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Mario vs Pac-Man
Season 2, Episode 1
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Air date April 27th, 2020
Written by MadMaxPyro
Directed by MadMaxPyro
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The top 2 most iconic characters in video game history battle it out! Mario of the Super Mario Bros franchise VS Pac-Man of the franchise of the same name. Nintendo VS Namco!


Death Battle Theme

Max: Think for a second, who are the two most iconic characters in video game history?

MadMaxPyro: Mario and Sonic?

Max: WRONG! It's Mario and Pac-Man! Mario and Sonic may be huge rivals of the Nintendo VS Sega console wars but Mario and Pac-Man are the true two main mascots of gaming.

MadMaxPyro: Oh yeah true. Both originating in the 1980s Mario and Pac-Man are the two most recognized video game characters, hell they are two of the most recognized characters in the world! Pretty much EVERYONE knows who Mario and Pac-Man are, whether they are a gamer or not.

Max: Mario, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario death battle intro card

MadMaxPyro: And Pac-Man, the ghost eating cheese ball.

Pac-Man death battle Intro Card

Max: My childhood icon, Mario VS my main since Smash 4 and now in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Pac-Man. How conflicting. Anyway, I'm Max and he's MadMaxPyro, who is also me because I'm really just one person. And because I feel like it I'm going to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to see who would win a death battle!

Mario VS Pac-Man battle render


Super Mario World Medley- Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Music Extended

Mario ssbu


  • Height: 5'1" | 155 cm
  • Weight: ~200 lb | 90.7 kg
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 24
  • Versatile multi-talented fighter
  • Appears in 362 games
  • Qualified jobs: Carpenter, plumber, doctor, umpire, chef, brewer, soldier, pilot, submarine captain, animal trainer, NBA player. baseball player, stunt biker, artist, toy maker, theme park owner, referee, rapper.

Max: Mario the legendary hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, one of the seven star children, and mascot of gaming, tied with his opponent today. Mario originated as "Jumpman" in the game Donkey Kong in arcades in 1981 rescuing his former girlfriend Pauline from the giant ape. Aw, why did he let her go? Look how hot she is.


MadMaxPyro: Well that's because ever since the first Super Mario Bros in 1985, Mario began his iconic series that focuses on Mario battling through enemies such as Goombas, koopas, and much more in the various worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom with his jumping ability and power-ups to rescue his new love interest Princess Peach from the dreaded fire-breathing spiked shell turtle monster Bowser. Or King Koopa as he is known in Japan. He happens to also be one of the star children.

Max: Yeah but I always wondered through the years how Mario NEVER gets tired of rescuing that bitch over and over with nothing in return but a kiss on the cheek or a cake. But eh, at least he's got the skills and power to get the job done. Mario is extremely athletic able to do wall jumps and gymnastics but is also able to jump high in the air about 10 feet making it easy to perform his unconventional main method of attack which is jumping on the heads of his foes. Ouch, he's had to have cracked many skulls over the years. I'd rather get punched in the face than head stomped.

MadMaxPyro: True and while Mario has shown in games like Super Mario 64 that he's more than capable of defeating foes with punches which i'snt surprising considering his absurd physical strength able to shatter solid bricks to bits with his fists in one hit, but most of the time Mario's main method of attack is jumping on his foe's heads.

Max: But he's also got some notable fighting techniques like the Mario Tornado and Super Jump Punch. With the Mario Tornado, Mario spins around with his arms outstretched entrapping his opponents which hits them several times and ends by strecthing upwards to send an opponent flying vertically. The Super Jump Punch diagonally uppercuts opponents in mid-air with coins flying out of the enemy as they are hit multiple times. Well, if being punched gave me free money I wouldn't mind it so much. 

Mario tornado
Super Jump Punch

MadMaxPyro: Wouldn't be worth it if it was a punch from Mario himself though because you would be dead before you can recieve that money.

Max: Yeah true, Mario's strength is crazy but we'll get to more on that later because first comes his huge arsenal of power-ups! Mario has tons of power-ups that he uses in his adventures, and I mean tons so buckle up.

MadMaxPyro: The iconic Mushroom power-up that is also pretty much a symbol that represents his series turns Mario from a small midget to a taller regular sized form. However, this is rather inconsistent since Mario usually only seems to need this power-up in 2D Mario games to be normal sized while in 3D Mario games like Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Odyssey, and hell even in Smash Mario stays regular size and doesn't need a mushroom. So it could be said that the mushroom is simply just a game mechanic for 2D games generally.

Small Mario

Max: Well then let's get on with the real power-ups! Let's start with the projectile shooting power-ups; beginning with my favorite and the most well known, the fire flower! With it, Mario becomes Fire Mario giving him the ability to shoot fireballs out of his hands burning enemies to a crisp! Also, he looks super cool in this transformation, with the white hat and clothes with red overalls and red M I must say.

Fire Mario (2)

MadMaxPyro: Though my pyromaniac self should specify that while Mario originally needed the fire flower to shoot fire but has since learned how to use pyrokinesis without the use of a fire flower, being able to shoot fire out of his hands in base form. This originates in Mario and Luigi: SuperStar Saga in which Mario gains this power permamently from the fire orb at the fire palace being taught the fire brand from the fire god. This is reinforced in Super Smash Bros games and Super Mario RPG even though Mario doesn't use his natural pyrokinesis in most Mario games either due to inconsistency or timeline complication. However, it's safe to say that the fire flower logically must enhance his fire-power even further. Also, he can shoot a large badass blast of fire as an ultimate attack.

Mario fire orb
Mario shooting fire

Mario fire final smash

Max: The ice flower turns Mario into Ice Mario shooting iceballs out of his hands able to freeze foes into solid icicles. There was also this one time variant of the ice flower in Super Mario Galaxy that had Mario just turn into an ice version of himself and create ice platforms to skate on water instead of shooting ice. These platforms could spawn on anything, water or even lava. Plus, he has the penguin suit that also allows him to shoot iceballs just like the ice flower but also gives him the ability to slide on ice like a penguin and swim underwater at a fast rate like a penguin. There 's also the gold flower which is basically a powered up variant of the fire flower in which Mario turns gold and shoots gold fireballs from his hands that explode with a small blast radius and turn foes into gold coins upon hit. These gold fireballs are strong enough to kill enemies that the other flower power-ups can't even damage like Thwomps and Boos. And the Superball flower shoots gray fireballs that bounce off walls and other surfaces at a 90 degree angle. And the copy flower can create an army of temporary clones of Mario.

Ice flower
Ice Mario

Ice Mario 2
Penguin Suit Mario

New Super Mario Bros 2 - Gold Mario

Superball flower by koopshikinggeoshi-dbdncp2 (1)

Superball Mario

Copy flower new

Mario clones

MadMaxPyro: Too bad there i'snt an electricity flower.

Max: Yeah that would have been cool. Anyway, using the hammer suit, Hammer suit Mario can throw hammers rapidly just like Hammer Bros. Similarly, with the boomerang flower, Mario becomes Boomerang Mario. Boomerang Mario can throw blue boomerangs that can hit a foe and then come back to hit them again just like a Boomerang Bro does.

Hammer suit Mario
Boomerang Mario (2)

MadMaxPyro: Mario has two power-ups that grant him temporary invincibility. The star makes him completely invulnerable for a brief time, increases his speed, and damages foes that he touches. With the metal mushroom he becomes Metal Mario becoming nearly indestructible with a power increase and heavy weight.  Despite being heavy, Metal Mario still retains all his physical speed as well his athletic jumping abilities

Star Mario
Metal Mario-0

Max: Some newer generation power-ups from Super Mario 3D World that Mario has include turning into a cat with the super bell. As Cat Mario, Mario can scratch foes with his kitty claws and run up walls. Mario also has the double cherry which similarly to the copy flower creates clones of himself but the double cherry only creates four clones of himself however unlike the copy flower, the double cherry can be used in combination with any power-up that Mario already has. So he can be multiple Fire Marios at once or cats, or anything. Though it's important to note that these clones will vanish after taking a single hit each.

Cat Mario
Fire double cherry Mario

MadMaxPyro: Super Mario Galaxy 2 introduces the Cloud mushroom and Rock mushroom. As Cloud Mario he can create clouds in the air to jump on. ... Okay that would be pretty cool but considering he has many power-ups that allow him to just fucking fly instead, it's pretty useless by comparison. At least he can stand on something in the air I guess? ... Anyway, as Rock Mario, Mario becomes a rock boulder that can spin at a fast speed to ram at and crush enemies and also break through walls.

Cloud Mario
Rock Mario-0

Max: Super Mario Maker 2 introduces the Super Hammer power-up. With this, Mario transforms into his construction worker suit form with a hammer which is strong enough to break through extremely hard solid bricks and even Thwomps both of which even Mario with his own physical strength can't break through without it. So naturally this hammer is pretty good at killing enemies. 

MadMaxPyro: But the super hammer power-up also allows Mario to spawn 5 blocks at a time to use as platforms or create a wall. These blocks are more useful than they sound since they can be placed in anything even in lava! Thus allowing Mario to safely traverse across any surface. And the 5 at a time limit i'snt a problem in such a case since one he already used just disappears for him to place a new one.

Super Hammer
Super Hammer platforms

Max: But that's not the only new power up that Super Mario Maker 2 introduces. There is also the Master Sword power up in which Mario transforms into Link himself. As Link, he can slash with his sword to kill enemies, charge forward with his sword to kill any in his way, and down thrust from midair. But he also a shield to block enemy projectiles,can throw bombs as an attack or to bust walls, and shoot arrows. Though like most other power-ups it's lost after taking a hit.



Super mario maker 2 link zelda



MadMaxPyro: Super Mario Maker also introduces the Big mushroom and weird shroom. The big shroom makes Mario large able to crush hard bricks, ice blocks etc. While the weird shroom makes Mario jump higher and flutter jump like Luigi.

ThBig Mario

293a3d25f2c20fee4bc176d606a8992b7b4de757 hq

Max: Mario even has the Luigi cap to literally transform into Luigi and the Wario cap to literally transform into Wario. Mario gains the powers/abilities and physical appearance of Luigi and Wario in these forms.

48px-SM64DS Luigi'sHat
48px-SM64DS Wario'sHat

Max: Mario's got a lot of flying power-ups so let's get them out of the way. So first up, there is Raccoon Mario. With this Mario can whack enemies with his raccoon tail, reflect projectiles, glide through the air, and even fly briefly when given a running start. There are a lot more where that came from ever since. The cape feather allows Mario to pretty much fly infinitely in a straight direction after he gets a running start. Plus he can use this cape to smack enemies with too. With the Propeller mushroom, Propeller Mario can fly straight upwards a high distance but has to slowly descend right back down afterwards but can do a fast downwards dive to get the drop on foes. There is also the statue leaf which gives him the same brief flight and tail whacking ability but also allows Mario to drop down on foes as an indestructible statue just like Kirby's weight copy ability and can stay in this as long as he wants though is immobile in the form. Flying squirrel Mario allows for high upwards flight before either floating or gliding back down. The white flying squirrel version allows him to fly upwards indefinitely. And Bee Mario which gives him brief flight, the ability to stick to surfaces, and he's got a stinger. Okay yeah it's never used in gameplay for some reason but logically he could use it to sting foes.

