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Mega Man vs Claus 2

Mega Man vs Claus is a What-If? episode of Death Battle and is also Pikart767's first What- If? episode of Death Battle.


Capcom vs Nintendo! One volunteered to become a battle machine to save the world, while the other was forced to become a war machine to destroy the world. Wielding the Arm Cannon as one of their main weapons, can Mega Man's vast amount of Weapons deal with Claus's PSI?


Wiz: Robots, they sometimes are made to do great things to help the world, while some are created to be slaves of those who want to destroy it.  

Boomstick: And when these two robots have the badass Arm Cannon as one of their main weapons, well, you know shit is going to be going down! Megaman, the Super Fighting Robot.

Wiz: And Claus, the Masked Man.

Boomstick: Before we start though, we have some things to say. 

Wiz: For this battle we're using Mega Man's Powers that he used in SSB4, Final Smash included. 

Boomstick: These powers will work as how they worked in Mega Man's games, with some of SSB4 in the mix. 

Wiz: When you have 80+ robots and powers to deal with, you know it's going to be hard to choose the ones he should have, and luckily, SSB4 already has. 

Boomstick: He's Wiz, and I'm Boomstick. 

Wiz: And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills, to find out who would win a Death Battle!

Mega Man[]

Mega Man 2~ Intro (Orchestra Version)

Wiz: It's the year 20XX, the 2 scientists Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily are well known for their contributions to the world of robotics.

Boomstick: These 2 scientists went on to make humanoid robots called Robot Masters, these robots were made for one purpose, to make life a hella lot easier.

Wiz: Being overshadowed by Thomas, Dr. Wily reprogrammed the original 8 Robot Masters to be his tools of world domination.

Boomstick: Instead making life hella lot harder.

Wiz: There was one robot assistant that managed to avoid being reprogrammed by the Doc, his name was Rock, and later to become Mega Man.

Boomstick: Despite Rock not being that good of a fighter, he volunteers to go out and pursuit Wily, but him alone won't be able to stop him, so he was converted into the once wimpy Rock into the infamously known, Mega Man.

Wiz: Indead! He has Superhuman strength and speed, being able to barely hold up a chunk of the Wily's Fortress's ceiling and being able to escape the Force Beams in Quick Man's stage, and they move at extremely high speeds!

Boomstick: Even though the speed of the beams is almost impossible to calculate, we can say that Mega Man is going half the speed of the beam. So if the beam is moving at the speed of light, he'd still be moving at a outstanding 335,308,314.5 mph. But since we don't know if the beam is moving at this speed, we'll decide to ignore this and say that he's moving really fast.

Wiz: Before anyone says anything about that being unfair, we wouldn't want this entire battle to be based off of assumptions, just to be safe if we're wrong.

Boomstick: Something similar can be said about the part of the ceiling that Rock Man had lifted, since we'd need to know what material the castle's ceiling is made of, and we don't know if that's all to the ceiling that falls or there's more to it, so were going to guess that it's steel, and doing calculations due to Mega man's size, which is a 4,4, he's picking up at least 2000 tons!

Wiz: But still, that's basing off assumptions and not fact, so were're still not going to include it.

Boomstick: So instead let's just say that he's really strong, simple as that.

Wiz: Despite the fact that he's extremely strong, he relies on long ranged combat, being able to shoot powerful shots out of his Mega Buster-

Music Stops

Boomstick: Wait wait wait hold on, those shots look like lemons, is he really shooting lemons at his opponents!? Like he's like "I'll fuck you all up with my Arm Cannon that shoots lemons!"

Wiz: Um... actually Boomstick it actually those shots are balls of compressed solar energy, NOT lemons.

Boomstick: But... Look at it! How can you not say that's not a lemon!

Mega Man 6~ Final Boss Theme

Wiz: Moving on, he can charge this shot to shoot out-

Boomstick: A GIANT LEMON?!?

Wiz: -a bigger and stronger version of his normal shot, which can plow through enemies with ease.

Boomstick: With his slide he can move faster on the ground and dodge attacks that are heading his way.

Wiz: He also can use that incredible upper arm strength of his and attack with a powerful uppercut called the Mega Upper.

Boomstick: It looks like a shoryuken.

