Matt Reed

Matt reflecting on life... again

Matt Reed is an OC created by ParaGoomba348, from the story Darklight (Previously titled Beyond. Before. Awesome. (Hush)). You can begin reading up to Chapter 13 here: [1].

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Matt started out as just a high school senior who tended to think about life more than others he knew. His life was turned around one day when a mysterious new girl, Zoey Eschanette, came to his school. Matt later found out that she was from a mysterious place known as Black Abyss, which he would later find out was an alternate dimension made from darkness, parallel to the light world Shining Star.


  • Birth Name: Matthew Reed
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 149 lbs
  • Spends most of his time thinking useless things about life

Death Battle Info



  • Matt's signature technique
  • Kamehameha-like beam of concentrated light or darkness
  • Requires a few seconds of charge-up time
  • Leaves Matt open after firing
  • Also has three other forms:
  • X-shaped beam of concentrated light or darkness
  • Faster and stronger than base Silencer
  • Requires more light or dark power
Complete Silencer
  • Fixes all light or darkness in an area upon a certain point
  • Destructive capability: Moon level
  • Requires immense amount of light and darkness energy
Eclipse Silencer
  • Matt's ultimate technique
  • Converges a moon-sized ball of light and a moon-sized ball of darkness onto a single point, like an eclipse
  • Destructive capability: Planet or Star level
  • Requires Matt to have absorbed 100% light AND darkness, and as such is extremely situational in use
  • Drains Matt of all his energy after use

Light and Darkness absorption

  • Absorbs light and darkness in an area
  • Key to Matt's power
  • Requires time and energy to pull off
  • If he absorbs too much light or darkness, Matt could die of exhaustion
100% light mode
  • Makes Matt's eyes and body glow white
  • Creates an intense light around the area
  • Matt's body will rise to insanely high temperatures
  • If the battle drags on too long with Matt in this form, he could burn alive and die
100% dark mode
  • Makes Matt's eyes and body turn pitch-black
  • Creates a darkness around the area
  • Matt's body will cool to low temperatures
  • Puts Matt at risk for hypothermia

Mental Abilities

  • Telepathy
  • Mind-reading
  • Precognition
  • All of these are extremely limited and not likely useful to him


  • Defeated Dark Eschanette and Blindipath Raytrayl in combat, in the same day (it is implied Dark was holding back and that Blindipath was caught off-guard)
  • Won the Shining Star Dueler's Tournament
  • Helped in the defeat of Duomion Walker, Lady Luck, and Lady Misfortune
  • One of very few to master the Silencer technique
  • Helped to save the entire universe
  • Tanked a continent-sized star exploding near him (albeit with several burns on his body and some concussive results)
  • Ran at the speed of light twice
  • Defeated the Queen of the Heavens
  • Landed the killing blow on The Hand of All Worlds, a multi-dimensional being
  • One of the lucky few to meet The Writer


  • Lack of experience
  • Used to fighting as a team
  • Light and darkness absorption is a double-edged sword
  • Unlikely he'll be able to use the Eclipse Silencer ever in a fight
  • Could die from 100% light or darkness
  • Telepathy, mind-reading, and precognition are all extremely limited and have almost no use


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Score: 7