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Medaka Kurokami vs Son Goku is an Episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Featuring Medaka Kurokami from Medaka Box and Son Goku from Dragon Ball.


Medaka Box vs Dragon Ball!, Today we have two of the strongest Anime Powerhouses Ever fighting in a fight to death! Who would win? Would Goku at the end break Medaka's Perfection just as he breaks his Limits? Or Medaka would end being so Abnormal for Goku's Power?


  • Manga And DBS stuff will be used for Goku
  • He will also have some Beerus, Jiren and Arale scaling aswell
  • Medaka will have his dangerous techniques even All Fiction in this fight
  • Both have no prior knowledge of eachother
  • They will have all their transformations


Boomstick: Goku, the Tenacious Warrior with Godly Power and Gold-Hearted Guardian of Earth Saiyan from the Seventh Universe from Dragon Ball!

Wiz: And Medaka Kurokami. The Embodiment of Perfection, Abnormal Academy Chairwoman from the Hakoniwa Academy.

Boomstick: These two for sure are two of the most godly and powerful anime powerhouses to ever exist!

Wiz: Both of them have extraordinary crazy abilities, not being human at all, and has similar backstories, having been in raging moments that made them reach powerful transformations, and both has some forms having the Word "God" on them.

Boomstick: He is Wiz and I am Boomstick!

Wiz: And today we will analyze their weapons, armors and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

Medaka Kurokami Copies DEATH BATTLE![]

(Cue: Kurokami Medaka Battle Theme)

Boomstick: Medaka Kurokami... The Embodiment of Perfection being the Chairwoman of the Hakoniwa Academy!

Wiz: School always tends to be boring and stressfull... But what if I told you this ain't the average school... And this is a School has Norms and Super Norms that has Special Abilities that makes the Students Abnormal? Very weird but fun, right?

Boomstick: Uh, yeah.... Well, also this ability is called an Abnormality. It is a Special Ability that an Abnormal has which can personify its existence in the Battlefield.

Wiz: However, no one could match the strongest Abnormal in the entire world.... That Abnormal was known by being "The Embodiment of Perfection" and was known with the name of....

Boomstick: Medaka Kurokami. The Chairwoman of the Hakoniwa Academy!

Wiz: In fact, Medaka is pretty powerful. Just like, she has defeated Ajimu, and Ajimu Has so Many Abilities! She literally has over 12 quadrillion Skills, Which is insane!

Boomstick: Medaka also is in fact Perfect as her Allias says, She always tooks Perfect Notes and Grades in School being a good Chairwoman and Student. Hell Medaka is so Perfect, So Much in fact that that several pro martial arts and calligraphy experts redesigned from their jobs of Medaka!

Wiz: This was due to her unexplained abnormal phsychology and that made Medaka above Normal Humans.

  • BIO: 400?cb=20180228133555
  • Name: Medaka Kurokami
  • Age: 15-15
  • Origin: Medaka Box
  • Classification: Human, Abnormal, Group Head, Academy Chairwoman

Boomstick: Well now were getting in the Medaka's Powers and Abilities! Well, what's Medaka's thing is that SHE HAS A LOT OF POWERS!

Wiz: That's right Boomstick, she holds her own share in power in the form of her Abnormality, The End.

Boomstick: That's so powerful, like Abnormality lets learn and use any kind of special powers Medaka witness for the first time but she can use the copied powers up to 120% of their maximum potential, hell she is sorta like Kirby with this thing!

Wiz: But that doesn't stop her as she has learned so many Abnormalities like Auto-Pilot let's Medaka be able to dodge attacks without needing to even think on them. and with the Hidden Weapon Specialist, she can hide amounts of weapons of any size within her clothes! This things are practically crazy!

Boomstick: Weighted Words lets Medaka manipulate the electricity around her up to the extend that Medaka can control the Mind's nerves to someone due to her bidding, Five Focus, turns her nails into an either deadly poison or a curing antidote. And using Encounter, all kind of damage, including physical, mental, emotional, etc gets pushed away, and She can manipulate Ice and Fire manipulating her body temperature using Ice and Fire!

