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The history of Godzilla is a long one, but one villain/hero, keeps on coming back. MechaGodzilla! So we're pitting all of them in a fight!


To keep things fair; all mechs will be adjusted to be about the same size (Akin to their videogame crossovers). Also, only the movies are being used for Heisei and Kiryu, while Showa gets his comic feats.


Kirby: Godzilla; a very diverse series, housing many timelines and monsters.

Sheepboi: Mech's are fuckin' awesome- and nothing's better than the giant, dragon-y ones

Kirby: Dragon-y...?

Sheepboi: Dragon-y, yes. But, frankly, there's nothin' more popular than these three literal power-houses

Kirby: The Showa MechaGodzilla, the first Bionic Monster of the franchise.

Sheepboi: The Heisei MechaGodzilla, the juggernaut that took down Godzilla

Kirby: And Kiryu, the cybernetic MechaGodzilla

Sheepboi: He's Kirby and I'm Sheepboi!

Kirby: And it's our job to research this Triplets's armour, abilities and weapons to conclude who would win... in a Death Battle Royale

Kiryu (Sheepboi1)[]

Kirby: Godzilla. The fearsome Kaiju has existed for years, and in those years you better believe that he's met a whole lotta fucking foes. But only one has come back THIS much.

Sheepboi: King Ghidora?

Kirby: No . . . MechaGodzilla. I guess two foes then. But we aren't talking about any MechaGodzilla, we're talking about the millenuim era Mecha G, better known as Kiryu.

Sheepboi: Kiryu is a beast, being able to go head-to-head with Godzilla. He can fly and is super strong and durable.

Kirby: This beast of a Robot is insane, being able to tank Godzilla's Atomic Breath and come out alive!

Sheepboi: And he's got a large arsenal. He has rockets, laser claw thingy majigs, a drill, a backpack thing that he can shoot onto enemies, and his trademark attack: The Absolute Zero Canon. Which freezes his foes at Zero Degrees!

Kirby: Well duh. What the fuck did you think it would do dumbass? But yeah, this thing packs a punch, being able to hurt Godzilla and have a power output of . . . 109.2 Petatons of TNT!?!?! (Thanks to Sebastian Hayward for the calc)

Sheepboi: And Kiryu makes up in other categorys as well. His flight speed (Sebas did these calcs as well) is around mach 45 and can hit with a kinetic energy force of 548.4 Kilotons of TNT. Oh and remember his AZC (Absolute Zero Canon)? He once survived being in the middle of it! And what happened to him? He lost an arm.

Kirby: Oh and remember original Gojira? Well sometimes he can take over Kiryu's body to destroy once more, because there's not single vessel that's better than something made to kill future you.

Sheepboi: However he does have weaknesses. Like he DOES have 200% power. But for this battle we're giving him 400%, because in Tokyo S.O.S he had unlimited power. And despite his AZC being SUPER powerfull, it drains 40% of his power. Plus his evil Godzilla-has-taken-over-my-body form doesn't come natually, and he becomes a mindless monster. He also has a pilot that controls him from a plane, so should she go down, he can't do anything, but at least dead Godzilla spirt can take over his body in this state.

Kirby: But still this is one badass mech you don't want to mess with.

MechaGodzilla (Heisei) (Vrokorta)[]

Kirby: When discussing Godzilla & all of his impressive accomplishments throughout the years, you sometimes forget that he can be the bad guys.

Sheepboi: Yeah, but the people of fictional Japan sure don't forget, that's why they made a Godzilla Countermeasure Center.

Kirby: From there, they sought to construct a weapon that could combat Godzilla & stop him if he ever turns on humanity. First, they built the Garuda, a weaponized aircraft equipped with maser cannons.

Sheepboi: But what's a plane gonna do against a 100-meter dinosaur!? So instead they decided to up the ante, taking a page out of the Futurians book & building a MECHA!

Kirby: MechaGodzilla, a robotic replica of Godzilla made using the technology of Mecha King Ghidorah. Standing 120 meters tall, & weighing 150,000 metric tonnes, Mecha G comes equipped with an assortment of lasers & missiles to combat the King of the Monsters.

