm. This caused the Star Warrior to crash into a nearby wall that also caused it to crack a bit.

Dark Pit followed this up by firing off rapid fire electrical shots the Star Warrior, who was still having trouble getting up. The blue orbs of electricity homed onto Meta Knight, each making their mark and continuously smacking him into the wall over and over. It didn't stop until Dark Pit decided to rush in for another dashing uppercut.

"Take this!" yelled the angel. Noticing that Meta Knight was backed up against a wall, he tried hitting him with one final uppercut. Dark Pit dashed forward preparing his uppercut. Getting close enough for him to attack, he swung his arm upwards and heard crashing noise.

He saw that he had hit the wall! The angel knew that he had blown his chance at finishing Meta Knight off, and was angry about missing. Though, he stayed focused on the battle and tried to find his foe who had escaped.

"Fight me!" Dark Pit angrily shouted.

"If you want to continue..." said an echoing, familiar voice. Dark Pit turned around and aimed his Electroshock Arm at the newly found Meta Knight. "Come..." Meta Knight taunted while making a "come at me" gesture with his sword.

(*Cues: Focal Line - Hyrule Warriors*)

Dark Pit obliged, dashing forward to try and land his uppercut again. Like before, he hit something alright. It just wasn't the target he was hoping for. Dark Pit had hit a rock and missed his opponent yet again.

Nothing but silence appeared after that. Dark Pit kept tiptoeing and turning slowly, trying to be careful while looking for his somehow energized opponent.

When all of a sudden, Meta Knight reappeared in front of the dark angel.


Before Dark Pit could finish his sentence, Meta Knight slashed at Dark Pit's Electroshock Arm, cutting it into two pieces and destroying another one of the angel's weapons. "Not again!" yelled a surprised Dark Pit. "You're too careless," replied Meta Knight, who started to warp again.

Dark Pit, now defenseless and having no idea when Meta Knight will strike again, decides to fly in the air. His wings flash purple as he takes flight, flying away from the pond. Suddenly, the angel was tackled all the way back to the ground by Meta Knight, who had reappeared in front of him. A large "THUD!" noise can be heard, with Dark Pit struggling to get Meta Knight off of him. He attempts to kick Meta Knight off once like he did earlier, but the Star Warrior teleports out of the way, avoiding the kick.

Dark Pit quickly jumps back onto his feet and attempts to take out yet another one of his weapons. Meta Knight suddenly appears in front of Dark Pit, scaring the angel. In a swift motion, Meta Knight ran behind the angel and slashed Galaxia at his backside. He moved so quickly that an afterimage of himself appeared behind him. Dark Pit screamed in pain, but he wasn't going to be defeated now.

The Star Warrior warped from his spot once again, which confused Dark Pit on why he keeps doing so. Dark Pit quickly took out his Ogre Club again and prepared for Meta Knight to reappear. He would probably go for his blind spot, right? Dark Pit closed his eyes and tried to focus on the situation at hand. With this probably being his last shot at a comeback, he held onto the Ogre Club tightly. Dark Pit was nervous and sweating. Like, a lot.

The water was perfectly calm and still. Until...


A sword and club were blocking each other's attack. The sheer force of the clash made the water jump and the earth beneath to crack. Dark Pit had successfully predicted in Meta Knight's next strike, which surprised the Star Warrior and even surprising himself too.

"Nicely done. However, how much longer can you keep this up?" asked Meta Knight. The angel became silent for a few moments before speaking up.

"Long enough."

Dark Pit, who was struggling to keep up with the clash with both hands, let go of his Ogre Club with his left hand. This might seem like a foolish move, but Dark Pit had an idea. Meta Knight, now confused, could only think "What is he up to?"

Dark Pit's left hand grabbed into his nonexistent pocket, and what he brought out made Meta Knight even more confused. It was nothing more than a rainbow colored tattoo on Dark Pit's arm.

However, it was more than just a tattoo. It was a Violet Palm. Dark Pit aimed his palm towards the masked Star Warrior's face. "Take this!" Dark Pit shouted, before firing off a point blank rainbow colored energy blast directly at Meta Knight's face. The result of the attack pushed Meta Knight back a bit so Dark Pit could catch his breath.

"You have two weapons now?" asked Meta Knight. Dark Pit aimed his Violet Palm at the Star Warrior while also preparing a swing with his Ogre Club. "Another astute observation by the great flying and teleporting knight," replied Dark Pit.

"If you want to go double..." Meta Knight told while lifting his sword in the air. Dark Pit got ready to defend for what he was planning. Except Meta Knight wasn't planning to attack the angel. Instead, he pulled his sword back down.