Wiz: Book Maker let's Medaka have a minus and shoot off screws, they can fluctuate the power from someone, causing despair, and no matter what her kind of foe is in power, it brings their power to be equal to Medaka's power at it's using!

Boomstick: And Irreversible Power can let Medaka inflict wounds cannot be healed aswell as destroy any kind of special powers and abilities the opponent has, Scardead reopens any injury the foe suffered in the past, and Raff-Rafflesia can corrode or disolve anything Medaka touches, which includes air himself! Wow, Wiz she really has So many Abilities, now I can see how she did beat Ajimu....

Wiz: Well yeah but this things aren't EVEN compared to her most deadly and powerful technique.... All Fiction! This turns whatever Medaka wants and desires into literal fiction, which would include opponents, and making them as if they never did exist, this also can literally wound time and heals her own death! This All Fiction is just too OP!

Boomstick: But asides for skills, She also has Much Powerful Forms, the War God Mode releases all of her human inhabitants and turns in a Raging Monster, her healing abilities increases Tenfold, and loses her sense of hearing!

Wiz: She also has the Altered God Mode, upgraded version of the War God Mode, she controls all of her senses and resists her powers getting robbed from her.

Boomstick: But finally, The End God Mode, the strongest of her modes, this makes Medaka's blood pump and flow at insane degrees inside her body, letting Medaka create clones, and she and her clones can create Sonic Booms!

Wiz: Now let's explain her power. She can fight Kumagawa, who made a Small Explosion and The biggest feat she ever did was Destroy the Moon, however the feat itself nearly has killed Medaka herself. And she is very fast, disarming 8 students before they could react, caught many bullets in her mouth without getting hit once, casually can move at sub-light speeds when playing instruments, and with her Kurokami Phantom: Proper Version involves combining it with Hinokage's "Theme Song" ability, Proper Version is said to save on speed, implying that her other versions are even faster making her Faster Than Light even! And Kumagawa with her All Fiction beated Ajimu, but he was successfull as she herself wanted be held, and Kumagawa held an exact copy of Ajimu with little difficulty while using the same ability so it is unclear to what extent his success relied on her consent. Ajimu with casual attacks can destroy stars, and can create and manipulate universes at her will! So that makes Medaka be Universal with her All Fiction!

Boomstick: Medaka might have A Score of Perfect Abilities, but also has so much Weaknesses, she is naive and trusting, is described as being "Too Perfect", has lost fights before, cannot copy an ability alters her body's shape to a drastic degree, Allows her foes to strike first, and she is so smart he crossed back over into stupidity once. But even so... This deserves to be given the protection of an user through the plot armor, and given how Medaka is strong, you won't be able to take her down at all!

Wiz: But even then, we don't mess with the Embodiment of Perfection!

Those who win are not STRONG. It is those who lose and crawl back up who are STRONG!


(Cue: DBZ Metal Themes)

Boomstick: Goku, the Mighty & Tenacious Super Saiyan from the Seventh Universe of the Dragon Ball Universe!

Wiz: Goku is the protagonist of the series, and his main like is fight strong opponents, varying from Threats to Earth, to strong warriors just like him, to even Gods or hell even warriors of another universes!

Boomstick: Goku is also known for having the hell of a rivalry with Superman! My man.... Both has been similar to each others and has been rivals for years!

Wiz: Yeah, Goku is one of the strongest shonen characters and as well as one of the most infamously known anime characters of all time.

Boomstick: Goku through his life has been fighting, training and beating every type of enemies, and become stronger, hell his power makes him beat almost every opponent he fights and even if he loses, he just gets up to training and become even stronger!

Wiz: Yeah, Goku has died so many times but he has revived and been helped by his friends and the Dragon Balls so many times and they aided him against several threats towards earth multiple times, but at the end always Goku will face this guy after getting an upgrade on his power and beat them!

Boomstick: Hell, Goku seems to have plot armor, he has fought to the likes of Piccolo, Nappa, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Majin Boo, even Gods such as Beerus and Jiren! Hell how is that this guy has this power?!