Raccoon Mario
Cape Feather Mario-0
Propeller Mario
1200px-StatueMario 3DL

Mario flying squirrel1



MadMaxPyro: Now to Mario's last two flying power-ups. With the wing cap Mario gains wings being able to fly after doing a triple jump. It lasts for 60 seconds until it wears off. Lastly, with the power of a red star he becomes Flying Mario. This is pretty much the best one since Mario unlocks true flight in this form without having to gain momentum first. Its time limit is approximately around the same time as Wing Mario. Also may I add he just looks badass in black and red.

Wing Mario
Flying Mario-0

Max: Mario also has some invisibility forms like the vanish cap that allows him to become invisible to enemies. In this form he can also walk through walls including cages and even ice. Though this form only lasts 20 seconds.

Vanish Mario

MadMaxPyro: He's also got the Boo mushroom which turns him into a Boo. As Boo Mario he can also turn invisible, phase through attacks with temporary intangibility, and go through walls just like the Vanish cap and also can float up in the air as high as he wants and fly around indefinitely due to being a Boo. Now this seems to render the Vanish Cap redundant but not exactly actually. Boo Mario can only function in a night dark setting or indoors. Any form of light will make Mario lose the ability. Also he can only use invisibility for a brief few seconds at a time during the form.

Boo Mario-0

Max: Some not so great power ups would be Spring Mario in which he can bounce around high in the air which would be cool if it wasn't for the fact that he can't do anything else in this form. And As Balloon Mario he inflates his body to a fatass balloon to... just float around. Yeah these two power-ups suck.

Spring Mario


MadMaxPyro: But what doesn't suck so much is Frog Mario. In this form he can jump even higher than he normally can and can swim faster underwater with much more control. Though he does look idiotic in that suit. And as Bunny Mario he can slow his descent, hover, and hop around.

200px-Frog Mario SMB3 art

Max: Mario can obtain a blue shell (NO, not the infamous Mario Kart one) and become Blue shell Mario. In this form, Mario can spin inside the shell just like a Koopa does, able to kill enemies along his path and slide down slopes.

Blue shell Mario

MadMaxPyro: The last two of Mario's power-ups that we shall include are his power-ups of size manipulation being the mini mushroom and Mega mushroom. The mini mushroom turns Mario to a puny size. When he's this small he can jump even higher, run on water, run up walls, enter tiny pipes/doors, and fit through small spaces. Though of course he can be killed easily in this form.

Mini Mario

Max: Lastly with the Mega mushroom, Mario becomes giant crushing everyone and everything in his path. Though this has a brief time limit of course because of how powerful he is.

Mega Mario

MadMaxPyro: All of the most notable power-ups have been covered but Mario also has a few useful tools and weapons that he uses as well. Such as Mario's trusty hammer a large metal hammer that he uses in battle to crush foes with a good ol whack. He can also charge it for extra power. This hammer is also strong enough to break through a lot of stuff. And Mario's cape can reflect projectiles and flip foes around.

Mario with his hammer
Mario Cape

Max: The Goomba shoe allows Mario to stomp any foe even Spinies and grants protection to go across spikes, munchers and other normally deadly traps. 


MadMaxPyro: Mario has got a spin drill that can drill directly through planets! In fact when on a spherical planet Mario can drill a hole through to the other side. So this drill is quite powerful and useful for getting Mario through any terrain. 

Spin Drill

Max: Mario can have a box on his head called the Cannonball box which shoots rapid fire cannonballs at enemies. I don't know how he sees in that thing but hey cannonballs! The Propeller block is pretty much the same as the Propeller mushroom but can be used in combination with other power-ups still being active. Mario can also use a piranha plant to chomp foes, has a badass blaster that shoots lasers and an airplane called the Sky Pop that fires missiles with unlimited ammunition.

150px-Cannon Box Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Propeller block

Piranha Plant item


Mario Sky Pop airplane

MadMaxPyro: Mario has mini Mario robots that can use fire flowers like him to become mini fire Marios and can wield large metal hammers in both hands. These mini Marios can also form into a large mech that was powerful enough to destroy Donkey Kong's mech, of which was strong enough to beat the ever living shit out of Mario himself.

Mini Marios

Mario mech

MadMaxPyro: Mario also has head armor like the buzzy beetle helmet and Spiny helmet. The buzzy beetle helmet bounces any harmful object or enemy off of his head while the Spiny hel met will straight up kill foes with its spikes even Thwomps. 


Spiny helmet Mario

Max: He's got the Dry Bones shell that he can hop into to traverse across anything. Water, poison swamps, and even lava!

MadMaxPyro: Plus he can crumble into bones for a few seconds of invincibility to dodge attacks.


Max: Though Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Odyssey introduce two unique tools to Mario's arsenal. Mario's got F.L.U.D.D a sentient turbo nozzle he attaches to his back that shoots... water. It's high pressurized alright?! And to be fair F.L.U.D.D can switch to a hover nozzle to propel Mario in the air across gaps via water force, the rocket nozzle blasts him high up, and the turbo nozzle propels him at a fast speed via water jet force though much faster when in water.

Mario with Fludd

MadMaxPyro: Mario has an alternate version of his hat named Cappy which Mario can throw in order to possess any foe's body and use their powers. The hat also doubles as a nice double hitting attack like a boomerang. Though yeah the possession is a lot more useful.

Mario throws Cappy

Max: Moving onto Mario's strength it should be noted that Mario possesses absurd superhuman strength. As I noted in the beginning of this analysis, he can break solid brick blocks with his fist in one hit but he has shown far greater strength feats than just that! Mario has countless strength feats so I'll just include a few of the greatest ones so you will all get the idea. First off, Mario is so fucking strong that he can lift and punt castles away EFFORTLESSLY and destroy them all!

Mario lifts and punts castle

MadMaxPyro: This castle may look puny the way it is portrayed in cutscenes but in reality these castles are actually entire levels that dwarf Mario in size as shown here.

Mario next to castle (2)

Max: This i'snt just a one time occurence either! Mario has also reduced another giant castle to rubble with just a few stomps and destroyed another castle with his wooden hammer!

Mario stomping castle
Mario stomping castle aftermath
Mario destroying castle with wooden hammer
Mario destroying castle with wooden hammer aftermath

MadMaxPyro: Mario is also strong enough to drag around a giant Chain Chomp that was revealed to be made of solid gold! This Chain Chomp is estimated to be about 5,731 tons.

Mario drags Gold Chain Chomp

Max: Mario can lift Bowser by the tail and swing him around before throwing Bowser a great distance away into a spiked ball bomb.

So long gay Bowser

MadMaxPyro: Last one that we will mention, an unconventionally ridiculous strength feat Mario has performed was when he threw a baseball faster than a machine could measure to the point where it exploded. The machine could measure up to 999 mph so Mario had to have thrown the baseball even faster than that. Even though his pyrokinesis was probably responsible for the baseball catching on fire, he still threw it so ridiculously hard that hell let's just say any baseball team would win the World Series every single year with Mario as their pitcher.

Mario throws fiery baseball at ridiculous speed

Max: Mario may not exactly be up to Sonic the Hedgehog level in terms of speed but he still has some impressive speed feats like outrunning lasers from sentry beams, can slam a hammer on a button at least 66 times in 10 seconds, beat Koopa the quick in a race, and most impressively pilot the star diver at mach 375.

Mario star diver

MadMaxPyro: Mario is even fast enough to casually react and punch and kick away quick incoming bullet bills.

Mario destroys bullet bills

Max: Also, Mario alongside Yoshi not only was quick enough to dodge a barrage of shruikens from Shy Guys but also move so fast that they seemingly disappeared from sight, revealing later that they somehow ran to and hid in the nearby tree stump so quickly that the Shy Guys couldn't find them despite never taking their eyes off them.

Mario and Yoshi dodge Shruikens

MadMaxPyro: Mario's durability is also quite crazy. Just the fact that he can get crushed by a whomp like a pancake and then just keep going only taking a little damage shows how superhuman he is. Any regular human would be splattered to bloody meaty paste with all of their bones broken from getting crushed like that.

Mario crushed by Whomp

Max: Mario even survives getting burned by Bowser's flames which are powerful enough to disintegrate large brick blocks to ashes and even burn underwater like plasma.

Bowser burns Mario

MadMaxPyro: Plus he's able to tank hits from both Bowser and Wario while battling them hand to hand. Even getting in a slug fest with Wario without flinching. Keep in mind, Bowser and Wario are physically stronger than Mario which is saying a lot as Mario's aforementioned strength feats have demonstrated.

Bowser punching Mario

Mario and Wario punching

Max: Mario has also survived the explosion of the koopa cruiser along with the long fall back to Earth right afterwards, can get shot through warp pipe cannons all the way to different worlds unscathed, shot around the planet unscathed, survived getting hit to another continent, fell hundreds to potentially thousands of feet and was only dazed and with his head stuck in the sand, survived a castle destroying explosion only getting scorched by it, survives being in space, and most impressive of all Mario survived getting blasted by Kamek's magic energy blast all the way to another planet! Mario was woke up by a Luma sometime later alive and well.

Kamek blasts Mario
Kamek blasts Mario 2
Mario survives blast from Kamek

MadMaxPyro: Mario's general feats throughout his adventures are quite impressive too. Mario has defeated Bowser countless times, has also defeated Wario, Donkey Kong, Cackletta, Smithy, Culex, etc, has defeated literally thousands of different types of enemies more than any other video game hero, and in some games like Super Mario Galaxy he has saved the entire universe. Mario basically prevails over every world threatening evil whether it be Bowser or someone else.

Max: Though despite how badass Mario is, he does have some weaknesses. Mario's power-ups (non-invincibility ones) get knocked out of him after taking a hit, his invincibility power-ups have a brief time limit, and despite rescuing Peach many times he pretty much always fails to prevent her capture in the first place. Plus he has actually been kidnapped before by King Boo, Donkey Kong, and even Bowser himself ironically having to be rescued by PEACH in Super Princess Peach. Well, finally she returned the favor. And Luigi has had to save Mario 3 times from King Boo. Regardless, overall, it's safe to say that across his hundreds of battles, mini games, races, sports matches, and more, Mario has gained knowledge on facing many kinds of environments, opponents, and abilities, so in a Death Battle, there is a large chance that Mario has gone up against and overcome something similar to what his opponent(s) can deploy. There is a reason Mario is known as one of gaming's greatest heroes.

All Marios attack Bowser


PAC-MAN- Super Smash Bros.Ultimate Music Extended

Pac-Man ssbu


  • Aliases: Paccums, Paccy, Super Pac-Man, Pac, The Pacster.
  • Age: Unknown in his world's timeline
  • Occupation: Student, Professor/Teacher, Protector of Power Pellet Forest, Local protector from ghosts.
  • Affiliation: Pac-Family (Mrs. Pac-Man, Pac-Junior and Pac-Baby), PPS (Power Pellet Security).
  • Likes: Food, eating, eating ghosts, Ms. Pac-Man, his family, go-karting, football and golf.

Max: Pac-Man, the iconic ghost eating cheese ball and mascot of gaming, tied with his opponent today. Pac-Man as a character and his original game were created in 1980 in arcades. The world famous praised arcade game "Pac-Man" began Pac-Man's legacy.

MadMaxPyro: Pac-Man in his first game was just a 2D yellow circle with a mouth moving around a dark maze eating pellets, fruits, and eating the ghost enemies who tried to stop him. The game is incredibly simple but it's surprisingly widely addicting and quickly blew up in popularity.