In doing so, a blue aura left Meta Knight's body, transforming itself above the Star Warrior. The aura turned into an object that resembled Meta Knight himself. Actually, it didn't just resemble him, it was a full on clone of him! "Then so shall I!" finished Meta Knight. Dark Pit frowned, seeing as how ironic this was for him.

Meta Knight jumped outwards, with his clone following after him. He attempted to slash at Dark Pit's stomach, but the angel defended in time with his Ogre Club. However, that didn't stop Meta Knight's clone from attacking Dark Pit from behind, slashing at his back. Dark Pit had to deal with two opponents using two weapons. He retaliated against the clone, firing off a charged energy blast at it which launched it backwards.

Meta Knight took this chance to break Dark Pit's guard by pushing forwards, which surprised Dark Pit. Meta Knight decided to stab underneath Dark Pit at his left leg. Dark Pit read the masked Star Warrior's attempt to attack, and jumped over the stab. He attempted to slam his Ogre Club on top of Meta Knight, but Meta Knight dodged the attack. The Ogre Club crashed into the ground and caused rocks to fly everywhere.

With Dark Pit being vulnerable, the blue colored clone of Meta Knight flew back towards the angel and shot a point blank fireball from Galaxia. Hitting Dark Pit in the head, he was knocked backwards, setting him up for another attack. Meta Knight continued the combo, kicking Dark Pit in the gut and sending him flying higher into the air.

Dark Pit catches himself after flying in the air for a bit. Meta Knight quickly tries to fly up to him. Dark Pit activates flight as his wings turn purple. He starts firing off rapid fire energy blasts from his Violet Palm. Doing flips and spins, Meta Knight manages to dodge all of the energy shots. This allowed him to meet up at Dark Pit's level, who had stopped attacking. The Star Warrior's clone gets up to their level too, being behind Dark Pit.

"You are indeed skilled," claimed Meta Knight. "You are too, but you're going down, Meta Joker!" Dark Pit replied, angrily. He was obviously really hyped up to continue this fight.

(*Cues: Meta Knight's Revenge - Remix - Kirby Super Star*)

To bring back to the action, Dark Pit turned around and charged at the Meta Knight clone. He and the clone started to engage in a duel. Obviously, Meta Knight wondered why he went for the clone and not him. A few seconds passed before he realized he was going for the easier target first. He decided to land on the ground to rest. He flashed a white glow, and suddenly, all his wounds started to disappear completely. This was all thanks to his Heal technique. All Meta Knight needed to do now was think of a strategy...

Meanwhile, Dark Pit goes for a heavy blow with his Ogre Club, in which the Meta Knight clone dodges. The clone spins with his sword while flying above the angel, trying to get a hit off somewhere. Dark Pit blocks every hit, and tries hit the clone with another strong swing of his weapon. He connects the attack, sending the clone flying and quickly fires off a charged energy blast, not from the Violet Palm, but the Ogre Club itself. The energy blast was a sphere of pure darkness, and it hit it's target. The resulting explosion absolutely obliterated the clone of Meta Knight in a single devastating shot, leaving nothing but a blue aura left that was dispersing.

Dark Pit looks back at who his real opponent is and sees that he is concentrating with his sword in the air. The angel is scared that he is going to have to deal with another clone, so he tries to fire another dark energy blast from the Ogre Club.

Meta Knight now seeing that his clone was not strong enough to defeat his rival, finishes raising his sword in the air. Dark Pit's projectile attack is closing in on Meta Knight, but he now realizes that Meta Knight will just make another clone before the attack can hit.

Except that wasn't the case.

Meta Knight slashed downwards and all of a sudden, a white slash projectile came out of the sword. This was the Sword Beam, and it was about to make a clash with the dark energy blast Dark Pit had shot out. It was no contest. The Sword Beam sliced the energy blast into two, making it explode. Now it was a collision course for Dark Pit. "What!?" Dark Pit questioned loudly. Meta Knight replied by just turning around.

Now realizing that just about anything can come from his opponent, Dark Pit knew he couldn't move out of the way in time and he had to act fast. The Sword Beam was just about to hit the angel when...

Dark Pit put up a shield using his Guardian Orbitars! "I think you forgot something!" taunted Dark Pit. Meta Knight continued to look back for a few seconds, before turning slightly to his left and replying to Dark Pit.

"Did I?"

The response confused the dark angel. Suddenly, Meta Knight turned towards the Sword Beam that was just about to hit him and lifted his cape upwards. It looked as if space itself was inside it. He lifted it high enough that it was almost triple his size and the Sword Beam went inside the cape. The Star Warrior puts his cape back down. Both Dark Pit and Meta Knight just exchange stares.

