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Master Chief: This is Spartan 117! Can anyone read me? Over.
Lord Hood: Isolate that signal! Master Chief, mind telling me what you're doing on that ship
Master Chief: Sir. Finishing this fight.
~ Master Chief's last words in Halo 2

Master Chief (sometimes referred to as John 117) is the main protagonist of the Halo media franchise. He previously fought Doomguy in the 18th episode of DEATH BATTLE!, Master Chief VS Doomguy. He also fought Jango Fett and Samus Aran in episodes of DBX.

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Battle Record[]

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Battle Record

  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 11
  • Draws: 0

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In 2517, John was a six year old human living with his loving mother and father on the Earth colony Eridanus II until he was kidnapped by the UNSC and replaced by a clone to be a Spartan, a super soldier helping the UNSC in the intergalactic war against the Covenant, an army of dangerous aliens trying to turn on a device that will destroy all organic life in the universe called Halos. In his training, he was said to be VERY lucky and had great intellect. After his regular training, he was injected with a super steroid, completely making his health, speed, reflexes, physical, and mental strength dramatically 10x faster, stronger, and overall better. After reaching the rank 'Master Chief Petty Officer', he led the other Spartans to defend the humans from any threat and gained a full body, half ton armor suit that was near indestructible.

Death Battle Info (Official)[]

Spartan II Augmentations[]

  • 15x Stronger Skeleton
  • Muscle Increase
  • 300% Increased Reflexes
  • Better eyesight & Perception
  • Boosted Tissue Growth
  • Lactase Recovery Decrease
  • Heightened Memory, Intelligence, & Creativity

Mark VI Mjolnir Armour[]

  • Brain linked reactive circuits
  • Force Multiplying Circuits
  • Titanium Alloy Plating
  • Heat Resistant
  • Motion Tracker
  • 5-second regenerating energy shields
  • Weight: 1000 lbs.


Side Arms[]

M60 Magnum[]
  • Ammo: 12.7 mm
  • Range: 400 ft
  • Scope: 2x
M7 Submachine Gun[]
  • Ammo: 5 mm
  • Range: 155 ft
M9 Frag Grenade[]
  • Kill Radius: 16ft

Standard Firearms[]

MA5C Assault Rifle[]
  • Ammo: 7.62 mm
  • Rate of Fire: 650 RPM
BR55HB SR Battle Rifle[]
  • Ammo: 9.5 mm
  • Range: 3100 ft
M90 Shotgun[]
  • Type: Pump
  • Spread: 15 Pellets
  • Ammo: Soellkraft 8-Gauge Shells

Heavy Weaponry[]

M41 Rocket Launcher[]
  • Ammo: 102 HEAT Charge Rockets
  • Scope: 2x
SRS990-S2 AM Sniper Rifle[]
  • Ammo: 14.5 mm Fin-Stabilized
  • Range: 7545.9 ft
  • Night-Vision Mode
M6 Spartan Laser[]
  • Shot Limit: 5
  • John-117's Most Powerful Weapon

Special Equipment[]

  • Overshield
  • Active Camouflage
  • Radar Jammer
  • Regenerator
  • Deployable Cover
  • Power Drain
  • Bubble Shield

Sangheili Weaponry[]

  • Type-25 Plasma Pistol
  • Type-25 Plasma Rifle
  • Type-51 Carbine
Type-1 Plasma Grenade[]
  • Kill Radius: 13 ft
  • Sticks to Targets
Type-1 Energy Sword[]
  • Length: 4.15 ft
  • Weight: 5.2 lbs


  • Height: 7'0" [w/ armor]
  • Weight: 1,287 lbs [w/ armor]
  • Defeated 3 Armies
  • Destroyed Halo 04 & The Ark
  • Super Soldier
  • Top Speed: 50+ mph

Death Battle Info (Fanon)[]


  • Height: 6'10 (without armor), 7'2 (in armor)
  • Age: Approximately 47 years old in Earth years by 2558 (physical aging was slowed during cryosleep)
  • Weight: 270lbs, 990lbs (armored)
  • Birthname: John (surname unknown)
  • Alias: "John-117" (A combination of his name and his Spartan Tag), Master Chief (Short version from his title given by the UNSC), Chief/The Chief (Nickname used by various characters), SPARTAN-117 (UNSC Military Designation), Sierra 117 (Phonetic call sign of Military Designation), Referred as "Reclaimer" by Forerunners & Forerunner AI, Nicknamed "Demon" by the Covenant Empire and other Covenant Remnants
  • Occupation: SPARTAN-II commander, Master Chief Petty Officer of the UNSC, Leader and Commander of Blue Team
  • Very skilled at chess and other sports at age 6

