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Marluxia KHD
Your heart will be scattered!
~ Marluxia

Marluxia is a member of Organization XIII and a villain from the video game series, Kingdom Hearts.

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Initially the Keyblade Master known as Lauriam who fell to darkness, Marluxia, the Graceful Assassin, is a Nobody and number XI of Organization XIII. He was chosen to lead an operation in Castle Oblivion, where he came to blows with the Hero of the Keyblade Sora while plotting a rebellion to take control over the Organization, wishing to use Sora's power for himself. This plan did not work as well as Marluxia expected, and he met his end after fighting against Sora himself.

Using a replica body, he was brought back by Master Xehanort in order to take part in the Keyblade War, where he fought against Sora and his allies once more. After the end of this battle, Marluxia was gone for good, and was recompleted back into Lauriam.

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