Dark Pit was almost speechless. "What did you ju-"

But before Dark Pit could finish his sentence, a sudden opening in space appeared to his left side. The crack in space shot out a projectile that looked very familiar. It was the exact same Sword Beam!

Dark Pit acted fast, and just narrowly avoided the projectile. But the same couldn't be said about his weapons. Both his Guardian Oribitars and Ogre Club were cut in two! Dark Pit looks at the handle of his now destroyed Ogre Club and throws it away.

"You really like destroying this stuff, don't you?" Dark Pit angrily questioned. "I do what I can to seek victory," Meta Knight answered. Dark Pit was down four weapons and now needed to bring out a new one. The Violet Palm itself just won't cut it.

"Well I guess it's time to bring out this then," Dark Pit called out. He put away his Violet Palm and took two weapons. One on each hand, these claws burnt a blue color and had eyes on the back of them. They were the Pandora Claws.

Dark Pit decided to fly away from the pond that they were still at, probably hoping to find a better area to fight. He wasn't wrong. The area was pretty much destroyed from the two anti-heroes' battle. Meta Knight took notice of Dark Pit leaving, transformed his cape into wings again, and chased after the angel.

However, Dark Pit didn't expect his opponent to catch up to him that quickly. The Star Warrior was shining again. A trail of sparkles left Meta Knight, as he moved so fast that afterimages of himself appeared behind him. This technique was Meta Knight's Meta Quick. Before Dark Pit could even react, he was stabbed multiple times in the stomach. The pain was unbearable and he couldn't do anything to keep up with his foe.

The stabbing stopped however, and Dark Pit regained balance to combat the Star Warrior. But no one was around him. He turned around and noticed the area that he and Meta Knight first met.

The Halberd.

"He's probably back there," Dark Pit thought. The dark angel began his flight back towards the flying warship. A few seconds later while flying, a familiar face teleported right in front of him. It was Meta Knight in all his glory. The two didn't speak a word to each other.

All you could hear now was just the wind whistling in the air. Meta Knight broke the silence, and started firing off meteors from Galaxia before charging towards the angel. Dark Pit acted smart however, and summoned a giant, red fireball in front of him out of the Pandora Claws. Catching Meta Knight by surprise, the meteors dissipated upon contact against the fire defense. It wasn't a surprise that Meta Knight too flew into the fireball.

From hitting the defensive attack, Meta Knight was launched backwards a bit. He shook his head and looked back up, opening his eyes. He was met with a slash to the face from a Pandora Claw. Dark Pit followed up the combo by swiftly slashing with his other claw and kicking Meta Knight. The angel finished it by clawing the Star Warrior upwards twice with both of his claws downwards.

Battleship Halberd

The result of Dark Pit's assault made Meta Knight crash into a window of the Halberd. It was the bridge of the flying warship. Meta Knight looked up and saw a steering wheel and the broken window he was knocked into. He looked out the window to see that the Halberd was falling downwards. The Halberd was crashing. Meta Knight continued to look out the window and saw something.

What he saw was his opponent crashing into the window too!

(*Cues: Galacta Knight - Remix - Kirby Super Star Ultra*)

Dark Pit broke through and tried clawing at the Star Warrior again with a downwards strike. Meta Knight quickly responded by rolling backwards, dodging the attack, and slashed the angel with Galaxia. Dark Pit blocked the attack with both Pandora Claws at just the last second. However, the resulting force knocked both anti-heroes out of the window.

They both continued to slash at each other. The flurry of the attacks would seem invisible to any normal person, but these two countered each others blows perfectly. The clash between them was interrupted however, as they almost hit the ground. Dark Pit quickly pushed Meta Knight off of him before crashing onto the ground. He put on hand down and caught himself before jumping up and landing across Meta Knight, who had also just landed. The angel looked to his side and saw that the battleship was losing altitude.

"Oh sorry, did I do that?" mocked Dark Pit, who was putting away his Pandora Claws. He took out a large, white cannon that he put on his entire right arm. This huge weapon was called the EZ Cannon.

"Another weapon?" Meta Knight thought. "I wonder what he'll show me this time."

The battle on top the falling warship began. Dark Pit shot out rapid fire cannonballs from the EZ Cannon, all homing in on Meta Knight. The Star Warrior acted fast however, and cut multiple cannonballs in half as well as dodge them. Meta Knight continued the projectile war and started shooting multiple fireballs from Galaxia. Dark Pit saw the fireballs coming and decided to fire a giant cannonball at them. Upon hitting one of Meta Knight's fireballs, the cannonball exploded, destroying the rest of the fireballs around it.