Wiz: Well, when Krillin fucking died to Frieza, Goku achieved the Super Saiyan and overpowered him, same happened in the manga when Goku was angry of Android 17 sacrifying himself trying to beat Jiren in vain and in the anime when Goku got mad and overpowered Jiren when he tried to attack his friends in his fight against MUI Goku, so likely his legendary known power would increase with his own rage, mainly coming with the death or threat towards his friends...

Boomstick: Goku is also a Saiyan who was born in the planet Vegeta, Saiyans are a violent fighting race from space who are known for being agressive and thanks to their nature they like fights and doesn't really take them seriously being supposedly strived to be the strongest in the universe!

Wiz: But then most of the race died by Frieza destroying their Planet to nothingness... However they would save a saviour who has avenged the Saiyans's Death.... And that was the Super Saiyan Kakarot aka Goku who after years defended them from Frieza and has successfully defeated him!

Boomstick: They sent Goku as a baby to earth via a capsule to enslave and conquer the planet but he ended under Grandpa Gohan's tutelage and once he arrived Goku sustained a fatal head injury and after that, he becamed a pure, nice, kind, good hearted, and autentic nature Saiyan during it's childhood who likes fights, and Grandpa Gohan learned him all his powers until a day Goku saw the moon and this made him become an Oozaru which is like a giant monkey form Saiyans can access when see the moon in night with a tail, that day he accidentally killed his Grandpa, which was a depressive day for him....

Wiz: But since then, Goku wouldn't abandon his potential in fights he would be training and hunting to survive eating, which reminds me Goku also has a liking for food he eats a LOT, and he would end having friends through out his childhood finding the mystical Dragon Balls which can grant Wishes, and having Bulma, Krillin, Yamcha, etc as friends and having the Master Roshi as his new martial arts master and he would become a guardian for the earth defending it from several threats even when he was grown as an adult marrying with Chi-Chi getting a Son he named Gohan reminding his Grandpa with the same name.

Boomstick: Goku then would end training and end becoming stronger and end fighting remaining Saiyans who tried to threaten the earth defeating his brother Raditz although also dying to him but he would eventually revive to defeat Nappa and then he would end making a legendary eternal rivalry with the Prideful, Ruthless Killer and Arrogant Saiyan Prince Vegeta. He got defeated by Vegeta in a close fight but his friends Krillin and Yajirobe and Son Gohan aided to beat him but since them Vegeta decided to join them and end becoming a frenemy for Goku to defeat bigger threats such as Frieza, Cell & Majin Boo. Since then Goku would end becoming even stronger accessing to the mighty legendary well known Super Saiyan forms!

Wiz: In Dragon Ball Super, he becamed more dumb and childish which he is famously known to be in there but still likes fights and has accessed forms with the power of Gods, such as the Super Saiyan Forms and the Ultra Instinct technique, fighting Gods such as Beerus, again against Frieza, Gods like Zamasu who threatened earth, and warriors from other universes, yet always training to become stronger continuing the history of his life as the well known guardian for earth, always defeating Threats for earth and being inspirated to fight and become stronger breaking his limits!

  • Name: Son Goku/Kakarot 300?cb=20180513223543
  • Origin: Dragon Ball
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 25-38 (physically 34)
  • Classification: Alien (Saiya-jin [Saiyan in the English Adaptations]), Martial Artist

Boomstick: Goku has a Good portion of powers and abilities! One of them is that he is a noticeably Genius in combat! He's done SO many plans to defeat his enemies more than once, like he has defeated Frieza, aided to beat Cell, and almost managed to take out Jiren! Goku is Extremely gifted when it comes to fighting. Can replicate ki techniques after seeing them only once. Has devised new ways to use old techniques, such as a Kamehameha with his feet! He also would also test the power of his foes to then try to adapt and keep against them, and he would always plan the way to beat them!

Wiz: Goku also has been training hard a lot, he even has trained with Very high gravity, and in the Time Room has a temperature ten times better than earth, and in King Kai's Planet and in Beerus & Wiz's planet. He has trained under Master Roshi, King-Kai & Whis tutelage!

