Withersoul 235

aka Wither / TheWitheredStriker

Bureaucrat Administrator
  • I live in Flanders, Belgium
  • I was born on May 14
  • My occupation is aspiring gamedev, animator, programmer, writer
  • I am Male
  • Bio The UCP still sucks
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I am a Bureaucrat and Admin on this wiki, meaning I can do the following:

  • Deleting and moving protected pages
  • Deleting and moving files
  • Undeleting pages and files
  • Rollbacking
  • Re-uploading files
  • Protecting and unprotecting pages
  • Editing locked pages
  • Moderating threads, deleting / restoring and editing messages from any user, kicking / banning users from chat and sending inline announcements in it
  • Blocking users from editing and other actions
  • Editing the community's skin and format (= apply CSS, use the Theme Designer)
  • Writing JavaScript code to empower the wiki
  • Editing white-listed MediaWiki pages
  • Toggling Wiki Features
  • Granting and revoking user rights
  • Using the Import tool
  • Modifying the Abuse Filter
  • Toggling comments on and off on blogs
  • Viewing wiki statistics and data

You are free to contact me for the following:

  • Questions about the wiki or about how Fandom works in general
  • Requests to delete your pages
  • Reports of rule violations
  • Ban appeals
  • Feedback and suggestions on how to improve the wiki
  • Requesting my bot account to do mass edits or reporting problems with it
  • Requests to intervene in quarrels, wrangling or other heated disputes

These are big maybes:

  • Collab requests. It really depends on the characters used. I also have hard times actually getting myself to write, so if I'm in a mood where I can't get much done, I can still decline.
  • Thumbnail requests. I'm really not THAT good at thumbnails overall. I might proceed with your requests but there are also realistic chances of me saying no.
  • Popculture discussions. Again, it depends on the series / game.

Don't come here for the following:

  • Memes, spam and other forms of shitposts.
  • Attempts to solicit personal info.
  • Simple edit requests that you can easily do yourself in under five minutes.


"Can I make my own version of [my battle]"
— Go for it. I'm a slow worker when it comes to writing, so who am I to impede you in that regard?

"How strong is [character]"
— Please don't direct that question to me. I'm really not the greatest VS debater around.

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