Sheepboi: He's got eye lasers, mouth lasers, & even a chest laser!

Kirby: That would be MechaGodzilla's Plasma Grenade, charged by absorbing energy-based attacks from other kaiju. Its synthetic diamond armor is heat resistant, & its energy absorption allows it to negate numerous attacks.

Sheeepboi: Forget armor, let's get back to weapons, like Mecha G's G Crusher, which electrifies enemies to the point of blowing up their brains! If that wasn't enough, he's also got missiles that paralyze & tranquillize the enemy, great for slowing them down & delivering a killer blow!

Kirby: Heedless of his impressive weight, MechaGodzilla is also capable of flying thanks to the jet thrusters in his legs, which allow him to soar through the air at Mach 1. Not only that, but he can fuse with the aforementioned Garuda to make himself twice as fast, & equip himself with the ship's maser cannons.

Sheepboi: With all this, MechaGodzilla was strong enough to go toe-to-toe with Big G himself, & nearly killed him on one occasion, y'know, the same guy who moths that could redirect a planet-busting meteor!

Kirby: He's not just strong, he's fast too. Godzilla's walking speed alone is estimated to be as high as 338km/h, & his atomic breath moves as fast as Mach 19.

Sheepboi: Course he's not perfect. Some of his lasers can overload if he overuses it.

Kirby: Plus you have to worry about the pilots inside him.

Sheepboi: Pilots? Was kinda hoping he'd just be a legit robot.

Kirby: Lastly, while MechaGodzilla is heat resistant, it does have a limit to how much it can take, as temperatures as high as 1.2 million degrees Celsius can melt its armor.

Sheepboi: But I mean honestly, what even GETS that hot? As long as he sticks to his guns, he should be well on his way to victory. Now onto the next one with our guests!

Kirby: Guests . . . What guests?

Sheepboi: Oh you didn't know? Tabashi and Angel are joining us for this battle. It's a collab.

Kirby: Aight then.

MechaGodzilla (Showa) (Sebastian Hayward)[]

Tabashi: Thanks for having us, guys. And also, you're welcome for the AZC calc. Can you believe it, Angel? We're in a collaboration!

Angel: I didn't expect it to happen so soon. Did you?

Tabashi: Hell no! But let's just dive right in, shall we?

Angel: Sure, why not?

Tabashi: All righty then. (clears throat) The year was 1974, just 20 years after the Original Godzilla was Oxygen Destroyed.

Angel: Too bad Japan had to deal with another Godzilla just a year later. Man, those suckers in Tokyo just can't catch a break, can they?

Tabashi: Eh, doesn't matter, since this Godzilla was a good guy, apparently. But it wasn't just another Godzilla, for many more monsters started appearing around the globe. Some of them were good, like King Kong and Mothra, but the 1st gen versions of others were... not, such as Rodan, Varan, Baragon, Kamacuras, and Kumonga.

Angel: However, still others were just downright BAD, like Gigan, Megalon, Gabara, and King Ghidorah. And of course, some aliens (known as the Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens) just HAD to make it worse! Anyways, Godzilla stood as King of the Monsters for 19 years, with only his queen and his simian rival full-out defeating him. Well, that is, until ‘74, when Mount Fuji was attacked by... HIMSELF!? But I thought you said he was a good guy!

Tabashi: That I did. Moving on, good ol’ Anguirus intercepted “Godzilla”, and managed to tear off a piece of "Godzilla's" flesh to reveal metal underneath.

Angel: I knew he was an Impostor!

Tabashi: However, it was the only hit Angy managed to get, because once Fake Godzilla decided to stop holding back, the King of the Impostors stomped the ever-living SHIT out of him! The fight ultimately ended with the Tenacious Veteran getting his jaw broken, which is just plain brutal, even for a robot.

Angel: Fake Godzilla moved to Tokyo, and was intercepted by the REAL Godzilla, who burned off the crappy disguise to reveal... MechaGodzilla! Now to be clear, this is not the only version of Mecha-G out there, but THIS one is the first! And he created the rich Mecha-G tradition of being ARMED TO THE FRICKIN’ TOES in weapons!!!

