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Bad Box Art Mega Man is a comical character based around the infamous box art for the original Mega Man video game. He makes his video game debut in Street Fighter X Tekken.

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Death Battle Info[]


  • Age: Unknown (middle-aged, aged 25 years since original box art)
  • Height: Unknown (fairly short)
  • Weight: Unknown (overweight)
  • Occupation: Digger
  • Appeared on one of the worst video game box arts in history

Mega Buster[]

  • Futuristic handgun-like firearm
  • Fires single shots
  • Multiple settings
  • Can be charged for greater effect

Move List[]

  • Mega Buster
    • Single blaster shot
  • Mega Upper
    • Shoryuken-like uppercut
  • Ice Slasher
    • Frozen projectile that very briefly stuns opponent
    • Travels slower than Mega Buster
  • Thunder Beam
    • Electrical currents that emerge above, below, and in front of Mega Man while in mid-air
  • Mega Cannon
    • Maximum charged Mega Buster

Feats & Faults[]

  • + Can lift 400+ pound opponents with one hand
  • + Isn't bottom-tier in Street Fighter X Tekken
  • - One of the weakest health-wise in-game
  • - Hot-blooded and freightenable to a fault