Max: Fun fact, Pac-Man's creator actually came up with the idea of the character when ordering a box of pizza and taking a slice out of it which is the shape Pac-Man's original 2D form is based off of probably implying that Pac-Man is actually a ball of pizza cheese. Wow, pizza's my favorite food and all but damn who knew ordering some pizza would kickstart such a legacy.

MadMaxPyro: It wasn't long until Pac-Man evolved given a 3D form with arms and legs advancing from arcades to home consoles in a series of 3D adventure games. He also at some point met Ms. Pac-Man and had a family with her. Well, good for him. Glad he i'snt the only ball of cheese in the world.

Max: Pac-Man has got a variety of items and power-ups that he uses but let's start with his natural abilities. Like his opponent, Pac-Man actually can jump pretty high but his main method of attack would of course be his well known chomp attack in his 2D form since well, that was the only thing he could do back in his first game and it has since carried over to other games.

Pac-Man chomping

MadMaxPyro: But of course once he gained a full body and became a more fleshed out character, he gained a lot more abilities. Hell, being a Pac-Man main let's start out with his Smash Bros moves. Pac-Man is able to do double punch to kick combos displayed both in Smash Bros and in Pac-Man World 3, flip kicks, can chomp foes in his 2-D form as said before, can shoot out rays to grab foes, and somehow pull out the arcade game ghosts to smack opponents hard.

Pac-Man fighting style

Max: Then there are Pac-Man's special moves. Starting with the bonus fruit, a chargeable attack in which he cycles through a variety of different 8-bit fruits among other different types of projectiles. He can choose which one he wants to throw and stop at it or continue cycling. These items cycle in the following order from weakest to strongest.

Cherry: Bounces twice and lands before disappearing after a second or two (Weakest)
Strawberry: Bounces three times and lands before disappearing after a second or two
Orange: Travels in a straight line for a short distance before disappearing
Apple: Quickly Bounces across the floor four times before disappearing
Melon: Travels slowly in a broad arc and knocks away enemies upon contact
Galaxian: A small space ship that does a quick shuttle loop before continuing to fly off
Bell: Travels slowly in a high arc before suddenly stopping short and falling straight down, causing momentary paralyses upon connecting
Key: Travels at high speed in a straight line before disappearing (Strongest)

Custom variants include "Freaky Fruit" in which the fruit moves faster in more unpredictable ways (But does less damage). Also "Lazy Fruit" which makes the fruits slower and weaker, but they hang around longer and are harder to avoid.

Pac-Man bonus fruits

MadMaxPyro: Pac-Man's power pellet attack allows him to summon a power pellet and a trail of five pac-dots as he turns into his ball form following through the trail of pellets while chomping and chomping his opponent at a fast speed when he reaches them. The power pellet can also be consumed by Pac-Man to very lightly heal him but it can also be intercepted during the move making him drop the pellet cancelling the attack and the pellet can be eaten by the opponent. Custom variants include the "Distant Power Pellet" making a longer and faster trail of up to eight Pac-Dots, but doesn't do as much damage and the "Enticing Power Pellet" that has a much shorter trail of only two Pac-Dots, is slower, and takes longer to deploy, but spawns a vortex to drag in near by opponents and deals higher damage.

Power Pellet Attack

Max: Pac-Man can also pull a fire hydrant out of nowhere to drop down on his foes. Once the hydrant is on the ground the hydrant splashes high pressurized water both left and right, also upwards if stood on. Pac-Man can kick or smack the hydrant hard enough to knock it into opponents damaging them. Custom variants include "On-Fire Hydrants" that shoot fire instead of water to burn enemies Pac-Man can also be burnt by the flames. He can also pull out "Dire Hydrants" that explode like bombs upon hitting the ground/opponent beneath him.

Pac-Man fire hydrant

MadMaxPyro: With the Pac-Jump, Pac-Man summons a trampoline to bounce on three times each time getting launched higher He can summon it on the ground or in mid-air. While jumping on it he morphs to his 2-D form bouncing upwards and chomping a foe above him. The trampoline goes blue, yellow, then red; when it turns red anyone who jumps on it is left helpless in a free fall. Custom variants include the "Power Pac-Jump" that sends Pac-Man higher, but the trampoline immediately disappears after use and the "Meteor Pac-Jump" in which the trampoline doesn't bounce Pac-Man as high, but smashes opponents downward or buries them in the ground below if they jump on it while it's red.

Pac-Man trampoline

Max: Pac-Man's natural abilities from his own games include his Bounce ability in which he uses his ball shape to bounce around and ground pound on enemies. It's strong enough to smash treasure chests and crystals and if done four times in a row it can create a powerful shockwave.


MadMaxPyro: Pac-Man's rev roll is like a Sonic the hedgehog spin dash in which he curls up into a ball and launches himself at foes rolling at them at a fast speed and damaging them. It's as strong as the aforementioned Bounce ability able to break open the same objects and roll up and down hills and slopes.


Max: Speaking of spin dash, Pac-Man literally has that too along with Sonic the hedgehog 's other abilities. In the game " Sonic Dash" Pac-Man and his wife Ms. Pac-Man gain the abilities of Sonic as they run through courses in the same way he does.


MadMaxPyro: With the Dash boost Pac-Man gains a powerful boost in speed that blasts him through anything whether it be heavy wooden crates or stone pillars. Lasts for 4 seconds.


Max: Pac-Man's also got Sonic's trademark homing attack. After jumping he can curl into a ball and home in on enemies launching himself at them and smashing into them. Can strike multiple targets and hit the same target multiple times.


MadMaxPyro: Plus he's got a shield that protects him from any hazards or enemies for 7 seconds.


Max: Pac-Man has also got a huge arsenal of weapons, gear, and power-ups starting with his collection of pellets. His standard power pellet upon consumption turns ghosts blue making them vulnerable to getting eaten by Pac-Man's chomp attack, leaves them unable to counter attack and slows their speed. Wears off after several seconds.

Tumblr ph4hnm0K5W1v2rb9i 540

MadMaxPyro: Wait but Mario i'snt a ghost so how will this power-up be of any use to Pac-Man in this battle? 

Max: ...Well it would at least be useful against Boo Mario. Anyway, Pac-Man's got more useful pellets that are effective on more than just ghosts like the super pellet which transforms him into Super Pac-Man. Though this form only lasts several seconds but in that time Pac-Man turns giant in his 2-D form chomping at, overpowering and swallowing smaller foes and is also invulnerable even able to swallow other Pac-men as displayed in Pac-Man Battle Royale. Man, I'm still salty that game was removed from my local Dave & Buster's! Also Smash 4 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate display Super Pac-Man as well being able to chomp around to eat foes in any direction or zoom on and off screen at fast speeds to chomp foes hard.

Super Pac-Man



MadMaxPyro: Pac-Man also has a secondary Super Pac-Man form in which he transforms into some cheesy looking kids show hero. But jokes aside, it's not a bad form as Pac-Man gains the power of flight, gets an increase in physical strength, and is invinicible but still susceptible to knockback. And of course the transformation only lasts several seconds just like the other.

Super Pac-Man 2

Max: Pac -Man even has a third Super Pac-Man form with a similar cheesy design. But this one is at least a whole lot better in its abilities. In this form Pac-Man gains extreme super strength able to bend and twist metal bars with his bare hands! He's so strong in this form that he can overpower super ghosts who are strong enough to rip entire buildings out of the ground, punch buildings so hard they tip over/collapse, and shake large bridges until they crumble. He also gains super speed and flight able to fly around a city in a brief period of time. Though the form only lasts 2 minutes and can only be used once in battle.


MadMaxPyro: It may not be from a pellet but while we're going over transformations might as well go over his gold form. Upon absorbing power from the five golden fruit (Golden Cherry, Golden Banana, Golden Pear, Golden Apple, and the Golden Strawberry) Pac-Man transforms into Golden Pac-Man! In this form Pac-Man gains a boost in power, strong enough to hurt ghosts with his bare hands, extreme resistance to magic attacks, makes him powerful enough to take on Spooky, a powerful ghost who can conjure powerful tornadoes, conjure a large thunder storm, create earth quakes/fissures, is immune to power pellets, can lift chunks of land out of the ground into the airm and summon a meteor shower, and most importantly Pac-Man uses his gold power to seal his enemy underground for years once they are weakened enough. This form doesn't wear off until Pac-Man seals his foe.

Golden Pac-Man

Max: Back to pellets, the Pac-Pellet is a projectile pellet that Pac-Man throws at enemies which explodes like a grenade. Pac-Pellets can also be charged for bigger more powerful explosions.


MadMaxPyro: The chrome power pellet turns him into Metal Pac-Man. In this metal form Pac-Man is invincible, can even walk on lava, or walk underwater. And just like Metal Mario, Metal Pac-Man doesn't slow him down despite being metal. He remains bouncy, quick, and agile. Plus this form lasts a whopping 15 seconds, sure not that long but longer than his previous power-ups.

Metal Pac-Man

Max: The Red Ribbon Power Pellet drastically increases Pac-Man's running speed leaving a trail of light behind him and can be used to circle around enemies creating a ring of light which causes an explosion on the foe. It also lasts only 15 seconds like his previous form.

Red Ribbon Power Pellet

MadMaxPyro: The Super Stomp Pellet allows Pac-Man to perform a Super Stomp which is pretty much Pac-Man jumping in the air and ground pounding creating a shockwave that knocks away enemies, leaves them stunned, and inflicts heavy damage. Lasts for 15 seconds as well.

Super Stomp Pellet

Max: The Power Bounce pellet allows him to unleash an even more powerful shockwave upon his Bounce attack blasting away enemies within a large radius.


Max: With the Electro -Shock Power Pellet Pac-Man can shoot electricity from his hands damaging and momentarily stunning enemies. Lasts for 15 seconds as well. 


MadMaxPyro: Pac-Man's vortex pellet sucks in all nearby foes though only temporarily. It's good for buying time.


Max: The Shrink pellet turns Pac-Man to a puny size allowing him to access small holes and such, though it only lasts 6 seconds.


MadMaxPyro: The champion pellet is one of his most powerful power pellets making Pac-Man strong enough to smash this giant orange ghost to pieces and split into multiple small individual Pac-men to eat up the pieces.

Dai8uqm-f089dcd0-682d-4103-b673-173c2a36e368 (2)

Max: But Pac-Man's truly strongest pellet is the Artifact. The Artifact is an ancient power pellet that was able to stop ghosts from rampaging in the distant past as it can one shot even the most powerful ghosts/spirits. The Artifact shoots a laser beam so powerful that it vaporizes the foe. But this item can be easily destroyed if the opponent gets their hands on it.


MadMaxPyro: Lastly he's got an assortment of colored pellets known as "Capsules". 