Boomstick: Goku has super strength, speed, durability & reflexes, and has knowledge from martial arts & pressure point strikes, has reactive power level, and he's sorta like The Hulk, the maddest he gets, he gets stronger! He also has the Ki which is practically energy in Dragon Ball and he can feel even Ki from Gods and has the God Ki, and he can manipulate the Ki to shoot Balls from his hands and do explosions using this!

Wiz: Goku also ironically has brokened the fourth wall before and once comedically hitted Yamcha to the manga panel making him bump there as a Kid, and has fought Arale who has toon force.

Boomstick: Goku also can fuse with the Potara Earings or the Fusion Dance usually with Vegeta, but this has a time limit and he cannot use this in combat without Vegeta in there and this is obviously only Goku fighting Medaka so this is logically disallowed.

Wiz: Goku also can create After-Images, can mimicry powers based on Ki, like Krillin's Destructo Disk or the Kamehameha, or even The Hakai from Beerus, a technique used by Gods that can literally ERASE someone outside existence! However this has some times it doesn't work like with Zamasu who regenerates of it, or opponents more stronger than the user of the Hakai, or with those who can resist it, Goku can manipulate the light in his Ki Attacks, can read minds and telephatically comunicate with others, Anyone equal or superior to Majin Buu or Gotenks should be capable of performing the Vice Shout using sheer power basically generating and doing portals screaming, he also can Teleport, Dimensional Travel and BFR with his Instant Transmission, Can gain temporary power boosts through rage, which is how he unlocked the Super Saiyan form, is Capable of amplifying physical strength and speed using Kaioken, potentially up to 100 times but Goku wouldn't increase it too much otherwise he would die.

Boomstick: Goku can also easily survive bullet shots and sword attacks, and resists shits like Absorption, He also used his Ki and fight against a opponent who can absorb it until he exploded as a strategy to ultimately beat him, he can fight with increased Gravity, resists Paralysis, Sleep Manipulation, Radiation and likely Transmutation as he has better Ki than Vegito who got turned into Candy by Boohan but kept fighting as a candy so Goku would resist to much better degrees!

Wiz: Now to speak about his powers, Goku can fly, can breath and survive in space, can create after-images to confuse and attack enemies, can use the Kienzan slashes most of everything except opponents far stronger, can summon Ki Barriers, can summon a gold dragon and pierce opponents with his fist using the dragon fist, can absorb energy of others using the Spirit Bomb doing a big ki ball he launches at the opponents being only effective with opponents with evil heart like Frieza, Vegeta or Majin Boo. Even Kid Gohan who is good deflected the attack easily. He can teleport to where he wants and locate opponents feeling their Ki with the instant transmission etc.

Boomstick: Those are many powers but yet it doesn't end there, the Hakai he can use to erase opponents off existence, even their mind, body and soul working in Ghosts too, he only however used it against Zamasu in vain as he could regenerate! The Dragon Throw, Goku grabs, spins and hurls opponents away, and he can use the Solar Flare to summon a light and blind opponents!

Wiz: Goku also can use the Mafuba to summon a tornado and catch opponents sealing them in a bootle but only works against those like Zamasu. He can also shoot his Ki Blasts in fast succession and make them follow the targets, he's also got a bag with Zensu Beans he can use to eat the Beans and heal and grant stamina if wounded. Goku also can absorb the energy of the Spirit Bomb and add it to himself getting more powerful, and finally.... The Kamehameha!

Boomstick: That's my favorite attack! It means Turtle Destruction Wave, it concentrates Ki into a single point, but it requires some time to charge, but at least it can be supercharged and shot as a powerful Ki Beam that can atomize opponents and deal a massive damage and has several variations of the attacks, he can even use this combining it with his teleportation!

Wiz: But Goku also gets stronger and stronger thanks to his forms. The Super Saiyan form Increases power 50x his base form and is Proportioned to his physical abilities, which gives him an even greater boost in strength, ki power, speed, stamina and durability. He got this form after his rage when Frieza killed Krillin, but he now can use this without rage as he ended habituating to the form as his plan to beat Cell, but in the end Gohan ended doing it when he transformed Super Saiyan 2. Also in some way Goku learned the Super Saiyan 2 after the Cell saga in the Boo saga. it's 2x stronger than the super saiyan and 100x stronger than base form. And Super Saiyan 3. This form makes Goku Four times stronger than a Super Saiyan 2, and also once again greatly boosts his stats.