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Spartan Enhancements
    • Carbide Ceramic Ossification
    • Muscular Enhancement Lining
    • Pulmonary Polymer Lining
    • Corneal Implants
    • Cardiac Implants
    • Artificial Pancreas Implant
    • Artificial Platelet Injections
  • Spartan Abilities
    • Thruster Pack
    • Ground Pound
    • Climber.
    • Sprint
    • Charge
    • Slide
    • Smart Scope
  • Willpower
  • Strategist
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant
  • Master Marksman
  • Incredible Luck

Mark VI Mjolnir Armor[]

  • Made of a thick titanium alloy and is completely bulletproof
  • Possesses a gel layer underneath the armor that protects from blunt attacks
  • Doubles physical strength
  • Connected to the wearer's brain, being able to predict their movements, thus making its enormous weight less of an issue
  • Possess recharging shields
  • Possesses a zooming function
  • Possesses a motion tracker that shows enemy targets as red dots
  • Allows the user to breathe in space, despite the lack of oxygen and high amounts of pressure
  • Possesses dual flashlights on each side of the helmet
  • Possesses boosters on the back and front of the armor, allowing Chief to maneuver in zero-gravity environments
  • Possesses magnetic boots, which allow Chief to walk on vertical metallic surfaces when activated

Armor Abilities []

  • Type-3 Refraction Dissonance Modifier
  • Armor Lock
  • Drop Shield
  • Hologram
  • Promethean Vision
  • Autosentry
  • Hardlight Shield
  • Grappling Hook


  • M6 Magnum
  • M7 Submachine Gun
  • M9 Fragmentation Grenade
  • MA5 Assault Rifle
  • BR Heavy Barrel Service Battle Rifle
  • M90 Shotgun
  • M41 Rocket Launcher
  • Sniper Rifle
  • M6 Spartan Laser
  • Type-25 Plasma Pistol
  • Type-25 Plasma Rifle
  • Type-51 Carbine
  • Type-1 Plasma Grenade
  • Type-1 Energy Sword


  • Overshield
  • Active Camouflage
  • Radar Jammer
  • Regenerator
  • Deployable Cover
  • Power Drain
  • Bubble Shield


  • Service Number CTN 0452-9
  • An AI inside Chief's suit placed on a chip
  • Determined to protect Chief
  • Generated from the living tissue of Dr. Halsey
  • Can manipulate Chief's suit in such a way that his Shield system can deliver an EMP pulse at the cost of being temporarily disabled
  • Can transfer Chief's Shields so that they enhance the boost systems of vehicles
  • Can operate entire battleships without much issue
  • Responsible for marking information and locations on Chief's HUD
  • Disabled a Covenant bomb instantly after being connected to it
  • After splitting herself into multiple copies, managed to gain control over Ur-Didact's suit
  • At the cost of her own life, created a massive dome shield that protected Chief from a HAVOK Nuclear Bomb
  • Can clone herself
  • Replaced by the Weapon in Halo Infinite