Pac-Man Arrangement Capsules

- Can make use of the following "Capsules":

Red Capsule:  Allows Pac-Man to move at twice his normal speed for 10 seconds Pink Capsule:

Eating it will pull all the ghosts in the area into a brown pot and hold them in place for four seconds Cyan Capsule:

Gains a duplicate that mimics/mirrors all of his actions for 10 seconds, allowing him to cover more ground and attack in two opposite directions at once Orange Capsule:

Allows Pac-Man to run at his normal speed, but with out any outside force being able to slow him down (Though he can still get hurt/damaged) has no time limit, but it will go away once Pac-Man ingests another power up Silver Capsule:  A silver capsule that also glows. Upon eating it, all ghosts of a single specific color (Blue, Orange, Pink, or Red) will disappear. Only seems to work on the weaker/generic ghosts Magic Wand:  Turns all ghosts (mainly weaker/generic ones) into 'presents' that Pac-Man can then consume for points Green Capsule:

A strange capsule that blinks between green and yellow and has a Pac-Man head on it. Upon eating it, three or four giant mallets will appear around the enemy, surround them, and smash their heads at the same time. These mallets are also strong enough to dent metal and destroy a giant robot ghost. Then he's got two pellets which are really just enhancements. The red power pellet increases the amount of time for any other pellet he's using by twice as much. So that's actually quite useful to make those time limits be less limited. And the green power pellet doubles Pac-Man's speed for a short time. 


Max: But while we're listing off long lists of extra power-ups might as well get the rest of them out of the way right now. Like the Pac-Man 256 power-ups. No, don't worry there aren't actually 256 of them. It's just the name of the game. These power-ups only last a few seconds but he has quite a wide arsenal of them,

Pac-Man 256 Power Ups

Laser: Shoots a laser that can instantly burn/destroy ghosts. The Laser shoots straight ahead of Pac-Man and turns when he turns. It can also be used to quickly destroy a row of enemies at once. Freeze: Slows down the movement of all enemies with icy cold, even ones who are at a distance.  Bomb: Pac-Man glows red. If he is touched like an enemy, he'll trigger an explosion that can blow up a large group of enemies surrounding him. If Pac-Man goes untouched for too long, the bomb will go off prematurely  Giant: Pac-Man becomes giant and can squish/eat smaller enemies Tornado: Summons a tornado that chases/pursues enemies and rips them apart if they get caught in it Stealth: Render's Pac-Man invisible and intangible. However, Pac-Man can't touch/hurt his enemies either, so this is instead used to sneak by them undetected until it wears off Fire: Pac-Man becomes covered in flame, leaving a firery trail behind him that burns enemies if they step on it while also burning any enemy who touches him
- Middle Row from left to right: Trap: Lays a spiky trap on the ground that stays stationary for awhile until an enemy steps in it, which kill any ghosts that run over them. These traps don't hurt Pac-Man himself, and disappear after a single use.

Magnet: Pulls in near by items be them power ups/weapons Pac-Man can use, fruits that he can eat, or just power pellets that aren't too far away Pac-Men: Summons miniature clones of Pac-Man that pursue enemies and bite/eat them.  Shatter: An upgraded version of Freeze that not only slows down enemies, but also summons ice stalagmites on random areas of the map Pyro: An upgraded version of "Fire" that works the same way, only the fire trail that Pac-Man leaves behind can now spread in multiple directions and cover more ground before disappearing Twinado: An upgraded version of Tornado that summons two homing tornadoes that go off in different directions to hit enemies from both sides Optics: An upgraded version of "Laser" which can bounce off walls and change direction to hit enemies coming in from different angles Boom: An upgraded version of "Bomb" that triggers mini explosions after touching enemies followed by a big one Regen: An upgraded version of "Magnet" that not only pulls in items/fruit/power pellets, but will even make them re-appear after they've been used/consumed so they can be collected/used a second time Radar: A radar-like beam circles Pac-Man while he moves around. Enemies/ghosts that touch the beam will be chopped to pieces Cherries: Creates a pink force field around Pac-Man. Any ghosts who go inside of it will be turned into cherries Sonar: Repels ghosts who get too close to Pac-Man and makes them run away from him instead Electric: Electrifies Pac-Man and can automatically zap ghosts/enemies even if they're further away from him Beam: Pac-Man shoots out a long beam both in front of him and behind him goes through walls/obstructions and take out any ghosts who hit it

MadMaxPyro: Then there's the Mega Run meets Pac-Man power-ups. Each of which last anywhere between 5 to 10 seconds.

Mega Run meets Pac-Man power ups

Yellow Star: gives Pac-Man a boost in speed and allows him to take down enemies by jumping/bouncing off their heads and shatter stone walls by running/jumping through them  Giant Potion: allows Pac-Man to grow more than twice his own size can smash through large stone blocks and chomp through them with out slowing down Fire Ball: Surrounds Pac-Man in a fiery aura that boosts his speed. Also allows him to burn enemies and leap MUCH further distances due to the flames propelling him Magnet: Allows Pac-Man to attract near by objects be them coins, pellets, or other power ups Wheel: Allows Pac-Man to throw spinning wheel projectiles at enemies Ice: Allows Pac-Man to throw icey cold blue orbs that can freeze incoming enemies Jet Pack: Allows Pac-Man to fly/hover over hazards

Max: Then there's a few power-ups from Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness that Pac-Man himself has access to as well when he's playable in the multiplayer mode.

Power ups Pac-Man

Chocolate Cake: Temporarily increases his size, allowing him to trample his enemies under his feet while also making him invincible to ghosts, electricity, and fire Lightening: Temporarily generate waves of electricity that travel in two directions at once (Be it left and right or front and back) while running, shocking whoever they hit Sneakers: Temporarily increase running speed Chili Pepper: Temporarily allows him to leave a trail of flames while running, which can be used to burn enemies.

MadMaxPyro: Lastly Pac-Man has a wide collection of berries from his berry dispenser.

Berry Dispenser

Brain Berry (Brain-Like Colors): Super intellectual brain abilities at the cost of combat abilities/powers (and Pac-Man turning into a nerd) Close Combat Berry (Green): Increases strength, speed, stamina, and agility for physical confrontations Drill Berry (Unknown Color): Creates a drill for the user to ride on which greatly increases speed Fishing Berry (Pink): Transform's Pac-Man's tongue into a fishing rod to lure in ghosts and aquatic/fish enemies Flight Berry (Yellow): Grants the ability to fly and defy/ignore gravity Galeforce Berry (Red): User can blow powerful gale force winds from their mouth Garlic Berry (Garlic White): Belches out Jack O' Lantern-shaped clouds of Garlic Breath Gill Berry (Blue): Allows the user to breath under water Grow Berry (glowing yellow): Increases body size and strength for one minute or less Kung Fu Berry (Pink): Gains fighting skill and mastery of Kung-Fu Light Air Berry (Bright Pink): Makes the user lighter than air Plasma Berry (Neon-red): Allows the user to shoot one powerful blast of plasma (But ONLY one) Power Berry (Various): Grants the ability to survive in the nether world Shrink Berry (Pink with purple swirl): Allows to user to shrink down to a much smaller size Rocket Berry (Crimson): Rockets appear attached to the legs of the host allowing for faster flight abilities Vacuum Berry (Dark Blue): Tongue becomes a vacuum tube, which can elongate to suck in ghosts from a distance Wi-Fi Berry (Orange): Allows Pac-Man to be transported to cyber space

MadMaxPyro: Pac-Man's got even more equipment and weapons beyond just pellets, power-ups, and berries. Starting with the magic boots which Pac-Man uses to jump repeatedly in the air just like the roc's feather on the Pegasus boots from The Legend of Zelda.  Plus he's got anti-gravity boots to walk on walls and ceilings. Pac-Man's also got a mallet strong enough to smash through logs, trees, rocks and other obstructions. It's a good bludgeoning weapon in general.



D9q8zg2-1c51dc67-3d30-443c-a856-63ce3fd6a7df (2)

Max: Pac-Man's also got ice skates, flippers, and roller blades. The ice skates allow him to maneuver on slippery ice, the flippers make him swim faster underwater and grant access to an underwater spinning attack, and the roller blades increase Pac-Man's speed on land and grant the ability to make longer jumps.




MadMaxPyro: Pac-Man's also got some headgear. The armored helmet protects Pac-Man's head from damage able to block projectiles from hurting him and reduces damage from attacks in general. It also allows Pac-Man to smash through metal with the armored rolling attack it grants, sink underwater, and is unaffected by heavy winds. However the drawbacks are this head armor also makes Pac-Man much heavier and slower. And the feathered hat increases Pac-Man's speed, allows him to float/glide in the air, and float on water. But the drawback is this hat makes Pac-Man extremely light to a fault, so much so that he can even be knocked back by mere wind.

Pac-Man Armored Helmet
Feathered Hat Pac-Man

Max: Pac-Man also some wacky items like the Sneezy Weezy Pac-Powder to throw in the face of enemies that make them sneeze uncontrollably for awhile. He's also got an item to breathe quick fireballs from his mouth, a bubble to breathe underwater indefinitely, and a rope to latch on to ceilings and swing around upwards downwards or side to side.

Sneezy Weezy Pac-Powder

Fire Balls

Bubble Pac-Man


MadMaxPyro: Pac-Man's got a blaster and a hoverboard. The blaster shoots rays of energy strong enough to stun ghosts and blow them into ectoplasmic goop and plus it's strong enough to blast through metal robots. And Pac-Man's hoverboard allows him to hover through the air to get place to place.


Hover Board

Max: Pac-Man's also got better gadgets like his space board and Mokujin robot.  The space board is basically another hover board with but with much better maneuverability in any direction and can even travel up to Space as the name implies. It can also shoot small energy bolts from the front as a projectile attack. Pac-Man's Mokujin robot is a mech that for some weird reason Pac-Man uses in a Street Fighter and Tekken crossover game instead of just fighting with his natural abilities. But hey the mech is pretty strong able to deliver hard hitting punches and kicks. Plus it can fire off a powerful laser beam from the chest. But the mech also can go into a form called Pandora mode. In this state, the mech glows with a purple aura that boosts its strength drastically and allows for attacks to be spammed rapidly. Though this mode does drain the mech's energy quickly as it soon stops functioning so it is best used as a last resort.



Db558d3-1d70bca1-99a7-4e09-9276-0e337069bd0e (2)

MadMaxPyro: But even if he does lose that, Pac-Man has a much larger more powerful much called Toc-Man. The literal robot body of his old enemy Toc-Man. Strangely this mech is piloted by both Pac-Man and a ghost he can summon. Pac-Man pilots the  center and the ghost pilots the top. This mech is powerful enough to battle entire armies and durable enough to withstand many explosions and blasts from tanks and robots before being destroyed. For attacks this mech 's right hand is a large claw used to scratch foes and can swing its arms around to damage enemies. It also has the Sonic Boo attack amplified by two large speakers. The Sonic Boo is a powerful sound based attack that can shatter large metal crates, knock over large stone pillars, and blow up other robots just as large as the mech itself.

Toc-Man mech

Max: Beyond mechs, Pac-Man's got some more battle gadgets. Pac-Man's fighter plane is a small air plane with a machine gun mounted on it. The machine gun fires pac-pellets that easily makes hole in other planes like Swiss cheese, however it's possible someone can reflect the pellets back at Pac-Man to shred his plane instead. But should that happen, he comes prepared with a parachute on board. Pac-Man's also got a hot air balloon with a face that looks like his on it that can actually chomp foes. This hot air balloon can fly around different parts of the world rather quickly too though it is just a balloon so it can be popped/ destroyed fairly easily. And Pac-Man has a submarine used to fight enemies underwater. The submarine is able to shoot torpedos with unlimited ammo but can only fire 6 at a time and can shoot a homing smart bomb that is much more powerful. But he only has 1 of them.

