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Maya CharBio
On the hunt!
~ Maya, activating Instinct Mode

Maya is a playable character from the video game, Killer Instinct.

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A headstrong warrior with a will of steel, in battle Maya can always be found on the front lines charging in with her daggers, Temperance and Vengeance. When Ultratech raids the hidden temple of her order and starts to loot the dangerous artifacts that were sealed within, Maya takes up the golden daggers known as Temperance and Vengeance, the ancient blades of the mad sorcerer Kan-Ra, and sets out to destroy the horrors Ultratech again unleashed unto the world.

Death Battle Info (Fanon)[]

Maya has the body of a champion athlete and she boasts the dexterity of an acrobat to match. Moving deftly across the battlefield with Temperance and Vengeance at the ready, her agility allows her to evade opponents with ease, only to close in without warning and tear them to shreds in a whirlwind of steel when the opening presents itself. In KI 2013, she can also hurl Temperance and Vengeance at her enemies as magical projectiles, causing the daggers to accumulate mystical powers that increases their attack strength and enables them to break through any foe's defenses. Maya also may link the twin blades together by their hilts, turning them into a powerful double-bladed weapon called "Enmity" that is twice as dangerous. Temperance and Vengeance also have telepathically linked Maya to Kan-Ra, the nefarious sorcerer who has brought the golden daggers with him from ancient Egypt, allowing the two enemies to keep track of each other by experiencing visions about one another.

As the daughter to one of the original Night Guard's most esteemed hunters, Maya has also been well-trained in various Brazilian martial arts as well as ancient Incan combat tactics, which is seen most noticeably in the swiftness and power of her legwork and her predator-style fighting techniques.