Wiz: But after doing a ritual he learned to transform into the Super Saiyan God, this form makes him a Universal Buster able to fight threats like Beerus, the power boost maybe unknown but it's definitely pretty powerful. This form makes him regenerate from wounds, has a massive boost over Super Saiyan 3 and enables the power to possess and sense the God Ki!

Boomstick: And the Super Saiyan Blue! It's achieved going Super Saiyan while already being in The normal SSG Mode, being a direct upgrade of the God SSJ form, and Is leagues above even the Super Saiyan God and every other Super Saiyan form, requires Ki Control and Focus,and Enables the user to possess and sense Godly Ki and he can use this alongside the Kaio-Ken, making him able to surpass and resist the Time-Skip from Hit which can stop time! He also did it with the normal Super Saiyan before and with the blue one grants a 10x boost in power and he can increase it 'till 20 times!

Wiz: And he even has the Completed form of the Blue state, giving Goku complete control over the form without any loss in stamina. However Goku's forms tend to drain his stamina.... However he has a last form.... The Ultra Instinct!

Boomstick: Oh man! This form's OP! Goku can automatically react to attacks without effort or thought: focusing entirely on nearly instant muscle reaction rather than brain input. This makes feints and illusions ineffective. Whis confirmed that Goku mastered this technique. He just needs to boost his power since his body does all the other work for him EVEN CHANGING HIS FIGHTING STYLE AND SKILL COMPLETELY! This makes him more serious and silent than before! Piccolo claims that Goku is "constantly evolving" during this transformation; with Goku's attacks becoming faster, more powerful and more precise the longer he fights And Is stated to make the user achieve their maximum efficiency in offense, defense, and strategy. However Goku yet had to master it and this wores off after 3 minutes. Goku currently needed the power of the spirit bomb to achieve this form, or be beaten up breaking his limits there, this form letted him match the mortal who is more powerful than the God of destruction of his universe, Jiren, Jiren's power was shaking the whole World of Void, and It's possible that Goku may have been able to defeat Jiren if the transformation didn't expire.and the fusion of Kale and Caulifla known as Kefla who claimed she could destroy the universe with her power and was comparable to Goku even his spirit bomb in power, and Some of the lesser gods have been unable to achieve this form despite their attempts and is considered powerful by the standards of Gods from the Dragon Ball multiverse! Hell, even Some of the lesser gods have been unable to achieve this form despite their attempts.

Wiz: Yeah, But Goku must ignore thinking on how to attack and instead rely on instinct; otherwise, he will not control this form's power properly and This form is exhausting and puts a great amount of strain on Goku after it expires. However at the end Goku mastered the Ultra Instinct, being his current last and most powerful known form, Goku now has a control over the form, and is in par with Jiren even almost beating him and overpowering him when Jiren threatened Goku's friends. It only activates when he needs it, and Despite its amazing reflexive ability and incredible power, it doesn't even last a full minute before his body is put under immense strain, eliminating any chance he has of defending himself, and costing him any fight without outside help.

Boomstick: However, Goku used this form once again in the manga with this weakness dissappearing now becoming in his accuracy dropping to the ground the most he fights, And he fought with Granolah's clone. Granolah becamed the strongest mortal in universe 7 being more powerful than Goku and Vegeta and hell he defeated Ultra Instinct Goku with a single blow to his vitals, albeit he waited for the accuracy of Goku's Ultra Instinct to decrease and hit him while he was distracted. However then there is Gas who becamed the strongest mortal in universe 7 thanks to a wish and fights in par with this form along Vegeta with Ultra Ego which is like Ultra Instinct around his power but thinking in destruction, he also defeated Granolah! Hell Goku is SO strong! Yeah and there is Arale who is a Toon force gag character who easily defeated Blue Vegeta and Goku admitted she was stronger than him, now he would be stronger than this cartoonish character!

Wiz: Goku also has several insane feats. He alongside Piccolo fought Raditz, and he can injure and survive Piccolo's attacks, and Piccolo was able to blow up the moon!