Tabashi: But first, some stats!

Angel: MechaGodzilla Showa stands 50 meters (164 feet) tall, 100 meters (328 feet) long, and weighs in at 40,000 metric tons. Due to his sheer size and Earth's gravity, Mecha-G should have a GPE of ~5 Tons of TNT. And since MechaGodzilla Showa is an extraterrestrial robot, he's naturally composed of an entirely new element! Labelled "Space Titanium", this metal's been said to be 10x stronger than steel.

Tabashi: Since regular steel melts at around 1,510°C (2,750°F), that means Space Titanium must melt at 15,100°C (27,212°F). Space Titanium's Yield Strength should be 26,170MPa, while its Ultimate Tensile Strength should be 26,930MPa. To translate that, its YS should be ~6.3 Tons of TNT, while its UTS should be ~6.4 Tons of TNT. But as you all might've guessed by now, that's a big ol' pile of Kaiju shit!

Angel: We'll get to durability later, though. Anyways, after their first fight, MechaGodzilla Showa went to Okinawa to destroy its guardian, King Caesar. When the Azumi Royal Family found out, one of them sung his theme song (WTF!?), and then the Ancient Shisa went up against the King of the Mecha-Monsters. King Caesar actually did fairly well against Mecha-G, until it stopped using its eye beams and switched to its missiles.

Tabashi: Then King Caesar got the dog shit beat out of him, until (luckily) the real Godzilla showed up. After a long bloodbath, MechaGodzilla was finally defeated when his head was magnetized off his body thanks to Godzilla pulling his magnetic powers out of his ass.

Angel: But just one year later, in 1975, Mecha-G was back with a vengeance and a new ally. Oh, and also a whole NEW shitload of abilities!

Tabashi: It’s true. The Showa Mecha-G has enough of an arsenal to make Kiryu himself blush, so let’s run through it.

Angel: First up, there's the Space Beams, which are rainbow-colored optical lasers which are seemingly equal in power to Godzilla's 100,000+°C (180,032+°F) Atomic Breath. Okay, let's just get to the missiles, because that's going to take forever!

Tabashi: Very well. On Mecha-G's neck is an apparatus called the Trace Device, which allows for the firing of a large quantity of small missiles. Although unused in the films, this is a natural ability MechaGodzilla Showa's always had, so by Rule #3, this will be allowed in the fight. He's also got some missiles attached to the inside of his mouth, but he rarely ever utilizes those.

Angel: MechaGodzilla Showa is also armed with missiles at the tips of his fingers, known as Space Finger Missiles—

Tabashi: —That can fly at Mach 1.02-1.81 (783-1,389mph)!

Angel: —And are immediately replaced after each shot, which allows for virtually continuous firing.

Tabashi: That hatch on MechaGodzilla Showa's chest is extremely dangerous, too, since it can slide open to reveal a device that can fire a high-power electromagnetic beam, named the Cross Attack Beam (or Cross Attack Ray), which is dark gold in color and strong enough to slice through a large rock formation.

Angel: Although not shown in the films, MechaGodzilla can use Destro-Fire, which are 500,000°C (that’s 900,032°F) bullets, to burn through opponents. Also, he’s got an antenna named Cybanek that receives orders from the Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens (his creators), as well as a Super Radar that can locate things underwater and underground!

Tabashi: And as if that wasn't enough, MechaGodzilla Showa can fly at Mach 5 (3,836.3mph), which gives him a KE yield of ~14.1 Kilotons of TNT. He does this by using his propulsion jets (aptly named Jet Fire), as well as his Unisot (that sharp, stupid-looking blade on the top of his tail), which acts as both a flight stabilizer and detachable projectile!

Angel: And another thing about Mecha-G's head: it can spin 360°, so it's going to be nigh-impossible to sneak up on him! Also, by spinning his head rapidly enough, MechaGodzilla can form a “Neo Defense Barrier” that’s impervious to Godzilla’s 32 Kiloton Atomic Breath, as well as physical strikes from Big G. And he survived a 1.53 Megaton explosion, as well as battling King Ghidorah!