Fighter Plane

Hot Air Balloon


MadMaxPyro: Lastly for his equipment Pac-Man's got a magic pen and some bombs. The magic pen can be used to seal up enemies who are living drawings or made out of ink into books. Well I guess that would have been useful if he was fighting Paper Mario instead of regular Mario. Fortunately it has other uses like drawing circles with mouths that turn into other Pac-men that chomp at foes. Though these drawings are mindless only going in a straight direction and only turn around when hitting a wall or other obstruction. Speaking of walls the magic pen can also create a temporary wall by making a straight line. Also, Pac-Man's got bombs which don't need to be explained.



Max: But that's not all! Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures show and video game series gives Pac-Man an arsenal of new full fledged transformations and unlike any of the powers or forms stated before, most of these transformations are NOT restricted by any sort of time limit. Starting with my favorite Fire Pac-Man! In this form Fire Pac-Man can breathe fire from his mouth like a dragon in the form of large fireballs or fire breath , can generate fire under his feet to glide, can charge up to shoot a larger more devastating blast of fire breath, his fire is strong enough to melt any ice, and he is immune to enemy fire based attacks. Also he can transform into Ice Pac-Man granting him the ability to extend a hose from his mouth to blast enemies with blasts of ice to freeze them, can fire out one giant ice beam blast to freeze multiple enemies in a row, and can freeze water and even lava! Also he's immune to enemy fire attacks just like Fire Pac-Man. Weird, I thought he 'd be immune to ice attacks this time.

Fire Pac-Man
Ice Pac-Man

'MadMaxPyro: As Titanium Pac-Man he gains the power of magnetism to use his tongue like a magnet or like a drill to burrow underground. He sticks to metal surfaces as well. He's also physically stronger. As Chameleon Pac-Man he gains the power of invisbility with the ability to camoflauge like a Chameleon and use his long tongue to latch on and eat foes. He can swing from poles, use his tongue to sling shot his body, and charge up a strong tongue lashing in all directions to whip enemies.

Chameleon Pac-Man
Titanium Pac-Man

Max: As Granite Ball Pac-Man he transforms into a huge rock boulder to roll around and flatten any foes in his way. The form is strong enough to break through stone walls, is nearly indestructible, and can jump up and slam down to stun enemies or break through the ground. As Balloon Pac-Man his body inflates and he just... floats around. Yeah, it's pretty useless.

Granite Ball Pac-Man
Balloon Pac-Man

'MadMaxPyro: Speaking of useless we got Rubber Pac-Man in which he turns into just a ball without his arms and legs to bounce around like a ball. I say this is useless because he literally already has the Bounce ability naturally as discussed way earlier in the analysis. But at least there is also Spin Pac-Man in which he can create a powerful vortex via inhaling to suck up enemies, and can spit fast enough to fly.

Rubber Pac-Man
Spin Pac-Man


Max: Pac-Man's got some wacky and freaky forms when it comes to Wizard Pac-Man and Arachnid Pac-Man. As Wizard Pac-Man he gains magic powers like flight, levitation, slight reality warping, can turn an enemy's summons/minions against them, can rebound magic attacks, conjure up objects out of nothing, size manipulation, and... can cast a spell that makes the victim fart uncontrollably. Oh great, cringe immature kids show humor. Well that show was on Disney XD. Anyway the form only lasts a few minutes but it's pretty effective considering that Wizard Pac-Man was able to battle on par with a reality warping genie who had 10,000 years of experience. As Arachnid Pac-Man he becomes a spider version of himself able to create large webs that can ensare enemies since these webs can be large enough to trap alien ship, can use webs to swing around like Spider-Man, and can create webs that catch people from falling.


MadMaxPyro: Pac-Man has two mega forms Pac-Zilla and Pac-Kong. As Pac-Zilla he becomes giant, gains an increase in physical strength, and can eat enemy projectiles such as missiles and spit them all back out at once. This form lasts a whopping 10 minutes which is a long time to be giant in a fight. As Pac-Kong he becomes a large King Kong sized ape version of himself. He gains extreme super strength to the point of being able to battle dinosaurs but he does become beastly and irrational.



Max: But Pac-Man's most powerful form is Planet Pac-Man! In this form Pac-Man literally becomes a fucking planet who is powerful and large enough to eat large meteors and smaller planets such as when he ate a planet ghost! He's also able to fly through space rather quickly.

Planet Pac-Man

MadMaxPyro: While any feats of strength may pale in comparison compared to Pac-Man's most powerful aforementioned Planet Pac-Man form, let's see what he can do in base form.

Max: Well, Pac-Man is strong enough to smash large robots to pieces with his Rev Roll.

Rev Roll strength

MadMaxPyro: Pac-Man also has broke out of shackles/chains with his own sheer brute strength. What makes it more impressive is he was in his 2-D form without any arms or legs.

Pac-Man breaks free from shackles

Max: Plus, Pac-Man can reel in and yank large fish more than twice his size out of the water easily.

Pac-Man reels and yanks out large fish

MadMaxPyro: In terms of speed, actually given the aforementioned Sonic Dash game Pac-Man can run at similar speeds to Sonic the Hedgehog so he's pretty damn fast. Sonic at his base speed being 750 miles per hour to the speed of sound and possibly speed of light at his best. Yeah I know the following picture is Pac-Man's wife again but he's playable in that game too.

Pac-Man Sonic Dash

Max: Speaking of his wife, Pac-Man has shown incredible speed in situations when he has rushed to save her life. Such as when Ms. Pac-Man in her car was about to fall off a collapsing bridge as Pac-Man ran so fast he was a yellow blur when he jumped up and pulled her to safety just in time. Damn, I know a woman can really motivate a man to do crazy things but wow.

Pac-Man saves wife

MadMaxPyro: And much like his opponent Mario, Pac-Man is fast and athletic enough to perform gymnastics and wall jumps.

Pac-Man gymnastics
Pac-Man wall jumping

Max: Pac-Man's durability doesn't fall short either. Pac-Man is durable enough to take a direct hit from an underwater exploding spike ball and still keep swimming with only a minor chunk of damage. Such a thing would blow any real life creature to bloody bits but it's no match for this cheese ball character.

Pac-Man takes hit from exploding spike ball

MadMaxPyro: Pac-Man has also tanked the explosion of a small space station completely unscathed.

Pac-Man tanks small space station explosion

Max: And after getting chomped by five ghosts at the same time, Pac-Man survived a fall from a cliff and still had enough in him to trek through harsh winter cold while carrying a large sack of toys. Only the ghosts part is shown in this gif but believe me, the rest happened too.

Pac-Man chomped by five ghosts

MadMaxPyro: But as much as a tough ball of cheese pizza Pac-Man is, he's got some weaknesses as well. Like the fact that he thinks with his stomach so he can baited or distracted by food easily.  Or put into a situation by food in the first place. Plus, most of his power-ups are only temporary lasting a few to several seconds, some items can be destroyed, some power berries are useless in combat, can be slowed and unable to defend himself against ice/cold based attacks unless Fire or Ice Pac-Man, can't eat fire or ice unless in those aforementioned forms and i'snt immune to posession by ghosts or getting paralyzed weak and weary by ghosts despite being the ghost eater that he is.

Max: But overall, Pac-Man has well earned his title as the world's first big gaming icon.

Pac-Man outro


Max: Alright, the combatants are set! Let's end this debate once and for all.

MadMaxPyro: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario VS Pac-Man intermission


Super Mario Galaxy Music - Ghostly Galaxy Extended 

Pac-Man was chomping around his maze in his 2-D form eating ghosts as usual but suddenly a green warp pipe appears that he bumps into. A white circular ghost known as a Boo suddenly pops out of it and smacks Pac-Man with its tongue knocking him back but Pac-Man retaliates by chomping and eating the Boo. It tasted like a marshmallow, better tasting than any ghost he ever ate. Pac-Man's curiousity got the best of him as he morphs into his 3-D form and jumps inside the warp pipe in search of more of these marshmallow tasting ghosts to eat. This transports Pac-Man into a haunted mansion with hundreds of Boos flying around. Pac-Man jumps in the air starting to chomp at the Boos who surround him retaliating by biting back at him as he takes some damage but then takes out a power pellet turning the Boos blue leaving them vulnerable as they try to fly away in fear but Pac-Man uses a super pellet transforming into Super Pac-Man becoming giant in his 2-D form chomping and eating all of them within seconds. Pac-Man reverts back to normal size in 3-D form and then rushes at the front door of the mansion kicking it open as he is flashed by a sudden burst of morning sunshine but when he looks he sees a beautiful grassland with pipes with piranha plants coming out, mushrooms, and a castle in the distance. This is the Mushroom Kingdom. Pac-Man rushed to the castle to see if he can find any more food.

Peach's Castle Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story Music Extended HD

At Princess Peach's castle a celebration dinner is taking place. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, Blue Toad, Toadsworth, Princess Peach, many random toads, and even Bowser himself, his son, and his entire army were invited due to his most recent good deed of saving the castle from a certain giant fire breathing turtle monster much like himself. Mario and Luigi are eating some italian spaghetti with a lot of parmesan cheese sprinkled on top, Yoshi stretched his tongue out snatching various pieces of fruit off plates eating them, the toads ironically eat mushrooms, Peach has cake, and Bowser uses his fire breath to heat up some steak for himself and his son Bowser Jr. Bowser and Bowser Jr then both start eating the steak. Toadsworth rings a bell calling everyone's attention. 

Toadsworth: Today we honor the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom! Master Mario Luigi, and Yoshi have always been selflessly saving our land and the princess but today they aren't the only ones we have to thank. Bowser surprisngly defended us all and the castle from that giant rampaging other turtle monster and Toad valiantly guarded the castle from that purple tunic sword wielder.

Everyone cheers and claps for them as blue toad tries to be heard admist the clapping.

Blue Toad: Actually that was me, Toad and I just look the same...

Peach: Thank you all for your bravery! But Bowser, you aren't going to just kidnap me again are you?

Bowser: Nah! I don't even have a castle to go back to right now anyway until my minions rebuild it.

Virtual Boo Call - Luigi's Mansion 3 Soundtrack

Suddenly, Luigi gets a call from Professor E Gadd which makes him scream, jump in shock and as a result fall over as his chair is knocked to the floor and Luigi lands on the floor as his Virtual Boo phone device continues ringing on the table.

Mario: Luigi!

Mario grabs Luigi's hand and helps him up. The phone still keeps ringing. 

Luigi: Thanks bro!

Bowser: Just answer it already Green Stache! 

Luigi finally answers the call and E Gadd appears on the Virtual Boo screen in what is basically a Facetime call. 

Professor E. Gadd - Luigi's Mansion

Professor E Gadd: Luigi! Sorry to interrupt your dinner my boy, but there is an urgent matter I must inform you and your friends of. One of my ghost radars has detected a drastic decrease in ghost activity. An entire mansion of ghosts was cleared out in a matter of seconds.

Bowser Jr: So? Doesn't this just mean that Greenie's job was done for him?

Professor E Gadd: Well, techincally yes child it does mean that but it is also means you all could be dealing with a potentially very dangerous threat. My video surveillance has captured footage of this occurence and scanned the creature who did this.  E Gadd displays the footage of Pac-Man eating all the Boos as all the Mario characters at the dinner table watch. 

Bowser: Ha! Looks like a walking ball of cheese!