Wiz: Actually, it does, this might be because he's been locked in Capcom's basement long enough to learn the moves of Capcom's other stars, and use them against them when he gets the chance.

Mega Man 2 & 9~ Get a Weapon

Boomstick: Moving on to other things, Mega Man has a unique ability to copy his fallen opponent's abilities, meaning that he can have a endless move set to use on his still standing opponents.

Mega Man 3~ Shadow Man's Stage (Sm4sh Remix)

Wiz: For example, he has his Metal Blade, which is a throw able saw blade that is both fast and strong, as well as having almost seeming endless energy.

Boomstick: He also has the Shadow Blade, which throws a ninja shuriken that comes right back to you. To be honest this would seem more of a threat to you than the opponent but that's just me.

Wiz: He also has the Hyper Bomb, which throws a bomb that explodes after a bit.

Boomstick: Want even more explosive power? Well then how about the Crash Bomber, a time bomb that blows up as soon as it hits it's target, or sticks to a wall, THEN IT BLOWS UP!

Wiz: Want even more explosions? He also has the Danger Warp, which fires a bubble-


Wiz: -that floats upward until it hits a wall or something, releasing the bomb and blowing up.

Boomstick: He also has the Ice Slasher, which fires out a arrowhead of Ice that freezes foes in their feet.

Wiz: The Leaf Shield is a shield made of Leafs that can block up to 4 hits, and can be shot out as a weapon.

Boomstick: Really? Leaves? What's next, Plants?

Wiz: Actually yes, the Plant Barrier.

Boomstick: WHAT?!?! At least he makes it up with the Skull Barrier, which can reflect projectiles, or it can also be used as a weapon.

Wiz: The Tornado Hold fires out a Fan that can apparently blows out winds so strong it rivals a tornado, or use this to get to higher areas he can't reach.

Boomstick: Don't forget about his pets, with the Rush Coil he can jump up even higher using his dog as a spring, and Beat Call, which can carry him out of pits or long falls, but being a tiny bird carrying a super powered robot, he can't carry him for long.

Wiz: He has some other weapons as well, such as the Guts Arm, which can making him able to carry large portions of land and even his own opponents.

Boomstick: This seems somewhat pointless since he can hold up the ceiling falling on him WITH OUT any power ups.

Wiz: He also has the Air Shooter, which fires out 3 different winds that rise upward, or one giant wind that does the same but deals more.

Boomstick: Or the Hard Knuckle, which fires out a fist that punches, this fist is so hard, not even mah d-

Wiz: HE ALSO has the Flame Burst, which fires out a flame that erupts into a pillar of fire, as well as the Spark Shock, which can stun robotic foes by short-circuiting their circuits, but doesn't work on all foes.

Boomstick: But since he has insane strength, he's gotta have some physical weapons.

Wiz: For example, the Slash Claw, which generates a crescent shaped beam by swinging his arm, dealing decent damage to his opponents.

Boomstick: Or you could instead swing a sword of fire instead with the Flame Sword! But of course, there will always be a dud power-up, and in Mega Man's case is his Top Spin, which makes him spin like a top, but can only be used in the air.

Wiz: Actually, it's really powerful, just hard to hit with.

Boomstick: Anyways moving on, he also can change his buster hand, meaning that if the hand that he's using gets cut off in battle, he can use his other hand to defend himself by changing that hand into a buster.

Mega Man 7~ Wily Stage 1

Wiz: He's got one more weapon on his move set, this powerful attack is call Mega Man Legends.

Boomstick: This times Mega Man's deadliness by 5, cuz he straights up calls help from his future incarnations to fire out a strong beam out of each of there Mega Busters, dealing massive damage to any opponent caught in that Black Hole.

Wiz: Mega Man is a experience fighter in battle, having to go through years of fighting Wily and the Robot Masters he continues to reprogram, dealing with all kinds of foes.

Boomstick: Fast, Bulky, or Both, he's been able to come on top, proving himself one of the deadliest robots out there.

Mega Man 2~ Quick Man's Stage

Wiz: Yet, he's still not without his flaws.

Boomstick: He's far from invincible, dying in one hit by spikes and those Force Beams, as well as most of his projectile weapons being able to be deflected by stronger attacks, such as sword slashes and bigger projectiles.