Tabashi: And we’re barely halfway done, because all that was PRE-UPGRADE! After being destroyed by Godzilla in ‘74, MechaGodzilla was repaired by the BHP3As with a whole new shitload of abilities! God damn, this guy has more of an arsenal than a composite King Ghidorah!

Angel: The upgraded Mecha-G now has a Laser-Firing Apparatus on its back-up Head Controller, which is powerful enough to tear a large chunk of Godzilla's flesh off, as well as knock the King of the Monsters on his ass!

Tabashi: And if you thought this 164-foot tall weapons shop had missiles before, well, you ain't heard NOTHIN' yet! Sure, Mecha-G has the finger, knee, and toe ones, but post-upgrade, he got time-delayed missiles on his knees called the Homyu Shot, drilling missiles on his toes called High-Pressure Homing Missiles, and best of all, his Space Finger Missiles were upgraded.

Angel: See, by rotating his hands continuously, they can now become 5x more powerful than pre-upgrade. His knee missiles (aka Homyu Shot) are time-delayed, allowing for a nasty surprise. Mecha-G Showa's toes were also armed with missiles known as High Pressure Homing Missiles (HPHM). These babies possess drilling properties, so they're most effective when spun, as they could bury themselves into an opponent before exploding.

Tabashi: But let's put some numbers on these abilities. So far, we've said that the Space Finger Missiles can travel at Mach 1.02-1.81 (783-1,389mph), the Space Beams are 100,000°C (180,032°F) in temperature, Destro-Fire can reach 500,000°C (900,032°F), and he can fly at Mach 5 (3,836.3mph) with a KE of ~14.1 Kilotons of TNT.

Angel: But what about the Space Finger Missiles? How powerful are they post-upgrade?

Tabashi: (Inhales like Gamera in the 2015 whatever-it-was)

Angel: That was a mistake.

Tabashi: Okay, MechaGodzilla Showa was said to be stronger than the 1st generation King Ghidorah, who managed—

Angel: Which King Ghidorah?

Tabashi: What do you mean? The Showa King Ghidorah.

Angel: Well, yeah, but WHICH Showa King Ghidorah? I'm looking at his stats, and there's apparently three different versions of the Showa King Ghidorah, so which one of those is it?

Tabashi: Oh, I see. Well, they've got a few things wrong there.

Angel: Like what?

Tabashi: (Inhales like the 2015 Gamera again)

Angel: I really need to stop asking questions.

Tabashi: So, they claim that Mecha-G Showa is stronger than the 2ND gen Showa King Ghidorah, who's gotten quite the power boost but that's another story. Anyways, that claim CAN'T be true, because of the timeline. See, Destroy All Monsters is the 2nd-farthest into the timeline, since it's set in 1999. Only Zone Fighter's show is set farther, since it was confirmed that the King Ghidorah in Zone Fighter was not the one featured from Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster-Destroy All Monsters. THAT one was the 1ST gen KG, and he got stronger by the time he appeared in Destroy All Monsters because he was able to go up against 9 (technically 10, if you count Minilla, which I personally do not) other Kaiju at once.

Angel: This is too much information to take in.

Tabashi: I wasn't done yet. (Inhales like the 2015 Gamera yet again) Anyways, since by the time Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla and Terror of MechaGodzilla (along with pretty much every other Godzilla movie in the Showa Era, with the possible exception of All Monsters Attack) are set in 1974 and 1975 respectively, that means there was only one King Ghidorah that's been seen on Earth: the early 1st generation one. It's actually quite simple, really.

Angel: Yeah, I mean, you just have to be able to understand timelines and lore really well. And if his Five Nights at Freddy's videos are any indication, MatPat knows what we mean!

Tabashi: Now where was I with the feat? (briefly glances at notes) Oh yes, I see where I was. So back on track of your original question, King Ghidorah (well, the early 1st gen version, anyways) managed to shake Venus as well as convert it from being full of life into a wasteland. Apparently, the energy required to do so is ~883-935 Gigatons of TNT. If we multiply that by 5, that translates to ~4.4-5 Teratons of TNT.