Thick smoke covered the area in between the two combatants. Meta Knight continued to look forwards. Suddenly, from the smoke, Dark Pit came out and tried to combat closely to the Star Warrior. He swung his EZ Cannon at Meta Knight, but was too slow, as Meta Knight effortlessly jumped over it.

Seeing the Star Warrior above him, Dark Pit shot another large cannonball upwards. This caught Meta Knight by surprise, who couldn't get out of the way in time and was forced to meet a giant explosion. The smoke cleared fast, and Dark Pit activated flight. He continued his assault by flying up to Meta Knight and bashed his head multiple times using the EZ Cannon. Finishing it off with a bang, the angel attacked Meta Knight with a point blank cannonball, launching Meta Knight off the ship.

Meta Knight caught himself and started flying back to the Halberd in blinding speed. He began leaving sparkles behind himself and afterimages appeared. Now he was really going in.

Dark Pit recognized the familiar look of the Star Warrior's Meta Quick, and tried to counter as best as he could. He landed back down on the Halberd. When Meta Knight reached Dark Pit, he lunged forward to stab the angel in the stomach. Dark Pit, knowing how painful it was the first time, moved out of the way, but was still hit in the leg. Even though it caused him to slow down, Dark Pit still tried to run from Meta Knight and wait for the effects of Meta Quick to disappear. Meta Knight didn't let that happen however.

Flying after the slowed down Dark Pit, the masked Star Warrior shot multiple meteors out of Galaxia. Dark Pit retaliated while running, shooting rapid fire cannonballs at the meteors. On contact with the meteors, the cannonballs exploded and cleared Dark Pit from any and all harm. Smoke covered Dark Pit also, leaving Meta Knight wondering where he had gone.

"That's awfully smart of him..." Meta Knight mumbled to himself. The Star Warrior took the chance he got to use heal himself. Glowing white with sparkles, Meta Knight regained full health and went to go find his lost rival.

Meanwhile, Dark Pit was flying around the Halberd, probably trying to find a spot to rest. The pain on his leg hurt a lot, and he knew he would probably have to fight in the air from now on. The angel decides to land back inside the bridge. "Grr! I'll get him for that!" Dark Pit said, shouting to himself angrily.

"You will?"

(*Cues: Chapter 9: Underworld Gatekeeper - Kid Icarus: Uprising*)

Dark Pit, to his horror, turned around and saw his opponent standing right in front of him with his cape up and covering himself. The angel tried to look calm however, and tried to assume a battle stance. But with the heaviness of the EZ Cannon putting pressure on his leg, it continued to hurt him a lot. Dark Pit quickly put away the EZ Cannon and took out the weapon he used before it, the Pandora Claws.

To put more pressure off his leg, Dark Pit activated flight and tried to get up close to Meta Knight. Both combatants swung their weapons at each other, clashing at every strike. To break the endless clashing, Dark Pit sidestepped a jab from Meta Knight by backing up. He proceeded to fly backwards slowly and throw rapid fire flame shots out of the the Pandora Claws. There were so many flames that Meta Knight couldn't block them all.

Knowing he would get overwhelmed by the assault, the masked Star Warrior teleported out of the way using his cape. He later reappeared behind Dark Pit. Now noticing Meta Knight, Dark Pit turned around tried slashing with both Pandora Claws downwards at Meta Knight. To no avail however, Meta Knight teleported out of the way, reappearing behind Dark Pit. The Star Warrior grabbed Dark Pit and threw him out the bridge's window fiercely.

Landing on the deck, Dark Pit quickly got up and began flying again. Meta Knight looks over to Dark Pit from the bridge and jumps out the window too. He raised his sword up in the air for a few seconds. Stabbing it into the ground, Meta Knight summoned another one of his Mach Tornados. Dark Pit, who totally forgot Meta Knight could do that, attempted to fly away from the vicious tornado. However, Dark Pit was just too slow and couldn't fly away for long. The angel was swallowed by the Mach Tornado.

There was no hope of escape. Dark Pit was sent flying up into the air and seemed to be unconscious, having his eyes closed. The angel was falling towards Meta Knight. The masked Star Warrior again raised his sword up into the air. His sword glowed, and with a swing downwards, a large Sword Beam came out of Galaxia. The Sword Beam was aimed upwards to hit Meta Knight's angel rival and cut him in two.

After a few seconds, Dark Pit woke up. He looked up, or down in this case, and saw the big Sword Beam almost nearing him. He quickly put away his Pandora Claws again and took out the EZ Cannon. He tried firing a large cannonball to try and destroy it like he did with all the other projectiles. However, the Sword Beam cut the cannonball in half! The two halves exploded, which luckily launched Dark Pit out of the way of the Sword Beam. Not very luckily however, Meta Knight suddenly teleported into the air and intercepted the angel.