Wiz: His naive nature can also lead him into situations where he could fall into traps easily, and also isn't the most durable of opponents either, while he can survive Wily Castle falling on him while the evil energy was absorbed in him was killing him, he was knocked out by a part of the ceiling of the Wily Castle in Mega Man 3, and he would've died if it wasn't for Proto or Due to save him.

Boomstick: He's also was knocked out by the electricity caused by the robot Dr. Light in Mega Man 9, something the opponent he's fighting today is known for!

Wiz: Not to mention he was programmed to be 10 years old, meaning he won't make the most complicated strategies, adding a little predictability to him. Not to mention his weapons do have a energy limit, which could force him to use the weapons that wouldn't be very effective in that situation.

Boomstick: But that's not saying that he's bad, in fact, his feats out rule his down falls, with him surviving with Wily Castle collapsing around him while he's getting killed by the dark energy, although barely, he's able to lift a huge chunk of the Wily Castle that was falling on him, Dr. Light, and Dr. Wily, and is able to move fast enough to get away from the Force Beams in Quick Man's stage.

Wiz: Plus, his unusual set of powers give him a huge advantage in unpredictability, as well as verity.

Boomstick: He has amazing reflexes, being able to dodge attacks like it's nothing, and can find a weakness to his opponents quickly with his experience.

Wiz: Not to mention that he has fought a huge verity of foes, making it hard to find a opponent that is like a foe he's fought before.

Boomstick: Mega Man might just Rock the competition.

Mega Man: I'll keep on fighting for peace for both humans and robots!


Mother 3~ Porky's Theme (Brawl Remix)

Wiz: Porky, the Pig King, had one goal in mind.

Boomstick: To literally kill everyone but him with a Giant Dragon with a size that's bigger than a Island.

Wiz: To do so, he needed someone with the power to pull all 7 needles.

Boomstick: Hey what's up with stories having the protagonist have to find 7 of some thing?

Wiz: Just to his luck, his troops found the dead corpse of Claus, or unconscious, since it's not really specified if he lived or died, but with evidence in the game, he's most likely dead.

Boomstick: Claus had gotten the power of PSI from the Magypsys earlier that day to kill a Mecha-Draco, and ironic too since it was Porky's troops that made the thing, but failed in doing so and ended up dying, or getting unconscious, still not specified.

Wiz: The troops brought back the body, and in the span of 3 years, the Masked Man was born.

Boomstick: His first goal was pull the first needle, in which he succeeded in due to his PSI power, PK Love- What kind of wimpy name is that!?! Is it that he loves his opponents to death when he uses this!? I expected something like PK Rockin' or something else.

Wiz: Don't underestimate this attack, as it rivals the power of Ness's PK Rockin' and Kumatora's PK Starstorm.

Boomstick: Not to mention that this attack is the thing needed to pull all the needles.

Wiz: Exactly.

Boomstick: While he could've succeeded in pulling all 7 needles, there was another PSI boy who knew PK Love as well, his name, was Lucas.

Mother 3~ Hard Rain

Wiz: Claus is Lucas's brother, so of course he'd get PK Love as well, and to stop the Porky from destroying the world, he started pulling needles as well, leaving them even with one needle left.

Boomstick: They confront under New Pork City, which Claus, being smart, takes out everyone but Lucas, and goes to a final battle to the death, but Lucas, learning out that Masked Man was actually Claus, he refused to fight, leaving himself open, while Claus would just continue slashing at him with his blade and his arm cannon, and at times his powerful PK Love.

Wiz: Actually, Lucas starts fighting when Flint, his father, jumps in the way of one to block Lucas, and tries to have Claus remember who he was. Ultimately Failing, he uses PK Love again on him, which probably enraged Lucas, being the only living family member he's got, cause until now, he didn't know The Masked Man was his brother, Claus.

Boomstick: The fight ultimately ends with Claus committing suicide by electrocuting himself, going where Mom was.

Wiz: Creating one of the saddest moments in video game history.

Mother 3 / Batman~ Mr. Batty Twist

Boomstick: He mainly fights using his sword, which is a freaking Light Saber!

Wiz: He also can fire a Beam out of his arm cannon, which can help him in long-range combat.