Angel: Huh. And wasn't there another feat where King Caesar reflected MechaGodzilla Showa's Space Beams back at the robot, and it tanked them with little to no trouble at all?

Tabashi: There was. And it's fairly easy to find the yield of that, since it was stated that when King Caesar reflects beam attacks back at the sender, the beam attack is multiplied by 10! So that translates to ~9-9.4 Teratons of TNT as well as 1,000,000°C (1,800,032°F).

Angel: And that was PRE-upgrade, so Mecha-G's gotten stronger since then. Now, let's move on to the feats section, because I'm willing to bet that'll be huge as well.

Tabashi: In terms of feats, Mecha-G Showa's stomped the shit out of Anguirus, gave an ass whuppin' to King Caesar, and survived going toe-to-toe with Godzilla more than once.

Angel: MechaGodzilla's also managed to make Godzilla and Anguirus bleed profusely, and (after Gigan) is the second opponent to do so. He also, as we established, tanked his own Space Beams reflected back at him by King Caesar. But alas, despite all this, MechaGodzilla Showa is not infallible.

Tabashi: Right, being composed of metal makes Mecha-G vulnerable to magnets, since he was dead when Godzilla ripped off his head in 1974, but that problem was solved post-upgrade with the previously mentioned backup head controller. The Unisot we mentioned earlier will render flying useless if Mecha-G detaches it to hit another opponent, due to the Unisot’s dual function as a flight stabilizer.

Angel: Wow, that is dumb!

Tabashi: Maybe, but here's his worst weakness: damage to Cybanek. Damage to Cybanek critically impairs him, and after a beam clash, Cybanek was damaged so badly that MechaGodzilla was only able to retreat.

Angel: Post-upgrade, in 1975, Mecha-G’s controller was located in the cyborg Katsura Mafune, and if she’s destroyed, then MechaGodzilla is defenseless. Also, in '75 he sorely sucked at melee combat.

Tabashi: Maybe, but unless you can readily exploit those weaknesses, good luck ending the Terror of the King of the Mecha-Monsters, MechaGodzilla Showa!


MBR Ready Image 1

Sebastian Hayward

Tabashi: All righty then. The combatants are set, and we've all run the data through every possibility.

Angel: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE ROYALE!!!!!

Pre Fight[]

Showa shot blast after blast at Japan. It's leaders commanded, and it wasn't one to go rouge. Destruction was everywhere, dead and on fire trees, wires and internet cables falling down, building chunks on the floor, another MechaGodzilla flying towards Showa-

Wait. That wasn't normal . . . Heisei landed on the ground, smashing the building chunks under his feet. He roared at Showa, who roared back.

Pilot inside Heisei: Another MechaGodzilla? That's impossible, there's only one! And this one's rouge as well! Let's take him out!

But before anyone could do anything, Kiryu arrived. One destroyed city and and two fake MechaGodzillas, or at least she THOUGHT they were fake impostors. But despite Showa only wanting to destroy Godzilla, Heisei wanting to destroy the other two, and Kiryu wanting to get out of here alive and well, they all knew what they must do. Three MechaGodzillas, one city, one victor, two losers.

Death Battle (Sheepboi1)[]