He quickly jabbed at Dark Pit and stopped him in place. With Dark Pit momentarily stunned, Meta Knight put his sword in front of him and begun spinning. Meta Knight's Drill Rush kept on spinning towards Dark Pit, until he was caught in it. The angel was slashed at multiple times by this until he was knocked downwards by a sudden thrust by the masked Star Warrior. Dark Pit landed on the deck of the Halberd with a "THUD!" with one of his eyes twitching in pain.

Meta Knight followed up the combo by shooting a massive fireball from Galaxia. Dark Pit got up from the Drill Rush however, and bashed the fireball back towards Meta Knight. Surprised by Dark Pit's reaction, Meta Knight kicked at the reflected fireball, reflecting it once again. Dark Pit countered, shooting a giant cannonball which, like all the other times, exploded upon contact with the fireball. With smoke once again laying over the area in between Dark Pit and Meta Knight, the dark angel knew his opponent would come out of it sometime.

And he was right. Out of the blue, Meta Knight came out of the smoke with a stab downwards. Dark Pit responded by by flipping backwards to dodge the attack. He activated flight and flew over to the masked Star Warrior to bash him with the EZ Cannon. That however didn't happen.

After landing from missing his sword thrust downwards, Meta Knight didn't miss a beat and countered Dark Pit's attack by slashing diagonally at the EZ Cannon, cutting it in two. The masked Star Warrior then kicked the surprised Dark Pit in the gut and shot rapid fire fireballs at him from Galaxia, all hitting the dark angel.

Dark Pit was launched near the ledge of the Halberd. He got up slowly and saw his opponent walking up to him. Dark Pit tried walking backwards, but almost tripped when he realized he was at the edge of the Halberd. He looked down to see nothing but the ocean. The Halberd had still not crashed yet, and it would still be a little while longer until it did.

"You destroyed the Battleship Halberd... I can't let you get away with that," Meta Knight told the dark angel. "We'll see about that!" Dark Pit shouted back. Meta Knight dashed forward at Dark Pit and swung Galaxia downwards. Suddenly, Galaxia was stopped by a silver colored blade. The dark angel quickly retaliated by kicking Meta Knight off of him. The masked Star Warrior looked back at his opponent, who now has a very familiar weapon. The Silver Bow.

"Forgot about this, didn't you?" Dark Pit asked Meta Knight. The Star Warrior was silent however. "Fine then!" Dark Pit replied to the silence.

The dark angel shot three arrows at Meta Knight. Meta Knight dodged the first two arrows and slices the last one in half. He attempted a thrust forward with Galaxia, but Dark Pit jumped over the attack with ease. Dark Pit landed and stomped on Meta Knight's head before flipping off of him and shooting a charged arrow shot at Meta Knight's blind spot. The attack caused Meta Knight to go flying off the Halberd, but he caught himself midair. Dark Pit jumped off the Halberd and the two begun an aerial duel.

Meta Knight started the air fight by spinning in place. He was attempting his Mach Tornado again. Dark Pit knew this. Instead of flying away from the Star Warrior, he decided to go up to Meta Knight and attack him before he could finish starting the attack. Dark Pit slashed at Meta Knight multiple times using the two blades of the Silver Bow. But it wasn't enough. Meta Knight's Mach Tornado had begun.

Sadly, the angel was, again, sucked inside the Mach Tornado. The vicious tornado launched Dark Pit into the lip of the deck. The angel banged his head hard, but seemed to shake it off quite quickly. Dark Pit sprung back in, flying towards Meta Knight and slashing at the Star Warrior multiple times. Meta Knight dodged and blocked the assault and quickly teleported out of the way.

Dark Pit turned around and slashed one of his blades downwards.


The blade made contact with another sword. Galaxia. The reappeared Meta Knight was shocked to see that his opponent had read his attack. Dark Pit smirked, saying "Nice try." The angel proceeded to kick Meta Knight back down onto the deck of the Halberd. He shot a charged arrow shot, landing a direct hit against the Star Warrior. The impact of the arrow launched Meta Knight even farther backwards, making him land on his face upon landing.

The Star Warrior looked up, and saw another charged arrow coming his way. He jumped over the attack and then saw his rival flying towards him too. The dark angel swung his blade downwards to hit Meta Knight, but he dodged out of the way just in time. Meta Knight retaliated by sending a flurry of sword strikes coming Dark Pit's way. Dark Pit backflipped multiple times to dodge the oncoming assault. Meta Knight slashed one more time before his blade started glowing and a flame was at the tip. Dark Pit landed on his feet from the last backflip and took aim with his bow.

