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Merkava is a playable character in the Under Night IN-BIRTH series of games. He's a human turned Void who seeks power over all else.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 1
  • Losses: 0
  • Draws: 0

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Originally a human without any background, Merkava desired to be a Re-Birth, a being that ascends above all In-Births, but was ultimately consumed by the power of Existence (EXS), and thus became a Void. Despite this, Merkava could still speak telepathically, and was still conscious, though he now had permanent amnesia. Now an "Unreal Black Thing", he has craved more and more Existence to devour.

"He is melancholic. Grieves over the curse that made his body fallen into the beast. Lost memory. Transformed body. Eternal hunger is never satisfied. Crimson world. Running through the blood stained land, wiping the bloody arm. The beast is called immortal. This body has lost the peace and hope forever."

Death Battle Info[]


  • Height: 210cm
  • Weight: 71kg
  • Gender: Male
  • Immortal, though requires EXS to survive
  • More respectable than he seems
  • Laments over his fate


  • FLS of Basilisk: Jormungandr is capable of changing the properties of Merkava's body, allowing him to stretch his arms several meters, or change them into wings, tentacles, & even snakes.
  • Can fly by turning his arms into wings
  • Can breathe purple fireballs
  • Can break off his arm, turn it into a snake, & have it attack the enemy. Regenerates his arm immediately after breaking it.
  • Can charge his hits with darkness.
  • As a Void, he can't be killed by regular means.
  • Veil Off: Merkava releases a small burst of energy. This increases his strength & allows him to use his strongest moves without limitations for a short time.


  • Consumed the EXS of almost every playable character in his Arcade path.
  • Can block/dodge the pillar of light from an Infinite Worth EXS.
  • Can lift Waldstein, who weighs 656 lbs.
  • Can easily trade blows with the other characters in Under Night In-Birth.


  • Kind of hates his own life.
  • Will only remain immortal as long as he consumes EXS.
  • He has normal intelligence, but he can act somewhat animalistic sometimes.


  • Merkava is a flesh eating beast, but he has molars for teeth which, in reality, would be impractical for eating meat.