Kiryu started it off by flying back and shooting rockets. The two other MechaGodzilla's were bombarded with rockets, but a more accurate description would be that Showa flew away and was barely scratched while Heisei took the force of 80% of the rockets. Kiryu shot off his backpack (Is that what it is?) and knocked Showa out of the air. Kiryu then turned his attention to Heisei, but it was a little to late for that as Heisei chucked pieces of buildings at him. Kiryu tried to fly but was hit before he right as barely lifted inches off the ground. Kiryu kept flying however, and smashed into a building. Heisei opened his mouth but was hit by a rainbow beam. It's revealed that Showa hit him, and Showa then shoots his finger missiles, bombarding Heisei. The big MechaGodzilla stumbled a bit, but quickly regained footing. However Kiryu grabs his tail and begins twirling around, faster and faster until he lets go and Heisei crashes through buildings. Kiryu looks at Showa and begins walking at him. Showa walks up to him as well, and a melee begins, but Showa soon starts to get tossed around like a ragdoll, stumbling left and right, until Kiryu grabs his shoulders and delivers a strong headbutt. Showa falls down and shoots a rainbow beam from his eyes, knocking back his millennium era counterpart. Meanwhile Heisei had got up, and boy was he not happy. Spinning around, he did a full 360 and hit a nicely sized building chunk, sending it at Kiryu. The chunk hit Kiryu in the head and knocked him off his feet. Showa took advantage of this and got up, and fired some more finger missiles at Kiryu. He then shoot a rainbow beam from his mouth at Heisei, who countered with his own rainbow beam. The two attacks clashed, and Heisei almost won . . . until Kiryu got up and Absolute Zero Canoned him. Heisei's beam went away and he was almost hit by Showa's beam, but Kiryu shoved Showa onto the ground, and a short blade came out of his arm. He stabbed the original Mecha G, and electricity flowed into him. Showa roared, before going offline. Kiryu grabbed his head and began pushing it all the way around. Showa's head creaked, but eventually gave away and went all the way around. Kiryu roared, but all this had taken a lenthy amount of time, and Heisei was free! Heisei used his chest laser and blasted Kiryu onto the floor, and then began walking towards him. However, Showa was back online and his head began spinning around, forming a tornado shield!

Pilot inside Heisei: What the-?

Heisei fired a chest laser, but it bounced off the light blue tornado like nothing. Seeing the confused Heisei Kiryu also began to attack the tornado-like shield, but to no avail. He got out his arm blade, and tried to stab it but even this had no effect. On the other side, the Garuda fused with Heisei to become Super Mechagodzilla! They fired blasts after blast, with Kiryu hitting from the other side. Together they weakened the shield, bit-by-bit.

Akane: We got this Kiryu!

Eventually Kiryu pushed through the tornado-like shield and managed to stop Showa's head from spinning. And in one clean move Kiryu took off the head. But Showa still wasn't done, as a sort of glass half cilinder with a dome ontop covered a . . . something that could only be described as what I just said, but with out the glass. Showa went up to Kiryu and gave him a quick jab in the stomach, and then blasted him in the eyes. Heisei in turns blasted Showa in the shoulders while he was facing Kiryu. The original Mechagodzilla turned around and his blasted him as well. However Akane joined in and blasted Showa with some rockets, diverting his attention away from the millenuim era Mecha G getting up. Showa was stabbed by a blade, and electricity ran through his body. Showa charged up a laser and Kiryu was hit full force, a burn mark where he was hit in the chest. Heisei roared at him, and fired a chest laser, as well as a mouth beam and shoulder canons. Showa toppled down and crashed, but not before he hit Heisei. The second Mechagodzilla also fell, breaking one of the only standing buildings as he hit the ground Showa got up, only to get drilled in the stomach. Kiryu pushed his arm all the way through Showa, and roared at him. Showa charged up a laser and prepared to kill Kiryu with one final blast to the head, but Akane realized this and saw she had no other option. Heisei wouldn't come to her aid, and Kiryu wouldn't be able to react fast enough. She dove straight into Showa's head and an explosion occured. Showa crumpled to the ground like a man with cripppled legs, while a plane wing smacks Kiryu in the face. Kiryu shuts down, and Heisei charges up a rainbow beam, but right as he fires, Kiryu's eyes turn red and he dodges. He roars at his adversary and if he had a face he'd look pretty pissed off . . .

Part Two (Sebastian Hayward)[]

The Original Godzilla was back, and he remembered everything. His rampage. His defeat. His death. Just the mere THOUGHT of the torturous process of being eaten down to the bone faster than his cells could repair themselves pissed him off beyond belief. And now, to make things worse, his only true friend was gone! Gojira was not happy at all, and he decided to take it out on this robot. Kiryu narrowed his eyes and ran at Super MechaGodzilla, who couldn't react fast enough and was body slammed by the Millennium Mecha-Monster.

Kiryu tackled Super to the ground, who attempted to backhand the Machine Dragon off him, but failed. Instead, Kiryu gripped the hand with his own, and they got into a power struggle. However, due to Super's FAR superior strength, he managed to win by lifting Kiryu up and slamming him into the ground. Kiryu got back up, though, and delivered a powerful knee strike to Super's diamond-coated chin.

