SSB Ultimate Meta Knight render
Come back when you can put up a fight.
~ Meta Knight

Meta Knight is a mysterious warrior from the Kirby series. He appeared in two episodes of One Minute Melee in which he fought Zero and Shovel Knight respectively and then fought Link in an episode of DBX.

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Battles Royale

With Kirby and King Dedede

With the Crew of the Battleship Halberd

Battle Record

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 19
  • Losses: 2
  • Draws: 0

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Meta Knight's story is unknown save is he of the same race as Kirby and was one of the last surviving Star Warriors who battled the entity Nightmare. Meta Knight came to Dream Land and became a servant of King Dedede, along with his followers Sword Knight and Blade Knight, as the planet's monsters would hopefully bring a young Star Warrior to Dream Land so they can fight Nightmare together should he come to Popstar. When that time comes when his ancient enemy was momentarily trapped in the Fountain of Dreams, Meta Knight secretly trains Kirby via confrontations to have the young hero get strong enough to defeat Nightmare and later would-be conquerors of Popstar.

Death Battle Info

  • Mach Tornado
  • Shuttle Loop
  • Drill Rush
  • Galaxia Darkness
  • Meta Quick
  • Meta Heal
  • Clone Creation
  • Sword Beam


  • Galaxia: Meta Knight's sword, created by the Photron and established to possess infinite power(むげん = infinite.). It allows Meta Knight to shoot out sword beams, fireballs, electricity and other Galaxias (He can use that to increase the range of his melee attacks)
  • Dimensional Cape: Allows him to warp and teleport short distances, sometimes reconfiguring into a pair of bat-like wings.
  • Summon Knight: Summons Sword Knight and Blade Knight to assist him.


  • Defeating Paint Roller (who has minor reality warping powers)
  • Capable of defeating Drawcia who has major reality warping powers and was able to turn "the world" into a painting including a massive portion of space.
  • Manga Meta Knight accidentally launched himself around Pop Star, initiating that and returning to the starting point in 4 pages.
  • He defeated clones of Dark Matter and Queen Sectonia (in their weakest forms)
  • Defeat King Dedede (twice)
  • Helped Kirby Defeat Magolor (Able to defeat him alone in The True Arena)
  • Has almost never lost to Kirby at his max potential
  • Flew to Planet Popstar in just a matter of Seconds
  • Defeated Galacta Knight, the greatest warrior in the Galaxy.
  • Resistant to reality warping (fought against Drawcia and Magolor, was with Kirby in the majority of his fight against Star Dream a wish granter machine which is one of the most powerful reality warpers in Kirby. He is also comparable to Kirby who faced more reality warpers.)
  • The smarter character in Kirby. (Possibly a feat.)
  • Built the first and probably all the Halberds.
  • Deflected blasts from Magolor with Galaxia.
  • Defeat Meta Knight.
  • Was once meta in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


  • Refuses to duel an unarmed opponent; intentionally giving Kirby a sword before their duel.
  • Small limbs and short sword gives Meta Knight short range even in close combat.
  • His true face is embarrassingly adorable.



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