Professor E Gadd: Don't take it lightly! This creature is a hungry beast always in search for someone or something to eat and it may be in close proximity...

Pac-Man Extended Theme

Pac-Man himself suddenly kicks the front castle doors open getting the instant attention of everyone at the dinner table. Pac-Man spots the food and impulsively quickly rushes towards the table, jumping on top of it, and morphs into 2-D form eating all the food. This shocks everyone as they scream and this enrages Bowser as he roars, gets up, flips over the table hitting Pac-Man and breathes fire at him knocking him back as Pac-Man gets up several feet away in 3-D form.

Bowser: Nobody eats my food! 

Bowser is about to really let Pac-Man feel his wrath but suddenly Mario takes initiative jumping in front of Bowser, facing Pac-Man.

 Mario:  Mario time! I'll a handle this Bowser!

Bowser: Fine Mario! Deal with these cheese ball pest for us!

Bowser picks up Mario by the head and throws him towards Pac-Man causing both Mario and Pac-Man to crash through a window landing outside of the castle on the grassfield as everyone in the castle looks through it to watch them. Mario and Pac-Man get up to face each other.

Pac-Man: Waka wait! I'm sorry I was just hungry...

Mario: You're not-a welcome here. Let's a go!

Mario VS Pac-Man battler render 2

Peach's Castle - Super Smash Bros. Melee Theme Extended

Before Mario can react, Pac-Man with his quick speed morphs into 2-D form and chomps at Mario's face multiple times, rolls into a ball doing a rev roll ramming into Mario's head dazing him, does a bounce attack and follows up with a spin dash ramming into Mario's body but Mario retaliates with his Mario tornado attack spinning his body around entrapping Pac-Man hitting him several times and launching him upwards vertically as he is then in 3-D form again. Mario then jumps up and hits the mid-air Pac-Man with the super jump punch smacking coins out of him but before the attack can finish, Pac-Man counters by dropping a fire hydrant on Mario's head knocking him to the ground as he holds his head in pain and the hydrant itself then landed on Mario's... wrong spot causing him to yelp in extreme pain as he is pinned under it. Pac-Man in midair charges up his bonus fruits and then starts coming downwards towards Mario with the Super Stomp Pellet and Power Bounce Pellet combination but Mario chucks the hydrant off of himself upwards towards Pac-Man. Pac-Man does see this coming and manages to air dodge his own hydrant but this leaves him vulnerable as Mario jumps up into the air above him and lands on Pac-Man's head as Mario head stomps him to the ground much to Pac-Man's surprise.

He is thrown off guard by this unusual method of attack. Mario keeps jumping on his head multiple times until Pac-Man retaliates revealing he had charged up a bell throwing it on Mario which stuns him leaving him open for a quick chomp from Pac-Man knocking Mario back. Mario and Pac-Man then both jump towards each other and engage in hand to hand combat. Mario and Pac-Man punch each other rapidly in a slug fest trading blows but Mario's physical strength proves to be superior as he combos Pac-Man with a double punch to kick combo that knocks him back. But when Mario tries to follow up with more punches that he throws at Pac-Man, Pac-Man rolls to dodge and quickly use the red ribbon power pellet to circle around Mario creating a ring of light around him that creates an explosion blasting Mario upwards.

But while airborne Mario shoots some fireballs from his hand at Pac-Man as Mario lands to the ground with style. However, Pac-Man counters by using an item to spit some quick fireballs from his mouth as they clash with Mario's fireballs dispersing them all. Mario and Pac-Man keep shooting fireballs at each other clashing until Mario crushes a smash ball powering up his body glowing with energy as he then says what he says in Brawl.

Mario: Oh yeah! Heeyaaaaa!

Mario unleashes the Mario finale blasting a huge blast of fire from his hands that overwhelms the startled Pac-Man as he equips a shield to try to block but it gets destroyed immeadiately as Pac-Man is engulfed by the stream of fire burning him rapidly, entrapping him, and knocks him into the castle wall as it breaks open crushing Pac-Man underneath the rubble while a huge hole in the wall is formed as the rest of the Mario characters are seen with their eyes widened in shock except Bowser who is grateful for it.

Bowser: Sweet! Now we have a better view of the awesome fight!

Luigi: Go Mario!

They all cheer for Mario but suddenly an aura of flame blasts the rubble off Pac-Man as he gets up in a new form that he gained from a power berry. He is now orange with a fiery head, he had transformed into Fire Pac-Man! Mario smirks as he takes out the fire flower, transforming into his own fire form in white clothes, red overalls, and a red M on his hat. Fire Mario! Fire Mario with now increased firepower in this form shoots multiple fireballs at Fire Pac-Man hitting but he is now immune to fire attacks in his fire form as the fireballs are all ineffective as he jumps towards Mario back to the grassland breathing fire breath towards him. Mario keeps jumping side to side dodging all the flames as he then gets on the offensive by taking out a double cherry creating four clones of himself that all rush and pelt Pac-Man with rapid fire fireballs repeatedly while the main Mario does the same. But Mario did not learn as all the flames still do no damage to Fire Pac-Man due to his fire immunity. Fire Pac-Man instantly then breathes his fire breath on all the fire Mario clones burning and killing them all easily since they vanish in one hit while the real Mario also gets burned by the fire breath this time as he screams. Mario is set on fire and the burn damage he is taking causes his fire form power-up to get knocked out of him reverting back to normal Mario. He runs around yelping in pain but then takes out FLUDD and uses the water nozzle to splash the flames off of himself with water.

Mario washes the flames off suffering some burns as Fire Pac-Man keeps breathing more fire breath towards him and throws some fireballs from his hand. However, Mario continues his use of FLUDD to squirt more water dousing all the flames that were coming towards him. Seeing that fire won't work anymore, Pac-Man takes out the ice berry turning blue with an icy head transforming into Ice Pac-Man! But Mario answers this obviously by taking out the ice flower his clothes becoming blue with red overalls transforming into Ice Mario! Ice Mario shoots some ice balls at Ice Pac-Man as at the same time Ice Pac-Man extends a hose from his mouth shooting at ice beam at Mario. The ice beam froze Mario solid instantly but at the same time the ice balls bounced off the ground right over the ice beam freezing Ice Pac-Man into an icicle as well. Frozen they both remained until they both transformed into metal forms to break out of the ice but suffering some cold frostbite damage. Metal Mario and Chrome Pac-Man charge at each other throwing punches but all this does is cause some slight knockback to each other but no damage due to both being invinicble while metal. Their metal forms then wear off simultaneously.

Mario tries to dive at Pac-Man but he transforms into Chameleon Pac-Man camoflauging with the grass for invisibility moving out of the way as Mario misses. Mario knows two can play at this game as well as he uses the vanish cap to also turn invisible. Mario and Pac-Man search for each other only having the rustling of the grass as clues to each other's location as Mario throws punches hoping to hit him and Pac-Man stretches out his cameleon tongue but both don't hit each other as they guessed incorrectly. Unfortuantely for Mario, his invisibility form only lasts 20 seconds as it then wore off making him visible again. This causes him to be instantly spotted by Pac-Man and grabbed by his long Chameleon tongue as he gulps him up like Yoshi and spits him out to the ground. Then Chameleon Pac-Man follows up with a rapid tongue lashing on Mario smacking him around with his tongue knocking him away to the ground again. Pac-Man then transforms into Granite ball Pac-Man rolling towards Mario hoping to crush him but Mario transforms into Rock Mario rolling towards Pac-Man as a rock boulder. They smash into each other hard in their rock forms reverting them both back to normal as they both fall to the ground. Mario and Pac-Man both shrink into their puny forms trying to sneak up on each other once again, the puny Mini mushroom Mario swings off a piece of grass and stomps on the mini Pac-Man's head knocking him down as the mini Pac-Man punches him back. However, Pac-Man's mini form only lasts 6 seconds as he turned to normal size and smirked as he was about to crush the still Mini Mario within his palm to kill him but Mario quickly ate a regular mushroom to revert back to normal size catching Pac-Man off guard. Mario uses a Piranha Plant that chomps Pac-Man biting him giving some damage but Pac-Man quickly eats the Piranha Plant whole.

Mario then pulls out his metal hammer taking a swing at Pac-Man. But before it hits, Pac-Man blocks with his wooden hammer/mallet. A few of their hammer swings clash with each other until Mario's superior metal hammer wears down and breaks Pac-Man's wood hammer to pieces. Pac-Man puts on his armored helmet for defense as Mario swings his hammer onto his head but the helmet protects Pac-Man. Pac-Man then uses his armored helmet rolling attack ramming into Mario as Mario keeps swinging his hammer to push him back before he can reach him which works three times until the fourth in which Pac-Man manages to ram into him hard in armored form knocking him down and rolling over his whole body flattening him. Mario springs back up as Pac-Man is rolling back towards him but this time Mario uses a blue shell transforming into Blue shell Mario getting into his shell spinning and ramming at the armored rolling Pac-Man. They crash into each other hard clashing until Mario's shell overpowers Pac-Man knocking him out of his roll as he falls to the ground. Mario then jumps up and slams down onto Pac-Man with his hammer and uses the opportunity to repeatedly smash him as the helmet cracks from damage until Mario's hammer smashes it enough to shatter and destroy it.

Now Mario smashes Pac-Man repeatedly on the head with his hammer and then charges up and swings at his face sending him skidding across the grass grazing it along with the way until he stops several feet away. Feeling worse for wear after that beatdown, Pac-Man gets up and temporarily retreats. Pac-Man makes a run for the castle as Mario chases after him spinning in his shell but Pac-Man is too fast as he even puts on his roller blades for good measure and already reaches the bridge and runs across and opens the front door and shuts them behind him as he enters the castle. Mario crosses the bridge and is about to kick open the door open but little did he know he was about to fall for what was obvious bait. From the other side of the door inside the castle, using the advantage of Mario not being able to see him Pac-Man steps back a safe distance and pulls out a Pac-Pellet and throws it onto the ground in front of the door causing an explosion from the grenade like pellet that destroys the door and the explosion directly hits Mario knocking him back onto the bridge as a crater is cracked in it with Mario laying in it suffering some damage reverted to base form. Smoke is created from the explosion but when it clears up, Pac-Man is revealed to be inside his Mokujin robot mech. Mario gets up but not quick enough as Pac-Man's mech stomps him, grabs him picking him up, gives him a beatdown with many punches and with one final punch sends him flying to the nearby turf in front of the bridge. 

Mario transforms into his Hammer Bros suit and throws multiple hammers at Pac-Man some hitting his head damaging him and some hitting his Mokujin robot mech causing some dents in it. More hammers come towards him as Pac-Man is prepared for them this time as he swats them away. Mario then transforms into Boomerang Mario throwing a boomerang at Pac-Man but he has had enough as he fires a powerful laser beam from the Mokujin robot destroying the boomerang as the laser comes towards Mario. Mario quickly gets in his Goomba shoe and jumps in the air cleverly using its extra jump to jump out of it dodging the laser as the shoe gets melted by the laser. But Mario himself was now above Pac-Man in his mech, directly stomping on Pac-Man's head multiple times. This irritates Pac-Man as he uses one of his mechs arms to swat Mario off of him knocking his power-up out of him and knocking him in front of the mech on the bridge. Mario uses the Luigi cap for increased jumping power to jump onto Pac-Man's head in his mech again, stomping him repeatedly until Pac-Man once again swats him off with his mech arm as he is knocked out of Luigi form turning back in Mario as Mario lands on his feet and squares up to Pac-Man and his mech directly deciding to fight this machine hand to hand. Mario actually starts trading blows with Pac-Man's mech as the Mokujin robot and Mario are punching each other rapidly. The Mokujin robot is actually starting to suffer damage from Mario's strength as there are dents and cracks in it and while Mario is taking damage, he doesn't let up. Pac-Man in nervousness pulls a lever back so his mech can deliver a powerful counter punch but Mario catches it in his palm like a badass and smiles. Mario then swings his hammer knocking the mech back onto the other side of the bridge smashing off some more of its plating as its functioning starts to become compromised.