Kiryu then prepared his ultimate weapon for use: the Absolute Zero Canon was being charged up. Super saw this, and the pilots prepared the Plasma Grenade, as well as lifted Super into the air for his Hover Attack. It was time to end this battle once and for all.

Kiryu fired his Absolute Zero Canon just as Super fired his Plasma Grenade, with the two beams colliding and struggling to overpower each other. Kiryu could feel his power being drained, and Heisei wasn't doing much better, for his NT-1 Diamond Coating was starting to melt.

Heisei's Pilot: We've got no choice! If it goes on any longer, we'll be a puddle of scraps! Deploy the coolant!

Super MechaGodzilla's Plasma Grenade shut off as the coolant was being released, which wasn't necessary as Kiryu's AZC cooled the Coating right down. Unfortunately, it worked WAY too well, and Super MechaGodzilla was frozen to Absolute Zero.


Kiryu had won. No, GOJIRA had won. He was glad those impostors were gone, and let out a victorious, mechanized roar. Now, normally Gojira would've started rampaging through the city, destroying everything in his path. But he couldn't do that, for all he wanted to do was mourn Akane's death. He would get more time than necessary, however, because at that precise moment, Kiryu's battery ran dead.


Tabashi: Man, I forgot just how cool giant robots are!

Angel: And I thought our Gamera vs. King Ghidorah reboot was incredible!

Tabashi: Yeah, this Battle Royale definitely takes the cake as being the coolest giant robot fight there will ever be!

Angel: Anyways, we should probably start explaining why Kiryu won.

Tabashi: We probably should. Okay, the MechaGodzillas were surprisingly pretty evenly matched in some categories. All three had unfathomably large arsenals, a major trump card attack which would seriously injure (if not outright kill) their opponents, and a tactic in which they used all their weapons (except their major trump card) at once.

Angel: And of course, all three Mecha-Gs were more than capable of beating the ever-loving Kaiju crap out of their respective organic counterparts, which made this match a tough one for everyone to call.

Tabashi: However, that doesn't mean each MechaGodzilla didn't have their own distinct advantage over the others. The Heisei version was easily the physically strongest (weighing in at 150,000-150,482 metric tons), while Showa had the most versatility (who'd expect your opponent to not be dead after getting their head removed?).

Angel: But Kiryu did have the few advantages he needed to beat his predecessors. All MechaGodzillas (with the possible exception of the MonsterVerse version) are... not very well-suited to melee combat, but Kiryu is EASILY the best in comparison to Showa and Super!

Tabashi: And of course, the main reason Kiryu won was the Absolute Zero Canon. Sure, Super might be able to resist extreme heat via the NT-20 Diamond armor, but he wouldn’t be able to resist the effects of the AZC!

Angel: In conclusion, each MechaGodzilla had its own advantage. Showa had the best versatility, Heisei was the strongest and most durable, and Kiryu was the fastest and had the best trump card attack.

Tabashi: Let’s just say that the chances of Kiryu losing were ABSOLUTE ZERO!

Angel: I thought I was supposed to do the pun.

Tabashi: Hey, this is a collaboration. Anything is possible.

Angel: The winner is Kiryu.

Post Fight[]

Kiryu's eyes turned blank. It's battery had been run dry, and despite winning, it now paid the price. But it could always be recharged, so that wasn't much of a problem. Helicopters attached steel cables to him and lifted him into the sky. In his non-existent brain though, Kiryu remembered his old pilot, Akane. She would always be there in a distant part of his memory, he had made sure her sacrifice wasn't in vain, but he would always know the name of his former pilot....

Next Time[]

They're the most MEGA of all robots. Good vs Evil. 5 vs 1. Cannon vs Sword. Small-ish, vs Huge. The leader of the Decepticons vs the protecter of humanity.

Megazord VS Megatron


  • Credit goes to Vrokorta for Heisei's bio
  • The other Mecha G's bios credit goes to Sheepboi1
  • Thumbnail credit goes to Simbiotherio
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