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  • So after reviewing the Time Overlords Battle Royale, I have come to notice that some of the abilities and such are, to be put simply, stripped straight off other profiles with little effort.


    "Judge: Now, we enter to the real deal! Shadow's most iconic form: Super Shadow. Which is accessed by using the 7 Chaos Emeralds, which grants Shadow invulnerability, flight, intangibility, the ability to warp reality itself, the ability to manipulate laws, the ability to have full control on false platonic concepts, seal enemies inside the Chaos Emeralds, manipulate causality to the extent that Eggman used them to rewrite history using the Cosmic Reset Button, manipulate gravity to suspend victims and object in the air, erase others' memories, can nullify others' powers at a false platonic conceptual level, can revive others from death, can banish others to sealed dimensions, can increase someone's age, can erase something or someone out of existence by making it as if they never existed at all, grant wishes, insight and information, can block out and revert transmutation, poison manipulation, matter manipulation, existence erasure, biological manipulation, time manipulation, corruption, soul manipulation, mind manipulation, and pretty much every single ability that the Chaos Emeralds can provide as well at a conceptual level, can restore others' willpower, and can nullify the powers of beings of negative emotions. I mean, a Power Ring holds a limited amount of Chaos Energy compared to the Chaos Emeralds, and it can provide most of these abilities."

    This is pretty blatantly ripped from the VS Battles Shadow the Hedgehog and Power Rings page. While it may be fine to use VS Battles as a base source for reference, you shouldn't be lazily copying and pasting stuff from the profiles onto your battles. That's not your research if you are trying to use it as a means to get a point, especially when there are multiple people who worked hard on those pages. So I ask that you reformat the abilities to where you actually list them out properly or scrap Shadow altogether if you can't.

    There are other things that you have on this battle that feel very similar to other pages that exist on other sites. I'd give credit to calculations as well, especially if you are going to use them.

    Please fix these or I will have to further consult with the moderation staff on what to with the battle otherwise. Have a good day.

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  • Hello! I was wondering if you'd be willing to help me calculate some feats.

    1. Blowing off the upper half of a mountain about the size of Mount Everest by jumping

    2. Tanking a blow of heat directly from the sun and 1 trillion volts simultaneously

    3. Incinerating a mall with a square footage of 1,607,803 and leaving a 3 mile deep 1.5 mile wide crater

    4. Swinging a lamppost around like it weighed as much as a pillow

    5. Tanking being hit by a lamppost and through 3 meters of brick

    6. Taking someone's head and slamming it into the ground so hard that it creates a 10 ft deep, 120 yd wide crater

    Thank you for reading!

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    • 1. Height of Mount Everest = 8848 m.

      Height destroyed = 4424 m.

      Density of granite = 2691 km/m^3.

      Using this picture for pixel scaling:

      Height of mountain = 356 px.

      8848/356 = 24.854 m/px.

      Diameter of Mountain = 280 px = 6959.12 m.

      Radius = 3479.56 m.

      The upper half of Mount Everest looks like an inverted cone.

      Volume = 56090898339.194 m^3 = 56090898339194000 cm^3.

      Mass destroyed = 56090898339194000 * 2691 = 1.50940607430771e20 kg.

      Speed that was used to destroy the mountain = 343 m/s (Since whoever made that feat destroyed the part by jumping, i will just assume that he created a sonic boom, which required this amount of speed to execute).

      KE = 8.87901E+24 Joules = 2.122 Petattons of TNT (Continent level).

      2. Temperature of the sun = 5778 K

      Surface area of the sun = 6.16e18 m^2.

      Emissivity = 1

      Radiation Energy = 3.8929060352354e26 Joules. 

      Now, adding that to the 1 trillion volt:

      Total Energy = 3.9e26 Joules = 93.21 Petattons of TNT (Multi-Continent Level).

      3. Temperature of fire = 2012 F.

      Surface Area of the mall = 149369.786421 m^2.

      Emissivity = 1.

      Radiation Energy = 7.204 Tons of TNT.

      As for the second part, you haven't given my the height of the crater, so i will assume that it's 1 mile.

      Volume = 7.86e10 m^3 = 7.86e16 cm^3.

      Assuming vaporisation as the best case:

      E = 7.86e16 * 25700 = 2.02002e21 Joules = 482.8 Gigatons of TNT.

      Adding both up:

      Total Energy = 482.8 Gigatons of TNT (Large Island Level).

      4. That feat is Wall Level, no question.

      5. This is also Wall Level as well.

      6. Again, you haven't given me the height, so i will assume a height worth of 10 meters, given the width and depth.

      Volume = 1400.94 m^3 = 1400940000 cm^3.

      Since there was a crater, and i that someone's head was slammed into it, i will assume at the very least violent fragmentation method.

      E = 1400940000 * 69 = 96664860000 Joules = 23.1 Tons of TNT (City Block Level).

      I'm sorry for the very late reply, and thank you for depending on me.

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  • Here some battle royale ideas you can do next

    Fusion characters Battle Royale

    Anime rivals Battle royale (example characters like Vegeta to give you a idea)

    And fan service creatures Battle Royale (characters like Gardivoir and Lithimon)

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    • Morning Star TM wrote:

      CrimsonAce01 wrote:

      Morning Star TM wrote: Leave it all away, my dear friend. This is just an example of utter and brutally honest hypocrisy of mankind, even at the slightest of things.

      I honestly try to but it’s hard to when they keep doing it when I rarely see a claim match where she wins

      I finished the Frozen Over Battle Royale. Tell me your opinion about it.

      I really enjoyed it very much i loved every moment of it and it makes me happy to see her win a match after seeing 9 (soon 14 loses) she had on DA with only 4 wins on DA

      So yeah this makes me happy to see her getting a Win. Really Amazing

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  • You've been here for while, but you've recently impressed me, so yeah. How's it going? Also, if you would have any roots and bets for the match I'm working on right now. It's and OC fight, but hey, You may enjoy it.

    Felix Chilling vs Akihiro Dragoscale

    I also did DIO vs Diavolo, in case you need any info on DIO, feel free to use my research, explanations or anything like that.

    I also understand you're doing the Time Overlord Battle Royale. Well, if you need any help with any of those fighters, you can just ask me about them. I happen to know quite a bit about all of them.

    I may ask you for a couple calculations in the future.

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    • all right. thanks. This is getting rather clear cut... (the fight)

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    • Which reminds me: What is the tool that you use in creating your Death Battle Thumbnails?

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  • Hi. Was wondering if you would calc a speed feat if you don’t mind

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  • If it's okay, would you mind waiting until I've written my version of this fight before you do yours? Feel free to say no, I feel it would be easier for one version to be written before the other is started so those keeping their eyes on the battle don't get confused and our potential writing sessions don't clash

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  • Do you think you can calculate the speed of cutting every tree in a forest in a millisecond?

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