Boomstick: Yeah, Goku also easily humilliated Nappa before he calmed down, Nappa is superior to Raditz able to fight all the Z-Fighters in a simultaneous way and winning with minimal effort, and knocking out Piccolo after he had the training of King Kai, and can overpower Vegeta with Kaio-ken x3, and then matched his Galick Gun with a Kamehameha, overwhelming him when he went Kaio-ken x4. Vegeta is far superior to Nappa and surpassed his father the King Vegeta who can destroy planetoids! But Vegeta's Galick Gun was gonna blew up the Planet to ashes and Goku's Kamehameha overpowered Vegeta's attack!

Wiz: Goku also defeated the Ginyu Force, who are superior to Vegeta in fact even beating him up. Goku is Stronger than Vegeta and Piccolo, and fought against a very casual Frieza in his final form. Frieza's final form is massively superior to his previous forms, and his first form casually destroyed Planet Vegeta without even powering up. Planet Vegeta is a massive planet with two suns orbiting around it. With Kaio-ken x20, overpowered 50% Final Form Frieza. As a Super Saiyan, dominated 50% Final Form Frieza and overpowered his 100% form.

Boomstick: Goku is Stronger than Super Saiyan Trunks casually while in Super Saiyan, who was capable of one-shotting King Cold and Mecha Frieza, who are both stronger than Final Form Frieza. Full Power Super Saiyan is implied to surpass all previous grades of Super Saiyan in terms of both energy control and raw power. In that form, he managed to fight with a suppressed Perfect Cell, who was using more power than he did against Super Saiyan Grade 3 Trunks. Perfect Cell said that Trunks' most powerful form had greater raw power than himself, but Cell was much swifter, and had better coordination. Hell, Cell is stronger than Frieza!

Wiz: In fact Goku is easily a Planet and even a Solar System Buster in base and in his Super Saiyan forms without any difficulties.

Boomstick: Goku In his base form, he surpassed weighted Pikkon. Pikkon w/weights on casually two-shotted Super Perfect Cell, who was famously capable of blowing away the entire Solar System, which is a galactic nebula with an innumerable number of stars. Goku also likely has Scaling around Universal Buster! Goku also scales to Cell who is stated to be roughly equal to Shin who only involves himself in mortal affairs when the fate of the universe is on the line and Shin presumably made infinite planets that occupy the universe and the Dragon Ball universe is infinite!

Wiz: Also besides Goku scales Cell who is superior to Frieza and is famously known to have the feat that he could've destroy the solar system if he wasn't beated by Gohan... Cell stated that he could've destroyed the universe multiple times so that might possibly do Goku Universal Buster

Boomstick: And He fought and scales to Majin Boo, Majin Boo is superior to Frieza and even Cell so Boo is definitely a Solar System Buster, and Majin Boo was able to destroy Planets and even a Galaxy, and had multiple statements of destroying the universe! Goku is also PRETTY fast, Getting around Relativistic speed from the Piccolo Moon Feat scaling Piccolo and Raditz in speed, can also dodge attacks and blitz Nappa in their fight, who is miles above Raditz, can keep up with Vegeta, is Vastly superior in base to the level he was when using Kaio-ken in the Saiyan arc, Goku is Miles above even a theoretical Kaioken x10 Goku based on his power using Kaioken x2 against Ginyu, and Goku can get MASSIVELY FASTER THAN LIGHT+ Goku Flew from Grand Kai's planet to Hell at a speed of roughly 4.38 quadrillion times FTL in his base form. Can increase his speed by likely far more than 50 times using Full Power Super Saiyan, and 2x that with Super Kaioken and Goku is Faster than he was in the previous Arc. Can increase his speed by likely far more than 400 times in Super Saiyan 3. Kept up in speed with Innocent Buu, and he later kept up in speed with Kid Buu, who flew across multiple galaxies eons ago and he can even be Sixtillions MFTL+ because he managed to react and null at time his energy spheres fighting Beerus clashing fists that could've destroy the universe in seconds, AND THIS ENERGY SPHERES CAN TRAVEL ACROSS THE WHOLE UNIVERSE TOO!