Both combatants looked at each other in the eyes. It was a complete standstill.

"1..." one voice spoke.

"2..." another voice spoke.

"3!" both of the voices shouted.

As soon as "3" was said, both combatants shot out multiple projectiles at each other. The fireballs and arrow shots countered each other. Only a few attacks got through, but they only missed their target in the long run.

However, one of the few stray fireballs actually did hit it's target! Dark Pit was blasted backwards by the attack, but quickly got up to start firing arrows again. But as soon has he positioned himself to fire a charged arrow shot, Meta Knight suddenly appeared in front of him and slashed vertically, cutting the Silver Bow into two. The Star Warrior then jabbed Dark Pit in the gut before kicking him backwards.

The dark angel landed on his back. One of his last weapons, gone. "You seem to be out of good weapons to use," Meta Knight pointed out while walking towards Dark Pit. He was right. Almost all of Dark Pit's weapons had been destroyed, and the ones that weren't destroyed wouldn't be effective if he had to block an attack.

Well, all except one.

(*Cues: The Infinite - Persona Q*)

"I've still got one more trick of my sleeve," replied Dark Pit. The dark angel rolled over and begun getting back up on his feet. "Oh? And what would that be?" Meta Knight asked. "This!" Dark Pit replied. From out of nowhere, Dark Pit took out a thin, purple looking weapon. It had a gun hole at on end of it and a handle on the other end. Dark Pit held the handle of it and point the end of the weapon towards Meta Knight. Dark Pit's final weapon was the Dark Pit Staff.

"Let's finish this!" Dark Pit yelled at Meta Knight. The Star Warrior examined Dark Pit's new weapon before answering him. "Yes, let's," he finally answered.

The final battle commenced. Dark Pit started off by flying away from his opponent. He needed some distance to maximize the effectiveness of his new weapon. The dark angel fired off a fully charged shot and then multiple mini shots. Meta Knight responded accordingly, and jumped over the charged shot. The Star Warrior flew past the mini shots by rapidly twirling in midair. Eventually, Dark Pit realized his attacks wouldn't work and decided to try another tactic.

The aerial chase kept on going with Dark Pit beginning to fly under the Halberd. Meta Knight chased after his opponent, and was catching up to him too. Dark Pit shot another charged shot from his staff behind him, but not at his opponent. The projectile hit under the Halberd, creating a hole underneath it and causing cargo to fall through it. Dark Pit shot more charged shots underneath the warship. More and more cargo began to fall.

Now with the cargo in the way, Meta Knight began to slow down, as he needed to dodge all of the falling objects. Dark Pit was nearing the back of the Halberd. He decided to start shooting at Meta Knight again, who was still dodging the cargo. The angel began shooting rapid fire projectiles at Meta Knight, now having more trouble dodging than before. Barely dodging every attack, it would be sooner or later that he would get hit. And he did.

A charge shot to the face is what he took. This led to him crashing into some cargo and then getting hit by multiple mini shots.

Meanwhile, Dark Pit had finally reached the end of the Halberd's underside, but kept on shooting at the Star Warrior. If he did suddenly appear in front or behind him, he could always just fly back up to the bridge or deck of the flying warship. Dark Pit stopped firing to see if his opponent had escaped his assault. Unsurprisingly, Meta Knight did indeed escape. The dark angel proceeded to fly back to the deck of the warship, and found that nobody was there.

He was all alone...

Maybe Meta Knight was preparing for another sneak attack? Dark Pit's already dealt with enough sneak attacks to know that if he loses sight of his opponent, he's in deep trouble.

Except this time, there was no surprise.

A flash appeared across the deck. Dark Pit took notice and watched carefully. He saw the space across from him distort. His opponent, Meta Knight, has come back again. He was bruised up after all the hits he had taken from Dark Pit and his mask even had a little crack in it. In fact, both combatants seemed to be very exhausted from all the fighting.

"It's all or nothing!"

"Let us finish this!"

(*Cues: Eclipse of the Moon GT - Hyrule Warriors*)

The fight was nearing it's end, and it was now starting to heat up a lot. Both of the anti-heroes ran up to each other and clashed their weapons at each other multiples times. Taking blow for blow, the two of them kept going at it. Dark Pit backed up quickly aimed his staff forwards in close range and fired a shot at Meta Knight. Meta Knight responded by shooting a fireball out of Galaxia. Both projectiles went past each other, leaving both combatants ready to dodge the attacks.

Dark Pit did a front flip over the fireball and begun to fly while Meta Knight teleported out of the way of the charged energy shot. The Star Warrior reappeared in front of Dark Pit and grabbed him. Meta Knight threw Dark Pit towards the ground, in which he landed on his stomach. Meta Knight teleported again and reappeared behind the angel. He swiftly slashed Galaxia at his back, causing Dark Pit to shout in pain, but he wasn't finished with the battle yet.