Instinctively, Pac-Man enters his mech into Pandora mode and rapidly punches and kicks Mario as Mario gets some blows in but it wasn't enough as the mech's newfound power was overwhelming him. So Mario uses the Wario cap to transform into Wario to increase his physical strength drastically since Wario is way stronger than Mario. Mario in Wario form laid some hard punches on Pac-Man's mech dealing huge damage busting holes in it as it was cracking open more but the mech soon retaliated smacking him away reverting Wario Mario back into Mario. Pac-Man still in his mech on the bridge fires another powerful laser beam from the mech at Mario but this proves to be a mistake as Mario uses his cape to reflect the powerful laser beam back at Pac-Man! Pac-Man screams in shock as his own laser beam hits him and his mech causing a violent explosion that damages him a lot, destroys his mech and the bridge both blasted to pieces, and sends Pac-Man himself falling down with the rubble and debris to the water area down below. Mario jumps down into the water transforming into his frog suit submerging himself within. Pac-Man has his flippers equipped as he swims towards Mario. Pac-Man uses his underwater spinning attack to ram Mario into the castle wall underwater pushing him against it but Mario manages to punch him off him and does a ground pound from above with the frog suit power knocking Pac-Man away. Pac-Man swims away to a corner around an underwater wall as Mario follows but suddenly a submarine appears with Pac-Man in it, as he starts shooting rapid torpedos at Mario. Frog suit Mario is able to use his increased swimming speed to swim around the torpedos dodging them all as he then approaches the submarine and slams against it trying to break in. But Pac-Man sends out a homing smart bomb as Mario swims away to escape. The smart bomb explodes as Frog suit Mario swims away as fast as he can but the explosion catches up to him, engulfing him and blasting him out of the water as he is reverted to base form landing back to the ground in front of the castle.

Airship 1 New Super Mario Bros Wii Music Extended

Mario lays down in pain as he then sees hears blades spinning as something flies up from above the water. It was Pac-Man in his now summoned airplane. Mario i'snt alarmed though as he snaps his fingers summoning his own airplane the Sky pop. Mario and Pac-Man fly at each other as Mario fires missiles from his plane and Pac-Man fires Pac-pellets from the machine in his plane. The projectiles collide cancelling each other out but Mario transforms into Tanooki Mario jumping out of his plane while gliding towards Pac-Man. Pac-Man shoots more Pac pellets but he had taken Mario's bait as Mario swings his tail reflecting the incoming projectiles back at Pac-Man's plane as it gets completely shredded as his eyes widen in shock and his mouth opens wide. Pac-Man had backup though as after a few seconds he equips a parachute he had stored in the plane to start descending safely.

Pac-Man while still in the air then summons his yellow Pac-Man faced hot air balloon descending inside of it. But Tanooki Mario keeps gliding and lands on top of it. Pac-Man looks up seeing this and angrily shakes the hot air balloon causing Mario to lose balance falling off and getting chomped with a hard bite by the Pac-Man face of the air balloon. Mario loses his power-up from the hit but before he can fall down too far, he equips the cape feather and flies inside the hot air balloon reaching Pac-Man himself. But Pac-Man instantly threw the Sneezy Weezy Pac-Powder at Mario's face causing him to sneeze constantly throwing him off from being able to fight properly. Mario tries to throws punches but his uncontrollable sneezing makes it harder as he misses as Pac-Man takes advantage punching and chomping Mario repeatedly then grabbing and throwing him out of the hot air balloon. But Mario comes flying back towards it once more as flying squirrel Mario. Pac-Man starts charging up his bonus fruits in his hand as he then throws a fast key at Mario that knocks him out of his form sending him falling down once again.

Pac-Man jumps up in happiness thinking he finally got rid of him but Mario comes flying back up as P flying squirrel Mario now having infinite flight. Pac-Man tries to get his hot air balloon to chomp him again but Mario flies above it dodging landing on top of it. This time, he transforms into Bee Mario and uses his sharp stinger to pop the hot air balloon as Pac-Man is now the one sent falling down within the hot air balloon platform. But he wasn't about to fall to his death so easily as Pac-Man snapped his fingers summoning his space board hopping onto it and flying towards Mario. Mario took out out the wing cap growing wings on his hat to fly too. Pac-Man on his spaceboard started shooting energy bolts as Mario but Mario flew around them dodging and then zoomed at Pac-Man punching him in the face knocking him off his spaceboard. Pac-Man still had more up his sleeve as he transformed into Super Pac-Man (the third version) donning a red cape and medal with a Pac-Man symbol. In this form he gained the power of true flight and flew up towards Mario. Wing Cap Mario and Super Pac-Man engaged in mid-air hand to hand combat punching each other repeatedly trading blows pretty evenly matched until Super Pac-Man started flying circles around Mario making him dizzy and then followed up by rapidly punching him and finished him with a strong downards punch. Mario lost his ability falling down but took out a propeller mushroom transforming into Propeller Mario. 

Propeller Mario flew upwards using the propeller blades on his head to slice at Super Pac-Man damaging him. While descending back downwards due to the power-ups brief flight he then accordingly used a Cloud Mushroom to turn into Cloud Mario creating a Cloud platform to stand on. Super Pac-Man came flying towards Cloud Mario as he was jumping around creating more cloud platforms to stand on. Super Pac-Man was coming towards him preparing another punch as Cloud Mario put on a cannonball box on his head to shoot cannonballs at him but Super Pac-Man used his strength to punch the cannonballs back at him causing Mario to be pelted by his own cannonballs losing his forms tripping over on his cloud platform. Mario turned into Bunny Mario and hopped over to the next cloud platform he still had but Super Pac-Man followed up by flying around destroying all the cloud platforms sending Mario falling again and knocking out his power-up with a smack to the face. Mario put on a propeller box to once again fly upwards and slice Super Pac-Man with the blades for more damage but Super Pac-Man had enough of this quickly retaliating by pulling the propeller box off of Mario's head and smacking him with it. Super Pac-Man grew tired of Mario's constant transformations to stay in flight as he made sure to repeatedly pummel him with punches to stop him as they were getting closer to land but his two minutes time limit for Super Pac-Man wore off as they both were sent into a freefall now. 

Volcano Outside New Super Mario Bros Wii Music Extended

Both Mario and Pac-Man puffed up into their balloon forms as a last resort both just bumping into each other as fat balloons slowly descending back down and reached the earth both reverting back to base forms when a few feet above ground and landing safely. Finally, they were back on land but now were in a volcano area and it was now night. Pac-Man took out a blaster shooting a laser at Mario but Mario took out his own blaster firing a laser back at Pac-Man. The lasers collided in an energy sturggle until Pac-Man's won over knocking Mario back towards the lava. But right before he could fall in to be melted to death Mario saved himself by transforming into Ice Mario (the second version) turning into a literal ice body version of himself skating on the lava by creating ice platforms to skate on. Pac-Man put on his ice skates to follow him skating on the ice platforms that he had created. Ice Mario came skating back at him as he spinned to knock Pac-Man down on the ice platform and then kicked him off to the lava. But Pac-Man equipped the magic boots and feathered cap to save himself before he could touch the lava using repeated mid-air jumps to escape while turning into Spin Pac-Man for increased spinning flight and then equipped the anti-gravity boots to attach to the wall of the volcano. While on the wall, Pac-Man transformed into Arachnid Pac-Man now in his spider form spitting webs at Ice Pac-Man but the latter dodged by ice skating around the webs. 

Mario's ice form was about to wear off so he jumped up and took out a Super Bell transforming into Cat Mario lunging from mid-air directly onto the spider Pac-Man on the wall pouncing on him. Cat Mario started using his kitty claws to scratch the spider Pac-Man's face repeatedly causing scratch marks and bleeding. The spider Pac-Man retaliated by spitting a web on him point blank ensnaring Cat Mario in it trapping him rendering him immobile and followed up by repeatedly brutally biting him with his sharp spider fangs making Mario lose his ability and take repeated damage. Mario soon enough though uses his strength to break free, wall jumps and uses a super hammer to transform into Builder Mario whacking the spider Pac-Man in the face with his construction hammer before he can bite him and as he is falling, Builder Mario spawns and drops a box below him on the lava landing on the platform to be safe in the lava. Arachnid Pac-Man spat more webs at him but Mario jumped up dodging as he placed more box platforms to traverse through the lava with. But one huge web was about to him point blank, just as he seemed cornered Mario took out a Dry Bones shell to jump into the lava and swim in it dodging the web. Mario then took out a Boo Mushroom transforming into Boo Mario phasing through the web attack with intangibility and used his floating flight to float up out of the volcano. The spider Pac-Man followed him swinging with his webs up out of the volcano too as they clashed with each other up close at the nearby surface. Boo Mario whacked him with his large ghostly tongue while Arachnid Pac-Man retaliated with a bite. Mario got knocked out of his form as Arachnid Pac-Man ensnared him in a web once more but this time used it as a setup to accordingly transform out of spider form and into his Gold Pac-Man form with the five golden fruit.

Having Mario trapped in a web again, Gold Pac-Man using the opportunity of having him held still attempted to seal Mario holding up his hands as Mario was starting to sink into the ground but he resisted breaking free again and accordingly transformed into his own gold form with the gold fire flower becoming Gold Mario. Gold Pac-Man desperately kept trying to seal him into the ground to finally end this battle but Gold Mario then shot a gold fireball at him as it exploded knocking Gold Pac-Man back damaging him and interrupting his sealing. Gold Pac-Man ran towards him getting on the offensive as Gold Mario kept throwing more gold fireballs but Pac-Man dodged them as he reached Gold Mario punching him hard in the face with his boost in physical strength knocking him out of his form reverting back to normal Mario sent flying several feet away. Mario knew he wouldn't stop until he sealed him so he took out the copy flower multiplying into an army of Marios and got behind them as they charged at Pac-Man. Gold Pac-Man rose his hands to seal them as they all started sinking into the ground until they were all successfully sealed deep underground killed and as a result his gold form wore off as it accomplished its purpose. Except, it didn't seal the real Mario who had stood behind the clones smirking as he had fooled Pac-Man into wasting his form.