Boomstick: Since these 2 deals almost the same damage, he doesn't need worry about one weapon being stronger than the other.

Wiz: He doesn't need to worry about his attacks dealing less or being blocked completely by shields with his Shield Killer, which can destroy any shield his target has up.

Boomstick: He can also fire Lightning out of that Saber of his. This lightning can range to dealing as much as a PK Thunder, to instantly one hit KO his opponents all at once, and if that powerful lightning is reflected back at him, he'll be able to get up and jump right at his opponent.

Wiz: As mentioned earlier, he has access to PK Love, which is a extremely strong attack.

Boomstick: It's so strong that it can take out Flint, a badass who is capable of killing a Cyborg Dinosaur with just a Draco Fang and a piece of limber, in 2 PK Loves.

Wiz: He also has a bomb that can destroy a entire forest with it's explosion.

Boomstick: And I thought Mega Man's explosions were powerful.

Wiz: But he doesn't use it for combat, and like Rock's Hyper Bomb, it doesn't explode right away.

Boomstick: But when it does, you'd better be out of the way, or else that thing will hurt.

Wiz: We're limiting him to 3 Bombs due to the fact that it wouldn't be likely that he would be carrying them everywhere.

Boomstick: Now that we're done with his weapons, now onto his armor.

Mother 3~ Strong One (Masked Man Mix)

Wiz: This armor is equipped with a shield that can block 3 physical attacks, causing those attacks to deal half the damage they would've done.

Boomstick: It also comes with a Jet Pack with wings, making his already fierce design even more fierce.

Wiz: Although he uses it for transportation, he's probably capable to fight while using it, just not as well as on the ground.

Boomstick: This armor makes him immune to the Paralyze, Poison, Sleep, and Cry statuses. Meaning he can never fall asleep or cry, making you seem like the most heartless person out there.

Wiz: Actually, he has no heart, as the Magypsys couldn't detect his heart in that metal body of his.

Boomstick: He also has no emotions, making the fact he can't cry making more sense.

Wiz: But he still can think on his own, as he is able to talk and lead his troops on his own, not needing commands from Porky, meaning he probably has a brain in him, and is able to use it to make strategies to fight or stop his foes from passing.

Boomstick: Heck the first time he failed knocking out Lucas's team was because he was aiming for just Lucas, who has the Franklin Badge, and then next time he knocked out his entire team by aiming for them all.

Mother 3~ Fight with Mecha-Draco

Wiz: But that's not to say he has no flaws, as he is weak to Lightning attacks and Explosive attacks, and even more so if he loses his helmet!

Boomstick: And he tends to try to end battles quick by shocking them with the lightning, which can be trouble if his opponent can dodge the attack, even more so if they can absorb it or reflect it.

Wiz: Heck, he hasn't fought that many foes either, only fighting Lucas and his Co., Meaning that he can have trouble finding out how to fight them

Boomstick: But even at that, he is merciless and is a commander of the Pig Mask Army, capable of defeating his opponents without even trying and is truly a person you'd want to look out for.

Wiz: Claus isn't a normal PSI boy anymore, he's the Masked Man now.

Masked Man: "..." before shocking Lucas and his co. and walking up to grab and pull the needle with the Pig Masks clapping.


Wiz: All right the combatants are set, let's end this debate, once and for all,

Boomstick: It's time for a Death Battle!

Mega Man vs Claus Combatants Set


It was a normal day for Rock, with him looking over his homeland with the people he swore to protect. Crime had became lazy ever since Wily dropped the cure for Roboenza in his hospital room where he was being cured of a sickness he had gotten last time he had defeated him. Even so, he wanted to make sure that he would protect the people of the city, making sure to apprehend any criminals who would dare attack the innocent.

He heard a sound, something that sounded like a jet, he turns around and a humanoid like figure with wings flies right above the building. He looks at it moving towards the direction of...

Light's lab.

Rock hesitates for a second, but thinks it's just a coincidence, and that figure is just traveling to a place in that direction.

He was Wrong.

Mega Man 10~ Silent Rain

A couple minutes later, he saw the flash of Proto Man's teleport in the area where his Father's Lab is, which means two things, he's visiting the doctor, or two, trouble is happening in the Lab. He instantly knows which one it is.