Wiz: But his Super Saiyan God forms and his Ultra Instinct definitely ranges from Universal to even Multi-Universal Busters!

Boomstick: Goku even absorbed the power of the Super Saiyan God in his base form, and he fought Beerus (Who was holding back) but his hits against Beerus were so hard they ALMOST destroyed the Universe! He also has the power of SSG transformed into SSJ And when he fought Hit he destroyed his Dimension made of time fragments! Goku also is comparable to Goku Black who was able to give a fight to Goku after the BOG feats, and he stated if he got a Zensu Bean he could fight Infinite Zamasu who was one with the universe and the timeline with present, past and future but that was stated when Zamasu were just spreading, and Goku in his Ultra Instinct form fought Jiren who easily stopped SSG form with just one finger, and nulls the Kamehameha of the SSB Kaio-Ken x20. He could even get Jiren angry and at all his power, and Beerus himself and another Gods of Destruction was shocked of Goku's power! And Beerus and Champa once they fought, both were gonna destroy the Universes 6 & 7 this being a Multi-Universal Feat! He has fought against Granolah as well who was stronger than him and as well as currently fighting Gas with his MUI and Vegeta with his UE which is around MUI's power! That's how Strong is Goku! Damn he seems limitless! He ALWAYS breaks his limits!

Wiz: Yeah, but however Goku has so much weaknesses. Goku let's his foes reach his maximum power for the sake of a good fight, doesn't matter if they get stronger and superior. He often let's his guard down, and every time he gets distracted, let's opponents have chances and they can reduce Goku's durability. Kaio-Ken can make Goku tired and have hard pain if used a lot even die. And also The Spirit Bomb takes a lot to charge making Goku vulnerable to attacks. The SSJ3 drains his Ki and energy and will make him end tired very quickly. The Mafuba requires a bootle to seal the foe. And Goku is naive, and pretty forgiving to his opponents and would do anything to keep a fight fair, and the Ultra Instinct's respective anteriorly mentioned weaknesses. However doesn't matter what Goku would never let himself be taken down, he for sure would come back to fight for a challenge and doesn't matter the possibilities.

I’m the Saiyan who came all the way from Earth with the sole purpose of beating you. I am the warrior you’ve heard of in legends. Pure of heart and awakened by fury, that’s what I am. I am the Super Saiyan! Son Goku!


Wiz: Alright guys, their analysis are set, let's finish off this debate once and for all!






  • The Connections between Son Goku and Medaka Kurokami are:
  • Both of them are known heroes/heroines throughout their universes, even ending proving themselves to be the mightiest heroes inside them
  • Both are also really powerful and Iconic Shonen Jump Characters
  • Also oddly enough, they has the same Wanks (Outerversal for both sometimes even with the same reasoning) and the same Down-Plays (Laser level Goku and City Block Medaka)
  • They are two of the most powerful Anime heroes existing
  • Their history at the start is very similar (Both of them grew up without parental figures since Frieza killed the Planet Vegeta, killing most of the Saiyan race forcing their parents to send Goku to the earth to let him the chance to survive and Medaka's mother died at birth and was sent to a facility to be researched on and both Medaka and Goku were sent off away from their homes to a new place).
  • They have also reached transformations in moments of rage some of them having the word "God" in their names even changing their appearance (Medaka's various forms like the War God Mode and Goku's various Super Saiyan forms, and a clear example of him accessing this form with rage was the first time he used it when Frieza killed Krillin fighting and defeating Frieza at the end).
  • They grew up with extraordinary abilities and they're not really human at all (Goku being a Saiyan and Medaka being an Abnormal Girl)
  • Known for having hearts of gold, strong will, and are able to see the good in people, always trying to help no matter what and keep the peace
  • They are also the leaders of a group who help others in need and all share the same heart as the leader (Or almost all of them) Also (The Z-Fighters and Student Council)
  • Both are constantly judged for being powerful and basically gods among others and they want to have different lives (Goku wants to spend his time training alongside his friends, becoming stronger and protecting earth from greater threats and Medaka wants to live a normal Life, and most of this if not all is realized via their Hearts of Gold)