After shouting, Dark Pit swept his leg under Meta Knight's feet, which led to the Star Warrior tripping. While he was in mid-trip, Dark Pit quickly got up while spinning sideways and kicked the Star Warrior's face, launching Meta Knight farther back. Dark Pit followed his opponent by running up to him and attacked him physically with the Dark Pit Staff, launching Meta Knight even farther.

Meta Knight catches himself in midair and places his hand on the floor of the Halberd's deck so he wouldn't flying farther. He jumps forward back into action and gets ready to swing his sword at Dark Pit who is also coming in his direction. The gap between the two gets smaller and smaller as they are ready to attack with their weapons. Both combatants swing and go past each other, in a perfect clash.

They both turn around and swing their weapons again. The Dark Pit Staff and Galaxia are in a power struggle together and sparks are flying just by how much pressure each combatant is giving on their weapon. Meta Knight slides back a bit and moves his weapon away from the Dark Pit Staff, which causes the angel to trip forward a bit. Meta Knight takes this chance to slash rapidly with his weapon.

Luckily, Dark Pit blocks each blow just in time and even swirled around behind Meta Knight. The Star Warrior's blind spot was now open and he had no time to protect himself. Dark Pit took his staff and...

Turned around and aimed it in the complete opposite direction of his opponent and fired.



(*Music Stops*)

A bright white flash was lingering in the area now. However, after a few seconds, the flash started to dim. It didn't take long for the entire area to return back to it's normal lighting. But one thing was shocking.

What was in front of Dark Pit.

The staff's gun hole was in front of a metallic object that it just made a hole in. The metal was circular shaped and seemed to have a slit through it. It was a mask. And the one one who was wearing that mask was indeed the Star Warrior, Meta Knight.

Something else seemed odd about the gun hole in Meta Knight's mask. Two things actually. The first thing was that blood was coming out of the hole. The second thing was that the mask was cracked. With every second, the mask kept cracking bit by bit. It cracked from top to bottom until...

It broke.

Pieces fell to the ground and the once masked Star Warrior now had his face revealed. It was a dark blue color. His eyes were shut however and a mark on his head was stained in blood.

"So... So that's what he looks like?" Dark Pit asked out loud to himself. He put down his Dark Pit Staff and begun breathing heavily. The angel looked at his body and saw how dirty and bloody he looked.

Dark Pit looked back up at his opponent one last time. For some reason, something about him seemed off.

"...No way!"

(*Cues: Battle Against A True Hero - Remix - Undertale*)

To Dark Pit's horror, the thought to be deceased Meta Knight opened his eyes. Dark Pit got ready to aim his staff at the Star Warrior again.


But with a quick slash, the Dark Pit Staff was cut in two. Dark Pit couldn't believe it! Meta Knight looked up at his rival angrily. He spoke only one word.


And with that, Meta Knight teleported once again. Now with no other choice, Dark Pit attempted to take out another weapon of his, but was stopped when Meta Knight reappeared above him. However, it wasn't just a Meta Knight. There were four blue colored Meta Knights as well!

All five Meta Knights glowed with stars appearing behind them. With Meta Quick activated, they dashed in different directions at extreme speeds, but all of them targeted Dark Pit. One by one, each slashed at the angel with their Galaxia multiple times. Each time Dark Pit got hit once, another Meta Knight swooped in and hit him again. They all slashed again at Meta Knight all at once, knocking the angel across the Halberd's deck.

All five Meta Knights stood around the now seriously injured Dark Pit. The angel tried to get up but was just overwhelmed by all of the pain that he couldn't. Each Meta Knight pointed their sword above their head and began to spin in place. The similar stance and motion then made Dark Pit realize what they were doing next. Wind gathered around the Meta Knights and soon, a Mach Tornado was created by each one of them.

However, they kept spinning faster and faster. In the end of the furious spinning, the single Mach Tornado on each Star Warrior created two more tornados beside it! All fifteen tornados engulfed Dark Pit, causing him to feel the pressure of being in that many tornados at once. It also caused him to get launched high into the air and was soon met by all of the Meta Knights in the air.

All of the clones disappeared in a blue aura however, and Meta Knight was the sole one left. Dark Pit was still being flung in the air and was about to go past Meta Knight. The Star Warrior caught his opponent with his free hand a furiously threw him back downwards towards the Halberd. Meta Knight flew downwards and was moving so fast that it seemed invisible.