He teleports to the Lab, and he already saw the damages from outside, walls were broken, the grass around the place was burnt, and the inside wasn't even better, in fact it was worse. The floors were also burnt and scraps of metal were on the floor. He hears a loud crackle of lightning inside one of the rooms and Rock hurries and runs into the room, where Proto Man was slammed into him as soon as he entered the room. He was badly wounded with burns and stab marks seen on his armor.

"Proto Man!"

Blue kneels down in pain, reveling the attacker and a unconscious Dr. Light. The Doctor was burned badly, visible on his skin and his lab coat. The attacker, however, looked like the figure he saw earlier. In fact, it was the same one, relieving Claus, the Masked Man.

Claus was sent by his leader, Porky, to retrieve a material in this Lab, and successfully doing so by attacking the Lab's owner, Doctor Light, with his trusty lightning, but Proto Man, however, was able to get to the lab to stop him before he could take off. So in retaliation he tried to do the same to him, but reflecting it with his shield, it hit him, but surprisingly, it didn't do that much to the Masked Man, in fact, it didn't even flinch him before catching him off guard and defeating him with ease.

Mega Man looked at the eyes of his foe, they showed no remorse, nor regret, almost lifeless even. He stood there, waiting for Rock to do something. Mega Man knew that if he were to fight here, he would risk killing both Blue and Light, so in reaction, he tells Blue to take Light to a hospital, where he will take this foe to another place to defeat him in battle.

Proto Man was about to object, but grunts in pain, knowing he's in no shape of a fight right now, he's forced to agree. Mega Man turns to his opponent, which he takes out his sword and prepares to attack with something, but Rock acts faster and grabs him, before teleporting him on the top of a building, they both stumble back, with Claus preparing to fight, while Mega Man speaks.

"You think it's okay to attack the innocence like that?! I don't know why your here, and why you attacked my family, but you'd be damn wrong if you think your going to get away with this."

He knows that he's going to make him pay, even if it's going against his programming, he starts charging up his Mega Buster, while Claus prepares his Lightning Attack.

Music Stops

Mega Man shouts out enraged at his foe.



Mega Man 6~ Mr.X's Castle (Genesis Remix)

Mega Man vs Claus Battle-1

Rock fired his Charge Shot, which Claus dodges barely, Mega Man is charging another one, but Claus uses his intense lighting. As soon as he saw the motion, he slides, barely avoiding the lightning, and runs up to him to fire the Charge Shot, although not fully charged, in which Claus intercepts with his own beam, knocking the two back with both shots.

The two run up to each other and attack personally, with Mega Man using the Flame Sword, with Claus using his Blade, instead of colliding, the blades go through each other, with the attacks landing on each opponent, which send them both back.

Claus tries using his lightning, as Mega Man fires out a Spark Shock, Mega Man not noticing the attack going through, and fires, with him getting hit by the lightning, but Claus, who was focused on the attack didn't notice the Spark Shock and gets him by it, surprisingly not stunning him, but damages him. Mega Man is standing after the attack, but is astonished that his opponent isn't paralyzed.

Mega Man fires his Ice Slasher, in which Claus fires a beam at the icy arrowhead, which causes it to explode. Rock took this time to run up and use his Slash Claw, in which he succeeds on doing, and follows up with a Mega Upper, but something odd happened when he did, the force that weakened the power of the attack exploded. Claus took little damage from the attack and didn't go that far up, giving Claus enough time to slash him back followed with a shot from his Arm Cannon.

Claus was about to fire another beam, but it was blocked by Mega Man's Plant Barrier, Claus uses his Shield Killer, which causes the petals to burn up. Rock switches to his Crash Bomber and fires, with Claus dodging by jumping over it, causing the bomb to attach the side, and is about to fire another beam, but the bomb explodes behind him, sending him forward, he gets up and sees him about to fire another one, he jumps out out of the way, and fires a beam, which Rock dodges.

Claus tries to use PK Love, which causes a explosion of lights heading towards the super fighting robot, having no where to go, he acts fast and blocks most of the blow with the Leaf Shield, but some of the attack still hit, damaging him, but definitely not as much as if it were to hit fully. Claus runs up and tries to slash him with his blade, but Rock dodges and fires out his Crash Bomber, hitting Claus with the explosion. This sends him back to the wall of the building, where Mega Man continues to fire out the Crash Bombers, all but one hitting him, in which he gets knocked to the side.