  • Should be able to lift three times his body weight, with his Mjolnir Armor further doubling it
  • Can drag a 95-ton bomb
  • Kicked an exoskeleton-wearing soldier 8 meters away
  • Destroyed concrete targets during training
  • Slapped a missile aside
  • Deadlifted 500 kilograms without his armor
  • Can casually flip the Warthog jeeps weighing 3.25 tons
  • Pulled a massive Covenant warhead with relative ease
  • Should be comparable to a Spartan who managed to casually charge through a boulder
  • Can punch tanks to death
  • Reacted to point-blank gunfire
  • Sidestepped a plasma bolt.
  • Ran half a kilometer in 17 seconds.
  • Much faster than normal humans, who lack the reaction speed required to operate Mjolnir Armor.
  • Should be capable of running at least 55 km/h.
  • Without their armor, Spartans' reaction speed is estimated to be 0.02 seconds, while their Mjolnir Armor enhances it five times
  • Confident that, without his armor, could withstand a 30-meter fall with little to no injury
  • Mjolnir Armor shield calculated to withstand from 46.5 kg of TNT to 0.473 tons of TNT of energy
  • Mjolnir Armor calculated to withstand from 17.44 kg of TNT to 0.177 tons of TNT
  • Survived a 2-kilometer fall
  • His Shields protected Chief from a direct blast from 343 Guilty Spark's laser beam, which was capable of vaporizing a Kig-Yar
  • In an older suit, withstood being close to an explosion of a Scorpion missile
  • Flew straight through an explosion and was unharmed
  • During his first day after being augmented, killed a group of ODST troops without any armor or weapons
  • Received the UNSC Purple Heart
  • Minutes after being awoken from his cryosleep and being given limited training, escaped a spaceship that was under attack by the Covenant
  • Protected survivors from the destroyed ship from Covenant forces
  • Boarded a Covenant battlecruiser, the Truth and Reconciliation
  • Rescued Captain Keyes and escaped the hostile cruiser
  • Located the control center of Halo Installation 04
  • Fought against waves of Flood zombies after they were awoken by a Human-Covenant battle
  • Fought through a ship full of Flood zombies and Covenant troops
  • Detonated the Pillar of Autumn's fusion reactors, destroying Halo Installation 04 and preventing all sentient life in the galaxy from being destroyed
  • Defended Cairo Station from a Covenant assault
  • Delivered a Covenant warhead back to them by flying through space with it, leaving it inside one of their ships before it was reactivated by Cortana, and flying off
  • Fought through a city infested with Covenant forces and piloted a tank
  • Took part in the Battle of Halo Installation 05
  • Eliminated the Prophet of Regret and his Sangheili Honor Guards
  • Fought through the High Charity
  • Fought through waves of Covenant forces after having fallen 2 kilometers
  • Rescued Sergeant Major Johnson
  • Assisted in defending the Crow's Nest base from the Covenant
  • Rearmed a nuclear bomb after it was disarmed by Covenant forces and escaped, leaving the Crow's Nest to be destroyed
  • Destroyed a Covenant AA gun, allowing Lord Hood's fleet to arrive safely
  • Deactivated two of three towers responsible for supporting a massive barrier
  • Eliminated the Prophet of Truth's bodyguards and assisted in Thel 'Vadam's quest for revenge
  • Rescued Cortana from the Gravemind's imprisonment
  • Destroyed 343 Guilty Spark and activated Halo Installation 08 to rid the local area from the Flood before escaping
  • After being cryogenically frozen for nearly 5 years, fought through waves of Covenant forces and destroyed a battleship
  • Defeated groups of advanced combat AIs and contacted the UNSC Infinity
  • Assisted the Infinity's crew in combatting Ur-Didact's forces
  • Detonated a HAVOK Nuclear Bomb and destroyed the Composer, killing Ur-Didact in the process
  • Alongside the Blue Team, eliminated Covenant troops inside Argent Moon before destroying the facility
  • Alongside the Blue Team, destroyed one of Warden Eternal's bodies
  • Made contact with Cortana
  • Alongside the Blue Team, eliminated five of Warden Eternal's bodies at once


  • While he is incredibly strong, he more or less has the same weaknesses as any other mortal man
  • Defeated by Atriox
  • He is motivated to win at any cost, making him appear somewhat reckless to some people
  • Prefers to work in a team
  • Reliant on Cortana for advice
    • Replaced by the Weapon when Cortana canonically dies destroying Zeta Halo
    • Cortana has a seven-year lifespan, and thus suffers from a dying state called "Rampancy"
  • Fully embraces his life as a soldier, seeing no other way in life
    • Obsessively pushes himself and his team to embark on new missions
  • Was theorized to have several psychological issues due to his abduction into the Spartan-II Program
  • His Mjolnir armor has several flaws
    • The shields of the armor need time to recharge and his titanium armor doesn't work well against plasma
    • The armor might lock if hit with enough force
    • Susceptible to electricity
    • Insurrectionists used an anti-gravity plate to increase the internal pressure of the suit, incapacitating the user
    • The suit can be hacked by an Artificial Intelligence if they can get into his neural interface
    • The Ur-Didact has broken through his armor before