Dark Pit was closing in on the Halberd, when suddenly, he was struck downwards and slammed into the Halberd. Dark Pit screamed in agony from the pain he was suffering now.

The screaming stopped. Everything went silent.

Now it was only Meta Knight atop Dark Pit. His sword through the angel's stomach, and it was even through the floor of the Halberd. A lot of blood failed to escape from Dark Pit's stomach, but a few little traces of it can be seen leaking. Meta Knight retrieved Galaxia that was stuck inside Dark Pit's stomach. The angel felt the pain and blood leak as it was slowly being taken out. The Star Warrior put Galaxia back in it's sheath and stood there for a few seconds.

"...Know my power," Meta Knight finally spoke.

"Grr..." Dark Pit grunted. He knew it was over, but still tried to get up anyway. Dark Pit couldn't move at all. He had a large stab through his stomach and the blood was leaking out. "You got lucky..."

Meta Knight simply scoffed at Dark Pit's excuse. "You still haven't learned," Meta Knight mumbled. The Star Warrior was still bleeding from the top of his head and his light blue eyes glinted in the sunset. He looked over out in the distance and noticed that the Halberd was finally going to crash into the water and sink. "I will end your suffering. Take it as a thanks for a great battle," Meta Knight said, thanking Dark Pit.

"No... Problem..." Those were Dark Pit's last words.

Meta Knight actually smiled a little and was ready to end this. He threw his cape over his fallen foe.


Dark Pit was shrouded in darkness. He had no hopes of escaping. It seemed as if time itself had stopped. Now it was finally over...


The darkness lifted from the area. All that was there now was Dark Pit's body, cleanly cut in two, with blood splattered across his chest and lower body. Meta Knight was holding Galaxia out front, as if he slashed with it. He sheathed Galaxia again, very slowly this time. Once sheathed, Meta Knight transformed his cape into wings and flew away from the Halberd.

Flying through the sky, Meta Knight looked back at his fallen warship, which was now sinking, and opponent one final time. He turns his head forward again and glides toward a cliff. He lands on it and and steps forward, beginning to slowly walk away from the ocean. Meta Knight's wound on his forehead was continuing to bleed throughout this whole time. Yet, it didn't seem to bother him.

The wound on his head will forever hold the memory of an amazing fight he had fought that day.


Meta Knight wraps himself up in his cape and teleports away from the cliff as the Halberd continues to sink in the ocean.


(*Cues: Meta Knight Battle - Kirby Super Star Ultra*)

Talon: Well that was an interesting turn of events!

Cress: Despite having a wide arsenal and being capable of taking on gods, Meta Knight trumps in almost every category.

Talon: Sure, Dark Pit was capable of kicking the Underworld Gatekeeper and taking it down in one shot, but remember, Meta Knight blocked a heavy stomp from a Dedede statue that was thousands of tons.

Cress: Not only would Meta Knight have to be strong enough to lift the giant statue, but he would also have to handle the pressure of it trying to stomp on him, which he did with relative ease. It also doesn't help Dark Pit that he has no way to heal off wounds whatsoever while Meta Knight can.

Talon: Meta Knight has also dealt with much stronger opponents. He's fought the pink monstrosity himself, Kirby, who cracked a planet in half, and the strongest warrior in the universe, Galacta Knight.

Cress: Another big factor was how fast both combatants were. Even though Pit has flown from comet to comet, these comets aren't actually that big and because so, it wasn't really as impressive as you might think. Meanwhile, Meta Knight has flown through his entire solar system in a matter of mere seconds.

Talon: Basically, a lot of things Dark Pit can do, Meta Knight can do better. Even with more weapons, Galaxia is easily stronger and more practical than anything Dark Pit uses. Also, while Dark Pit gains the experience that Pit had over the last 25 years and is capable of fighting him, Meta Knight has lived over a thousand years.

Cress: And with that much experience, Meta Knight has mastered his craft of swordsmanship, while Dark Pit is still a cocky angel who sometimes underestimates his opponents.

Talon: Even when the fight looked epic, this sure was a Knightmare for Dark Pit. He just Meta end.

Cress: The winner is Meta Knight.



Meta Knight[]

  • + Stronger
  • + Faster
  • + Tougher
  • + Smarter
  • + Healing
  • + A Thousand Years of Experience
  • + Galaxia is Extremely Powerful
  • - Fewer Projectiles
  • - Not as Many Weapons

Dark Pit[]

  • + Has Many More Weapons
  • + More Projectile Attacks
  • - Weaker
  • - Slower
  • - Not as Tough
  • - Not as Smart
  • - No Way of Healing
  • - Less Experienced
  • - Weapons Aren't as Strong as Galaxia
  • - Very Cocky