Using his superhuman speed, he runs up to him with blinding speed and points the Mega Buster to Claus's head,


Music Stops

He tries to fire out a Crash Bomber, but nothing comes out, Mega Man then looks in shock as Claus takes this opportunity to attack and then stabs Rock in the chest, before kicking him away and finishing with stabbing his sword in him, in which Rock barely avoids by rolling out of the way.

Mother 3~ Unfounded Revenge

Mega Man thinks for a moment."(I need to use my weapon energy wisely, or else this guy might get away with this. I know that his weakness is my explosive weapons, so that leaves my Danger Warp and my Hyper Bomb to deal with him, but I'd better weaken him with my other weapons so I don't need to show him my other attacks, so he'll know how to deal with them, and I'd better use my secret weapon if I'm almost down, theres no way he can dodge that.)"

Mega Man switches into his trusty Metal Blades and throws 3 at him, where Claus counters by using his beam again to destroy one and his sword to destroy the remaining 2 that were heading at him. Mega Man continues to use them, with Claus either dodging, shooting them with his beam, or using his sword to destroy them. Mega Man thinks while throwing them.

"(This should give me a moment to think, while I could use the Mega Buster as well, his Beam attack probably will overpower them, he seems similar to some of the robots I've fought, so something like this is new, my scanners don't know what to think of it, it seems both metallic and organic! Maybe it's being forced to do this, but talking to it wouldn't do any good, but I think I somehow might be almost out of Metal Blades...)"

Mega Man tries to throw out a Blade, but he instead throws nothing.

"(Yup, definitely out of Metal Blades.)"

Claus then fires a beam at Mega Man, where Rock manages to dodge, Mega Man changes to the Hard Knuckle, and runs up to him and punches him with the Hard Knuckle, which then fires the fist at him, knocking him off the building.

Music Pauses

Mega Man is about to do a victory pose, until he remembers something. "(Wait a second, I saw him flying towards the lab earlier, which means...)"

He was stuck in the back by the blade of the Masked Man, who got out his wings to save himself from doom, he then follows up with another slash and a fire from the beam, harming the super fighting robot.

"(...he isn't done.)"

Music Starts-up Again

Claus lands, and fires a beam, which Rock dodges again, Mega Man tries to counter the attack by shooting the Hard Knuckle, but instead, Claus slashed it in half and ran up to the Blue Bomber to thrust his sword in, where he jumps back to the edge of the building, Claus then says the first thing he's said this fight.

"I can fly, I don't think you can"

Rock tries to move out of the way of the Kick coming his way, but couldn't get away fast enough and gets kicked off the building.

Music Stops

Claus then walks away and talks into his helmet. "My mission is complete, I'm returning to New Pork City."

"Not yet!"

Claus gets punched in the back by a fist, Claus turns around and sees Mega Man being armless, having just fired a Hard Knuckle at him, but the Hand coming back almost instantly, and his other hand holding onto the robotic bird Beat, and he drops down onto the building, and changes to his Hyper Bomb.

"I'm not letting you leave until you pay for what you've done!"

Claus speaks into his helmet again.

"I might be a bit late though."

Mega Man 4~ Dr. Cossack Stage 2

Claus sees Mega Man throw a Hyper Bomb, which Claus moves out of the way of it and fires a beam, but lost focus when the explosion went off and Mega Man flung another Hyper Bomb, Claus didn't notice it in time and it blew up, sending him back. Claus got up and decided it was time to fight in kind, where he threw his Bomb, which Mega Man noticed last second and dodged the main blast, but getting hit by some of it, the explosion was so strong it blew up most of the side Rock was on diminished.

The Blue Bomber flung another Hyper Bomb, while the Masked Man threw his Bomb, both go right next to their targets, and both do the same thing, throw it back, they collide in the air and blow up.


The screen goes out to a far away view of the city is seen, where the explosion is seen there. Proto Man looked at the city, done putting Dr. Light in the hospital and was watching the city. He'd love to help his brother, but he was still badly hurt.