Pac-Man uses an electro shock pellet to try to zap him but Mario reflects the electricity with his raccoon tail causing Pac-Man to get zapped by the electricity which leaves him stunned as Mario follows up by using a Superball flower to pelt Pac-Man repeatedly with Super ball fireballs knocking him back. Pac-Man gets up and resorts to taking out the artifact shooting the intense extremely powerful laser beam at Mario but Mario reflects it again with his cape as Pac-Man jumps out of the way making sure not to get hit as it would have vaporized him. Pac-Man takes out the champion pellet turning into a bright glowing ball that blitzes at Mario before he could even react smashing into him and chomping him as many individual Pac-men severely damaging Mario and knocking out his power-up. Pac-Man then took out the vortex pellet throwing it near Mario creating a swirling vortex that pulled Mario towards it. Mario tried to escape running away even turning into Weird Mario for a flutter jump boost to try to get away but Pac-Man transformed into Wizard Pac-Man using the power of levitation to throw Mario into the vortex. While Mario is trapped in the vortex, Wizard Pac-Man uses his magic power to summon the rest of his remaining Pac-Man 256 power-ups and capsule items all at once. 

As soon as Mario was released from the vortex, Wizard Pac-Man blasts a huge wave of lightning, bombs, lasers, fire, mallets, tornados, ice, magnets, etc all towards Mario but Mario uses a Star power-up to become invincible and run straight through all of it! Star Mario then reaches Wizard Pac-Man damaging him repeatedly just by touching him in his invincibility form as Wizard Pac-Man tries to retaliate but it's ineffective. Mario's star power then wears off as he then takes out the Master Sword power-up transforming into Link equipped with a sword and shield while Wizard Pac-Man uses his magic to conjure up his own Master Sword and Hylian shield to fight back. Link Mario and Wizard Pac-Man slash at each other with their swords blocking each other's swings until Link Mario gets the upper hand doing a sword charge attack knocking Wizard Pac-Man back causing a bloody slash on his body. Link Mario then starts shooting arrows at him but he blocks with his shield and as Link Mario throws a bomb at him, Wizard Pac-Man uses levitation to throw it back Link Mario blocks with his own shield. Wizard Pac-Man had enough as he used his magic to duplicate his bombs to an overwhelming amount throwing them all around Link Mario exploding on him making him lose his form as he was blackened and bruised in pain. Wizard Pac-Man then used his magic to increase his size becoming moderately larger but Mario used a Big Mushroom to become moderately larger as well. Big Mario jumped on Wizard Pac-Man stomping him into the ground creating a crater with his increased weight as Wizard Pac-Man punches and chomps him back. After a while of this battling Wizard Pac-Man wore off.

Pac-Man wasn't done with magic though as he took out his magic pen attempting to seal Mario with that but it didn't work since it only seals paper beings and this i'snt Paper Mario he is fighting. Pac-Man then used the magic pen to draw some mini 2-D form Pac-men who charged at Mario attempting to chomp him. But before they could reach, Mario took out his mini Mario robots commanding them to battle the mini Pac-men drawings. The mini Mario robots and 2-D form drawing Pac-men charged at each other with some of the mini Marios smashing some of the mini Pac-men with their metal hammers in both hands destroying them while some mini Pac-men managed to chomp and destroy some Mini Marios. That is until the remaining mini Marios cranked it up taking out fire flowers transforming into fire mini Marios now easily burning and destroying all the mini Pac-men drawings with fireballs. The Mini Marios then threw their fireballs at Pac-Man himself but Pac-Man used the magic pen to draw a wall blocking the fireballs and buying himself time. The Mini Marios started smashing the wall with their metal hammers trying to break through as Mario then ran up to the wall and transformed into Spring Mario bouncing over it. But just as he was about to land on Pac-Man, he transformed into Titanium Pac-Man using the power of magnetism to attract the metal Spring Mario to him, the metal hammers of the mini Marios and the mini Marios themselves. They all became attached to him defenseless and immobile by the force of the magnetism as Titanium Pac-Man grabbed the metal hammers and brutally beat Mario with them on his head knocking out his power-up, causing bleeding and damage to his skull. Just as it seemed Mario was finished, the mini Marios combined with each other to become a giant mini Mario mech grabbing Mario putting him inside saving him. Pac-Man had the perfect response for this as he summoned his Toc-Man giant mech suit as it fell from the sky as he got inside of it also summoning the ghost Clyde to pilot it with him.

The two giant mechs engaged in up close combat punching each other rapidly. The giant Mario mech threw two strong follow up punches cracking the window of Pac-Man's mech and kicked it knocking him back. Pac-Man retaliated by swing the large claw of his Toch-Man mech on the head of Mario's mech smashing pieces off it and spinning around rapidly smacking him with its arms breaking apart much of the metal. The Mario mech fought back with more punches putting in more dents but Pac-Man's mech used the Sonic Boo attack amplyifying a large sound wave from the speakers that was so powerful it completely shattered and destroyed the Mario mech as it exploded with Mario himself blackened and bruised as he fell onto the ground. Pac-Man walked forwards in his Toc-Man mech about to step on Mario to finish him once and for all but before he could Mario ate a Mega Mushroom turning giant transforming into Mega Mario! Mega Mario now in his giant size now could stand up Pac-Man's Toc-Man mech again, punching him repeatedly breaking off a lot of the metal and then jumped on the mech completely destroyed it as it blew up to pieces and now Pac-Man was the one left blackened, bruised, and fallen to the ground. Rinse and repeat of the same scenario but now in reverse as Mega Mario was now about to stomp on Pac-Man but before he could, Pac-Man used a super pellet to transform into Super Pac-Man (the first version) turning into a giant version of his 2-D form. Super Pac-Man chomped Mega Mario repeatedly causing severe bleeding all over his body as he tried to retaliate with punches but Super Pac-Man was invulnerable. Super Pac-Man then wore off though but he instantly transformed into Pac-Zilla, a giant version of his regular 3-D form self. Mega Mario and Pac-Zilla rapidly punched each other trading blows as Mega Mario then got the upper hand with an uppercut punch followed by a jump on Pac-Zilla's head knocking him down.

Unfortuantely for Mario though, his mega mushroom's brief several seconds time limit wore off as he reverted back to normal size while Pac-Zilla still had a whopping 10 minutes left to be giant. Mario fell down to the ground as Pac-Zilla attempted to stomp him but Mario equipped his spiked spiny helmet which caused Pac-Zilla to flinch and hold his leg in pain when he stepped on the spikes. Pac-Zilla was about to pick up and grab Mario as Mario used the statue leaf to transform into an immobile but indestructible statue. Pac-Zilla tried crushing him within his palm, throwing him to the ground, and stomping him repeatedly but all to no avail. Statue Mario was invincible. Pac-Zilla decided to pick him up and throw him to the volcano but Mario morphed out of the stone and glided back to safety away from the volcano and then went back into his statue form. The now really frustrated Pac-Zilla grabbed, chomped, punched, and did all he could try to damage Statue Mario but it all was still useless as this continue for the whole 10 minute duration of his Pac-Zilla form which was Mario's plan all along to outlast it with that cheap tactic. Pac-Man reverted to normal size in base form even tried turning into Pac-Kong now turning into a giant ape repeatedly smashing Statue Mario into the ground but it still did nothing so he reverted back to normal size in base form once again. Mario finally felt safe and morphed out of his statue form but still with the raccoon tail that comes with the leaf's form.

Super Mario Galaxy: Final Battle Music Extended

Both Mario and Pac-Man were very worn down and damaged at this point. They both suffered bruises, burns, scratches, bleeding, torn clothing and shoes, etc. The rage filled Pac-Man mad at Mario's cowardly statue tactic wasting his giant forms was ready to end this once and for all as he transformed into Planet Pac-Man becoming a planet now in outer space! Mario turned to stone for protection but Planet Pac-Man was so powerful he chomped through his stone form cracking him open causing a lot of damage as Mario bled all over but reduced damage due to the near indestructible stone but knocked out his power-up. Mario screamed in fear as he took out a red star transforming into Flying Mario donning black clothes and red overalls. Planet Pac-Man chased him trying to chomp and eat him as Flying Mario flew away as fast as he could. Planet Pac-Man chased him past many planets as Planet Pac-Man literally swallowed Jupiter, Neptune, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus. Every planet in the solar system except Earth was eaten by Planet Pac-Man as he then saw an incoming meteor gulping it and spitting it out as multiple large fiery chunks towards Flying Mario going all out trying to kill him. 

Flying Mario saw this and managed to fly around the giant deadly fiery meteor chunks dodging them but was really feeling the intense heat from them as some of his clothes and skin was melting. Flying Mario screamed in extreme pain but he suddenly had an idea as he zoomed towards Planet Pac-Man and just as Planet Pac-Man was about to swallow him, Flying Mario threw his hat on top of him possessing him via Cappy and then  Flying Mario unpossessed him leaving him dazed as he then took out the spin drill, drilling a large hole through Planet Pac-Man's face causing him severe pain as he yelped. Flying Mario drilled many more holes through Planet Pac-Man cracking him open all over blasting pieces off of him as he screamed in more severe pain from the critical damage that the planetary busting drill had given him. Flying Mario then prepared a powerful pyrokinesis charged punch to finish him.


Mario released the powerful pyrokinesis charged punch into the core of Planet Pac-Man causing a massive explosion that blew Planet Pac-Man into planetary pieces successfully killing him at long last as Mario was revealed to be drifting in outer space back in base form very damaged but alive.

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 7.21.11 PM

Mario let his damaged body drift back to Earth as he was worn out while pieces of Pac-Man's remains floated in outer space.


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Max: This was an intense close battle, Pac-Man was one tough son of a bitch and would surely put up a very long hard fight against Mario but Mario held the advantages needed to take the win. Both Mario and Pac-Man had a very vast arsenal of power-ups and equipment that either matched or countered each other all throughout the battle. Pac-Man had much more equipment while Mario had many more power-ups/transformations. They both also had hax that could potentially end each other such as their gold forms and some hax weapons.

MadMaxPyro: So their arsenals were pretty even. Pac-Man however was superior in speed since the game Sonic Dash shows he is comparable to Sonic the Hedgehog but Mario was far stronger and more durable. Sure, Pac-Man can destroy large robots with his body, yank out fish twice his size, and break out of shackles armless but none of that compares to Mario lifting and throwing entire castles like nothing, giant Chain Chomps, or casually throwing around Bowser on a regular basis. And Pac-Man tanking spike ball bombs and other small explosions and falls is nothing compared to Mario surviving multiple castle explosions, being crushed constantly, and surviving being literally blasted to another planet by Kamek's magic energy blast.

Max: I know what you're thinking. " But what about Planet Pac-Man? He's above all of that, able to eat other planets in the solar system and even meteors!" This is all true but Mario himself is already above planet level power as he is able to beat powerful beings such as Bowser even when he's powered by power stars and Grand Stars, capable of defeating powerful realm creators such as King Boo, and many other world destroying threats. So whether being compared to base Pac-Man or Planet Pac-Man, Mario is still more powerful and by extension more durable.

MadMaxPyro: You may be saying that Mario hasn't had to battle an actual living planet so it's different but he certainly has the equipment to do so. The Spin Drill is able to drill through planets as shown in Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Mario could possess and take advantage of Planet Pac-Man via Cappy to buy the time to destroy him without retaliation and Mario's own immense physical strength combined with his powerful Pyrokinesis could finish the job.

Max: Overall, Mario and Pac-Man had a vast arsenal to make this a long intense battle with Pac-Man holding the advantages in speed, equipment, and his Planet form was his ace in the hole but Mario's abundance of more power-ups/transformations, superior strength/power, and durability was enough to secure the win. 

MadMaxPyro: Pac-Man got Mari-OWNED!

Max: The winner is Mario.

Mario winner 2