"Good Luck Rock"


Both Mega Man and Claus were sent flying off the building that was once there from the explosion, the entire building was demolished, and both Mega Man and Claus were shot high into the air, Claus quickly took this chance to fly away, but Mega Man knew where to got, he teleported to the building he was standing on before the attack, and sure enough, he see the Masked Man flying in the direction he went from.

Things move in slow motion as Mega Man throws out the Shadow Blade, cutting off the left jet on his winged jet pack, which causes Claus to start spinning to the left, and the Blade comes back to him, cutting the other one off, leaving hit to glide and hit the wall on the roof.


Mega Man then throws the blade, aiming for the head, at Claus, but Claus moves his head out of the way of the attack, causing the Blade to get stuck in the wall, giving Claus the chance to stab the Blue Bomber in the Knee, causing Rock to knee down, and the fires his beam at his head, knocking him backward.

They both didn't look too good, with Claus being burnt by the explosions he was hit with, as well as a big dent in his stomach and his back, while Rock being both burned and having a hole in his Knee and torso, though the torso one wasn't so deep.

Mega Man decided it was time to end this, he took a Smash Ball out and used it, causing a Black Hole to appear, sucking the Masked Man in.

Music Stops

Inside he was met with not one, not two or three, but five Mega Men.

"We're going to destroy you for what you've done!"

Mega Man 2~ Wily Castle 1 & 2 (Sm4sh Remix)

They all charged up a strong blast from their Busters, as Claus was about to preform the powerful attack, PK Love.

The powerful attacks collide, and after awhile, they blow-up, leaving smoke in front of the Mega Man team. Mega Man notices something rolling...

It was Claus's Bomb.

The real Mega Man jumps back before the bomb blew up, knocking all the Mega Men but him back into a different side of the room. The attack ends, and Claus and Rock facing each other eye to eye.

Mega Man changed his weapon into the Flame Burst, and ran up to him and fired it, but Claus moved out of the way of the attack, and countered back with a slash of his sword, sending him back, Claus then attacks again using his blade, which sends him back even more. He then jumps up and slashes down, with Mega Man about to dodge, but his Buster Arm was cut clean off.

Mother 3~ Natural Killer Cyborg

Mega Man looks in shock as his arm goes off, and quickly changes his Buster hand. Claus then waited for a attack from his foe, but Rock had enough of this fight, he had to win, and he changes to his Tornado Hold, and runs up and is about to fire, and Claus dodges the attack that wasn't there, but then Mega Man fires at the location he dodged to, which caused him to get pulled up in the whirlwind caused by the fan, and Mega Man keeps him up in the air longer by using his Air Shooter, firing one wind storm, which rises him even more upward and makes his helmet fly off, and he tries to end it with one final Top Spin, but it misses.

"(Of Course.)"

Claus then reacts to the miss to strike and finish this using his Intense Lightning, he starts using it and Mega Man, being too weak to move out of the way of it, changes to one final attack and fires it. The lightning is used and it hits Mega Man, Rock screams in pain and finally collapses on the floor.

Music Stops

Claus looks at his downed opponent, and says to his presumably dead corpse,

"This is what you get for trying to stop Master Porky."

But as soon as he's done saying that, was blown up by a Hyper Bomb that was thrown under his feet, causing his one of his legs to blow off and fire his torso and head into a Danger Warp, which blows up, causing a huge hole in the torso, knocking him down to the ground, where he lays there, dead.


Mega Man puts his head up and says his final words before getting unconscious.

"No, that is what you get for attacking the innocent."

He puts his head down and lays there unconscious.


A blue saucer flies up and picks the two up, and drops Mega Man and the Remains of Claus where Proto Man is.


He jumps out bringing out Mega Man and Claus, and tells him.

"Tell Mega Man this is my thanks for saving me, and have Light Repair this bot as well, he might be a use to you."

He goes back into the saucer and takes off before Blue can say anything.

"Thanks Wily."


Mega Man 3~ Title Theme (Rushjet1's Rendition)


Wiz: At first glance this seems like a sweep for Mega Man, but this fight is a little bit closer than many think.

Boomstick: How? Mega Man is clearly faster, physically stronger, and has better reflexes too!

Wiz: They actually are somewhat tied on durability, due to the fact the Claus has been able to take lightning that's made to knock out opponents, while Mega Man was knocked out by Dr. Wily's trap in Mega Man 9.

Boomstick: Yeah... but he hasn't had a fortress fall on him yet, while Mega Man had, twice, so..?

Wiz: Well there's also the fact that he can actually deal with almost every power Rock has to offer.

Boomstick: Claus' move set can keep his opponents away from him, making it really hard to approach him with his insane strength, and even if he did, his shield would be able to block the blow's power, dealing little damage to the chimera.

Wiz: Claus also has the better mobility in this fight as well, making it harder for Mega Man to land that one blow, which would clearly be enough to destroy Claus if his shields were to go out.

Boomstick: Yet Mega Man's reflexes were enough to dodge every single blow Claus could've hit him with, physical and projectile.

Wiz: And Mega Man's powers do have energy, meaning that if Claus somehow could out last him, he would have a very small chance of winning.

Boomstick: But then there's why Claus lost, even though he can counter his strength, reflexes, and speed. Claus still has his weaknesses, considering he is weak to FOUR of the Blue Bomber's weapons.

Wiz: Not only that, but his Skull Barrier can reflect anything he had on him. Even if he could destroy it using his Shield Killer, if timed right, he can reflect that lightning back at him, even if it won't do much, it's still a start.

Boomstick: Hell, with all these weapons he has makes him very unpredictable, having so much verity with just this set of weapons that it's hard to find a opponent that's not weak to one of these weapons.

Wiz: But the final nail is that Claus is a lot like other foes Rock fought before.

Boomstick: That's right, he is actually like Bass in some ways, such as his Beam being the Bass Buster and his Wings + Jetpack are like Super Bass's Flight. That isn't just it, his Bomb, Bomb Man, his Lightning, Dynamo Man, you get the point.

Wiz: The only thing he has on his move set that isn't like anything he fought before is his Shield Killer, but I mean come on, when will he ever fight a Robot Master that is made to break shields.

Boomstick: Claus saw the Lightning of victory, before it blew up and burst in his face.

Wiz: The Winner is Mega Man.

Mega Man Winner

Mega Man:

+ Much Stronger Physically

+ Faster than Claus

+ Reaction Speed was enough to dodge almost everything Claus had

+ Experience would help dodge some of Claus's attacks

+ Has a Large Variably of Weapons, making him somewhat unpredictable

+ 4 of his weapons are Super Effective against Claus

+ Faught a Larger Variety of foes than Claus, with some of them with similar skills to Claus as well.

~ The Mega Buster counters the Beam

~ Mega Legends counters the PK Love

- Weapon Energy would limit his choices, which could leave him in a bad position.

- Most of Mega Man's attacks would probably be out classed by Claus's attacks

- Mega Man has few attacks that use his physical strength, with Flame Sword really being a sword made of fire, Slash Claw not really slashing directly with his hand, as it's just firing a beam out of his hand, leaving the attacks being the Mega Upper, Top Spin, and maybe the Hard Knuckle.


+ Has better mobility with his Jet Pack.

+ Claus's more destructive weapons beat Mega Man's varied weapons.

+ He could finish the fight easily with his Intense Lightning.

+ Could destroy or counter almost every weapon Mega Man uses against him.

+ Shield would reduce the damage 3 of Mega Man's melee attacks, which are some of his strongest attacks.

~ PK Love counters the Mega Legends

~ Beam counters the Mega Buster

- Since he tends to try to finish his foes quickly, he would leave himself open if the foe dodged or reflected the attack.

- He hasn't fought a foe like Mega Man before, while Mega Man has fought multiple foes like him.

- His shield doesn't protect him from ranged attacks, which covers up most of Mega Man's weapon.

- He is weak to 4 weapons Mega Man has.

- He is even weaker to Bombs without his helmet, and died to his lightning as well without it.

- He is both slower and weaker than Mega Man.

Next Time...[]

Mario jumps out of the pipe, and looks around in a theater like area.

When the curtains rise up, it reveals another on the other side of the stage.

His foe looks at him with a confused look, as so did Mario.

This opponent looks just like him, only paper.

Mario vs Paper Mario


  • This is Pikart767's first death battle.
  • The original winner was Claus, but the battle was redone due to it being wrong, and I personally think it's better than the original battle.